Nexx Helmets Review: 15 Most Durable Motorcycle Helmets Ever Made

Motorcycle helmets are an essential safety accessory for any biker. But with so many different types to choose from, how does one know which is best? Nexx has created many innovative new helmets that are designed to absorb more impact than any other helmet on the market, reducing your chances of injury or death by up to 40%. Their helmets are also designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and stylish, so you can ride in style without sacrificing safety. That’s why we put together this list of the top 15 best Nexx helmets reviews.

You could get a really expensive helmet that offers the most protection, but then you’ll have to sacrifice that money on other motorcycle gear or bike repairs down the road. Or you may find it difficult to find a helmet in your size without sacrificing quality if you’re not exactly of average height and weight. For these reasons, we have compiled this list of 15 Nexx helmets reviews that offer great value for price and durability so bikers can feel confident about choosing the right helmet while still being able to afford other accessories! 

  • Best helmet for all features: [amazon link=”B0783PQPFQ” title=”Nexx X.Wed2″ /]
  • Best helmet for less noise level during use: [amazon link=”B07ZTHL2SJ” title=”Nexx X.Vilijord” /]
  • Best helmet for removable camera mounts: [amazon link=”B07J5H2JBQ” title=”Nexx X.Vilitur” /]
  • Best helmet for lightweight: [amazon link=”B00I14BIXK” title=”Nexx XR2″ /]
  • Best helmet for UV protected : [amazon link=”B01AO6XVM8″ title=”Nexx X.G100″ /]

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Nexx Helmets Reviews 2024

Nexx X.Wed2

[amazon box=”B0783PQPFQ” ]

Nexx has done it again with the Nexx X.Wed2 helmet! This is another successful installment to one of the best helmet brands on the market. Many people complimented the various features, including its ventilation system. People also said that the helmet is lightweight and not too expensive considering how advanced it is. It has a great visor which can be easily changed to meet your needs for any occasion.

The only issue is how difficult it was for us to communicate with other people wearing helmets from different brands. This, however, can be said to happen with most helmets, so it is not a specific complaint on the Nexx X.Wed2 helmet.

In general, Nexx has successfully introduced an all-terrain 2-in-1 modular helmet that keeps you safe and dry during extreme weather conditions.

Get it if you want a high-end product with great features that will protect your head while performing any activity.


  • Nexx X.Wed2 helmet is comfortable and stylish
  • It is lightweight and has a great ventilation system
  • The great visor that can be easily changed to meet your needs
  • The helmet is affordable for its high-end features


  • It is difficult to communicate with people wearing helmets from different brands

Nexx X.Vilijord

[amazon box=”B07ZTHL2SJ” ]

The Nexx X.Vilijord helmet is an all-weather motorcycle helmet that can be used on both paved and off-road surfaces. It comes with a clear visor that is Pinlock-ready and scratch-resistant. It also includes an integrated sun visor, lens, and X.COM 2 headset, which is ECE 22.05 approved for use as an integral or jet helmet.

One of the main features of this helmet is its ventilation system which consists of chin ventilation and upper head ventilation, while its closure system is of micro-ratchet closure, homologated for EC Directive 89/686/EEC Class A, Type P (jet), or type J (integral). It has an intercom mount for easy communication between riders, a low noise level during use, a lightweight design, and others.

However, sizing may be difficult since there are different sizes available which will cause problems during selection, especially for people with small heads where they might end up choosing a size that is too big for their head or vice versa.

Anyways, it is made with high-quality materials, so it can definitely provide safety to its user, which is also reinforced by positive testimonials about the durability of this product even after being used for a long time.


  • Clear visor
  • Pinlock-ready and scratch-resistant
  • Integrated sun visor, lens, and X.COM 2 headset
  • Ventilation system with chin ventilation and upper head ventilation
  • Less noise level during use
  • Lightweight design


  • Difficult to size because of the different sizes available

Nexx X.Vilitur

[amazon box=”B07J5H2JBQ” ]

The helmet is made out of the strong yet soft material called organic fibers and biaxial fiberglass “twile,” which makes it scratch-resistant. The visor is also scratch-resistant and comes with Pinlock ready for fogless eye protection. The sun visor can be adjusted to match your needs.

