Top 15 Best Sportspower Trampoline Review For Sports Lovers (Reviews 2024)

If your kids love jumping sports but as a parent, you obviously scared of your kids will be falling down and have injuries unexpectedly. I would politely recommend you to try the Sportspower trampoline. I know you might not have any experience to choose a suitable one, then, in this post, I will show you the best Sportspower trampoline review and the link below each product to buy if you want.

Tons of Sportspower trampoline review results out there but I know you still very confusing which one you should believe in. Therefore, we have been searching and discovering many different kinds of Sportspower trampoline reviews to give you the best and trusted review!

Best Sportspower Trampoline Comparison 2024

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** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Sportspower Trampoline, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Top 15 Best Sportspower Trampoline Reviews 2024

Zupapa 15 14 12 10 FT Kids Trampoline 

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Investing my money after reading this Sportspower trampoline review was the wisest decision that I have ever made in my life. Now I can totally feel free to let my children play in the garden backyard without watching them carefully. Zupapa trampolines are tested for safety and durability to exceed in all situations that may happen. Furthermore, the springs are totally covered with the thickest and most durable pad ever. This factor is holding our parents’ trust. 

The latest technology must be the second element I should mention. The hot-dip galvanizing technology somehow builds a contribution to make the frame anti-rust, become much more stable and more durable for our kids. 

Providing with 10 years of guarantee for the frame and 2 years for the jumping mat, these are absolutely an amazing deal for us! But the price must be a thing you should consider!


  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Security certificate 
  • No gap design 
  • High quality for max safety 
  • 10 years guarantee


  • Expensive 

ORCC Trampoline 450 LBS Weight Capacity For kids 

[amazon box=”B01IBNPJWQ” ]

As our first and the most important factor that we are looking for our kids the safety. So I guess no matter how high the price is, we still agree to buy the best product for our children! I would like to introduce to you, another best sports power trampoline review ever that comes from the ORCC brand. You probably have heard about this brand before.

ORCC net’s quality is made from the best quality, from the top-notch material in the world, all leading to the safety, to increase the durability and UV protection, protect the sports power trampoline from the sun damage. Significantly simpler than I suspected it would be.

One more thing interesting about this sports power trampoline is that ORCC has a better bounce and much more superior weight capacity, whether your weighs are a big number or small, this sports power trampoline could handle all problems and promised no accident happens because of the weigh. 

Easy to set up is a plus for this brand.  They also offer us two pairs of gloves and two T-hooks for the quick assembly of two adults at the same time. 


  • Super safe
  • Quick set up 
  • Awesome customer service 
  • Solid construction 


  • Expensive

Upper Bounce Premium 75ft Trampoline 

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Another best sports power trampoline review I have to mention is the product comes from this brand. Easy to assemble is a big plus for this sports power trampoline, we don’t want to challenge ourselves, I would say. So, this one hits your requirement, I guess. Only a few notices about the setup plan, and boom, you have your sports power trampoline in the playground. 

The frame of the sports power trampoline is the second thing that makes me concerned about, it must have a super solid frame so that I could totally not worry about the safety of my kids. Luckily, the frame of this trampoline is made up of heavy-duty galvanized which is rust-resistant. With this design, it will last for a long. 

They also offer us a 1-year warranty for springs and jumping mat and moreover six months for premium pads from the date purchase. That’s a great perk for us, just give it a shot!


  • Maximum safety 
  • Perfect height
  • 100% premium terylene net 
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Rust-resistant


  • Expensive 
  • Frame problem happens occasionally 

Rocket Bunny Trampoline

[amazon box=”B07DM2MV2J” ]

I bought this after I read about this Sportspower trampoline review on Amazon, it has a great purchase rate, then I gave it a try. I bought this for my little sister as a birthday gift. At first glance, it has a perfect height and great color, I got the hook. This Sportspower trampoline was from Rocket Bunny, they were designed for premium safety, quality bouncing, and durability. These are also the first features that I was looking for. 

