You Can Create Music Better With The Best Midi Controller For Logic Pro X

You may know that the Logic Pro X is a product of the Apple brand. And it’s almost become an indispensable musical tool that every object from beginners to advanced use it. Even though Apple tried its best to make it with the simplest and straightforward usage to control, for some users, it is still quite difficult. And the best midi controller for Logic Pro X is a great solution for them.

However, with many products in the market now, you may also have some difficulties selecting one for yourself. Go with us in this article, we will give you some recommendations depending on different criteria. And soon, you can get the most suitable item. Let’s get started.

Best Midi Controller For Logic Pro X Comparison 2024

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Top 25 Best Midi Controller For Logic Pro X Reviews 2024

Novation Impulse 49 Keys USB Midi Controller Keyboard

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Novation Impulse 49 Keys USB Midi Controller Keyboard is the first product we want to introduce to you in this article today. It is a midi controller which probably consists of almost all necessary functions for users. And now, let’s go with us to check more detailed information about this item.

First, about the durability of this product, this midi controller was made from the solid material. Not only that, the makers gave it a really strong construction. Thanks to that, you can bring it everywhere without worrying that it will be damaged because of being impacted.

Next it operates extremely smoothly with an ultra-responsive piano keyboard. You can control it easily and quickly with gentle and simple manipulations. Besides, this item was equipped with the HRS technology – High Rate Scan. This technology helps this controller be able to scan up to 10.000 times each second and capture all your nuances.

And as this is a full-size product, it supplies users with some sensitive drum pads. With them, you can design arpeggio, roll, loop beat, etc. In addition, you will receive a course to learn much new knowledge with Melodics such as keys drumming, pad drumming, etc.

This first full-size recommendation for you consists of almost all the necessary features. We think that in this case, you don’t need to bring it along to many places, it is really a suitable product that you ought to try.


  • Solid material and construction.
  • Ultra-responsive piano keyboard.
  • HRS technology – High Rate Scan.
  • Control easily.
  • Operate smoothly.
  • Sensitive drum pads.
  • Be able to learn with Melodics.


  • It is quite big and bulky.

Alesis VI61 – 61-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

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The next recommendation we have is a selection from the Alesis brand. It is called with the name Alesis VI61 – 61-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller. It may be a bigger choice than the first one. So come with us to know what it has.

This midi keyboard has a total of 61 piano keys, 16 pads, 16 assignable knobs, and 48 assignable buttons. And even though it has too many functions that were integrated into a product, you can still control and use it extremely perfectly and easily. Besides, the knobs and buttons were equipped with the lights below to make it more eye-catching and easy to see.

In addition, this tool will also provide visual feedback for you via a LED screen at once. Thanks to that, you can know accurately what you did and what you need to do next. Not only that, it gives customers the USB midi and about 5 pins which allow you to connect with many other devices easily.

And to help you can control more stably and create music better, the manufacturers designed the modulation wheels combined with pitch. In order not to be inferior to other competitors, softwares come with to supports users learning how to use and work with this tool better is necessary. And the Alesis VI61 brings to you some apps such as First Alesis Edition, ProTools, Eleven Lite, Ableton Live Lite 9, DB-33, etc.

A wonderful recommendation that you shouldn’t ignore if you really want to find out the best midi controller for logic pro X.


  • Control completely and easily.
  • LED screen.
  • USB midi.
  • 5 pins midi.
  • Modulation wheels.
  • Pitch.
  • Many software included.


  • It consumes quite a lot of energy.

Arturia KeyLab Essential 49 MIDI Controller Keyboard

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At the third position, we will give you another choice that is Arturia KeyLab Essential 49 MIDI Controller Keyboard. In addition to 49 keys like others, now come to know which different features that this product has.

First, when you look at the product’s picture, you can see that it includes 49 piano keys, 8 drum pads, 9 assigned knobs, and 9 faders. This is a great number that will still be enough for you to create new music freely and you don’t need to waste too much time learning how to use all of it. Besides, the piano keyboard is the UVI grand – model D. You will have a really modern tool to go on your career in the best condition.

