The Best Multi Tool Blades For Any Budget We’ve Tested In 2024

The best multi tool blades are among the most versatile devices available today. They could be used for a variety of purposes and are popular in a variety of industries. They also have the accessories you need for sanding, cutting, and grinding. Choosing the proper blade for your job is critical to obtain the most of the multi-tool! 

This post will provide you what best multi tool blades you might need for specific applications, how to use blades and a few of our favorite selections. Permit yourself to be indulged. Here, we’ll take a closer look at today’s great item, examining its features and history to inspire everyone to buy this stuff. Let’s go right to the meat of the matter!

Best Multi Tool Blades Comparison 2024

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Top 15 Best Multi Tool Blades Reviews 2024

Dremel MM485B Carbide Flush Cutting Oscillating Tool Blades

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The Dremel MM485B would be a high-performance system with space for fast and easy accessory changes. The long-lasting oscillating blades will cut through whatever material fast, enhancing performance. 

These blades possess great manufacturing to quickly cut plaster, fiberboard, galvanized pipes, metal sheets, hardwoods, screws, and many other materials because of the company’s record of creating cutting blades.


  • Most oscillating tools are compatible with it.
  • This Dremel flush cut blade with the fastest cutting speed and the longest life span.


  • The blade tip is brittle and readily breaks off.

Dewalt DWA4216 Oscillating Tool Blades

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This DEWALT DWA4216 set contains a collection of blades, which are compatible with the majority of oscillating tool manufacturers. These blades are robust and durable, and they may be used for a variety of tasks. This is among the best grout removing blades on the market.

If you are a Dewalt lover, you’ll love this tool! It does have a versatile, durable housing, making it among the best multi tool blades to cut metal. By personalizing the compartments with a variety of oscillating accessories, you may tackle a variety of tasks.


  • Blades for many applications are included.
  • There is no need for an adaptor.


  • Because the accessories don’t fit inside the case, its box appears to be an afterthought.

WORKPRO 25-Piece Oscillating Saw Blades Set

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This is indeed a 25-piece set of oscillating tool blades constructed of durable material for high performance. Many quick-release mechanisms are compatible with Workpro oscillating tool blades. These could be used in a variety of tasks, such as sanding hardwood, removing paint, and cutting plastic, metal, and wood, among others.

If you want a full start-up kit that can perform a wide range of tasks such as cutting, scraping, sawing, and more, the WORKPRO 25-piece blade would be your first pick.


  • Most brands are compatible.
  • If the accessories don’t suit the customer’s tools, they can be returned.


  • Dremel MM45 & MM40, Fein Starlock, and Bosch MX30 blades do not fit.

Dremel MM501 1/16-Inch Multi-Max Carbide Grout Blade

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It includes 20 wood and metal saw blades, making it an excellent tool for construction projects. These blades were compatible with most oscillating tool manufacturers, but they are unsuitable with a select few quick-release tools.

Those quick-release tool blades were offset, which is a plus because it allows you to position the unit’s base further away from the object you’re working on. As a result, you can take advantage of the blades’ considerable flexibility. This excellent Oscillating tool blade can also be used to fit a Hex Screw mechanism.


  • When it comes to 2 cuts, it works perfectly.
  • Because the blades were sharp, they’re ideal for home repair projects.
  • Appropriate for electrical work and oscillating saw.


  • Even though it cuts well, it isn’t a good match for Dewalt.
  • Sometimes fitting is difficult and the item falls off.

DEWALT DWA4209 Oscillating Tool Blade

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This blade can be the right choice if you’re looking for the best multi tool blades to cut metal, and 15-18 gauge pins. With the titanium edge tip, the multi-tool blade was capable of accomplishing tough work such as metal cutting. 

Furthermore, the universal fitting eliminates the need for adapters, making it an excellent solution for a broad variety of customers.


  • Excellent on non-metal surfaces like plastic, wood, drywall, and so on.
  • It also holds up nicely against metal.


  • The color fades soon.

MILWAUKEE’S 2626-20 M12

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In our examinations, Milwaukee matched for first place in overall performance. However, this tool has a slight advantage in comparison to cuts that require a lot of pressure, like cutting through thick nails. 