U-shaped legs are an interesting design from this brand, they are different from other brands, they made a unique appearance that is such a cool thing. I informed the vendor and included a reaction within a couple of hours. The thing came in two separate conveyances which I didn’t know about. I informed the vendor and they clarified my other bundle was on the way and it shows up a little while later.

The guidelines weren’t exceptionally clear as I had several books that all said exactly the same thing yet didn’t give total structure directions, luckily, I know a bit about setting up things so it was not very hard to do, however in case you are uncertain or haven’t got a designing brain it is could be problematic.


  • Easy to set up
  • Solid frame 
  • Perfect customer service 
  • Deliver with care 
  • Great bouncing 


  • Missing parts occasionally 
  • Expensive 

Zero Gravity 6ft/ 8ft/ 10ft/ 12ft/ 14ft 

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I guess with that high purchase rate like that, you obviously should believe in this Sportspower trampoline review once. Zero Gravity has been the most popular sports brand in the United Kingdom, with high specification, quality trampolines, and also other sports products. They have a wide range of Sportspower trampolines, from the lowest price to the highest price. Today, I suggest you this Sportspower trampoline at a medium price, but still hit your requirements!

They have invested much money in the safety of their customers, I have to tell you this, the safety padding’s top surface is made from PVC that giving a quality look and feel professional. Labeling as a bestseller from Rocket Bunny Sportspower trampoline, this one hit a great purchase rate and has tons of positive feedback. 

Another matter I have to say is that they have an amazing shipping speed. It showed up rapidly and before the booked day. One little problem, I needed to loosen the springs cover mat, which the guidelines educated you to place in prior, to tie and string the bands through the external walled in area netting, as this is attached to the springs connectors, that was currently out of view, as the mat covers these. Difficult to clarify here, yet you will perceive what I mean when you get one!. All things considered, an all-around made hearty thing that the grandchildren will get a ton of utilization out of. To sum up, this Sportspower trampoline review worths a try!


  • Best selling Sportspower trampoline 
  • High purchase rate
  • Super fast shipping
  • Deliver with care 
  • High quality 
  • Plenty of heights


  • Missing parts 
  • Legs problem 

Metis Garden Trampolines 

[amazon box=”B087G1LZ48″ ]

After introducing to you our top 5 best Sportspower trampoline review ever, they have awesome quality, solid construction but the price is the thing that confuses you, I guess. 

So, to adapt the quality, the solid construction at an ideal price, I would like to recommend you Metis Garden Trampoline brand. These trampolines have been produced to provide complete safety to buyers. Each elite trampoline is carefully equipped with all enclosures and springs padding. 

Obviously, this item will be put outside of the house, or in the garden, so they certainly will have the damage from the sun, the UV ray. High quality from this Sporstpower trampoline will address this matter, with such quality materials, they are produced from a combination of power coated galvanized and UV resistant, so this Sportspower trampoline worths a try!


  • Comes with ladder
  • Super safe 
  • Net quality 
  • Affordable 
  • UV resistant


  • Missing parts 

Kanga 8ft Premium Trampoline 

[amazon box=”B08T66VJXW” ]

100kg must be a fantastic number to have all kids in the Sportspower trampoline to have fun together! This Sportspower trampoline offers users the maximum capacity for the customers. This is also the latest 2021 premium model, moreover, it includes a free anchor kit and ladder, what a great purchase. You have a bonus ladder for the shorter kid in your family, they could climb up by themselves. 

However, the instructions may be a bit hard to understand the first time, I have to read many times and also with the support from video on Youtube. The net was a bit tricky to put together! These are tiny matters that concerned me, with that being said, good quality and nice appearance must be a big plus mark!


  • Max user weight 
  • Fits most garden 
  • Perfect size
  • Ladder bonus 


  • Hard to set up 
  • Constructions are not understandable 

Plum 6ft Magnitude Springsafe Trampoline 

[amazon box=”B00IPXSCWC” ]

Hyper energy flows in all children’s blood, they run and jump all day without feeling tired. But as parents, we can not neglect this matter, falling and extreme accident are the problems that could happen, that is the normal things. 

