Hitch Climber Review 2024: Which One Is The Best For Mountain Climbing?

To conquer the highest peaks safely and quickly, you need to equip personal protective equipment such as hats, shoes, pulleys, a sturdy climbing rope keychain, or a hitch climber. Here are the top-sellings in the market that we would like to introduce to you

Best Hitch Climber Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Best Hitch Climber Reviews 2024

Wallfire 30KN 

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Wallfire 30KN is a relatively compact and convenient keychain model for backpackers. The Wallfire 30KN can withstand loads up to 25KN. In addition, it is also made from strong aluminum alloy with a weight of about 91 grams. You can control with one hand to rotate the lock when opening/closing. The product is suitable for activities such as climbing, hiking, rescue, camping, dog leash,

Widely used for outdoor exploration, climbing, recall, rescue, building, airborne construction, and other tasks. The dual-bearing supports effective high-speed sprocket spinning and reduces the surface roughness when moving. A contoured pulley constructed of cast iron, suited for RC columns, has a solid texture to reduce stress on the line.

Built of high-quality titanium aircraft material, it is robust and resistant and provides excellent durability and balance. Up to 30 KN is full capacity and suited for 14-mm ropes or 15-mm rope diameters.

It’s quite like the Knut, and which is greater relies on who you are asking. I noticed that you seem to need to have a lot of wrapping to grip it reliably but that will provide you with a great deal of control when removing loads for smooth changes.

Because this one is very much in line with a prusik but includes an aspect of “slip relief.” This includes the creation of a little physical benefit system that could be freed with only one hard tug. When hanging, it is suitable for a guyline cooling system.


  • Big capacity 
  • Modern layout
  • Robust


  • Expensive

 NewDoar CE Certified 25/28KN 

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NewDoar CE Certified 25/28KN is designed with a large release pin and lower weight. This NewDoar CE Certified 25/28KN is small in size but powerful and extremely effective. The outer shell of the lock is made of high-quality hard aluminum, which is stainless and very durable. In addition, the product also has CE / UIAA certification to ensure the safety of all your climbing journeys.

This is the most effective tandem sweeper. The CE EN12279 CE 1018 certificate guarantees the safety and confidence of cable car gear. This simultaneous double sweat is easily adjustable and robust and can be worn for your outdoor recreation, thanks to the high hardness elastomer casing and ball carrier. The cable rope climbs with a spin up to 34 m/s, placed on a metal ball. It is strong enough for 29 KN(6179 lb)[2700 kg] to protect your interests.

As a common pulley to carry or carry equipment, it costs only:0.54 IB(246 g); for ratchet straps simply cutting, bendable enough for your favorite cable manner.

[Annual Request] The double sweater may be employed indoors and outdoors: in transporting, towing, fastening, in rescuing, for garden shed set-up rope ladder, swing chairs, mountainous region racing, aerial activities, etc.


  • Convenient to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to install


  • Not the greatest hitch in the main ascending route.

 Latinaric 30KN 

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The keychain for climbing Latinaric 30KN is made of Magnesium alloy, Aero type aluminum alloy with the entire surface being super light polished, anti-wear, good anti-rust. This climbing keychain set supports a maximum weight of 30KN (3000kg).

Suitable for climbing or outdoor activities such as fishing, cycling, hiking, etc. And indoor for purposes such as hanging power tools, camping tools, and small items needed another device.

I hoped not to write about anything as banal as the lower price, and what would be the full essay about contact hits now without? You probably shouldn’t really be operating at altitude if you didn’t stick a crotch strap. There’s a small difference from the originals since the “Purcell Prusik” is knotted around it. This is much more recognizable to climbing & searching & recovery professionals as it is a component of the system of urgent takeoff.


  • Smooth operate
  • Easy to use
  • Great material


  • It’s just a basic thing.

Lixada Double Pulley with Ball Bearing 30kN 

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In addition, Amazon also sells Lixada Double Pulley climbing keychains that are imported directly into the international market. The tool has a locking nose to prevent Snagging securely. The keychain design is suitable for single ropes. The hook is very easy to open with one hand that controls the middle latch. This tool is suitable for mountain climbing or aerial work, etc. The product has obtained international CE safety certification.

