Our Top Selection For Best Mountain Bike Under 750 [Updated 2024]

Today, mountain biking is regarded as an extreme sport that many individuals enjoy. However, a number of people wish to participate but cannot do so because of financial restrictions. So, if you are a student, an adult, or a cyclist, you do not have to give up your dreams just because you have a limited budget. It is easy to find an affordable bike from a variety of companies. Let’s dig deeper into our article and choose your own best mountain bike under 750.

Best Mountain Bike Under 750 Comparison 2024

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Top 15 Mountain Bike Under 750 Reviews 2024

Swifty Electric Mountain Bike

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The Swifty Electric Mountain Bike combines mountain bike components with electronic assistance for a unique combination of styles. To start with the electric aspect of it, the engine and batteries are neatly contained on the frame of the bike. The Panasonic 36V 9.6AH battery is supposed to be powerful enough to support riders. 

The mountain bike itself has a fairly nice specification. Firstly, a Shimano 7-speed gear set helps you find the optimum gear for ascents and declines to adjust the right speed whenever exploring the outdoors. You can also do the same job with the 27.5′′ CST all-terrain tires, a solid front suspension, and disc brakes of the bike. Then there is a wise idea to have 3 levels of assist on the joystick for better riding control. 

Finally, this is still a cool sporty-looking bike despite all the extra electronic technology on the frame. With the addition of the assistance, the designers did not compromise the bike’s riding experience.

According to the specifications, it can travel 30 miles on a single charge and charge to 100% in about 3 hours. User testimonials do not seem to contradict either.

The mountain bike, on the other hand, has some difficulties with its durability and build. 

Its durability has been questioned, especially if it is used on asphalt. There is a report of a tube splitting on a road ride. Others have reported seeing tires lose air pressure. Also, there are reports about the stickers peeling off, which adds to the impression that they are not very durable. To be fair, the bike is a mountain bike, not a road cycle, so it is understandable. However, it is expected to be a little difficult.

Another thing to keep in mind about this bike is that there are criticisms about the low handlebars, making it seem more like a race bike rather than a mountain bike. Although this is not a frequent issue and most other riders appear to be fine, but it is something to consider when buying this product.

To conclude, this bike has some obvious drawbacks that may restrict its usefulness. For people that only ride on rural trails, the fact that it is not excellent on asphalt will not be a problem, but it does raise concerns about durability. On the other hand, the specifications are enough for those who have previously ridden mountain bikes but now want a bit of extra assistance. This is also potential for riders that wish to get into the sport but are not sure they are ready to ride far distances.

So, we can say that the Swifty bike is useful for a large number of individuals and it is still worth a trial.


  • There are several options available on the controller for the electric aid.
  • The battery life is enough for casual usage, and charging takes only a few minutes.
  • The mountain bike is well-equipped, with plenty of gears and suspension.
  • For this type of bike, the 7-speed gear system is more than adequate.
  • Despite the large battery and motor, it still has a cool sporty appearance.


  • There are some concerns about the location of the handlebars.
  • Some tubes have cracked and tires have gone flat, prompting complaints about the durability.
  • The notion is that this is not suitable for tarmac.

Hyuhome Electric Bikes 

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The Hyuhome Electric Bike is attractively built to appeal to a wide range of people. This electric bike comes with a variety of features including an ergonomic handlebar, adjustable seat, and anti-slip along with wear-resistant tires. It also offers 3 cycling modes: PAS, pure electric and human riding mode. These things make it become Amazon’s best-selling electric bike. 

The bike comes with great riding equipment, such as rear and front mechanical disc brakes, a 21-35 gear Shimano professional transmission system, and front suspension forks, which provide smooth shock absorption when cycling over rough terrain. For increased safety, braking immediately turns off the power supply.

The bright LED adaptive headlights and horns are ideal for riding in low light or at night. The smart computer has many functions, like a speed limit controller that allows the rider to set the maximum speed restriction to a variety of speeds. This design helps you to remember to always ride within your capabilities as well as the legal limitations in the region. The computer also shows the battery level, speed, mileage traveled, and modes.

