Apollo Spiral Womens Mountain Bike Review Of 2023

This is a review of apollo spiral womens mountain bikes. I used to struggle to find the best bike for riding on the mountain. With all of the previous trials, I was feeling terrible because there were a variety of issues occurring which decreased my passion and enjoyment in mountain biking. Then, one of my partners introduced me to the apollo spiral mountain bike for women which thrills me in adventurous riding regardless of space, from cycle paths to mountain roads. 

It has helped me a lot in making my journeys smooth because it fits my body properly which makes me feel comfortable in using and also suits my purpose in riding through the mountain. Therefore, let’s check out the apollo spiral womens mountain bike review below and decide whether it will suit you perfectly as I did.

Several Things To Consider Before Buying A Mountain Bike

Mountain Biking is real fun. However, there would be some challenges presented such as very steep hills that improper bikes cannot go up and down. Choosing the ones that are not working well with you can negatively affect the experiences and enjoyment of the whole riding journey.

It is perfectly fit for customers who enjoy mountain biking which could occur on basic dirt roads or singletrack trails. You will probably go up and down or in zigs and zags trail through the mountain to even remote areas.

You must get the correct mountain bike through various types and models so that you can enjoy it as much as possible. Below are some questions that you need to think about when choosing the perfect ones. Through the questions, you can pick the trails that suit your ability and purposes.

  1. Where will you ride? 
  2. How much can you pay?
  3. What is your purpose for riding a bike?
  4. Who will go with you?
  5. Do you ride for enjoyment or competition?
  6. Do you have any goals?
  7. Do you prefer a simple bike or a high-technology bike with special features?

Get the right size

First up, all the other things are auxiliary to the right edge size. Search for the scope and stack estimations, and don’t be hesitant to go longer than with a street bicycle. A long front triangle puts the hub further ahead, allowing you to weigh it without gambling zooming directly over the bars at the primary effect. It likewise assists with moving by keeping your front wheel planted. You are just several centimeters. A short seat tube gives great standover and the best space for the move, however, ensure you can in any case get full accelerating tallness without overextending the seat post.

Choose a wheel size

Breadths have settled to a simple, double decision of 27.5in (650b, forceful path, and downhill) or 29in (XC and trail). Notwithstanding, wide-rimmed plus sizes and the new pattern towards 29in downhill wheels are muddying the waters. 

While solid, firm, and light(ish) 29ers will without a doubt turn out to be more normal in the following not many years – alongside appropriate tires and casings – for the present the decision remains generally something similar: favor greater circles for large miles or more modest, more grounded ones for crushing path. Larger sizes can truly pay off on hardtails, however, they’re touchy to the tire pressing factor and there’s some inquiry about whether they’re truly setting down deep roots.

Check your bike

Assessing your bicycle for wellbeing before each ride guarantees your experiences will be a triumph, as well. Watch that the two tires have the perfect measure of pressing factor for the territory you’ll ride—higher pressing factor for hard-stuffed earth, lower pressure for the delicate, free path. You’ll ordinarily discover the suggested most extreme/least pressing factor for your tires composed right on the sidewalls. Likewise, be certain the chain is greased up. On the off chance that the connections are splendid and sparkling the chain is presumably dry. Apply a drop of lube to each connection. Preferably you’ll do this the night before the ride to allow the lube to dry and adhere to the chain, then, at that point clear of the entrance toward the beginning of the day before the ride. 

Ensure your wheel speedy deliveries are tight and that your wheels are still round and valid. Then, at that point watch that your brakes are working effectively. What’s more, then, at that point go over your bicycle with Allen torques watching that there aren’t any free dashes on the stem, brake and shift switches, Seatpost, derailleurs, pedals, crankset, and so on Just put a wrench on the bolts and check whether they turn on the off chance that you attempt to fix them. In the case of everything feels tight, no concerns. If a few bolts turn it implies they were extricating and ought to be acceptable at this point. Recollect that If you’re unsure about something on your bicycle, you can continually swing by our shop before you hit the path and we can investigate and ensure your bicycle is protected and all set.

Apollo Spiral Womens Mountain Bike Overview

Apollo Spiral Womens Mountain Bike is made explicitly for women who appreciate mountain trekking. The bike is lightweight because of its Alloy making it simple to move, coming in three different frame sizes 14’’, 17’’ and 20’’. The front and back of the frame were made to fit with the territory space like mountain streets. The rear is made in steel for durability and to ensure the weight is distributed evenly through the bike. For the cogwheels, there are 18 Shimano diverse speed levels to help you go up the slopes, even the precarious ones, or through the common flats trails. The brakes are made to fit in a V shape, guaranteeing control when halting. The Kenda K-922 wheels are in the size of 27.5’’ for the additional grip. Overall, this product is an outstanding combination of adventure and comfort.

  • Pros
    • Lightweight aluminum
    • 18-speed levels
    • Good brakes
    • Wheels 26 x 1.95’’
  • Cons
    • Not include locker

Features & Benefits


At the point when you take a gander at a bike, it’s not difficult to see that the frame is the main piece of this vehicle. The reason is that it is the one that holds the whole bicycle up and together, as well as holding you to sit on, yet it likewise confirms the nature of the materials utilized. The frame can regularly be the characterizing factor in whether a bike will dominate you a race, keep you agreeable, or get you from direct A toward point B securely. 

The Apollo Spiral Womens Mountain Bike is made of Alloy which is the most commonly used material for bicycles because of its assurance of quality. It ensures the durability of the bike while making sure that users do not feel pressure or struggle when riding on it. It connects other parts of the bike perfectly while ensuring the structure does not change.

