Best Guitar Volume Knobs: How To Choose The Right Guitar Volume knob

Guitarists are always looking for the best guitar volume knobs to make their playing experience more enjoyable.

Finding a good guitar volume knob can be difficult because there are so many different options available, and not all of them will work well with your instrument or style.

We’ve done the research for you. Our team has tested out every single type of guitar volume knob on the market, and we have found that these are some of the best ones to use!

Our Top Picks:

Best For Overall:[amazon link=”B08SHL7HYT” title=”Alnicov 3Pcs Metal Guitar Control Knobs” /]

Runner-Up:[amazon link=”B089R8RMFR” title=”mxuteuk 2pcs Volume Top Hat Knobs” /]

Best For Durable Design:[amazon link=”B077BTP2XV” title=”Pack of 4pcs Brass Knob Volume” /]

Best For Solid:[amazon link=”B078T82XTT” title=”ROSENICE Guitar Knobs” /]

Best For Affordable:[amazon link=”B00CO0MIL8″ title=”Musiclily Metric 1 Volume and 2 Tone Strat Knobs” /]

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Best Guitar Volume Knobs Reviews 2024

Alnicov 3Pcs Metal Guitar Control Knobs

[amazon box=”B08SHL7HYT” ]

Alnicov 3Pcs Metal Guitar Control Knobs are made of aluminium alloy, have a comfortable handle, long enough thread and adjustable for many guitar brands.   A must-have for your guitar.

This control knob is a great replacement for any guitar or bass that use a flathead screw. With this 3 pieces set, it gives you the freedom to colour code your guitars and easily identify which pickup is what on your guitar.

This control knob has an adjustable height from 0mm to 1.5mm, the maximum width is 22mm, suitable for most electric guitars. It is quite easy to install, just tighten the knob and it will be fixed tightly on your guitar. Best Guitar Volume Knobs are great to give your guitar a customized and stylish look.

The product is made of aluminum alloy, exquisite appearance and durable. It has high tensile strength and not easy to deformation; 3 pieces set with different color thread for you to distinguish which knob is what pickup. The screw is adjustable height from 0mm to 1.5mm, wide diameter is 22mm, suitable for most electric guitars. It’s very easy to install on your guitar with flathead screwdriver or similar tool.

Enter the number of pieces you need into quantity box when ordering this item; all control knobs are sold by piece; they are not sold in pairs; shipping cost is charged per order; you want to order more pieces, please place them into your shopping cart separately.

Alnicov 3Pcs Metal Guitar Control Knobs are ideal replacements for your old, scratched or damaged control knobs. They are also great to give your guitar a customized and stylish look. This product is extremely durable and can be used in all kinds of weathers, very easy to install with the provided screwdriver or any flathead screwdriver in general.

Alnicov 3Pcs Metal Guitar Control Knobs is of excellent quality, extremely durable, great appearance and simple design. It’s rugged enough for both stage and studio use because of its solid construction. The product is also well-made from high-grade materials so it won’t let you down when in need.

Alnicov 3Pcs Metal Guitar Control Knobs is great to give your guitar a customized and stylish look. It has adjustable height, wide diameter, long enough thread. This product is extremely durable with solid construction, great appearance and simple design.

This control knob is a great replacement for any guitar or bass that use a flathead screw. The product has a comfortable handle, long enough thread and adjustable for many guitar brands. It’s a must-have for your guitar if it uses the flathead screw mechanism.

It is quite easy to install, just tighten the knob and it will be fixed tightly on your guitar. Best Guitar Volume Knobs are great to give your guitar a customized and stylish look. Quality is the first with best service. All products have been tested before shipping and 100% working.

Professional manufacturer of musical instruments, as a professional guitar accessories supplier, we will provide all customers high-quality products with competitive price , fast delivery time and perfect after-sale service.


