Top 15 Best Lightweight Waterproof Breathable Cycling Jacket: The Perfect Comfy For Both Men And Women 2023

In modern times, I know many people care about their health by taking up sports activities such as climbing, cycling, walking, playing badminton. So not only professional athletes but also ordinary ones are looking for the best lightweight waterproof breathable cycling jacket. They wish to have a great shirt for training, warm in winter, cool in summer, easy to breathe, convenient to carry. 

Understanding that both women and men have fashion and health needs, we choose shirts that are not only beautiful in style but also environmentally friendly, do not rub against the skin causing skin allergies, and especially they are also waterproof so you can use them on rainy days. There are concerns called “price”, we know that this is also something you need to keep in mind when making a purchase. So, in today’s list, there are all kinds of things at different prices, spoiled for you to choose, and of course many different sizes, dear big guys.

So with these 15 jackets, we will highlight the outstanding features, then review more specifically about its size, color, material, weight, and we will also summarize with pros and cons. If you want the most brevity, check out the final pick to see which jacket best suits your needs.

Best Lightweight Waterproof Breathable Cycling Jacket Comparison 2023

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Top 15 Best Lightweight Waterproof Breathable Cycling Jacket Reviews 2023


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The first shirt from the brand GORE WEAR, is a high-end jacket, high price, luxurious design, and has the most minimalist colors. It only has 4 colors which are black, dark blue, neon green, and blue. These colors are neutral and can be worn by both men and women. 

This shirt looks extremely sturdy and thick, it is rainproof, windproof, and light. Customers praise that even if they cycled all day in heavy rain, the shirt was still 100% dry and kept warm well. Plus, it’s a great windbreak for chilly fall days, but you may still need to wear a thermal jacket if it’s too cold. In terms of design, instead of pockets on the sides, they have a chest pocket, which preserves things well and avoids dropping things when you move your legs while cycling. Sure, that bag has a zipper, storing things is not difficult anymore. 

Gore-Tex Active Technology is a technology that makes the shirt breathable but still provides good wind protection, combined with a design specifically for cycling, even athletes will love this shirt. The shirt has a special cut, it is not too long, just touches your hips, very neat and convenient.


  • Offer perfect windproof and waterproof
  • Lightweight and pack down neatly
  • Suitable for cool-weather riding
  • Professional design


  • The zip should be improved

Marmot Men Evodry Clouds Rest Jacket

[amazon box=”B091V39N9T” ]

Next is still a jacket for men of the brand Marmot. If the previous shirt is only dark, this product offers more bright options: orange, red, light blue mixed with grey, dark blue, and black. In terms of design, they have 2 side pockets with strong zippers, a large hat, and a neck cover to keep your neck cold. The jacket is zippered and has taped seams on the outside. 

The parameter 20k/15k Marmot Membrain Eco will show you that the shirt is very waterproof, very waterproof, and has high breathability for the user. This is not a single-layer windbreaker, it is a sturdy, solid, and thick coat, but it still ensures that it is light and easy to carry. In terms of composition, this shirt is made from a recycled face fabric, with a PFC-Free DWR treatment, which is eco-friendly and ensures a suitable cycling fit.


  • Eco-friendly fabric
  • Work well in the west
  • Suitable for both summer and winter
  • Include air vents under the armpits
  • Great in waterproof and breathability


  • The product is a bit pricey

GORE WEAR Men’s Cycling Jacket

[amazon box=”B0881L7453″ ]

If you don’t like a thick, multi-layered shirt but prefer a lightweight jacket like a plastic bag and are extremely waterproof, then I recommend this one. It’s a windbreaker, which is super convenient to put in your pocket and you can even roll it into a small ball, which doesn’t take up much space. The jacket does not come with a hood, which is a point that I regret, it would be nice if it could come with a removable hat for sunny days. 

Instead of the side pockets, the shirt has a chest pocket, I quite like this bag, but the special feature is that this bag can only be used for men, and women will not be very suitable. The shirt is specially designed for practice with cuts in the back that are longer than the front, making it easy to move back and forth.

