Top 19 Best Watch For Strava Reviews 2024: Track Your Every Step With These First-rate Watches

Strava is among the greatest software programs available today for storing and sharing training data, with a focus on runners and cyclists. Because the service has become so successful, almost all of the top sports watch companies have permitted most of their latest products to be connected with it in order to compete in the best watch for Strava contest.

Choosing an excellent Strava integrated GPS watch isn’t really hard; there’re so many models to choose from, relying on your needs and budget. You don’t really, in truth, have to spend lots of cash.

We have put together a list of the finest Strava supported watch brands. Without further ado, let’s dig in to find out your best watch for Strava!

Best Watch For Strava Comparison 2024

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Top 19 Best Watch For Strava Reviews 2024

Suunto 9

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The Suunto 9 not only has a good battery life (ranging from 25 – 120 hrs on whatever setting the watch is in), but it would also remind you to recharge your watch for your next workout.

It has a built-in GPS that is meant to use less power. And it has a proprietary algorithm that improves GPS accuracy during training sessions.

This watch’s longevity is one of its most appealing qualities. It’s been rigorously tested in the most extreme situations.

You may use your Suunto 9 more with the Suunto application to post your workouts and track your activities, including rest time, so that you can better plan your workouts.

This Suunto 9 includes a sixty-day Strava all-access subscription.

This smartwatch also has essential supplementary features like a barometer as well as weather functionality, so you’ll never be caught off guard by severe weather with this top-ranked smartwatch in our best watch for Strava list.


  • Decent autonomy
  • Long-last battery
  • Great durability


  • Expensive

Garmin Fenix 5S Plus

[amazon box=”B07DKNDZ88″ ]

The built-in navigation and routing function of this Garmin Fenix 5S Plus wearable are really useful. It even has Trendline, a tool that allows everyone to share and discover new routes and paths.

But it’s not all; it not only uses GPS but also GLONASS & Galileo networks, allowing for more accurate tracking in locations where GPS signals are poor.

Training functions are also available on this Fenix 5S Plus. This smartwatch can tell if you’re overtraining, putting in an average effort, or slacking. You can also compare your fitness level over the last seven days to the optimal benchmark for your health and wellness.

Beyond the typical swimming and running setup, there’re unique activity types for a wide range of sports.

Garmin Connect also allows you to download additional profiles. You’ll be capable of accessing files by pairing your smartwatch with Bluetooth headphones.

Another intriguing feature is indeed the smartwatch’s power to make cashless transactions.


  • Great tracking system
  • Training features
  • Bluetooth connection


  • Low accuracy in GPS

SUUNTO Spartan

[amazon box=”B01I05CCQG” ]

This Suunto Spartan watch seems to be a multi-sport device with 80 sports modes pre-installed. It enables your Suunto Spartan to provide correct training data.

Also, it keeps track of your heartbeat throughout the day, if you’re exercising or not, and can provide you with useful information about your level of fitness. It would also tell you how many calories you ingest and how active you are on a daily basis.

This smartwatch is made of extremely durable material, therefore you won’t be worried about it being damaged by bumps or scratches throughout your workout.

This Suunto Spartan may be connected to your phone to give you access to the Suunto app, which allows you to track all of your everyday activities and also your training statistics and habits. The app is available on both the Google Play store & App Store.

You get a bonus sixty-day Strava Summit subscription when you buy this Suunto Spartan.


  • Multisport function
  • Great insights about fitness
  • Sturdy


  • Poor customer service

Polar Vantage V

[amazon box=”B07H37RW19″ ]

This Polar Vantage V watch is designed for professional athletes.

Its latest Training Load Pro technology is around to provide you with correct info about your exercise and rest periods so you can substantially lower your injury risk. You’ll be capable of seeing how your workout impacts your body and health in addition to this function.

You may connect the data from your watch with internet services like Strava or Polar’s Polar Flow platform.

Polar also has a feature that allows users to exchange their statistics with their coach. This wearable comes with the now-required heart monitoring feature. Some of the features are mostly designed exclusively for runners, offering information on the overall running ability and suggesting ways to improve it. Swimmers can also use the tool to monitor their progress.

Your wristwatch can be synced with your smartphone to receive notifications for incoming texts, emails, calls, and more.


  • Professional use
  • Has accurate time tracking function
  • Able to sync with smartphones


  • Bad surface finish

Polar V800

[amazon box=”B01G3R0PXU” ]

This Polar V800 itself is a smartwatch featuring running, swimming, as well as cycling functions that are aimed towards triathletes. There’s also a freeware multi-sport option with indoor and outdoor activities.