Combined with the responsive keyboard, you will have a professional and comfortable feeling when using this controller in your studio. In addition to that simple feature, this product comes with many apps. Such as the Analog Lab app, which consists of about 5000 synth sounds. You can completely use them, refer to them or combine them with each other to create new, better and exclusive sounds for yourself.

Some others like Ableton Live Lite or KeyLab Essential 49 will support you every time, inspire you to learn and work in the most enjoyable and effective way. Such a great product, why don’t you give it a try?


  • Responsive keyboard.
  • UVI grand piano – model D.
  • Smart faders and knobs.
  • Consists of the Analog Lab app.
  • Consists of the Ableton Live Lite app, etc.


  • we didn’t look for any weaknesses from its information

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 – 49 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

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Next, we have the next product for you. It was named M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 – 49 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller. Now, we will explain to you why this item can become one of the best choices for you to try.

The Oxygen Pro 49 will bring to you enough things to produce music conveniently. They include 49 keys, 16 pads, 9 assigned faders, 8 assigned knobs, and 8 buttons. These functions were arranged in an operating order which helps you use all of them easily and most comfortably.

Not only that, all keys were made extremely sensitive so they can work with a high velocity. You don’t need to worry that this controller will not be able to respond quickly to the actions you have just taken. In addition, thanks to the note repeat function, you are able to save and use what you saved to create beats, trigger soundboards, or many other things with them. And don’t waste time making the same thing many times.

Besides, this midi controller was installed with many special tools that you may need for your projects such as DAW control and plugin parameters with mapping automatically, intelligent scale mode, intelligent chords, and so on. These tools will help you much and make your career become easier and more interesting.


  • Sensitive keys.
  • High-velocity keys.
  • Semi-weighted keys.
  • Note repeat function.
  • Control easily and completely.
  • Consist of some software for customers.


  • The instructions are not really clear for you to understand easily.

Alesis VI49 – 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

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If you think that the product above of Alesis brand is quite large to you, you want to look for a smaller one but you still like the best midi controller for logic pro X of this brand, here is a wonderful recommendation for you. We are talking about the Alesis VI49 – 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller. Check its description and also compare it with the one before.

This item from Alesis is quite similar to the first one too. First, about the number of keys and other knobs and buttons, they were reduced. Hence you will have 49 piano keyboards, 16 pads, 12 knobs, operates and 36 buttons. It is also considered a full-size midi controller so it has complete and pretty much all the necessary tools.

Besides, all pads, keys or anything operates very stably, sensitive and everything will have RGB feedback. And all that feedback will be shown to you on the LED display. Thanks to that, you can make beats better and create music with more freedom.

And you are also allowed to connect to many types of devices at the same time with up to 5 pins output and USB midi. Apps you will have with this midi controller are ProTools, Eleven Lite, Ableton Live Lite 9, DB-33, Xpand! 2 and virtual instruments in Air Music Tech, etc.


  • Modulation wheels.
  • RGB feedback.
  • LED display.
  • Buttons and knobs can illuminate.
  • Connect flexibility with many types of devices.
  • High-end apps


  • The pads are quite hard and stiff.

IK Multimedia iRig Keys 2 Pro – Compact Universal MIDI Keyboard

[amazon box=”B07XSGJ4ZL” ]

This is another compact controller for you. Even though it was designed very compactly, it may still consist of enough keys and functions for you to use. And this is all the information about the IK Multimedia iRig Keys 2 Pro – Compact Universal MIDI Keyboard.

The first information we find is that this product is very compact. Because it was designed to have good portability, you can bring it along everywhere to practice or perform. Compared with other products in the market now, it only has 39 keys on the piano keyboard but they are full-size. In addition, it was equipped with some small pads and faders too. Hence it still ensures you have enough function to work well.

