Carrera Hellcat Womens Mountain Bike: Reason And Attention When Choosing!

Halfords has introduced their bike range including the Carrera hellcat womens mountain bike, with a vast sweep of the latest fashions and up-to-date specifications. We’ll run through what’s modified in this text and each version in Carrera’s road bike and Carrera hellcat womens mountain bike.

Pros and Cons of Carrera hellcat womens mountain bike

Gregster Mountain Bike 26 inches for men and women in black

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This product is offered as extra of a various bike than a few different other mountain bikes.


  •  The complete suspension and memory foam seat for extra comfort
  •  Plenty of gears to choose from within the Shimano system
  •  An excellent finish with the appearance and finishing touches on the bike


  •  A little heavier than some anticipated
  •  Some issues with the instructions

7 Important Notes When Buying Sports Bikes For Women

Buying a Carrera hellcat womens mountain bike is most important to choose the right size bike. Sports bike brands also often rely on the average body mass index of the two sexes in different regions to produce bicycles. Therefore, choosing a suitable car for women is not too difficult.

Women have different physiques, height, and proportions of body parts than men. Therefore, the choice of women’s sports bike needs to be based on these factors. Choosing the right bike is very important for users, especially women. This not only helps riders feel comfortable and safe but also determines the effectiveness of bicycle training.

Therefore, when choosing to buy a sports bike for women, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

Should choose a Carrera hellcat womens mountain bike designed specifically for women

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With the line of mountain bikes, racing bikes, the manufacturer always has a product line made specifically for women. These cars are focused on structure, design, size… These parts can be reduced or the proportions between the parts of the car are slightly different by the female body proportions.

There are also sports bikes with a unisex frame design, stable handlebars, solid operation. The product can be suitable for both women and men, but it is still best to choose a sports bike for women. This is the simplest way for you to choose the car with the right design for you.

Women should choose lightweight sports bikes

Women are inherently weak, compared to men, the ability to lift – carry, and transport is always less competitive. Therefore, when choosing a sports bike, you should also note that you should choose a moderate-weight bike, made from light materials, which helps reduce the weight of the vehicle.

Light-weight bicycles make handling easier and simpler. Can overcome difficult roads, master the speed. Especially, it is much simpler to have to drive or move the car through the roads that cannot be driven.

Choose the right size women’s bike

Regarding the size when designing sports bikes for women, manufacturers have also taken this into account. Bicycles are divided into sizes: small, medium, large through the number of inches. You rely on the following criteria to choose the right vehicle:

+ Small Carrera hellcat womens mountain bike for women with an average height of 1.52 – 1.60m.

+ Medium-sized bike: suitable for women with an average height of 1.6 – 1.65m

+ Large bike: suitable for women with an average height of 1.65 – 1.73m

There are also special cases. People with a height of 1.42 – 1.52m should choose a bicycle with a very small size. Or people with a height of 1.73m or more should find themselves a very large car.

Women are suitable for sports bicycles with short girth

The frame of a sports bike has the main part of the frame. Bicycle girders are of two types: horizontal (extending from the saddle to the handlebars) and vertical (extending from the saddle to the center of the shaft).

When learning about the body ratio of men and women will see. Women generally tend to have longer legs and shorter arms than men. Therefore, when choosing a bicycle for women, you need to pay attention to the alignment distance. Women should choose a bicycle with a shorter stem, sloping down to reduce the size, suitable for the ratio of the length of the hand to the female body, reducing the reach of the hand.

Notice the size of the parts on the female bike

A detail that women cannot ignore when choosing a sports bike for themselves. That is the steering wheel, the lever, the brake. Usually women’s sports bikes these parts will be more specially designed. The handlebars have a smaller cross-section to fit women’s small hands. As a result, the steering wheel controls the car will be more flexible, able to handle situations on the road well.

Women’s sports bike saddle must be wide to the back

The saddle is very noticeable when designing sports bikes for women. First of all, the saddle must be smooth, soft, comfortable, not numb when sitting for a long time.

The size of the saddle also needs a special structure. The back of the saddle is wider to accommodate women with a wide pelvis. In addition, the wide saddle design also helps people sit comfortably, creating more pressure behind than in front, without affecting sensitive parts.

Pay attention to adjust the bike height to suit women

The common features of the female body are long legs, short arms, and a short torso. Therefore, not every sports bike has an original design that fits right away. Before using the bike, you should sit on the saddle, test the pedal to see if the bike height ratio is appropriate or not.

If you are not comfortable, you can ask the shop staff to adjust the saddle height. The standard height is to ensure that when sitting up, the cyclist has a straight back posture, a comfortable reach, the part in contact with the pedal has just come, can be flexible when controlling the vehicle.