For better precision, its heart monitoring device needs a heartbeat strap. It would also tell you what heartbeat “range” you are in and how many calories you have burnt per day.

The GPS integrated into this device may assist you in tracking your performance and is quite precise. This smartwatch would tell you how you’ve been doing throughout the workout depending on the daily data information it has gathered.

An orthostatic analysis is included in this watch and is used to assess your current health plus track how much recovery you require between these practice sessions.

This smartwatch can indeed be connected with your phone, allowing you to use its Polar Flow features. These provide you with statistics regarding one’s daily workout, allowing them to establish objectives and discuss their accomplishments with other peers.


  • Multisport function
  • Great GPS
  • Include a heart rate monitor


  • Poor swimming measurement

TicWatch Pro 3

[amazon box=”B08FJ78NLC” ]

Ticwatches, in our opinion, are undervalued for what users receive. While they aren’t inexpensive, they are comparable to the Fitbit and/or Garmin Vivoactive in terms of style and functionality.

The battery capacity of this Ticwatch Pro 3 is one of its best features. It can last up to forty-five days using Essential Mode. You have 3 days to use Smart Mode.

There are several sport settings to select from when it comes to fitness aspects. All of this is made possible by this TicWatch Pro 3’s internal GPS, which makes it an ideal option for Strava supported smartwatches. In addition, continuous heart rate measuring, sleep monitoring, stress tracking, as well as a new sound detection function are all included.

The design is unlike any other on the list. It’s nearly as good as a pricey diving watch. It is indeed lightweight, much lighter than any of its predecessors, despite its robust appearance.


  • Great design
  • Long battery life
  • Compact


  • Expensive

Garmin Forerunner 935

[amazon box=”B071XY653M” ]

The fitness level monitoring option on this Garmin Forerunner 935 watch is meant to analyze your progress and notify you whether you’re peaking or overtraining. Advanced measurements are also available, allowing you to better track your performance by tracking things like speed, stride length, as well as other factors.

If you’re swimming, you can use this function as well. There really are additional activity levels created for a wide range of sports.

When you link this wristwatch with your phone, you’ll have access to extra choices via Garmin Connect.

Wi-Fi connections are also supported by this Forerunner 935.

This smartwatch comes with a pulse rate strap that allows for sophisticated heartbeat monitoring.

This Vivoactive 3 has a GP5 & GLONASS technology integrated with, which enables for more accurate mapping than GPS only.

Strava summit subscribers may connect their smartwatch to the platform for real-time feedback during workouts. This smartwatch may also keep track of your menstrual period as well as provide you with tips and advice.


  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Excellent heart rate monitor
  • Advanced metrics


  • No room for music 


[amazon box=”B07XPDS2DQ” ]

This Coros Apex could monitor your workout and advise you on how to divide it into 3 stages: warm-up, exercise, and cool-down. This watch would assist you through all these 3 phases, telling you how long each stage should last and what your target heartbeat should be.

Your stamina rate can be determined by this smartwatch. Once you’ve overtrained, this Apex would signal that it is indeed time to take a rest. This smartwatch would then tell you how long you should relax depending on your workout and daily exercise data. Its Coros app would give all essential statistics about your session when you’ve completed it.

You may also send the information to other platforms, such as Strava. Even in places where even the GPS system is low, this Coros’s stride engine would still be able to record your performance.


  • Detailed training system
  • Stamina tracking
  • Work great even with weak GPS


  • Doesn’t sync with Google Fit

Samsung Gear S3

[amazon box=”B01MF5IUEW” ]

This Samsung Gear S3 watch features an inbuilt GPS as its initial benefit. To receive a mapping of one’s surroundings, users won’t have to have their phone with them. iPhones and  Android smartphones, being not-so-old versions, are functional with this smartwatch.

There is also a very helpful SOS function that allows you to communicate your position to anyone you wish. That individual would be capable of seeing your current position instantaneously.

With an integrated system that could track six different sorts of workouts, this Gear S3 Frontier could also record your workout plan. 

Additionally, you may obtain more sophisticated features by downloading apps from the App Store.

This watch would also record data regarding your everyday activities in order to provide you with precise fitness and health statistics. It could also detect changes in air pressure, allowing you to keep a watch on the climate when you’re outside.


  • Integrated GPS
  • Helpful SOS feature
  • Multisport with 6 forms of exercises


  • Poor customer service

Apple Watch Series 4

[amazon box=”B07R4KQPT5″ ]

Description Product 1

This stylish watch offers a few unique features.