Lixada is a good squad focusing on sports items for outdoor activities. These goods include jogging, biking, angling, camping, and walking. We specialize in delivering high-quality items for adventure lovers and constantly refining complaint management goods to provide them a more effective active recreation encounter. Our goods are meant to make athletics more comfortable, comfortable, and fashionable.

Its double wheel is lightweight, quick, and exceptionally long-lasting. The chariot has sleek, increasing the concentration of metal side panels. Increased velocity, efficiency, and performance rotating with the made of stainless steel rolling elements with a sealing solid wood coating. The roll is suitable with stainless steel ropes, and ropes as well. Lixada Pulley is mountaineering, rescuing, aluminum, technical, caving gear, etc.

Only one hitch foot is weighted (this isn’t a problem if the rope is completely intact), but you’re at heightened hazard if you cut your hitch rope. The expertise of the majority of hikers could be used in the [now obsolete] soccer round of ascending championships as a shoulder prusik. It is possible to connect to multiple ropes.


  • Famous brand
  • Durable material
  • Compact design


  • The tendency not to grasp single rope lengths consistently.

Alomejor Climbing Rope Grab 

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Alomejor Climbing is this anti-rust aluminum climbing rope keychain that is suitable for climbing, camping, hiking, trekking, etc. The weight limit is 25KN. very safe and convenient.

With the twist design, you can easily control this tool with one hand. Just a simple operation with the spring that you will close/unlock very quickly. 

A maximum of 30 kN (approximately 35 kg/6615 lb) of pressure in stable loading may be handled by each securing clip. It enables robust and efficient attachment of various fixing locations, a well-conditioned locks system provides for improved weight carrying capacity. Pear-formed allows single cables to be laid with a hitch from Munter. Use it on the tip of a rope to link load/shoot devices. The hook won’t release or enable any items to slide, tighter, instantly enhanced latching door springtime.

This carabiner-locked ring is intended to manage the hand size, encouraging people to open fast on a finger, and is sharply free and avoids inadvertent snacking and tearing of the fabric.

The D Ring Ratchet straps are excellent for home, trekking, hunting, hunting, travel, climbing, suspension latching, swinging, leash and harnessing for animals, heavier luggage, etc. The bungee attachment might also be used as a bottle opener clip. Used it to connect glass of athletics, bag, hiking cords, paddles, tiny EDC equipment for traveling, etc.

This has been the first “difficult” frictional tie they have ever learned for many hikers. It blends dependable recording in a complex and nevertheless highly relevant setting with a rather smooth introduction. When the reasonable weight is below it, this should usually tend properly if the seal and hook are tidy.


  • Smooth operate
  • Durable
  • Great material


  • It is a little more difficult to learn than a prusik.

GM CLIMBING UIAA Certified 30kN 

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This GM CLIMBING UIAA is a versatile keychain, suitable for all outdoor activities, not just climbing.

The GM CLIMBING UIAA keychain set can withstand loads up to 12KN. With its palm-sized design, you can take it with you wherever you go. The lock is made of aircraft aluminum, which guarantees absolute durability and perfect rust resistance.

Simple and light mini sweater. It may also be used for transport, pulling, overtightening system, rescuing, water skiing, and so on in 100 situations.

Swinging jowl makes it easier to attach and remove cords, making the operating system procedure much simpler. The greatest physical advantage of smooth spin. With 30 kN of braking force, virtually all your needs will be met by the rope.

Fewer axle relative movement, more economical with extremely low system resistance, suitable for usage at great speed. Black-Bushing: bigger area with axle, far less damage, suited for slow hoisting with massive loads for an extended useful lifetime. Lightweight and small, your rack’s tiny pole takes practically no room.


  • Smooth operate
  • Many sizes to choose
  • Easy to use


  • Not really robust

Alomejor Climbing Pulley 20KN 

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There are climbing courses on the market at different prices, and Alomejor is the most reliable choice. This Keychain is simply designed to easily connect to any climbing app.

