Top 13 Best Electric Mountain Bike Under £2000 [UPDATED 2021]

Are you interested in Mountain Biking? Cycling is beneficial, absolutely. But whether you are an experienced rider or not, there will be times when you want to put off your pedals while still enjoying your mountainous journey without leaving your bike unattended. But you are on a tight budget. The idea of finding the best electric mountain bike under £2000 may therefore come to mind.

Acknowledging your concern, our team of experts have done several research and experiments to draw out the top 13 best electric mountain bike under £2000 in 2021.

Best Electric Mountain Bike Under £2000 Comparison 2020

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High-Speed And Super Long Endurance Riding
Best For
Not So Rocky Trails
Best For 
Multipurpose Riding
Best For 
Long Journey And Lazy-to-fold Users
Best For
Snow-riding Lovers But Prefer Smaller Tyres

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best electric mountain bike under £2000, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top 13 Best Electric Mountain Bike Under £2000 Review 2021

[amazon box="B07HNZDQRZ" ]

It’s not new for a mountain-biking-aholic to get to know about Cyrusher - a professional mountain ebike brand.

This wonderful fat tire bike looks cool, isn’t it? Don’t wonder why you go down the street and attract almost all attention because that is exactly what I have gone through!

Not only eye-catching, this bike guarantees safety thoughtfully when dual front and rear disc brakes are available. Moreover, its painting material is anti-exposure, passed CE certification.

What is more amazing of this bike is that its powerful 1000W Motor 48V 13Ah Battery actually makes up for a high speed and super long mileage. An outstanding feature from the manufacturers is the fact that you can charge your cell phone while you are riding, therefore, do not let the fear of missing out caused by your cell phone interfere with your little journey.

The pedal assist mode makes the range available longer, you could either ride for fun or simply stretch your legs!

Additionally, with the adjustable handlebar, you could easily change the height to match your riding style and comfort.

Be careful as no mudguards are given, you should buy one before taking the bike home, or raining or after-raining days in the mountain would turn out to be miserable.

Moreover, It is a pity to mention that the bike is in fact heavy. This is disastrous when you are riding in a hill but are out of battery!


  • Aesthetic
  • Safe
  • Good after-sale service
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • High Speed
  • Long-enduring Riding


  • No mudguards
  • Heavy

[amazon box="B06VSN9SP2" ]

Equipped with a full suspension and an LED light makes riding the bike a comfortable and safe task not only in rocky terrain but also at night or through tunnels and dark areas.

The bike's frame is made from aluminum, making it tolerate rock strides and hitting better.

Just like the above bike from Cyrusher, this bike could cover up high speed, high flexibility over different terrains and enduring riding up to 50km (when at pure electric mode) and approximately 80 km (pedal assist mode), Tim, a friend of mine did not need to recharge his bike when he was between two mountain biking journeys with his old friends.

However, the fact that the ebike cannot be folded means that it is tough to store it in buildings. Additionally, I found some people complaining about the after-sale service of the manufacturer, making it the biggest minus point for the bike.

To our experimentation, the bike is fast, but not in a stone trail and steep hill. The hard plastics mudguards and the crutch might not tolerate tough descents. Therefore, if your trail is peaceful, try this out!


  • 7 speeds
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Frame tolerant to rock strides
  • Prefered in peaceful trail
  • Long mileage with high speed


  • Non-folding, not compact

[amazon box="B07RFCLSXT" ]

This fatbike allows you to ride on soft terrain such as snow, sand, mud, etc. Moreover, it can be folded, meaning easily to be stored even if you are short on space.

It is in charge of a 21-speed gear system, making it versatile to most purposes. What is more fantastic about this bike is it is lighter than most of the electric mountain bike under £2000 that we’ve tested.

Since this wonderful bike would come to your home when it is 95% assembled, you do not need to worry much about finding help from a pro to assemble the bike. I myself did it for a Gunai at my house.

Additionally, with a full suspension fork, instead of enjoying the flick and lightweight that hardtail brings about, you are given the chance to fully indulge yourself in rough terrain-snow, rock, sand, etc smoothly and safe.

The hidden battery contributes to a more traditional and aesthetic look. However, this also leads to hardship in replacing the battery.


