Uk Modular Extensions Reviews In 2023

Modular extension is a useful tool for those who want to expand your house or any places without planning public permission. You can also remove the old tape then extend it and in this situation, probably you have to buy some sorts of extensions, maybe orangery or conservatory. This method is a bit complex and you can choose the way that is much easier, using uk modular extensions reviews.

Modular extension is the extension that is prefabricated and usually is found in the factory that allows users to assemble and install some devices more quickly. This extension can also be suitable for your house and many people can find it attractive to use because it only takes a few days to complete repairing. 

However, for some beginners, they can find it challenging to buy a modular extension. Don’t worry, our article will explain and analyse everything that you need to know about modular extension. After reading this article, I believe that you can choose a suitable one for yourself.

Some Things To Consider Before Buying This Product


Most people think that repairing will take a lot of money and by the way buying uk modular extensions, you have to pay an amount of money. This cost includes every necessary thing such as materials, installation and labour. 

Modular additions typically cost ranging from  £1,200 to £1,700 per square metre. So, a simple basic expansion of approximately 15 square metres with an extra lounge can cost approximately £18,000.

Prefabs in the middle category cost about £30,000 for a project of about 25 meters squared. More quality prefab additions including a bathroom, kitchen, or double-storey addition can cost up to £65,000 in total.


After completing the process of extension, you can see the better quality in your house. Every corner in your rooms or in the whole house is installed carefully and can last for a longer time. 


For each kind of area, you will have a different way of extension. Here are some situations that you mostly have to extend:

Living Room

Living room is the room that has the largest space in your house and requires advanced extensions because this is also a place for you to welcome your friends or your guests. 

Modular extensions that increase only a metre or two in width can’t be used to create a living room in and of themselves, therefore it’s usually preferable to utilize the extra space to expand an existing room, integrating the old and new with as wide an opening as feasible. If the area is utilized as a utility room or cloakroom, there is an exemption.

Bathroom Or Kitchen

For some places like the bathroom or kitchen, you will have to pay an extra amount of money for some additional costs including countertops, oven, washing machine, fridge, freezer, shower, sink, toilet. And with this cost, it usually ranges about £300 to £600. 

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UK Modular Extensions Reviews

Modular extension thread 2” for S/C Schmidt/Cassegrain telescope

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The most obvious argument is that of speed. A typical construction takes three and a half months to nine months. A conventional builder will perform two or three house expansions each year, spreading the overhead out among the three projects. 

Industry-standard renovators will deal with numerous constructors, attempting to handle them as best they can and completing as many buildings as possible in order to cover the higher marketing and administrative costs and make a profit in the end. The business model must bear the burdens of radio jingles and litigation. Because handling so many professions is like herding ducks, larger renovators will inevitably have a greater failure rate.

From beginning to the end, which takes around forty days on-site, there are only two builders and the typical seven crafts to bring you to the end zone in the construction process:  plasterer, welder, painter, carpet installer, floor setup, plumber and electrician.

Because of the rapidity of building, a modular expansion can save you up to 35% on building expenses. When it comes to the present home affordability crisis, this is a huge plus. GPS monitoring, daily work allocation, and plan and manufacturing management system all help keep everyone on track and provide results that seem like a guppy fish at feeding time. 

Any danger of land overcapitalization is likewise reduced, thanks to the lower financial expenditure. However, there are limitations to the system in that everything is not feasible.

Just because the lego bricks are of a specific height and weight is it feasible. It works if you calculate the larger amounts of modular panels that make up the building’s framework and are satisfied with the size.

No system is completely without flaws. Even Bardot wore a mustache at one point. But, in the end, modular extensions are a wonderful and cost-effective method to expand your home and work space while also increasing the value of your house or business. They can also mix in with the current environment. So, why not go for a modular add-on?

The removal of prior red tape connected with expansions may encourage you to purchase some type of addition, most likely a greenhouse or inglenook fireplace. However, there is another type of extension to consider: the modular extension.

While Hazlemere does not and has never provided modular expansions, we are well-versed in them and feel they are not an alternative worth considering. Before we get into the reasons behind this, let’s define a modular extension for those who don’t know. Simply put, it’s a factory-built extension that can be rapidly constructed and mounted on the job site.

The ease with which a modular addition may be installed at a home appeals to many people – we’re talking about it being finished in a matter of days.

Modular extensions are less expensive to acquire than traditionally built expansions, which is a buying factor for some, but we don’t believe they’re worth it for what you receive. For example, the construction quality is inferior to that of a greenhouse or inglenook fireplace. They  are built with high-quality resources, while modular expansions are built using lower-quality components.

If you wish to customize components of your expansion, you won’t be able to do that with a modular extension because the design is so rigid. Modular extensions are sometimes defined as non structures since they are made of non-standard resources.

This might pose a significant difficulty for you when it comes time to sell your home, as it can be difficult for a buyer to obtain a mortgage for a home built differently from the norm.


