Top 13 Best Alternatives To Calibre SAW Mountain Bike That Many Cyclists Recommended – Reviews And Buying Guides 2024

Modern life with bad habits makes people lazy, obese, and weak. Exercise is a way for people to regain their inherent health, flexibility, and endurance. Also, cycling is a form of choice for many people and is also a favorite sport. In addition to the usual travel needs, bicycles, especially mountain bikes such as the Calibre SAW mountain bike, also bring many other benefits such as physical training, health promotion, environmental protection, or conquering the difficult and dangerous roads that nature has created.

However, in the market, mountain bikes not only have a variety of prices but also have a variety of designs, making users not know which bike to buy, which is suitable for their needs. Therefore, how do you choose the best mountain bike?

To solve this problem, please join Little Simz to find out the answer in this article in detail. Here are the top 13 best alternatives to the Calibre SAW mountain bike and the information provided will help consumers when choosing to buy a mountain bike to practice improving their health.

Best Calibre SAW Mountain Bike Comparison 2024

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Top 13 Best Calibre SAW Mountain Bike Reviews 2024

Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike

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At the present time, Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike is one of the best quality alternatives to the Calibre SAW mountain bike that you cannot ignore. In particular, it possesses many outstanding advantages.
First of all, its most obvious advantages are its sleek design, dynamic frame, strong personality and it is not too heavy, only about 17.5kg. Scientific structure with elastic saddle system, both front and rear wheels with integrated ‎linear-pull brake to help effectively support during operation. The non-slip handlebars are reasonably arranged and safe to help you comfortably grip when moving for a long time.
In addition, the highlight also comes from the stylized Schwinn logo stamp that is printed diagonally on the side of the bike. The mountain bike also has many different eye-catching, youthful colors including red, black, and white for you to choose according to your personal preferences.
Moreover, the wheel size has two types, 24 inches, and 26 inches, so this product is more suitable for different heights of many customers. Equipped with a 21-speed gear shift, it allows you to comfortably experience a variety of speeds first-hand.
The Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike can not only be used for mountain biking but is also suitable for many different uses such as going to work or school. It not only helps you exercise but also contributes significantly to environmental protection.


  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It is suitable for different heights of both tall and short people.
  • It’s a beautiful bike.
  • It’s sturdy.


  • After you receive the item, you will have to manually assemble, lubricate, and make additional adjustments.
  • It’s a bit pricey.

Licorne Bike Effect 26 Inch Mountain Bike

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In the affordable mountain bike segment, you are missing out if you ignore a relatively quality choice, the Licorne Bike Effect 26 Inch Mountain Bike. The product is a perfect blend of antique style combined with modern features.
Licorne Bike Effect 26 Inch Mountain Bike is assembled and made up of high-quality parts from Germany. The level of design perfection is relatively high, the detailed components that make up the bike such as the frame, seat collar, and handlebars are made of aluminum with electrostatic spraying, which is very sturdy and durable over time.
The saddle is stroked quite neatly and creates good elasticity. The bike has a very personal and sporty color and design. The wheel size is only 26 inches, so it is suitable for people with a moderate physique. The load capacity of this kind of alternative to Calibre SAW mountain bike is quite good.
Components and spare parts are diverse and durable, so you don’t have to worry if they accidentally get damaged. Currently, when buying online, retailers usually only pre-assembled 80% of the products, and the rest you will have to install when you receive the goods.


  • It has a good quality.
  • It looks sturdy.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It costs less than other mountain bikes.


  • Assembly will be difficult for those who have never assembled before.
  • Some parts may have problems during shipping.

Schwinn Surge Adult Mountain Bike

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The Schwinn Surge Adult Mountain Bike is a cheap mountain bike that once attracted a lot of cyclists. In big cities, the Schwinn Surge Adult Mountain Bike has become a very popular trend on the street.
Although it has a simple design that is sometimes very rudimentary and is not equipped with many modern technologies, it is loved by people. In terms of design, the Schwinn Surge Adult Mountain Bike has been minimized to the maximum detail in order to arouse the excitement and discovery of the rider.
The operating principle of these mountain bikes is quite different, so it is imperative that users have a long time to practice. It can be said that riding a Schwinn Surge Adult Mountain Bike has become a joy and a favorite sport of many young people today.


