Top 15 Best Oval Trampolines in 2024 You Do Not Want To Miss

Trampolines come in many shapes – and they don’t come like that for no reason. Each line of the trampoline has its set of pros and cons, yet the best oval trampolines have proved themselves to be the real MVP.

Though rectangular trampolines might provide the highest bounce, oval trampolines have considerable merit: they are much safer when having to accommodate more than one person. The oval shape helps to prevent users from gravitating towards the center of the trampoline, which means no bouncing onto each other in the middle of the fun. It’s hands down the best way to expend some energy and improve your fitness. Adding a couple of accessories like safety, a sprinkler, net or some plastic balls and you’ll have a wonderful playground for the kids too. Old but gold! 

Now without further ado, let’s get right into our picks.

 Best Oval Trampolines Comparison 2024

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Top 15  Best Oval Trampolines Reviews 2024

QWET Inflatable Water Trampoline

[amazon box=”B097BSRFJ9″ ]

Combining floating island and trampoline into one single product, QWET Inflatable Water Trampoline is created to take your summer fun to the next level. As a water bouncer, they can accommodate up to 3 children or 1 adult and 2 children at once space-wise and a maximum of 880 lbs weight-wise. When the jumping game gets a little boring, you can use this trampoline as a swimming or lounging platform. This big boy does well in swimming pools, lakes and ponds – however, we highly recommend that you avoid choppy water.

Juggling two jobs as a trampoline and an inflatable boat at the same time sounds like a heavy-duty – but don’t worry, because “heavy-duty” is their middle name. This trampoline is made from thick PVC and stretch fabric – both are waterproof and of prime quality, providing the product with very high wear and tear resistance as well as tensile strength. All joints and seams are processed to ensure that the float withstands continuous use in humid environments.

The size of it can be a little intimidating since people tend to expect that it will take them half a lifetime to inflate any float that big. The good news is inflation will be done in 3 minutes thanks to the patented valves and an electric pump that comes with every product. The package also includes a repair kit, carrying case, and inflatable water bomb for extra fun because why not.


  • 2 in 1 unique design combining trampoline and inflatable float
  • Quick inflation
  • Convenient size
  • Durable


  • High-priced
  • Can be a total bummer if leakage occurs

 Rocket Bunny Outdoor Trampoline

[amazon box=”B07PVMWRFB” ]

The Rocket Bunny Outdoor Trampoline comes in a large range size ranging from 6 to 14ft, allowing them to fit almost any garden. These trampolines will give you plenty of room to jump on and bounce around. This outdoor trampoline’s big fun factor for kids and adults is perfect for relieving stress and working out your body. Trampolines of all sizes come with their own safety net enclosure and ladder. Though they provide excellent protections already, it is highly advised that children should be playing under adult supervision. 


  • Highly stable, equipped with many protective details
  • Very bouncy
  • Durable
  • A full set of assembly materials, tools, and instructions included with the trampoline
  • 1-year warranty


  • The package consists of many parts, some of which might be missing due to delivery and have to be ordered separately


[amazon box=”B0187HN4BE” ]

This FIT BOUNCE PRO Trampoline is conveniently the whole package for me. I have one of these and mine really stole the show with both form and function. Few seconds from opening the package and it’s ready. All you need to do is unfold the frame and pop the legs out. Fast and simple with no complex assembly kit and missing pieces to mess around with. It’s safe to say that this alone can already win many hearts!

Then when it comes to the bounce – which makes or breaks a good trampoline –  these guys also pass the test. Thanks to having double the amount of connectors in comparison to most fitness rebounders, they are much more bouncy and don’t squeak as much. Sure you could still hear the body landing but that’s all. 

The package also includes a bounce counter to help keep tabs on how many bounces you’ve completed in each workout. This is big for beginners who need a little motivation on the way! Keeping track of my progress really helped me with the earlier states when physical changes are not yet visible.

One thing I love about this model is that handlebars are not included. I barely touch the handlebars when exercising with trampolines, so it’s great that I don’t have to pay an extra amount for them. They can be purchased separately if you want. 

When you’re done, just fold everything back and sneak them into the carry bag for neat storage and easy transportation. The whole experience with this trampoline is a delight.

FIT BOUNCE PRO Trampoline has received many compliments on the soft yet resilient and consistent bounce it provides


  • No assembly required
  • Silent bounce
  • Sturdy
  • A long warranty on the frame


  • No replacements available format
  • Poor customer service

   BYT Fitness Trampoline

[amazon box=”B08CDNKJPJ” ]

This Mini BYT Exercise Trampoline is suitable for both adults and kids alike. Perfect size for all types of aerobic workouts: from squats, jumping to stretching, jogging and the list goes on. The workout buddy will help you improve balance, lose some weight, and keep your body in shape. Why not burn the extra calories while having fun at the same time?