In terms of colors, the shirt has only four basic colors: black, dark blue, red, and neon. In terms of sizes, the jacket is available from size S to size XXL, suitable for both big guys. The price of this shirt is not too cheap, but it is worth it and my customers are very satisfied.


  • Lightweight as a plastic bag
  • Include a chest pocket
  • Perfect for wet condition riding
  • Prevent sweating well


  • The sizes may be a bit confusing

Berghaus Men’s Paclite

[amazon box=”B08MRHZV4X” ]

At first glance this is a fairly simple Berghaus Men’s Paclite shirt, it’s not as casual as windbreakers, nor is it as bulky as layered tops. This is a thick and thin mid-section jacket that’s perfect for light fall cycling days. The shirt has basic colors, but compared to the above, they have green, red mix blue, very prominent and suitable for many skin tones. 

The adjustable fixed hood is one of my favorite things about this shirt. Hats with fixed elastic will help you not only easily secure the helmet under the helmet, but also prevent the hat from tipping back in strong winds. This hat is also quite wide and it is easy to adjust even if you are a tall guy. The sleeve has a fixed adhesive so you can adjust it according to the size of your wrist.

According to the customer’s picture, the hood is quite wide and it may affect your vision a bit if you don’t choose the right size. Another small thing to note is that this shirt does not help you stay dry when it rains too much, so don’t expect it too much, in return you should hope for the lightweight and breathable part.


  • Breathable and super lightweight
  • Adjustable hood
  • Can be packed down small
  • Include an inner layer that keeps warm


  • The product may not be suitable for heavy rain conditions

Marmot Men Precip Eco Jacket

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This best lightweight waterproof cycling jacket is quite unisex breathable, standard style, extremely diverse colors up to nearly 20 colors, affordable price is very suitable for anyone who wants to wear couple jackets. I am very impressed with the color palette of the shirt, it ranges from warm to cool colors, palettes that match many skin tones and are suitable for both day and night cycling. 

This is a 2.5-layer shirt design, so you can both keep warm gently, and can block the wind well, but the shirt is also extremely breathable. This design has just the right length, not too long not too short, they hug your hips, making movement freer than ever. Made from 100% recycled nylon, the jackets are quite waterproof, they look a bit wrinkled but that’s what nylons like this one. 

The hood here covers just right, it doesn’t block your view, but unfortunately, they don’t have an adjustable elastic, maybe the hood will come off if the wind is too strong. What you need to note here is that the price of this shirt fluctuates based on the color of the shirt, the hotter the colors, the better the price, and you also need to consult a closer review of the shirt size because many people wonder about this.


  • Offer a super wide range of colors
  • Unisex design for both men and women
  • Super lightweight
  • Easy to wash and dry fast
  • Allow you to layer depends on the weather


  • The sizes are a bit confusing

Mountain Warehouse Adrenaline

[amazon box=”B01BYW7YRY” ]

I am very impressed with the colors of this shirt, they are truly beautiful and striking, this pink color is super light on the skin and suits many different skin tones. Moreover, these colors like this help you stand out even in the dark. Let’s talk about the technology of the jacket. First, IsoDry fabric technology is used exclusively by the company to produce clothes for outdoor sports activities, this material dries quickly, is waterproof, and gives you peace of mind when moving in all weather. 

Secondly, the Mesh Lining is also a highlight to help the shirt breathe better than ever, this is a loosely woven, lightweight material with small interlocking holes to help heat transfer out faster and help your body stay comfortable at all times. inside the shirt. If Taped Seams is something you’re always looking for, this shirt also includes it, which protects the zipper so water can’t seep through it, leaving you wet and cold when a drop of water hits you. 


