The Reebok Zjet Rowing Machine Can Be A Great Tool Help You Workout At Home

You are a person who loves exercise. However, there are some reasons so you don’t have enough time to go out and come to gyms to work out with PT. And practicing at home is also a challenge if you don’t have a machine. Therefore, the Reebok Zjet rowing machine we introduce today will be a great item that includes most features to help you get a full-body workout.

And don’t need to wonder much because we will give you all the information about this machine in this article soon. All parts we have are:

  • Some Things You Need TO Know Before Getting A Reebok Zjet Rowing Machine.
  • Product Overview.
  • Detail Information Of The Reebok Zjet Rowing Machine.
  • Some Alternative Choice For A Great Rowing Machine.
  • Conclusion.

Let’s get started immediately. 

Top Reebok Zjet Rowing Machine Reviews & Comparison

Some Things You Need To Know Before  Getting A Reebok Zjet Rowing Machine

A Little Information Of This Model Rowing Machine

Besides being a rowing machine like others, The ZJET rowing machine is a model of the Reebok brand. And it was released in 2019. The first thing you can see from it is it has an extremely simple and compact design. However, in it, the manufacturers equipped it with many wonderful features, functions and technologies. Some stand out like the automatic resistance system, a large number of workout programs and so on. We will show you the details soon.

Who Can Use This Machine?

So, who might choose to use this rowing machine for doing exercise? Don’t worry. It is for all objects who want to work out at home.

And more specifically, this is a great support tool for those who want to exercise the whole body instead of a part. Because when you practice with this machine, all parts of your body are exercised too. Thanks to that, this rowing machine is also suitable for people that want to lose weight by doing exercise.

In addition, every exercise and workout program in this machine is really good for the lungs and hearts too. Therefore, not only lose weight but also improve health, the Zjet rowing machine is also able to support you. In all, no one cannot use this machine and you are no exception.

Product Overview

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And if you want to know more about it, in the next part, we will let you know all the information about features, functions, programs, etc. of the Reebok Zjet rowing machine. Hence, no need to be too impatient. The information we have will be organized into some these categories:

  • Basic Parameters Of The Machine.
  • Construction Of The Frame.
  • Seat Design.
  • Sliding Rail Design.
  • Footrests Design.
  • Ergonomic Handle Design.
  • Resistance System.
  • Description Of Console.

Let’s get started right now together.

Detailed Information Of The Reebok Zjet Rowing Machine

Basic parameters of the machine

  • Dimensions of the machine: L-71.3 x W-21.3 x H-27.2 (inches) (181 x 54 x 69 cm).
  • Weight of the machine: 77.7lbs (about 35kg).
  • Weight of the flywheel: 13 lbs (about 6kg).
  • Capacity of weight: 265 lbs (about 120kg).

Here just basic parameters like other products. But via these numbers, you can see that this machine is very compact. And with this size, you can put it everywhere in your house without taking up too much space. In the case your house is quite small, it is not a big problem with this item too. Not only that, it is not too heavy for a person to move it when necessary. Therefore, this item is a great choice for all objects.

Construction of the frame

Next, we will help you know more about the construction of the frame. This is also an important part that you ought to care about. Because it affects the durability of the rowing machine a lot.

And all parts were made from 3 main materials. They are steel, aluminum and ABS plastic. The makers decided to use each type of material for each part to ensure it is suitable, safe, cost-saving, and still creates the best quality for customers.

First, we look at the front of the frame. It has the drive and resistance elements which do two opposite tasks. About the rear, it has a steel tubing stabilizer. These are the two main parts and the most important parts of a rowing machine so they were made from steel. Thanks to that, it has a certain strength and solidity. And this is the first good point.

How about the sliding rail? They used aluminum to make this part instead of steel like the frame. Because aluminum will help the seat slide better and more smoothly. Really subtle. And almost all other parts were made from high-quality ABS plastic. They were not cared much as when you use it, those parts will not be under a lot of pressure, it is not necessary to use materials that are too hard or expensive, which will cost money. Thus, high-quality ABS plastic is enough.

Not only that, to increase the durability and longevity of the machine, all parts were covered with a corrosion-resistant (black color). From inside to outside of this product are all made extremely carefully and details.

Seat design

The design of the seat is said to be quite similar to another one of the Stamina DT Pro. Hence it is almost nothing special. First, about the surface, it was designed to be non-slip combined with a small guard behind. Thanks to that, you will not be slid backward while you are working out.

In addition, the seat has a PU material contour on the top surface. This design helps the seat become more durable. Not only that, but the seat’s base is also an important part so it was made from steel. Plus with 2 sets of wheels that have some high-end sealed ball bearings. Therefore, you are able to move it more smoothly and easily.

And if you don’t like any noise that was created when you use it, this is a great choice for you. Because its seat was equipped with a rubbered layer outside and this layer will have the task of reducing noise when the seat slides on the rail. Even though the seat of the rowing machine is just a small part, for this machine, it is still cared about carefully.

