Best Instant Ramen UK & The Things You Don’t Know

Instant noodles are the most famous noodle in the world, many people have loved them, and it has been turned into food culture. But because of the variety of noodles available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the best instant ramen UK. The following article reviews different types of ramen to help you make the best choice.

After surveying more than 100 most popular instant ramen UK based on factors such as taste, origin, price, and packaging, I have summarized the ten most outstanding ones. So if you are looking for the famous ramen noodles in the UK, it is not to be missed.

Let’s get started!

Best Instant Ramen UK Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Best Instant Ramen UK Reviews 2024

SAMYANG Spicy Hot (2x Spicy) Chicken Flavour Ramen Noodles

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The terrifying red tone of the Samyang 2x spicy ramen box denotes the heat of this ramen. Moreover, the evil chili peppers laugh at your doom as Hochi prepares to detonate a bomb for your taste buds. The ramen’s sauce package is black to represent the spiciness of the noodles. It’s the color of the fire that flares up from Hochi’s lips, so be prepared before trying this. 

At first sight, it appears to be identical to the classic spicy chicken-flavored noodles. However, the ramen recipe has been tried and proven. We’re confident they’ll be delicious, particularly the evenly spaced ramen block. The sauce’s richness is still present, though it appears to be temporary. People could even feel the spiciness instantly explode after taking a bite.

Whenever people consume your first several mouthfuls, the Double Spicy noodles aren’t unpleasant as expected. You could perhaps say to yourself, “These aren’t quite as horrible as I assumed,” as I did. After a few seconds, you begin to exhale rapidly in an attempt to chill your mouth. The nose starts to run, but not uncomfortably. Sweat begins to build upon your brow, but it isn’t overwhelming. Rather than just chewing thoroughly, you gulp the ramen.

The processing stage of this dish is about 6 minutes; within a short time, you can enjoy highly spicy ramen. Because of the spiciness, it gives people to appreciate that Samyang 2x Spicy has become the best instant noodles UK.


  • High spiciness
  • Quick processing
  • Thick noodle


  • May cause dripping nose and sweat

Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian

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Laksa ramen is Singapore’s specialty noodle, it’s the most loved one, and all foreigners should try it when visiting Singapore. But not everyone can afford to travel to Singapore to try this dish, so you can save on travel costs by trying Prima Taste Laksa Ramen. Prima Taste’s Laksa LaMian is made with 51 percent Fast drying White rice Grain; it will help you achieve your everyday white rice requirements in one meal. The quality ramen is boiled yet not fried, and they also have a solid bite and taste in combination with their nutritional properties.

However, you will need time to cook this dish. Because of its quality noodles, the thickness makes the plate challenging to cook quickly. To fully enjoy the plate, you need at least 7 minutes to cook the dish. 

If you are not a spicy person or only know how to eat a little spicy, this is the best instant ramen UK for you. Laksa Ramen has a tangy taste, but it is spicy, giving people a little spicy feeling but still maintaining the flavor of the leading seasoning. 


  • It has a rich flavor
  • The spiciness is suitable for everyone


  • It takes longer than other noodle dishes

Paldo Ilpoom Jia Jangmen (Chajang Noodle)

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It will be a pity if you have not tried Korean black bean noodles; it is considered the best rame UK. Light soy sauce noodles are a famous Korean noodle dish. It appears in almost every Korean movie. I suggest you try Korean Chajang Ramen because this ramen contains the most robust Korean black bean noodles flavor.

This type of noodle is not as spicy as other soups and ramen, but its main feature is that it is made from vegetables, which is very suitable for dieters. Chajang Ramen brings an excellent but bold taste of sweetness that makes you addicted once you eat it. The quality of Chajang noodles is considered to be the best compared to other black soy sauce noodles sold in the market.

The sauce pack is made from soy sauce and vegetables, thereby creating a harmonious combination of flavors. Even vegetarians can enjoy this delicious ramen. Because this package of noodles does not contain meat, this type of ramen can help you limit a lot of fat.

Therefore it is a classic recipe. It is used to make fluid, sweet black bean sauces. It’s made with huge chunks of meat and veggies and heated over an open flame. The quality sauce comes in a compact packet that you can quickly put to the noodles to cook.

