Best Shotgun Mic: Perfect For All Kinds Of Recordings

The best shotgun mic is one of the most used and versatile tools in the world of sound recording. It’s a staple for any videographer or broadcast journalist, but it can also be very useful for filmmakers and podcasters who need to record dialogue from a distance.

Shotgun microphones are directional, meaning they pick up sounds that come from specific directions while diminishing background noise in other areas. This makes them perfect for shooting indoors when you only want the voice of your interviewee and not all the noises in their environment (like air conditioning units running).  

But don’t think this means they’re only good in controlled studio environments! Shotgun mics work great outside too! You just have to know how to use them properly so that you get clear recordings with no wind interference from the air. In this article, we’re going to review some of the best shotgun mics on the market today. 

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Best Shotgun Mic Reviews 2024

RØDE MICROPHONES VideoMicro Compact On Camera Microphone

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The RØDE VideoMicro is a fantastic little microphone for recording high-quality audio on camera. Affordable and compact, it’s an ideal companion for any camera that records internally to SD card or CF. Armed with the ability to handle up to 144dB of sound pressure level (SPL), shock mounted capsule, and one of the flattest frequency response curves in its class, the VideoMicro rivals even higher priced competition while delivering pristine broadcast quality recordings at an unprecedented value.

It can capture dialogue from across a room and records perfectly clear sound whilst only picking up minimal background noise. It comes with both direct connection (powering via 1 x AA battery) and cable powered options which make it easy to use anywhere – indoors or out.

Everything you need to attach and use the VideoMicro is included thanks to a standard thread screw mounting system and reinforced camera shoe mount. This includes a range of accessories to give you the perfect setup for any recording scenario – even those that require connecting to another external microphone or audio device via 3.5mm TRS (standard headphone jack) connection.

As the RØDE VideoMicro is extremely lightweight and compact, it can be mounted on a standard hot-shoe mount for cameras and video cameras. It also comes with a microphone stand mount adapter that enables it to be used with any of RØDE’s wide range of boompoles, allowing you to capture the best possible audio when on the move.

RØDE MICROPHONES VideoMicro Compact On Camera Microphone will give you crystal clear audio without taking up too much room in your bag. It’s a cost effective solution to carrying around long cables or expensive wireless mics when all you need is for your subject to be close enough that they can hear the interviewee easily. With it’s small size, this mic will seamlessly blend into any set with professional sound quality that leaves little room for complaint.

Don’t let its petite stature fool you though! The RØDE VideoMic has an impressive 16-bit resolution and takes care of any unwanted noise so there are never problems picking up every word amid background noises. If proximity isn’t an issue, it has a 20Hz-20kHz frequency response to ensure your dialogue is captured with no loss in accuracy.

Lastly, this is also the perfect mic for filmmakers who want to capture ambient sounds on set or outside during actual filming. It can be easily mounted onto your DSLR camera where it will pick up every footstep and every bird tweet. And as an added bonus, this mic comes with a furry windshield to keep that pesky wind from ruining your recorded dialogue.


– Affordable

– Compact design that can be mounted easily

– Stable, flat frequency response curve

– Records dialogue clearly with minimal background noise

– Ideal for filmmakers who want to capture ambient sounds on set or outside during filming


– None

Camera Microphone,Tikysky Video Microphone

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The Tikysky Video Microphone is one of the best innovations in recent years. It’s great for interviews or presentations, but it can also be used to capture live music performances, nature videos and even noisy construction sites! The condenser microphone on this device is ideal for picking up sound at a distance 18″ (0.5m) away.

The Camera Microsharp allows you to capture cues that other cameras might miss with its mic near your lens joint – sounds like children playing blocks next door or car wheels on gravel outside the house – sounds people want to hear more about because they make their world richer somehow. If you were recording voice-overs for movie trailers or cartoon characters, the tiki sharp would make all those voices really stand out! Beyond that, the sound is just more accurate and life-like.

A camera such as a dslr (with external mic input) can record better sound than the built in microphones on most cameras. But it’s very inconvenient to use an external microphone with those cameras because once you plug it in, all other camera controls do not work.

