Top 17 Best Inversion Table Uk Of 2024

Whether you have back discomfort or wish to improve the flexibility of your body, the best inversion table UK can relieve both physical and mental tension. 

It is ideal for gym-goers because of its ability to stretch your body, improve flexibility, and reduce pre-existing back discomfort. They are also beneficial to one’s overall health, like enhanced posture and circulation. 

We researched and listed our top 17 choices in the next section just for you. Let’s find out now!

Best Inversion Table Uk Comparison 2024

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Top 17 Best Inversion Table Uk Reviews 2024

Sportstech Innovative Inversion table 

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The Sportstech IT300 is a multi-purpose gadget that functions as an inversion table and a power tower. 

With Sportstech’s multi-functional device, you may perform up to five different exercises. The IT300 converts from an inversion table to a power tower capable of supporting you practice tricep dips, pull-ups, push-ups, and leg lifts. When you think about what you’ll be receiving with two computers in just one, it’s well worth the price tag. 

This IT300 can assist in alleviating pain due to external pressures in your lifestyle while still strengthening your physique to stop potential discomfort. You will not only feel much better. You will also look better.

It would not only provide comfort for your core muscles but would also aid in strengthening your entire body. The best way to prevent future discomfort is to host or imbalanced muscles. 


  • Dual-function 
  • Both water and odor resistant table’s foam
  • It folds up quickly and neatly.


  • Pretty high price point

Bh Fitness Unisex’s Zero Adjustable Foldable Inversion Table

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This inversion table will be pretty beneficial in stretching the spine and aligning the intervertebral discs. This stretcher of the most excellent quality is available from the company BH Fitness, featuring adjustable control over both the height and the level of inclination. 

It relieves back pain, particularly in the lower back, and also improves the abs. It is beneficial for stretching the spine and muscles. 

The BH inversion table may be customized for each user, giving it very simple to operate. 

Without the need for outside assistance, you can quickly modify the maximum tilt angle. It shows a critical vertical slope of 92 degrees. It folds up and can be stored everywhere.


  • Stretch the spine and improve muscles
  • Relieve back pain
  • Customizable
  • Very sturdy 
  • High-quality


  • Quite costly

66fit Professional Inversion Table 244

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The 66fit Professional Inversion Table is specifically developed for professionals. It can change better to meet the changing user at every given time. It includes a total of 25 modifications so that it should be able to fit almost everyone and everybody. The belt can also be adjusted. This arrangement shows that the user remains relaxed and comfortable while utilizing the table. The table is pricier than some of the others, but it provides improved sturdiness and balancing. 

Another thing to keep in mind would be that the 66Fit Professional Inversion Table is quite adaptable. It truly can satisfy almost anyone.

This table is excellent for both personal and professional use due to its adaptability. It can withstand a weight limit of 136kg. It is also ideal for customers ranging from 4’9″ to 6’6″. You may reasonably well ensure that the 66Fit Inversion Table will work effectively with you no matter how much you weigh and how tall you are. 


  • Ideal for both domestic and professional use 
  • Weight capacity of up to 136kg 
  • Folded down for more straightforward storage 
  • Twenty-five modifications  
  • Excellent balance with additional control
  • Very strong and durable 


  • A little pricey

Exerpeutic 975sl All-Inclusive Heavy Duty 350 Lbs Capacity Inversion Table

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For starters, the 975SL provides a slightly higher weight capacity of 350 lbs / 158 kg, making it an excellent choice for heavier users who could feel that the typical 300 kg total weight seen on most UK inversion tables is insufficient. 

Other advantages are the 2.3 inches memory foam padded backrest and lumbar support pillow, which provide a relaxing experience for the user. 

The extremely long palm triggered the ankle lock lever. A helpful feature that allows customers to tighten their ankles without bending down. The locking lever also activates the ‘Surelock’ dual ratcheting ankle lock system, a double lock tooth mechanism to make this inversion table safer than other inversion tables.

The IControl disk braking system is a fantastic feature, especially for riders who enjoy increasing the inversion angle during their session. 

The 975SL also has comfortable ‘Airsoft’ ankle holders that allow air to flow into the various chambers within the ankle grips. This allows the ankle holders to suit the user’s legs and ankles better and provide more comfort, especially when contrasted to the more rigid plastic cup style ankle holders seen on some other inversion tables. 

The incredibly long side handles and rear handgrips on this inversion table also help the user gain stability while inverting and provide a method to stretch.