This Apple Watch Series 4 not only provides statistics, but it would also alert you if your pulse is abnormal, allowing you to seek medical attention. In addition, its Phone’s Health application could save all of your fitness and health info.

It also has a severe impact monitoring mechanism, which is an intriguing health feature. If you are idle for more than 1 min just after an accident is detected, it would automatically transmit an SOS to all the contacts you specify. A second SOS mechanism is also present, enabling you to contact 999 or another qualified authority and then informing them of your location in order for them to locate you.

This watch also offers a lot of workout-related functions. Whether you’re jogging, swimming, or doing any physical exercise, its Workout application would keep track of all essential statistics. The Apple Watch could also connect to suitable fitness equipment.


  • Great for iOS users
  • Include an SOS system
  • Fall detection feature


  • Low battery life


[amazon box=”B07CGKDYM7″ ]

This Coros Pace has a GPS mode of 25 hrs plus a normal mode of 1 month.

This smartwatch is also well-known for its lightness.

Coros Pace can not only track your pulse rate while jogging or biking but also when swimming. This smartwatch analyzes your pulse rate statistics to give useful information about your workout, such as the number of calories that you burnt as well as the intensity at which you worked out. This watch strap would be made to last and improve the accuracy of heart rate measurement.

The designed algorithm inside this Pace watch analyzes all of your workout data to provide you with recommendations and insights about your performance. Its UltraSync tech is intended to speed up the transfer of your information to the application on your linked smartphone.

Its clever Stride algorithm is yet another noteworthy feature. Whenever you’re jogging, this watch could improve your mobility. It enables you to create a framework that you may use when jogging in places where even the GPS system is poor.


  • Lightweight
  • Heart race tracking through multiple activities
  • UltraSync system


  • Bad indoors support

Garmin Vivosmart HR Plus

[amazon box=”B01DWEBHXY” ]

This Garmin Vivosmart HR Plus uses intensity minutes to estimate your fitness levels. This would allow you to compare your results to those set by organizations including the British Heart Foundation.

For both outdoor and indoor exercise, this smartwatch could monitor your distance and pace. You could obtain precise data about your speed and range metrics thanks to the integrated GPS. It could also count how many stairs you’ve walked.

To obtain your statistics via Garmin Connect, you may link your watch with your phone. Also, it enables you to collaborate and exchange data with other people.

This Vivosmart HR+ could identify if you’re swimming, running, or biking, and then upload all relevant information to Garmin Connect via Move IQ technology.


  • Built-in GPS
  • Move IQ feature
  • Smartphone compatible


  • Slow GPS speed

Fitbit Ionic

[amazon box=”B074KBP5RV” ]

This Fitbit Ionic comes with a customized exercise system that would walk you through each stage of your exercise.

This watch has an integrated GPS & GLONASS technology, which allows for more accurate mapping than GPS itself. Swimming and jogging may be tracked using this watch’s unique capabilities.

If you’re burning calories or performing an exercise, its pulse rate monitoring system would notify you. This watch could also inform users how healthy they are in terms of cardio and therefore would teach them how to enhance it day by day. It may also be used to keep track of your menstrual period.

This Fitbit Ionic has a sleep monitoring technology that can help you get better sleep.

This smartwatch could also be used to make cashless transactions.

This device can recognize your workouts and submit information via the Fitbit application automatically. This watch may be connected to your phone to receive alerts, calls, and other information. You could also use it to play music while exercising by pairing it with your Wireless earbuds.


  • Built-in GPS
  • Sleep tracking function
  • Smartphone compatible


  • Poor customer service

Fitbit Versa

[amazon box=”B07B9PSJGV” ]

You’ll be able to make purchases on the move with this Fitbit Versa watch.

It also has a workout mode that guides you throughout your activities and provides feedback upon how you’re performing them. The all-day exercise mode records your regular exercise statistics, including the calorie count burnt and other metrics. You may also assess your cardio tracking feature with this smartwatch.

You could also use your watch to sync to your smartphone’s GPS to receive a map showing the current region, and also information on the distances you’ve gone as well as your speed.

Bluetooth is included inside this watch, allowing you to pair it with wireless earbuds. This watch comes with a media player that allows you to save or even download your favorite tunes.

Its gadget may also send you tailored reminders, such as to keep active or stick to something like a sleeping routine.


  • Thorough workout system
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Customized reminders


  • Fragile

Garmin Vivoactive 3

[amazon box=”B0751GBCKN” ]

Garmin Pay is built into this watch, customers can pay using their wristwatch.

