Best Camping Cool Boxes Reviews: The Gear You’ll Need To Survive Any Adventure!

Looking for the best camping cool boxes?

We know that you want to enjoy your time outdoors, but it’s not always easy. That’s why we put together this list of the best camping cool boxes on the market today. Whether you need a cooler for a day at the beach or an ice chest for your next hunting trip, these are some of our favourite picks.

You deserve to have all the gear you need when you go out into nature. And with these reviews, there is no excuse not to get what you need before heading out on your next adventure! Check them out and find one that suits your needs perfectly! 

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Best Camping Cool Box Reviews 2024

Coleman 50Qt Xtreme

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The Coleman 50Qt Xtreme is the perfect cool box for any adventure. Whether you are taking it on a long road trip, camping or even to sporting events, this cooler will keep your items cold for days without ice. 

The design of the cooler provides insulation that keeps items colder for longer periods of time. This Coleman Xtreme cooler has a 65L capacity which is perfect for portability. 

There are cup holders built into the lid that hold drinks ready and cold while keeping them close to hand. This Coleman cool box is durable with its strong handle making it easy to carry around whether you are using it indoors or outdoors. 

The Coleman 50Qt Xtreme is a perfect example of a high-performance cooler with cutting-edge insulation technology. This technology ensures that your ice stays cold for up to 5 days – even in hot summer weather. 

Speaking of hot summer weather, this cooler also has a strong insulated lid and extra insulation throughout the walls to keep the inside cold as long as possible. 

This durable and sturdy cooler is perfect for outdoor adventures, trips on long car rides, or even sporting events. The interior even includes moulded cup holders to make sure there’s no need to leave your drinks behind! 

The Coleman 50Qt Xtreme is made in America and is BPA-free, meaning that it’s safe to store food and drink inside- even fruits that are compliant with EU FoodStuff regulation.

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler is the best camping cooler you’ll need. This cooler keeps your food cold and your drinks cold all day long, and it’s durable so it’s perfect for any outdoor activity. 

The attached handles make it easy to carry and the cup holders keep everything close and convenient. This cooler is also BPA free so you know you’re safe if something spills inside the cooler.

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler is the best camping cooler that you can get, and it’s a very affordable price. This cooler will keep your food cold for days at a time and you won’t go wrong if you buy this one!


– Keeps items cool for days 

– Durable design with strong handles 

– Convenient storage space inside 

– Molds cups into the lid for any outdoor adventure 


– Needs to be stored in a cool place when not in use. 

VonShef Cool Box

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The VonShef Cool Box is designed for those who love camping and want to make sure their food and drinks stay cool. This box will be able to keep your food and drinks cool up to 12 degrees Celsius which is best for those who like their food cold. 

This Cool Box can be powered by a 12 volt DC plug-in connector which is great for those on the go as it can connect to any car, boat or camper van. There is also a carry handle that offers added stability with the lid lock. 

The VonShef Cool Box also offers a two-year manufacturer’s warranty so you can rest easy knowing that your product will last.

VonShef Cool Box is a great product that has a 22L capacity of 1 spacious compartment. There are additional features that keep food and drink cold to 8-12°C. It has the capability to hold a 1.5-litre bottle in an upright position when plugged in on 12V DC on the 12V DC plug-in connector. 

This cool box also has a handle on top to make it easier to carry on long trips. It is powered by a 12V DC plug-in connector (supplied) for use on cars, caravans, camper vans, boats, trucks and more. 

The manufacturer of this product offers a two-year warranty for this product that can be purchased with confidence!

The storage compartment is enormous and has plenty of room for all your food and drinks. It even holds a 1.5-litre water bottle in an upright position (which is really nice!). 

This VonShef Cool Box also comes with a 12-volt cord, which makes it great for use in cars, camper vans, boats, trucks, and more. 

This product is simply brilliant and exceptionally well made with very sturdy yet lightweight metal construction. The lid seals very well and the removable shelves/ trays come in really handy to store food, drinks and even dishes (if you want to use it as a sort of storage

The only real downside to this VonShef Cool Box is that if you flip it over, all of your food and drinks will spill out (unless everything is frozen). It would be nice if there was a latch or something that securely locks it in place while it’s upside down. 

