Top 10 Best Turkish Delight UK Products 2024 For A Flavorful Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea would be incomplete without Turkish delight. It is the sweetness of Turkish delight that will reduce the bitterness and astringency of the tea. That’s why we need to choose Turkish delight to suit the nature of afternoon tea. Choosing Turkish delight must ensure the criteria of quality, deliciousness, beauty, easy decoration, but still must comply with food safety and hygiene. So, what is the best Turkish delight UK?

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best Turkish delight UK products commonly used in afternoon tea in this article! The 10 types of Turkish delights that we recommended are all available in color and flavor to meet the requirements and preferences of each of you.

Best Turkish Delight UK Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Best Turkish Delight UK Reviews 2024

Chateau de Mediterranean Double Roasted Pistachio Turkish Delight

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The position on the top of the top 10 best Turkish delight UK products is Chateau de Mediterranean Double Roasted Pistachio Turkish Delight. Its taste will please everyone, even those who do not like Turkish delight. It isn’t too sweet like other Turkish delights. In addition, its flavors are also interesting because it includes ingredients like pistachio, strawberry, coconut, and pomegranate.

It has the same texture as any other Turkish delight. However, it’s firmer, it isn’t mushy and easy to melt like other kinds of Turkish delight. Therefore, it holds well everything from pistachio to coconut.

Its packaging is quite nice. You can buy it to put it in the living room to make it beautiful and take it out to treat guests every time they visit your house. Also, this packaging is also perfectly suitable for you to buy as gifts for relatives and friends.

Its presentation is otherwise beautiful and classy. Each column consists of cubes of the same flavor. This presentation both makes them easy to eat and doesn’t mix up their flavors.


  • It’s less sweet.
  • It’s tasty.
  • It has beautiful packaging and is suitable for gifts.
  • It’s value for money.


  • It doesn’t like the traditional flavor.

Chateau de Mediterranean Assorted Turkish Delight Mix

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This is another Turkish delight product from the Chateau de Mediterranean brand. Chateau de Mediterranean Assorted Turkish Delight Mix has a delicious taste and is suitable for all ages. It is made with natural ingredients with flavors including mint, orange, rose, lemon, and pomegranate.

Different from Chateau de Mediterranean Double Roasted Pistachio Turkish Delight , this kind of best Turkish delight has a texture like traditional lokum. All the cubes when chewed are very chewy and do not feel sick, so it is interesting to enjoy. The product does not use harmful substances, and it is absolutely safe for health.

A special feature of the Turkish delight lines from the Chateau de Mediterranean brand is that its packaging is quite beautiful. It is very suitable for gift giving. Also, it is compactly packaged, which is very convenient for use and storage at home or to carry when traveling or picnicking.

It is presented in a very common way that each line will have a different flavor. This presentation will make them unmistakable with other flavors and also enhance the character of each flavor.


  • It’s stunning.
  • The flavors are gentle and subtle.
  • The texture and softness are unreal.
  • It isn’t drowned in icing sugar as some others.


  • It will become firmer after a long time of reserve.

Mughe Gourmet Luxury Turkish Delight

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First of all, Mughe Gourmet Luxury Turkish Delight is produced with a unique and superior formula, providing guaranteed quality. The product has a sweet taste with 5 different flavors including a combination of many ingredients such as pistachio, almond, orange, etc. With natural and nutritious ingredients, Mughe Gourmet Luxury Turkish Delight is always guaranteed to be free of preservatives and additives.

Moreover, the product has an extremely flexible texture that does not melt easily. Besides, when eating you will bite nuts or fruits, making its texture even more interesting.

Like the two products I recommended above, Mughe Gourmet Luxury Turkish Delight has beautiful packaging and is very suitable as a gift for some occasions such as birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.

Products are presented according to the traditions that each column will have a different type of flavor. However, there are no walls between the columns, the cubes will get messy during transportation. Anyway, it’s a convenient product for you to use in afternoon tea after stressful work.


  • It’s not too sweet.
  • It has plenty of nuts.
  • It is full of flavors.
  • Tin is beautiful, durable, and reusable.


  • As I told you before, the presentation sometimes isn’t like the image because of the shipping process.

