Impressive List Of Top 19 Best Freestanding Punch Bag Reviews 2021

Freestanding punch bag is a supreme item for those who are interested in sport combat but do not have enough space to put a heavy traditional punch bag. However, it is difficult to choose the best freestanding punch bags because there are an abundance of ones on the current market. Furthermore, there are many low-quality products among them. As a result, buyers often become extremely confused.

Understanding this concern, Trampoline has researched and thoroughly evaluated hundreds of products from multiple brands. Finally, we have selected the top 19 best freestanding punch bags to present to you. To avoid any regrets, you should take some of your precious time to read our review.

Best Freestanding Punch Bag Comparison 2021

Best Freestanding Punch Bag For Beginners
Best Freestanding Punch Bag For Multi-Discipline Combat Trainees
Best Freestanding Punch Bag For Multiple Users
Best Freestanding Punch Bag For Intensive Trainees
Best Freestanding Punch Bag For Modest-Budget People

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Top 19 Best Freestanding Punch Bag Reviews 2021

[amazon box="B000EZWPM2" ]

This is the best freestanding punch bag for beginners. This punch bag measures 69 inches in height and 18 inches in diameter. It also weighs up to 270 pounds after being filled with sand or water into the base. This weight is stable enough for a novice not yet technically able to comfortably apply force without fear of the bag tipping over

It has an ideal wide surface, suitable for newcomers to combat sport. The surface part is made of a relatively high strength vinyl material. Meanwhile, inside has high density foam. Hence, it's sturdy enough for you to kick kicks and punches it over and over without damaging it.

Century Wavemaster XXL exercise bag has a low base, for even weight distribution, very stable when standing alone. Hence, it can accommodate all of your low to high intensity workouts. However, there is a downside is that the sole is a bit stiff, if you do not pay attention, can cause you to hurt

Another thing worth considering about this freestanding punch bag is how easy it is to assemble. Even if you've never installed a freestanding punch bag before, you can still mount it without using any equipment or anyone else to assist.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • High stability
  • Striking surface
  • Easy installation
  • Good warranty


  • A hard base

[amazon box="B00EUXR59M" ]

This is the best freestanding punch bag for multi-discipline combat trainees. This bag measures 66 inches in height and nearly 19 inches in diameter. Unlike most bags, it's pre-packaged so its weight is 50kg, or 110 pounds. This will make it a bit difficult for the user to move it.

The Versys has a striking surface made of very thick and strong vinyl, enough to protect it from external influences and the test of time. Inside it is filled with super high density foam. Its filling feature combined with high-density foam and its round design provide the highest resilience that few bags can match. You can comfortably kick it with maximum force without fear of damage.

What's more, this bag comes with a number of handles, both top and bottom, for a completely professional combat sports experience right in your own home. In addition, this utility helps you get multi-discipline combat training: boxing, martial arts, cardio kickboxing, training camps and mixed martial arts.

This bag does not require a base or a stand. You also don't need to install it before using it. Just take it to the right space and practice, it's easy. This is a great choice for home workouts.


  • Suitable multi-discipline trainees
  • A number of handle
  • No base or stand
  • Outstanding surface


  • A bit heavy

[amazon box="B07D6MYXG4" ]

This freestanding punch bag is the best freestanding punch bag for intensive trainees. As its name implies, its height is 6 feet, which equates to 72 inches. When filled with dry sand, its weight can reach almost 200 pounds, a whopping figure suitable for intensive, power-demanding exercises.

Its simple base is constructed of rigid Polyethylene which can hold up to 270 pounds of water or sand to provide stability to a free-standing bag. Therefore, it helps you to improve your punching technique.

The Inertial O-Ring design allows the base to withstand the torque generated by the punching process. The only downside is the position of the hole to fill the sole which was right on top of the sole. Pouring sand or water on the base becomes inconvenient and troublesome

Alternatively, you can use the twelve punches drawn on its surface for more sensible, more effective exercises. It's like clear goals for you to aim for. Moreover, your intensive exercises can be implemented more optimally.