We loved how exact the dial speed control is. Someone like a cabinetmaker or cabinet installer, for example, may benefit from that added degree of precision. 

It’s worth noting that we’ve shown it with batteries. The link (and pricing) on Amazon will be for the simple tool. It makes sense to put this device in the remodeling armory if you’re already using Milwaukee’s 18-volt platform. 

It is a minor quibble, but we like the DeWalt’s strength to stand up on the battery, which practically most cordless drills could do these days.


  • Controlling the speed of the dial with precision.
  • It was a great performance.


  • It could be better if it can stand up on its battery

Bionso 31 Piece Oscillating Saw Blades

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These oscillating blades from Bionso are intended to do 1 thing and only one thing: slice up everything within their path! As a result, we have 31 various blade sizes in one low-cost container. They are long-lasting, have a luxury appearance, and are versatile.

They are quite strong, as they are made of high carbon, thick steel containing bi-metallic alloy. We never had a blade fail us during the period we evaluated them. The edges also were specially hardened to resist corrosion and wear. 

As previously stated, the bundle includes thirty-one different blades, comprising 9 distinct saw blade sizes. They’re all suitable for 95 percent of oscillating tools thanks to the universal interface mechanism. Oh, and its size markings on the blades were incredibly bright and obvious. It was quite beneficial.

There seems to be no carrying bag available, which is a disappointment. However, their customer service was among the best we’d ever seen. Ultimately, this blade set is an excellent choice for anyone seeking the greatest tool blades — it’s a no-brainer.


  • The design is of high quality.
  • Steel alloy construction that is both durable and long-lasting.
  • Compatibility across all platforms.
  • Strong with 31 pieces.


  • There is no carrying bag included with this item.
  • Only blades were provided (no scraper, sander, or other tools are included).

DEWALT DCS356D1 20V MAX XR Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

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This DCS 356 was thin, light (thanks to its small battery), yet simple to use. It’s ideal if you’ll be standing on something like the ladder, or working under sinks, and foresee any unexpected cuts. We like how it stands straight on the battery and how easy it is to set the three speeds to the sanding or cutting work. 

It has excellent trigger sensitivity, and its soft-start feature improves precision by preventing the blades from bouncing off. As the blades cut deeper, increase the speed to full.


  • Slim, light, and simple to use.
  • It is supported by its batteries and stands erect.
  • The three speeds were simple to adjust to the sanding or cutting task at hand.


  • N/A

HEMUNC 64PCS Wood Metal Oscillating Saw Blades Set

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The Hemunc set of blades would be the best option for any oscillating blade user, with a huge set of more than 60 blades. Why? Because there’ll never be too many oscillation-ready blades. Such blades are made of carbide, alloys, diamond/bi-metals dust, and other materials that are tough, adaptable, and capable of doing the job. 

As a result, they are extremely durable and sharp. It was a great experience to use them, both for pros and newcomers. We wish hr blades had a little more individuality, but with these prices (in such large quantities), you can’t complain.

Size markings in CMs and inches can be found on both sides. Plus, the blades’ significantly longer wavy teeth always resulted in smoother, faster cuts. 

So, what would you get when you open the box? Multi-tool bi-metal blades and scraper blades are all included in the set, which costs under $35. Diamond oscillating blades are also available. There are numerous spare available for each of them, and they are also globally compatible.

To be honest, we adored them. Yes, the quality isn’t quite as high as other items on this list. However, the sheer amount of the package, along with the low price, makes it a terrific value.


  • Scrapers, saw blades, sanding wheels, and other blades are included in this blades package.
  • The quality is long-lasting and durable.
  • Very low-cost.
  • There is widespread agreement.


  • It doesn’t have the same luxury feel as the others.
  • Because there is no carrying bag included, storage could be a hassle.

BOSCH Starlock Carbide Oscillating Tool Blades

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It’s no surprise that as one of the top oscillating tool manufacturers, they also provide us with the greatest oscillating blades. Their saw blades were made of carbide and are extremely high quality. They’re razor-sharp, and they’re as tough as the tools they’re meant to go with.