The round jump mat is made of very fine and strong Oxford cloth, allowing the trampolines to support up to 330 lbs. They keep their shape and resilience for years and years despite heavy use daily. Very lovely mat surface by the way!

The only (and quite unfortunately also the biggest) fly in the ointment is how long it takes to set up. A few previous buyers have complained that it took two people struggling to put everything together. There are 30 springs and 6 detachable legs to handle before the first use! To top that off – the legs aren’t foldable


  • Budget-friendly
  • Silent bounce
  • Light
  • Durable


  • Hard to assemble

 Kanchimi Fitness Trampoline

[amazon box=”B08K2XNWJP” ]

The Kanchimi Fitness Trampolines are perfect for those who are looking for something small and economical to support your workout. A mini trampoline like this one will definitely help you pull off a solid stretching session in a short amount of time. What about Netflix and bounce? Many have found their new favorite hobby after their purchases!

The frame is foldable but super sturdy when locked in place. Kanchimi also has the best handlebars which can be adjusted in total 5 different levels of height: from 68.5 to 89 cm according to your need – making them suitable for both adults and children alike. The handle is also covered by 2 foam sleeves, providing users with more comfort and better grip.

Another point worth noting is that the package also includes alternative feet which are a little taller and have more surface areas than the originals. I’m not sure why these extras aren’t acknowledged in the description of the product but well I don’t blame them.

To store them, unscrew the legs and unbolt the handle from the frame. They can be folded in half and or then into a quarter to fit your storage space. However many have shared that they normally would leave it open to store upright since having to put all the pieces back together can be rather time-consuming.


  • Low cost
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extremely quiet
  • Adjustable handlebar (5-height levels)


  • Not very durable

 Zupapa Garden Trampoline

[amazon box=”B09DXBP9XY” ]

If the most appealing trampoline is fun, safe, and can last for years and years of heavy use – then what a coincidence, that’s exactly how previous buyers will describe Zupapa GardenTrampoline.

The Zupapa Garden Trampoline comes in 5 different sizes: 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, and 15 ft with the exact same set of features and details. The springs are kind of creaky – not very surprising since we’re dealing with the large trampolines here. 

This year 2021 Zupapa has made some very nice upgrades on this model to increase stability as well as to offer an even more impressive bounce! Some of which are increasing the original steel pipe thickness, adding 12 more springs, extending the net poles, etc.

An anti-slip mat, ladder, waterproof safety net, and rain cover are kept and included as always.

However, once it all arrived and was assembled, my kids loved it. They haven’t gotten off it since, which was the goal.


  • High weight capacity
  • Exceptional warranty policy
  • Super durable & solid
  • Great bounce


  • Assembling the safety net can be quite a project

Zupapa Trampoline

[amazon box=”B097RWHBZC” ]

No this is not sponsored by Zupapa, it’s just me who can’t resist introducing one more product from this impressive brand. This time I want to introduce an indoor trampoline designed especially for smaller children – the Zupapa Kids Trampoline.

The feet are arched to disperse pressure, enhance stability and prevent rollovers. A brilliant detail to protect our fireballs who love to throw themselves into the enclosure net! In addition, the taut mesh netting is sewn right onto the mat to make sure no little feet or fingers meet with the springs. Entry zip is straight, making it easier to use for children.

Space-wise, there are 2 sizes: 54 and 66 inches. Both are on the bigger side and can be inconvenient in the long run if you don’t have much room to store the trampoline upright and need to disassemble it after every use. That’s why Zupapa Trampolines are often recommended for large spaces or playrooms.

All 3 color options are equally pretty and vibrant. There is a removable basketball hoop included for added fun too. All in all, I’m confident that this one will be worth it!


  • Fast delivery
  • Excellent material quality
  • Durable


  • High-priced
  • Can be a total bummer once leakage occurs
  • Limited choices of sizes

Aceshin Kids Trampoline For 2

[amazon box=”B0888CW49D” ]

The Aceshin Kids Trampoline absolutely fits the bill if you want to get a trampoline for two which doesn’t take up lots of room. It is a wonderful toy to help the kids burn off some energy while staying entertained. Though the height can look a bit challenging for the preschoolers to get used to with time they will and you’ll see how they can get up and down with no issue. 

The selling point is probably how the shape of the trampoline allows 2 kids to jump together yet CAN NOT knock each other off since each has their own space. The bar across gives wonderful support for both. Plus a sturdy liner covering all the springs so no one is getting pinched deserves another thumbs up.