The high-capacity motor, which delivers 350W 36V from the big capacity detachable lithium battery, allows this smart electric bike to attain speeds of up to 35 km/h (22 mph). 

The 8Ah, 10Ah, and 13Ah batteries have a range of riding durations and lengths ranging from 50km to 65km and 85km. Especially, the versatile battery power supply is able to be recharged on or off the bike frame, and it charges quickly in 3 to 4 hours, which is so convenient.


  • In terms of pricing, it is a great deal when compared to the UK market.
  • Range and speed are both excellent.
  • The bike comes with a lot of features, including a headlight, a primary bike battery, and 27 gears.
  • The control box is simple to operate


  • The handlebar has a one-size-fits-all configuration, which is not telescopic
  • The pedal shaft has no grease cover, so grit and water may readily get into the bearings

Oppikle 26” Electric Mountain Bike 

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The 250W electric motor on this Oppikle mountain bike is powered by a rechargeable 8Ah battery that can be charged on or off the bike, with the latter allowing the battery to be removed when left unattended for additional security. It also means you can cycle to work, charge the battery at your office for the rest of the day, and then ride home.

One of the Oppikle bike’s other significant characteristics is that it can be simply folded up when not in use, making it convenient to keep at home or the workplace. When utilized as a part of your daily cycling commute, folding bikes are an excellent choice, especially on congested city center transportation, such as buses, trains, and the London Underground.

This mountain bike’s design, along with the dual suspension, allows for off-road trail riding, with a little help from the electric motor when needed. This provides you with the extra assistance you need to keep the fun going even when you are weary. Even if you are not searching for off-road adventure, this mountain bike may still be beneficial since the suspension absorbs the lumps and bumps of any ride, helping you to arrive at your destination with fewer pains and aches. 

The frame is constructed of aluminum alloy, which gives it a sturdy feel, but at 27 kg, it is not a light bike. Despite not being the lightest bike we have examined, it may be more suited for some bikers, and it does, of course, include an electric engine for when needed.

The special point of this mountain bike lies in the double-disc brakes and steel forks that add solidity and assurance to the bike’s mechanics, allowing for safe stopping even in rainy conditions.


  • Excellent quality and a well-thought-out design.
  • Smooth and consistent.
  • Excellent shock-absorbing brake.
  • It is entertaining and simple to use.
  • Foldable and transportable


  • The bike requires assembling, which is difficult for a beginner.

26″ Electric Mountain Bike 

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The bike has a frame made of aluminum alloy that is both light and sturdy, as well as a carbon steel front fork with comfortable shock absorption. The front and back wheels are made of double-layered aluminum alloy, along with flawless brakes that can ensure your complete safety.

This electric bike offers front and rear disc brakes, as well as a 2-speed gearbox system, provide dependable all-weather stopping capability. The 26-inch bead spoke wheels are composed of aluminum alloy and have a thick tire that is anti-slip and wear-resistant. You can upgrade your original riding comfort with a high-performance, shock-absorbing front suspension fork. The LED headlights and a horn make your ride at night safer.

The bike has 3 riding modes: pure electric, assisted bicycle, and normal bicycle. You can use the purely electric mode to go for an extended period of time without pedaling. You can also select the PAS model. Combining three modes is a superior option since you can adjust the electric-assist power to your needs, resulting in a more personalized riding experience.

There is no need to be concerned about using the bike because it comes with a one-year warranty on the electric motor, battery, and all other parts except the frame. This bicycle is pre-assembled to an extent of 85%. It is not difficult to complete assembly on your own. If you have any problems with it, you can contact the customer service department and you will be responded within 24 hours. 


  • Much higher quality than expected at this pricing range
  • Easy to use
  • It appears to be contemporary and stylish.
  • The battery lasts a long time and is easy to recharge.


  • The directions are quite inadequate so it is not simple to construct the bike

ANCHEER Electric Bike

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On this ANCHEER mountain bike, the 250W electric motor is driven by a rechargeable 8Ah battery, which can be charged on or off the bike for further security. The e-bike boasts a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that is light, robust and durable. Aluminum alloy is used for the front and rear wheels, as well as the rims, provide you a quicker ride with less drag. A high-strength front suspension fork can greatly improve your riding comfort.