Understand about this concern of matter, this brand offers us the safest place to play for our kids. The barrel shape gives your child additional space for skipping. The main stressing thing is that the net is a bit on a slight side and you can punch holes in it if not cautious.

However, customer service and the delivery man were the only problems I had, they shipped my Sportspower trampoline with missing parts, which made me disappointed. That being said, can not dismiss this as still a good Sportspower trampoline review!


  • Affordable 
  • Nice looking 
  • U-shaped legs 
  • Solid frame


  • Customer service problem 
  • Net problem 
  • Late shipping 

APlum Stardust Junior Children’s Trampoline 

[amazon box=”B006ZZ4CTO” ]

Aplum stardust junior children’s trampoline, after hearing this name, you could guess that the height is absolutely suitable for older kids like in junior, highschoolers or something. But with this height, we 100% no worry about younger kids, they are absolutely in the safest playground. 

Furthermore, trampoline frame made from steel galvanized inside and out for rust-resistant, protect the damage from the sun, and increased the trend. One more thing I love about this Sportspower trampoline is that the product came from some useful tools. In case you are not at home or somewhere else that does not have essential tools, this extra device could perform very well. 


  • Extra useful tools
  • Affordable 
  • Super great net height
  • Solid frame 


  • Not durable 

Romyix Romyix 5ft Garden Trampoline 

[amazon box=”B091F9WXFZ” ]

Around 100 bucks must be a moderate price and reasonable price to invest for the Sportspower trampoline and to own one after reading this Sportspower trampoline review. This must be a price that anyone looking for. I can not deny the great appearance and also its design from this brand. 

Summer vacation is coming around, so let your children feel relaxed after a hard-working semester. Bonus information for you, this Sportspower trampoline is shipped from local warehouses in the UK, so the neighboring states or nations could get in within a short time. The customer service is so good, they could offer you satisfying responses to your questions. 

36 springs and the U-shaped legs must be the essential features that should be included in the Sportspower trampoline review. Children aged over 3 years might be suitable for this Sportspower trampoline. 


  • Reasonable price 
  • u-shaped legs 
  • 36 springs 
  • Nice design 
  • Fast shipping


  • Not last long 

Plum Minion 4.5ft Junior Trampoline 

[amazon box=”B08HMNCXGY” ]

Superb bouncing must be appealed to all of the children, I would like to recommend you to believe in this Sportspower trampoline review. We have been trying very hard to give you the best Sportspower trampoline review ever and promise will not let you down!

The great investment in the bounce mat helped this product be included in the best Sportspower trampoline review post. Whenever your kids jump, they will hear sounds for each jump, that is such a cool thing and an unexpected factor that intriguing and interesting the children’s moods from the soundbox. This will be a big surprise for minions fans. One of the most famous movies for kids. 

Weather-proof material must be a big plus for this brand, they understand the weather damage from wind or sun, so this factor will help a lot to protect this product. These lower frames decrease the risk of falling down for kids and the kids’ safety is their priority, parents must be happy with this smart design. 


  • Lower frame for safety 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Rust-free
  • Weather-proof material


  • Not too bouncing

55” Kids Trampoline Large 

[amazon box=”B09BVNJ2NY” ]

55-inch Sportspower trampoline has enough space for jumping for our kids, which provides more spaces to play in many ways on it, also this Sportspower trampoline is large enough to hold over 3 kids to play together, so they could have more fun with their friends. 

Jumping is also the way to release all the stress. Experiencing the weightlessness of a trampoline can be exhilarating and uplifting. Jumping enhances motor skills improves coordination and balance which will help a lot to develop strength for children.

High-density elastic enclosure net which is comfortable and durable enough to keep kids away from accidents. Moreover, the net is completely visible so that you can totally observe outside the surrounding mesh net or even far away. 

The 55-inch sportspower trampoline is made of thickening steel, let the frame become more secure. The cover is waterproof and filled with pearl cotton, which is an amazing design. Pink must be an attractive color for girls. 


