Top 15 Best Rectangular Trampoline UK – The Ultimate Guide For Buyers 2024

Check out our buying guide for the best rectangular trampoline UK for you as well as your household. Anyone who has a jump in their backyard will tell you that this was the finest way to enjoy without leaving the house. It’s also fantastic for exercise, and it’s suitable for both children and adults. Children enjoy bouncing, or a trampoline provides all the motivation any youngster over three years has to be healthy and active. 

Although if you will not have children, there’s no excuse you shouldn’t invest in only one. Trampolining is also not excellent for those hormones, but it’s also one of the finest kinds of adult workouts since it helps you lose some weight and stay in shape while bouncing around.

But, whatever your motivation for purchasing a bounce, there are some factors to consider. What height and form would you need? Will it be in and overground? Continue reading for our suggestions for various budgets and requirements, and also a set of applications to think about before buying a product.

Best Rectangular Trampoline UK Comparison 2024

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Top 15 Best Rectangular Trampoline UK Reviews 2024

ORCC 15FT 12FT Trampoline with Enclosure Net

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This reasonably priced trampoline does have a great deal to offer but does not appear to be poorly constructed. It includes a cover, which is typical in the business, as well as a handy ladder that makes climbing vertically and horizontally the jump a breeze. It isn’t the greatest ladder on the market, but it gets the job done.

The shell is similar – it’s not awful, but we’ve all seen more inventive ideas. But that’s nothing to complain about when it comes to this jump. The mat includes UV resistance, as well as the polyurethane won’t absorb water, thus it has some weather resistance. 

The jump has most of the necessary safety standards and can support up to 180 kilos of weight. It is a fantastic performance, well outperforming the competition.


  • It is a secure trampoline that anyone may use.
  • The jump is well-built and durable.
  • The rebounder is extremely long-lasting.
  • The trampoline’s guarantee covers a wide range of components.


  • This bounce takes some effort to put together.

Plum Kids Magnitude Trampoline

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The Plum Mega Trampoline has a unique bubble-shaped structure with poles that bend outwards to provide a large jumping space for jumpers. The 3G trampoline cage isolates the frame and forces from the jumping surface, making it extremely safe for anybody who uses it. If 14feet high is too huge for you, don’t worry; Pear Magnitude comes in five different sizes. 

Nothing in specific. If you really can put up with the bad instructions and lousy packing, you’ve scored a great deal. Some components have also gone missing or arrived damaged, according to reports. However, we want to emphasize that once put up, the bounce is of outstanding quality. 


  • The bounce is indeed a safe bounce with mesh enclosing and shock absorption features.
  • The rebounder is extremely long-lasting.
  • The trampoline’s guarantee covers a wide range of components.
  • In comparison to other bouncy castles, it is easy to set up.


  • The price of this bounce is a little more than average.
  • When utilizing this bounce, children must be cautious.

Ultrasport Garden Trampoline

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Ultrasport is the manufacturer of this lovely trampoline. It was a good size for tiny backyards but if you’d like a trampoline that’s not as big as the standard 14 or Sixteen feet.

The wall is made of steel material and is supported by three W-shaped limbs, with an overall height of 80centimeters from the earth. It consists of 48 well-made springtimes that, owing to their almost beyond (140micrometers) length, give a pleasant bounce. When kept outside, these are coated and will not rust.

Ultrasport has provided easy-to-follow training guidelines to help you get greater results in the least amount of time. The poles of the cage are bent away from the net, adding an added degree of protection.


  • The trampoline includes an enclosing net as well as a ladder, making it extremely safe for children.
  • The bounce is constructed of high-quality materials that will endure a long time.
  • All parts are covered by a guarantee.


  • The price of this jump is exorbitant.
  • This bounce takes some effort to put together.

 SONGMICS Trampoline TÜV Rheinland GS

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This trampoline performed admirably in all of the tests. The rectangular form was ideal for trying different tricks, as well as the leap zone, was wide. It has a nice bounce and became one of the bounciest we tried. All of the younger reviewers who checked it out gave it a big round of applause. 