Sliding rail design

Different from others, instead of being designed horizontally like other machines, the Reebok ZJET has a slider designed to lean forward a little. And this design creates 2 new benefits for users. Firstly, your legs will have the condition to workout better and then, it will be stronger. Secondly, the recovery motion of the rowing machine is a little more rapid too. From that, you can save not less time for each exercise.

Footrests design

The next thing we will describe for you is the footrests. This is one of the parts which were made from high-quality ABS plastic. And in addition to being designed normally, the Reebok footrests have a stronger and sturdier construction with 2 parts: heel guards and straps that can be adjusted. Thus, you can fix your feet more tightly.

Not only that, the footrests were placed at an angle of about 45°. Do you wonder why it was put at this angle? Because this is the best position to create a better and firm push. And also because of that, it will be under less pressure and be more durable too.

Ergonomic handle design

Next, about the handle, it was made from rubber foam and has an ergonomic design. In addition, these handles were made with little curved grips. Then connect with the heavy-duty and abrasion-proof nylon strap. These all things will give you the moving smoothly, less noise and not need the lubrication. After some information, you can see that every part was made carefully to give customers the best experience.

Resistance system

Relax a little and soon, we will give you information about the resistance system. This may be the most important thing which will determine the performance and efficiency you will receive.

The system of this machine is the automatic magnetic-proof system, the resistance system (consisting of one magnetic brake and one servo motor), and the automatically adjusted resistance. And there are all 16 levels that were installed on the console for you to be able to adjust and select a suitable one for yourselves. And for each level, the resistance will gradually increase through each one. Hence, you can also increase the level day by day you work out to have a better effect.

Description of console

The console is the part that includes many things in it. So we just introduce 2 main parts and the most important part for you. They are Structure – Usage and Programs.

Structure – usage

The screen which was installed is the 4.5 inches LCD LED screen. And in this screen, it will display many information and parameters so it was divided into 6 parts to be able to show you details, clearly and in the easiest way:

  • The largest section in the center: profiles of the program you are using.
  • Time.
  • Distance and total distance.
  • Strokes each session/each minute.
  • Calories you burned.
  • Your heart pulse.

And of course, it still has some arrow keys for you to choose the workout program you want manually. In addition, you can establish a target about time, total distance, calories, strokes or pulse and all they will be shown on the screen for you. From that, it will help you follow your intensity and effectiveness of doing exercise in detail and the best.


The last information we want to give you about the Reebok Zjet rowing machine is its programs. It has a total of 19 preset programs. And some of them such as P1-P12 programs with different intensities (for each person to select a suitable one). The H.R.C mode with 4 targets of heart rate 90%, 75%, 55% or custom by your demand.

The race mode allows you to race with a computer thanks to 15 setted-up settings. The recovery function, which will count the time of the pulse recovery then rate performance from F1-F6 (excellent – poor). From that, you will know how effective your workout is. And many helpful others that we cannot talk about all here.

In all, with a large selection of programs, you will choose a suitable one for yourselves more easily and conveniently. However, the weakness is it is quite difficult to use. Because there are up to 19 programs, you may need too much time to know how to use it fluently. But in the case you are a person who knows much about technologies and machines, it is not a big problem for you.

Some Alternative Choices For A Great Rowing Machine

You have any reasons that make you don’t want to choose the Reebok Zjet rowing machine to become an exercise companion with you. And you still want to have a machine with great performance like that. Don’t worry, here we have some alternative choices for you.

R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine

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This machine also has great features that are not inferior to products of Reebok. Like: magnetic resistance with 10 levels, LCD display shows much information (calories, time, scan, distance, etc.), and so on. The most special thing is it was made and worked to comply with the CE& EN 957 standard safety. So you can also try it.

Ventus 2 Air Resistance Home Rowing Machine

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Another wonderful and more simple selection for you is Ventus 2 Air Resistance Home Rowing Machine. This item also has functions and programs quite similar to the Reebok and R200. However, it was installed with fewer so it will not be too complicated for users. They are 8 levels magnetic combined with air resistance, LCD display to show essential parameters, etc., and still following CE & EN 957 standard of safety.

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine

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Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine is an ideal product for you if you want a sturdier rowing machine. A machine not only has a strong construction but also has up to 15 levels of magnetic resistance for you to adjust. It will be suitable for every age to work out and improve health.


Now, in this condition, you cannot go out to do exercise or come to the gyms to work out with specialized sports equipment. You can also get one for you to practice at home. And a machine that is suitable for you to place at home and use should be compact but still has enough functions. An ideal choice we shared with you is the Reebok Zjet rowing machine.

All the information about this item we talked about above. Here, we only gather shortly for you.

  • Compact design with a high weight capacity.
  • The strong construction of the frame gives it a long life.
  • Smart and effective design of the seat, sliding rail, footrests and handle.
  • The resistance system has up to 16 levels.
  • Console with intelligent built-in functions.

In addition, we still have some other helpful articles for you such as best reebok treadmill, best acoustic guitar under 3000. You can also read them if you need.

Those are all we want to share with you today.

Thanks for reading everything in this article.

Hope it is helpful for you and remember to share it with many readers.

See you soon.

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