Apollo Phaze Mens Mountain Bike Review: Buying Tips And Helpful Information

Is it challenging to come across an Apollo Phaze Mens Mountain Bike Review? Are you perplexed, and doubts keep coming into your mind? I’ve gone down this road before. I understand what you’re going through. It is how I provide the Apollo Phaze Mens Mountain Bike Review to give you a complete view of what’s currently on the market.

Because they are vital and helpful in various scenarios, the Apollo Phaze Mens Mountain Bikes are employed in multiple professions and everyday routines. But what exactly can it do? Is buying it also beneficial? Let’s take a look at my post to see if it’s worthwhile.

Let’s see what we can find out right now.

Apollo Phaze Mens Mountain Bike Overview

The Apollo Phaze mens mountain bike checks many boxes for various mountain bicyclists, whether that’s tackling the roughest trails or simply enjoying a neighborhood leisure ride. This superb men’s bike combines value, durability, and comfort to create new adventures without spending a fortune.

Apollo does have a solid name in the cycling industry for producing affordable and high-quality bikes. The Apollo Phaze relies on this name with a blend of intelligent design and high components to build a mountain bike that combines strength and reliability at an affordable price.

Apollo, one of the greatest bike brands in the UK, has released another stunning design, the Apollo Phaze Mens Mountain Bike. This version has been supplied with additional characteristics to cater to leisure riders who demand much more than the typical looks. It is suitable for leisure biking on off-road paths or paved trails or off-road paths.

The front suspension fork provides complete control on even rocky terrain; an aluminum frame offers a pleasant and light ride. In contrast, the 21 Shimano disc brakes and gearing provide optimal wheel control.

A saddle with comfy foam wrapped with black vinyl, a quick-release rear and front wheel, and alloy rims are among the other design characteristics. The Apollo bike is accessible in either black or red and is designed for males who value look and performance. It has 21 gears and hubs with 14G  36H.

The Apollo Bike has received positive feedback from users, with the best attributes being its nice appearance and unequaled sturdiness. Apollo’s bike is a great exception to the rule that a bicycle must strike the right balance between looks and utility.

It’s no surprise that owners enjoy this Apollo mountain because it’s both a proven performer and a legitimate looker. One customer even claims that this bike is in good working order after over one year of use and over 800 kilometers of riding. Another essential feature of the Apollo Phaze version is its affordable price.

In reality, customer reviews indicate that Apollo bike buyers are pleased with the product. Despite having the same edge-cutting technology as other companies, this version is less expensive.

The Apollo Phaze, like other bikes, no matter the manufacturer or series, has gotten mixed reactions for what riders have described as “uncomfortable chairs.” Another worried user proposed that the bracket at the bottom be replaced with a cartridge. Apart from these problems, Apollo bike receives good marks from its customers.

The Apollo bike is a unique product designed to meet the demands of individual people. Given Apollo’s great appreciation and competence for both shape and structure, as exemplified by the Phaze series, this brand is set to remain at the forefront of the cycling industry.

Apollo Phaze Mens Mountain Bike Key Features

  • Shimano gear set with 18 speeds
  • Suspension in the front
  • Aluminum frame with a low weight
  • V-brakes made of steel
  • MTB tyres 27.5″

Important Note:

The majority of sizes of this mountain bike are compatible with a backside child seat; however, the tiny version is just not; in this case, you could use a pannier-mounted child seat and a pannier rack.

Comfortable Rides

Because it’s crucial to be comfortable on rough surfaces, especially on lengthy rides, the Apollo Phaze has front coil suspension to help absorb a few of the stress from hard turns, landing, and crashes. Even on roughest trails, the suspension system’s 80mm of travel will help relieve pressure on your wrists and arms.

However, comfort isn’t simply about cushioning shocks; staying dry can help us stay out longer before becoming cold. Invest in a set of rear and front mudguards for your Apollo Phaze mens mountain bikes to keep yourself dry (and less dirty!).

If you plan on riding on hot, dry days, do not forget to bring a water bottle and bottle cage with you to prevent dehydration. I also review the best road bike helmet with advice on picking the best one for you when cycling, so please check it out.

Maintain Momentum

When it came to climbing, gears enable riders to transition from straight to uphill without slowing down effortlessly. The Apollo Phaze Mountain Bike has an 18-speed gear set that helps riders assault slopes without cumbersome slipping chains. 

Steel V-brakes enable controlled braking on even slippery and steep descents for constant stopping force on the way down. The MTB tires that rest on robust aluminum wheels will also provide enough grip on rough surfaces.

Frames That Are Light In Weight

Because heavier bikes make for longer rides, the Apollo Phaze’s lightweight aluminum frame and overall cycle weight of only 14kg allow riders to go even further for longer. The cycle frame is designed for rider placement and strength, with a sloping top tube to keep the seat lower on fast slopes without becoming too weak for the trip back up!