Depending on what you’re aiming to achieve, the bike comes with an adjustable set that allows you to alter the stem length and handlebar angle. Small modifications can result in considerable comfort increases.

There are 2 riding modes on the bike: assisted bicycle mode and e-bike mode. You can travel for a long time without pedaling if you use the e-bike mode. Combining 2 modes is a better alternative since it allows you to tailor the electric-assist power to your specific demands, resulting in a more personalized riding experience.

There’s no need to be afraid about riding the bike because the electric motor, battery, and all other parts ( except the frame ) are covered by a one-year warranty. This bicycle has been pre-assembled to the tune of 85%. It’s not tough to put this together on your own. You can contact the customer care department if you have any issues, and you will receive a response within 24 hours.


  • It performs admirably 
  • It is quite pleasant to ride and manage.
  • The battery is long-lasting and simple to replenish.


  • The bike must be put together, which is quite tough for a novice

Hiriyt 26” Electric Mountain Bike

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On our selection of hybrid bikes, this mountain bike is one of the more cheap options. This bicycle features a 250W motor and a 36V 8AH lithium-ion battery that can sustain a range of 15-30 miles on a single charge of 4-6 hours and a top speed of 13-18 miles/hour. This finest bike, like other hybrid bikes, has 3 operating modes: e-bike mode, assisted bicycle mode, and regular mode. Each mode may be customized while riding using the three-speed smart meter button.

This bike boasts a high-quality aluminum frame and a robust front carbon fork that provides the finest shock absorption thanks to its carbon fiber construction. The hydraulic disc brakes and the 21-speed gearbox system allow you to effortlessly tackle rough roads. This bike has extra ergonomic features including a horn, adjustable seat, a bright LED headlight, and anti-slip tires, making it suitable for night usage.

Overall, this is a fantastic and cheap hybrid mountain bike that can also be ridden as a road bike. It features high-quality components and is reasonably priced, making it a solid choice. However, this still has several drawbacks. The main disadvantage of this bike is that it does not fold, which makes storage and transportation difficult.


  • Maximum comfort is ensured with the carbon fork 
  • 3 riding modes.
  • Disc brakes using hydraulic fluid.
  • Gear hub with 21 speeds.
  • Affordable.
  • The battery is replaceable.


  • Lack of ability to fold for storage.

CDBK Off-Road Mountain Bike

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There is not just one sort of mountain bike, and it is further classified as hardtail or full-suspension. Hardtails are more inexpensive since they are built on a sturdy frame and feature single brakes.

But that does not imply that full-suspension bikes are totally out of the question, as seen by this CDBK mountain bike.

The forks on the front of this unisex bike are made of high-carbon steel and are designed to smooth out bumps as you ride. In this case, the fork is a spring fork, which has a low gear and no damping mechanism. In addition to smoothing out road imperfections, its front fork design improves the speed of the bike for a thrilling riding experience.

Gear changing on this off-road mountain bike is smooth and reliable, thanks to the 30-speed shifters and derailleurs. Moreover, it offers a broad range of gears to suit your needs.

When it comes to price and functionality, this bike is considered to be one of the most affordable mountain bikes on the market. So, it is desirable for the student group to have a 30-speed shifting mechanism. With its shock-absorbent technology, the twin disc braking system also provides a high level of safety for its users.

With this bike, you will be able to ride up and down hills as well as on sand, mud, pavement, and other surfaces.


  • The price range is reasonable.
  • There is no minimum height requirement to ride this mountain bike.


  • The bike rides at a slower pace on hills
  • Suspension forks make the bike a little heavier.

TTZY Folding Mountain Bikes

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In terms of design, there is no question that hardtail motorcycles are simple, but they also have front suspensions, which allows manufacturers to play about with the frame.

Full suspension bikes will offer you the confidence and shock absorption technology you need to get back on the trails you are frightened of because you had to drive a hardtail.

If you are looking for the finest of the best, then this mountain bike should be on your list!

Anyone can ride this full-suspension mountain bike. Solid construction and lasting welding techniques make this a tough and strong bicycle. It is also lightweight, foldable, and simple to transport, with a quick-release clip that allows you to swiftly unfold it and be on your way, and its small size allows you to store it anywhere, even in the corner of your flat.