– Sturdy metal construction

– Smooth, comfortable feel

– 3 different styles to choose from


– The metal may wear down some guitar finishes

mxuteuk 2pcs Volume Top Hat Knobs

[amazon box=”B089R8RMFR” ]

mxuteuk 2pcs Volume Top Hat Knobs are small and cute knobs with a black pearl appearance. The volume knob is roughly 10mm in height and about 11mm in width, as you can see from the photo.

They come with two parts: the top hat knob itself and an inner washer that goes on first before you screw it onto your guitar. The washer has a simple silver appearance and fits quite tightly over the main knob. The main top hat knob fits over the washer tight enough so you won’t have to worry about it coming loose from continual use.

Each one is made out of metal with a black pearl finish that has an appearance similar to chrome or stainless steel, but unlike those two metals it’s actually painted on. It does have a thin coat of paint that can chip off if you aren’t careful when taking it apart and putting it back together again.

The knobs come off the guitar nicely when needed, and don’t look out of place when they do. The pearl effect doesn’t peel off easily even though I’ve been using them for a while already. They work well on all my guitars whether they are acoustic, electric or bass.

There are notches to stop you from over tightening the knob onto your guitar too tightly. The world’s tiniest allen key is included for tightening them up, but we don’t really think it’s necessary because these knobs are pretty easy to turn even if you don’t use the base of your thumb on them.

Overall, the mxuteuk 2pcs Volume Top Hat Knobs are pretty standard volume knobs that fit well on my guitars. They also look cool and could be used to replace all your guitar’s top hat knobs with different ones depending on your mood or need.

The size is really nice for a guitar knob, making them slightly smaller than a regular volume or tone knob so they don’t get in the way too much when you go to turn it.  They have an elegant appearance which pairs perfectly with any guitar. They’re available in 4 different colors: black, cream , gold and silver.


– Increase volume during solos

– Improve tone

– Match guitar’s color

– Makes playing easier


– Can’t put on any other guitar

– Requires drilling so there is the risk of damaging your guitar

Pack of 4pcs Brass Knob Volume

[amazon box=”B077BTP2XV” ]

Pack of 4pcs Brass Knob Volume is designed with precise size and weight balance. It not only makes guitar distortion more smooth, but also avoid the damage of your guitar.

These Best Guitar Volume Knobs are thick and durable, they won’t wear out. Made of high quality brass, these Guitar Knobs will add a touch of style to your guitar and make it look more attractive.

A knob can be made to control volume, tone, or any other parameter depending on the type of controls available on a particular amplifier. Well-known examples include the Gibson Flying V controls (which have nothing to do with flight).

Most electric guitars have two volumes, one for each pickup. These can be used to provide different timbres by selecting the pickup on or off with its volume control knob. By adding in two more knobs, a guitarist can also combine pickups and thus provide even more tonal variety.

To connect them to the potentiometers, use shielded cables. It should be noted that these knobs do not take into account any attenuation or gain factor of the potentiometer (and therefore change in volume) due to their connectivity, cable capacitance and inductance.

These brass knobs are crafted with precise size and weight balance. They won’t wear out, and add a touch of style to your guitar and make it look more attractive.

The material of Best Guitar Volume Knobs is brass, which can easily install and remove with screws without affecting the structure and function of the guitar. You will get a good mood when you play your guitar using these best guitar volume knobs.

The best guitar volume knobs is also one of Amazon’s choice, which means it has a very high customer review and rating. People love this product because it makes playing guitar super smooth and enjoyable!

This product comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you find any issue, you can return it back to the seller. This product currently has 4/5 star ratings on Amazon which is impressive!


– Increases and Decreases Volume

– Easy to Install

– Durable and Sturdy Materials


– Some people have difficulties changing the volume

– Might not fit on some guitars

ROSENICE Guitar Knobs

[amazon box=”B078T82XTT” ]

ROSENICE Guitar Knobs are really cool volume knobs. They are available in different colors, so you can choose the color that matches your guitar the best. What makes them super unique is unlike other volume knobs these ones actually have a cover on it which looks like a real knob!