The cushions are thickly cushioned and extra broad for increased protection, and the protective enclosure is knotted, so you won’t have to remind youngsters to zip it up a hundred times per day. And, despite its size, the jump is just all black, but it doesn’t take up as much space in the yard as some of the others. Its frame is covered and constructed of steel material, so it seems like it will endure a long time. 


  • This bounce is strong and long-lasting.
  • Professionals can take advantage of that too.
  • It is a secure trampoline that anyone may use.
  • The jump is well-built and durable.


  • This bounce takes some effort to put together.

KANGA 12ft Premium Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

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Buy the Yak 12ft jump cage with confidence, understanding that the 12feet high version is excellent for moderate to larger yards and is suitable for youngsters as well as adults, providing enough space to jump on.

The summertime cover safeguard foam is 14millimeters thick and managed to make from top quality UV conferring resistance PE components with EPE plastic inside, as well as all tubes, have been incited exactly how to play for long-lasting durability. 

The highest customer weight seems to be 120kgs, the leaping mat diameter seems to be 3.18feet, the chassis height is 80centimeters, the safety lid height is 180centimeters, and the summertime cover safeguard foam is 14millimeters thick and created from top quality UV conferring resistance PE components with EPE plastic inside. 


  • Stable look
  • High capability
  • Security ensures
  • Nice design
  • High-quality materials


  • It’s rather costly

KANGA 10ft Premium Trampoline

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The Kanga Envelope Package trampolines contain the Country’s best 6feet high, 8ft, 10ft, as well as 12ft bouncy castles, as well as a security net enclosure, staircase, and free anchorage kit. 

The Scraggy trampoline with a fence fits most modestly to big gardens (try checking what size you’ll require), and the 6feet high and 8ft trampolines are more suited to youngsters, while the 10feet high and 12ft trampolines can also accommodate teenagers and young adults. All Redeem codes trampolines provide plenty of space for you to jump about on. 

Why do you receive everything you could want to start trampolining fast and securely with the Kanga Parachute range with a fence bundle, but you save money by getting it all in one convenient box!


  • This is a bounce that is quite safe to use.
  • The bounce has a very heavyweight capability.
  • This bounce will endure for a long time.


  • This bounce is a little pricey.
  • This bounce takes a long time to construct.

 COSTWAY 7ft Kids Trampoline

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Your children would not get trapped in the hole due to the seamless construction of the enclosing net as well as the mat. Furthermore, the EPE foam safety sleeve protects your children from unintentional knocks when they are leaping freely. In addition, the huge spherical jumping pad 180m in diameter offers an exciting action center for children.

The rust-resistant & strong spring linked to the children trampoline provides superior elasticity and quasi, ensuring long-term use. Furthermore, the jumping mat is constructed of PP fabric with a superior elasticity-back feature that helps children to rise higher and faster.

This 7 Foot kids jump is reinforced with steel and has a reinforced triangle base to avoid slippage when slamming.


  • Excellent value.
  • Worth investing
  • Attractive design
  • Sturdy
  • Long-lasting


  • Quite pricey

 METIS Garden Trampolines

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A government safety cage is included with all microgravity ultima 4 bouncy castles. A netting that runs around the perimeter of the leaping surface and is held by arced goal posts improves security in the case of a drop, while a wired upper ring keeps the netting’s morphological characteristics. The container also has a rapid release structure that lets it be dismantled in minutes.

The trampoline underwent a comprehensive examination at the low gravity testing center before receiving en71 approval. Weight testing up to 500kg and endurance testing are also included. Did you guys know that a welding trampoline’s structure will fracture after 1 million times, yet this jump has gone from over 3 million cycles without cracking?


  • It is a secure trampoline that allows children to safely bounce on it.
  • Its Stay-Put shell design adds to the security.
  • The rebounder is extremely long-lasting.


  • This bounce is on the more expensive side.

PlayActive 10ft Trampoline

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Break the principles of gravity with a 360º enclosure security net that completely protects your children and keeps them out of harm’s way. Jumping often will rejuvenate your distal radius, promoting bone development and improve the benefits of temperament in youngsters. This 7-foot kids trampoline is made of a stainless metal frame with such a reinforced hexagonal base.

