Best Car To Sleep In For Great Camping Of Your Family 2023

Resting in the vehicle is a great piece of any excursion as long as you probably are aware of the best car to sleep in. A simple, spending option in contrast to setting up camp, it’s likewise an extraordinary method to have some good times in sight. 

This article goes inside and out into the best car to sleep in just as every one of the top tips and guidance to make it as agreeable as could be expected. There is a wide range of vehicle models and a full clarification of what to search for. 

We will examine the best SUV for dozing toward the rear of, in addition to vehicles with seats that overlay into a bet.

Best Car To Sleep In – Types For Family Camping Cars

Ford Galaxy

With the declining prevalence of MPVs, the Ford Galaxy may appear to be a strange decision for the lead position on this rundown. However, for the family setting up camp, this 7-seater packs adequate space for the children and all the unit expected to partake in an outside experience in solace. 

Overlay the two back seats down and you’ll have an incredible 1,300 liters of the room – ideal for conveying tents, pneumatic beds, hiking beds and that’s just the beginning. Even better, it’s a decent drive with an entire 5-star Euro NCAP wellbeing rating and a large group of security highlights like independent crisis slowing down and traffic sign acknowledgment to assist with forestalling surpassing rate limits. The Galaxy is even huge enough to stay in bed. 


  • Astounding reasonableness 
  • Great degrees of standard unit 
  • Drives well 


  • To some degree dominated by the comparable S-Max 
  • Can get expensive 
  • Doesn’t offer the least expensive running expenses in the class

Nissan Qashqai

best car to sleep in

The Nissan Qashqai probably won’t be pretty much as extensive as a portion of its adversaries and its boot space is just 430 liters. In any case, you’ll discover the vehicle’s styling makes it conceivable to heap the setting up camp unit high against the secondary lounges in the boot. 

What puts the Qashqai in second is the way that this vehicle is surrounding by one of the most mind-blowing family vehicles available. It comes exceptional, has an astounding scope of motors and an enormous determination of extra innovation additional items. Low running expenses permit you to go set up camp all the more frequently, and the 5-star rating by Euro NCAP offers wellbeing and confirmation. 


  • Offers extraordinary incentive for cash on the new and utilized market 
  • New cycles, face-lifts and steady updates keep the model inclination new and cutting-edge 
  • Loads of good decisions with regards to motors and trim levels 


  • Hardened contest from rivals

Volvo V90

In spite of the fact that MPVs and SUVs are unquestionably appropriate to set up camp, assuming you lean toward driving a bequest, look no farther than the Volvo V90. It’s an open vehicle with sufficient space in the back to easily situate three children with all the vital setting up camp gear in the boot. 

The V70 could be had in a rough XC trim, which included all-wheel-drive and rough terrain enlivened styling – a variation the current vehicle has today as the Cross Country form. 

The vehicle scored 5 stars on the Euro NCAP wellbeing appraisals, as well. Also, you could select the V90 Cross Country model, a plan reason worked in light of the outside dynamic way of life – with expanded wheel curves, extreme body cladding around the lower body, a raised ride tallness, and a rough terrain model. 


  • Exceptionally pragmatic 
  • Rich inside 
  • Balanced scope of powertrains 


  • Genuinely costly

Range Rover

best car to sleep in

The Range Rover was dispatched in 1970 as a bigger option in contrast to the customary Land Rover 4×4 models. It was promptly fruitful and demonstrated its rough terrain ability by driving the main vehicle-based undertaking to cross the Americas from north to south. 

One of the extraordinary symbols of motoring, the Range Rover was worked with both solace and nature as a main priority. This extravagant SUV offers you the chance to drive anyplace in style with certifiable rough terrain abilities. 

It’s extensive, with a very sizable amount of room in the back for the children and a lot of boot space for all your setting up camp gear. The Range Rover is a solid vehicle as well, with a fabulous 5-star Euro NCAP security rating. For rough terrain undertakings, no other SUV improves. 