The Nexx X.Vilitur helmet includes removable camera mounts, which are easy to get on/off, so you can film your journey without worries of damaging the helmet or taking off the camera mount itself. The cheek pads are also easy to remove for washing or changing of fit if needed. This flip-up helmet has a comfortable homologated double face protection. The chin strap also includes an extra “micro-lock” for a better fit and comfort.

It comes in 7 sizes to cover most of the population and has three visor colors as well as two different visor types – dark smoke and clear visor included with the helmet – to choose from!

Nexx X.Vilitur has been created for fans of the Gran Turismo franchise to be used when playing games or riding a bike/motorcycle etc.


  • The Nexx X.Vilitur helmet is made out of strong yet soft material
  • The visor is also scratch-resistant
  • It includes removable camera mounts
  • This flip-up helmet has a comfortable homologated double-faced protection


  • Not ideal for wearing during harsh weather such as rain or snow

Nexx XR2

[amazon box=”B00I14BIXK” ]

The Nexx XR2 is extremely lightweight, which makes it perfect if you are looking for something that will not add bulk to your ride. Nexx XR2 helmet is a very light and comfortable helmet, with excellent ventilation and visor system. It also includes two inlets and four outlets of air vents which allow plenty of airflows to get in and out of the helmet while riding.

Nexx XR2 is a helmet that provides excellent comfort with its good-quality padding. The chin strap is adaptive to the user’s needs since it can be adjusted according to their height, which minimizes unwanted movement when riding. The Nexx XR2 has a very nice design which makes it an attractive option for many riders. This helmet is designed to withstand violent crashes without causing any damage to the rider. It is also made with high-quality materials, which makes it very durable.

If you are looking for the best helmet with lots of features, this may not be the one for you. However, if you are looking for something lightweight and purely functional, then this is a great choice!


  • The Nexx XR2 is extremely lightweight, which makes it perfect if you are looking for something that will not add bulk to your ride
  • Nexx XR2 helmet is a very light and comfortable helmet, with excellent ventilation and visor system
  • It also includes two inlets and four outlets of air vents which allow plenty of airflows to get in and out of the helmet while riding


  • This helmet does not have any extra features such as Bluetooth or microphones on it, so if those things interest you, then this might not be the one for you

Nexx X.G100

[amazon box=”B01AO6XVM8″ ]

I absolutely love the Nexx X.G100; it is a very safe and stylish helmet. It has been DOT approved, so you don’t have to worry about matching up helmets between different states of the US, which is nice because some places will not let you ride with an uncertified helmet. This helmet gets a lot of attention from riders of all ages around me, and they say that they love the look and feel of it as well as how safe it feels when they are wearing it!

It is excellent and fits my head perfectly, it doesn’t move around, and the pads on the inside fit perfectly against my head. The shield is also really good because it has UV protection, and I don’t have to worry about it getting too hot while riding in the sun.

The chin guard is thick and sturdy and certainly won’t be easily damaged. The material is high quality and doesn’t feel like it will rip any time soon. Inside the chin guard, there are several holes to make sure that you can keep your breath inside this helmet.

Side note–it comes with an extra clear shield, which was a pleasant surprise! It also includes a sturdy bag to transport it in. I’m not sure if I would ever purchase another brand of helmet again because this one has done everything that I need without breaking the bank.


  • It gets a lot of attention from other riders
  • You can ride with it all over the United States
  • The shield is UV protected and doesn’t get hot while riding in the sun
  • It fits perfect on my head and does not move around; pads inside are comfortable
  • The chin guard is thick and won’t be damaged easily


  • None

Nexx X.WST2

[amazon box=”B07842JND1″ ]

Nexx Helmets are built on the foundation of creating helmets with style, sophistication, and protection. Nexx X.WST2 is the result of extensive research into various designs, combined with state-of-the-art technology that incorporates comfort, fit, and safety standards set by DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.05 for your motorcycle riding lifestyle.

It’s lightweight at 1400grs which provides superior ventilation due to its open face design while also being able to accommodate a Pinlock Anti Fog visor or Quick Strap System for fogless riding conditions.

Other features include Cheek Pads (ERCP) and D-Ring Buckle (DRB). These features make you more confident when you ride; no matter if it’s an open road or curvy mountain road, you’ll be able to face anything confidently while wearing this helmet because its design will keep your head protected while providing you with maximum comfort and style.

Nexx helmet is made from polycarbonate, an advanced material that can withstand extreme temperatures and impacts caused by accidents. This multi-layered construction of polycarbonate makes your helmet lightweight and uniquely strong, which provides you with a high level of protection while keeping you comfortable even during long rides over open roads or over curvy mountain trails.