The seamless construction between the cage net as well as the mat ensures that your children do not become caught in the space. While leaping freely, the epe foam safety sleeve protects your children from unintentional knocks. The huge round bouncing mat, which measures 180 centimeters in circumference, serves as an exciting action center for children.


  • Waterproof.
  • Sturdy
  • High durability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Nice warranty


  • Quite expensive

Safety Enclosure, Net, Ladder, and Anchor Kit

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This scraggy trampoline is composed of high-quality components and complies with all EU precautions, including ce, gs, jointly referred, and en71. This same spring cover defense padding is 14millimeters thick and created from better quality weatherproof pe components with epe plastic inside, as well as all tubes that have been galvanized from the inside out for added durability. 

The highest customer weight would be 120kgs, the plyometric mat radius is 3.18feet, the frame size is 80 centimeters, the security enclosure height would be 180 centimeters, and the season cover protection neoprene is 14millimeters thick and formed from great quality stain resistant pe substances with epe bubbles inside.

The most recent 2019 scraggy 12ft bounce with enclosure set, which contains the social safety enclosure, staircase, and anchoring kit. With trust, purchase the kanga 12feet high trampoline with a fence, realizing that the 12feet high version is perfect for medium-sized children.


  • Including a free anchor kit and a ladder
  • High durability
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to clean
  • Security insurance


  • Quite hard to put together

Greenbay 4.5FT 55″ Outdoor Junior Trampoline Set

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The 10′ x 6′ landing zone provides plenty of room to practice your skills. The orbit is equipped with a custom-designed leadscrew that promises longevity, stable performance, and a strong rebound. There wasn’t the slightest grumble from the mattresses, and the rebound was fantastic. These spring pads are of great quality, as well as the black style is stylish.

This trampoline has a ladder, making it among the handful we evaluated that does. Also, it comes with some solid warranties: the frame is guaranteed for a lifetime, the springs are guaranteed for ten years, and other parts are guaranteed for 2 – 3 years. It takes two people to set up this jump, but it’s worth it.


  • Affordably priced.
  • It meets Olympic requirements.
  • Athletes can take advantage of it.
  • Exceptional tons of weight.


  • This inflatable is a little pricey.

ZERO GRAVITY Ultima 4 High Spec Trampoline

[amazon box=”B01GVMMLYI” ]

Because of the circular form of this bounce, there are several jump areas and you do not often bounce back to the center. We loved this feature since it made it seem safer to wear more than one jumper at the same time. This jump has a weight restriction of 23 stone, making it perfect for the whole family to watch. 

The chassis is extremely durable to make it endure longer, as well as the dark finish looks better. The springs were mostly outside the fence, reducing the danger of injuries, and the canopy has a robust L-shaped zipper that means getting around and around simply. This bounce also has a sturdy ladder. This is among the most difficult trampolines to assemble.


  • The bounce on this bounce is really strong.
  • It is common in sports.
  • It is constructed of a long-lasting substance.


  • This bounce is a little on the pricey side.

Kanga 6ft Premium Trampoline

[amazon box=”B01FFSHS4C” ]

It’s here, the brand new 2019 Scraggy 6ft Jumping with Enclosure bundle, which contains the security net enclosure, ramp, and also a free anchor bar. This Koko trampoline is composed of high-quality components and complies with all European safety standards, including CE, GS, Dnv, and EN71.

Purchase the Yak 6ft bounce cage with confidence, understanding that the 6feet high version is excellent for patios of all kinds and is suitable for youngsters as well as adults, providing enough space to jump on.

The leaping mat width is 1.42feet, the framework height is 51centimeters, the safety cage height was 150 centimeters, and the springtime cover protective padding is 14millimeters thick and constructed of high-quality Urethane.


  • Including safety and instruction manual
  • Waterproofing
  • High enclosure height
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • Not very suitable for kids under the age of three

CZON SPORTS Trampoline

[amazon box=”B07JF8989N” ]

This bounce is arguably one of the simplest to put up, taking about an hour to complete. The instructions aren’t the best, so everything is relatively self-explanatory, so don’t worry. In terms of durability, the Jumping Diamond trampoline appears to have far more reinforcement legs, since the trampoline’s stability, even while jumping straight on the covering, is impressive. 