In particular, it is made from Aero-type aluminum alloy with a polished surface, super light but extremely wear-resistant, water-resistant. Suitable for mountain climbing, camping, fishing, hiking, day trips

High duty sweater, can bear about 20KN draw force, the side panels can avoid the sliding of the seal, extremely dependable to maintain it secure.

Fine polishing makes the surface clean and fast to rotate, reducing friction considerably. This sprocket is made of highly resistant, max hardness, and lasting premium aluminum alloy.

Delivers exceptional and efficient rolling stock, evacuation, elevated work, construction, diving, etc. Appropriate for 12mm cable, mounting pulley. Ideal for escalation, it also stands out for other purposes such as haulage, transport, etc.

It means opening more readily but cannot rely on a little variance on the VT. It has shown me some small changes in its tying, but the main element is the crossing over from one of the knots rather than behind one’s string [thus, the “X”].

Alomejor is a rapidly developing company focused on leisure and activities, percussion equipment, miniature toys, etc. In addition supply consumers with quality products and services, we keep listening to each stage of our client. We wish you a better standard of living, and we will carry on your travels.

This pole consists of high durability and real-lived corrosion alloy, excellent niacin aluminum. Heavy robust poles with a draw capacity of approximately. 20 KN, lateral plating lines can stop cables from sliding. The 13mm rope ascending pulley is suitable. Suitable for mountaineering and other uses including transportation, transportation, etc.

Fine cleaning creates a smooth and quick rotating surface that significantly decreases friction—effective passenger trains, rescue equipment, high-speed work, construction, caving, etc.


  • Many sizes to choose
  • Easy to install
  • Robust


  • It gains less confidence

 NewDoar CE Certified 20kN

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NewDoar CE Certified 20kN is a keychain made of high-grade aluminum, grade 7075, with an allowable weight of 25kN (5,620lbs). The weight of the keychain is about 61gram/2.15OZ, with a length of 3.9cm and a width of 2.3cm. The outer surface construction of this Carabiner is quite smooth and safe, definitely not breaking your belt.

High-quality gear, the core of an excellent double-row climbing device. to meet all your demands, excellent endurance, The cable is easy, lightweight, and fast to construct. The stainless steel produced from calcium is lightweight but resistant. For other purposes, such as calculation, shipping, or other physical benefits, this tiny pulley is also excellent.

“Knute” also spelled – making an outstanding small hitch for armbands & climbing devices when the climbers wish to prevent sit-downs. This has a great name as well. Since it is small, you have much less space from completely open to completely shut. This might offer you less command while using the ascending mechanism when landing massive swings in style. It’s not a huge problem for a keychain.

The company showed this to me for the first time but created it by the namesake Matt Cornell. This will be one for the equipment modernists, as in some way it can operate without equipment.


  • Easy to control
  • Simple to use
  • Durable


  • Not find yet

 Lixada Climbing Pulley 20KN

[amazon box=”B07WP2KLCW” ]

Lixada Climbing Pulley 20KN is a twist lock with 2 operations, and you need to control the screw and be easy to open or close. The lock is made of high-grade aluminum and the permissible load is 30kN.

You can use this set of buckles for many purposes such as climbing, hiking, working at height, swinging in the air, etc. The weight of the keychain is 90gram/3.17OZ with a length of 4.41cm and width is 2.95cm, unlocking degree is 0.91cm.

Lixada’s trademarked name focuses on goods that aid individuals who want to hike, cycle, bathe, ski, and other water recreation, among other things. Lixada’ Organized by a youthful group, we try to offer our clients products and services that satisfy their requirements even better and to continue to develop our goods according to your sort of comments. All of our items are examined prior to shipment to ensure optimum pleasure. Our goods are meant to make you feel more comfortable, comfortable, and stylish during sports.

A high-performance jigsaw with an outdoor recreation flat, if you choose to go scaling, having to climb a branch, rescuing abyss, diving. Fixed lateral panels, which are likewise made of a superior slide, are firmly secured to provide security when utilized.


  • Great construction
  • Simple to install
  • Robust


  • A bit heavy


[amazon box=”B00ZPR0XT6″ ]

GM CLIMBING 29kN only needs to be opened with one hand quickly and, and the hook will also automatically lock. This hook is made of high-quality durable aluminum material. Net weight is only 2.3OZ with dimensions 4.21cm, height, 2.56cm, and width is 1.77cm.