Almost everybody, no regardless of how inexperienced in the cooking, can make these ramen to excellence. The noodles are made with just premium materials and are sure to please the entire family.


  • It has a luxurious taste
  • For everyone, even vegans
  • Delicious flavor 
  • Fast cooking


  • If you overeat, you can get bored

Mama Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Noodle

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The tom yum is flavorful, implying coconut creme powdered and cornstarch thickener was put into the batter. Furthermore, the flavor is a little less peppery. We like to add a teaspoon of coconut milk to our tom yum soup, and in Thai, this is called “sai Nam Khom. The sauce turns out to be pure white with flecks of crimson chile oil strewn throughout your taste. Coconut milk provides a beautiful different dimension to the dish.

Tom Yum Ramen is identical to the “Extreme” type. It has a great taste to it, and when combined with both the tom yum sauce, your sense of preference will be tickled. On the other hand, the tom yum soup is a bit lacking in this dish, so the tom yum flavor may not fulfill the expectations of some people, particularly those who prefer salty foods. 

Although the flavor is somewhat bland, we believe it may have been improved by doubling the amount of tom yum powder. A possible option is to minimize the amount of boiling water used; rather than pouring up to the mark, pour only enough to prevent flooding wheat. 

The cup holds the ramen block and the chopped veggie topping, disposable forks, and packets of tom yum sauce plus spice powders.

Then we drained the capsule components, added boiling hot water to the cup, and waited several minutes, as directed, mainly on the cover. Then just topped this with chili, green onions, eggs, much like its spicy counterpart.


  • Easy to cook
  • Fast process, and convenient


  • Has less Tom Yum sauce

Nongshim Shin Ramyun

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Neoguri is a Nongshim brand of ramen noodles that is well recognized for its thick noodles with spicy ocean flavor. The deep seafood flavor is beautifully mixed with spices and some other flavors in this ramen dish, which has a delightful taste. Aside from being just a delicious noodle meal, I adore the seafood in these quick noodles; it occurs in large chunks with multiple bits.

Neoguri, like its fiery relative, begins with a ramen brick. Those particular noodles appear to be pretty fat, consistent with the “Udon Kind Ramen” description. Even if they’re slightly wider than at Shin Ramyun, you can’t open a box like this one to check. 

The noodle part can be the part that makes this noodle package special. Its thick, chewy noodles make diners feel like eating the best quality noodles from restaurants, and it deserves to be the best instant ramen UK.


  • It has a balanced and adjustable flavor
  • Bring sea flavor to your kitchen
  • For people who like things spicy


  • Take longer to cook

Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Noodle

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Salim Group’s Indofood Sukses Makmur produces Indomie, the name of ramen noodles. The Indonesia ramen dish has now been exported to Australia, Asia, Europe, Australia, The Us, Europe, plus England. Indomie has built a habit of eating instant noodles as a midnight snack, breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the years. Of course, this is due to Indomie’s distinct flavor and the variety of flavors that have captured people’s hearts. What a waste of time if you don’t try these quick noodles.

A few Of the Originals are Indomie’s first products available in the market, although what sets them apart is their depth of flavor and creativity. The frying garlic finalizes the taste and adds a distinctive flavor to the ramen, leaving them more flavorful yet tasty.

Indomie has spread itself throughout supermarkets and small supermarkets as Indomaret or Alfamart in Indonesia. You can also find Indomie in the small grocery store in the neighborhood and the street. Besides, you can also buy Indomie online through the official store of electronic commerce as Amazon.

This noodle dish can go well with many other toppings such as cheese, bacon, sausages, fried eggs, etc. From there, you will create many different flavors that explode in your mouth, creating a delicious can be addictive. That’s what made the best instant ramen UK.


  • Rich in taste
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Can combine with many foods


  • Not suitable for people who do not like to eat dry

Nissin Demae Ramen Noodles

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When you lift the lid, it doesn’t appear to be that intriguing. There are very few dry green bean chunks as well as some peppers. A seasoning sachet is also supplied, which seems to blend soy plus orange curry sauce. However, all changed when I unsealed it and inhaled the perfume! There’s a beautiful, robust aroma of lemongrass and curry that I genuinely enjoy.

To get started cooking this best instant noodles UK, fill your tub with boiling water up to the top. Then, cover with the lid and set aside for 3 minutes. The lid furthermore includes handy drain features that will make things very easy.