Not only that, the iRig Keys 2 Pro is compatible with almost all devices and operating systems. You can completely connect it with iPad, iPhone, PC or Mac, or other Android devices. That is the reason why you don’t need to worry that you will have to get a new device suitable for this midi controller.

And hundreds of music apps operating with this item are almost all available for every type of smartphone or laptop. Therefore, you will have many selections to get the most wonderful app to learn to play, compose some new song or perform a cover. All those jobs will be controlled very simply and conveniently and you can feel immediately you try it.

In the case you want to control some other stand-alone gears, analog synthesizers and drums, you will still be allowed to do that with the 3.5 mm input and output. Extremely comfortable. Why haven’t you got it to try yet?


  • Compact design.
  • Great sound.
  • Compatible with almost all devices.
  • Work with hundreds of music apps.
  • Control conveniently.
  • Have 3.5 mm input and output.


  • Pressing the keys to getting the nice volume is a bit tricky.

Novation Launchpad X MIDI Grid Controller for Ableton Live

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We think that after the 6 products above, you also know more features that a good midi controller for logic pro X needs to have. Therefore, from this selection, we only gather similar points and share more about special features. And Novation Launchpad X MIDI Grid Controller for Ableton Live is the next selection for you.

This is a completely different tool for you to change your hobby. It doesn’t include a piano keyboard and some pads like other items. It is a real launchpad with a total of 64 big RGB pads. And this item is also a perfect version of the Ableton Live. Not only that, these pads were made with multi-function high quality to work smoothly, sensitively, and at high speed.

Besides, it brings to you multi-functions to ensure you always have many ideas to compose new projects such as mute, solo, pan, volume, record arm and sends. Users will be able to control them without a mouse easily. Not only that, this best midi controller for logic pro X provides you 4 modes to change to suit each idea.

About the Scale and Dynamic Note modes, they are created for you to use when playing or writing melodies, basslines, leads, and chords.  Or you can also control mappings and so on. Even so when you play drums, it also knows and shows the drum rack for you on the grid.

If you like a tool with a new style, you can choose to try this one.


  • 64 big RGB pads.
  • High sensitive.
  • Good velocity and pressure.
  • Multi-function.
  • 4 adjustable modes.


  • Their components software for midi control is not too flexible.

Roland A-49 Midi Keyboard Controller

[amazon box=”B00AYPPZAG” ]

Next, we will introduce to you a product which comes from the Roland brand. And we call it with the name Roland A-49 Midi Keyboard Controller. Its information is shown here for you.

In stark contrast to the launchpad above, this controller doesn’t have any pads. It only has a piano keyboard and is a little similar to a normal piano. And the A-49 owns a really slim and compact design. That is also the reason why it is very lightweight.

The 49 keys on it are all velocity and sensitive. Thus, you can work with them quickly and smoothly. And to increase the convenience of this product, users licensed connect it to the iPad by using the camera of the Apple iPad. Besides, some simple operations can be performed via 2 switches and 2 knobs which were installed on the controller.

Combined with the Cakewalk Sonar LE software, you can feel the profession when using it to work with your favorite music. A perfect and professional choice for beginners.


  • Slim and lightweight design.
  • 49 velocity-sensitive keys.
  • Easy to use.
  • High and professional quality.
  • Support Cakewalk Sonar LE software.


  • In the case you press keys too fast, it will not make enough sound for you.

KORG NanoKONTROL – USB and Bluetooth Studio Mobile MIDI Controller

[amazon box=”B01AT2ATYU” ]

KORG is the next brand which will give some recommendations for you. And the first one for you in this list is KORG NanoKONTROL – USB and Bluetooth Studio Mobile MIDI Controller. And these are reasons why we think that this item can become the best midi controller for logic pro X for many customers.

This product was designed in a really small size to help users be able to carry it everywhere in their bag. It will not make you feel that it is very bulky or heavy. Besides, different from others, this midi controller will operate by using a battery instead of connecting with power directly so you need to ensure it fully charges before bringing it somewhere to perform or practice.