  • Optimal for intensive trainees
  • The weight after being filled is impressive
  • Solid base
  • 12 dots to punch


  • The sand filling hole is on the top of the base

[amazon box="B00329TVEM" ]

BOB, whose full name is ‘Body Opponent Bag’, is the best freestanding punch bag for multiple users. It is more flexible than other punch bags because it can be height adjusted from 60 inches to 78 inches. So it is suitable for everyone, including women or teenagers.

The body of BOB is made of extremely durable plastisol material, so it is difficult to wear. Furthermore, its core is filled with high-density urethane foam. With a good structure from the outside to the inside, both extremely sturdy and thick, you can comfortably do high-intensity exercises with BOB without worrying about any damage.

When filled into the base with sand or water , BOB's weight is up to 120kg , equivalent to 264.5 pounds. As a result, it stands very firmly. In addition, it is designed like a human so it increases the inspiration of the user to practice. Many people see it as a target, a very solid opponent they need to attack when training.


  • Great for multiple users
  • Unique design
  • Durable
  • Suitable for everyone


  • The screws often come off

[amazon box="B00NMEHH1Q" ]

This punch bag is known as one of the hugely successful products of Gallant, a company that is famous for its function and affordability. As the name suggests, the 6 feet bag is equivalent to 72 inches. It weighs around 176 pound when filled.

This bag is lined with soft EPE foam with a thickness of 5 cm. It's filled with microfiber shavings and is wrapped in a sturdy imitation leatherette material that protects against super strong punches, even anything you throw at it. Moreover, this material creates an extremely shiny and attractive surface. In addition, the leather material keeps the surface from tearing or separates easily and is easy to clean after use.

Its base has a very unique design, which requires filling with sand or water to stand stable. In particular, the manufacturer has added suction cups at the bottom of the base for greater stability to ensure the punching bag does not tip over. This is a very plus point for this item.

Finally, the Gallant 6ft Max Strike 360 has a lightweight spring function when you hit your pocket, helping to generate momentum when launching punches or even kicking your legs. This function helps you to diversify your exercises.

Although it is not the cheapest product, it has features that go far beyond its price range. Hence, if you want to own one of the best freestanding punch bags but your budget is modest, Everlast PowerCore is the best choice


  • Ideal for modest budget people
  • High quality materials
  • Spring function
  • High stability


  • Occasionally there are seam errors.

[amazon box="B07N177XVP" ]

With this model, Dripex comes in two versions: adult version and children's version, which makes sense for those looking for a punching bag for their kids. Regarding the adult version, it is 69 inches in height and 10 inches in diameter. Its after-filled weight amounts to 182 pounds. So even advanced trainees can use it.

The highlight of this item is the 4-layer construction. The first layer has a high-density PU leather coating, for ruggedness and durability that withstand all your punches. The second layer is the strength cushion that absorbs the vibrations from the strong impact of the user. Meanwhile, the third layer is made of elastic pearl cotton which allows you to enjoy a more comfortable feeling when pockets and avoid injury. The last layer is a dense EPE foam cushion that keeps the bag elastic and sturdy for a long time.

This amazing construction provides high quality experiences and is extremely safe for you to exercise. This is the reason why it appears on the top best freestanding punch bags

The base of this freestanding punch bag is anchored with sand or water inside. This helps to keep the bag stable, standing against all punches and kicks. You just need to remember to put enough sand or water on it to keep it in place.

In particular, the Dripex Adult Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag is equipped with Ultra Silent 360 shock and noise absorbing springs to help reduce noise when you punch the bag. Therefore, you do not need to worry that your practice will affect others.


  • Two versions
  • 4-layer construction
  • Ulta Silent 360 shock
  • Noise absorbing springs


  • Be sure to have enough water and sand in the base or it will fall if it gets punched with all its strength.

[amazon box="B072Q8DSYV" ]

Everlast PowerCore is also a good freestanding punch bag for modest-budget people. It owns a lot of excellent features. Firstly, Its height is varied, adjustable from 54 inches to 65 inches, not many products in its price range have this feature. When filled the base with water, the bag weighs about 250 pounds. Filled with sand, it weighs around 370 pounds. Hence, the boxer usually prioritizes the use of sand.