The ramen has a great texture; it’s crisp, crunchy, and not smashed. The Japanese Cup Ramen is very similar to this. Pieces of pea chili that change in texture and flavor are exquisite. I’m captivated with sour cream covered dry since I have the delicious jasmine guarantee, few curry ingredients, and a terrific hot without being overpowering.


  • Bring the Japanese Soba to your taste
  • It has a fast and easy cooking process
  • Low fat 


  • The quantity is less

Kabuto Noodles Chicken Ramen

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While we believe that fruits and vegetables taste much better and are beneficial for health, Kabuto Noodles are created with just natural and organic products and include nothing unnecessary like flavor boosters or chemicals.

Kabuto Ramen is delicious Asian-inspired quick noodles produced with pure, unprocessed components. There are no artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives, or taste boosters. In just 4 minutes, you can have a quick, filling, and hearty lunch. Simply pour in hot water and stir thoroughly. Also, don’t rinse.

Therefore, it includes all of the dry materials needed to make an excellent cup of ramen in minutes. I’ve seen these kits in the store a few times and am a little intimidated by the very hefty package. I’ve never attempted to prepare ramen earlier, despite my extensive culinary experience, and I believe it will be tough.

Kabuto Ramen comes in three flavors: spicy garlic, chili plus lemon herb, and mild miso. The kits contain no chemicals or contaminants, ensuring authentic Asian flavors with the least amount of effort. The stew is mildly flavored and flavorful, making it ideal for a quick supper. Although the chicken is roasting in the oven, you should add pak choi to the soup then boil several eggs. When it was all done cooking, you should pour the liquid and ramen combination into a dish, topped it with cubed chicken and scrambled eggs, and then coated it on ramen glass and made it taste extra accurate.


  • Easy to make
  • Fast cooking
  • Health and nutritious ingredient


  • One cup is not enough for one appetite

KOLEE BangBang Noodles

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Kolee bang bang noodle is a special thing, thanks to the highly bright packaging colors with awesome fonts. Kolee is no stranger to the brand for instant noodle fans, especially on the best instant ramen UK list. Also, its taste is similar to Mama Noodles Tom Yum on this list. So, if you like spicy, sour, this is an instant ramen package worth trying.

Besides, this Asian-flavored Kolee noodle is quite filling for its price points. Also, since it comes in an instant cup form, you don’t need to use your bowl or fork. It already includes a plastic knife inside. This is especially useful when traveling or going to places where bowls and spoons aren’t readily available.

However, because it is instant noodles, Kolee Bang Bang contains many unhealthy additives. So you should not use them often. Last but not least, besides curry, Kolee also has many other exciting flavors if you can’t eat curry. I know that curry is quite a picky eater. I had a hard time consuming it the first time, but once you get used to it, you can get addicted to it.


  • Many commented that it was tastier than regular noodles.
  • Convenient because eating utensils are available.
  • Suitable for those who eat moderately spicy.
  • Vegan friendly (curry flavor)
  • Nice packaging


  • No flavor variety

Nong Shim Neoguri Seafood & Mild Ramyun

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Under the same Nongshim brand, Neoguri is also popular with British consumers. It seems that Nongshim is a trendy ramen brand here. Specifically, the company has become famous globally since 1982. Like Shin Ramyum, another UK best instant ramen on the list, Neoguri is also a famous spicy noodle. Although it does not have various flavors and only has spicy seafood, consumers still choose to become ramen noodles.

Besides, a popular Korean movie called parasite in 2019 made Neoguri more famous when combining it with Chapaghetti black soy sauce noodles. If you like mixed noodles and can’t eat too spicy, this will be the perfect combination for you. Chapaghetti noodles (a type of instant noodles that is a combination of black soy sauce noodles and spaghetti) will reduce the spiciness of Neoguri, giving the dish a unique taste completely different from previous ramen.

However, since this is instant noodles, it will not include eating utensils such as plastic cups or forks. You need to prepare these yourself if you want to eat this noodle. So it’s not convenient when traveling. But for eating at home, Neoguri is an option worth trying. I became a huge fan of this noodle as soon as I tried it. Even on its own or mixed with Chapaghetti, it is delicious.