However, the range of control that this item gives customers is a little less than others. Even so, it still ensures having enough features for your work. If you want to connect with the iPhone, Ipad, Mac or Windows devices, you can choose to connect via the USB connector or wirelessly. And of course can connect to music software on devices too.


  • Small size.
  • Battery operated.
  • 2 ways to connect.


  • Don’t supply a channel volume slider.

Nektar Panorama P4 MIDI Controller

[amazon box=”B008EY9XPW” ]

Let’s come to the Nektar Panorama P4 MIDI Controller right now. Look at its picture, you can see that it has almost enough features and keys. And you will know more about it soon by reading its description.

Nektar Panorama P4 MIDI Controller is a medium-size choice. It has a total of 49 keys and they are all really ultra-expressive. Not only that, this item can work with a very hi-res faders motor (100 mm alps).

Besides, it was equipped with deep integration and many customizations for users to select one to be suitable with the types of music you compose. Some of them are StudioOne, Reaper, Cubase, Bitwig Studio, Logic Pro, etc.

And to help your career become more convenient, the makers created the assignable function. With this function, users are able to assign up to more than 90 keystrokes and control them completely via every software on the computer or any device.


  • Having high resolution.
  • 49 good keys.
  • Deep integration.
  • Many customizations.
  • Can assign more than 90 keystrokes.


  • The black keys are quite harder than the white ones.

KORG MICROKEY2-37AIR Bluetooth Wireless and USB MIDI Controller

[amazon box=”B018ATKI7C” ]

This is the second item from the KORG brand for you. It is the KORG MICROKEY2-37AIR Bluetooth Wireless and USB MIDI Controller. Check the description and compare it with the one above to know why we choose it for this list.

Here is a mini controller with only 37 keys and was installed with any fads or buttons, etc. The special thing is they are touch keys so you will feel that they operate very smoothly when you press each one. Thanks to that, every object users can control exactly and expressively.

In addition, you can connect it with other smartphones or laptops in 2 ways: via USB wired or Bluetooth are all fine. And you can use better with more great features thanks to many free apps that will be supplied on devices.


  • Only 37 touch keys.
  • Connect via USB wired or Bluetooth.
  • Expressive and exact control.
  • Consists of many free apps.


  • It only works with 13 IOS devices.

Keystep – Polyphonic Step Sequencing Keyboard Controller

[amazon box=”B01BPSBU40″ ]

This is a really beautiful product with full white color. And its name is Keystep – Polyphonic Step Sequencing Keyboard Controller. Come with us to know which features it has.

Here is a most perfect choice for someone with light work movements since it was designed with slim keys, and it has a total of 32 keys and all they have really wonderful velocity sensitivity.

Although the number of keys is very small, this tool was also equipped with a strong polyphonic sequencer. And this equipment can help you compose up to 8 notes for each step. Besides, with some available classical chords, musicians will have a rich source of creative inspiration.

The most special feature which attracts more customers to get this product is a built-in arpeggiator function. Do you think this unique function will be useful for you?


  • Slim keys.
  • Installed arpeggiator function.
  • Classical chords.
  • Strong polyphonic sequencer.


  • Don’t provide as many functions as others.

M-Audio Oxygen 25 V – 25 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

[amazon box=”B092XJ45ZB” ]

We only have over half of the selections in this article. If you are quite tired now, relax a little bit and continue with us because we still have up to 13 recommendations for you. Come back with us with the M-Audio Oxygen 25 V – 25 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller.

This is a mini choice for people who want to have a midi controller to carry everywhere. It provides users 25 sensitive and velocity keys, 8 drum pads are divided into 2 banks, and 8 assigned knobs. These are all tools on this item for you to create your own music.

In addition, you can also connect it with other devices which are compatible with USB C and USB 3.0 via the appropriate adapter. Many software which is included in a complete production package (Ableton Live Lite, MPC Beats, Akai Professional MPC Expansion (5 packs) and AIR Music Tech ( with 2 virtual instruments: Mini Grand and Hybrid 3)) will help you work more conveniently and better too.