Other than that minor inconvenience, we think this is a great product and well worth the money. We would recommend this product to anyone who is going on a camping trip and needs a way to keep their food and drinks cold (especially if you don’t want to invest in the larger coolers).


– The storage compartment is enormous and has plenty of room for food and drinks. 

-Holds a 1.5 litre water bottle in an upright position

-Comes with a 12-volt cord, which makes it great for use in cars, camper vans, boats, trucks, and more. 



Coleman 30QT

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The Coleman 30QT collapsible camping cooler is an outdoor adventurer’s best friend. Fitting in the palm of your hand, you can take this evaporative cooler with you on any adventure without worrying about extra weight since it weighs only 2.6kg. 

The outer shell is made of durable HDPE while the insulation is PU foam which ensures that stored content will stay cool for up to two days when using ice packs or freezer packs. 

With a capacity of 28 Litres, there are plenty of storage spaces for food, drinks and even 38 x 0,33 Litre cans! The size of this cool box makes it great for long trips, camping at the campsite or events held outside- no matter where you are going you have the perfect companion in the Coleman 30QT collapsible icebox.

The useful bail handle style makes transportation easier so you can take it with you wherever you go. The good thing about this cooler is that it’s BPA-free, so no matter if you are carrying food or cold drinks in there, you don’t have to worry about your safety. For maximum protection and safety, the interior of the cooler is made out of BPA-free material as well.

A small but important thing- Coleman 30QT cool box is compliant with EU food standards which means this product is safe to use when carrying food and cold drinks such as fruits.

The Coleman 30QT cooler is one of the best cool boxes on the market with plenty of features for you to play with. The first thing you’ll notice about this cooler is that it’s really light and easy to transport, thanks to its soft-grip handle. 

It has a large capacity of 28L for food and drinks but can also fit 38 cans inside comfortably. It’s perfect if you’re going on a long journey, camping or even to a sporting event. 

The best thing about this product is that it has two layers of insulation; polyurethane foam in the lid and PE foam in the walls, meaning that your food and drink will stay fresh for up to two days in this cooler. 

This is a very good and sturdy cooler. It can fit a lot of food and drinks and has an adequate amount of ice to last up to 2 days. 

We like the size of this cooler because it is able to hold a decent amount of food, but still light enough to carry around when needed. The insulation is also quite good at keeping the cold in for up to 2 days which is perfect if you’re travelling with it. 

The Coleman 30QT is a portable cooler that keeps its contents chilled for up to 2 days. This is a great option for any adventure and the exterior is made from durable HDPE while the insulation PU foam keeps it cool. 

For extra safety, you can put your food, cold drinks and fruits in it as the interior is BPA-free. This cooler will be perfect for a long road trip, a day on a campsite, or even an outdoor sports event! 

The handles make transporting less difficult no matter how much food or drinks you have inside. All in all, this is a great cooler to take with you on holiday and for everyday use.

There is only one thing about this product that we don’t like and that’s the fact that you need to use ice cubes or freezer packs if you want your food and drink to stay fresh for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, if any water does leak inside you will need to empty it in order not to ruin your foods or drinks. 


– Durable exterior made from HDPE

-Insulation is PU foam for better insulation and protection against the cold

-Large capacity

-Two layers of insulation to keep food fresh up to 2 days 


-Must use ice cubes or freezer packs in order for food and drink to stay cool

Connabride CB22

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Connabride CB22 has a high-quality build, all of the features you would want on an outdoor cooler, and it’s comparably priced to many other coolers on the market. It can hold up to 24 cans of beer or four six-packs of soda. 

The Connabride CB22 portable cool box is fantastic! It’s perfect for keeping all of your food and drink cold for a long period of time. It also comes with an adapter so that you can plug it into your car so it will have the power needed to keep running for as long as you need it. The size is great too – not too big but still holds enough for a weekend trip.

It could be spacious enough to store all of your camping gear, food, drinks, and has an impressive cooling ability. We love the 12V adapter for having some on the go campsite convenience. You can use ice packs on top of the contents to keep them cold longer too!