The base of this item has many interesting points. First of all, the power shift at the base is one of the things that makes the Everlast PowerCore become a fairly stable heavy bag. The ring absorbs the power of the punches. Thanks to that it won't be easy to flip this bag. Plus this is a fillable plastic base . It can be filled with water or sand for added stability.

Besides, it is fitted with a plastic necklace that holds the punch bag tightly. At the same time, it helps absorb some of the impact when you punch it and then bounce back so you can punch in succession for a better cardio workout. This punch bag also features a three-disc foam construction that provides maximum energy dispersion.


  • Adjustable height
  • Great base
  • Easy to move


  • Undrable surface

[amazon box="B009O3SC18" ]

This is one of best freestanding punch bags for those who are new to combat sports because it trains you with reflexes.This bag ranges in height from 49 inches to 69 inches, allowing you to easily adjust the height for practical purposes. Moreover, with such a variety of height, a wide range of people can use it.

The surface part of the bag is made of a highly durable synthetic leather that withstands all your punches. Besides, this material is also very easy to clean. You just need to gently clean it after exercising. Its interior is filled with thick foam to provide an effective experience for your workout.

Concerning the base, you can fill this base with 125 pounds of water or 240 pounds of sand. It is easier to pour water into the sole and taking it out is also easier, but the sand is heavier and that makes it a better fixation. Whatever material you put in, you should still fill it up if you don't want the bag to move while you exercise.

Assembling this item is also not complicated. All you need to do is assemble it wherever you want and then fill the base. Since the base is quite heavy, if you want to move the bag, you have to empty it.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Adjustable height
  • Good material
  • Easy to move
  • Strong base


  • Not suitable for experienced person

[amazon box="B00022KJ16" ]

Century Freestanding Punch Bag Original Wavemaster is a standout item in the price range, worthy enough to be in the top of the best freestanding punch bags with many outstanding features. Firstly, it has seven levels of height adjustment ranging from 47 inches to 68 inches, suitable for a wide variety of people. When filled, its weight is an extremely impressive figure, 250 pounds.

Its surface is made of a vinyl material that is already very popular in the punch bag market. This is a durable material. Furthermore, it incorporates high-density foam inside to create a sturdy bag, always ready to take on the punches from the user. Even if you don't wear gloves, it can hurt you.

The base is made of heavy plastic, up to 24 inches in diameter and 19.5 inches in height, providing the necessary stability for the bag. You should add water or sand to the inside of this bag to ensure there is no movement in your workout for the best workouts.


  • Good material
  • Adjustable height
  • Strong base


  • It can hurt you if you don't wear gloves

[amazon box="B07KRCQLKQ" ]

This is one of the most neatly designed freestanding punch bags. Its height can vary from 52 inches to 65 inches to suit different individuals. This is a way to increase the types of exercises for the user.

MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0 has a steel bar structure with premium PU bag, inner bladder design. Therefore, you absolutely don’t need to worry about its durability. It is more than enough to endure your harsh effects.

Besides, the core weight carrying bag ensures additional stability. It can also act as a workout bag, giving you more options for workouts. This product comes with gloves ready so you will save a small amount of money.

The enhanced version of the Kit 2.0 includes two different sized bags that install four tension modes. This allows you to work out more efficiently, improving punch accuracy, timing and overall cardio training.


  • Compact design
  • Adjustable height
  • Core bag weight
  • 2 bags of different sizes


  • Noisy
  • The screws are unstable

[amazon box="B088WFGD93" ]

This freestanding punch bag is suitable for both teenagers and adults. Its overall height is 69 inches, with the pocket being 43.3 inches in height. Its base is 13 cm high and up to 19.6 inches in diameter.

The surface of the bag is covered with 2mm thick PU leather, minimizing tearing. While inside is high-density EPE foam and eco-friendly fabric cushion. Therefore, it is capable of withstanding your attacks well.

Its base comes in a rounded ABS base designed for easy roll movement. It also includes 12 powerful suction cups below to stop the movement of the sole. You should fill with sand to improve the top stability of the base, making sure it stands up against any punches or kicks.

In addition, this item is equipped with dual TPU shock absorbers and four springs to help reduce noise, allowing you to comfortably exercise without disturbing those around you.