  • High quality
  • Bring the beauty and more spaces for your house
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Reasonable price


  • Not popular for many users

Features And Benefits

Through some uk modular extensions reviews, I believe that it is an ideal method that you should use for your house. If you are still considering it, you can read our summaries about the benefits of this method. You can go through it and then make your decision.

High Quality

Your house addition is constructed in our performance laboratory, where our production department ensures that every phase of the project is completed to the greatest possible standard.

Faster Installation

Your expansion is being manufactured in our facility while we arrange your groundwork on site. Scheduling conflicts are also less frequent when we build in our plant.

No Disruption

Because up to 90% of your house addition is produced at our factory, there will be far less disturbance at your home from the builders.

Friendly To The Environment

Our factory build process means less material wastage and by delivering your extension to site in one go we also reduce the number of vehicle movements.

Cheaper Price

Reduced material wastage, better efficiencies, economies of scale, and quicker build times all mean that we can reduce costs in our process and we pass these savings on to you.

Better Performance

Designed and built to have a high performing acoustic and thermally insulated wall construction which leads to reduced energy costs compared to alternative extensions.

Alternative Products That Is Suitable For You

We hope that our uk modular extensions reviews will help you choose the best solution to expand your house. With this method, you can save much money for installation and materials that go with its services. If you still have something that is uncomfortable and inefficient, you can choose another method for your house. Here, we will show you something that you can apply for your house:

Qubic – Surge Protected Modular Power System

Qubic - Surge Protected Modular Power System - Four Socket Starter Pack - 1m Cable Extension Lead UK Socket - Multi Plug Surge Protected
  • 【PATENTED TECHNOLOGY】The Qubic Modular Power System is an award winning and patented 4-pin connection system, offering revolutionary extendibility and flexibility like never before!
  • 【CUSTOMISABLE】Build your own power extension however you want it; add additional modules including extra sockets, USB chargers etc
  • 【SURGE PROTECTED】Features built-in power switch, surge protection and over current circuit breaker offering extraordinary protection to any connected equipment.
  • 【MODERN DESIGN】Compliments exisitng high end AV equipment with it's modern sleek appearance
  • 【BUY WITH CONFIDENCE】As well as high quality products and full techincal support, we also offer a 12 monthy warranty on all products

Qubic is a ground-breaking approach to rethinking the extension lead. Our product line provides unrivaled versatility, safety, and efficiency for your household appliances, start creating your own custom configuration with add-on attachments. As the number of electrical gadgets in the household grows, so does the demand for more connections. 

Like no other device, our modular architecture enables you to buy exactly what you need and extra more afterwards. The Qubic Modular Power Technology is an unique and award-winning 4-pin connectivity platform that ensures unprecedented extendibility and versatility!

Extra Sockets, Telephone/LAN Surge Protection, TV/Satellite Surge Protection, USB Chargers and other sorts of software features may be added to Qubic as needed.


  • Modern technology with 4 connection systems
  • Provide extra connections including sockets, USB ports,…
  • Power switch to protect users better
  • Modern appearance design
  • High quality


  • Not suitable for some items that has 2-feet plug

Keplug: Extension Lead With 4 Usb Slots, 2m Extension And Tower 10 Way Extension Plug

Tower Extension Lead with USB Slots, 9 Way Plug Extension with 4 USB, 2M Extension Cable, Black Multi Plug Extension Sockets 3250W/13A, Detach/Stackable Power Strip Extension Cord for Home Office
  • ⭐⭐【14 in 1 Extension Leads】 - This black extension lead 2m converts a single UK wall plug into 10 AC outlets(3250W /13A) and 4 USB plug sockets(5V /3.1A), enables you to power up to 14 different electrical devices at the same time, such as your computer, TV, lamp, printer, laptop, ovens,and etc. A must-have extension socket for your home, office, nightstand, entertainment center, dorm room, guest room, hotel, etc.
  • ⭐⭐【Smart USB Charging】-The tower power strip has 4 USB plug (5V/3.1A) with smart IC charging technology, will automatically identify the connecting devices and output optimal charging speed for your devices; The design of 10 AC sockets on the different directions, wide-spaced enough for big adapters without blocking each other, and keeps the cables tidy and free of tangles.
  • ⭐⭐【Extension Lead 2M】2 metre power extension cord made of 100% pure copper, ensures excellent heat dissipation and great conductivity, ensure an all-round protection for you and your electronic devices. perfect for Home, Office and School and anywhere multiple devices need power.
  • ⭐⭐【Multiple Protection Tower Plug Extension】-Built-in overload, over-voltage, circuit breaker, overcurrent protection; Power-saving On/Off switch provides a quick way to turn off all the outlets when not in use; 2 metre heavy duty extension cord with a 13 amp fused plug that shuts off when excessive current is detected; Its casing is made of advanced flame retardant and high temperature resistant materials, eliminating hidden dangers from the beginning.
  • ⭐⭐【Detachable & Stackable Tower Extension Lead】- Innovative Detachable & Stackable design make it more practical than traditional extension lead tower. You can detach this plug extension into two 5 way cube extension lead that enables you to use it in different positions if needed; or you can stack them together as a desktop charging station of 9 plug extension lead ; With a tower design you can tidy your cable and gives your usb devices a safe faster speed charge! Create an organised and neat space.