This watch’s Connect IQ app offers a variety of applications, including those that enable users to create the appearance of their smartwatches. You may make your custom exercises and save them on your smartwatch. This Garmin Vivoactive 3 offers 15 sports applications that will keep you occupied in a variety of activities.

Its integrated GPS will keep track of your progress. The user experience has been designed to make it simple to navigate through all of its widgets and menus.

Your Vivoactive 3 would then keep a record of most of your actions, including how much time you spend sleeping. Due to its pulse rate tracking technology, this smartwatch can assess your stress and fitness levels. This watch may also keep track of your menstrual period and provide you with notifications and advice.

You may use this Vivoactive 3 to send and receive messages, get email alerts, see updates on social media, and so much more by pairing it with your phone.


  • Customized workout feature
  • Include 15 sports apps
  • Smartphone compatible


  • Inaccurate sleep tracking

Samsung Galaxy Watch

[amazon box=”B07Q4WJBV7″ ]

Whenever you do not have any smartphones around, this Samsung Galaxy Watch could function as an independent watch, taking texts and calls. This Galaxy Watch, of course, provides a multitude of apps to choose from, notably Strava.

This smartwatch has a conventional pulse rate monitor and also could record up to 6 activities simultaneously. It also comes with almost everything you’ll need to organize your workouts, including over 39 different sorts of exercises to select from.

Its MyDay features show you your regular routines within the next ten hours at a glimpse. Your household appliances may also be controlled by the watch depending on your regular routines.

Also, there is an integrated GPS, as well as barometer & altimeter systems, to make sure you stay on target even if you are off track.

Plus, this Galaxy Watch includes Samsung Pay, enabling you to buy without having to take your credit card or wallet with you.


  • Built-in GPS
  • Include Samsung Pay
  • Able to download various applications


  • Low battery life

Garmin Forerunner 35

[amazon box=”B01K9W5EJ0″ ]

With many additional functions, this wristwatch is aimed at runners.

This Garmin Forerunner 35 could be synced with your phone to provide real-time reminders as well as other valuable data. It would also provide you with a connection to a variety of other linked services.

Its Move IQ technology is meant to track a variety of activities such as walking and running. This watch would record all of your actions over the course of a day and then notify you when to train depending on the information it has gathered. Moreover, this Forerunner 35 could identify if you’re running or walking and shift to the appropriate mode automatically.

This GPS smartwatch records your activities and sends them via Garmin Connect automatically. You may monitor your statistics and achievements on Garmin Connect as well as share everything on your favourite social network sites. Then, using Garmin Connect, you could track your progress and challenge against other users through competitions.


  • Useful for runners
  • Feature Move IQ
  • Sync with Garmin Connect


  • Bad customer service

Polar M430

[amazon box=”B073WDMZVT” ]

This beautiful timepiece is jam-packed with intriguing features.

Its Polar Flow feature would allow users to prepare for their next track race by providing tailored training recommendations based on their goals and habits.

This Polar M430 watch could also measure your pulse rate and provide you with a complete picture of how it functions around the clock.

This watch also saves information regarding your regular activities. You’ll be capable of monitoring your exercise load and examine your training outcomes to set your limitations and adapt your training plan. You could also receive feedback after every practice session, including a summary of how each practice session affected you.

This gadget would not only keep records of the calories amount you consume throughout the day, but it would also record your sleeping patterns and notify you when you need to take a break before making a new practice session.


  • Feature Polar Flow
  • Detailed tracking information
  • Sleep tracking


  • Bad customer service

Amazfit Pace

[amazon box=”B01N97AA5V” ]

When heading for an exercise, you could leave your smartphone at home due to its integrated GPS.

In addition, this Amazfit Pace watch would track essential statistics like duration, altitude, speed, and so more. A pulse rate sensor is also included in this watch, allowing you to track your heartbeat during all of your workouts.

Its display is made to adjust to the brightness it receives.

This watch may be synced with your smartphone to get reminders and messages directly on your wrist. You may share your workout statistics with your pals as well as receive and send workout data.

With the GPS on all the time, this smartwatch has great longevity of five days or 35 hrs. This smartwatch could withstand scrapes and bumps due to the ceramic bezel construction. You can set up this watch and submit data using its Amazfit app.


  • Built-in GPS
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Cheap


  • Troublesome in smartphone syncing

How To Choose Your Best Watch For Strava


A decent smartwatch should be durable and attractive, as it will be worn for a long time on your wrists. Because it is worn on the wrist, it should have a comfy band that does not resemble a toy. Several watches are even available in multiple sizes for males and females, as well as those with smaller hands. 