  • The instructions are well written.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It’s easy to adjust the brakes and gears.
  • It has a good price.


  • It’s not really suitable for adults.

FLYing Lightweight 21 speeds Mountain Bikes

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FLYing Lightweight 21 speeds Mountain Bikes is the most popular mountain bike line of the FLYing brand that has hit the market. If you have abundant economic conditions and want to own a product that is beautiful in terms of design and modern in function, you can choose this product.
Possessing a dynamic design with the main color being a combination of black and green and many other colors for you to choose from. The frame uses aluminum, the outside is electrostatically sprayed and manufactured based on advanced technological processes.
As a result, the bicycle frame is durable and ensures the ability to withstand relatively large loads. The seat is made of sturdy alloy material with a built-in safety lock, the top is covered by a softshell but still gives quite good elasticity.
Compared to previous versions, in this version, the manufacturer FLYing retains the Shimano 21-speed movement but has replaced the cheap rim brake with a more advanced disc brake.
Overall, the FLYing Lightweight 21 speeds Mountain Bikes is an alternative to the Calibre SAW mountain bike built to a much higher level of finish than the products we’ve featured above. However, its price is not too competitive compared to other products.


  • It looks sturdy.
  • It has good quality.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • The bike looks smart.


  • There are no tools included to assemble the bike.

Licorne Bike Strong D 26 Inch Mountain Bike

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In the cheap mountain bike segment, the Licorne Bike Strong D 26 Inch Mountain Bike is considered one of the best quality mountain bike models today, alongside other products of the Licorne Bike brand. You can observe the popularity of this product on the streets around your house.
The product does not have many sizes with different sizes, but it is suitable for many people’s height, it is suitable for people 150 cm tall or more. Licorne Bike Strong D 26 Inch Mountain Bike has been fully upgraded and improved by the manufacturer in terms of design and product quality.
The biggest highlight in terms of design is the use of durable and high-end gear shift combined with a super-durable but lightweight steel alloy frame, handlebars, and collar to help the bike move quickly on any terrain.
This bike allows you to easily increase or decrease the handlebar height according to different needs and uses thanks to the flexible reversing system. Extremely precise 21-speed gear shift and safe braking.


  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It’s comfortable to ride.
  • It looks good.
  • It has a good quality.


  • The rear brake is difficult to adjust.
  • With the mountain bike purchased online, you will inevitably receive it but sometimes it is missing some details such as bolts, nuts, etc.

Hiland 26 Inch Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

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The first advantage of the Hiland 26 Inch Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is its modern, solid, and stylish design with a sleek design. The frame is made very solid with the front and rear wheels being fitted with disc brakes and an elastic saddle.
Moreover, this bike also has an anti-slip handlebar, ensuring safety for users during movement. This bike is equipped with reflective panels on the wheels, making it easier to move at night.
Hiland 26 Inch Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike also has a logo affixed to the side of the bike, helping to add luxury to the product. The bike has two main colors, blue and orange, both youthful and dynamic.
This kind of alternative to the Calibre SAW mountain bike has 26-inch wheels with a very good weight capacity. The bike is integrated with 21 speeds to make the movement smoother and softer. This product is suitable for men with a height of 170 cm or more.


  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • You can feel very smooth when you ride on it.
  • The frame is solid.
  • The majority of components are of good quality.


  • The pedals are cheap plastic.