CZON sport is composed of high-quality materials, and we were pleasantly pleased by its low pricing. Probably the greatest trampoline here on the marketplace right now. The instructions might be more explicit. Expect to perform some labor to have everything go together, as certain parts are made to very tight tolerances. 


  • The jump is suitable for children to use, so it comes with extra safety features such as a quintuple proprietary no-gap enclosure technology.
  • The bounce is quite robust and would not easily be ruined.


  • The jump takes some time to put together.
  • The bounce is a little on the pricey side.

Airmaster Upgraded Trampoline Set

[amazon box=”B00VJFEUY2″ ]

Airmaster has been a well worldwide trampoline company whose trampolines have always been among the best in the industry. Their newest jumping, the 2014 edition, is among the coolest bouncy castles you can get for the price, and it’s not just for show. Their latest Airmaster “The Swing” series comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 8 feet to 14 feet, giving you the flexibility to pick the right size for your requirements.

From combining snap locks and hooks for the entry to guaranteeing that all holes are firmly closed all the time to attaching the safety ring immediately to the mattress, the Airmaster 13 ft jump offers a wealth of safety features. Not only that but because the enclosing pads are bent, there is a modification that must be made.


  • Flexible and portable this is a highly safe trampoline that includes a safety net because then children may use it.
  • This trampoline is quite robust and will last for many years.
  • The trampoline has a very topspin, which makes it excellent for stunts.
  • All sections of the rebounder are covered by a solid guarantee.


  • Range and picture quality at a beginner’s level. This inflatable takes a long time to construct and will require the assistance of another individual.
  • Because of this trampoline’s tremendous bounce, children must exercise caution.

Buyer’s Guides: Best Rectangular Trampoline UK 

There’s no disputing it: bouncing on a bounce is a delight that children and the youthful can’t get enough of. A jump is guaranteed to become the best item of garden gear you could buy because it is great for keeping kids active while also wearing them out.

Many people are afraid of trampolines because of security concerns, but several now include a variety of great features that assist keep jumpers secure. Trampoline makers have come up with a variety of innovative techniques to make leaping as secure as possible, including non-zip curtains to netting within the jump area.

best rectangular trampoline uk

How Did We Choose The Trampolines?

Now, let’s look at our top 15 rectangular trampolines, which are ranked according to the eligibility principles:

  • Assembly: Trampoline installation is not usually straightforward. There are several pieces, both large and little, that are engaged. We wanted you to use all of your jumps, so we looked at the clarity of the official guide, the average construction duration, and the simplicity of installation.
  • Safety features: We examined the safety aspects of each trampoline since we know customers want a bounce that equals or exceeds established safety requirements.
  • Quality of bounce: Some flippers are tighter than others. We examined the rebound quality of each trampoline here on the list since your kids want a joyful jump session.
  • Weight restriction: Although you will never allow more than two jumpers at a moment, we understand that many consumers prefer a larger weight limit.
  • Cost: Rectangular versions come in a wide variety of prices. We presume pricing is a factor unless you already have a limitless budget.
  • Warranty: Nobody anticipates problems, yet broken equipment is unavoidable in existence, and ramps are no different. Warranties differ, so be sure you understand what you’re receiving.

Important Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Rectangular Trampoline UK

We only have a few more items to cover before we wrap things up.

Rectangle trampolines are preferred by certain consumers since the oblong design is said to be superior for certain acrobatics and tumbling feats. Rectangular versions have a wider jumpable area as well as a more uniform bounce quality throughout the surface. To receive the best rebound, kids shouldn’t have to sit in the middle.

Round vs. rectangle


The square trampolines we looked at are 8’x14′ and 10’x17′ in length. It’s crucial to remember that the dimensions shown below are dependent on the bouncing frame’s dimensions. The real leap space is always a little bit smaller.

Make sure users have had enough clearance across all 4 corners of your jump before choosing a height. Strive for a total of ten feet of open space all around the periphery and a limit of six meters of clearance just above the mat’s bottom for optimal safety.

best rectangular trampoline uk
Top 15 Best Rectangular Trampoline UK - The Ultimate Guide For Buyers [year] 5


Electrical wires, fences, uprooted trees and shrubs, storage sheds, lawn equipment, and leisure gear should all be checked for apparent and therefore not risks. Allowing your trampoline’s security cage to mislead you together into a false feeling of security is not a good idea. Because nets can not give 100 percent protection against falls, the perimeter must be kept clean.

