Top Fifteen Best Home Rowing Machine UK Reviews And Comparison 2021 You Don’t Want To Miss

During the pandemic of Covid 19, the importance of health is emphasized more than anything else. In the UK and other places, among a variety of exercise equipment, the best home rowing machine UK draws much attention from indoor people. A rowing home machine’s presence would definitely urge you to do necessary work-out right for your muscles. To be knowledgeable, it is an outstanding option to help you take up fitness through calories burnt and fat. Noted that a best home rowing machine UK can even make this process safe and effective with proper impact.

If a rowing home machine UK is in your list for fitness at home, various styles, characteristics or functions can easily confuse you. As a rooted thought, you may link high-price home rowing machines UK with the best one. However, there are some listed below which vary from price to price, specific features and so on. Based on many references from different people from a variety of conditions, here is surely your list to take a look at. If you are on the way to find the best home rowing machine, don’t hesitate to check here with us.

Best Home Rowing Machine UK Comparison 2021

Best Home Rowing Machine UK For Quality And Weight Capacity
Best Home Rowing Machine UK For Authentic Experience
Best Home Rowing Machine UK For Aesthetic Design
Best Home Rowing Machine UK For An Indoor Rower Overall
Best Home Rowing Machine UK For Newcomers

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Top 15 Best Home Rowing Machine UK Reviews 2021

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The SXX Rowing Machine is best for its functions of folding and flexible users (supportive to 264 pounds person). No matter how it seems while in its shape serving exercise, (heavy structure size: 213*53*56cm), you can still save your space when it is vertically folded. More than that, because it is movable, you can enjoy this best rowing machine every corner in your area.

It has support for its users with high weight capacity (264 pounds is still acceptable). You will find a comfortable seat, firmly supported by a steel rail, strong pedal, foot straps, and a soft handle. there is also a smart screen adjustably mounted on the top of the machine. This makes your exercise more effective because you can follow your task and monitor the view. In general, this home rower can support users in every and each level of training.


  • Multiple level of resistance with rare noise
  • Smart Touch screen with HDMI port for further connection
  • Built-in exercises
  • Easy to fold for space saving and set up


  • Not in the list of affordable price range

[amazon box="B078KJP5YH" ]

This WRX700 Home Rower is the best for an authentic experience. While other rowers are typically made with fan or belt resistance, this home rowing machine UK is featured with the real-water resistance. Plus with its best aesthetic design, this natural machine is one in a million. It is powerful that the harder you pull, the more resistance you can achieve. The adjustable foot strap made it function more impressively regardless of your height.

As a natural home machine, it is flexible in use for both beginner and the experienced. It is strongly recommended by experts to build your muscles and/ or burn calories. You can also extract the rowing details while practising such as intensity, strokes, exercise time via a bluetooth monitor connection integrated in the machine. Though your purpose for rowing may vary, this WRX700 Home Rower is a trustworthy choice.


  • Perfect quiet home rower
  • Existing exercise programmes (up to eight)
  • Footrest made by rubber
  • Easy to fold and move around with little wheels


  • The metrics calculations need more accuracy
  • Struggle to connect with the monitor of Heart rate

[amazon box="B08DHZ1S8B" ]

TOPIOM Rowing Machine deserves to be the best home rowing machine UK for its aesthetic design. This machine brings the most awesome experience for users. Besides its foot traps adjustable and elegant design, TOPIOM is an at-home machine that rarely makes any noise. This handmade rowing machine has the top quality you can expect. This includes a well-structured water tank, LCD-display, adjustable footplates and so many others.

It can also handle big users with weight more than 350 lb or height of 2 meters. For those with the concern of too much stress on their joints or knees, this home rowing machine UK is not that case. In contrast, It helps users with as-low-as-possible impact and assists their full body exercise.


  • when not used, it can be put upright and in corner to save space
  • Aesthetic design with top quality for the whole machine
  • Max user weight is over 300 pounds, so this is useable by everyone


  • Ergonomic handle compared to other popular model
  • The footplates should be wider

[amazon box="B07LBYY231" ]

This SportsTech RSX500 is best for a home rowing machine UK overall. It has a fairly big appearance (length of 1.5 meters and weight of 32.5 kilograms). Because of this, it brings the benefits of a long cord for the rowing exercise. The producer equipped it with around 16 levels of resistance and magnetic flywheel.

Unlike the normal roller seat, SportsTech RSX500 is designed with balls, which support movement to be more smooth. Though it is a big machine, it is still foldable and saves your limited space.

Its 5.5 inch screen or console also enables so many rowing exercises and functional options. There are abundant work-out programs for beginners, experienced, from the heart-rate monitor to competition mode, and so many other features built-in this machine. It diversitie your work-out daily and you rarely feel bored.