Eurobike Mountain Bike X1

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Eurobike Mountain Bike X1 is one of the most appreciated and popular alternatives to Calibre SAW mountain bike models today. This product has a size of 17.5 inches, so it is suitable for you with a height of about 162 cm or more.
This Eurobike Mountain Bike X1 has a steel frame and is powder-coated so it can be rust-proof, durable, and sturdy. Therefore, this vehicle can withstand large loads.
Eurobike Mountain Bike X1 has a quite modern design with the main black color tone combined with many other outstanding colors that are very subtle but still extremely strong. The bike is equipped with a multi-speed transmission system with a rotating handle that allows flexibly adjusting gears. This will help users experience many different types of speeds easily and perfectly.
Eurobike Mountain Bike X1 is also equipped with a lot of accessories to meet the needs of users.


  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It rides really well.
  • The gear change is smooth.
  • It has a great price.


  • Pedals are a little bit cranky when cycling.

Basis 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

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Basis 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike is also one of the popular sports bike models because of its affordable price. Vehicles belonging to the mountain bike series are very suitable for sports training and health training.
This sports bike has a frame made of a steel alloy that is both lightweight and durable. The solidity of the frame helps this Basis bike to withstand large loads, providing peace of mind for users during use.
This Basis 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike is equipped with a Shimano shifter for optimum speed. The design of the bike is very scientific and easy to use, the speed can be easily adjusted by the handle.
Furthermore, this bike also has a safety brake and chain, ensuring high stability. Besides, this equipment also helps users to control the speed, create safety, and bring extremely interesting experiences.
The Basis 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike has a very stylish design with the main black color scheme subtly coordinated with the green color. The bike is suitable for both men and women.


  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It has a good price.
  • The suspension is very responsive.
  • It works really well.


  • The brakes and gears are very difficult to adjust correctly.

Huffy Men’s 76928W Hardtail Mountain Bike

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Huffy Men’s 76928W Hardtail Mountain Bike is a product of the famous Huffy brand in the US. The bike has a wheel size of 27.5 Inches, so it is very suitable for people of different heights. This model gives users a gentle and smooth-speed experience on flat terrain.
Huffy Men’s 76928W Hardtail Mountain Bike is equipped with a sturdy frame made of high-quality aluminum alloy with strong bearing capacity and load capacity. The ultra-light frame makes this bike quite light when moving.
The bike is designed in an aerodynamic style with a high-speed and flexible movement mechanism. The bike’s brake system is also focused on equipment, providing high safety. Other parts of the bike are also very advanced, allowing users to easily control the speed of movement.
The design of this bike is quite fashionable with black combined with grey and red looking very luxurious and classy. Therefore, if you are in need of choosing a mountain bike to practice with, then Huffy Men’s 76928W Hardtail Mountain Bike is a great choice for you.


  • It has a good quality.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It has a good price.
  • It looks sturdy.


  • It’s a bit heavy for a mountain bike.

Eurobike Folding Bike G4

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Eurobike Folding Bike G4 is a 26 Inches wheeler designed with certainty and safety suitable for many ages from children to adults. A special feature of this bike is that it can be folded neatly, so it saves a lot of storage space. With standard configuration at an affordable price, it can fully meet the needs of mountain biking, work, school, outing, fitness, etc. Therefore, Eurobike Folding Bike G4 is one of the top choices of many people.

Eurobike Folding Bike G4 with many color versions, extremely sporty, helps to diversify choices to suit the interests and personality of cyclists. Eurobike Folding Bike G4 has a design quite similar to other popular mountain bike lines of the Eurobike family, but the bike offers newer color versions, and it can be folded.


  • The folding mechanism is solid.
  • There is no noise when riding.
  • The steering is light and smooth.
  • It’s easy to assemble.


  • The grips are uncomfortable.

Flite Taser II Mens’ Mountain Bike 

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Flite Taser II Mens’ Mountain Bike with black paint combined with yellow is quite similar to the Calibre SAW mountain bike. Also, the saddle is designed quite specifically to create a trendy highlight compared to traditional bicycles. The bike frame is made from Flite’s exclusive steel alloy material with a good crankset, lightweight, comfortable frame style.