Considerations for safety

Since all locations on something like a framework are indeed an identical length from the center jumping zone, some people believe that round ramps are healthier than rectangular bouncy castles. People who choose the traditional rectangular form should consider this and pay special attention to three essential safety regulations:

1. Immediately start with each other. At any given time, only one individual should leap.

2. Strive for the happy medium inside the mat’s center region.

3. Resist tricks and movements that are complex and perhaps harmful.


Is it better to buy this in or an above-ground trampoline?

In-ground ramps are becoming incredibly common, both as they’re more inconspicuous (no nuisance in the yard) and since they are healthier. However, you’ll need to create a large hole to accommodate that in and set up appropriate drainage to keep it from rotting. Above-ground ramps are better than dealing and maintaining, however, they pose a greater risk of injury and could be an eyesore.

What kind of shape will I get?

The most common form is round, which is the simplest to produce and has a light and simple rebound in the center. Hexagonal patterns are a playful option that provides the same liveliness. A square trampoline is excellent for people who care about gymnastics since it provides the highest quality of rebound for achieving high jumps, but oval trampolines were best for smaller gardens – but many jumpers because bouncers do not all flock towards the center. Vertical bounce is also more reliable with octagonal bouncy castles.

Which size would I use?

The most popular trampoline sizes were 6feet high, 8feet high, 10feet high, 12feet high, and 14feet high (the circumference of the leaping surface, not the accompanying springs and cushioning), with oval as well as rectangular trampolines appearing in a range of lengths. In principle, the larger the better: greater jumping area allows for greater stunts or more kids jumping at the same time – and it’ll last better as the youngsters grow.

However, be aware that it’s all too easy to discount the amount of room required for a jump. Before you purchase, make sure you assess the space you want to place it in – but it’s bordered by grass and AstroTurf instead of hard cement to decrease the chance of damage if your kid falls. Make sure there is enough room on both sides for the children to get in and out, and that it’s not too close to impediments like branches.

best rectangular trampoline uk
Top 15 Best Rectangular Trampoline UK - The Ultimate Guide For Buyers [year] 6

Is it necessary for me to have a protective enclosure?

It is dependent on who will use it. Unless you’re a novice, or the mother of a beginning, and would like to be especially careful, a protective blanket around the jump could be the way to go. 

Nevertheless, if indeed the person who will be using the bouncy castle is quite seasoned, you won’t need something like that. Also, keep in mind that bouncy castle netting isn’t indestructible and can quickly be ripped open or rot placed above a white time if exposed to the heat. They can simply be replaced as well as supplanted at a future stage.

What kind of accessories are there?

While not required, trampoline owners may choose from a range of add-ons, such as ramps to help children safely even get out of the jump, and also stakes and bolts to keep the bouncy castle in position. Trampolining can even be made more competitive with the use of sports goods.

Then what should I think about?

The frame must be made from steel (preferably with no welds) to prevent rusting and to withstand the force of people who jump on it year after year. The enclosure ought to be durable and weatherproof, and cushioned poles must be used to connect this to the jumping frame, preventing jumpers from falling on the shocks and frame while maintaining an adequate jumping area.

Springs, if present, should be chelating agents to withstand all weather conditions, and pad coverings should be padded with a generous amount of Ultraviolet light as well as all padding for further protection. Check the guarantee on your bouncy castle and, if users plan on keeping it for a lot longer, ensure that spares are available for purchase if you do ever require them.

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When choosing the best rectangular trampoline UK, take into account the size as well as a form that will work best both for dancers and your yard. Rectangular versions are ideal for hiding away in the middle of a yard and providing the best space for those seeking to perfect serious stunts, while oval versions are also excellent for hiding away without producing an odd shape. 

Spherical trampolines are the most common, and it’s no fun trying to find trampolines in stores throughout the summer. Make sure you evaluate your room to determine the trampoline’s height. People must understand the sheer size of certain trampolines.

Have a look at our top picks:

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