  • Highly versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Traditional look
  • LED headlight


  • Complicate to remove batery
  • Small LCD displays

[amazon box="B074H7BHPG" ]

Never worry to be out of battery as this best electric mountain bike under £2000 could cover up to 50-mile riding. Moreover, compared to almost all of its counterparts, this stylish bike is not only more compact in folding but its folding mechanism is much easier to operate since no tools are required. Whenever we are fond of mountain biking in far-away mountains, it is easy to port the bike, as it could be placed compactly in your car trunk. The disc brakes are also equipped.

Moreover, the manufacturers thoughtfully provide us a wide freedom in choosing our favorite colors. And the experience of forgetting to charge it makes us realize that the bike could cover up to 60km at full electricity mode! How amazing!

Nonetheless, this bike is limited in gears, representing only 7 available, so that it will not be as flexible as its counterparts in different types of terrain.


  • Cover a very large range in one charging
  • Easy to fold
  • Compact
  • Disc brake available
  • Color


  • Only 7 gears in place

[amazon box="B07MDKXDVQ" ]

As a fat-tire ebike, this bike provides us with different experiences when the tyres are smaller than most of the other fatbikes in the market.

With a 48V 500W motor, the best electric mountain bike under £2000 could get you comfortably and smoothly through high sandy and snowy terrain. But the fact that more traction and width are equipped onto the bike may mean a minus point for mountain biking.

Front fork and disc brakes make the bike safer to ride.

However, there is something to do with the after-sale service of the manufacturers, whose warranty is short, making it fall behind other competitors.


  • Powerful motor
  • Equipped with front fork and disc brake
  • Waterproof battery, which is removable and easy-to-charge


  • Short warranty

[amazon box="B089M64XTB" ]

This ebike’s frame from Coolautopart is all aluminum, making it not only stable but also a little bit heavy.

Equipped with a front fork and disc brake makes it a safe bike to ride.
Providing users with 3 available riding modes: pedal mode, hybrid mode and pure electric mode allows us to freely choose our exercising style!

Under a 365-day warranty for all parts except for the frame, you could sign with a relief with the after-sale service of the manufacturers!


  • Stable frame
  • Safe
  • Long Warranty


  • A little bit heavy
  • Not so strong motor

[amazon box="B08L7924Q1" ]

This wonderful but cheap bike comes with 21-speed gears, no matter conditions you ride, from uphill, downhill, slow, constant speed or speed up could all be performed!

Removable battery is another amazing trait of this ebike, meaning easy to replace and compact to charge (you can take the battery alone to charge).

I bought this bike last Christmas and it was delivered to my house actually 1 week earlier. Moreover, the instruction is so well-written that my husband got to understand it right then.

However, this bike is heavy, but I think the very merits and the price of it all make up for that.


  • 21-speed gears
  • Easy and Compact to charge
  • Good After-sale service


  • Heavy

[amazon box="B088JPH2RM" ]

This eye-catching ebike comes with a potent and powerful motor.

A front and rear disc brake systems, a brake power-off function would guarantee your adventure safety. Also, a spring shock absorption system can effectively reduce ground vibration and bring you a comfortable riding experience!

Don’t worry as the after-sale service is wonderful when the frame is under warranty of up to 3 years, motor up to 1 years and battery up to 180 days. I once had to order a battery change, and the service was indeed incredible!


  • Eye-catching
  • Safe
  • Good after-sale service
  • Money-efficient


  • Heavy

[amazon box="B089618Q3W" ]

This stylish colorful design is what catches our attention in the first stage!

The motor is mid-drive, meaning it does not out-balance the bike compared to the hub motor bike. With 21 gears and 3 working modes, you are given the whole flexibility to ride on your style.

Amazingly, this bike is 85% assembled when it was delivered, so do not worry about this part, you yourself can do it.


  • Eye-catching
  • Flexibility
  • 85% assembled


  • Not so good after-sale service

[amazon box="B086YFTY2Q" ]

Being the most famous model of Ancheer, Power Plus promises to meet the demands of mountain bikers in that it is equipped with a carbon steel front fork which makes the bike much lighter than the others whose fork is made of aluminum.