The bike is equipped with an 18-speed Shimano transmission that can meet the needs of training as well as street cycling, or cycling to work, etc. In particular, it has a stable, light, and extremely safe front and rear V-brakes system. This is one of the best features of this bike that makes it stable in all wet and muddy weather conditions. The 26-inch wheel size is outstandingly efficient to help cyclists cross the streets confidently and comfortably.

It has a saddle designed specifically for mountain biking with a larger surface and extremely soft material. Cyclists can feel the smoothness of the saddle from the first use. The bicycle saddle is integrated with innovative technology that is able to absorb shocks and vibrations during riding.


  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It’s well built.
  • The material is good.
  • It’s easy to adjust the brakes.


  • You have to buy additional things like mudflaps, lights and a pump.

Eurobike Mountain Bike X9

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Eurobike Mountain Bike X9 is one of the high-end mountain bike models with outstanding configuration with a 21-speed Shimano system. The size of the bike is suitable for many tall and tall men. This mountain bike is a pretty great choice for those looking for an alternative to the Calibre SAW mountain bike.

Shimano right-hand lever designed with 7 levels of changeover for more flexibility of the cassette. The left handbrake provides 3 levels of shift for the front crankset disc. Straight bike handlebars provide a high momentum position and power for better climbing.

The Shimano 21-speed system provides flexibility to help users have the maximum experience on different terrains. Mechanical disc brakes help improve braking performance, ensuring safety when traveling in any terrain for users.


  • It’s a gorgeous bike.
  • It has good customer service.
  • It’s really studying.
  • It has a great performance.


  • It has poor-quality tires.

Ammaco. Arden Trail 26″ Wheel Mens Adults Mountain Bike

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This is a very successful design from previous versions of Ammaco. Arden Trail 26″ Wheel Mens Adults Mountain Bike mostly retains the same design. The bicycle sidebars are made of super-light steel with small size, making the bike look elegant and feel lighter than other models. other mountain bikes.

With this eye-catching design, it is a perfect choice for an affordable mountain bike. When you see this bike in action, you will be mesmerized at first sight.

With the needs of the usual sports and moving in the city, or going to work, going on a picnic, the disc brake system seems quite redundant, so with this linear-pull brake system you will have a more enjoyable experience, and look even more “cool”. At the same time, in some emergencies, the brake system will help you stay safer.


  • It has a great price.
  • It has good quality when compared with its price.
  • It’s really light.
  • It’s fast.


  • It’s a bit uncomfortable and easy to ride the bike.

About Calibre SAW Mountain Bike

SAW is a pretty aggressive mountain bike from the Calibre manufacturer. Up to now, the Calibre SAW mountain bike is considered by many cyclists to be the best mountain bike in the world. The product is equipped with a movement with 21 flexible gearshifts.

27.5-inch wheel design for people of average height and above. The saddle is designed to be soft and comfortable to use. It is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for both front and rear wheels, safe and highly sensitive in all cases. The frame material is a strong, ultra-light, low-profile aluminum alloy with aerodynamic design, enhanced speed, and flexible vehicle control.

The color of the bike combines youthful and delicate black and yellow for all ages. The bike details are of high precision, meticulously processed and installed beautifully.

How To Choose The Best Mountain Bike

You Should Clearly Understand The Purpose Of Using Your Mountain Bike

Depending on each object (age or gender), our purpose of use will have different standards.

  • For children, we should choose bicycle models with compact size, lightweight, eye-catching colors, and details include handlebars and collars which will be sturdy but smooth enough for them to ride.
  • For teen boys or men, they must need mountain bike models with strong, masculine designs with sturdy frames and a bike that can handle all kinds of tough terrains.
  • For women, their selection criteria are similar to that of children.

You Should Choose The Right Mountain Bike Frame Size

Choosing a mountain bike with the right frame size is an important feature that makes the mountain riding process become easier.

In particular, choosing a mountain bike whose frame size is too small will make our legs uncomfortable and tired when pedaling while choosing a mountain bike whose frame size is too large will be difficult to ride and prone to accidents.