  • Easy to use
  • High-quality
  • The iControl disk braking system
  • Comfy ‘Airsoft’ ankle holders 


  • Not too easy to use 
  • Quite heavy 

Exerpeutic 225SL Inversion Table 

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Some physiotherapists prescribe it to the patients, as well as that one of the significant advantages is how substantial this inverter back feels. However, one disadvantage is that it is heavier than many other machines, so in case you plan on moving it frequently, this option should be considered. 

Another advantage of this inversion table is its excellent comfortable grip. They are held in place by a lever that can be grasped without any unpleasant stretching. And they have a sophisticated technique that prevents them from pinching or nipping you when clamping down. This is without a doubt the best systems we’ve seen on a low-cost inversion table.

The offered tools aren’t that useful on the flip side, and you should use your own. The instructions are quite easy to follow; however, it will make your life easier when enlisting the assistance of a friend to assist you in putting it together. 

One of its disadvantages is that it has slightly higher weight than the other foldable inversion tables on the market. Its weight of roughly 30kg may be too much for some people, so keep that in mind. 

This is nearly the ideal affordable inversion table. It’s excellent looking, it’s simple to utilize, and it’s pretty comfortable, thanks in large part to the ankle assists. Exerpeutic’s inversion table is inexpensive but provides lots of value.


  • Great system for ankle griping
  • Smart design
  • Well balancing
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to assemble 


  • Come with not up tools
  • Quite heavy 

Yatek Inversion Table Pro 171

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Yatek offers a variety of inversion tables in its price range. One of the most pleasing aspects of their inversion table Pro that we discovered was how robust this back inversion table is. Its sturdy metal frame can support weights of up to 150kg and is appropriate for people up to 6 feet 2 inches tall. 

Yatek’s muscular frame and low pricing make it worth considering. It’s straightforward, no-frills equipment that will allow you to stretch out your back easily. 

Its model allows you to go totally upside down safely and quickly, and it has 12 various backrest settings to select from. 

If you’re searching for a low-cost table that won’t take up too much room in your home, this is a fantastic option because it folds away nicely, saving at least a little space.


  • Excellent build quality 
  • A sturdy framework 
  • Simple to construct 
  • Excellent value for money


  • Relatively small to tall people 

Kemket Inversion Table 144

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The vibrating massage and heat pad inserted in the thick foam padded backrest are the significant features that set this inversion table apart from the crowd. Many people prefer the pad’s heat and believe it helps to loosen up and soothe stiff muscles. If you like, you can remove the heat pad and utilize it elsewhere.

It’s worth mentioning that the heat and vibration massage pads that come with this sort of inversion table aren’t particularly sophisticated. This is why the places are marketed as vibration massage instead of simply massage pads. The pad merely vibrates that do not provide a more profound massage technique. 

The Kemket inversion table also has a long ratcheting handle that helps users secure their ankles without bending down too much, decreasing spinal stress. 

Another feature is the slot pin inversion angle regulator that enables you to limit the angle of inversion to 20/40/60 or 90 degrees. 

This inversion table also has extra-long side grips and an elevated region on the back floor assistance for a hand grasp for added stretch and strength.


  • Removable the heat pad
  • Limitable the angle
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks the lengthy ankle securing ratchet handle 
  • Lacks the curved rear floor bar 

Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table 

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The Exerpeutic 475SL has a clearly labeled pin to assist you in selecting the optimum degree of inversion. It is easy to use if you are new to inversion therapy. It’s also very adaptable, molds your body, and can support people weighing up to 136 kg. 

The Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table makes inversion simple with a four-position adjustable current specification and a straightforward ‘Palm Activated’ Surelock adjustable safety ratchet ankle locking system. Furthermore, the form-fitting, pain-relieving Airsoft ankle holders offer unrivaled relaxation while inverted.

The Exerpeutic 475SL Inversion Table, with its comfy soft foam backrest and two-position headrest, will give you the superior inversion comfort you require at a low price. 


  • High-quality
  • Ankle airsoft cushion holders 
  • 1.8-inch-thick foam backrest 
  • Ratchet lock system triggered by the palm 


  • Flimsy tools
  • Weighty frame

Yoleo Red Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table 138

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 This table was reasonably priced, then it would be a pleasant surprise to discover how solid it is. The foundation is a no-nonsense square tubular frame with bold steel, and there isn’t a wobble that you can find anywhere. There’s a lot you can change here, from your height to the adjustable headrest, which not all inexpensive tables have. 

This table employs the standard lever that you pull down until you’re locked into position at the level that feels snug. There are extra assists at the leg back, which feel comfortable and keeps the portion in place. 

This bed also includes lumbar support to help keep your comfy lower back at 20 or 40 or 60 degree angles.

Despite its low cost, it is made of steel. It’s as pleasant as you may get with your feet up, as well as it has a sturdy structure that worth purchasing. 