Mughe Gourmet Fruit Flavored Turkish Delight 

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This is again the best Turkish delight UK from the Mughe Gourmet brand. Mughe Gourmet Fruit Flavored Turkish Delight is one of the products that are always sought after because of its deliciousness. It is made from natural ingredients that bring a delicious sensation to the tip of the tongue. That includes many different flavors including rose, lemon, orange, strawberry, and mint.

It has a fairly firm but still smooth texture. Therefore, when eating you will feel the full flavor of traditional Turkish delight blended in these all cubes.

In addition, Mughe Gourmet Fruit Flavored Turkish Delight also has a very beautiful and luxurious tin. It is very suitable as a gift for relatives and family on holidays.

Unlike all kinds of Turkish delights we have recommended above, this best Turkish delight is not classified into individual flavors. The flavors are randomly arranged to make it interesting and very eye-catching.


  • It’s a more authentic Turkish delight through the firmer texture.
  • The size pieces are nice and small.
  • The tin is great to keep them fresh.
  • The flavors are subtle and well on the palate.


  • The mint flavor is super strong and kind of bitter.

DORIMED Turkish Delight, Pistachios 1.1 Lbs

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DORIMED Turkish Delight, Pistachios 1.1 Lbs are made from natural ingredients, carefully selected, giving the best quality products. It has an attractive sweet aroma combined with pistachios, so it will definitely bring an interesting feeling. This best Turkish delight is produced by traditional methods, contains no preservatives, and is safe to use.

The texture of DORIMED Turkish Delight is firm and chewy. Therefore, when you eat it, you will feel like you are living in Turkey and eating a lokum made by Turkish people.

Especially, with the compact package, you can easily carry it with you. However, in our opinion, if you use this box as a gift, it will not be as eye-catching as the Turkish delights above.

This is a product that includes only one flavor, so the presentation is quite simple. This product is like a lokum for sudden hunger at the end of work, study, or when working stressfully and tiredly. Its sugar content will help you temporarily replenish energy before having the main meal, and at the same time, help the brain work more alert, let blood circulate evenly to keep blood pressure stable.


  • It has elegant-sized pieces.
  • Each cube comes with plenty of nuts.
  • It has a good flavor.
  • It’s fresh and tender to eat.


  • They are so heavily dusted in icing sugar.

Chateau de Mediterranean Pasha Turkish Delight Assorted Fruit Mix

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Chateau de Mediterranean Pasha Turkish Delight Assorted Fruit Mix is ​​the perfect combination of 5 flavors including apple, orange, strawberry, mango, and pomegranate. These flavors make for delicious and nutritious flavored candies that are perfect for cold days. 

This is a perfect choice for sweets lovers, offering a delightful taste experience when enjoying. Chateau de Mediterranean Pasha Turkish Delight Assorted Fruit Mix is ​​made from ingredients that do not contain preservatives, do not contain chemical sugars to ensure safety for the health of users.

It has a chewy texture. When put in the mouth, it will melt at the tip of the tongue, giving you a soft and supple feeling when eating.

The product has pretty and elegant packaging. Its packaging is quite a typical packaging of the Chateau de Mediterranean brand. With unique delicious taste, the product will be a surprise gift for friends and relatives on the occasion of the meeting.

This best Turkish delight UK is presented in a fairly familiar way that each column is a different type of flavor. Each column will be separated from the other ones by walls. Therefore, when you receive the Turkish delight, you will find it beautiful as shown in the picture.


  • It’s delicious and tasty.
  • It has a soft and smooth texture.
  • It has beautiful flavors.
  • It has a very well-presented box.


  • The taste is similar to marshmallows, not all that similar to traditional Turkish delight.
  • It’s very sweet.

Lavolio Arabian Nights Confectionery Maxi Gift Tin

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All people who love to eat some kind of best Turkish delight UK products must definitely know Lavolio Arabian Nights Confectionery Maxi Gift Tin. Although not really a traditional Turkish delight, its taste is quite similar as it is inspired by Turkish delight. It includes flavors like rose, violet, lemon zest, ginger pieces, dark chocolate, etc.

Its texture is quite supple and not as firm as traditional Turkish delights. Besides, it is not mixed with nuts and fruits like other lokum.