The Connabride CB22 Cool Box offers a versatile way of keeping your food and drink cold for picnics, outdoor activities, camping trips to the beach, 4x4ing or any other adventure you can think of. 

With an internal volume of 22 litres, it is also surprisingly compact and ideal for carrying on the back seat of your car or squeezing into your tent.

The cooling process is very quick due to the use of 12-volt inflatable ice packs to keep items like rice, pasta and couscous cool whilst travelling which can be enhanced even further with frozen ice packs. The external dimensions are 395mm x 255mm x 440mm which will fit nicely into most car boots or on top of a picnic table.

The cooling system is temperature regulated, but it does need to be plugged in while in use. We love that this product comes with a locking lid – great for when camping with children. The only downside for this product is its weight so we don’t recommend packing this for backpacking trips or hikes.

For the price of Connabride CB22, we’d say it is definitely worth purchasing if you enjoy having picnics or want some cold drinks on those hot days.


– Nice and compact so easy to store in the car

– Powerful cooling capability

– Portable 12V adaptor included

– Good value for money 


– When not plugged in, it does need ice packs or frozen items 

Thermos Cool Box

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A Thermos Cool Box is a great way to keep your food and beverages cold for 8 hours. The food doesn’t get crushed as it does in other coolers, and the bag is leak-proof. This makes it easier to transport in different terrain. 

It is made of polystyrene which is also good for insulation. The handle locks in place with the lid, so there’s no worries about either falling off when you’re carrying it or when you’re moving it into your campsite.

We love that it’s lightweight, making it easy to carry without stress on your back. With the insulation providing such great qualities of keeping food and beverages cold for 8 hours, it’s a very popular choice amongst campers.

The Thermos Cool Box is arguably the best cooler out there because it keeps food and drinks fresh and cool longer than other coolers. It can hold up to 6 cans of beverages and keep them cold for up to 8 hours, unlike other coolers that really only keep things chilled for about 3 hours.

There are some complaints that it doesn’t actually keep your drinks any colder than a regular cooler, but most people feel that this is not an issue because the Thermos Cool Box is so much better at insulating, which means it will keep drinks cooler longer.

Some people have been concerned about the durability of this box as one of the previous campers stated that they had a broken handle after only a couple of uses, but other than that most people are satisfied with how long it lasts and how well it works.

If you want to take something with you on a long camping or hiking vacation, Thermos Cool Box is probably your best bet for keeping food and drinks fresh and cold. 


– Lightweight & robust construction.

– Handle-locked lid in place. 

– Polystyrene insulation. 

– It’s easy to fit extras inside of the box for a camping trip 


-Some people have been concerned about the durability of this box

Best Camping Cool Box Benefits

We’ve all had those moments where you’re on an exciting camping trip, ready to do some fishing or hiking, only to find that your food has gone bad. Your ice packs have melted. You forgot the cooler and now your food is ruined. 

It’s a pain we’ve all experienced at one point or another and it can be devastating when it happens in the middle of nature! But fret not: there are plenty of ways to combat this issue and make sure you never suffer from a lack of cold snacks again. 

best camping cool box

Whether you need something for the car, boat, cabin, or campsite; these coolers will keep everything fresh and delicious no matter how far away from home you go! 

Camping Cool Boxes are the perfect way to make sure your food lasts for days!

• You won’t have to worry about spoiled or melted ice packs in a Camping Cool Box 

• Camping Cool Boxes keep frozen foods frozen and refreshing.

• Camping Cool Boxes are easy to transport and some even fold up. 

• Camping Cool Boxes are durable, reliable, simple to use, long-lasting, convenient, lightweight and very effective at keeping your food cold!

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Camping Cool Box

Choosing the best camping cool box can be a difficult task. There are so many different ones on the market and they all seem to have their own set of features. It’s important for you to do your research before making a purchase because if you get this wrong, it could mean that your food spoils or other items become damaged while camping. 

This article will help guide you through what to look for in a good cooler and how to pick one out that will suit your needs perfectly. 