Buying a women’s sports bike with all of the above factors will be suitable for women. Please pay attention, choosing the right bike is paramount to ensuring safety when riding. Also effective in training.

Tips For The First Time Mountain Biking

In particular about cycling, to achieve an average level of endurance and agility, players have to go through a very hard training period, not to mention cycling on mountainous terrain. So it’s an activity that’s both fun and scary at the same time. 

However, if we know the right way, mountain biking will become easier and easier later on. Here are nine tips for beginners, guaranteed to get you off to a solid start and full of fun!


What your bike needs to do is move skillfully through technical terrain, and your job is to let your bike do it. This means that you have to relax your body to control the car more easily. Raise your butt off the saddle when going over obstacles such as rocks, tree roots, or bumpy terrain. When going downhill, think “hands-up” and “cowboy legs” and bend your elbows and knees to let the bike run on its own, rather than resisting nature.

Maintain inertia

When mountain biking, you will gradually feel confused and lose balance, but try to keep the speed (or increase to the appropriate level) to make it easier to go through bumpy terrain. Inertia will be your friend and savior on this journey, rely on it and adjust to the best.

Change focus

You will also have to face tough terrain that is steep and dangerous. When you have to climb, shift the center of gravity of your body and the car forward to balance the forces on the vehicle, making it easier for you to climb uphill. 

On the contrary, when you have to go downhill, you should put your body’s center of gravity behind, adjust the car’s seat slightly towards the rear of the car so that you don’t have to try to lean too much, this will help you not to fall. slope too fast or fall out of control.

Gentle brake

When we are stumped or confused, we often use all our strength, squeezing the brakes with both hands and on both sides to avoid danger. However, the bike you choose to go mountain climbing has to have a brake strong enough for all cases, you only need to use one or two fingers to brake is more than enough.

Adjust your speed before hitting difficult ground types like rocks or corners, then maintain your speed from then on. If you have to suddenly turn right or turn left, don’t use the front brake, usually on the left-hand side, to stop the car, as this may cause you to lose control of the vehicle and bounce off the vehicle. 

Instead, use the rear brake (usually on the right), most likely your car will still slide, but will not be as dangerous as using the front brake, because you will still be in control of the vehicle.

Take advantage of any device

Mountain bike for dangerous trail terrain like an open fever box for users to comfortably eat and drink. They are equipped with the most essential components to get through bumpy ups and downs without giving you much to worry about. So make the most of what’s available to make your trip efficient, safe, and memorable.

Install the shock absorber suspension fork

Most mountain bikes are already equipped with at least one type of suspension fork (the part that guides and lifts the weight of the bike through the front wheel), some also have an additional suspension system at the rear. car. These inventions have helped riders no longer feel uncomfortable bouncing as usual.

You should take the time to learn more about the equipment on this particular bike. Then, apply to yourself, see what kind of items your trip will need to use and to what extent. For suspension forks, you should pay attention to the locking and opening times to avoid having to move on a rigid, inflexible bike.

Turn your gaze to where you want to go

The more you try to look towards the rock you want to dodge, the more likely you are to hit it. Your bike will go in the direction your eyes are looking at. So, instead of watching the road to avoid rocks and gravel, look straight ahead to lead your car to the desired destination. 

Keep your chin high, eyes straight, and use your peripheral vision to avoid obstacles on the ground. At the same time, you should buy yourself a helmet specifically for mountain biking to protect you from undetectable overhead surprises.

Bring repair tools

Car repairmen often appear and trade on the main road, not in the deep forest or high in the mountains. Therefore, finding help from others is extremely difficult, requiring you to bring the necessary replacement items, along with simple repair tools for cases such as flat tires, car patches. , lose the chain or replace the tail frame, and so on. You need to learn how to deal with these situations on your own.

Carry more than just a bank card

There won’t be many convenience stores in the mountains and forests for you to use! So food and drinks prepared from home will be essential for your trip, bring a lot more than you think you will need. In addition, it will be difficult for you to contact anyone because mountain biking will often be outside the coverage area. Be the one to take care of yourself, bring your essentials, and enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind!


Mountain biking is fun, it’s a fast-paced sport, and it’s great to join with friends, but it’s also tough and challenging. Mountain biking enthusiasts will spend hours thinking and planning their adventure – and telling it to anyone who wants to hear it. Although, nothing in this world is perfect… Mountain biking is great, but there are also some aspects you need to pay attention to. Hopefully, with our article on Carrera hellcat womens mountain bikes and tips, you will have a happy and safe trip!

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