In addition, a good frame is significant because it is not only figuring out what kind of bicycle may be ideal for you such as a bike for a female will contrast from that worked for a male, or a racing bike would be dissimilar from a mountain bike. This product is made specifically for mountain biking for women. Therefore, it includes explicit features for this purpose such as lightweight materials.

Moreover, the frame should also fit with your body size; otherwise, you would feel uncomfortable as well as hard to ride. It should not be excessively enormous or little for your position. It may very well be workable for you to sit on top of a bicycle that is excessively huge or too little and pedal where you need to go, however, if it doesn’t accommodate your body, you could wind up getting worn out more effectively, harming your knees or getting all kind of other issues. This all has to do with the size of the bicycle, which sets the equilibrium for riding it serenely, and safely. Choosing a casing that coordinates with your body size will prompt an open-to-ride experience and less freedom for issues. 

The bike is coming with three different choices for the customers to choose from so that you can surely find the ones that suit you the best. For women between 5’ 1’’ to 5’5’’ inch heigh, frame size 14’’ would fit. For women between 5’ 5’’ to 5’7’’, the 17’’ one would be fine; meanwhile, for women between 5’8’’ up to 6’’, the frame size 20’’ will be nice. For those who are above or under the range, it would be quite a struggle with this product.


The gears are significant because they are in charge of expanding your enjoyment during the journeys while impacting how far and fast your bike will bring you. Correct gears should allow users to transfer the power produced from their legs to the wheels as much as possible. 

Your 18-speed bike utilizes two derailleurs to switch between various gear proportions, which permit you to change into lower gears for climbing and higher cog wheels when you’re moving quicker. The front derailleur gets the chain and moves it delicately between your chainrings, and your back derailleur utilizes an arm to keep up with strain while it slides the chain all over the tape. 

The rings are distinctive sizes, however, the spring in the derailleur arm keeps the chain tight regardless of which gears you pick. The Apollo Spiral Womens Mountain Bike features 18 Shimano speed levels which means that you can switch between various gear proportions, which permit you to change into lower gears for climbing and higher pinion wheels when you’re moving quicker.

At the point when you’re moving at a fast speed down a precarious grade, a higher stuff proportion will hinder your pace of accelerating. Even though you’re accelerating more slowly, you’re moving more capacity to the back wheel because the higher stuff proportion makes the back wheel turn more occasionally with each accelerating stroke. The opposite happens when you shift down; you’ll need to utilize less ability to turn the back wheel once in a lower gear proportion because the back wheel turns all the more frequently with each stroke. This makes climbing a slope essentially simpler.


Bike brakes empower you to back off or stop your cycle in a controlled way. It will not be right to say that brakes are quite possibly the most fundamental parts of a bike. Each cycle brake is planned around a brake cushion that makes erosion with a slowing down surface situated on the cycle’s wheel. The brake cushion is pushed against the surface when the wheel is moving. At the point when the pressing factor is applied at the brake switch, the power of erosion additionally increments. These two elements act alongside a tire’s hold to hinder the cycle.

The Apollo Spiral Womens Mountain Bike features a V-brake, otherwise called an immediate draw brake or straight force brake, which is a sort of “cantilever-brake”. They normally have long arms and work by mounting on the bosses situated on a similar frame. The link stays connected to one arm and the link lodging to the next. Since V-brakes needn’t bother with a segregated link stop on the fork, they function admirably with the suspension frameworks present on a few off-road bicycles.

Furthermore, you can also easily adjust the brakes. To change V-slows down, the initial step is to adjust the brake switches. You need to relax the clasp, adjust them according to your necessity, set the braces back in position, and fix them. Then, eliminate the brake cushions and review them. Clean or supplant them depending on the situation and set the brake cushions back in position.


Schwinn Shade 20 Inch Wheel 

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Schwinn youngster explicit math accomplishes an agreeable fit, offering control and steadiness for youthful riders. standover stature: 20.5 inches – reasonable for kids over 6 ages. The schwinn front suspension fork offers backing and solace front and center. 20 inch wheels with 1.95 inch wide multi-surface tires for on and rough terrain use. 6 speed hold change style gears for simplicity of moving. front and back v-brakes give the rider additional certainty in view of security. 

Schwinn Adult Mountain Bike

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Schwinn grown-up explicit math accomplishes an agreeable fit, offering control and solidness for all rider capacities. Schwinn front suspension fork offers solidness and solace upfront. 26-inch wheels with 2.1 inch wide multi-surface tires for on and rough terrain use. 7-speed grasp change style gears for effortlessness and simplicity of moving. link impelled circle brakes front and back give the rider additional certainty in light of security 

Schwinn Smartstart Boys 

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Schwinn youngster explicit math accomplishes an agreeable fit, offering control and soundness for youthful riders.standover tallness: 20.5 inches – reasonable for a long time 6+. 20 inch wheels with 1.95 inch wide multi-surface tires for on and rough terrain use. 6 speed grasp change style gears for simplicity of moving. component dashing shocks front suspension fork offers backing and solace front and center. front and back v-brakes give the rider additional certainty in view of security.


The Apollo Spiral Womens Mountain Bike is a perfect combination of adventure and comfort experiences. Commonly, it could be hard for customers to choose the correct size fitting with their body. The Apollo Spiral Womens Mountain Bike comes in three different sizes. Choosing a casing that coordinates with your body size will prompt an open-to-ride experience and less freedom for issues. In addition, some mountain bikes are not strong enough to climb up steep hills. With the Apollo spiral womens mountain bike, it has up to 18-speed levels to switch between various gear proportions, which permit you to change into lower gears for climbing and higher cog wheels when you’re moving quicker. It has helped me a lot during my journey; therefore, I hope that it could work well with you too. If you find it interesting, you can click here and check the product out.

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