The tires are one-of-a-kind, as they are 26-inch three-spoke rim tires that are firmer than before. It has a very smooth speed of 21 mph, which allows it to ascend steep places and rough roads.

A sturdy and strong triangular frame constructed of high-carbon steel, with a thicker tube than any of its versions and double shock absorption in both the front and back, is the basis for the bike’s frame.

This bike has a double-disc braking system, much as every other full-suspension bike. It will give riders greater safety than single breaks since if one fails, the other will be there to support your bike.

According to the company, it is safe to put 90kg of weight on the bike. Additionally, the bike comes with pedals and comfy seats, but it will need to be mended because it arrives 85% constructed.


  • The folding function allows you to carry the bike anywhere you want without taking up too much room.
  • Riders will benefit from longer wheelbases because they are more stable.


  • At this price level, it still does not arrive fully built.
  • Some riders may find the carbon steel frames to be unpleasant.

Wind Greeting 26″ Mountain Bikes

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This is a fantastic mountain bike option since it offers all of the features you are looking for at a reasonable price. The best thing is that you may ride on whatever track you choose, whether it is a small path, snow, sand, or a falling slope. It features big tires, as the name implies, thus the gripping power will be excellent.

This bike from the Wind Greetings brand is another great mountain bike under 750 pounds that will give you a lot of fun while riding. It features an ergonomic shape and a robust frame constructed of high carbon steel that provides great support and strength. It is well-designed since it is wear-and corrosion-resistant and capable of carrying up to 150 kg.

This bike offers tires which sizes are up to 26 inches, and the Shimano 24-speed transmission makes climbing simpler. Not only that but the rear gearbox and finger derailleur set make gear changes a breeze when riding. The fat broadened tire design has 13-cm-wide and is up to five times more wear-resistant than a conventional bike, delivering powerful grip and anti-skid technology so you can easily overcome any off-road terrain.

There is no need to worry about skidding on snow or sand when riding a fat-tire bike because they have exceptional traction and are as wide as 4 inches. These bikes are suitable for all four seasons and may be used everywhere.

All-terrain mountain bikes include front and rear shock-absorption forks. The frame’s strong outer wall is more shock-resistant. In addition, the rear box shock absorber will undoubtedly enhance the rider’s comfort.

When it comes to the braking system, it boasts mechanical double disc brakes in both the front and rear.

The good news is that the saddle of the bike can be adjusted to fit your height and comes with nylon paddles. This bicycle is now available on Amazon at a very reasonable price. 


  • The height-adjustable seat accommodates everyone.
  • There are no parts to fix, so it is ready to ride right away.
  • The price is affordable


  • The bike is more difficult to pedal.
  • It is heavier than regular bikes.

XHJZ Mountain Bikes

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Hardtail mountain bikes are the cheapest form of mountain bike, with suspension forks on a rigid frame, although there are also high-end racing variants.

The brand XHJZ is another one on our list. This bike’s frame is composed of high-carbon steel, which provides greater balancing strength and weight. Each component of the bike is meticulously welded to ensure long-term durability. The pipe is more difficult since different sections of the bike are exposed to different forces.

The mountain bike’s fat tires are available in two sizes: 24 inches and 26 inches, and are mounted on a high-carbon steel frame. Both are appropriate for persons of lower stature. This bike has four-speed versions (7/21/24/27), as well as a twin-disc braking system that adds to the rider’s safety.

It slows down and dampens the fork during a rough ride over mountainous terrain to smooth out the bumps and provide resistance when driving.

This product is now available on Amazon in a number of colors.


  • There are several speed options available.
  • It is appropriate for persons of all heights.


  • Heavily laden.
  • On steep slopes, it is possible to slow down.

ECOSMO 26″ Folding Mountain Bicycle

[amazon box=”B00ENH00J2″ ]

This ECOSMO Folding Mountain Bike has a number of features that will appeal to avid riders. This is one of the best-selling Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes on Amazon, demonstrating the popularity of the design. There is a lot in the specs that suggest riders will be able to have a more exciting ride.