  • Deliver a great experience with unique flavors, including a rich, spicy seafood broth and kelp that enhances the dish’s nutrition.
  • It can be combined with Chapaghetti to create unique dishes with new flavors.
  • Suitable for those who like spicy food.
  • The noodles are bouncy, typical of Korean noodles.


  • Not as convenient as cup noodles.
  • Many people consider it not spicy.

What Types Of Instant Ramens Are There?

Instant ramen is quite a familiar product, present in many people’s daily lives, especially young people, students, and students. With instant noodles, based on the drying method (reducing moisture) in the production process, people are divided into two types: fried noodles and non-fried noodles. So what’s the difference between these two noodles? Which noodles should be chosen for good health? Let’s find out now!

Fried Instant Ramen

Fried ramens are dried by frying in oil of 160 – 165 degrees Celsius, about 2.5 minutes. The moisture content of fried noodles is less than 3%.

During the frying process, the temperature of the oil always remains stable, so there is no concept of using old oil to fry repeatedly. This is evidenced by the shallow Transfat content test results, only from 0.01 to 0.04g.

Non-fried Instant Ramen

Accordingly, non-fried noodles in the drying stage will be dried by wind-heat at about 80 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. The moisture content of the noodles is not less than 10%.

However, in general, drying or frying is also a drying method to minimize the moisture in the noodles, thereby preventing the growth of microorganisms.

If fried or non-fried noodles are produced in a reputable unit, the quality and safety are the same according to modern processes. Therefore, depending on your preferences and taste, you can choose the right type of noodles. However, do not overdo processed foods.

Besides, the energy that best instant noodles UK provide is mainly from carbohydrates and fats, low in protein, without substances that help in energy metabolisms such as vitamins and minerals. Therefore, to have a quick but full meal, you should add more meat, eggs, and vegetables to the bowl of noodles to provide the necessary nutrients.

How To Find Out The Best Instant Ramen UK?


It may be helpful to begin by considering which cuisine you prefer, as well as how spicy you want your ramens to be and what kinds of flavors you want to experience.

If you’re a ramen addict or don’t want to be surprised by a spicy kick, Japanese noodles are your best bet. Japan is also the birthplace of instant noodles, which were invented in 1958 by Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin Foods. So we recommend Nissin noodles if you want an authentic, high-quality taste or are just getting started with instant ramens.

Is spice at the top of your shopping list? Then South Korean instant ramens are the best choice. Korean instant ramens are notorious for being extremely hot, with countless clips of people who react to this highly spicy food available online. Aside from being spicy, Korean ramens are also tasty, making them a great option to recognize.


All best instant ramen UK would include some sauce or soup – most with a powder that would crumble when boil water is added. However, if you want a tasty fluid soup to use to the hot ramens or further additives to make your dinner even nicer is all up to you.

Having them in the package means that you won’t have to put any topping yourself, but some people seem to prefer to mix their own to the dish, so it’s not a need.

Cooking Time

Especially, don’t expect that all best instant ramen UK have the same amount of time to prepare and cook. To specify, while some may be ready in only a few minutes (2-3 minutes) after you pour in boiling water, others will require the ramens to be cooked in a pot before mixing the topping and sauce, namely Korean ramens. If you don’t want to take a long time to cook in the pot or need it quickly, consider quick-cooking noodles.


Finally, consider whether you want your instant ramens in plain packaging or a convenient bowl and cup.

The benefit of a cup is that you can eat the ramen noodles wherever you are as long as you have access to boiling water, whether at work, trip, school, or on the go. They’re also suitable for use when you are lazy and do not want to rinse up a dish at home. Another advantage is that it often has additional indigents to enjoy than instant ramens in plain packaging.

However, the majority of instant noodles sold online come from plain packaging. To specify, bags have the advantage of being less expensive and easier to removed. They are also not limited to the picture on the package; you can mix them with any ingredients you like to make your own customized, yummy, and healthy meal!

See how to make the best instant ramen here.

Conclusion – Our Top Pick Of Best Instant Ramen UK

Here are the top 4 best instant noodles UK that we have chosen!

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Each type of noodle will meet the needs of many different kinds of customers. Those are the types of noodles that we find the most delicious for every kind of customer. It meets the needs of every type of customer. We hope you will find the best instant ramen UK best for you from the above reviews.

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