  • The bold design 
  • A sturdy and hefty framework 
  • Lower back great assist 
  • Great ankle locking mechanism
  • Good wide and padded loop handlebars


  • Instructions should be more specific
  • Bright colors did not suit everyone

Yatek Foldable Inversion Table 134

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The Yatek ECO inversion table is described in two words: resistant and sleek. It also has a full 180-degree inversion and is designed for regular usage, with weight capacity has to be its most striking attribute. While many versions can only manage 135 kg at a time, the Yatek ECO blows the competition out of the water and can support a total of 150 kg. 

The Yatek model is essential in form but powerful. It can support up to 150 kg of human weight, making it one of the most influential models available.


  • Maximum body weight up to 150 kg 
  • Multiple levels of inversion 
  • Simple to balance 
  • Foldable 
  • Fit into tight quarters 


  • Tough to understand instructions 

Klarfit “Relax Zone Inversion Table Back Hang Ups 129

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The Klarfit “Relax Zone” Inversion Table is a lifeline for someone who is frequently under stress. It is highly beneficial for stretching the spine and adjacent core muscles. It also helps with nerve root pain and promotes blood flow. Just 5 minutes on our rest table can provide virtually immediate relief. The table is appropriate for people of all ages and those of practically any height up to 200 cm and weight up to 150 kg. It offers a 20-stage height adjustment for leg support, and even if you’re taller than usual, the tables would still feel solid in the end. For increased security, the style has foot support for padded ankle closures.

A fantastic inversion table for people with back pain, slipped discs or muscle stress. Using it twice or three times every day will help you relax your muscles and increase blood circulation.


  • 5cm thick padding 
  • High-quality vinyl upholstery
  • Durable material
  • Minimal upkeep usage 


  • Not very clear directions

Yoleo Black Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table 99

[amazon box=”B07DP51MRR” ]

If comfort and safety are your top priorities while assessing your alternatives, the YOLEO inversion table is a terrific choice. It’s very economical and has several fantastic features like an easily adjustable height tube, a crossbody safety belt, and a four-layered foam backrest. You can quickly switch between different heights in seconds, allowing everyone in the family to enjoy it. 

The YOLEO Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table represents exceptional value for money. Also, it looks and feels fantastic because of its clever, comfy, and durable design. It could also hold 136 kg, which is 300 lbs or more than 21 stone. 

This YOLEO inversion table also folds up for compact storage.


  • Available in a range of colors
  • Memory foam backrest
  • Crossbody strap belt
  • Extra-large frame 
  • Additional support for the lumbar region 


  • Tough instructions to follow
  • Not easy to assemble 

Beauty4Less Inversion Table Exercise Bench

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The Beauty4Less Inversion Table is both inexpensive and astonishing in its versatility. It can comfortably accommodate most users; however, some taller people may feel excluded. The table can accommodate people with heights ranging from 4.2 feet to 6.2 feet. The table weighs just 19kg, and then you’ll have no trouble carrying it from one location to another. 

The Beauty4Less Inversion Table is intended for tiny people. It can only support a weight limit of 100kg. You’ll enjoy this table as far as you’re slender and slender. 

The Beauty4Less Inversion Table isn’t for everyone. Nonetheless, it will be a worthwhile option for some as long as you seem to be conscious of the table’s restrictions and it is appropriate for you.


  • Height ranges from 4.2 to 6.2 feet
  • Both padded bed and headrest 
  • Light-weigh
  • Allowing for greater mobility. 
  • Easily foldable 
  • Foam pads to protect the ankles. 
  • Soft grip handles


  • Only support a limited weight of 100kg
  • Extremely brittle plastic components 

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Inversion Table

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Teeter sells top-of-the-line gravity boots, inversion tables, and other inversion accessories. Their inversion tables are the most copied on the market today. Despite their efforts, they are still unable to compete with the quality and design of Teeter inversion tables. The EP series of Teeter Hangups Inversion Tables is one of their best-selling models. EP stands for Exceptional Performance. What distinguishes the EP series from other models is that it is intended for normal home-usage.

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 is a piece of aesthetically appealing training equipment that will help you develop your core. These inversion tables are pretty helpful for the therapy of nerve and back discomfort, and there is no need to pay for expensive physiotherapy when you have this at home. This inversion table is also straightforward to assemble. Very simple to construct and set up. The table is sent 90% built and with comprehensive instructions. Although the business claims that it takes 13 minutes to make the EP-560, we estimate that it will take the typical individual approximately 15 – 25 minutes to set up the table, including quickly modifying the parameters for their body size.