Bosch has built their blades with class-leading accuracy and materials, allowing them to endure 30 times longer than traditional blades — and so it shows! The edges rarely failed or distorted on us, even while cutting stronger nails. Also, it’s corrosion-resistant, that’s useful given the lack of a storage box.

These Bosch blades also feature a three-dimensional fitting for maximum torque transfer, decreased vibration, and improved overall performance. Its blue tint accents look even better in the daylight. Every blade is identified thanks to its color-coded interface and laser engraving. 

Finally, because of the star lock clamping method, it may be used with Bosch as well as other top oscillating tools brands like Makita, Milwaukee, Rigid, and others.


  • Build quality is ultra-premium and long-lasting.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Quality labeled “Bosch.”
  • Support for Starlock.


  • It’s a little pricey for whatever it gives.
  • There is no carrying bag.

Fein 35222942080 Best Oscillating Saw Blades Kit

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LONG LIFE is inscribed on the body of these Fein 35222942080 blades, which are produced in Germany. What’s more, guess what? This does what it says. The blades are covered in an extremely durable material (that the company won’t tell what it is) and can withstand a lot of abuse while remaining sharp. 

Its two-toned pattern is also quite appealing. Unlike almost all of its competitors, these Fein blades use a star lock mounting method that makes them suitable for the majority of modern oscillating equipment, particularly prominent brands like Dealt, Bosch, and others… 

The set comprises two 160 blades and comes in a container of 6 blades. For maximum versatility and good measure, two 161 blades, one blade of 152, and one 151 blades are included. The blades performed admirably in our tests, cutting through ceramic, wood, tiles, and even sheet metal. 

All of the blades come pre-loaded inside a large plastic box, which can hold 30 blades and is designed primarily for metal and wood cutting needs. We think it’s a wonderful touch, especially since many people can have two or more sets of such blades. After all, they’re reasonably priced. 

In addition, if you own an oscillating blade, you should take advantage of this offer immediately!


  • Whether scarping or cutting, this tool is ideal for massive construction demands.
  • It also comes with a fantastic carrying case.
  • The best bang for your buck.


  • Doesn’t cut or handle concrete well.
  • Its cast-iron construction makes it much more prone to rust

Ryker Hardware 10 Metal/Wood Universal

[amazon box=”B01LN3X18U” ]

Are you searching for the toughest and most effective tool blade for nail cutting? If so, you should consider purchasing a 10-piece bi-metal kit of Ryker Hardwar, which offers more resilience and durability. The bi-metal heavy-duty blades can cut wood, fiberglass, plastic, and other materials with precision. 

Furthermore, the built-in indicators can precisely determine the depth of cut. This complete set of multi-tool blades is ideal for both remodeling projects and professional applications. Its universal adaptability and slip-free functioning at various blade angles will please you. 


  • To cut copper tubing and old nails, these toughest cutter blades will help.
  • There is no risk of overheating.
  • Blades that are both fast and robust, as well as reasonably priced.


  • For really high-level detaches, this is fairly irresponsible.
  • The mounting holes were tiny and not perfectly matched.
  • Hardwood floors are not very suitable.

Rockwell AW400 F80 Sonicrafter 4.2 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool

[amazon box=”B07VRF16FP” ]

This tool is the greatest value here because of its sturdy design, high speed and power, and power to cut straight, long lines. It has 2 oscillation settings: aggressive cutting at 5 degrees and precise cutting at 3.4 degrees. Rockwell also increased the value offered by including more accessories in the box.

The spinning lever-release system on its chuck was somewhat difficult to maneuver, but it wasn’t a huge problem.


  • Sturdy construction.
  • Speed and power are excellent.
  • Cutting lengthy, straight lines.


  • The chuck’s spinning lever-release system was still a little tricky to operate.

HIFROM Semi-Circular Wood/Plastic/Soft-Metal Oscillating Saw Blades Kit

[amazon box=”B0785HYZZ6″ ]

HIFROM’s semicircular oscillating blades are made of high carbon thick gauge steel, allowing them to be tough enough to cut through fiberglass, plastic, wood, metal, and other materials. The performance and longevity of this blade are well-known. 

