Best Position For Roof Box On Car: A Must-know Instruction For You 2024

You are in need of looking for the proper way to place your roof box correctly? It will not be a difficult problem for you anymore as we will give you the answer about the best position for roof box on car.

Roof box is a significant item for the roof of your car. If your car needs an item to carry your bulky luggage, a roof box is the one that will help you do that. But which is the best position for roof box on car? Keep reading as you will know the answer soon.

In this article, we will give you some key features about a roof box, answer the frequently asked questions about roof boxes, and especially the best position to place a roof box on your car.

  • Basic Factors Of A Roof Box
  • Will Roof Boxes Harm Your Car?
  • Do Roof Boxes Accommodate Any Bars?
  • Can a Roof Box Protrude?
  • Best Position For Roof Box On Car
  • A recommended distance between roof bars
  • Are roof bars required?
  • Requirements for Safety

Basic Factors Of A Roof Box

Shape and size

So, now that you know the highest load capacity of your vehicle’s rooftop cargo area, you can begin to think about the size and shape of a roof box that would perform great for you!

Numerous roof boxes are available in a variety of forms, but they typically fall into one of two categories: rounded or square. As a second boot space’, a rounded roof box is ideal for storing additional equipment and clothing, but nothing too large. Take into account a square box if you have heavy objects such as a pram or ski poles.

Foundation system

With the right size and shape in mind, we can move on to shopping for the roof box. This is a crucial step. As simple as selecting a box and sticking it on your car, you’ll need a few more gadgets before you’re ready to start driving.

When it comes to attaching a roof rack, older cars had rain gutters constructed into the roof, but advanced cars don’t, and many have a totally flat roof, which makes the whole sequence a little more difficult.

A full roof rack system consists of a suitable package, towers, and crossbars, among other components. Using cross bars, towers and a fit kit, you can transport all of your gear. Let’s go back to the beginning.

When your roof has no gutters or factory roof rack, you’ll need this kit. In these kits, you’ll find clips named feet or connectors that connect to the corners of your roof in order to accommodate your roof’s bar. Please double check which clips you need before purchasing, as this is the only object that is unique to your vehicle.

If you have a car with towers, make sure they are properly installed. You don’t want your gear to go flying down the road without you! Because they are widespread, you will only need a new collection of fit clips to reinsert your shelf if you alter cars.


In other words, they’re what connects the roof box to the foundation system. Two main forms of connectors exist U-bolts and T-track adapters (also known as T-slots).

In most cases, roof boxes come with U-bolts. U-bolts can be used on any roof box, but there are some drawbacks to using them. Using U-bolts to connect your roof box is not an option if you choose the aero bar. U-bolts can also scrap aluminum bars that are softer in texture.

Fitted with T-track adaptors, these aero crossbars look a lot slicker. T-track converters reduce wind noise by spreading the load.


Following your purchases, you’ll want to start thinking about installing your roof rack and cargo box on your car.

Contact the local Arnold Clark dealership if you are unsure about installing your own roof box.

A roof box’s ease of installation relies on its size and shape. Two people may be required to lift a long, broad box onto the vehicle.

Will Roof Boxes Harm Your Car?

It’s possible that your roof box will cause minimal or no harm to your car if you obey the recommended guidelines. Follow the directions to the letter – weight limits exist to protect your vehicle from being damaged.

If possible, pack your roof box at the lower end of the maker’s highest weight scope. At this point, it’s important to note that roof boxes are heavy and difficult to manage by one person.

Having multiple people on hand to place your box on the bars and connect it safely will also prevent the car from being punctured or scuffed because there will be more hands on deck. The highest speed limit may be specified in your roof box’s handbook when driving with the box attached. You can remove some components from the car roof if you’re driving fast. To avoid an accident, you’ll need to be able to prevent and fix it if your roof box bursts open or even separates from the car’s roof.

It’s important to be cautious when screwing down your roof box to the roof bars because it can cause damage to the roof box. The shelf will be dragged along the roof if it is too loose. Too tight, and the bars and box will be damaged.

Do Roof Boxes Accommodate Any Bars?

As a general rule, the vast majority of roof boxes are compatible with most roof bar styles. It is important to note that there are exclusions to every rule. Supplemental bars will be needed to assist long boxes that retain skis and other larger, sleeker pieces of gear, such as snowboards.

The roof bars on your vehicle may not be strong enough to hold a box that tips the scales more than the roof bars permit, so you may need to append another one or two to increase steadiness.