  • Visible net
  • High-density elastic net 
  • Spacious 
  • Thickening steel


  • Low purchase rate 

Trampolines For Kids, Mini Kids Trampoline

[amazon box=”B088DY6PWF” ]

Different from another sports power trampoline review, this one is a small indoor trampoline for kids. By designing from the best materials like high-quality steel, water-based paint and so on, these features will enhance the strength of the frame.  

But you have to notice that, in this sportspower trampoline review, you have to know that, it is recommended maximum capacity is not over 200lbs. Be careful with heavy kids or gather too many kids may happen accident. 

This current child’s trampoline is taken on of the full froth covered interaction guarantees babies can hold well and jump without losing balance. The circular outerwear made from har to slipper plastic is somehow helps the baby from falling down accidentally. Moreover, there are tons of stickers and patterns around, that would be interesting and attracting the kids. 

This is such great customer service I must say because they will immediately refund the money if you have a bad experience with this sportspower trampoline review. 


  • Non-slip mat 
  • Interesting patterns
  • Possible for toddlers
  • Water-based paint


  • Does not have a net 
  • Limited weight

Ultrasport Padded Coverage Outdoor Trampolines 

[amazon box=”B00M2S6A84″ ]

With almost got 5 stars for the sports power trampoline review post, this is still on the list of the best sports power trampoline review. This product offers us trampoline edge cover available for various sizes for the users. 

We got a trampoline that was at that point being used for quite some time, however, the edge cover was as of now not required. Then, at that point, the trampoline is estimated and the edge cover is requested. This is negligible excessively huge, I saw by the way that there is a crease in a couple of spots. 

However, not awful. Can be appended to the trampoline because of elastic groups. Quills are covered securely, so I have no worries about letting our little very nearly two-year-old girl frolic around on it – ricocheting doesn’t work yet. Be that as it may, this was tried by Papa and there is additionally the cover. I additionally discover the thickness of the upholstery totally adequate. Regardless of whether the Kleene has fallen a couple of times, it never came to tears – so it never hurt itself. Energetically suggested!


  • Spring protection 
  • Affordable price 
  • Available for various sizes 
  • Quick delivery 


  • Quality

Homcom 8ft Trampoline

[amazon box=”B007FB54XU” ]

I was reading this Sportspower trampoline review on Amazon and decided to get one for my children. They love jumping around very much, and I was scared if they would fall. Subsequent to looking and seeing many nets almost a similar cost as purchase a trampoline including walled in the area I was going to surrender when I discovered this. So natural to put on, just took the other net off and put this one without taking any of the metal posts off. All done inside 20 mins. The nature of it appears to be fab and I’m certain it will give me bounty more years with the trampoline I as of now have. 

Great development, the zip conclusion is superior to someplace you battle to get them cut up. Exceptionally simple to apply in the event that you require an additional couple of moments to do it appropriately. just put it over the highest point of each post first, then, at that point, go all around sliding down a bit on each shaft at an at once, there will never be one side putting an excessive amount of weight on its remainder. Doesn’t take long by any means. Appears to be strong up until this point, child hurls himself around on it most days for a reasonable bit of time and no issues.


  • Easy to set up
  • Visible net 
  • Premium quality 
  • Cheap 
  • Flexible and adjustable 


  • Not last long 

Things Should Know Before Buying A Sportspower Trampoline? 

With summer now here, outside entertainment is an incredible way for kids and families to invest their energy. Trampolines are one of the most famous types of amusement that families take part in. In addition to the fact that trampolines are fun, they furnish everybody with exercise and keep them solid. Be that as it may, there are many sorts of trampolines available accessible in various shapes and made by various producers. 

sportspower trampoline review

Tracking down a decent one requires research, which you no question have done. Such examination might have driven you to one of the more notable brands of trampolines, the Sportspower Trampoline.


The Sportspower trampoline is a round trampoline with an entirely strong plan. The casing and springs are made out of rust-proof stirred steel. They are cushioned with delicate froth to forestall injury in the event of falling onto them. The hopping mat is made of a UV-safe material that secures against untimely wearing, delaying the existence of the trampoline.