More Information On The Apollo Phaze Mens Mountain Bike

Apollo Phaze Mountain Bike Size Guide For Mens

Frame Size Height (cm) Height (inch)

20” (L) 175 – 185 5′ 9″ – 6′ 1″

17″ (M) 168 – 178 5′ 6″ – 5′ 10″

14″ (S) 152 – 170 5′ 2″ – 5′ 7″

Apollo Phaze Mens Mountain Bike Protection For Frame

The manufacturer only sells sturdy bikes that satisfy their high-quality requirements. It’s why every Apollo Phaze frame comes with a lifetime warranty. This guarantee is valid for all bicycles purchased after January 1, 2018. Kindly refer to your owner’s manual if you bought your bike before any of these dates.

The manufacturer is proud of the bicycles they design, construct and distribute, and they’re proud to say that they’re all of the finest quality. That’s why these bikes come with a Lifetime Guarantee for the original purchaser on the rigid forks and frame.

It indicates that if you buy this Apollo Phaze Mens Mountain Bike, the brand will exchange the frame or forks for free for the bike’s life if there is a manufactured problem. In addition, unless the producer specifies otherwise, they cover all the other parts on your bike for a year.


All products are covered by their Limited Lifetime Cycle Warranty, which includes free rigid fork and frame replacement for the owner. It is not possible to transfer their guarantee.

If the damage was caused by a manufacturing flaw, you could get lifelong coverage and peacefulness on any of these brand bikes. In addition, unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise, we cover all other components on the bike for a year.

What follows if I have a bike accident?

Accidents sometimes happen, and they aren’t always considered manufacturing flaws.  However, because they want to get you back on your bike as soon as possible, they will provide you a new frame or forks, as well as a discounted price fitting service.

Please note that they will provide the nearest available goods; for more information, contact the local shop or their Customer Support staff.

On the condition that your bike:

  • It hasn’t been harmed as a result of an accident or overuse.
  • It hasn’t been tampered with or changed in any manner.
  • Only recommended parts have been installed.
  • Has been carefully maintained, serviced, and cared for regularly.

Normal tear and wear, as well as a shortage of care and maintenance, are not covered. The price of new components and labor to complete the repairs will be covered together under provisions of this warranty.

Important: The guarantee is just valid for cycles that have been used in normal riding conditions. No bike is guaranteed to withstand commercial use like hire, competitive service, abuse, poor maintenance, accidents, misuse, trail riding, jumping, or stunt riding. Your statutory rights are unaffected by this guarantee. J ump and mountain bikes are solely intended for on-road and light off-road activity. These are not designed for off-roading in extreme situations, downhill riding in extreme conditions, or leaping and stunt riding.

Do you need to make a guarantee claim?

If you need to submit a warranty claim, please bring your bike to any shop with evidence of purchase. Contact their customer service staff if the cycle was bought online or whether you’re unable to make the trip to the store.

Please don’t try to fix any damages that have happened, as this may impact their guarantee evaluation. Simply leave that to their staff to analyze your bike, determine what led to the malfunction, and come up with a solution.

For the first two years of owning, they will replace your bike’s frame with a similar version or an upgrade to the old versions according to their Lifetime Guarantee. After two years, they will replace your frame with the next best quality frame present.

Please keep in mind that geometry, design, and component compatibility may alter over time as your bike’s models change. If they cannot replace its fork or frame, they will provide you a cycle with a similar selling value. In exchange, no returns or coupons are granted.

What isn’t covered?

It’s vital to remember that all cycle parts, including forks and frames, are susceptible to regular tear and wear. It is when a bike component has just done its job and has failed or worn out due to everyday use.

The tires, brakes, and drivetrain are among the most prevalent parts prone to regular wear and strain. Your Lifetime Guarantee won’t cover the cost of replacement in this situation. If you alter or modify your cycle in any way that changes its shape or places undue stress on its structure, your warranty will be invalid.

If you plan to utilize your cycle for commercial purposes, you will undoubtedly go above what the bicycle was built to do, causing unnecessary damage to the cycle. As a consequence, your bike will no longer be protected under any of their bike warranties.

What is a “manufacturing flaw”?

A manufacturing failure happens when a component breaks or exhibits signs of failure due to inadequate factory manufacturing. Check at the “What follows if I have a bike accident?” section if your bicycle is suffering problems that aren’t technically a manufacturing flaw.

  • Electric components – depending on the manufacturer, these are normally covered by a one-year or two-year warranty. A 500 full cycle charge or 2-year warranty is included with all batteries, whichever happens first.
  • Component failure due to lack of care, servicing, and misuse — it’s critical to look after the bike. It involves keeping it hygienic, maintaining it properly, and using it for its intended purpose. If you force a bike to perform something it wasn’t supposed to do, you’re more likely to damage it and lose your Guarantee privileges.
  • Suspension forks – it has a Warranty of at least a year or two years from the manufacturer. 
  • The paintwork – is guaranteed for two years from the date of purchasing. It covers manufacturing flaws but not sun damage, cable rubbing, scratches, or scuffs.


And that is every information for my Apollo Phaze Mens Mountain Bike review that I want to share with you today. It is now up to you to make your decision!

You’ve now seen a close-up of this Apollo Phaze Mens Mountain Bike. I’ve completed my Apollo Phaze Mountain Bike review, and I hope you’ll have a look at it and buy some soon. And if you want to have another alternative, check out this post of my best electric moutain bike review.

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