This is a suitable tool for climbing, camping, exploration, pet leash, etc. The outer surface of the lock is very smooth, ensuring safety and not causing dangerous scratches for you.

Fixed Side, 29kN, small and lightweight GM CLIMBING Femto, cable suitable up to a half-inch (14mm)

A tiny carabiner of exceptional quality, needed because of the double mountaineering or emergency information transmission. 29kN/6500lbs for long service life, light, small and fast installed on the cord to meet all your needs.

Used often in the ascending mechanism to minimize the total resistance to enhance the efficiency of the ascent, such as leeway on the tailed, minimizing the wearing of the span on the belt, etc.

As a high-performance sweater, this micro sweater is excellent in many different uses, such as transportation, carriage, or other technical benefits.

It does not provide for a very advanced ascending method, but it also has one very loud characteristic, which distinguishes it from most of the other contact hitches. It works on a rope of the same size as the string seemed to bind the frictional hit. In a crisis, you may just have to put up a “chunks method” in order to drop from the forest. November must depart the earth without realizing it. Other applications include minimum cabling, where activity is taken into a computer, but just the overtightening line is utilized.


  • Great material
  • Easy to use
  • Robust


  • Not great for all rope 

Something You Should Consider Before Buying The Best Hitch Climber 

When climbing mountains, especially rock climbing, climbing hangers are indispensable equipment. However, each type of hanger is suitable for a certain purpose. To be able to choose and use them effectively, you must first understand the difference between them. There are 3 main criteria to consider when buying a climbing hanger:

  • Shape.
  • Latching type.
  • Dimensions, weight, and strength.

Based on the above criteria, choose a climbing hanger according to your needs. The type of mountain you climb, the intended use will determine which hook you should buy.

hitch climber


Asymmetric D Shape 

The most common type of hanger, the modified D-hook (which may be called an offset D or offset D), functions as a regular D, but one end is slightly squeezed to reduce weight. The peg is generally more open for ease of use but has fewer hook points than a D-hook or oval hook of the same size. Most climbers carry this type of hook the most.


  •  Expansion latch.
  • Light, for sure.


  •  More expensive than other hooks.
  • Less load-bearing than D-shaped.

D Shape Hanger (D Shape)

The D-hook can be used in most types of climbing. The load on the D-hook is shifted to the side of the straight and strong hook, so a small D-hook can carry the horizontal load of a larger oval hook.


  • Has the largest load capacity.
  • The pin is wider than the oval shape.


  • Heavier, narrower pin than the innovative D-hook.
  • The price is higher than the oval shape.

Pear Shape Hanger

Similar to the improved D-shape, the pear hook also has an extended latch, making it easy to hook with strings, knots, or attachments. It is mainly used for anchoring or grounding, but also for climbing with a top anchor or multi-point anchor.

Another name for it is the HMS hook (Hemi Spherical – Münter knot), with the letter HMS embossed on the body in some models. That means the hook is designed with a wide and well-proportioned head, suitable for the Münter knot.


  • Large latch opening.
  • Specially designed for anchoring and grounding.


  • Heavier, more expensive than most other hooks.
  • The load is worse than the improved D and D.

Oval hanger

It is a basic hook, versatile and cheap, although it has a lower load capacity than other types of hooks. The oval hook has 2 smooth ends, symmetrical design to avoid bearing reversal. This type of hook has more space inside than the D-shaped and can be used as a support brake when landing, which is very suitable for climbing using only equipment.


  • Symmetrical design, limited bearing reversal.
  • More free space than the letter D.


  • The latch opening is small, heavier than other types of hooks.
  • Less load.

Types Of Latch

Straight Gate

hitch climber
Hitch Climber Review [year]: Which One Is The Best For Mountain Climbing? 7

Straight pins are well loaded, sturdy, and easy to use, can be used for many different purposes. A straight pin hook is usually one of the two ends of a double-ended hook or can be used to mount equipment such as anchors or wedges. As the name suggests, the pin has a straight shape, a spring-loaded opening and closing mechanism like most others for easy opening and closing, but automatically closes when the hand is released.