  • Various exercise and functions integrated
  • Foldable and easy to save limited space
  • Long rowing cord and big screen for easier following


  • It may not be compatible to small-sized apartment during working out

[amazon box="B07ZJMR6JK" ]

JLL Ventus 2 Home Rowing Machine UK is considered the compatible one for newcomers for their practice. By featuring smooth rail and dual resistance, it seems to be a stunning pick-up. The air and dual resistance that is magnetic and adjustable means that the harder you pull, more resistance you will get. Additionally, this machine is lightweight and transportable.

This best home rowing machine UK is also equipped with a useful LCD display. It allows users to track multi information of Time, Calorie, Distance, Strokes, Strokes (SPM), Pulse, Temperature, etc. The producer has cleverly designed a 2's foam seat, ergonomic handlebars (help resist sweat), built-in fan, etc. All of its features has brought comfort to the next level


  • The dual-resistance program
  • The variety of existing data for bettering users’ performance and skills
  • The high-end look and movable design


  • The higher/ advanced programs still lack intensity
  • The screen holder needs to be more compact

[amazon box="B07MS85BT1" ]

Sportstech RSX400 Rowing Machine UK should be the best for its feature of folding angle and ease of use. This should be listed among the names of home work-out machines because it has a small frame which is easy to fold and helps you to save space. This means you can put it away and out everywhere you might need for your daily practice.

Despite its seemingly unstable shape, vice verse, it is more than stable. Moreover, with an incline of 15 degree, the users will have their own smooth and natural experience for each session. For those who are afraid of its technology integrated, all options are extremely simple to users. The brand even supports it with a compatible app. If you have your own tablet or big screen device, you can mount it on this home rowing machine UK and enjoy it throughout your practice.


  • The flexile folding angle
  • Easy to use for all kinds of users
  • An additional app for easier following


  • Not various resistance levels
  • Simple design

[amazon box="B07SRVFPDF" ]

Bluefin Fitness Rowing Machine is unique in their integration of a specialized application called Kinomap. It helps you to join in a Kinomap community with the participation of all kinds (from beginners to the professionals). Thanks to this perfect feature, users can access hundreds, thousand various exercises from all around the world. Your training would never be boring once you had this machine.

The belt drive is perfectly smooth with natural motion along the rowing. The producer even designs 10 degree incline and increases resistance, making rowing as actual as the rowing activities in real life. 8 levels of tension are added for you to control the tension that best fits your ability and upgrade your skills. Moreover, Bluefin Fitness Rowing Machine has a multi-functional LCD display that can show you training time and distance, calories burned, etc.


  • Kinomap facilitates interest in doing exercise
  • Different ranges of tensions and resistance that both beginners or professionals can work on
  • Comfortable seat with ergonomic design


  • Downloading app may cause some struggles
  • Stability of the machine needs improvement
  • Resistance for the experienced somehow is not enough

[amazon box="B08JJFLGQQ" ]

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine 350 makes an outstanding machine thanks to its diversified levels of resistance, which benefits users for challenging themselves. Among this range of prices for this sort of machine, this is among rare one providing magnetic resistance which is adjustable.

A small note needs to be kept in mind that this home rowing machine UK has different modes programs for doing exercise on it. Specifically, there are numeric modes from 1-5 (for aerobic exercise), 6-10 (weight or fitness strengthening), and 11-15 (specialized rowing training). Moreover, rail shock absorbers, moulding-designed footplates are also worth your consideration.


  • Various adjustable resistance levels (15 levels)
  • Strong look and attractive appearance which motivates users during their practice
  • Details are designed ergonomic (like hand grips, padded rest, etc.) that support customers’ postures with a certain level of comfort and good shapes


  • The screen is small compared to the size of the machine
  • No reading of heart rate monitoring integrated in the rower’s display
  • Professional users may not consider this because they have many basic exercises with few dedicated ones

[amazon box="B00B8TZFZW" ]

Skandika Fitness has released an awesome rowing indoor machine as Skandika Poseidon Regatta Rowing Machine. It supports you in the process of improving body muscles (up to 85%) and other parts’ muscles (arms, core muscle, back, etc.). Besides, It provided specified workout programs to help your health and well-being in-door.

It differentiates itself by assisting standing workout with given additional handle strings. A screen is mounted on the top of this home rowing machine, helping users to track their performance. Date includes information of time, speed, calories, etc.


  • Stylish, trendy and compact style
  • Provide two additional handlebars (support standing training)
  • Grips support firmed holding for the feet
  • Foldable and easy transport for storage


  • No settings for resistance which is recommended to be added
  • The length and extension of the cables really need more improvement

[amazon box="B0153NKCZG" ]

The Viavito Sumi machine is an indoor rowing machine aiming at strengthening group muscles of legs, chest, arms, etc. More than that, sticking with it can help you lose weight and actively burn calories by offering cardio training. It is born for home environment because it moves super quietly and foldable for putting away after training.

