Apollo Evade Mens Mountain Bike Review For Enthusiast Bikers In 2024

When you scroll into this article, we know that you want to buy a high-quality yet affordable bike for your daily cycling activities. And Apollo Evade Mens Mountain Bike can be an ideal option for you. This bike model is considered a “spontaneous mountain bike.”

This bike is designed based on the hope that cycling will be an outdoor activity that is more approachable and happier, funnier, and more enjoyable for most people. However, this model will lack some advanced features you’ve seen in other bikes because of this purpose.

Some people may find this bike will bring an unpleasant experience because they know that this bike is incapable of doing other popular bikes in the market. On the other hand, many people are interested in giving a bike a try. 

Knowing your concern about this controversy, we’ve included basic information, our comments about its features to see if it’s truly worth in terms of your money, your time, and effort put into trying the bike. 

Firstly, we think that you need to know some basic information about this bike model.

Who Makes Apollo Mountain Bikes?

For your information, the Apollo mountain bikes’ manufacturer is Halfords. Many of you may not know, but Halfords Group is a retailer from England specializing in car components, car enhancements, camping equipment, and bicycles. Moreover, they also provide services and repairs. 

Therefore, you can have peace of mind with your purchase with one of the most famous retailers in the UK. Warranty is always there, ready to offer to you to affirm the high-quality of its product and the friendly, supportive after-sales customer service. 

Moreover, they have consistently improved specifications and adopted the latest technology to release a wide range of new bikes for every rider, including women and children. 

We know that some of you will question the Apollo Evade Mens Mountain Bike; some may not have heard about this model; therefore, we will show you today. 

What Is Apollo Evade Mens Mountain Bike?

When surfing through the brand’s website, you will see many bike types and models are available. We can mention some of them are Apollo hybrid bikes, Apollo kids bikes, Apollo folding bikes, and so much more. And the one we want to introduce today is the Apollo mountain bikes. 

This bike is a type in the Apollo mountain bike. Thanks to the description on the website, we know that this bike is a real deal with the gearing and front suspension. It will turn your cycling into a wild one with up speeding when going on the trails. 

Moreover, the lightweight alloy wheels and the disc brakes are created to make the cycling experience better than ever. Sounds excited, right?

However, you should know that this is only their advertisement, we’re not sure if it’s true in real life. Therefore, the next part is to test their testament to see if you can trust this brand and purchase the bike. 

Overview About The Apollo Evade Mens Mountain Bike 

3.1. Features At A Glance

Once you click on the link of this type of Apollo Mountain Bike on the website, here are some features that will catch your eyes at first:

Full-aluminium frame with a lightweight design

The frontal suspension of Apollo alloy for sturdiness, strength, and comfortability

For your information, gears are user-friendly. There is Shimano 21-speed gear for acceleration and stability.

Disc brakes are used for precise braking.

Wanda, All Terrain tires on 27.5 inches wheels provide lots of traction.

The professional bike experts will assemble your bike for free if it costs more than £250.

Infinite safety checkups for the rest of your life

Body frames and stiff forks come with a lifetime warranty.

There is a recreational wire cycle-care service offered.

Here are some primary features that you will pay attention to when looking for an Apollo mountain bike. Let’s see if these features have any benefits or drawbacks affecting your cycling experience. 

We know that any product or service will have its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, please keep an open mind when reading through this part. We still think this bike will somehow satisfy you to some certain extent.

Review In Details About The Apollo Evade Mens Mountain Bike

4.1. Advantages

4.1.1. Ideal For Many People

As you can see from the features, this bike is suitable for many people with different skill levels. 

If you are a professional, no doubt that you can handle this bike very well since it doesn’t contain too many advanced features. 

We know that after riding all the top-rated mountain bikes with many cutting-edge characteristics, you simply want for yourself a simple mountain bike. You don’t want your daily cycling to be complicated anymore. Keep it simple; you think like that. And this bike could be an ideal option for you. 

And this Evade Mens Mountain Bike is even more beneficial to beginners, less experienced riders. Isn’t it evident that when you skim into the bike specifications, you should realize that the Apollo brand has simplified this mountain bike version for less experienced populations? 

This point is specified in the full aluminum frame with the lightweight design, which is appropriate for teens for their first time riding a mountain bike. The frame is light for most people. 

And like we’ve mentioned, adults will also benefit from this bike because it gives them a unique means of transportation. 

4.1.2. Health And Safety Features

Needless to say, regular cycling brings to you many health benefits, including decreasing stress levels, fat levels, increasing muscle strength and flexibility, improving joint mobility, and so much more. Therefore, riding a bike should be included in your daily exercise, besides jogging or running. 

And to accommodate your needs to improve your health, the bike features responsive disc brakes and Shimano 21 speeds gear for stability and speed. 

Therefore, you can see that the responsive brake will help you prevent yourself from falling, causing many dangerous situations. 

And it is even more indispensable when you cycle through the multi-use trails, which is for basically every people, from hikers to bicyclists; therefore, a high-quality brake will not only keep you safe but also other people.