A Shimano 21-speed gear set is included in addition to the shock absorption.

It also comes around 85% complete, with the exception of minor brake cable connections and tire inflation. However, this also means that you have the option of adding a mudguard.

The fact that it can be folded is, of course, another selling factor that sets it different from other motorcycles. A quick-release front wheel should be handier for transportation.

The handlebar’s stem has a quick-release lock for simple folding and height changes. For a more compact form, the pedals also fold in.

The problem is that these pedals are not the strongest, and they have been known to break off in the past.


  • Off-road riding with dual suspension
  • There are several gears to select from.
  • Although the folding components are not ideal, they can aid with transporting.


  • Because of the pedals and their weight, there are difficulties with portability and dependability.
  • There may be parts that you had hoped for but are not available.

Eurobike G4 Folding Mountain Bike

[amazon box=”B07TTGQYNQ” ]

With 3-spoke wheels and a variety of color options, this folding mountain bike offers a unique design. For extra impact, the colors are bright and strong, and the spoke design has the plus advantage of being simpler to clean.

In terms of the specifications, you get a product that is value for your money, and all of the pieces appear to operate as expected.

As a result of the new dual suspension system and twin disc brakes, you will be able to push yourself further and tackle trails you have avoided in the past.

The MTB also includes a big number of Shimano components and 21 gears for better handling. The majority of riders are pleased with the bike’s performance, and there does not appear to be much of a learning curve.

That does not mean that the Eurobike Folding Bike is not without its drawbacks.

The weight of the bike is one of the most significant factors to deal with here. Due to the steel frame, it is heavier than other more costly mountain bikes. As a result, when moving it to the automobile, it may not be as easy to manage and carry. 

It is also worth noting that this is only suggested for people who are 5’4 to 5’9″ tall. Some of the bad reviews are from people who are taller than average and did not see the caution in the description. 

Finally, as with many of these bikes, expert assembly and tuning are required to get the brakes and other components working properly.

So, if you are at the proper height to ride this bike and are not turned off by the prospect of transporting such a hefty folding bike, this might be a wonderful option.

It also appears to be a bit of a steal, based on feedback from other customers and how it rides in comparison to comparably priced bicycles. This mountain bike is not for everyone, but for the right person, it can make a huge impact.


  • The frame and 3-spoke wheels give it a high-end appearance.
  • For the purpose and cost, this is an excellent standard.
  • The foldable frame adds to the user-friendliness of the product.


  • It is a little heavier and shorter than some had anticipated.
  • During the assembling process, it will be necessary to seek expert assistance.

Licorne Bike

[amazon box=”B07TSL7RK9″ ]

The Licorne Bike has a unique strategy to attract new riders. The accessory package is the standout selling feature of this Licorne Bike, while the standard is also quite nice. Few mountain bikes come with as many extras in the packaging as this one. Front and backlights, a frame bag, wheel reflectors, mudguards, and even a bell are included. Even if the bag is not the biggest, it is still a pleasant addition.

When put together, these components create the appearance of a bike that can handle anything. It’s especially useful for parents who are purchasing this bike for an adolescent who has a mental image of a mountain bike. This one appears to be ready to go in a hurry.

Of course, the specification aids in this as well. There is a 21-speed Shimano gear system, which gives you more options than you would think from a bike designed mostly for teens.

There is also a light aluminum frame and an excellent front fork suspension for cushioning. That frame is likewise appealing, with the appropriate geometry for its purpose and a pleasing black and green color palette.

On the other hand, be cautious throughout the Licorne Bike Effect’s assembling process, since certain pieces may be defective. This bike is pre-assembled to some extent, but it will require some adjustments before it can be used. While this will not be a major issue for those who have previously built comparable bikes, there have been reports of issues and some who have struggled.

One issue is that you will have to test the pre-assembled parts to ensure they are fluid and meet your requirements.

Another issue was that some people discovered that the accessories lacked mounting. Apart from the possibility of having to replace the brakes and seat, there is not much to criticize about this system.

So, some components of this mountain bike may need to be upgraded, and you should not anticipate every free item to fit flawlessly or be of good quality. Even so, there are a lot of new customers who are having a fantastic time with this bike.