Unlike most others, It is in charge of only 2 working modes, being throttle only and pedal assist, which might be a discomfort to riders who wish to ride on their own most of the time.

However, when my uncle used this bike, he complained that he must always struggle in rugged-terrain trails and this bike prevented him from enjoying long journey.


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight


  • Only 2 working modes
  • Not enjoyable on rugged terrain
  • Not so long-lasting battery

[amazon box="B08HYLHF74" ]

The best electric mountain bike under £2000 came and it took my dad no more than 2 hours to assemble. That is not a lie, I swear!

However, this amazing bike is not without its downsides. The biggest one perhaps is its heaviness, making lifting a hard job.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Stylish
  • Smooth


  • Heavy

[amazon box="B08NHHV7WS" ]

What I like most about this bike is that it’s cheap and its battery is removable, allowing me to charge it without the need to lift the whole bike into the charging area.

Nonetheless, to assemble requires a person with some good knowledge as the instruction is rather hard to follow.


  • Cheap
  • Removable battery


  • Hard to assemble

[amazon box="B089FMV93G" ]

If you are short on budget but looking for an electric mountain bike, then this bike is for you!

It is in charge of 21-speed gear, giving you the freedom to enjoy hilly terrain!

However, I recommend you buying those above £700.


  • Foldable
  • Cheap


  • Heavy

A Complete Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Electric Mountain Bike Under £2000 For You

specialized levo sl comp 2021 electric mountain bike

After researching thousands of bikes, are you still wondering what electric mountain bike under £2000 might be best for you? Don’t worry, we have this list of 6 criteria worth considering before hitting the button.

Your Purpose Should Go First

mountain ebikes

To meet the multitude of demands in the market, ebike manufacturers have drawn out 4 main types of ebikes. Deciding which types suit you best is of great importance before considering any other criteria.

Mountain Bike

If your purpose is to ride on rough, dirt- and rock- and root-filled terrain but without lots of snow or sand, then go straight to hit the button on the stalwart mountain bike (MTB), whose characteristics (wonderful suspension, long durability, added performance, etc) would make you free in the world of log piles, rock gardens, skinnies, gap jumps, and wall-rides.

Fat Bike

Presented in oversized tyres is a fat bike, which allows you to freely and smoothly experience from snowy mountains, rocky trails to breezy desert. Compared to mountain bikes, which could be sometimes used to commute, fat bikes may fail to serve this purpose. However, if you live in a special climate condition like frigid winters of Colorado, then a fat bike is the best option for you!



Mileage is another noteworthy contributor, since if you consider riding on a long journey, but your bike is only powerful on motor, then it might be a disappointing and disheartened factor.

Frame & Lock

Lock is a preeminent factor in buying a bike, or you may weigh thousands of dollars just for strangers’ indulgence. A good lock that holds a folding bike together should be in charge of two parts.

In terms of frame, there are two main materials that are ubiquitous in the market, namely Aluminum and Carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber bikes are much lighter and premium in look. In return, the material is a lot more luxurious than its aluminum counterparts, which tolerate rock strides and hits better. Additionally, it is a pity noting that carbon fiber cannot be recycled, making this boutique material not eco-friendly.

In the range of under £2000, you may find it hard to find carbon fiber ebikes, though. Therefore, in this list, it is not surprising that we provide you an all list of aluminum-made.

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Full Suspension & Hardtail

Be careful or you may let the rocky and root-filled Pacific Northwest destroy your Hardtail fun and flickable bike!

By definition, a suspension fork up front and a rear shock are all equipped within a full suspension mountain bike while only the former is featured in a hardtail one.
A full suspension option may provide comfort and safety and aesthetic look to your bikes when it prevents the other components of the bike from hitting the ground, and always helps stick the tires with the road.

eMTB grouptest 2019 19 Specialized Turbo Kenevo Expert 014 2 600x400 1

However, that does not mean a hardtail bike is without advantage. The extra suspension may result in added weight and complexity to your bike, which may hesitate a number of riders. Therefore, learn your trail in advance, if it is not so rocky and rough, then a hardtail may be the option for a lightweight ebike.