The size of the cooler is going to depend on what kind of trip you’re going away on and how much space is available in your car or caravan etc. 

best camping cool box

If you’re only going away for a night, then a smaller cool box will do, but if you’re going away for the weekend and want to pack a few items, then a larger one is better. Make sure that you think about what size would be best for your trip before purchasing one.


The insulation of the cooler is important because it determines whether or not food items will stay safe to eat or not. A good camping cool box will keep the food cold for at least 5 days, but there are some that can keep it cold for up to 7 days. 

Be sure to choose one with great insulation because this is definitely something you don’t want to skimp on when you’re in the middle of nowhere and running out of food would be very inconvenient.


The design of the cooler is another vital factor to consider when it comes down to choosing one. This will probably depend on what kind of trips you go away on because some coolers are better for day trips than others. 

There are ones that come with speakers and USB ports for your devices, which is great for a day trip, but they wouldn’t be very good for an overnight/weekend break because you wouldn’t have any space inside to store food. Make sure that the design is suitable for the kind of camping trips you go on and it will make your life easier in the long run.

best camping cool box

Ice Retention

We all know that ice melts and when it does, it’s going to drip into your food and ruin everything. This is why the ice retention factor is so important because you want to make sure that your food won’t be ruined by melted ice. 

The ice retention of a good cooler will vary from day to day depending on how warm it gets, but it would be pretty safe to say that the ice will still be viable for around 24 hours.


The price is extremely important when choosing a camping cool box because you don’t want to overspend unnecessarily. There are various different brands and styles available on the market, so there definitely should be something suitable for your budget. 

Don’t be tempted to spend big money on something because you feel like it’s somehow better, because this could end up being a false economy in the long run.

Check out this informative video:

FAQs about Best Camping Cool Box

What Are The Best Type Of Camping Cool Boxes To Use? 

The best cool boxes to use are the products that are designed for camping. These products are the ones that will work the best with your adventures.

Most coolers are only capable of retaining ice for about four days in 90 degrees Fahrenheit weather. Boxes made of high-density polyethylene can last up to twice as long.

Why Is It Important To Have A Cooler Box For Long Trips?

Coolers with foam insulation can maintain ice for up to five days in 90° F temperatures. Coolers that are sealed with a gasket will keep out dirt and debris from entering your container, keeping your food fresher longer.

best camping cool box

Some cool boxes have the capability of being portable with built-in wheels, making them perfect for outdoor excursions or even a day at a theme park in hot weather. Having a cooler box in place of an electric device will save on power and gas use. 

A campground cabin can be expensive when you pay by the night, so the money spent on the cooler box could save you a lot over time.

What Are Some Of The Benefits That Come With Using These Products? 

There are many benefits that come with using these products, but the main one is that they’re specifically designed to help you during your camping adventures. They’re built to withstand the tough conditions of use and will last much longer than many other models on the market.

Other benefits include their durability, insulation capabilities, how affordable they are in comparison to other devices, and much more!

What Makes These Coolers Better Than Others? 

These coolers outperform others in every way. They have a capacity for ice retention that’s double or more than any competitive product available on the market. 

The inner foam insulation also retains ice longer than what has ever been possible before because it adds an extra layer of protection between cold air and warm air contact.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Them Before Buying One?

It’s important to take into consideration the lid. The lid type will make a big difference in how the cooler will perform for you. You want to ensure that it can be secured tight enough, preferably with snaps to keep cold air from escaping.

best camping cool box

The reason it’s important is if you don’t have an optimal seal on your lid then there are multiple ways that hot air can force its way inside and start destroying any food being stored inside. 

Warm air does not have the ability to create just as much chilling potential as cold air does so it needs another method of access if any at all to allow the correct temperature contact necessary for proper cooling results.


If you’re looking for the best camping cool boxes, then don’t worry. We’ve done all of the research and compiled a list of our top favourite products with reviews from other happy customers who have also bought them!  

These are some of the most durable camping coolers on the market today- so if you want to make sure your food stays fresh or keep your drinks cold while you enjoy an adventure in nature, these will do just that.

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