The tikysky camera microphone solves this problem by allowing you to use an external microphone while still leaving all controls accessible for the user. All of the buttons on your dslr or other camera work as usual allowing you to do things like manual focus, take photos, zoom in and out etc. You can even plug headphones into the camera body to monitor the audio while you are recording without having to get an additional cable. It makes the sound on your videos significantly better with no loss in convenience – it’s a win-win!

Tikysky Wifi+Video Microphone is the best innovation in sound and video capture since Edison created the first light bulb. The microphone’s ability to pick up frequencies above 20,000 Hz means your voice not only sounds good but it also has the added benefit of recording incredible high-resolution video and audio without having to swap hardware.

The device: packs a built-in battery so you can go cordless, stands on its own thanks to its flexible metal core construction, captures vibrations inside homes for capturing natural offmic recordings – with different sensitivity settings for more controlled raising or lowering depending on the application at hand.

This Camera Microphone,Tikysky Video Microphone features a powerful push-to-talk design with which you can trigger up to 10 different microphones from distances over 200 feet away. It comes with four separate RF bands for better reception and fewer dropouts. As one of the leading brands in recording microphones, this microphone is perfect for interviews and live events.


– Excellent for interviews and live events

– You can plug headphones into the camera body to monitor the audio


– None

RØDE VideoMic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone

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The RØDE VideoMic GO, lightweight on-camera mic is the world’s smallest solution for camera operators and documentarians. It clips easily to any camera or camcorder and delivers clear, high quality sound. Most importantly this microphone comes at a great price point.

The cardioid (heart shaped) pickup pattern does an excellent job of rejecting off axis noise like wind and background ambiance which makes it perfect for DSLR shooters looking to capture clean dialogue without having to worry about production audio setup time, footprint or cables! The interchangeable capsules allow you to tailor your setup for different productions with varying needs – capturing crisp vocals one day and ambient sound the next.

The RØDE VideoMic GO is a lightweight and rugged microphone designed for capturing audio on the go. It’s no surprise that this microphone has become such an essential tool for professional videographers or those looking to start their own videos or film side hustle with the need to capture high-quality sound.

This mic measures just 2 inches in diameter, making it small enough to fit into your pocket or handbag when you’re not using it! Unlike most other light weight mics, the VideoMic produces pristine results without needing any special tools. With its single AAA battery operation requirement this product is perfect for professionals on the go who are looking to complete projects with ease.

The RØDE VideoMic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone is a versatile microphone that combines dependable on-camera performance with the advantages of an external recording setup. It’s perfect for capturing clean, crisp audio in noisy environments or making low budget productions sound more professional.

This microphone comes included with an attachable base clamp to mount it onto standard camera rigs, motorized car mounts and lighting stands. The plug-and-play USB output means no power source is needed – just capture anywhere!

The ground clip eliminates noise by mechanically decoupling the mic connection from your camera so you get quality recordings every time without having to worry about vibrations or handling noise.*It includes 2 accessory kits which are tailored for film/tv production and digital video, so you get maximum flexibility from this versatile mic.

The RØDE VideoMic GO has a clear frequency response which delivers professional quality audio that is optimized for the human voice. This makes it ideal for videos with a focus on dialog, narrations or musical performance – simply attach it to your camera and boom away.


– Great product that has a clear frequency response which delivers professional quality audio.

– It’s extremely versatile for different productions

– Comes with an attachable base clamp

– No power source needed.


– None

RØDE VideoMic Pro Compact Directional On-camera Microphone

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The RØDE VideoMic Pro Compact Directional On-camera Microphone is perfect for experimenting with ENG style filmmaking or security camera footage. This compact directional mic enables you to have crystal clear, professional results without having to lug around heavier equipment.

Because the microphone attaches via a ¼” thread mount, it has significantly reduced windshield noise and self-noise – so if you’re recording ambient sound for long periods of time, this could be the microphone for you! Carry all of these features into any situation knowing that you can rely on it to provide excellent recorded audio!

In video production, sound can make or break a scene. When filming with on-camera microphones, the goal is to capture all of the important sounds, but without picking up fuzzy details from off screen. The RØDE VideoMic Pro Compact Directional On-camera Microphone does just that.