This Nexx helmet has been designed to protect your head in any condition, meaning it will be able to handle temperature fluctuations or sudden acceleration when riding at high speed on the track or freeway without compromising your vision or safety when wearing it due to its aerodynamic features.

Also, this Nexx motorcycle helmet has been constructed using an EPS liner system that absorbs impacts and dissipates the force in the case of a crash; this is what they call energy management and will always provide maximum safety in any condition.


  • Multi-Layered Polycarbonate Construction that’s tough and lightweight
  • Efficient in extreme temperatures and impacts because of its construction
  • Aerodynamic design for better vision and safety when riding at high speeds


  • None

Nexx X.D1

[amazon box=”B00SWYGKNC” ]

The Nexx X.D1 is a fantastic helmet that feels amazing when worn. It has a visor and also an integrated sun visor, so it really protects the face and eyes from the sun.

The outer shell is made of TRI-composite, which is aramid, kevlar, and fiberglass, so there’s lots of protection from being hurt in an accident. It also comes in two shell sizes, just in case you need a bigger helmet. The enduro shield can be exchanged to suit your preferences, and it has a clear and scratch-resistant visor that is Pinlock ready, plus a Pinlock lens that’s integrated with a sun visor!

The inner lining of this great helmet is CoolMax, which is a material that’s comfortable and easy to clean. The closure of this helmet is a double D-ring buckle, so it’s secure and easy to put on! This great helmet comes with features such as the EasyLock system that makes it ready for an X-COM intercom system too!

It has a spoiler included in the design, plus the helmet is prepared for installing a camera. Another great thing about this amazing Nexx X.D1 is its weight, only approximately 1450g!


  • Super lightweight and comfortable
  • It comes with an integrated sun visor and spoiler for aerodynamics
  • Fiberglass, Kevlar, and Aramid outer shell provide protection in case of accidents
  • The helmet is prepared to install a camera
  • It has an X.C1 intercom system that’s easy to install


  • It is a pricey helmet

Nexx Sx.100r

[amazon box=”B08FW77NVD” ]

The Nexx Sx.100r helmet is an economical and lightweight polystyrene helmet that has been designed for high performance. The sleek design will allow you to get a good connection with the road. The rear spoiler is designed to reduce turbulence while optimizing aerodynamic performance. The ventilation system allows cool air into the helmet, and the EPS liner creates a breathable helmet.

A visor with a quick-release mechanism helps change visors easier than ever while also making sure that it is super easy to swap out visors for heads or light conditions changes. There are different visors available on the market, such as a yellow HD visor that enhances low light levels or silver iridium that keeps out UV. Dual anti-scratch coated layers on the visor mean that you will be able to take advantage of the helmet’s features for years to come, and it also has a removable and washable lining that is skin-friendly and made from dry fabrics.

The Nexx Sx.100r motorcycle helmet only weighs 1470g in size large making it one of the lighter polystyrene helmets available on the market today. This excellent quality polystyrene motorcycle helmet is available at an affordable price in many sizes, colors, visor options, etc. You will get an exceptional value for your money with this helmet.


  • Polystyrene for a lightweight but a durable helmet
  • Aerodynamic design will also increase safety on the road
  • Keeps your head cool with vents and EPS liner


  • None

Nexx X70

[amazon box=”B008721RG4″ ]

Nexx X70 is a premium helmet made from high-quality materials. X70 stands for extreme performance. Since it is made by Nexx, one of the essential helmet manufacturers in the world, it has a fully removable interior with soft padding for anti-sweat fabric. It also comes with a special feature of a sun visor that can be operated by an unseen mechanism. You can adjust the bubble or flat visor according to your requirements at any time.

However, if you are riding a bike at a speed of more than 120 km/h, then you might face problems in hearing while wearing a helmet due to the wind noise. We recommend earplugs for your safety and comfort. If you do not use them, then experience may vary depending on circumstances.

Lastly, we recommend you check the size chart for the perfect fit.


  • It comes with a sun visor
  • Soft padding for sweat fabric
  • Fully removable interior


  • May experience problems while riding at a speed of more than 120 km/h because of wind noise

Nexx SX.100

[amazon box=”B0783R7WQY” ]

The Nexx SX.100 is a really good helmet for someone who rides in urban areas. What makes it so is its compact design and features like weather sealing, Bluetooth communication readiness, and easy-to-remove visor. The ventilation system is also fantastic, with it going from chin to top of the head while not being too noisy.