It comes packaged in a very classy tin, it is also suitable for gift giving. Also, it is handy, very convenient to store and carry. What could be more wonderful when choosing it as a picnic jelly, just sitting and chatting with friends and relatives. While sipping each piece of chewy, super sweet jelly will melt slowly in the mouth.

Because of the shape of small balls, these kinds of marshmallows cannot be presented in rows with separate flavors. It includes flavors that are mixed together to create an interesting feature for people to eat.


  • It’s tasty.
  • It has good packaging.
  • It’s delightful.
  • It has a variety of interesting and surprising flavors.


  • The tin is really small.

Fry’s Turkish Delight Chocolate

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If you want the best Turkish delight UK product that reminds you of these childhood memories, Fry’s Turkish Delight Chocolate will be the right product for you. This is a bar of Turkish delight being wrapped in chocolate. The outer layer of chocolate is a rather fatty brown chocolate layer. Inside is a cube of Turkish delight with a traditional rose flavor.

As for the texture, the rose Turkish delight inside is soft and squidgy. It is not a traditional lokum at all but has a rather novel taste.

It does not have luxurious packaging but is just wrapped like the chocolate bars we used to eat in our childhood. However, this kind of chocolate is perfect for you to give your kids on occasions like Halloween.

Because it is in the form of a bar and wrapped in separate packages, it can be preserved for a long time. It’s also perfect for afternoon tea or as a jelly while you’re playing computer games.


  • It has a great price.
  • It has good packaging.
  • The rose Turkish delight is soft and smooth.
  • It will take you back to childhood.


  • It doesn’t have a good chocolate coating.

Persis Turkish Delight Rose

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If you are looking for the most traditional Turkish delight, Persis Turkish Delight Rose will be the right choice for you. As the name suggests, this is a true Turkish delight with a traditional rose flavor. As for the texture, it’s also quite perfect. It is very soft and chewy but still ensures the firmness of the traditional lokum cube.

Its packaging is not very eye-catching and completely unsuitable for you to give as a gift to friends and relatives. However, for those who buy this kind of best Turkish delight UK just to enjoy afternoon tea, Persis Turkish Delight Rose is the perfect fit.

It was cut into perfect size cubes. Also, its price is also quite good, don’t hesitate to buy it now to enjoy it with your family!


  • It has a good price.
  • It has no gelatin taste and feels.
  • It’s beautiful.
  • It’s so delicious.


  • It comes with a zip lock bag that isn’t suitable for gifts.

Truede YOU’LL BE DELIGHTED No Added Sugar Rose Flavor Turkish Delight

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Are you looking for the best Turkish delight UK for dieters? Truede YOU’LL BE DELIGHTED No Added Sugar Rose Flavor Turkish Delight will help you do just that. This is an all-natural rose-flavored product. This product does not contain colorants and fragrances, so it is completely safe for health. However, people with diabetes should consult a doctor first before eating this product.

It has the same texture as a traditional Turkish lokum. It’s very soft, flexible and smooth but firm enough for us to like it.

It has packaging that is not luxurious but is quite eye-catching. You can absolutely use Truede YOU’LL BE DELIGHTED No Added Sugar Rose Flavor Turkish Delight as a gift on holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, etc.

Products are presented in cubes with separate squares that are not mixed together. Do not hesitate to order this product to try it out!


  • It is good for people with diabetes.
  • It’s gorgeous.
  • It’s tasty.
  • It’s chewy.


  • It’s a bit pricey. It comes with only 9 cubes for a box.

About Turkish Delight

Turkey is known as the crossroads of civilizations and the intersection of two continents, Europe and Asia. Therefore, this country has a rich culture, history, and cuisine. Besides the dishes with both Eurasian and Eurasian flavors, the Turks are also famous for being sweet and having much unique confectionery. And one of the most famous Turkish sweets in the world is the colorful sweet marshmallows called Turkish delight.

Turkish delight, also known as lokum, is one of the most popular sweets in this country. We can find Turkish delight in any city, street vending, and in markets. This is one of the oldest gummies in the world. There are quite a few theories about the birth of this gummy. The most widely believed story is that in the 17th century, the 27th sultan of the Ottoman Empire  – Abdul Hamid I ordered the cooks to create a delicious dessert to please his concubines. Another story is that the creator of Turkish delight is Haci Bekir, a skilled confectioner in Istanbul.