Although this brand could be unfamiliar to you, these blades’ performance will astound you. These blades are designed to cut PVC, plastic, and some other soft materials with ease. Furthermore, the blade’s bi-metal construction ensures endurance and a rust-free customer experience. 

Except for the Bosch Starlock system, this universal fit method functions with all multi-tool blades. This blade pack includes 18 semi-circular blades, as well as a 3-month warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Blades that last a long time for the price.


  • Despite being promoted as the universal blade, it doesn’t fit into so many oscillating instruments.

10 Bi-metal Oscillating Multitool Quick Release Saw Blade

[amazon box=”B00OW4AZX2″ ]

Platinum Blades’ Bi-metal blades are made using thick gauge materials for long-term durability. This comes as part of a ten-piece versatile set, which could be used to remodel, cut soft metal, for demolition and plumbing. 

If you’re working with soft metallic or non-metallic substances including PVC, fiberglass, or mesh, these 10 platinum oscillating blades will make things go quicker and simpler.


  • For the cost of single blades, this is a fantastic deal.
  • Because of the universal arbor, the operation is slick-free.


  • Contact using screws can cause the blades’ lifespan to be shortened.

Things You Should Know About Best Multi Tool Blades

Understanding the consistency and shape of a multi-tool blade is essential. Learn more about this and many other properties of oscillating blades in the following sections.


Multi-tool blades are great for sawing in tight spaces where jigsaws, circular saws, and other traditional saws would be too big. Metal, wood, plastic, stone, and drywall are among the materials that oscillating blades may cut. Plastic, wood, and soft metals can all be cut with universal blades. 

Metal-specific blades are good at cutting through tougher metals, but Japanese-style blades excel in making smooth slices through the wood. Scraper edges on some blades are perfect for removing old linoleum or old wallpaper or caulk. Grinding through cement and mortar requires special blades that are diamond-coated.

Most manufacturers mark what materials their blades will cut through on the blade’s sides to minimize confusion. Oscillating blades are frequently great for tiny work like cutting gaps in drywall, cutting pipelines, grinding away old grout, trimming baseboards, or lopping off heads of the nail because of the ability to produce plunge cuts and cut through varied materials.


The best multi tool blades come in a wide range of metal kinds. The carbon content of high-carbon steel is higher, making it harder. A blade with a high carbon content will be sharper and keep its edge for longer. 

Carbide would be a steel alloy consisting of tungsten, making it significantly harder than some other steel alloys and allowing it to last longer and cut quicker. 

Bi-metal blades are made up of different main of steel: high-speed steel that makes up the teeth and keeps their hardness at even high temperatures, and conventional steel that makes up the saw blade’s body. A bi-metal, like a carbide blade, cuts faster and lasts longer than other steel alloys.

Please remember that carbide and bi-metal steel blades are usually more expensive. Wood-cutting blades are made in the Japanese saw-blade type, which has blade teeth, which cut both directions. Diamond-coated specialty blades are ideal for grinding into masonry, cement, or even glass.

Many blades have a black electrophoretic coating that enhances wear while also preserving the blade from corrosion.

Blade Types

Plunge-cut, scraper, and segment saw blades are the three types of cutting blades. The plunge-cut blades were square with something like the flat edge and are available in a variety of lengths. Measuring strips are usually attached to the 2 flat surfaces and serve as helpful guides for assessing the cut depth. 

The blade can perform more accurate plunge cuts thanks to these measurement strips and the geometry of the blade. Circular saw blades are used in segment saws. When cutting in the middle of a substance, including when cutting the rectangle out of drywall, the circular profile comes in helpful.

Scraper blades have a smooth, broad edge that may slip beneath or behind substances like bathroom caulk or sheet flooring, giving them the appearance of something like a manual scraper.


Some devices have extra features that improve use or prolong the blade’s life. Many straight-edge blades have imperial and metric measurements on their sides to make gauging the cut depth easier.

Most oscillating blades include a quick-release mechanism because they generally wear out fast. This lets the user replace blades, which is especially beneficial for applications like grout grinding or metal cutting that can wear down an edge in much less than one hour.