It’s very interesting and pretty neat look at. The reason why they made this one with a ‘cover’ is to avoid the name of the knob to wear off after time. When you have a regular volume knob there is nothing to protect it from getting scratched or dirty which can cause the lettering on it to rub off over time.

Other than that, the function of it is just like any other volume knob on a guitar. This one just looks totally different and more exciting. You need to be careful on how you use the cover though because you could easily damage it if for some reason you were to screw them all of the way in or out.

However, with Best Guitar Volume Knobs this problem will never occur because of its unique cover. You can also choose between two different types of knobs. One type is the push-pull knob, and the other one is just your standard volume knob.

We can’t tell you which one is better, because both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. The only difference between the two is that push-pull type has a small lever inside it that allows easy switching from volume to tone control.

Besides looking awesome these knobs can also withstand heat and moisture very well. So, you don’t have to worry about the knob getting damaged from it. Overall, if you are in search for a volume knob that looks very unique and different than what everyone else has then ROSENICE Guitar Knobs will be your best choice.


– Easy to install with no additional equipment required

– Heavy duty knobs for longevity, specifically designed for guitars on stage or in studio sessions


– You need to offload it if you are playing an electric guitar.

Musiclily Metric 1 Volume and 2 Tone Strat Knobs

[amazon box=”B00CO0MIL8″ ]

Musiclily Metric 1 Volume and 2 Tone Strat Knobs are a set of 3 chrome plated guitar knobs. Included are 1 volume and 2 tone knobs that fit a standard 5 mm pot shaft. They have the metric size of 25 mm in diameter, 23 mm height, and 20mm depth.

Musiclily`s Metric 1 Volume and 2 Tone Strat Knobs are designed specifically for Stratocaster guitars with one volume and two tone controls. These Best Guitar Volume Knobs are very high quality and they are a very good value for their low price.

The chrome is very shiny and appears to be of high quality. These will fit a standard 5mm tall Stratocaster pot shaft. They have a great appearance and they work well. A set of 3 chrome plated 5mm guitar knobs. Fits a standard Stratocaster pot shaft. High quality and low price make these a very good value for your money.

There is a little bit of play in the volume knob but it’s not too bad. It doesn’t affect the performance at all, though you can tell there is slight free-play by feeling the knob rotate as it would in the non-engaged position.

They are very sturdy and well built knobs! The “click” feel when you turn them is one of quality, not sloppy at all. They are perfect for Stratocasters! These volume and tone knobs are a great value too.

You get a set of 1 volume and 2 tone knobs for the price of other individual guitar parts. They work perfectly with no issues. These are great quality at a very good price!

Quality is pretty high, but the paint came off when we tried to tighten them on. Might be due to my ignorance, though. These volume knobs are great! They feel solid in your hand when you turn them! They are shiny and look nice with any color guitar. We really recommend buying these!


– The 3, 4 and 5 way switches are all great for switching between the volume while preserving the tone.

– All of these knobs work easily together to help you dial in your sound.


– We found it difficult to see which switch was which when playing live because they were so close together.

Best Guitar Volume Knobs Benefits

Best Guitar Volume Knobs

We want to find the perfect balance between being able to hear our guitar, but not have it too loud. With that in mind, here are some of the benefits of these amazing devices.

First off, they’re really easy to install and remove which is great if you’re just starting out on your musical journey or you need a quick change before playing at an event somewhere else. They also come with a cool metal design so they’ll look good on any electric guitar – no matter what color.

Plus, they’re pretty affordable so you don’t have to worry about footing a huge bill before you even know if something’s worth it or not. Which brings us to the topic of customer service – these guitar volume knobs are made by musicians, for musicians!

If you need help with any part of this process, whether it’s installing your new guitar volume knobs or working with them in general, there’s a person you can speak to and get your concerns taken care of.

Another benefit is that these Best Guitar Volume Knobs are very affordable, which means that you can get them no matter how much money you have. They are less expensive than you think.

These Best Guitar Volume Knobs are very dependable and sturdy which means they can handle anything that is thrown at them. You won’t have to worry about your guitar volume knobs breaking or getting damaged in any way. These are the best guitar volume knobs out there!