Its smooth, long-lasting plastic surface avoids friction during inversion and promotes relaxation and pleasant flexes throughout stretching and training activities. It has a heavy-duty carbon steel base with a raised grip that improves stretching, corner feet that extend the width of the foundation and safeguard your floors, and a polished, scratch-resistant surface for a stylish look. 


  • Can withstand up to 300 pounds
  • Design that folds 
  • Corner feet are part of a sturdy steel base
  • Stretch support handles for a more secure grasp
  • Acupressure Nodes for Anxiety Relief and Blood Circulation Improvement 


  • Need more room 

Skandika Gravity Coach Foldable Inversion Table

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The Skandika Inversion Table is suitable for customers who want to alleviate back discomfort in home comfort. The table is collapsible, allowing it to be simply stowed in a closet. It also has ergonomically constructed foot brackets for enhanced comfort while in use. You’ll never slip and slide with safety levers near your feet! The table is exceptionally long-lasting, comfy, and secure. 

This inversion table is also quite adaptable. It can support a weight limit of 135kg in total. It may also be adjusted to fit people with waist sizes ranging from 147 to 198 cm. This item can also be secured at four various angles.

This ensures that everyone will be able to obtain the desired goals. 

The Skandika Inversion Table may not be as adaptable as others, but it is still a terrific buy. If one or two people only utilize the table, it should be ideal. Alternatively, you might want to consider investing in a specialist inversion table. 


  • Angles of 0, 20, 40, and 60 degrees that can be locked in
  • The handrails are cushioned for more comfortable 
  • Weight capacity of up to 135kg 
  • Suitable for comprehensive people ranging in height 
  • Surprisingly simple to assemble 


  • Slightly fewer adjustments

Crystal Pro Gravity Inversion Table

[amazon box=”B077BQ9LGV” ]

If you have plenty of space and ư saves money on a high-quality inversion table, the Crystal Pro Gravity may be best for you. The construction requirements are clear and short, requiring no more than an hour of your time to complete. 

The Crystal Pro Gravity Inversion Table is another fantastic value-for-money solution for anyone on a tight budget. It is simple to set up. Our big issue about this inversion table is that it does not fold flat, so keep that in mind if you live in a small place. Storage, on the other hand, could be an issue. 

Nonetheless, it is pretty durable, includes a safety belt for added security, and can support a maximum weight of 125 kg.


  • Strong and secure 
  • Simple guidelines 
  • Simple to assemble 
  • Affordable 


  • Not collapse when folded

Sportsplus Inversion Table

[amazon box=”B071GBZZS5″ ]

With this Sportsplus model, you can invert your body at a specified point of 20, 40, 60, or 80 degrees, or you can set it to free inversion, which gives you roughly 90 degrees. It’s simple to put together, use, and store. 

The sleek and straightforward design of the Sportsplus Inversion Table in either black or red is one of its highlights. It is pretty strong and can sustain a total body weight of 135 kg. The Sportsplus is efficient and made of high-quality components, so you can be confident that it will last.


  • Soft on the feet and ankles
  • Two-color options
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks lumbar support

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Inversion Table In The UK

We like to divide what we’re searching for in an inversion table into several areas. Although this list might be much longer, these are some things we suggest a client check for when deciding on an inversion table for your family. 

best inversion table uk

Weight limit 

Because these tables support our ankles, you must be sure that the model you choose can support your weight. 


Because no two people are the same, we may not benefit equally from the same inversion table. Consider how diverse we appear on the outside, and then consider each of us on the inside. Our bone structure, the muscular mass, and injury history are just a few of the factors that influence our physique. A standard table may be ideal for a 30-year-old with lower back pain, but it may not be strong enough for a 50-year-old who is slightly overweight and has slouching issues.


best inversion table uk

Avoid abrasive materials with sharp edges and painful bulges, and rather than look for strength and longevity. The metal frame of inversion tables makes the entire construction durable and robust. Although the backrest of an inversion table should ideally be constructed of vented plastic, most inversion tables feature a wooden backrest with soft cushioning. 



The structure of the inversion tables must allow users to change the angle of inclination to their liking. 

Platform and handles 

The pedestal on which you will put your feet, as well as the handles, ought to be your size or easily adjustable for comfort.

Ankle grips

best inversion table uk

Ankle grips are a type of grip that is used to hold something in place. 

You should also keep in mind that your ankles will support you, so find comfortable grips that hold your weight. 

Back paddock 

There are cushioned and fabric variants, both of which are excellent choices for providing back support. 


There seem to be many automatic and use power versions, whereas others which are manual and need cardiovascular fitness to alter angles. 