  • Very suitable for two small kids
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Good size
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • 1st class customer service
  • Sturdy


  • Bad instructions

 Kanga 6ft Premium Trampoline

[amazon box=”B01FFSHS4C” ]

Entertaining your kids in winters, rainy days or quarantines doesn’t have to be exhausting like how it used to be with a Kanga Trampoline. Though Kanga is not a well-known brand in the UK, I think you really should give this one a chance. 

There are 4 size options of 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, and 12ft – all of which include safety net enclosure, ladder, and free anchor kit. The 10ft and 12 ft can handle teenagers and adults whilst the former two will be more suitable for children above 3. One buy and you get everything you need – quite a bargain for hours of exercise and entertainment awaits! Would happily recommend it anyday!


  • Value for money
  • Great material
  • Zero noises when in use


  • Unclear and poorly translated instructions
  • Not very attractive to small children

AOKCOS 4.5ft Kids Trampoline

[amazon box=”B08P1F1Q7H” ]

If you’re trying to find a strong, safe and compact indoor trampoline for kids, this one’s got what it takes. It can accommodate up to 2 small kids at once. Very secure and well built.

The only complaint has to be how hard it is to get the base intact by one person. This trampoline overall is an 8. Totally worth it for such a low price.


  • Great for smaller rooms
  • Low cost
  • Durable


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Vague instructions

  smarTrike 2 in 1 Trampoline

[amazon box=”B08SL7R3M3″ ]

Toddlers grow up fast and require different kinds of activity in each and every phrase. A toy suits them for a few months then ends up in the garage even though they are still very new – and the cycle goes on. Understanding this struggle, smarTrike introduces to parents a product that can stand the test of time. They aren’t only built to last. They are created to accompany our honey buns as they grow.

The playtime begins with a ball pit – a perfect choice to help kids from 10 months and up develop cognitive as well as basic motor skills. The trampoline will join the game when your kid reaches 12 months. This is a fun and simple way to help them develop their balance skills. After they’ve gained balance, know how to control their movement, and are more confident, the safety handlebar can be removed to make room for endless freestyle bouncing.


  • Economical
  • Many attractive designs to choose from
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Takes up very little space when folded
  • Fast and wonderful customer service


  • The amount of balls that are included with the package is not enough to cover the bottom when used as the ball pit

Plum Minions Junior Trampoline

[amazon box=”B08HMNCXGY” ]

Are you looking for alternatives to keep your children from watching too much YouTube or spending all their free time on video games? The Plum Minions Junior Trampoline right here might be the real winner.

Specifically designed to win over the younger kids, this line of the trampoline has a nice sound feature. Jumping on the mat will activate one random sound from their favorite cartoon characters, which works like a charm for motivating the children.

However, it’s noteworthy that one will not be quick to take down so if the trampoline has to be disassembled daily then sadly this one might not be it.


  • High quality material
  • Stable
  • Great value for money
  • Additional sound feature


  • It’s not very hard but does take a while to assemble

 PLENY Mini Trampoline 

[amazon box=”B074QKDVJV” ]

I would highly recommend this PLENY Mini Trampoline for those who are wanting to have a low-priced trampoline with nice value for money and is High-quality for easy to assemble. The size is quite humble: 36 inches diameter and 30 inches height. The bouncing surface resembles most garden trampolines with springs all around covered carefully by a cute, colorful layer of lining. It comes pre-sprung to save parents from struggling to get the mat attached to the frame. Assembling normally doesn’t take more than 30 mins. There is only one concern I have is that some smaller kids can find the foam sleeve covering the safety bar tempting to bite (lol as there is even a warning under the instructions).


  • Low cost
  • Easy to assemble
  • Attractive to kids


  • Not very durable

ALPIKA Junior Trampoline

[amazon box=”B08J12WM9C” ]

Sturdy base and stable handle, thick bouncy mat. Easily portable and easily assembled. Did I just describe a perfect trampoline? No, that’s what people would say about an ALPIKA Junior Trampoline.

You would notice right away how many previous reviews stated that it is super easy to assemble this trampoline – but they didn’t say how easy? I’ll tell you: you only have to unfold it and bam! It’s already done! The cover is already on, the legs are already on and the handle is attached. Only some adjustments are needed, no screwdrivers have to be involved in the process. The sweetest thing in the short and clear instructions. 

One thing I always suggest to parents about trampolines is that the kids still need your supervision though it’s a very safe trampoline to be on. Remember to check on them once in a while especially if you know they love to bounce from the trampoline onto other furniture. 