  • 25 sensitive and velocity keys.
  • 8 drum pads.
  • 8 assigned knobs.
  • Connect via USB C and USB 3.0.
  • Complete production software package.


  • The 25-key layout slightly limits the range of sounds you can use.

AKAI Professional MPK Mini MKII – 25 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

[amazon box=”B00IJ6QAO2″ ]

AKAI is also one of the brands that have many products for you to try. AKAI Professional MPK Mini MKII – 25 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller is the first one for you to check and decide to choose. Here is the explanation for you.

Here is another mini recommendation with only 25 keys. But you still have a larger range to adjust foolproof thanks to an octave up/down buttons. Other parts that are also essential are 8 MPC drum pads, which were designed with backlit to look prettier, and 8 assigned Q-link knobs to help you mix and tweak more wonderfully.

Besides, you don’t need too much time to know how to use it. Just need to plug it in and use it. Everything which is necessary for your career is provided, most special is 1400 sounds for productions and some production apps for PC and Mac after you connect such as AKAI Pro MPC Beats, Hybrid 3 (from AIR Music Tech), and SONiVOX Wobble.


  • 25 keys.
  • Octave up/down buttons.
  • 8 backlit MPC drum pads.
  • 8 assigned Q-link knobs.
  • Easy to use.
  • 1400 sounds for production.
  • Consist of necessary production software for PC and Mac.


  • This item was made from plastic so it looks quite cheap and may be damaged easily.

Nektar Impact GX61 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

[amazon box=”B01EN0FWUU” ]

This is the second item of Nektar – Nektar Impact GX61 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard. It is a really compact item but still has enough functions for every object to use.

Information about this product is extremely brief. From what you can see, it has a total of 61 full-size keys for 61 notes. And this number is really enough for you to create music at every foolproof.

And to become a suitable selection of the best midi controller for logic pro X, midi buttons are indispensable. Here, the manufacturers supplied 14 buttons including octave button, transpose button, modulation wheels, bent pitch, and so on.


  • 61 full-size keys for 61 notes.
  • 14 indispensable midi buttons.
  • DAW Integration.


  • Somewhat limited in terms of other features like drum pads, knobs, faders, etc.

Nektar Impact LX25+ USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

[amazon box=”B01M0KBF9F” ]

At this position, we will introduce another version for you. It is the Nektar Impact LX25+ USB MIDI Keyboard Controller. These are everything it has.

In all the mini selections we give you in this article today, this may be the greatest and worth being the best mini product for the best midi controller for logic pro X. First, it has a really compact design with dimensions: L-47.62 cm x D – 26.67 cm x  H – 6.98 cm.

Although it was designed extremely small to be convenient to bring along, it still ensures having enough tools on that. Consist of: 25 sensitive keys, 8 drum pads with backlit, 8 knobs, 1 fader for adjusting volume, 6 transpose buttons, octave buttons, pitch bend, and modulation.


  • Compact design.
  • 25 keys.
  • 8 drum pads with backlit.
  • 8 knobs.
  • 1 fader.
  • 6 transpose buttons.
  • And other support tools


  • The USB connection was made ultra-slim and not durable.

AKAI Professional MPD218 – Ultra-Portable USB Bus-Powered 16-Pad USB/MIDI Pad Controller

[amazon box=”B0116X17JW” ]

We still have up to 9 remaining selections for you today. Thus, from this selection, we only talk quickly and gather all features of each product shortly. And here is the second product from the AKAI brand – AKAI Professional MPD218 – Ultra-Portable USB Bus-Powered 16-Pad USB/MIDI Pad Controller.

This controller only has 16 thick MPC pads for you to make beats. You can use them to trigger drums, make effects, melodic samples, or many other things. Another helpful function is the note repeat function. Thanks to that you will be able to immerse in your music more comfortably and well.