Its 3 pick-up patterns allow you to get exactly what you need while minimizing background noise and echo in a small package that’s easy to grip and work with for shorter shoots. This camera mic cuts through tough reverberant environments like radio stations and loud concerts, making it simple for anyone at any skill level–from budding filmmakers to seasoned professionals–to achieve perfectly crisp audio on every shot.

The Rode Video Mic is a directional microphone designed specifically for video production. This mic has been extensively used for productions from the Olympic Games to international blockbuster movies. The built-in Rycote Lyre suspension system helps reduce handling noise and isolate unwanted sound sources while still cutting down on reflections off hard surfaces that could cause live “dead” spots in your recording.

The omni-directional polar pattern can be changed which can help with varying sound levels while being ergonomically designed to minimise the appearance of camera booms when shooting interviews or videos with DSLR cameras up close. This mic will produce professional quality audio for your projects without spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive shotgun mic.


– Cheap for budget productions

– Directional mic

– Rycote Lyre suspension system


– None

Rode Microphones VMNTG VideoMic NTG On-Camera Shotgun Microphone

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It’s no secret that video is taking over the internet. With videos like amazing American Idol audition tapes, to great white shark breaching near a boat!, people are starting to get serious about what gear they need for capturing quality audio.

The Rode VideoMic takes care of all your needs at half the price it should be! Sure, so far there’s only lens protection for this little guy, but if you have other lenses lying around with UV filters on them you can try attaching them to the dish so it provides some added protection from dust and sun damage while still letting your filter absorb light just in case. This microphone also comes with an additional mounting arm that screws onto any standard camera tripod mount made by many popular brands, making sure this mic stays where it needs to be.

The Rode Microphones VMNTG VideoMic NTG On-Camera Shotgun Microphone is a great option for close proximity work on your video shoots, drama productions, concerts and more. The microphone has a crystal clear sound with sensitivity graded at 75dBS. Its frequency response is optimized for vocals but still picks up the low end of instruments as well to create stereo imaging with ambient noise reduction.

The shotgun design can easily isolate dialogue and other desired audio from background noise while the intuitive LED lights allow the camera operator to know when it’s picking up good quality audio or if there needs to be adjustments. It also includes XLR and high impedance 3-pin connections so you don’t need any adapters before connecting it into various recording devices such as cameras and recorders.

The Rode Microphones VMNTG VideoMic NTG On-Camera Shotgun Mic provides a lot of bang for your buck. It is an ideal mic for DSLR cameras that are used in recording podcasts or videos. The microphone doesn’t need any additional equipment, which makes it very user-friendly. Customers also rave about the high quality of sound this devices produces, making it well worth the purchase price.


– Great sound quality

– User-friendly

– No additional equipment needed


– Just lens protection

Best Shotgun Mic Benefits

A shotgun mic is a type of microphone that has a directional pick-up pattern. It is used by people who are recording sounds from a particular location or event. It is cylindrical in its shape and is most often seen on television newscasters, reporters, announcers, talk show hosts, court reporters, and DJs. Professional variants of the shotgun mic are also used with professional cameras for film projects.

A shotgun mic offers many benefits to users. One main advantage of the shotgun mic is that it offers less background noise. This allows the user to record audio with clarity without having to worry about unwanted noise being picked up by the microphone. The directionality of the microphone also makes it easier for the user to specifically direct the audio being recorded straight towards the sound source. This allows for better quality of the audio being picked up by the microphone, giving it a very clear and crisp quality overall.

best shotgun mic

A shotgun mic is also lightweight which makes it easy to use for long periods of time without causing any discomfort or fatigue. The small size of the microphone makes it easy for a user to carry it around and use in multiple locations. This is great for people who are recording videos or taking photos in several different locations because it means they do not have to worry about the microphone being bulky, heavy, and hard to transport from location to location.

The low profile of a shotgun mic also makes it easier for someone using the microphone to blend into the background. This is especially useful for people who are filming events or scenarios where they do not want to be seen on camera. The microphone is cylindrical in shape and black in color which makes it easier for someone using it to hide among other items that are also black in color, such as bookshelves or materials. This allows the user to be discreet and not draw attention to themselves.