More than that, Viavito Sumi Folding Rowing Machine seems to be a dream machine due to its optimal design. More clearly, it is designed with 10 magnetic resistance levels, long rowing string, foamed seat, data LCD display and so many other ideal features, All of these contribute to the comfort the machine brings for its customers.


  • Equip all basic features for a best home rowing machine UK (in term of basic needs)
  • Actively support exercises for full body muscles strengthening
  • Smooth and quiet movement


  • Folding may lead some challenges (it is not as easy as you think)
  • The painting looks decent when it is new, but after a period, it can scrape out and stick along the users
  • Fixed LCD screen

[amazon box="B07V1G8KDZ" ]

XS Sports R110 Home Rowing Machine is typically featured by an elastic drive that makes sure a smooth and quiet pulley system. Even though it is a basic rowing machine, 4 resistance levels are still various choices for you to try different levels. The brand presents their confidence in announcement of the quality of the machine via advisory from specialists.

The design also fits small apartments with narrowed space. This is because it is foldable and even supports vertically folding for storage when not in use. The monitor will perform simple tasks like tracking training time, strokes number, etc.


  • Elastic drive system for quieter sound along the training
  • The frame is easy for storage, especially compatible for small apartment
  • Easy to get started on a first workout programme


  • Not really compatible for the experienced/ professionals who seek for challenging exercise
  • Limited to users with higher weight than 100 kilogram

[amazon box="B08Q7G5HM9" ]

Niceday Machine is a minimalist-driven home rowing machine UK with 12 levels of resistance. It is perfect for anyone who wants to tone their legs, abs, chest, etc. powered by a hydraulic resistance system. This system will work together with movable handlebar, three-position adjustable seat and pedal footrests.

With a basic and lean design, Niceday Rowing Machine brings back huge benefits for those who want to save little space in their house. Despite assumption of the simpleness, the machine is still equipped with a small monitoring screen showing basic data like calories burnt and time.


  • The design is fairly compact and space-saving
  • The resistance is adjustable
  • The seat and handlebar are designed comfortable
  • Be able to support weight capacity up to 260 lb (even bigger and more expensive home rowing machine UK cannot do this)


  • Various sessions is not within the programs
  • Users may find it thin and not really stable

[amazon box="B08DJB4LSC" ]

The JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine is best for a budget rower. Specially, resistance is created by a belt and magnets on the machine.This is why the machine is quite smooth and quiet during the work-out. There are ten settings that you can adjust with a knob on it. There are both low and high settings and the latter is recommended for those who want to practice their heart rate and blood regulation.

This rowing home machine UK’s monitor is perfectly approachable, which will provide users with the most basic information. In general, it should be a stunning option for the beginners with a small budget, finding a way to take up the rowing routine gradually.


  • Affordable price
  • Approachable exercise and friendly shape for beginners


  • Limited weight and height of users (to over 1.85 meters individual)
  • Not a stable model
  • Basic work-out program, not compatible for advanced users

[amazon box="B077SXFBKK" ]

This Skandika Nemo II Aqua Rower will surely help you to accelerate your fitness goals. It is among the water rower models, which promisingly create the most natural experience in rowing. The integrated screen is perfectly helpful while showing consumption of calorie ,strokes or times and others.

This high-tech looking machine is attached with the stunning options and features. Exercises it provides are almost approachable and easy to follow. The designer also added a longer rowing cord in this product. There is a plus point for its convenience in assembling.


  • Heart rate monitor included
  • Support weight up to 150kg
  • Elegant and high-tech looking


  • No wheels for moving around, makes it hard for storage
  • Make a little noise during practice

[amazon box="B01N05RU0T" ]

This rowing home machine is best for rowing position. This rowing machine line makes the user's beginning easier thanks to its ease of use in assembling and takes no more than 25 minutes. Compared to other indoor rowers with the same budget, it is better than many thanks to its beam’s height. This becomes its uniqueness, can raise up and down without an effort, which especially facilitates those with problems with the knee or joint.

The foot traps are at ideal size that can even support those with trainers on. This best home rowing machine UK also varies its resistance levels. It is the resistance that gets a lot of compliments like bringing a big difference for users.

More than that, it provides them with available exercise and a heart monitor. This is a perfect machine because of its no-noise motion and smooth rail. You do not have to consider if the sound indoor may annoy your family member.


  • Various resistance levels (16 levels)
  • Built-in programs (Nine)
  • Monitoring chest strap
  • Easy and quick assembling


  • Calorie or/ and watts details need more accuracy
  • Short warranty for machine’s part

Key Factors Of Best Home Rowing Machine UK You are Seeking For

If those home rowing machines UK listed above still do not satisfy you, not a big deal! with us you can throw this concern away. 