In the original recipe, lokum is made from precious frankincense resin combined with honey, grape nectar, and flour. Due to the undeveloped production technology and the precious resin of frankincense, at that time, lokum was considered a dessert of the nobility. Lovely soft gummies wrapped in lace handkerchiefs became a luxury gift for the elite. Couples also consider giving each other gummies as an act of love.

The original lokum has a delicate fragrance, a lovely pale pink color made with rose, lemon, and mint. Roses bring a clear pink color and seductive aroma, lemon brings a slight sourness balanced with honey sweetness, and mint leaves give the Turkish delight a pleasant lingering cool. Because the Turkish delight is sticky, there will be flour coating on it. Lokum also quickly became loved by the royal family because of its unique softness because the king was tired of other hard candies.

By the end of the 17th century, thanks to the introduction of sucrose and fine starch, lokum was more widely produced and became popular among the common people. The name lokum comes from the Arabic phrase “rāḥat al-ḥulqūm”, which means “to soothe the throat”. The English name “Turkish delight” of the gummy is derived from an English merchant when he first came to the Ottoman Empire and was extremely interested in this gummy thanks to its clear, beautiful, joyful, and happy feeling.

Having conquered all of Turkey, lokum quickly followed merchants to the Arab world and the Balkans. This jelly is also an instant favorite and described as delicately flavored, having “magical” and comforting.

The original flavors of Turkish delight are just rose, lemon, and mint. However, today this gummy has countless different flavors, from strawberry, orange, grape, and then raisins, nuts with all colors. Traditionally produced Turkish delight will be very sweet, to eat this dish properly you will have to drink the same cup of tea and sip it slowly. The slightly acrid tea will balance the sweetness mixed with the delightful softness of each piece of Turkish delight. Each small piece of it will represent the “joy” as its name suggests.

Nowadays, you can find Turkish delight tins in confectionery stalls anywhere in the world. But it seems that the best gummy must be “lokum” which is handcrafted in a traditional way for hundreds of years in some small shops in the mysterious markets of Turkey. Turkish delights are not only marshmallows, but they are also a unique culinary culture of beautiful Turkey and are always ready to bring joy to you every time you enjoy them.

Here is a video about Turkish culture and traditional Turkish delights. Please watch and feel it!

How To Choose The Best Turkish Delight UK

To be able to choose the best Turkish delight UK which has true Turkish taste. Let’s take note of the following factors!

Outer Packaging

The first factor to quickly evaluate a delicious product is the packaging. You should choose Turkish delight with intact packaging, clearly stating the ingredients, production date, expiry date as well as the brand and place of manufacture. You shouldn’t buy products sold in plastic bags, plastic containers, poorly packaged, and without any information.

Additive Ingredients

The ingredients that make up the product are also a factor to consider. If the buyer finds that the ingredient contains additives that exceed the safe level, even higher than the main material, then absolutely shouldn’t buy it.

Long Shelf Life

Turkish delight to give or eat in the family can be kept for a long time. Therefore, before buying, you should pay attention to the production date and expiry date. You should choose the type with the production date close to the time of purchase, avoid products that are close to the expiry date.


Looking closely at the product inside helps consumers know the exact quality of the product. Only select Turkish delights that are well preserved and have no signs of mold. It hasn’t changed the color, taste, or been invaded by ants, cockroaches, etc.

Do not buy products that are too dark or colorful, because that is a sign that it is dyed with harmful artificial colors. Instead, you should choose Turkish delights with natural colors and clear origins.

In addition, do not choose Turkish delight that is too sweet, covered with many layers of sugar, especially those who are overweight, on a diet, or with diabetes.

Prestigious Brand

You should buy items for sale at supermarkets, large stores, and agents to ensure that the products have passed quality and safety checks. It is best to give preference to long-standing reputable Turkish delight brands.


Above are the top 10 best Turkish delight UK products commonly used in afternoon teas. All are very delicious, quality, reasonable price and ensure food safety and hygiene. Hope that you guys can choose for yourself a kind of lokum that best suits your taste. Here are the 5 Turkish delights that we rate the most in all respects.

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