This trampoline accompanies a got walled-in area that encompasses it totally with an entryway that is shut by a zipper and velcro clasp to shield jumpers from tumbling off it. Actually like the mat, the fenced-in area is made of a UV-safe material to secure against untimely wearing. The trampoline likewise includes U-formed legs, which gives strength so there is less possibility of the trampoline moving or moving while clients bob on it.

sportspower trampoline review


Since it is the biggest trampoline in this line, the 15′ Sportspower Trampoline accompanies a 250-pound weight limit. It is significant not to surpass this limit with respect to wellbeing reasons, so ensure that you remember the weight restriction when different individuals are bouncing.

How To Fix A Broken Trampoline Net?

A perfect Sportspower trampoline review must include the way how to fix the product when an accident happens. There are a couple of signs to know when you should fix your security net. The first of those signs being an opening in your wellbeing net. As referenced previously, even the littlest opening in the security net can transform into an immense opening. So be keeping watch for any little openings in the security net. You should seriously think about strolling around your trampoline consistently to investigate for any openings in the wellbeing net.

Setting up one day specifically every week will assist you with getting into a solid example of checking. Something else to search for is a general drooping in the security net. At the point when you take a gander at the wellbeing net, it should appear to be a straight line on the highest point of the security net from one post to another. In the event that the line is at this point not directly from one shaft to another, there is a general drooping to the wellbeing net and it should be fixed.

sportspower trampoline review

Fix With Upholstery Thread

To do it thusly, you will require some hardcore upholstery string and a needle. To start with, string the upholstery string through the opening of the needle. Enclose the string by equivalent parts on both sides of the eye and tie a bunch on the furthest edge. This bunch will assist with holding the string back from getting through the security net when it is pulled tight. Start at the right finish of the opening in the wellbeing net. Put the needle through the wellbeing net at the highest point of the opening. Get the needle back through the wellbeing net at the lower part of the opening. Rehash this progression, moving a couple of creeps to one side from the past spot up top. Once more, get the needle through the lower part of the opening. Proceed with this across the opening until you progress across the entire opening in the security net. 

Whenever you’ve gotten to the left finish of the opening, pull the upholstery string as close as possible. At the point when you’ve got it tight, string the upholstery string through the net once again, however rather than taking it totally through to the opposite side of the net, promptly get the needle through the net once more. At the point when it is gotten through the net, put the needle through the circle that was made and afterward pull tight. You can rehash this if you could get a kick out of the chance to make a twofold bunch toward the finish of the string. This will assist with guaranteeing the bunch and string stays set up.

sportspower trampoline review

How To Fix The Sagging Safety Net 

The wellbeing net becomes droopy when there are openings in the net. The openings work everything out such that the security net isn’t just about as close as it ought to be. 

At the point when you have rectified any openings in the wellbeing net, this should help towards holding the netback from listing. You will likewise need to check the shafts that hold up the security net. Frequently, the stray pieces on the posts can get free. Fix them and that ought to do a ton towards keeping the security net tight.

Trampoline Cover Material 

You can get trampoline covers in an assortment of materials. The best ones are made out of covered PE or PVC materials. The two sorts give your trampoline definitive security from the components. 

sportspower trampoline review

You get downpour, snow, and UV beam assurance when you spend a little extra to get the best material around. The way into a decent cover is in how the grams of thickness you get with every material. 

The higher the grams, the better the assurance you will get. Yet, in case you are on a careful spending plan and can’t bear the cost of the best in class cover, then, at that point, there is a reasonable method to get some security. 

You should simply purchase a pleasant canvas and a couple of straps and those will cover your trampoline. Your degree of assurance may not be as incredible yet you remained inside your financial plan.

This video below is the way to show you how to build up a Sportspower trampoline from scratch, there will be tons of great experiences and tips for you:

Conclusion: Our Top 5 Best Sportspower Trampoline Review 

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