Furthermore, all recent mountain bike manufacturers have specific parameters to suit each rider’s physique. Usually, people will pay attention to the size of the frame to be able to choose a mountain bike that is suitable for their physique.

Design And Design Of Vehicle Parts Must Be Safe

A mountain bike was built up by many components like frame, handlebars, gear shift, etc. All the components are technically assembled to help us have the safest and most convenient mountain bike during mountain biking.

Each part has its own function. However, when buying a mountain bike, you should pay attention to the following 2 parts.

First of all, to say whether the bike is sturdy enough to overcome any difficult terrain, the answer will lie in the frame. Therefore, manufacturers often use materials that are strong and durable but still ensure that their bike frame weight is light so that they can be easily manipulated, such as aluminum and steel.

Furthermore, the brake is another equally important part. When mountain biking, you need brakes that are responsive enough to handle any emergency you will encounter on the road. This is the part that you must check regularly to make sure it is always in good working before every ride.

How Much Does A Mountain Bike Usually Sell For?

Usually, when buying a bicycle, retailers often have 2 options for you, 1 is to buy the whole unit and 2 is to buy each part individually and then reassemble. It seems that the first way is the choice of the vast majority of consumers today because the second option is only for professionals.

In addition to the variety of models, the mountain bike category also has an extremely rich price range, ranging from affordable models to high-end models.

How Long Is The Bike’s Warranty?

Depending on the brand and distributor, mountain bikes will have different warranties, but the average is about 12-36 months. This will help you feel more secure if the bike has an accident during use.

It Must Be Easy To Replace Spare Parts And Components When Damaged

This is also an important criterion during the process of using the bicycle, there will certainly be unwanted damage to some parts and components of the vehicle. Therefore, you try to aim for products that have spare parts available for replacement if the vehicle is unfortunately damaged.

Should You Buy A Used Mountain Bike?

Buying a used mountain bike is the way for many people who want to buy a bicycle, but economic conditions do not allow it, so they have to go looking for old mountain bike products to buy.

However, a user object is inevitable that will be damaged. Especially, when buying a mountain bike, safety and good quality must come first. It’s really dangerous when you buy old mountain bikes that have had potential damage.

Also, not only mountain bikes but any other vehicle, you have to be careful when buying old bikes and it’s best to buy a new one.

How To Maintain A Mountain Bike At Home

Mountain bikes with frequent use, travel, wear and tear, and the impact of environmental weather conditions will be damaged over time. Bicycle maintenance at home will be necessary to protect the vehicle and prolong the vehicle’s life.

  • When riding, you must always keep the bike clean and dry, especially at the time of purchase and after the rain, it is necessary to clean, dry, and avoid standing water causing rust.
  • When using the mountain bike, you always make sure the tires are inflated with the standard pressure, reducing the friction with the road, avoiding deformation of the rims. You should check and pump your bike once a week.
  • You should always check the safety of the brakes, the sensitivity of the front and rear brakes, and keep the surface with the brake clean.
  • You must check the chain, cassette, and disc, if the oil is dry, you need to lubricate it regularly, increasing the chain when it is duplicated. You need to periodically maintain, replace damaged accessories, broken spokes, or worn-out tires.
  • You must keep the mountain bike indoors, in a shady place, always stand the bike or hang it up to avoid collisions and breakage.


With the variety of mountain bikes currently on the market, users will easily choose the alternative to Calibre SAW mountain bike with the most advanced features. However, you need to fully evaluate the necessary standards according to your needs to choose the best bike today, in accordance with the actual training process and your budget.

Hopefully, the above honest reviews, criteria, and suggestions will be useful to you. Hope that you guys can buy a mountain bike that gives you the best experience during mountain biking. Here below are 5 mountain bikes that we feel are the best in the top 13 best alternatives to Calibre SAW mountain bike 2021.

Last but not least, if you have any suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to comment below. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Also, if you want us to review any product, please comment, we are committed to giving you the most useful information.

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