Some straight pin hooks have a smooth pin end (where the pin tip is in contact with the hook), unlike regular hooks that have a small groove on the top of the pin. This feature helps to reduce the chance of the hook end accidentally getting caught in the harness, latch point, or other types of wire, which can cause a lot of trouble. The cost of course will be higher, but it is very useful.


  • Solid and easy to use.
  • There may be a smooth latch head. 


  • Heavier than wire pins.

Bent Gate

hitch climber

The pin is slightly curved inward for quicker and easier hooking and is usually the other end of a double-ended hook. Just like straight pins, curved pins can also have smooth pin ends. This type of pin is usually used for the modified D-hook.


  • Easier to hook the rope.
  • Sure.
  • There may be a smooth latch head. 


  • Heavier than wire pins.

Wire Gate (Wiregate)

Fasteners are made of stainless steel wire, which reduces the weight and spare parts required compared to conventional latches. Fasteners can expand more and are less likely to freeze in cold, wet weather. With the naked eye, you may think that the load capacity of the wire pin is quite low, but most types of wire dowel hooks are very safe. In addition, due to the smaller pin section, the rope pin is less likely to become loose when dropped. (Also known as an open latch. See more below)


  • Light-weight.
  • Reduce the possibility of latch opening.
  • Less freezing.


  • It May not be as sturdy as straight pins and curved pins.

 Locking Gate

hitch climber

Key hangers are hooks that have a lockable latch to increase protection and avoid accidental opening of the latch. Can be locked manually (also called screw lock) or automatically locked.

Screen-lock requires the climber to use their hands to turn the lock.

Auto-lock will automatically re-lock each time the latch is closed.

Lockable hooks, though heavier than usual, are the only option with a belay/rappel device. You should consider using it at anchor stations and important points of protection, for a stronger hook and your peace of mind.


  • Safer.


  • Heavier.


Hooks come in different sizes. Larger hooks are more comfortable and easier to hook (because of the larger opening) and have more hook points. They are often used for mooring or grounding equipment. Small hooks are lighter and less bulky but will be more difficult to hook.

Another factor is the opening of the latch (in millimeters) that also needs attention. This number represents the width when the latch is opened, in addition to the depth and space inside the hook. In general, the smaller the hook, the smaller the hook point. An opening that is too narrow can get your hand stuck, and a latch that’s too wide can make it difficult to hook the rope. So a suitable hook will make things easier.


In general, the lighter your climbing bag, the better. But light hooks aren’t the best either. Super light hooks are usually small, making it difficult to hook with ropes or hanging points. Furthermore, lighter hooks often have thinner bodies, which means less strength and longevity. Smaller hooks are also more likely to break the rope, as the inside of the hook is like a sharp edge, slicing into the rope as it stretches and slides through.


hitch climber

The bearing capacity of the hook is calculated in three dimensions: length (large shaft), width (small shaft), and when opening the latch (large shaft when open or “open shaft”). These numbers are written on the body of the hook. All climbing hooks must meet UIAA and CE standards, ensuring minimal safety if used correctly. The bearing capacity of the open shaft and the small shaft are the two most desirable criteria.

One way for you to compare: if you only choose a few that you use often, strength will be the last criterion. If one type of hook meets all your requirements and is stronger than the others, you should choose that type. Remember that small, light hooks will usually be weaker than large and heavy hooks, but not all cases are like that.

About the latching problem: this is a problem that can occur when you fall from a great height, causing the recoil force to be too strong and exceed the capacity of the hanger. At that time, the latch cannot close as tightly as usual, so the bearing capacity of the hanger will decrease, even breaking the hanger. It can happen when:

  • The pin is over-opened relative to the latch spring.
  • The pin is entangled in another object.

Choose a hook with a specialized latch (e.g., wire pin) and/or strong latch spring to protect yourself. You can also choose hooks with locking pins and/or large latching strength.

Watching this video to pick the best hitch climber

Conclude: Our Answer For The Best Hitch Climber

When climbing mountains, especially rock climbing, climbing hangers are indispensable equipment. However, each type of hitch climber is suitable for a certain purpose. I hope our article can help you choose the right one

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