Apollo Phaze Electric Mountain Bike And Things To Know 2024

The cheaper portion of the e-bike category has served as a barrier against low-cost imports in the latest days. Several older brands, such as Halfords, have identified its need for low-cost, no-frills electric vehicles. Their most recent product is the Apollo Phaze electric mountain bike, which is undoubtedly inexpensive. Is it perfect? To find out more, see our below article.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Electric Mountain Bike

Are you looking for a mountain bike? An electric mountain bike is an answer for you. It may even be beyond your imagination. The truth is that if you do not need to move on long trips, an electric bicycle with a power assist will be a great choice. It is safe and offers many conveniences, but there are also some issues that you should consider before buying.

The Price Is Not Too High Compared To A Regular Bike

First, you should consider an electric bike because its price is not higher than that of a regular cycle. In today’s market, especially for an adult bike, its price can be more than 5000$.

Perfect Speed When Climbing Uphill

Second, the electric mountain bikes have the right speed for you to move. Of course, an electric mountain bike rate will be lower than that of a regular electric bike. However, its top speed falls between 27-30km per hour, a suitable pace, helping you be less tired when climbing uphill.

You Can Still Workout

You can get a solid exercise even if you use an electronic aid. What this signifies is that you arrive at your destination faster, and mountains aren’t as painful. You get to have a workout because you have to peddle. You can pedal quickly and hard for a more intensive exercise or pedal slowly and gently.

To analyze my exercise, I use an Apple Watch and check my pulse rate. My pulse rate varies between 2 and 3 times my average pulse rate for most riding on the electric assist bicycle. This is more difficult than just a quick walk.

No Noise Coming From The Engine

The engine may be heard purring, but it is not as loud as motorcycles. It’s pretty silent. Most people won’t realize it’s an e-bike until they notice the LEDs on the bike or if you’ve got a design with a more visibly displayed battery.

You wouldn’t have to bother about these creating any sound. They’re eerily silent.

Not As Many Gears As A Regular Bike

These e-mountain bikes have only about eight gears per disc. However, the engine will help you get up the hills more easily. It also means that if you like the feeling of climbing hills manually, the electric bike will not be suitable.

Not Ideal For Long Trip

Most electric mountain bikes will only go 50 kilometers if you use a lot of push. Using the full inspiration, I get 30Km on a single charge. If you’re really into traveling, it’s not much of a trip. As a result, if you wish to cycle for 100 miles or more, you may purchase in few more batteries or use the power aid sparingly.

If you want to find a road bike helmet, consider the best options here.

Apollo Phaze Electric Mountain Bike Overview

Until recently, electric bikes were often pricey and out of reach for many people. As we reach 2021, there are much more affordable motorized bicycles accessible than ever before.

The Apollo Phaze is the most affordable electric mountain bike, and for less than £600, it won’t break the bank. True, it has v-brakes and narrow forks, and it appears to be kind of out of date. But, if you’re not concerned and just want a convenient and straightforward mode of transportation that won’t cost you an excessive amount, the apollo Phaze electric mountain bike could be ideal for you.

Even though the Apollo Phaze electric mountain bike is marketed as a mountain bike, hills are the last area I would like to ride this! It is not intended for challenging off-road use and should only be practiced on short paths.

Besides, the electric assist is the key reason why consumers would choose this e-bike over other mountain bicycles. The concept is that you may travel approximately 20 miles with this rechargeable batteries helper by your side to aid you with the more challenging climbs.


  • The battery capacity 20-mile endurance
  • The straightforward design for new customers
  • Handling is adequate on the lightweight frame


  • Some cyclists have made improvements.
  • The battery requires some attention.

Apollo Phaze Electric Mountain Bike Components

Electric Motor & Battery

First, Shengei manufactures the 250w frontal gearing wheel drive. Their motors are typically quite reliable, and the firm has been involved in the e-bike engine sector for a long time. The advantage of placing an engine on the front tire is that energy is sent to two wheels. While pedaling, you deliver power into the back tire, and the tiny center engine is assisting you up top.

Furthermore, the Apollo Phaze electric mountain bike has fundamental, cadenced-based pedals leading power, which means that the engine will activate as it immediately begins spinning the pedals. This form of pedals assist does not provide the same automatic sensation as a motor controller, which is found on more expensive versions. Still, it is relatively simple to change if it ever fails.

Regarding the bike’s battery, it is powered by an unusual e-bike battery nowadays, 24v 8.7ah. This was most likely done to maintain the cost and weight low. You won’t be embarking on any spectacular long trips with an overall energy consumption of 209Wh (watt-hours). This battery ought to have a maximum range of 15-20 miles.


It is for most riding on the electric assist bicycleMyThe Apollo Phaze features a 36t single iron front sprocket, a 6-speed back freewheel with Shimano Tourney derailleurs. The gearing is what you’d hope to receive on a £120 bike. All of this is regulated by a hand shift.