  • High quality material
  • Rounded ABS base
  • Ultra silent


  • Tiny hole for filling

[amazon box="B00NLDLZBG" ]

This is probably one of the most unique design items in the top best freestanding punch bags. Firstly, regarding some of its basic measurements, as the name suggests, its height is 5.5 feet, or 63 inches. It weighs 176 pounds after being filled.

Its surface is sealed with a thick layer of imitation leather to ensure long-term use, allowing you to easily clean it after a workout. It has a very attractive design. The inside of the bag is lined with soft EPE foam along with microfiber strips to ensure the stamina needed for all your workouts.

Concerning the base, unlike most other freestanding punch bags, the Gallant 5.5ft Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag has a narrow base. But don't worry, it is okay when you fill it with sand or water. On the other hand, the narrow base makes it more convenient to move.


  • Good surface and interior
  • It's easy to move


  • It can not manage jabs without substantial movement.

[amazon box="B012NOWT0E" ]

This is an inexpensive freestanding punch bag worth considering. It has exceptional features compared to a price tag of less than $100. As the name implies, it's 5.5 feet tall, equivalent to 66 inches, which is the average height of most punching bags on the current market. Its original weight was 44 pounds. Once filled with sand or water, it increases to 80 pounds.

It is made up of layers of high quality materials. The manufacturer has used grainy leather to coat the surface to make cleaning easier. 

Meanwhile, inside it is a high-density cushion, ensuring to withstand strong impacts. The tank is designed to absorb crashes and noise for a better workout experience. This base also lets you fill with water or sand to reinforce stability.

In addition, it comes equipped with 10oz boxing gloves so you can save a small amount of money. Installing this freestanding punch bag is also very easy.


  • Affordable prices
  • Absorb crashes and noise
  • Easy to install


  • A small hole for filling

[amazon box="B07JJZNHCK" ]

This freestanding punch bag is a very quality product from the brand Bodyrip. Its parts are carefully made and meticulously made using premium materials to ensure the best user experience. This item comes in two versions: the straight red version has a height of 5.25 feet or 63 inches and the black T-shape version has a height of 5.5 feet or 66 inches.

This punched bag surface is made from very durable heavy-duty PU-grain leather. Inner is an EPE foam sheet up to 5 cm thick that has good shock resistance, and can withstand powerful attacks. However, it is not stiff so when exercising, you can wear gloves or not.

Meanwhile, the base layer is made of polyethylene which has to be filled with water or sand to enhance the stability of the entire punching bag, ensuring it doesn't tip over when workout with to maximum strength .


  • Can use without gloves
  • Great construction
  • Strong base


  • A small hole for filling

[amazon box="B08D6LRS4L" ]

Here's another standout item from the Drepix brand next to the Dripex Adult Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag. Also, it is the item you shouldn’t skip in the list of best freestanding punch bags. It has an overall height of 70 inches, as its name suggests, suitable for both bar and adult.

Structurally, it is covered by PU leather outside, durable and easy to clean. Meanwhile, inner is equipped with four materials including power cushion, high elastic EPE foam, polyurethane liner and terylene coated with high density. Arguably, this is one of the best structured mid-range freestanding punch bags. This structure ensures a super safe workout.

The sole has a powerful design. It is a lager and double layer design base with a height of 12 inches. 18 bottom suction cups are included to facilitate the filling process. When filled with sand, the base weighs about 182 pounds. When filled with water, it weighs 137 pounds. Due to sand, you should use sand to ensure stability.


  • Excellent structure
  • Strong base
  • Easy to fill


  • A bit bulky

[amazon box="B08M4BNDTT" ]

This item has a premium appearance, if not see the price, few would think it is a mid-range freestanding punch bag. It has an intimidating height of 181 centimeters or about 72 inches. Its diameter is nearly 14 inches.

Its surface is very durable because it is composed of many layers of high quality Maya Hide. Inner is a layer of super high density foam that is enough to withstand super punches or kicks with maximum force. Therefore, it is not only suitable for amateurs but also a good choice for professional boxers.