  • Include reflective lines on the back look for night cycling
  • Does not cause hot and sweaty
  • Waterproof and quick dry
  • Roomy size but not baggy


  • The design may not look sporty

Waterproof Cycling Jacket – Reflective Mens Coat

[amazon box=”B01BU2E6M4″ ]

Do you notice anything familiar here? It’s this shirt that’s exactly the same as the one above, only this design is for men, I put it in today’s shirts because I think it would be great if you chose them as a couple. 

Now let’s see if they differ from the one above other than the design. First, in terms of color, it can be seen that men’s colors have the same tone but they are darker and more neutral, not as prominent as women’s, for example, red in the chest has more red tones. As for the exterior design, they are still the same, they have a chest pocket large enough to hold a key phone, no hood, and the buckle has taped seams to make it waterproof. 

This is a reflective jacket so you can go in the dark, but there is a minus point that it can be quite blinding and not suitable if you simply want to take it for a walk. Still, 2.5 layers, keep warm, keep form well, and waterproof on average. The great thing is that this men’s shirt gets more compliments than the one I reviewed above. It seems they quite like this reflective design because it is suitable for night runners and those who value their own safety. It is more suitable for winter because the shirt can be quite thick and warm, if you wear it in the summer you may feel a bit tight.


  • Perfect reflective part for night cycling
  • Great sizes and nicely fit
  • Roomy enough for layering underneath
  • High-quality fabrics
  • Great in waterproof and windproof


  • The product may not be suitable for scorching hot days

Trespass Women’s Lumi 

[amazon box=”B01KFRKA7A” ]

Do you love the pink and gray combination of this best lightweight waterproof breathable cycling jacket? I consider this a very trendy color combination and can be trendy for many years. Unfortunately, the jacket is only available in one color and there is no other option. These are basic single-layer shirts, they are windbreakers, lightweight, and can be flattened like a plastic bag. They look a bit wrinkled but that’s the specialty of this design and not the poor quality fabric. 

The special thing here is that the shirt is designed in the form of a Bright hi-vis silver jacket, easy to see in the dark but not too dazzling if you are cycling or walking, this shirt is extremely suitable.  There is a vent on the back of the jacket makes the breathable part of the jacket even better. This is a simple cycling jacket, but very appreciated.


  • Highly visible for a night out walk
  • Can be flattened as a nylon bag
  • Include a vent on the back for great breathability
  • Keep your neck warms
  • Rainproof and windproof


  • The product comes with only one color

Impsport DryCore Waterproof Cycling Jacket

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On today’s list of the best lightweight waterproof breathable cycling jackets, this is one of the cycling jackets that has received tons of good reviews, even though it comes in only one color – neon green. That means the effect of the shirt will certainly be appreciated. The shirt is designed with a Durable two-layer fabric, which includes a mesh lining, with hundreds of different micro-perforations to keep you sweat-free and the shirt will stay highly dry. 

10,000mm & ergonomic design is a high waterproof level in the waterproof scale, with this waterproof level, you can be completely safe about walking in the rain even in heavy rain. The 10,000 gsm2 fabric ensures that the shirt is extremely breathable, dries quickly, and is especially suitable for cyclists, which is a high number when measuring shirts. 

The shirt also contains Rear zip pockets so you can hold your phone, keys and a few small items with you, The zipper is strong and fixed even when you are constantly moving. The shirt does not come with a hat and it is only available in one color, but there are many sizes for you to choose from.


  • Great level of visibility ( but not reflective )
  • Large pockets offer wide storage, which is enough for gloves and an iPhone
  • Accurate sizes
  • Does not cause sweaty inside
  • Keep warm and waterproof effectively


  • The material may peel off after long use

Women’s Waterproof Jacket

[amazon box=”B07KBX9GMX” ]

This windbreaker comes in a variety of colors, including trendy pastel colors, it’s both affordable and comes in a variety of colors, perfect for changing your shirt often. The shirt comes with a small bag to store the pack away when you want to go camping or carry it in your backpack, it’s incredibly lightweight and as I often describe it, it’s like a nylon bag. 