One of the downsides for this helmet, though, might be that it’s a bit heavier than other helmets, but because of its compact design, the weight doesn’t bother me much.

I recommend this helmet for a person looking for an affordable urban style helmet with all the features you would need for city riding.


  • Compact design
  • Weather sealing, easy to remove the visor
  • Bluetooth ready, fantastic ventilation system


  • A bit heavier than other helmets

Nexx SX.60

[amazon box=”B077MW4ZKH” ]

Nexx SX.60 Cruise 2 Jet Helmet is created by Nexx, a company that manufactures high-quality helmets with awesome designs and safety features.

This product comes in various sizes to accommodate different head shapes/sizes (XS – XXL). It weighs approximately 1050g which makes it convenient for wearing on long bike rides or other activities where you need to feel weightless. This helmet also has micro-ratchet closure that ensures the safety and security of the helmet with ECE 22-05/ DOT certification.

This product is an ideal choice for those who want to keep their head safe from any accident while still looking fashionable.


  • The visor is made from high-grade polycarbonate
  • The anatomical shape of the interior padding ensures a comfortable fit for any head type
  • Nexx SX.60 Cruise 2 Jet Helmet comes in various sizes to accommodate different head shapes/sizes


  • Lack of an air intake

Nexx X.G10

[amazon box=”B01BYTQ7YS” ]

I was looking for a good quality helmet for myself and my son. I wanted something that was safe, durable, and of high quality. I am happy to say that the Nexx X.G10 helmet fits all the requirements. After a lot of research, I found this helmet on amazon and placed my order online. The delivery was quick, and the packaging of the product was also very protective.

I have been using it since then, and I can honestly say that it has improved my child’s safety on the road immensely! I am amazed by the performance of this product, and if you are looking for a good helmet, then I would highly recommend it.

Nexx X.G10 Helmet is a fantastic product that I would definitely recommend to any motorcyclist!


  • Provides Safety
  • Durable
  • Anti Scratch Matte Finish  
  • Keeps the Helmet Weight Low


  • A bit pricey

Nexx X60

[amazon box=”B00A0HKUN0″ ]

I am an avid cyclist and I ride through the neighborhood on weekends. I live in a neighborhood with hills, and it is hard to feel safe when you are on your bike. What makes me feel safer as I speed around the twists and turns is my new Nexx X60 helmet.

The Nexx X60 helmet has DOT and ECE certification. It has a Pc Lexan outside. The helmet has a dark inside visor that shields your eyes from the sun, as well as some glare from cars, making it easier for you to see. The quick-release buckle makes it great for riders that need to take their helmet off in a hurry. It also has an anti-allergic lining which is also removable and washable. 

I would recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a quality, well-designed helmet!


  • Has DOT and ECE certification
  • Pc Lexan outside
  • A dark inside visor that shields your eyes from the sun, as well as some glare from cars, making it easier for you to see
  • The quick-release buckle makes it great for riders that need to take their helmet off in a hurry
  • It also has an anti-allergic lining which is also removable and washable


  • It does not come in children’s or youth sizes

Nexx SX 10

[amazon box=”B00I0BO3EK” ]

The Nexx helmet is a fantastic helmet and comes in an awesome design. The Nexx SX10 helmet includes a lot of features that make it a desirable purchase. The outer shell is made of thermoplastic, meaning that it can withstand high impacts and scratches. The visor is scratch-free and has an integrated sun visor; the inner lining is anti-bacterial and allergy-free.

It has all the modern features we’ve come to expect from a high-quality helmet, such as earplugs and padded lining, and can also be changed into different colors by just flipping the visor over. This protects your eyes from glare and UV light, which is very useful when riding around on sunny days.

Finally, the size of the helmet is approximately 1200g. The overall style of the helmet looks great on any Vespa model too!


  • Stylish
  • Good for sunny days
  • It has a sun visor
  • Have earplugs, which are good when riding with a lot of noise around you


  • A little bit pricey

Nexx X.Viliby

[amazon box=”B08QHRF9KF” ]

This helmet is a fantastic, inexpensive choice for a commuter with a stylish look and a relatively small DOT-certified shell. It’s not as burly as some of the other commuter/urban style helmets on the market, but it looks pretty well-built overall.