  • Incredible brand request 
  • Rich and extensive insides 
  • Splendid on street and off 


  • Tremendous impression out and about and feels it

Volkswagen Touareg

The Touareg – named for the Tuareg migrants of the Sahara Desert – was presented in 2002 as the biggest Volkswagen vehicle at any point made. It depends on the very stage that the Volkswagen Group utilizes as the premise of the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne. 

The Volkswagen Touareg is an enormous 4×4 SUV that offers family campers a liberal measure of room both in the lodge and in the boot. That additional room implies additional solace for yourself as well as your children. It likewise implies you can convey more stuff to make setting up camp significantly simpler. 

The vehicle scored a 5-star security rating with Euro NCAP and there’s an entire host of amazing innovations to look over. Campers should look at the night vision: a warm imaging camera to help recognize and keep away from creatures and people on foot when it’s dull out.


  • Excellent lodge 
  • Ample 
  • Strong rough terrain execution 


  • No seven-seat choice

Nissan X-Trail

best car to sleep in

Presented before the 2001 model year, the first X-Trail is currently acknowledged by Nissan as the beginning of their hybrid transformation. 

The older sibling to the Nissan Qashqai, the X-Trail offers business as usual to the degree that the current age even appears to be identical all around. 

Notwithstanding, in the event that you need the additional room the X-Trail will permit you to convey really setting up camp stuff and more children with its 7-seater choice. 

Go for a four-wheel drive and you can take the X-Trail rough terrain looking for experiences. Like the Qashqai, the vehicle has an entire 5-star security rating with Euro NCAP. For its size, this car has great running expenses as well. 


  • Savvy, reasonable bundle giving precisely what a normal driver needs 
  • Simple to drive consistently 
  • Expanded space over the past model 


  • Has lost its personality to become Qashqai Sr. 
  • Deadened inside and outside 
  • An absence of force in the 1.6 models

Skoda Superb Estate

The Skoda Superb Estate is a forerunner in its group for inside space, giving sufficient space to set up camp lovers and all their hardware. 

As a family vehicle, the Skoda Superb marks all the right boxes as well. It’s modest to run, the extraordinary incentive for cash, protected and dependable, with a 5-star Euro NCAP rating. Likewise, the vehicle comes fitted with a decent determination of security hardware as standard, for example, soundness control, seven airbags and ISOFIX kid seat mounting focus in the external back seats. 

The Skoda Superb is something of an extraordinariness, consolidating bunches of room with common sense and a respectable drive, all for an exceptionally minimal price. 


  • Sleek outside 
  • A colossal measure of inside space 
  • Deal sticker price 


  • Skoda identification accompanies stuff 
  • Not as premium as adversaries 
  • Not particularly engaging to drive

Peugeot 5008

best car to sleep in

At the point when the Skoda Superb originally showed up, bounty laughed at the eager name being utilized by a producer that was, in case we’re straightforward, thought about a bit of a joke. No one is snickering now. 

It’s very cruel to call a producer’s new model childish, however, that is by and large what the original Peugeot 5008 was. Similarly, as the tide was changing towards hybrids and SUVs and purchasers were walking out on MPVs, Peugeot took the choice to dispatch its 5008 individuals transporter. 

The Peugeot 5008 is an agreeable 7-seater with a tremendous boot that will effectively convey the entirety of a huge family’s exploring nature gear. In any case, regardless of whether you were to require more space, you can change the third line of seat advances or crease their level to make a lot bigger space. 

While it’s not too prepared as adversaries like the Nissan X-Trail, the vehicle actually accompanies some helpful pack. Decide on the mid-spec Allure manage and get a turning around camera, backstopping sensors, outdoor tables and retractable window blinds for the center column. The Peugeot 5008 additionally positions profoundly, with Euro NCAP scoring 5-stars. 