Moreover, thanks to the user-friendly gear, your cycling experience can be both relaxing and challenging. Sometimes, you may want to speed up a little bit when reaching the trail’s slope and return to the average speed after that. And this 21-speed gear will help you smoothly adjust among many speed rates. 

4.1.3. Design

We think if you are into simple design, you may not keep your eyes off this bike. One plus mark about this bike is that besides the simple design, it also represents exclusive artwork with the name “Evade” in the body frame. 

With this idea, the brand will satisfy most people looking for a basic-designed bike for daily life and excellent brand awareness.

When looking at the bike and seeing the name, people will immediately search for it on the Internet. While they may not buy the product right away, it still increases the searches about the bike and promotes its popularity. 

In general, they are killing two birds with one stone, both beneficial to the brand and their customers. 

4.1.4. Price

Compared to many acclaimed, high-rated mountain bikes in the market, the Apollo Evade Mens Mountain Bike is one of the most affordable. With approximately 235 pounds, you can get a decent, sturdy, and durable Apollo mountain bike, while with other bikes, you will have to spend more than 300 pounds. 

And not because the reasonable price will cause the inadequacy with the quality, the bike quality is more and more enhanced daily. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much!

4.1.5. Brand

As we’ve mentioned before, the Apollo mountain bike is manufactured by Halfords, a famous UK street retailer. You can see that previously, this brand is not only concentrating on bicycles manufacturing, but also the car, and the touring, camping equipment. 

Therefore, you don’t have to worry that you may buy from an unknown bicycle brand, the truth is, it is pretty famous and reliable. You don’t get fooled, and you will offer a lifetime warranty with the body frames and the forks. Trustworthy, right? 

4.1.6. Reviews

Our research shows that this bike receives a lot of love, compliments about how it works perfectly, the durable build quality, the perfect size, and how much it is suitable for entry-level mountain bike cyclists, the comfortable saddle, and so much more!

4.1.7. The Customer Service

The brand also provides you with excellent after-sales support with infinite safety checkups and the wire cycle-care service. Not every brand will offer you these services, so remember to take advantage of them to maintain your bicycle always in mint conditions. 

Finally, it also offers you a complimentary bike assemble from their experts if your purchase invoice is above 250 pounds. Cool, right? Remember, if you are qualified for this condition, use it wisely!

4.1.8. Other Features

Some other features about this bike that we are sure you will be interested in the bicycle are the handlebars have good grips, and the pedals are provided. And the fast-release frontal wheel is indeed a handy accessory for traveling.

There are features that some brands may neglect; therefore, Apollo is doing a great job in boosting the satisfaction of the customers by maintaining the vital elements and improving more advanced characteristics. 

While some advantages are mentioned above, this Apollo mountain bike still contains some disadvantages, some downsides that the brand should upgrade to allow their customers to have everything they want. 

4.2. Downsides

4.2.1. Seat

This downside is not only valid for the Apollo mountain bike, but it is also true for many excellent-rated mountain bikes. 

The fact that manufacturers quickly fail to notice the seat, causing discomfort to customers. The seat is usually overlooking, and that’s what most customers complain about the product. 

Some people even have to change the seat to the wide one because the available one is small and hard to sit. 

4.2.2. Suspension

Another problem we see a lot from the customer’s review is the suspension. According to our research, we’ve found out that this mountain bike has a 60 millimeters fork with just a frontal suspension and no dampening adjustment. The bicycle’s cushion and reaction aren’t for everybody; therefore, it limits the bicycle’s capabilities in more challenging areas.

4.2.3. Other Features

With other features, it is not from most customers; it is simply from some customers. Some people have changed the tires because the tires’ specification for the mountain bike doesn’t match their needs. Therefore, they have to change the tires. 

Some people may add the mud flap on the rear of the mudguard to protect people riding behind them. Moreover, the mudguard also protects the bicycle, keeping all specks of dirt, particles out of the components.

If you are a first-time buyer, this video could be a great help to you:

Conclusions: Apollo Evade Mens Mountain Bike In Summary

In conclusion, the Apollo Evade mens mountain bike is a perfect bike for people who can’t afford the excellent-rated bicycle or want affordable entry-level bikes. Thanks to the bike, you now can feel the mountain atmosphere while not going to that place. Cool, right? At the same time, you can still feel a sense of mountain while saving money, following your budget. 

However, we know that there are still some downsides to this bike: the seat, the suspension, the tires, and the lack of a mudguard. Especially about the suspension, you can’t simply change the suspension because it depends on the manufacturers. Unlike the fact that you can reverse the seat, the tires, or assemble a mudguard. 

Therefore, we see that the improvements in suspension will help the bike enhancement in the future. Only in this way, the bicycle becomes complete and satisfies as many people as possible. 

Meanwhile, although the bike has some disadvantages, the bike still should be the one that you need to appreciate and exploit all its potential to the cycling experience. 

Also, there are other mountain bike models that we think you should check out to expand your options. Here is the top 15 Barracuda rock mountain bike. 

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