The jacket is designed with a drawstring hooded and drawstring hem that can help cyclists stay out of the wind and can withstand light rains. The front side pockets are very comfortable so you can keep your keys and phone. The shirt has 12 different colors, including warm colors, cool colors, and neutral colors, depending on whether you like a dark shirt for clean or a light shirt for eye-catching. The price of the shirt is affordable and I rate it as worth the money.


  • Come with a pouch for pack away
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Super lightweight
  • Great fit and sizes


  • The product may not be suitable for heavy rain conditions

Brisk Bike Cycling Jacket

[amazon box=”B09135MM51″ ]

Made from GCX- Waterproof Nano CO-fabric material, this shirt is said by the company to be extremely water-resistant and suitable for you to go in wet weather. The application of GCX- Water proof Nano CO-fabric technology with ventilation holes makes you feel free to move, comfortable to wear, and extremely breathable. 

The RC-thermal polymer part is combined with a low cut, making the jacket hug your body, keep the wind out and keep you warm in cold weather well. The design with Super-X Nano thread is a plus point that makes the shirt very light, easy to carry around and pack away. The shirt has only 2 colors, burnt orange and black, quite neutral and you can use it as couple wear.

The EC-back pocket on the front chest allows you to store the most basic items when going to sports, it includes a strong zipper and good rain protection. This shirt is not only good for cycling but it is extremely versatile, suitable for many different sports, especially suitable for both winter and summer.


  • Multi-purpose which is suitable for many kinds of sports
  • The neutral color and visible
  • Keep body warm without sweating inside
  • Include a low cut that fits the body better


  • The product does not come with a hood

Trespass Unisex Qikpac Jacket Jacket

[amazon box=”B079LQ76V5″ ]

The best lightweight waterproof breathable cycling jacket is a unisex design, suitable for both men and women, they are lightweight windbreakers, with a pouch for pack away. I love the color combination of this jacket, they look trendy and go well together. The shirt is available in 6 colors and includes both light and dark colors, whatever color the jacket is, the pouch that comes with it will be that color. 

The shirts are quite light and thin, so they block the wind well and can be used all summer without worrying about getting hot or sweating inside. The great thing is that the hood has an adjustable elastic, which allows the hat to hug your head more tightly to keep your ears and neck moist. The shirt has two zippered pockets on either side of shirt, a fairly standard design.


  • Proper adjustable hood
  • Suitable for all kinds of weathers
  • High level of waterproof
  • Lightweight and easy to screw down
  • Unisex and suitable for both men and women


  • The product is a bit tight if you layer clothes underneath

Regatta Women’s Pack-it

[amazon box=”B08459ZDFH” ]

I promised to bring the best options to both our men and women, so this will be the next product for women. They are designed to hug more men’s bodies, narrower shoulders, and slightly tighter waist. The shirt comes in 15 colors in all, but the hotter colors are usually sold out easily, so you probably need to be a little quicker. This is a simple design when the zipper color is the same color as the shirt, there are 2 wide side pockets with a zipper. 

Your favorite point will probably be the adjustable elastic band hat, which will help you fix your hat when it’s windy or raining hard, even easier to wear under the helmet. Isolite 5000 lightweight polyamide fabric is an incredibly lightweight, quick-drying, and water-resistant fabric. These windbreakers often come with a pouch, and this jacket is no exception. The jacket is said to be machine washable and you must hand wash it to ensure its durability.


  • Come with a pouch for pack away
  • Adjustable hood
  • Roomy enough for layering underneath
  • Great job in waterproof
  • A wide range of colors


  • Sizes may not be as regular

Regatta Men’s Pack It Jacket

[amazon box=”B00JQDIJEQ” ]

This simple shirt has only one color from top to bottom, it does not mix colors together, only one color, but this design will help the shirt to be trendy for a long time without you worrying about it going out of fashion. The shirt is burnt orange and black, this is a men’s shirt but with these two colors, I think women can try it too. Like the one above, this one is also made of isolite 5000 – lightweight polyamide fabric, great for carrying around in your backpack or storing them in your bike’s water tank.