Tool Compatibility

Oscillating blades have a C-shaped component on the interior that connects to the oscillating tool. Most tools have universal bracket layouts, therefore grooves carved into the component are made to fit them. However, not every oscillating tool is compatible with every blade. Some brands utilize Starlock blades that have a unique star shape that fits the tool perfectly. 

Starlock fittings make a bigger connection between the tool and the blade, allowing for improved power transfer. This Starlock technology also eliminates the need for the hex key, allowing for significantly faster blade replacements. Starlock tools are only compatible with a few blades.

Which Multi Tool Blade Should Be Used For Which Task

In the marketplace, there are lots of different varieties of multi-tool blades with accessories. As a result, the task at hand may necessitate the use of a certain blade or something more adapted to the materials. Check out our instructions below to see which multi cutting accessory you need to use for a certain task:

Cutting Blades With Segments

Cutting blades with segmented segments have a half-moon form. They’re commonly used to make long, linear slices and plunge cuts of wood, PVC, metal, and other materials. These blades contain 0% offset teeth, resulting in a crisp yet smooth finish.

Blades With A Plunge Cut

A straight cutting blade can make the plunge cuts in far smaller, more precise scales than segmented blades. These can cut into the substance more deeply than segmented ones can. Those blades are ideal for making cuts in laminate, skirting boards, drywall, and other materials, as well as rough woodcuts.

Bi-Metal Cutting Blades

Bi-Metal Cutting Blades are a type of cutting blade that is made up of two metals. ‘Bi-Metal’ oscillating blades should be avoided. These blades are tougher, sharper, stronger, and last longer than ordinary blades, making them ideal for metal cutting tasks. They’re wonderful at removing embedded nails from wood.

Scraping Blades

Scraper blades are useful for removing caulk and old wallpaper. They are more efficient and faster than scraping with a manual scraper.


Did you guys know that your multi-tool may also be used to sand? Simply switch out the blade attachments for sanding paper and you’re done. Of course, the procedure is best suited to prepping and sanding tiny areas of the surface. Use a loop and hook sandpaper to remove the dust more effectively!

Diamond/Carbide Grit Blades

Carbide or diamond grit edges on multi-tool blades are often more expensive, but well worth it. They can cut through tougher materials like grout and tile, and they’re usually more durable and stay longer.

Starlock Blades

Greater and greater brands are making Starlock compatible multi-tool blades these days. But what exactly are Starlock Blades, as well as what makes them so unique? Fein and Bosch, two market leaders of multi-tools, collaborated to create Starlock. It was first released in 2016 and it has remained a popular accessory since that.

The new standardized fitting of multi-tool blades is known as Starlock. Its unique form and construction guarantee that more power is sent to the multi-cutter. These blades are used with practically any multi-cutter (it needs to be star lock compatible), then you can utilize Smart Starlock Accessory with any Bosch Multi-Tool.

These simply click into place on the multi-tool, eliminating the necessity of hex keys and enabling for much quicker and more convenient accessory swapping. They are frequently color-marked to make blade type identification easier for the specific application.

Best Multi-Tool Blades: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re curious about the cutting capabilities of multi-tool blades or how long blades endure, keep reading for solutions to that and other frequently asked topics.

Are blades for oscillating tools universal?

Most multi-tool blades were universal, meaning they will fit a wide range of oscillating tools from a variety of manufacturers. One exception is the latest Starlock tools.

Is it possible to cut nails with a multi-tool?

When paired with a blade for metal-cutting, oscillating tools may readily cut through screws and nails.

How long does a multi-blade usually last?

Based on what your oscillating blade was cutting, this can differ. A blade can wear out faster while cutting through drywall or metal than wood. Running the multi-tool at a faster pace heats its blade to a greater temperature, leading this to wear out faster. A blade could last a full day or more when used lightly. A blade may wear out in an hour in heavy-duty usage.

The Bottom Line: Our Top Picks Of The Best Multi Tool Blades

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So maybe the fifteen items in our best multi tool blades review can help you locate your perfect fit. Thanks for reading!

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