In addition, the makers also give you 3 apps (universal drums BigBang, cinematic percussion Sonivox Big Bang, and Ableton Live Lite). And you can control all of them by connecting your controller with IOS devices and controlling that. These support tools will make your composing career become easier.


  • 16 thick MPC pads.
  • Note repeat function.
  • Combined with 3 helpful apps.
  • Connect and control with IOS


  • Pads’ sensitivity is not really as good as others.

Donner MIDI Keyboard DMK25, Mini 25 Key Professional USB Type-C MIDI Controller

[amazon box=”B08MXKGRT4″ ]

If you want to look for a small best midi controller for logic pro X for you to bring along easily, this is a wonderful choice for you. And its name is Donner MIDI Keyboard DMK25, Mini 25 Key Professional USB Type-C MIDI Controller.

This product is a standard item because it has enough necessary features of the best midi controller for logic pro X. The thin and compact design will increase its flexibility. All installations are 25 premium keys, 8 backlit pads, 6 transpose buttons, 4 knobs, and 4 sliders.

Not only that, it was equipped with a modern AIR touch bar. Thanks to that, it is not only a standard choice but also a modern item.


  • Thin and compact design.
  • 25 premium keys.
  • 8 backlit pads.
  • AIR touch bar.
  • 6 transpose buttons.
  • 4 knobs.
  • 4 sliders.


  • No have minimum and maximum position on control knobs.
  • No support apps included.

KORG nanoKEY2 – USB MIDI Keyboard

[amazon box=”B004M8UZG0″ ]

The next item from the KORG brand is KORG nanoKEY2 – USB MIDI Keyboard. It has a shorter name but it still has the ability to become one of the great midi controllers for logic pro X that you ought to try.

The KORG nanoKEY2 was made like a piano keyboard but the arrangement of 25 keys is quite different. That is the reason why it is called an advanced keyboard. Besides, it still supplies some other necessary buttons such as: turn up/down octave/pitch buttons, sustain button, and mode button.

And of course the producers still support you to connect via the USB. The compatibility with the iPad is an essential thing for you to control it better and more effectively.


  • Advanced keyboard.
  • 25 keys.
  • USB connection.
  • Compatible with iPad


  • Not compatible with many types of devices.

Behringer X-TOUCH MINI Midi Controller

[amazon box=”B012CSKTYY” ]

Here, we have a mini controller for you to carry easily. We call it the Behringer X-TOUCH MINI Midi Controller.

Though this is just a mini midi controller, it is really modern and owns many exciting features. Such as remote control to help you control effects, daws, lightning and instruments. The Mackie control mode allows users to combine integration with production software more smoothly.

And you can also change and adjust control between instrument and daw better and more conveniently thanks to the 2-layer model. A really great item that no one should skip.


  • Remote control.
  • Mackie control mode.
  • 2-layer model.


  • The rotary dials are pretty easy to break.

Alesis Qmini – Portable 32 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

[amazon box=”B08SCMXLCW” ]

In all options we give you above, we have a 61-key and a 49-key midi controller. Hence, up to now, we will give you a smaller one with 32 keys – Alesis Qmini – Portable 32 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller.

All things that this item has are 32 sensitive keys that work with good speed, all essential buttons, and knobs (transpose, octave, modulation, pitch bend, volume knob, etc.)

The best plus point for this item is being used with every music production software including bundled apps (First Alesis Edition, AIR Music Tech, Melodic with 60 free lessons and Akai Professional MPC Beats) and other external apps.


  • 32 keys with good speed.
  • Enough essential buttons and knobs.
  • Can be used with almost all music production software.
  • Have professional apps come with it.


  • It may not have sounded if you press keys too fast.

Alesis V-Mini USB-MIDI Keyboard Controller – 25 Keys

[amazon box=”B01BDMKK1W” ]

This is the tiniest midi controller for you. It is called Alesis V-Mini USB-MIDI Keyboard Controller and only supplies 25 keys for customers. let’s go with only 25 keys, which it can give you.