This shirt is extremely affordable so I think you can buy a few to keep at home. Talking about the design, they are designed not too special, it has an adjustable hood, 2 side pockets to hold basic items and has a zipper. Our customers say that while it is simple, it is undeniable that it can do the job of a waterproof jacket. This is the only thing they care about and thankfully this shirt does that part well.


  • Super effective in waterproof
  • Lightweight and easy to wash
  • Affordable and handy
  • Good quality fabric


  • The sleeves may be a bit short for tall persons

VeloChampion Element Defence Windproof

[amazon box=”B06XP2TL7Q” ]

This product is a bit more special because it has no sleeves, it is a vest, many people like this design because they like to freely move their arms when cycling. This is also the only sleeveless design on today’s list of best lightweight waterproof breathable cycling jackets. 

The Element Defense Gilet design is for athletes who want to run fast, ride a speed bike without getting stuck in their hands. Although it weighs only 85g, the shirt offers a vital defense so that you can comfortably exercise on cold winter days. A mesh rear panel can make an already breathable shirt even airier. The inherently visible neon color, combined with the large reflective rear VC logo, makes it possible to navigate safely in the dark. 

The jacket is also extremely light and can be easily stored and carried, which is a point that you will definitely like because when going hiking there are a lot of tools to carry such as climbing sticks, drinking water, but you also have to If you carry an extra heavy shirt, you will not be very happy.


  • Super lightweight which is only about 85g
  • Bulk free and provide the best mobility
  • Super affordable
  • Hight level of visibility


  • There is no pocket included 

Buying Guide And Top Tips For Choosing The Best Lightweight Waterproof Breathable Cycling Jacket

How many layers for a cycling jacket is enough? This question represents questions I get from people I have met and interviewed. Thick jackets have the good point that they are so nice and sturdy, giving you a strong look, but many people want to find one that is as light as possible, as long as it blocks the wind and rain so that they can cycle 4 seasons. I love both of them, but in addition to these two types of jackets, the technology of waterproof is countless today, I will list out the questions that I think you need to consult before buying because many people have read it and bought a super satisfied jacket.

best lightweight waterproof breathable cycling jacket

This information is researched, synthesized, and distilled by me from many different sources, they may be true or false depending on your experience. If you want to know more items, you can read the customer reviews in the link to our website.

How thick should my cycling jacket be?

If you are a person who sweats easily, gets hot easily then the best shirts for you are breathable ones, they are not necessarily thin, but they need high breathability so that you can not get suffocated with excessive sweating inside the jacket. The same goes for those who plan to ride a bike all day in the rain, a jacket that is about 3 layers and has a waterproof layer is the best. For those who don’t ride too much but just want to exercise at the end of the day a little, the windbreaker jacket is just enough to keep you slightly warm if you ride in the early morning or late afternoon.

There is another case for those who like to cycle in the high mountains where it is windy and quite cold, then pack away wind jackets are super suitable, they are specifically designed to block the wind, keep warm and they can be waterproof in above-average level. Of course, you will still need to prepare an extra packaway raincoat to bring, because the jacket is not completely waterproof anyway.

I’m too tall / I have a limited height, how can I choose a shirt that fits me?

best lightweight waterproof breathable cycling jacket
Top 15 Best Lightweight Waterproof Breathable Cycling Jacket: The Perfect Comfy For Both Men And Women [year] 6

Some jackets are so short for some people that when they put the hood on, the shirt shrinks and it makes them uncomfortable to wear. There are also cases when you have a problem with the elastic, the length of the shirt is right but when you buckle it, it is tight.

Coverage of the jacket

The jacket should completely cover your back when you raise your arms or when you put on your hood. If it gets stuck when you raise your hand, you should also choose a larger size, and especially to block the wind best, when you raise your hand, the shirt should still cover your wrist, to prevent you from getting cold. If you want to wear the jacket over other tops then you should choose one size bigger.