Take a glance at the watch’s customization options, such as straps. Some smartwatches come with metal bands, while others come with rubberized straps, including upgrades available as additional purchases.

Operating System

The majority of smartwatches utilize their company’s proprietary technology, but others use a more widespread platform. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Some companies employ the Android Wear operating system. Android Wear is available for both Android & iPhone devices. Apple Watch is a system created specifically for Apple users. This same Apple Watch is also not compatible with Android devices. 

There may be various levels of compatibility for your device’s OS and applications based on the version.

Fitness Feature

Most smartwatches can track a variety of data, including how frequently you run or cycle as well as how you rest. The best ones even include an integrated pulse rate sensor so you can see how hard you’re working during your exercises. 

If you’re likely to be performing lots of exercises and are interested in everyday fitness, this is a must-have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Strava And How Does It Work?

Strava is indeed a fitness application that allows you to monitor and analyze your exercises. It all began with the biking community, and it’s now catching on with runners as well. Its core is a more in-depth examination of your exercises than you’ll get with competitors, providing useful analyses and patterns on the quantity as well as the performance of cycles and runs.

It also is known for Segments, which transform ordinary runs into competitions against oneself and the group — your duration is logged as you cycle or run into pre-arranged Segments – for this kind of extra boost of incentive.

What Equipment Do I Need When Using Strava?

You’ll need one of three tools with Strava: a phone, a fitness tracker, or a computer, or a fitness tracker, of which the most common fitness tracker is a GPS smartwatch.

You’ll have to get the available Strava app for your phone to utilize. Try searching for Strava in your phone’s app store, and install it. It would be even simpler using your computer: Navigate to in your internet browser.

A smartwatch has a little more involved installation, it’s a much more efficient and accurate device in the long term. Continue scrolling for more information to find out how to link your smartwatch to your Strava network.

What Is The Process For Connecting My Smartwatch To Strava?

Whilst the application would meet the demands of numerous users, a phone it’s not the only method to have your data information in the hands of Strava. Fortunately, Strava is compatible with a wide selection of GPS fitness trackers and cycling-specific gadgets.

By connecting your profile to the homepage, all Polar, Garmin, and Suunto, as well as some other certain smartwatches, would automatically transmit information to Strava. Apple Watches, as well as cheap sports smartwatches like the Amazfit Pace, could also operate with Strava. It would display in your practice section after you arrive home & connect your exercise to the connected app.

It isn’t, however, ordinary workout equipment. Fitbit offers a unique collaboration with Strava that allows for 2-way data synchronization, allowing Fitbit-tracked exercises to display in the application while also crediting Strava-tracked activities toward users’ Fitbit step and/or calorie target.

Here’s a guiding video to help you have a deeper understanding of this platform:

Conclusion: Our Top Picks Of 5 Best Watch For Strava

Below are the 5 top-notch smartwatches in our list of best watch for Strava that we’ve especially picked out. Check out these 5 with their awesome stand out features:

[amazon table=”2078″]

This Suunto 9 is distinguished by its touch interface and buttons style, as well as its long battery life, which is sufficient for many other long-distance activities. Whilst most athletes would be fine with some other less costly watches with similar capabilities, finding one with the same quality of battery capacity and a touchpad would be difficult.

To refresh your memory, this Fenix line of smartwatches is Garmin’s top-tier offering, combining a slew of comprehensive data to create among the most feature-packed outdoor smartwatches equipment in the world. The Plus model maintains all of this while further expanding the abilities of Garmin’s top-of-the-line sports smartwatches.

Suunto took its time introducing wrist-based pulse rate measuring, and yet today believes this has the technology in place to offer statistics that may persuade you to ditch its chest strap. If you’re considering purchasing one, you’re definitely passionate about sports monitoring and would not even mind having some smartwatch-like capabilities tossed in for good measure.

This Vantage V is indeed a fantastic smartwatch for exercise. In terms of value for money, it provides a lot of capability as well as lots of information to look over via its Polar Flow application. This Polar Vantage V is a great option for anybody looking for a good fitness watch.

Without a doubt, this Polar V800 is indeed an excellent place to start for Polar in regaining competitiveness in this sports GPS industry, as well as the wider fitness smartwatch market. They’ve broken new ground as the first firm to offer integrated 24-hour daily exercise tracking with smartphone compatibility.

We hope that you can choose your most suitable smartwatch after reading our review of the best watch for Strava products that we’ve highlighted!

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