Configurable options 

best inversion table uk

Setting up inversion tables for varied body proportions ought to be easy, quick, and dependable. A safety belt holds the aspect ratio in place. The longer the strap, the greater the inversion table’s inclination angle.


While we all want the best inversion table available, most of us just do not have the funds to purchase the most costly inversion versions on the market. If one does the proper research, they can still buy the best model in their price range. 

Security and comfort 

They are critical considerations when looking for the best inversion tables. Because inversion entails hanging the body upright, vital components of inversion tables are fixed footrests and railings that assure your security and proper exercise. Ankles are held in place on inversion tables using specific holders or a cushioned rod. Within that posture, the joints in the back start to extend with no effort on your behalf. The weight of the body is lifted from the lower body, and you feel relieved. Joints are decompressed, which has a substantial beneficial effect. The most extraordinary inversion tables include broad, high-quality leg fasteners that make hanging more pleasant.

The most extraordinary inversion tables include broad quality leg attachments that make swinging comfier and allow you to hang for extended periods without difficulty since the load is distributed fairly. You may have pain and discomfort if your leg fasteners are uncomfortable. You can strengthen your core by elevating your core muscles with the help of dependable pins. The inversion table handrail ought to be long-lasting and composed of non-slip material. Inversion tables must be firm and non-slip, so search for anti-skid padding on the inversion board foundation. 

Other features 

best inversion table uk


If you don’t have space for an inversion table, a design with a foldable frame is an excellent option. 


If you’d like more mobility when completing workouts on an inversion table, seek more flexible versions.


You must choose a version that makes you feel safe, therefore avoiding unstable models since you might wind up slipping from it.

Frequently Asked Questions About UK Inversion Table 

Is it worthwhile to buy an inversion tables? 

best inversion table uk

Some people discover that they provide temporary relief from low back or squeezed disk pain. It is unlikely to be a successful long-term treatment. Inversion therapy appears to be no more effective than sham treatments in this area, according to research. 

Doctors and physiotherapists recommend inversion therapy because it provides a rotational speed. This factor can decelerate spinal discs. Based on the current Wall Street Journal, using an inversion table can also assist with stress relief, and circulation as studies have shown that the therapy can aid in relaxation.

What is the action mechanism of inversion therapy? 

Gravity progressively wears out your body to maintain your body straight, improve your bones, muscles, and spine work against gravity. Even with exercise and a healthy diet, your body will eventually succumb to the adverse effects of gravity.

The idea underlying inversion therapy is easy to use and intuitive: move your body upturned to counteract the effects of gravity. Inverting allows gravity to pull on your body in the other direction, causing it to “undo” and cancel out part of its benefits. 

Herniation has been one of the reasons for back discomfort. Take, for example, backache. As gravitational acceleration on your spine, several of your nearby vertebrae tend to press against the tissue that connects them. This tissue, known as discs, will gradually stretch outward, striking nerve cells in your back. The pain then travels outward from the herniated disc site and could be felt in other body sections, not only the back. 

Inversion gradually decompresses the spine and relieves pressure on the discs, allowing them to migrate back into position by reversing the pull of gravity. This prevents them from striking the nerve cells that cause pain.

Who may not need an inversion table? 

best inversion table uk

Inversion table therapy should not be used by patients with hypertension, circulatory problems, glaucoma, or retinal detachments. Swinging partially or upturned increases blood pressure and pressure flowing to the brain and eyes. In conclusion, inversion therapy is not a new concept. 

How long might it take for the inversion table to work? 

Work your way up to 3-5 minutes, or however long it might take for your muscles to rest and release. Although there is no time restriction for utilizing an inversion table, it is critical to listen to and adapt to your body and understand that inversion is about rest and recreation.

About the result of treatment, whether you expect a permanent cure for your back pain, you might well be disappointed. But, if you are only looking for a remedy to your backache, you may be delightfully pleased. 

As most buyers and reviews are typically astounded by the outcomes of purchasing an inversion table, it is essential to realize that the pain relief provided by inversion treatment is often just temporary.

However, in order to achieve the desired results as quickly as possible, you must perform the proper exercises when working out. Here are our suggestions:

Final Thought

Countless people are predicted to profit from inversion, which is unlikely to cause any difficulties. 

We suggest that you see your doctors before buying the inversion product if you’ve any health issues that you fear may be worsened by utilizing it. 

If you’re still perplexed, here are our top five suggestions of the best inversion table uk market:

[amazon table=”143″]

As long as you get that immediate relaxation, you’ll fall in love with the sensation when using the inversion table. As well as if you’re using the proper one for you, you might never want to take off this. 

We hope that our review has helped you select the best inversion table UK for you and your family. Thank you for taking the time to read this! 

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