Don’t get surprised by me, the very necessary and salient factor when choosing a new ebike is height, your height, and your ebike maximum height. It is worth taking into account that young people are the customer target of the best electric mountain bike under £2000’s manufacturer. Sometimes, 5’11’’ reaches the top height under the comfortable zone that these bikes could provide. Therefore, finding specially for an ebike whose frame is around your height is a need.

Replaceability of Accumulators

A replaceable battery would promise to bring you abundance of comfort, at least in case you wish to improve the mileage of your ebike. Moreover, after a long time of use, most batteries become degraded, replacing it alone would be a wise and sometimes more desired option than buying a new ebike, which costs thousands more.

eMTB grouptest 2019 19 Liteville 301 CE MK1 039 2 600x400 1

Motor types

Motor and battery are what make your ebike electric, therefore, choosing the right motor types for your purpose is of great importance. There are two main types being hub motor and mid-drive motor which are new to the world of cycling.

A hub-motor ebike has its motor positioned directly in the wheel, either front or rear. Compared to a mid-drive motor, hub motors require much less bike maintenance. Moreover, it may not add stress to your chain, making it last longer even than a normal bike. The biggest advantage of a hub motor perhaps lies in its being separated from other parts of the bike. Since the motor and the pedal drive system do not rely on each other, it makes little or no effort to do with when one of them fails. However, hub motors give users the feeling of being pulled or dragged, which bring discomfort to them. And the fact that the motor can either be placed in front or rear wheel results in the unbalance of the bike.

electric mountain bikes s

On the other hand, a mid-drive motor provides further and faster capacity to your ebike, especially on steep hill trails. The motor is sticked to the ebike frame, making no unbalance available and allowing you more freedom with the tires. Furthermore, it is much lighter and smaller than a hub motor. However, this motor is not without its imperfections. It is much more expensive than a hub motor, and that it is not so popular leads to any maintenance and retrofitting become a hard job. Additionally, since both the motor and the pedal request the chains to work, snapped chains could be the number 1 reason for maintenance for mid-drive riders.


It is a sad thing to notice that bike shops in your area may not be able to retrofit or fix your ebike. Therefore, research your area, find if there are any service centers appropriate to your bike in your neighborhood or at some point of you using the bike, you may need to ship it overseas to China for several months!

Reading Reviews

Last but not least, the reviews written by the previous buyers might be the most useful source of information one could benefit from.

It does not matter that the buyers here are your relatives or online buyers, read and base on it, but be selective and neutral, do not make any prejudice head your choice!


Can I add electric assist to my current bike?

That may sound complicated to do, but the answer is Yes, of course. You can. Ebike kits are everywhere to be found on the market. Do the research, get the advice from the experienced, and buy the needed kits. This might also be a good research before you get to buy a real ebike! Who knows, you may equip the electric assist and get bored!

mountain bike das e mtb freund oder feind online magazin maxxis tires hardtail master cycle trailer

Throttle or Pedal Assist?

It depends, actually. A bike combining both throttle and pedal assist gives you the choice of not having to choose lol. However, if you have to choose between the two, study and experience before buying, since it would bring you a bunch of discomfort to buy the wrong one. A throttle allows people to go without or with pedaling, whereas pedal assists support your process of pedaling, which might be outstanding among conventional riders. But if you have the resource, i would recommend both, because you may not be able to predict what will come in the future!

Can I charge my battery by pedaling?

Yes, but not all, some electric ebikes actually allow you to charge itself by pedalling, but with the price of under £2000, it may be hard to find one. Furthermore, to pedal to charge would absolutely not be an easy task, so do not get disappointed if you are dead tired but could only charge for a bit!

Some models are even equipped with regenerative braking, allowing itself to charge every time when you pull the brake, just like the work of an electric car.

How much does it cost to charge the battery?

I’m not quite sure but after researching, it may take from $0.03 to $0.10 to charge an electric bike battery pack, up to your local supplier charges, therefore, it may not mind your employers to ask for a battery charge.

How long does it take in one battery charging? 

Mostly, a full charging may take up to 5-7 hours, but that also depends on the battery size.

What is heavier? an electric bike or a normal bike?