Finally, most people say these are easier than using your fingers because there’s less risk of accidentally changing something while trying to adjust your volume knob; plus you can set it and forget it, unless you want to change the settings.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Guitar Volume Knobs

If you are a music enthusiast or a professional musician, then choosing the right guitar volume knobs is an important decision. The best way to find out which best guitar volume knobs suit your needs is by following these five factors.

Best Guitar Volume Knobs


Choosing the type of material that they are made from will help you determine what kind of sound and tuning stability they offer. They vary in weight, thickness, durability, temperature sensitivity and price.

While some materials are expensive, they are more durable. However, cheaper material costs less but is prone to damage. Aluminum knobs are lightweight, strong and affordable while chrome plated brass are relatively heavy yet costly.

You can also find other types of guitar volume knob made from wood or plastic among others.


You need to consider the size of guitar volume knob you need. The size makes a huge difference when it comes to the feel and performance you get from them.

Pick a size that is comfortable for your fingers to turn or an ergonomically designed one for better performances. Size also refers to the diameter of the shaft, which affects how you tune your guitar as well as slip-resistance.

Number of knobs

You need to know the number of guitars you will be controlling with your volume knob, whether it is one or more. This determines how many knobs you require and their orientation; whether they are parallel for multiple axes tuning or perpendicular for individual axes tuning.

Best Guitar Volume Knobs


The design that you choose depends on the number of guitars you will be controlling. For instance, when using one guitar volume knob, you can use a simple rotary design. Complex designs are suitable when you need to control multiple axes tuning or for professional musicians who require precision in their instruments.


There are two basic shapes: round and triangular shaped with each providing a different feel and tone. If you prefer a larger surface area then choose the triangular one, or if you want more of an edge then choose the round shaped ones.

Tuning Stability

This is usually determined by how much bass it has as well as the balance between treble and bass frequencies. This will give your guitar a cleaner and a richer sound.


There are different designs available to choose from which gives you a chance of personalizing your guitar. Choosing the right one will make you enjoy playing more and do each session better than before.

FAQs about Best Guitar Volume Knobs

Best Guitar Volume Knobs

What is the difference between a potentiometer and a rotary switch on my volume knob?

A potentiometer is considered to be a variable resistor that doesn’t produce an electric current. This type of component has three terminals that are not connected to one another in any way.

The voltage will cause the resistance in the potentiometer to change. The rotary switch, alternatively, has six terminals which are connected around an inner circumference. The switch includes two terminals positioned close together at one end of the circumference.

Can you install your own guitar soundhole pickups with your new guitar knobs?

Yes, you can install your own guitar soundhole pickups with your new guitar knobs. Simply unscrew the old ones and screws in the new ones. Then, tune the guitar to ensure that everything’s working.

A guitar volume knob is a plastic, metal or pot that you use on your guitar to adjust the sound of your instrument. You can turn up or down the volume of your instrument by turning this knob. It is usually placed close to where the strings are connected to the neck of the guitar.

How do you change the tone or tensity of an electric piezo pickup with different types of guitar knobs?

The tone and tensity on an electric piezo can be changed by adjusting various factors including: the type of pick you use (flat, heavy, light), where you strike the string (high on the fretboard, closer to the bridge), etc.


Alnicov 3Pcs Metal Guitar Control Knobs are our top choice. They are made of aluminium alloy, have a comfortable handle, long enough thread and adjustable for many guitar brands.   A must-have for your guitar.

[amazon box=”B08SHL7HYT” ]

The guitar volume knob is a small device that can make or break your performance. Whether you’re an amateur guitarist, pro musician, or just someone who enjoys playing the occasional riff at home; having one of these knobs on hand will help you control and change tones as well as volumes with ease.

With so many Best Guitar Volume Knobs available to choose from, it’s never been easier to find the perfect fit for you and your instrument. Let us know what features are most important to you so we can recommend a few different styles for consideration!

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