Thanks to the compact appearance and the lightweight feature, you can completely bring it everywhere to compose without being bulky or heavy. And of course, it has to have enough function to be able to create music completely.

They are 25 mini keys, 4 sensitive backlit drum pads, 4 knobs to control DAW, effects and virtual instruments, and some essential buttons you can see on its picture.


  • Compact appearance.
  • Lightweight.
  • 25 mini keys.
  • 4 sensitive backlit drum pads.
  • Control DAW with 4 knobs.
  • Other essential buttons.


  • It is more like a toy than a professional controller.

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 MK3 – Portable USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

[amazon box=”B07GBNNF23″ ]

Now, we only have 3 remaining items. Relax and keep a comfortable mind to go on this list 

with another product of M-Audio brand – M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 MK3 – Portable USB MIDI Keyboard Controller.

Actually, though this recommendation can become a choice of the best midi controller logic pro X, it doesn’t own any new or special technologies. All it has are simple features 32 sensitive keys, pitch bend function, octave buttons, modulation buttons, sustain button, volume knob, etc. And with only these things, you can use and create your own beat.


  • 32 keys on a tool.
  • Easy to start-up and use.
  • Pitch bend.
  • Modulation buttons.
  • Octave buttons.
  • Volume knob.
  • Sustain button.


  • The keyboard may flex quite a bit when you play it.

Volume Controller – Vaydeer USB Volume Controller – Multimedia Control Knob

[amazon box=”B08V4ZB5MV” ]

Don’t need to waste much time, come to the Volume Controller – Vaydeer USB Volume Controller – Multimedia Control Knob right now with us.

Like what it shows on the name, it can only control the volume for you. So this item is only a small part in many support tools for your composing career. But, it was made extremely professional.

It was made from high-quality metal so it will probably be very durable and sturdy. In addition, it was designed non-slip to ensure it always stays at the right position you put before. A great point is this tool is compatible with almost all devices so, for every object, this is still a wonderful volume controller.


  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Non-slip design.
  • Compatible widely


  • Not own many functions to control and make beats like other items.

AKAI Professional LPD8 – Portable USB-powered MIDI Controller

[amazon box=”B002M8EEW8″ ]

The AKAI Professional LPD8 – Portable USB-powered MIDI Controller is the last recommendation for you and also the product which finishes this long list.

Since this product doesn’t give any special features or new technologies, we only gather all its characters here to save time for you: thin design to carry along flexibly, 8 backlit pads, 8 MPC knob, USB supported to connect with other devices, MPC Beat apps will help you compose better.


  • Thin design.
  • 8 backlit pads.
  • 8 MPC knobs.
  • USB supported.
  • Consist of MPC Beat apps.


  • we didn’t see any bad features in this product

Here Are Some Features For You To Check More Carefully To Have The Best Midi Controller For Logic Pro X

With extremely large selections, how can you choose the best midi controller for logic pro X which is suitable for you? That is the reason why you need to read this part. We will let you know some main features for you to care about and choose the best one depending on them.

The number of keys

This is the first thing we advise you to pay attention to. And it depends on your demand. If you need a midi controller to put and work at home, you can get the item that has about 61 or a bigger one to have a larger range of notes. But in the case you want a more flexible one, you can choose mini products such as 32 keys or 25 keys.

Types of controlling

Type of controlling bases on the thing you control. However, it also depends on your hobby because each product of each brand has a different design. And according to what we looked for, it has 5 main types of controls: key, knob, fader, button, pad. They can also be combined with each other in a product. Hence it only depends on you.

Besides that, you can care about the size, the price, their special technology, software supported, etc.


In all recommendations we share with you above, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. And this is also the reason why you may still be a little hesitant to decide to select one. Here we have a table consisting of the 5 most wonderful choices of the best midi controller for logic pro X in our opinion for you to refer to.

[amazon table=”272″]

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