  • Very stable
  • Cheap
  • High quality material


  • Poor handlebar design

 Galt Trampoline

[amazon box=”B00IT2JOTY” ]

It’s always good to help the little ones engage in light and healthy exercise. With some help from Galt and their colorful, supportive trampolines – children can benefit far more from playtime.

The height is perfect for toddlers from 12 months and up to get on and off on their own. I can’t quite explain why and how but they get the concept pretty fast sometimes without any guidance given by adults. Many fell in love with this fun-filled toy right away! The adorable tortoise design is very friendly and catches their attention within seconds. And once they’ve done discover what this is all about – exercise is much likely their new favorite thing to do. 

The trampoline itself is pretty small but if you want to put them away then the good news is the handle and legs can be detached easily. It is a good design overall.


  • Good value for money
  • No-fuss storage
  • The lovely design will for sure create an instant hit


  • Require full-time supervision which can be not as convenient compared to other types of toys
  • Not very durable

Buying Guide To The Best Oval Trampoline For First-Timers

Picking a good trampoline might seem way too simple of a task that it’s gonna be hard to mess up – until you get down to the nitty-gritty of it. Before browsing any shopping website and got bombarded by the thousands of brands, lines, and models of trampolines – I suggest that you keep in mind a couple of things:

best oval trampoline
Top 15 Best Oval Trampolines in [year] You Do Not Want To Miss 2

Protective features

It’s very safe to say that there can be no fun without safety. Since safety is such a big feature, I suggest that you examine this aspect thoroughly before moving further on to other things. 

  • First, make sure to look for visible parts such as safety nets, edge covers, foam sleeves, paddings, bottom attachments, handlebars (for smaller trampolines), anchors set (for big outdoor ones), etc. If the package does not include everything, you might have to purchase additional items separately and have to pay a larger amount for the same (or even lower) level of protection.
  • Then take a closer look into the frame design. I would immediately cross out any trampoline if someone has pointed out that it can topple (especially mini ones for kids since they are not good with balance and can’t react to issues that arrived in a blink of an eye as such, and also because average and bigger trampolines tend to be much more stable)


Now, this is the part that is unique to everyone and every situation. All I can say is ask yourself about what you want. A couple of things to help you figure this out is: 

  • Where are you going to put and/or store it? This answer will dictate the type as well as the size of your trampoline. Take these two questions seriously to avoid spending on a product that you don’t have enough space for or one that is too small for your liking.
  • Who are you buying it for? How many people are going to use it at once? Weight limit and design to are very important factors.
  • How much work are you willing to put into assembling and disassembling your trampoline? Please don’t ignore this or you might regret it in the long run. This is more of a concern for indoor trampoline buyers. The amount of time it takes varies greatly from model to model so the best way to go about this is by scanning through the reviews. 
  • Do you like your trampoline with springs or springless? Most trampolines are made with metal springs to give the trampolines the desired bounciness (though ones with springs can not be as safe as springless ones). There are two types of springs: high-tension (which makes the net firmer and provides more limited bounce) and low-tension (for a higher jump and softer landing). On the market, there are ones without springs too then tend to be smaller trampolines. 


If you’ve always had your trampoline plain and simple, maybe you would want to spice things up this time. Bungee jumping equipment, a bounce board, a party pack, or a sprinkler can be some good ideas. A basketball hoop and a small slide can also make the kids thrilled! For decoration, LED light strips and cute trampoline tents are also wonderful options. Some accessories serve a more practical purpose too, like a weather cover or a full-blown set of handy tools. Skipping this is fine, however, little details can make big differences sometimes.


After it has been in use for a long period, trampolines start to wear off: the mats start to show evidence of being torn, stitches will be coming off; protective covers won’t do their jobs; the springs are stretched and weakened, etc. Replacing these parts often doesn’t cost much but will do wonders – so if you have a trampoline at home that isn’t in very good shape, try finding some spare parts as replacements before purchasing a brand new one.

Are You Feeling Intimidated By Larger Trampolines?

Larger trampolines normally come with more parts and a much more complex frame structure. There are also no shortcuts the brand can give to help you assemble one of those faster and easier – making many people put off buying larger trampolines for the misconception that it’s very easy to mess up or that they might not be able to put them together.

Don’t fret just yet! We have a 3-minute long video that covers briefly the assembly instructions for a generously sized trampoline to give you an idea of how simple this can be done from A to Z:

Now you know that it is not that hard – would you bring home the big trampoline you’ve been eyeing lately?

My Top 5 Picks Of The Best Oval Trampoline

During this looming lockdown, buying a trampoline is easily the best way to keep your family active. Even better is that you will never really be tired of them. Anyone can enjoy bouncing with the fun and the health benefits which come along. So what else are you waiting for? Let’s get a trampoline and have a blast!

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