Even though this is a low-cost setup, the gears function adequately, and all of the elements are inexpensive to repair when the opportunity arises.


The simple v-brakes will control the bicycle adequately in dry conditions, but braking capability may compromise wet conditions. This Pollo Phaze electric mountain bike isn’t meant for fast riders, so it should not be too much of an issue.

Wheel & Tire

Extremely plain, non-branded 26′′ wheels might moderate recreational cycling, but I wouldn’t risk it on anything more complex. The tires are very inexpensive, so it’s worth replacing the pipes with green goo or bringing a spare steel chamber and compressor with you.

Front Suspension

Ride this e-bike on the hard stuff at your own risk! Front forks have 50mm of movement and are, to put it mildly, thin! They should be okay for absorbing small road shocks and cycling canal towpaths or short woodland trails, and not much else.


The frame comprises aluminum, which reduces weight, and it appears to be well-built for the budget.

Other Items

There is a handy kickstand plus for fenders, and a backpack rack, which will benefit travelers. Moreover, the handlebars are small and compact, and also the seating should be suitable for short trips.

See more Apollo Phaze electric mountain bike experience on the street after the lockdown is over here.


Who Is This Apollo Phaze Electric Mountain Bike Suitable For?

The Apollo Phaze electric mountain bike will be marketed to anybody seeking a low-cost entrée into the field of electric bikes. Teenagers, workers, and leisure cyclists are all welcome. Not everybody likes to pay little money on an e-bike, and if you’re simply looking for something to wander along on, this will suffice! Teenagers, workers, and leisure cyclists are all welcome.

What’s more, Shengei manufactures the engine, which is a straightforward geared connector engine. These engines are well-known for their dependability, so you shouldn’t have much trouble with that. It doesn’t get much better at this price range than that, especially with Halford’s good two-year warranty on the electrical equipment.

And yet, if you’re worried that this e-bike won’t help you exercise, you’re entirely wrong. When you do not want assistance from an electric motor, you could turn off the technology and depend on the Apollo mountain bike’s gears and features available. Aside from the electric part, there is still a great feature here.

There is nothing high-end about this place. Instead, you get a hybrid of an MTB and an electric bike that can suit a wide range of riders. The lightweight aluminum frame boasts a robust steering system, a 6-speed transmission, and just enough cushioning to keep you comfy over potholes.

However, it is these things that make this car unsuitable for keen riders. First, it has a 6-speed gear system that makes the ability to handle the trail is not high. In addition, it also makes the Apollo Phaze electric mountain bike slower than other high-end bikes. Of course, you can still upgrade the gears and tires to suit your desires better.

Finally, the car’s battery is not durable. If you require a durable bike and can be used for decades, you should probably look for another electric mountain bike.

Alternative Products For Apollo Phaze Electric Mountain Bike

Specialized Turbo Levo Comp FSR

You should choose Turbo Levo Comp FSR over apollo if you want a mountain bike with fast speed, precision, and the best engine. However, this also means that the price of this bike is many times higher. It’s also no surprise that this bike is in the high-end category and is one of the best e-bikes out there.

The 250W engine’s assistance is clever, and its “grab” attitude is quite appealing. This is supported by good software that lets riders mix degrees of support on the fly, configure the charge to last a trip, or map paths to match the distance.

The shape and frame setup are directly out of the Downhill book of bike riding, but the snappy performance and competent support make this an innovative and lightweight bike for various routes.

Cannondale Trail Neo

If you are looking for a mountain bike with a rigid frame and excellent battery, Cannondale Trail Neo is the right choice for you. There will be enough flex to tackle the odd leap or two, but this bike is primarily about smoothing down a mountain and keeping users happy for extended featuring 100mm of the front lateral stiffness.

The bigger 29-inch wheels and oversized tires provide an excellent combination of speed, traction, plus bump-soaking capacity.

Haibike Xduro Nduro 3.0

As the name implies, this bike is intended to be raced fast and hard, simultaneously maintaining with the fully leg-powered Enduro brands and models while assisting the user when it finally happens to transfer mass back upwards. 

I put this Haibike Xduro Nduro 3.0 on my list of Apollo Phaze electric mountain bike alternatives because it’s a rare electric bike that offers versatility and a sleek design. The bike has a harmonious combination of two colors and incredible versatility.


It’s not too heavy at 19kg. It can be pedaled like a conventional bicycle with the engine turned off, and if anything goes wrong, it comes with a two-year warranty. The fact that you can’t find much better quality than that for less than £600.

This bike will please you right from the start. Although it is not a high-end mountain bike, its components and features are thoroughly enough for you to climb or commute perfectly. If you have got a 10-mile round-trip drive to work per day and opted to use this rather than driving.

So if you are looking for a cheap electric bike, don’t miss the Apollo Phaze electric mountain bike because you’ll probably have a lot worse than that. I hope this article has been able to help you in choosing an electric bike. See more of the top 17 best mountain bikes under $2000 in 2021 here.

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