The difference between an electric bike and a normal bike is that an electric bike has a motor and a battery, which make it absolutely heavier than a normal one.

Especially a mountain Ebike, the robust components, the fork, the motor, etc have to meet a much stricter demand.

Bottecchia Lead

Is it wise to buy a mountain electric bike under £1000?

Ebike brands such as Ancheer are bringing to the market bunches of mountain ebike costing even less than 500. To meet the safety demand, and the after-sale service’s quality, it is sometimes impossible to smoothly ride an ebike lower than £500!

Things worth considering when you are buying a mountain electric bike. To have a safe, not to say fast and powerful motor, try to buy a bike that is at least £1000.

The not-more-than-10-day warranty periods, the substandard quality, batteries and components are the repercussion. I tried a bike that was about £700 3 years ago and it lasted no more than 2 and a half months, when I contacted the manufacturer, the substitute components suck! Time will tell.

If you happen to have to buy one under £1000 as you are so short on budget, just buy it for use while you are waiting for your real ebike retrofitted and upgraded!

Try to think of any possible financing options, as ebike is not a one-day property, it could be used for a life time.

You do not need to tolerate the insecurity, uncomfortable and hence not enjoying your journey because of cheap ebike.

specialized levo sl comp 2021 electric mountain bike 1

What About The Difference Between A £1000 and £4000 electric mountain bike?

£1000: an entry level electric bike is most likely to be the ultimate product. The products would absolutely be no-name. The battery will not last long either it is a once-charge period or the lifespan of the battery. Poor technique and degraded materials might be what makes them.

£2000: At this level, a descent bike could be at your hand! Mid-drive electric motor, hydraulic brake, long-lasting battery supporting long mileage, qualified lights and other wonderful accessories can be achieved. Therefore, consider this category if you are short on budget but still nurture a passion for mountain biking.
£3000: The good thing is, this is enough for high end bike! European electric bikes such as Haibike - semi-pro off road bikes are available.

£4000: Super high end! You feel free to choose the electric mountain bike compatible to your purpose. Rock Shock fork, high end shimano gears, Magura or similar hydraulic brakes, or even carbon frame, the light and nice, boutique material.

Although price might be a reflective factor in what electric mountain bikes work best for you, do not get obsessed with it. Some brands cost expensive but serve poorer than those between £1500 to £3000. Consider firstly your purpose, then choose.

Best Electric Mountain Bikes FB

In this list, we only represent electric mountain bikes that are under £2000 because at the £2000 budget, you could get a descent, safe, enduring and even stylish electric mountain bike!

The Average Lifespan Of An Electric Mountain Bike Battery And Could It Be Recycled?

Batteries made of Lithium ion can be charged and discharged over thousands of times, so not to worry too much. It is true that over time, an electric bike’s battery may happen to lose bit by bit of its capacity, making the bike’s range somewhat shorter and shorter. Despite that fact, a qualified battery may be more longevity than many other mechanical parts of an electric bike.

Nowadays, the market is getting popular with lithium batteries, which is recycle-friendly, making it more able to recycle even than the batteries of mobile phones that you are using and changing everyday.

Last but not least, watch this video now for how to fold an ebike!

Our Choice For The Best Electric Mountain Bike Under £2000

Based on our real-life experience, analytics and assessment, we draw out these 5 best electric mountain bike under £2000 for you to consider.

Hopefully, this will help you choose the ebike that most suits your purpose!


Best for High-Speed And Super Long Endurance Riding

[amazon box="B07HNZDQRZ"]


Best for Not so rocky trails

[amazon box="B06VSN9SP2"]


best for Multipurpose riding

[amazon box="B07RFCLSXT"]


Best for Long journey and lazy-to-fold users

[amazon box="B074H7BHPG"]


Best for Snow-riding lovers but prefer smaller tyres

[amazon box="B07MDKXDVQ"]

After reading all of these reviews and guides from our teams of experts, I wonder if you choose your appropriate bike. If not, do not worry, you can read again. It takes lots of time to do the research before buying the things that would serve your passion.

Hopefully, our research guides you to your most pleased result.

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best electric mountain bike under £2000 at the comment box below!

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