The ventilation in this helmet is really excellent, and unless you’re in 95+ degree weather, you shouldn’t feel too hot despite the lack of rear vents. The visor mechanism is really nice and doesn’t make any noise when opening or closing. I think it would be better if the visor had an anti-fog coating like some of the nicer brands do. The finish on the visor is nice and smooth and feels really good to the touch.

The helmet itself definitely looks better in person than it does in pictures. The graphics are very well done and have a matte black look that blends perfectly with the rest of the helmet.

If you need an inexpensive commuting/urban style helmet, this is a great choice.


  • Great helmet for commuting and urban riding
  • A durable, stylish finish
  • Stylish graphics design
  • Quiet visor mechanisms
  • Affordable price point
  • Matte finish looks better in person than in pictures


  • No rear vents
  • Visor would be better if it had an anti-fog coating

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Suitable Helmet in the Nexx Helmets Review

nexx helmets review

How to choose a suitable helmet? This is the question that every motorcyclist should ask before they set out on their next ride. And it’s not just about protection, but also comfort, style, and other factors.

The following are some of the things you need to take into account when choosing your next motorcycle helmet.

The Right Fit

A good-fitting helmet will be snug enough to stay in place without being too tight or too loose. Check the sizing chart for measurements specific to this type of headgear. Keep in mind that helmets should not be worn over hats or hairpieces because these items may interfere with proper fit and result in decreased safety benefits.


Helmet padding can vary from one model to another. Before you choose a helmet, take time to try it on and wear it for several minutes. You’ll want one that’s lightweight and well ventilated enough for riding in various types of weather conditions.


While no helmet can guarantee complete protection against severe impacts, those that meet government guidelines and have been tested for impact resistance will help reduce the risk of head injuries arising from accidents. A good rule of thumb is to replace your helmet after any fall or accident, as even minor dents or cracks may affect its protective capabilities.


A white or highly reflective paint job is advisable as helmets with such features are more easily spotted by motorists during daytime riding.


nexx helmets review

Cost often becomes a factor whenever a purchase has to be made. However, it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor. If you are seeking protection, comfort, and style in one helmet, expect to pay more for additional features.


Additional features on your helmet, such as visors or face shields, will come in handy if you regularly ride during sunny days or during cold or rainy weather conditions to keep debris from obstructing your vision.

FAQs about Nexx Helmets Review

Q: What is the style of these helmets?

Nexx Helmets is a company that specializes in creating protective headgear for many different types of activities such as skateboarding or biking. They offer both stylish and comfortable designs to help you enjoy your favorite sport without sacrificing protection. Their wide variety of products ensures that any type of player can find something just for them! Whether it’s looking good, feeling safe, we’re here for you!

Q: Which designs in this range would you recommend for racing bikes or commuters, and why?

For racing specific helmets, I would recommend the Nexx X.WST2, which is the lightest and safest helmet in this line-up. It has an aerodynamic shell design to ensure a high level of ventilation for those long days out on the road. The detachable visor will also offer you a degree of protection from rain and sun, as well as provide some additional shade from bright lights when you need it most.

For commuters or those riding around town, I would say that you should try out the Nexx XR2 – it’s really lightweight with many large vents to keep your head cool all day long! And because it has a dial adjustment system, setting up its fit couldn’t be easier, so no more easily sliding off!

Q: Can I wear prescription glasses inside these Nexx Helmets with special lenses (e.g., polarized)?

Yes, you can wear your prescription glasses inside your helmet with the special lenses! The Nexx Helmets have a patented design to not interfere with your glasses or laser eye surgery.


If you are looking for a motorcycle helmet that is durable, safe, and can last through any type of weather or accident- these best helmets in the Nexx helmets reviews are a viable option. These high-quality helmets come with countless features, including an advanced aerodynamic design to keep your head cool during hot days on the road. These products will be perfect if you want to enjoy long rides without worrying about how your safety equipment will hold up against the wind or rain. Suppose this sounds like something that may interest you, then I recommend buying one today!

Out of the 15 best Nexx helmets, the Nexx X.Wed2 helmet is an excellent option for those who are looking for an affordable, high-end product with some of the best features on the market. The lightweight design and easy-to-change visor make it perfect for any occasion or activity you want to participate in while being safe from extreme weather conditions.

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