Determine how you want the shirt to fit?

Relaxed Fit: This fit will be a bit longer than usual so you can move freely, they are not too tight like athlete’s shirts, they are the right fit and the easiest to choose. When buying a shirt, you should try on the hood to see if it adjusts to fit your face

Active Fit: This fit is not too baggy or too tight, it’s enough room for you to wear a fleece underneath in winter. This type of shirt is easy to adjust, you can check the shirt’s description to see what type of fit it is.

Technical Fit: This type is quite tight and suitable for easy climbing. So they’re designed to be slightly shorter in length than the cycling type, so you can easily get your feet up and down while climbing, and they also have shorter sleeves for a better fit.

Are women’s cycling jackets different from men’s?

best lightweight waterproof breathable cycling jacket

As for technology, I can’t be sure as it depends on the jacket brand. But in terms of design, women’s shirts are usually more fit, have a slim waist, and hug the body. Women’s sleeves will be slightly shorter, shoulders will be narrower, and hips will be slightly wider.

As for the color and size of the shirt, usually, the brands will have unisex colors that work for both, and they often do neon colors so you can stand out in the dark. So you often find there will be fixed colors when choosing a cycling shirt. There are models that have both men’s and women’s shirts, but there are models that only have one. I will give you some options to wear a pair in the review.

How to choose the best lightweight waterproof breathable cycling jacket when shopping online?

best lightweight waterproof breathable cycling jacket

It is a fact that buying online has a great advantage that you can freely refer to the reviews of previous customers, which is not possible when buying in the store. But one thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to touch the fabric or try it on, so you need to know your body measurements and understand a bit about fabric technology. Here are the things I want you to keep in mind when buying:


Cycling and climbing jackets are usually made of laminated laminate, they have zippers to keep them warm and have taped seams on the outside to make them waterproof. Surface Durable Water Resistant (DWR) is a commonly preferred part of cyclists’ waterproof jackets, which have an additional layer sewn underneath for a complete finish. Usually, companies will sew a layer to ensure the best waterproofing effect, because when there is no outer layer to soak in, it will be harder to get wet. However, if single-layer shirts are easy to carry and fold, they have the disadvantages of being a bit fragile and not aesthetically pleasing. Cycling jackets can measure waterproof in a certain way, but I think I’ll get back to that later.

Breathability level

Not every thick shirt will be good and every thin shirt will not be good. Breathability when cycling is extremely important, when cycling you will breathe many times faster and it will affect the cycling process if your jacket is tight and uncomfortable.

A good jacket is said to contain hundreds of millions of different small ventilation holes, so that moisture can easily escape. They will be sewn with thin layers of high-quality fabric, which easily transmits moisture away from the skin faster.

Stowable Hood

A shirt with an adjustable hood is the best thing. The first is that you need to find a jacket that fits your height so that even if you put on a hat, the shirt will still fit. The hood can be removed if you don’t need it. In addition, if the hat has elastic, the better because it won’t come off when you turn your head. If you want to wear your helmet under your helmet while cycling, choose a hood that’s a little tight so it doesn’t cause the helmet to bounce back.

Security pocket

When choosing waterproof jackets, don’t forget to keep an eye on their pockets as well. They need to have good zippered and waterproof pockets so you can keep your phone or watch. Check that the lock is tight enough, has taped seams to fix it.


Choosing the best lightweight waterproof breathable cycling jacket requires a lot of knowledge, right? We believe the buying guide is very comprehensive and great so you can buy yourself a shirt online and still determine if it fits you. We have compiled information on jackets from many sources and we believe it is enough for you to choose for yourself a really good one. 

If you’re still confused, check out the final pick, we’ve put the most suitable shirts for each type of need there. I recommend that you choose a shirt according to the standards from high to low: shirt quality, waterproof, breathability, shirt design, and shirt color. Hope you enjoyed this article, don’t forget we’ll let you feel free to comment below and ask about more different topics. If you need a video for more information, here it is:

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