A shotgun mic is a very beneficial microphone for those who need to record audio in various locations or situations, as it offers many benefits that other microphones may not have. It enhances clarity of recorded audio and reduces unwanted background noise and sounds. The size and lightweight design also make it easy to transport and use for long periods of time without causing any discomfort. The low profile allows the person using the microphone to blend into their surroundings and remain discreet. Overall, a shotgun mic offers many benefits that help enhance the quality of recording audio.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Shotgun

We are here to help you find the best shotgun mic for your needs. If you’re looking for a top quality microphone that’s perfect for recording instruments, vocals, dialogues, and more then this article is just what you need. We’ve got all the information on factors to consider before buying a shotgun mic so keep reading!

best shotgun mic
Best Shotgun Mic: Perfect For All Kinds Of Recordings 6


First of all, think about your budget. How much money are you willing to spend? Basically, a shotgun mic can cost anywhere from $50-2000+. The good news is that the price actually reflects the quality of the microphone in most cases. So if you want a top quality shotgun mic don’t hesitate to save up some money.


Second, think about the quality of your shotgun mic. When it comes to shotgun mics, you can’t go wrong with Sennheiser or Rode brands. They are well-known for providing high-quality microphones. If you’re on a budget then Alesis and Blue Microphones are also great options. So just think about your needs and budget, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect shotgun mic for yourself.


Another thing to consider is the type of your mic’s diaphragm. The best microphones have a dual-diaphragm design which helps reduce proximity effect greatly. Proximity effect is when you speak very close to the mic, you get a low-frequency boost. It’s not so pleasant so dual-diaphragm design helps reduce or eliminate this problem.


Another thing to look for in your future shotgun mic is connectivity options. If you’re planning on using it in your home studio then most likely you’ll need USB and XLR options. But if you’re thinking about recording in the field and in different places, then a wireless option may be best for you. Just think about your needs and think about what will work for you.

best shotgun mic
Best Shotgun Mic: Perfect For All Kinds Of Recordings 7

Audio Quality

Audio quality is another big factor to consider when buying a shotgun mic. The first thing that you should think about is whether or not the microphone’s frequency response is flat or not. If it isn’t, then that means that the microphone has an unnatural sound–it may amplify some frequencies over others which can lead to distortion at high volumes and poor sound quality in general. So if you want a high-quality microphone then make sure that it has an accurate frequency response.

If you would like to know more about best shotgun mic, the following video will be helpful to you:

FAQs about Best Shotgun Mic

Are shotguns microphones sensitive to high frequencies?

Shotguns are sensitive to high frequencies, typically above 6kHz. This makes them better for home theater applications.

What is the purpose of a shotgun mic?

It is used to capture sound in an off-axis manner that has unmatched directionality. The directional characteristic maintains high sensitivity to sounds at the front, but significantly decreases its sensitivity towards the rear and either side which make it well suited for close range sound acquisition of speech or music (to reduce noise interference). Shotgun mics are typically used for film production, radio broadcast recording, live podcasting, singing or theater performances like plays or concerts where traditional stationary microphones are not applicable due to lack of space.

best shotgun mic
Best Shotgun Mic: Perfect For All Kinds Of Recordings 8

How do you calculate the pickup pattern?

The pickup pattern is calculated by measuring the angle between the front of the microphone and the backside. The diagram below illustrates different shadings of a shotgun mic, each representing different frequency sensitivities.

How do you connect an XLR mic to a DSLR camera?

XLR Microphones can be connected to DSLR cameras with the help of an XLR microphone cable and an audio recorder. First, connect one end of the XLR-to-mini-plug cable to your microphone input on your mixer or audio interface, and then connect the other end of the cable to your DSLR. The other end of the cable goes into your audio recorder and then you can use that for recording after setting up all the settings in your camera.


The best shotgun microphone is a great tool for recording audio in dynamic environments. The mic has an ultra-wide frequency response, which means it can pick up all frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz. This lets the user capture high and low sound without needing any mixing or processing on their end. In addition, this type of mic allows the user to record at distances where other microphones might not be able to operate effectively because they have too short a range. Our top pick for the best shotgun mic is: RØDE MICROPHONES VideoMicro Compact On Camera Microphone

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With its wide frequency response and ability to work across many types of situations, there are few limitations when using a shotgun microphone for your recordings!

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