  • Productive diesel motors 
  • Reasonable boot 
  • Snazzy plan all around 


  • Baffling infotainment framework 
  • High spec renditions are costly 
  • Restricted headroom with a sunroof fitted

Fiat Panda Cross

The Fiat Panda has been around for quite a while, with the principal manifestation of the massively famous city vehicle first showing up in 1980. The Italian maker planned the Panda as a method of offering the majority a fundamental type of transport at a cost that would in no way, shape, or form burn through every last cent. 

Demonstrating you can have a competent 4×4 for a minimal price, the Fiat Panda Cross is great for families on more tight spending who actually need to investigate the open country. 

With a raised ride tallness and massive rough terrain defensive cladding, the vehicle looks like a 4×4 fan and performs incredibly well in that area as well – you surely will not need to stress over stalling out in sloppy fields with this vehicle. 

Regardless of its conservative measurements, you’ll likewise track down the inside and the 225-liter boot extensive enough for kids and fundamental setting up camp stuff. The Panda Cross is a strong drive as well, giving you the sense it can handle any landscape. One disadvantage, nonetheless, is that the Fiat Panda Cross just scored a 3-star wellbeing rating with Euro NCAP. 


  • Low passage level cost 
  • Ample inside 
  • Brilliant permeability 


  • Inside feels modest 
  • The back legroom is not splendid 
  • The restricted measure of pack

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

best car to sleep in

In the event that you have a huge family and a great deal of setting up camp gear that you can’t partake in the wilds without, this is the best vehicle for you. The Ford Grand Tourneo Connect is basically a Ford Transit van turned individuals transporter. 

It’s unimaginably spacious and the discretionary third column of seats that can move advances and in reverse, just as crease level into the floor, giving much more space when required. While it resembles a van, the Grand Tourneo Connect drives like a vehicle. It’s solid, pragmatic for setting up camp, and extraordinary incentive for cash. 


  • Low section level cost 
  • Open inside 
  • Superb permeability 


  • Inside feels modest 
  • The back legroom is not splendid 
  • The restricted measure of unit

Some Notice Before Buying The Best Car To Sleep In

Family vehicles ideal for setting up camp come in all shapes and sizes, similar to families themselves. Each body type has its arrangement of advantages and disadvantages worth thinking about as well. On the off chance that you like setting up camp in solace, you’ll ordinarily need a bigger vehicle. Things you’ll have to remember: 

  • SUVs and MPVS accompany additional room and capacity, however ordinarily have higher running expenses than a hatchback. 
  • Hatchbacks demonstrate great incentive for cash and are modest to run, yet may do not have the space you need for your outside hardware. 
  • Homes offer stockpiling and ample boots like SUVs and MPVS, yet their everyday running expenses are more like a hatchback. 
  • Cantinas are normally bigger than hatchbacks, yet have more modest and less commonsense boot openings making it trickier to store your setting up camp stuff. 

Helpful Features of Best Car To Sleep In

Campgrounds today are typically exceptional for a wide range of vehicles, with leaving sounds and offices for sure. In any case, on the off chance that you like setting up a shelter adjacent to your vehicle, it merits thinking about four-wheel-drive alternatives, particularly if you like going rough terrain to track down a quiet setting up camp spot. For a comfier excursion, you’ll likewise need to pay special mind to: 

  • Cooling 
  • USB ports to keep electronic gadgets completely energized 
  • Electric windows 
  • Boot space with almost no lip 
  • ISOFIX fittings 
  • A vehicle you appreciate driving 

In light of these focuses, pause for a minute to consider your motoring needs. Presently read on for our best 10 family vehicles that are best for setting up camp.


Assuming you need a speedy read, you can look at our resting in the best car to sleep in tips article. In case you are seeing vehicles setting up camp for a drawn-out timeframe you can look at our definitive manual for resting in the vehicles. 

This aide covers all that you need to set up a vehicle for vehicle setting up camp and guarantees you know what you are doing. 

In the event that you have any ideas kindly let us know in the remarks. What do you believe is the best vehicle for snoozing?  We also so some sleeping bag tips for your family camping. Let’s read on to get great camping for your family.

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