Its base is made up of Polypropylene, which is an impressive 22 inches tall. It can fill 120 pounds of sand or 80 pounds of water with a filling hopper. This base is equipped with 8 legs that can open the area up to 34.5 inches. This expansion helps the bag to be steadily stable.


  • Premium design
  • Outstanding height
  • Durable structure
  • Expandable base


  • Difficult to move when filled

[amazon box="B0862BM84Z" ]

This is one of the cheapest items in the top best freestanding punch bags. However, don't ignore it as its quality completely exceeds its price tag. In terms of height, you can change its height through a pin to suit your bodybuilding and training requirements.
Its surface with two colors red or black, made from the familiar material is PU, ensuring high durability. Meanwhile, inside it is equipped with high-density foam material, ideal for punches or strong kicks.

As for the base, it measures 25 cm in height and 450 mm in diameter. It can hold up to 30 kg of water, equivalent to more than 66 pounds. This base helps the overall stand more stable when impacted. However, with too strong a force, we fear it could not stand it

In addition, it is also a convenient product for you to take anywhere you want. It is very compact and easy to install. Without instructions you can set it up in minutes.


  • Adjustable height
  • Affordable price
  • Good material


  • The base is not sturdy enough for powerful attacks

[amazon box="B00YU1SMUU" ]

Not only be on the list of best freestanding punch bags, it is also a great freestanding punch bag for heavy-duty trainees. The height of this bag is over 75 inches, an ideal height for kicks and punches.

In addition, the diameter of the bag is 17 inches. The plastic base of this bag which has the diameter of 32 inches can hold up to 270 pounds of stuff you want to pour into, like water or sand. Such enormous size allows it to stand firmly in any situation, even when suffering from the super punches of professional boxers.

Its surface layer is made of synthetic leather that is able to withstand a wide variety of impacts, from human to environmental impacts. 

Therefore, you can not only feel secure to do all exercises with it at home, but also practice with it in the yard or other outside space. The weather and external aggression are in its stamina.

There are two small pluses of this item we want to emphasize. Firstly, the spring-loaded design that ensures that the bag will swing back and forth instead of flipping when you exercise. Secondly, it comes with a shock-absorbing sponge that you can place around the base.

Not having these utilities, you can have some trouble when working out intensively.


  • Easy installation
  • Great stamina
  • Spring-loaded design
  • Shock-absorbing sponge


  • Difficult to move

[amazon box="B00O11BVKW" ]

This is also a great choice if you are looking for a freestanding punch bag at an affordable price. As the name suggests, it has a staggering 6 feet tall or 71.6 inches in height. Therefore, for those of modest height, it will be a little difficult to exercise.

Max Strength 6ft has a three-layer construction and are all premium materials. The surface is covered with eco-friendly PU. Inner is a high-density cushioning and foam fabric that surrounds the bar. This construction not only guarantees the durability of the product but also gives users great experiences when performing exercises.

When the base is filled, this punch bag weighs up to 150 kg or 330 pounds. This huge number proves that you can safely throw your punches, kicks with maximum strength into this bag without worrying that it moves.


  • Outstanding height
  • Three-layer construction
  • Super strong base


  • The water in the base may leak out

How To Choose Best Freestanding Punch Bags?

As you know, not all freestanding punch bags appearing on the market are of a quality guarantee. Hence, you should consider carefully before buying. Here are some essential factors you have to evaluate in order to find the best freestanding punch bags. 


Best freestanding punch bag

Weight is the first thing you should consider when choosing a freestanding punch bag. The weight of a bag determines its resistance level, which in turn determines how hard you will have to work. The heavier the bag, the more drag it creates and the harder it will be to exercise.

A heavy freestanding punch bag also provides stability. Unlike a lightweight bag, which will fly away with each hit or kick, the heavy punching bag stays in place, making it easier for you to build the right program for a more strenuous workout.
But that doesn't mean you should just go for the heaviest punch bag you can find.

In terms of safety, if the freestanding punch bag is too heavy, it has the potential to injure you during exercise. There are many people who have sprains, fractures or fractures along joints just because of choosing a bag that is too much for themselves.

So, rely on your body weight to find the best freestanding punch bags with the right weight.