Can a Roof Box Protrude?

Although there will be some outcropping when installing a roof box on a car, the amount should be kept to an absolute minimum. It can be hard to find a roof box that fits your vehicle perfectly, so getting one that covers an inch or two on each side will be fine and shouldn’t cause you any trouble.

As long as there are more than two inches on either side, you may have balance problems. When it comes to driving, you’ve got a lot to deal with. If the roof shifts, the ride will be jerky and distracting. That is to say, it’s incredibly risky.

Finding a longer, not broader roof rack is the best solution if protruding is inevitable. You’ll need a roof box that can accommodate longer items. As a result, additional support should be added to maintain a uniform distribution of the weight.

It should also go without saying that your roof box should not intrude with other road users, and this should be obvious to everyone. If you have a Mini Cooper, don’t try to fit an Audi Q7 roof box on top of it.

There shouldn’t be too much crossover at the back of the vehicle, particularly in a hatchback or car with an elevated trunk. Even a few millimeters of extra space can cause harm to the car’s facade. You might end up smashing your rearview mirror, which is not something you want to deal with right before your eight-hour road trip. Allow enough space for the hatch or trunk to operate outside of the box.

Best Position For Roof Box On Car

As much as possible, distribute the weight so that there are no problems with the weight on the top of the vehicle. It’s possible that if you have to make an urgent stop and pull hard on the roof box, it will switch if the majority is placed too far forward or too far back.

This could cause the rack to be pulled up and away from the car, significant harm to the vehicle’s body. If the bars and boxes are mounted correctly according to the producer’s guidelines, this can be minimized. Pack your roof box with additional precautions to prevent this from happening.

Use your prevalent perception – if the load appears to be too heavy or it is challenging to reallocate the suitcases, you may have to store the more embarrassing objects in the trunk or on the back of the car for the duration of the trip. To improve aerodynamics and inspire airflow around the box, it should be connected closer to the back of the vehicle than the front. And consider this: the less drag on the car, the better the fuel usage.

A Recommended Distance Between Roof Bars

In general, the more space between roof bars, the more difficult it will be for them to support the weight of the box. As a rule of thumb, most roof box producers suggest spacing bars no more than 24 inches apart. Also, keep in mind that this standard also covers the existing rack as well as any crossbars.

As a general rule, a box that has been overfilled or is carrying heavier cargo will need additional support. It’s possible to add a few more bars to your roof if they fit.

Consequently, the bars should be equitably apportioned to ensure that the box is properly endorsed from front to back. You’ll want to make sure that your roof box doesn’t droop and scratch your car’s paint despite the fact that most car boxes are made of tough plastic. If the freight pouch falls between the bars, it may come close to touching the vehicle’s roof. This can be prevented by distributing the roof bars evenly.

Before putting anything on your car’s roof, make sure it can support the maximum weight. This will allow you to decide how many bars you’ll need for each box.

When calculating that number, keep in mind to account for the rack itself as well as any additional bars that may be required. They may be light, but they will still contribute to the overall weight.

Take into account the type of product to be attached to the roof rack and account for its length, width, and weight. It is better to be safe and add more bars if necessary than to have whatever is being carried harm the vehicle’s roof.

If you’re not sure whether you should stick with what you’ve got, you can seek advice from a specialist retailer. A professional will inform you of your choices and even assist you in preparing the vehicle prior to the installation of the roof box.

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Are Roof Bars Required?

Roof bars are required for the installation of a roof box. The use of a simplified rope isn’t necessary. It’s essential that your car or van has a spot where you can mount the box. If your car does not come standard to roof box bars, you can arrange them and have them set up.

Roof boxes are not only useful, but they can also hold a lot of luggage. Your vehicle and your belongings can be damaged if you set them up incorrectly.

Implementing the box is easy, but there are a few significant factors to make before mounting the roof box to your vehicle, such as the load capacity of the roof box bars.

Requirements For Safety

A protruding roof box at the front of your car could obstruct your vision and make driving risky. It falls over the edge of the car could endanger others on the road. The box ensures complete movement to the back, so it should be pushed to the center or toward the back.

Nevertheless, you must remember how far back you mount it so that the hatch does not collide with it. It’s possible that there’s only an inch or two between the back of the roof box and the hatchback’s glass.


We hope that you will find the best position for roof box on car after reading this article. The information below is the crucial one that you need to know about a roof box in order to use it properly on your car. Looking for other important guidelines to preserve your car? Check out our article!

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