The specifications, design, and great little touches all work together to create something that can thrill adolescents and novice riders. As a result, the Licorne bike remains an excellent option.


  • The bike’s performance with its gear scheme and suspension
  • The frame’s appearance and weight
  • The large number of extra accessories included in the box


  • Some problems with assembly owing to lacking brackets and tools
  • Upgrades to the seat and brakes are possible.

FLYing Lightweight 21 Speeds Mountain Bikes

[amazon box=”B06Y1CSG11″ ]

The Flying Lightweight MTB offers a lot of promise for beginner riders with its speed and construction.

If you are looking for a mountain bike with a little more speed and better handling, this bike has a lot to offer.

While there is a disclaimer in the listing that this should not be used for competitive or stunt riding, there is still plenty of information here to assist beginning riders.

The speed and wide range of the 24-speed gear system are important considerations. This, along with the lightweight aluminum alloy frame, makes it perfect for gaining speed and tackling a few descents and hills in the great outdoors.

The equipment also includes 29er wheels, which are ideal for this type of exercise, fast Shimano brakes, and the added advantage of lights and a bottle holder.

The bike is also 85% completed, and most purchasers appear to be able to put it together without too much difficulty.


  • The gear system’s wide range of speeds
  • The terrain necessitated the usage of large 29er wheels.
  • To round out the bike, there are a few great additional features.


  • The tires and wheels are malfunctioning.
  • The suspension is being questioned.

Schwinn Surge Adult Mountain Bike

[amazon box=”B07JVTPCY2″ ]

The Schwinn Surge Mountain Bike has the impression of an immediate level bike right away. But you can go over the basic specifications and images, and

notice a number of useful features.

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to the frame of this bike. Then there is the issue of weight. Because it is made of aluminum, it is lighter than several other bikes in this price category, which is ideal for picking up speed and mobility.

Then talking about the appearance. The graphite and orange color palette looks fantastic with the black fork and other details. You will also benefit from the ergonomic geometry, which will help you perform better.

Finally, Schwinn has included brackets, mudguards, along bottle cage mounts. As a result, future updates to the MTB should not be too hard.

In terms of performance, the bike is equipped with a number of high-quality features that make for a fantastic ride. The front fork provides support for greater cushioning on leaps and bumps.

This works well with the sensitive disc brakes, which give you more control over your movements.

Then with a 7-speed gear system, it is so plenty for this level of performance. You also receive high-quality tires on the 26-inch wheel for better control when exploring.


  • The aluminum frame’s appearance and feel
  • Because of the mounting, there is the opportunity to update the bike.
  • For beginner riders, the remainder of the specs is rather excellent.


  • There are a few problems with the gears
  • A time-consuming assembling procedure

Key Factors When Choosing The Best Mountain Bike Under 750

  • Choose the appropriate size.

Everything else comes second to getting the proper frame size. However, do not rely on stated size – while many businesses are converting to small, medium, and big instead of increasingly incorrect numbers, there is no universal definition of large. The big size of one brand may be comparable to the medium size of another.

Rather, you will want to be sure your bike is a good match for you. Look for the reach and stack measures, and do not be afraid to go further than you would on a road bike.

  • Do not stress over your weight.

Although weight is essential, strength is somewhat more important off-road. When unpredictable pebbles, roots, and ruts may grab you from all directions, flimsy has no place-steering precision, cornering, and confidence all suffer, pulling your speed down with them. It is preferable to carry a few more pounds and avoid colliding with the hedge. 

Mountain Bike Under 750
  • Choose quality above quantity when it comes to suspension.

Examine the shocks and forks on the bike you are considering, then utilize the manufacturer’s website to find the precise models. Note that original equipment units may have a different standard than aftermarket units that appear to be identical. Quality damping and a good air spring will benefit you considerably more than any more trip.

Conclusion: Our First Choice For The Best Mountain Bike Under 750

Above is a list of the top 15 best mountain bike under 750. Consider your needs and read our assessment to get the best choice for you.

Finally, we have selected 5 mountain bikes from a total of 15 products that we believe are the best. We hope you will be able to find something that you enjoy!

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