Best freestanding punch bag


Like weight, the height of the freestanding punch bag is directly related to your body, namely your height. High freestanding punch bags are beneficial for your workout. It improves exercise levels, while also giving you more choice in exercise programs.

However, if the freestanding punch bag is too high for your body, it will be a hindrance to your training. Specifically, it makes the exercises ineffective, even impossible to practice. Furthermore, if you keep trying to work out with a punch bag that is too big for your body, you could also get hurt, some muscle-related injuries.

So as well as how you consider the weight of your freestanding punch bag, use your body stats to choose items of the right height. A more optimal option is to buy punch bags that can change the height.

Best freestanding punch bag

Filling Material

This is another essential point to consider when finding the best freestanding punch bags. Filing material decides how you will feel when punching a bag. Below is a simple review of common filler materials to help you choose correctly.

Sand: This is often the right choice for people of high weight. Aside from being heavy, sandbags don't provide too much cushioning. So when hit, a freestanding punch bag filled with sand will set off a fight. This makes it great for strength training. However, it usually sinks to the bottom after a while and makes the area very hard to knock, potentially even damaging to the user.

Best freestanding punch bag

Water: The freestanding punch bags are filled with water, also known as the aquarium bag, you may feel similar to punching the human body. When hitting a punching bag full of water, your blows will sink a little, like hitting human skin.

Also, it's great for your joints as you can hit as hard as possible without the risk of injury. Another plus for aquarium bags is that they retain a good shape, so you'll enjoy a softer feel.

Foam: Much softer sand, foam freestanding punch bags absorb punches better and thus give a more natural feel while boxing. At the same time, it is also very safe for users.

Fabric: Composed of rags or compressed cloth, these bags give a punching feel similar to sand. However, fabric bags do not present the risk of material sinking to the bottom. As a result, the resistance remains stable.

Outer Covering

Best freestanding punch bag

Your freestanding punch bag regularly performs punches and kicks.

Therefore, it is important that it has a tough outer material that can be beat. Common covering materials include:

Leather: tough and extremely durable, leather is the best material for punching bags. It is tough and very durable. Moreover, you can easily clean it after training. Genuine leather freestanding punch bags are more expensive than those made with other materials. A slightly cheaper alternative is synthetic leather. Although it is not as smooth as real leather, synthetic leather still works well.

Vinyl: This is the cheapest option. The lower prices mean vinyl bags are generally not as durable as fabric and leather bags even though. However, it's still basically enough for a long time of use.

Plastic: plastic surfaces are often found on specialized punching bags, especially those that hold water. This material is both comfortable and durable.

Canvas: This is a heavy cotton material with a high durability. Canvas is suitable for the heavy-duty gymers or professional boxers.

You also can refer to this video for the best decision:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Freestanding Punch Bag

Buying a freestanding punch bag means that you are investing in your exercise and wellness. So, you should think carefully about your needs and conditions before looking for the best freestanding punch bags.

If you are a beginner, you should consider the items that have their basic features but high durability. In contrast, for intensive trainees, find freestanding punch bags that are large in size and have many utilities. These utilities will greatly assist your exercise. If it is multiple-discipline trainee, also consider utilities to see if these utilities help you practice many combat sports.If you want to purchase a punch bag for multiple users, prefer adjustable height items. If you have a modest budget but want to seriously exercise, find a mid-range bag with exceptional features.

Based on our experiences and knowledge, we have selected the top 5 best freestanding punch bags:


Best Freestanding Punch Bag for beginners

[amazon box="B000EZWPM2" ]


BEST Freestanding Punch Bag FOR multi-discipline combat trainees

[amazon box="B00EUXR59M" ]


BEST Freestanding Punch Bag FOR multiple users

[amazon box="B00329TVEM" ]


BEST Freestanding Punch Bag FOR intensive trainees

[amazon box="B07D6MYXG4" ]


BEST Freestanding Punch Bag FOR modest-budget people

[amazon box="B00NMEHH1Q" ]

We hope that after reading this review, you can find the ideal freestanding punch bag for your needs.

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about Best Freestanding Punch Bag at the comment box below!

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