Bodymax R60 Rowing Machine Review 2024

If you are looking for a fitness device which can help you keep fit and stay healthy at home, you can buy this bodymax r60 rowing machine. Most people nowadays are too busy to go to gym everyday and they also want to do exercise to keep their body in a good shape and have a good-looking outside look. For this situation, the bodymax r60 rowing machine can meet all your demands.

You also do not need to worry that it is too big or heavy to place in your family. It will not take up much space in your house and is also flexible in use so everyone in your family both children and adults can use it. Besides, when you buy this bodymax r60 rowing machine, you are also offered with many accessories which can help you better in keeping fit.

However, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages and this bodymax r60 rowing machine is also similar. In this article, we will show you in detail and give you some advice when you decide to buy this product. Let’s check it out now!

Some Things To Consider Before Buying Bodymax R60 Rowing Machine


Like everything you want to buy, the first factor that you need to notice is the price. With a bodymax r60 rowing machine, its price is ranging from more than £300 to £500. Some people may feel that it is quite expensive but you just think about what you will receive when you buy this product, I think it is really value for money. 

If you have a tight budget, you should choose this product carefully because the one with a cheap price will not bring as many good functions and results as the others. Or if you only need a few functions, you can buy them to save your money.


About the quality of the bodymax r60 rowing machine, you can totally believe in this because it is one of the best rowing machines that is mostly used by people around the world and it also receives a lot of feedback from users. Moreover, this fitness device is designed with many functions and comes with accessories that can make your experience more comfortable and convenient.

Thanks to the special design, it is confident to bring you the best result after a period of time using it continuously according to the instruction well. You can have a beautiful body and well-being outside without spending a lot of money on gym studios. These exercises also help you stay healthy and live longer.


Before buying something, you also need to notice about the warranty because it affects the lifespan and durability of your machine. With the bodymax r60 rowing machine, you will receive a two years warranty from the manufacturer. 

During this period, if you are not satisfied with this product or there are any problems with it, you can contact the company to solve them. Or if you feel like your machine does not work well and cannot meet your requirements, the manufacturer will refund your money as soon as possible.

Bodymax R60 Rowing Machine Reviews

Bodymax R60 Rowing Machine

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A bodymax R60 machine is a home version of a professional rowing machine. It has the majority of the characters found in some exclusive rowers and is meant to be small and lightweight.

This rowing machine is extremely small and lightweight, making it ideal for use at home for rowing aficionados. In comparison to other devices at this price point, it is a compact and light machine. It boasts a rail made of aluminum and a curved seat that ensure a comfortable experience for its customers.

This rower will be sent to your door for free when you place an order. The rower will be delivered in a box with each step in the instructions about the way to connect all the details of this machine on your own. It takes about half an hour to complete everything in most cases.

R60 has a resistance to magnetic fields that gives the user a sense of strain. This machine is nearly silent when in use thanks to magnets. It comes in eight distinct resistance levels, ranging from simple to complex.

This machine’s seat has been economically constructed for your convenience. It comes with a pad to make you feel comfortable even during a lengthy and strenuous workout. It has a pivoting foot pedal with velcro straps to hold your feet tightly anywhere and prevent injury.

A resistance adjustment switch can be found below the handle. To enhance the severity of your strain, you won’t have to pause your rowing workout. The screen with this system is incredible. It can display the following crucial workout statistics including calories, the quantity of rows, rows rate for each minute, and your workout’s duration.

If you want to increase to a new level, knowing your data during your workout is essential. You may fold this rower by one half once you’ve completed your workout. This is a fairly light machine in comparison to other devices, so moving it around should be no trouble for anyone. It also includes front transfer wheels, which come in handy when transporting your r60 machine.

However, a tall person will not be able to operate this computer. Anyone taller over 6ft1 may face discomfort and be unable to fully extend their legs. Another regret is the lack of backlighting on the screen. If you’re practising in a room with no light, you should turn on the light so you can read the modes on the screen display.

I can only characterize the Bodymax R60 Rower as a professional machine designed for home use; it has all of the capabilities for a commercial usage but is smaller and more suitable for home use. The Bodymax Infiniti R200 Commercial Super Rowing Machine is an example of a completely commercial usage. The R60 retains all of the features and may be used by anyone, and with any kind of height, weight, or rowing experience.

It has a 7kg flywheel that is practically silent, with merely a gentle whirl, and it has up to levels of magnetic resistance. Beginners should start at the lower settings and work their way up as they gain fitness; this adjustment is achieved by turning on a dial mode at the console. 