Let’s take a different glance at our additional guidelines before you make up your mind to buy the one that you consider the best home rowing machine UK that best suits your personal indoor training. We do hope our support made in this article is your need in some ways. 

Some of must-consider aspects you should keep in mind respectively are space, budget, workout purpose and many others.


best home rowing machine uk

Space should be seriously considered. Obviously, It is meaningless to buy a machine too small or too big compared to your house space. Imagine you have spent hours or days repeatedly researching and reading comments/ product descriptions/ buying proposals then you will know how serious it is when thinking of space in the first place.

To avoid this unnecessary mistake and to save your time effectively, you should take a look at the footprint details (inclusive how long, wide or high?). It is recommended to remember that normally, machines with air or water resistance may take up a lot of space. In contrast, the hydraulic one always seems to need less space. In terms of space, the best home rowing machine UK should be the one that satisfies your residence space. 

In case you have a small apartment or house or simply tiny space but still want a big machine, you better arrange your house. You can either move your house to a bigger place (sounds unrealistic) or rearrange your rooms (merge two into one) or anyway that is possible to you. Having enough space will fuel your training spirit and empower you in the way that that space belongs to you.

Once the space is not a big deal, noise from the machine or from you will not irritate your roommate. You had better think of this carefully because though the machine is foldable, big ones are still quite bulky. 


Same like space, there is no point after long days consideration of the best home rowing machine, you realize the selected does not fit your budget. Ideally, it is suggested to divide budget into three major group

1. 100$ to below $500: Basically good ( This range can meet the requirement in basic level, basic design with simple training provided, some few resistance levels, etc.)

2. Over $500 – $800: Fairly excellent (Aesthetic and compact design, various resistance levels, well-displayed LCD screen, some with its private apps, etc. However some features still contain some limitation)

3. Over $800: Excellent overall (excels at all aspects, normally you rarely find its withdrawals. If any, they are just minor ones and noticed by the producer thanks to their intuitive customer service)

best home rowing machine uk

To avoid wasting too much time on comercial online web pages, you should find where the categories filter is and choose “High to Low” “Low to High” (or relevant display). Then you can filter types that are compatible with your budget. However, be careful to be too strict to your budget plan. If your mind falls in love with a rowing machine that is “a little higher” than your budget due to its ideal features to you.

Let just make a second thought because high quality products are costly. It is spreadly aware that the more cash you pay out, the more qualified products you get in. It is recommended to read about the rowing machines comments and reviews to make sure it is worth your money. Pay attention to comments with pictures because that shows how real their experience is. 

Workout Objectives

Fitness goals are important for choosing a home rowing machine too. You should figure out whether you only practice at a basic level or higher and more advanced with challenges. It is because there are some machines that their functions can only help you with simple training. While other professional machines may contain dedicated aspects or focused specific targets (for muscle intensive toning, for competition, for cardio exercising, etc.)

It is well suggested that for muscle strengthening or more complicated, you should think of hydraulic rowing machines. They will provide you a list of resistance levels. For other normal goals (such as regular practice for better health or weight lost), most of the rowers can help. Normally, dedicated designs will count more costs than the basic machines. If your goals are not professional ones, make sure you choose the right ones. The best home rowing machine UK should serve your fitness goal rather than cliche comments and feedback. 

Other Elements

best home rowing machine uk

Beside important above elements, you should also take care about some minor but vital ones below

Weight capacity support: Some machines are expensive but they can only support their range of selected weight. In contrast, there are some cheap or affordable ones that can fit a big person up to 260lb. If you are a big guy, you ought to take an eye on this.

Digital displays: Normally, in medium and high price rowers, there will be a monitor display showing training tracking of time, strokes number, heart rate, calories burnt, etc. Sophisticated features are usually lying in high price, and basic information like calories burnt, time track, etc. will go with affordable machines.

Length of the cord: Some of the brands will have the limit of short cord, leading to insufficient tension. Experienced users will not be compatible with this limit.
And so many minor elements that can contribute to your experience when using an indoor rower. If you closely follow this post of reviews and comparison of home rowing machine UK, you will not lose the track.

Our Top 5 Pick Of The Best Home Rowing Machine UK

Below are our favorite products that we strongly perceive that they are worth your consideration. With unique features in different functions, they shared the same role in improving your life in a better orientation. Before you make up your mind and take your first looks at an online or offline store, remember our criteria suggested above after viewing this table.


Best Home Rowing Machine UK

for quality and weight capacity

[amazon box="B08L1LGY4Y" ]



for authentic experience

[amazon box="B078KJP5YH" ]



for aesthetic design

[amazon box="B08DHZ1S8B" ]



for an indoor rower overall

[amazon box="B07LBYY231" ]



for newcomers

[amazon box="B07ZJMR6JK" ]

After digging into our review, do you find out your own answer? Let’s pick your best home rowing machine UK on Amazon with us here.

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