It’s more convenient than a typical tower extension cable since it’s removable and detachable. You may separate this plug extension into two 5-way cube facilitated activities, allowing you to use it in various places as desired; or you may arrange them together to create a desktop rechargeable battery with nine plug extension leads.

For your house, workplace, nightstand, entertainment center, dormitory, living room, or hotel, this extra socket is a necessity. Overload, voltage unbalance, sprinkler system, and transmission line are all constructed. When not in operation, the energy On/Off switch allows you to quickly turn off all the plugs. 

Massive extension cable with a 13-amp triggered socket that turns off when too much electricity is used; Its shell is composed of sophisticated fire resistant and high temperature thermal insulation, which eliminates any potential hazards right away.


  • Removable and adjustable
  • Protection from overvoltage or breaker
  • On/off button to save the electricity
  • Smart charger with USB port
  • Long cable for far distance


  • More suitable for office and hotel

Auoplus 6 Way Power Strip (3250w/13a): Surge Protected Extension Lead 3m With 4 Usb Slots

Surge Protected Extension Lead 3M, AUOPLUS 6 Way Power Strip with 4 USB Slots(3250W/13A), Multiple Plug Extension Socket with 3 Metre Long Cable, Wall Mountable Extension Cord for Home Office
  • 10 in 1 EXTENSION LEAD with 3 METRE LONG EXTENSION CABLE: This surge protected extension leads equipped with 6 AC outlets(3250W/13A) and 4 smart USB ports provide power for up to 10 devices simultaneously; 3 metre/9.8ft heavy duty power extension cord, it made of standard copper, not easy to deform, is durable and more safety, perfect for Home, Office and School
  • MULTIFUNCTION POWER STRIP with 4 USB PORTS: The extension lead with USB slots provides 5v/2.1A max charging current per usb port(Share 3.1a/15.5w). With built-in smart ic technology, it delivers an optimized charge to usb devices according to your devices needs, perfect for cellphone, laptop, tablet, cameras without a variety of converters
  • 1050J SURGE PROTECTOR & OVERLOAD PROTECTION: Built-in rated 1050 joules surge protection to protect your electrical appliances from lighting, surges or spikes. And this extension board made of fireproof material and the switch with overload protection( built-in circuit breaker) will shut off the power automatically to safeguards your expensive devices like computer, tv, refrigerator and more
  • WALL MOUNTED EXTENSION CORD with WIDE SPACED OUTLETS: The socket extensions has two mounting holes on back allow it to be securely installed in various applications, such as workbenches, wall-mounts, floor-mounts, under counters & more; this plug extension features wide spaced outlets, so they can accommodate even your bulky plugs, keeps your desk neat and organized, more space saving
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE & AFTER SALE SERVICE: The 3m extension lead is certified by CE, FCC, RoHS and You can purchase with confidence with our 30-Day money back, 12-Month limited product guarantee and life-time friendly customer service; What You Get: 1 x 6 way extension lead, 1 x User Manual, 2 x Replacement Fuses, 2 x Screws

This massive increase extension cable, with 6 AC outlets (3250W/13A) and 4 smart Connectors, can charge up to 10 machines at once; 3 metre/9.8ft heavy duty extension cords cable, constructed of standard wire, is not easily deformed, is robust and safer, and is ideal for use in the family, workplace, and school.

The extension cable with USB slots has a maximum battery voltage of 5v/2.1A per Usb cable (shared 3.1a/15.5w). Its highest correlation ic technology optimizes charging for Wireless connections according to their demands, making it ideal for cell phones, laptops, tablets, and cameras that don’t require a variety of adapters.

Shock prevention certified at 1050 joules to safeguard your electrical equipment from lights, shocks, and peaks. This expansion panel is constructed of flammable material, and the overcurrent protection button (constructed automatic voltage) will immediately cut off the power to defend your valuable gadgets such as computers, televisions, refrigerators, and more.


  • Length cable in 3 metre
  • Multifunctional power with 4 different cables
  • Overload protection with 1050J
  • High quality and long warranty


  • Not attractive design and quite big

You can watch this video to know more about modular extensions:

Final Thought

Modular extension is a prefabricated extension that is generally available in the manufacturing and allows the user to rapidly construct and install various equipment. This extension may be appropriate for your home, and many individuals may find it appealing to utilize because the repairs only take a few days to accomplish. Therefore, you should choose this method, modular extensions for your house or your office. After reading our uk modular extensions reviews, I hope that you will find the best answer for yourself.

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