This smart design has been studied and proven to be the most acceptable position, allowing the user to change something without having to dismount; personally, I enjoy gradually increasing the resistance without stopping. This machine also considers your comfort while you are using it to work out, which is the reason why the seat is cushioned and somewhat larger than other models in its class and maintain the safety for users.


  • Easy to fold and can save spaces for your house
  • Modern screen display with many functions
  • Not cause any noise
  • Durable materials
  • Operate smoothly


  • Not lights for the LCD display screen
  • Not suitable for those with the height of more than 6ft1

Features And Benefits

When it comes to the fitness device which can be used at home, the bodymax r60 rowing machine is always the best one that everyone can buy for your family to improve their health and avoid some diseases.

Bodymax r60 rowing machine review:

Quality: 9/10

Durable: 9/10

Silent: 9.5/10

Comfortable: 9/10

Sturdy Construction

This machine is made from many strong and sturdy materials which can make this rowing machine more durable and can be used for a longer time. The seat is designed with an extra pad which can bring users a comfortable feeling. Thanks to this design, you can sit or use this machine with higher intensity without caring about uncomfortable feelings. 

Moreover, in the middle of this machine, there is a switch that allows users to adjust the intensity of their workout and make the process take place smoothly and not be interrupted.

Foldable design

This foldable design makes this rowing machine more multifunctional. It also saves a lot of space for your family. After using this machine, you can fold it half to save spaces for other activities.


The multi-functional console shows you information about your training, such as rowing speed, exercise time, and calories burnt. While it is rather huge, it can still be used in the home; you can either use the transfer wheels on the front or just fold it away. All of these functions are also displayed on the LCD screen in front of the machine so you can adjust the modes by pressing the button.


The r60 rowing machine features a magnetic resistance which can provide tension for those who want to build up their muscles. This outstanding feature does not cause any noise when you are working out, it is totally silent and brings the best experiences for the users.

Some Alternative Products That Is Suitable For You

The bodymax rowing machine is a necessary tool for your family if you want to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle for all your family members. For this kind of product, you can buy the bodymax r60 rowing machine or else you can replace it by some other products if you are still unsatisfied with this machine.

Here are some typical options for you:

Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower with PM5 Monitor

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The Model D is widely regarded as the greatest rowing machine on the market, and it is used in both commercial and residential gyms. This model, which costs around £1,000, is a solid, well-engineered equipment that will give you a fantastic cardiovascular exercise and endure for years.

Additionally, it includes the superb PM5 computer. This gives you a lot of program possibilities and properly tracks a lot of data. You may connect to the wireless monitor if you have a compatible smartphone ( both iPhone and Android) to obtain additional feedback on your exercises


  • Effective
  • Flywheel that helps to decrease noises and increase smoothness
  • Modern monitor for clear statistics for each rows
  • High and comfortable seat
  • Spacious


  • Low impact for intention

WaterRower Original Series Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor

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If you want to have the most genuine rowing experience, the WaterRower Original is the way to go. Water resistance provides a smooth, relaxing exercise with lots of resistance. Furthermore, it is constructed with a high-quality handmade wooden frame, which you can feel with each stroke. 

However, the great degree of craftsmanship comes at a cost, and this is one of the most expensive models on our list. It does, however, include the S4 monitor, which has all of the features you could possibly want. You may even race other users on a simulated river via the internet.

All in all, WaterRower provides the most pleasurable rowing experience  as you can get without leaving your house.


  • S4 monitor that offers the exact data for your statistics
  • Attractive design that can match with your interior furniture
  • Save spaces when not using
  • Long warranty: 3 years for the frame and 5 years for other parts
  • Silent while using


  • Not suitable for advanced users

JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine: Foldable Superior Rowing Machine

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This medium rowing machine is perfect for strength and endurance training since it combines air and magnetic resistance to generate a smoother stroke.

It has a folding aluminum frame and is ideal for use at home. It can also support users up to 20 stone in weight, and the long seat rail easily accommodates users 6’3” and more.

There are 16 resistance levels and 8 pre-programmed routines to select from, all controlled from the huge LCD panel. There is enough resistance for most people, and it comes with a two-year guarantee for further piece of mind.


  • Ideal for gym and stronger workout
  • Operate smoothly
  • Attractive design outside
  • 16 levels and 8 programs for doing exercises
  • Aluminum frame that makes it more durable
  • Easy to fold to save spaces


  • Expensive

You can watch this video that can help you use the rowing machine in the most proper way:

Close Thought

This bodymax r60 rowing machine is an outstanding example of a technology that was created with starters in mind, with the majority of users being female or youngsters. Advanced users will find the tension to be less tough, so anyone searching for a challenge should go elsewhere.

For the money, it’s a nice computer. It has a nice rowing experience, an LCD screen, packs up, and is a great equipment for home usage.

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