Top 20 Best Spada Helmets Review On The Market

The type of motorcycle helmet you choose will be determined by the sort of riding you prefer and your own preferences. You can ride motocross with full racing that spada helmets review or go down the highway in a motocross lid, but neither is really fun.

Whatever you decide, make sure your helmet is homologated for the use you intend. An open-face helmet will be labeled with, whereas a full-face lid will be labeled with.

If you have a flip front helmet, it may only be allowed to ride with the chin bar down, or it may also be permissible to ride with the chin bar up.

Choosing a crash helmet with a basic color finish is an easy way to save money without sacrificing safety. It will be less expensive than other choices.

A motorcycle helmet is the most crucial element of your riding gear, and it is frequently a legal necessity. It also plays a significant role in making motorcycling pleasurable, aside from the safety aspect. We’ve put up an ultimate motorbike helmet guide to help you make the correct decision.

Best Spada Helmets ReviewComparison 2024

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Top 20 Spada Helmets Reviews 2024

Spada Storm Motorcycle Helmet Peak Sun Visor

[amazon box=”B07S73H7WK” ]

I assumed the front would be flimsy, but it’s actually rather solid. This is a fantastic helmet that also looks great. I still have room in my helmet for my Bluetooth headset and I have my go pro on the front. If you wish to use it as an open-face helmet, you may remove the mouthpiece as well. I wholeheartedly endorse this. 

There have been many complaints regarding the quality and so forth. You get what you pay for, and even though it may not appear so with the visor system and face protection, this is an open-face helmet. This is great for the summer, however, it appears to be a little smaller than the size information suggests.

Aside from the fact that I like it so much (a deliberate choice), I feel the mechanism for removing and reinserting the chin guard is one of the most practical and effective for this kind of helmet.

I truly liked how the delivery was canned. In reality, it arrived in its own box, which was contained within the shop box, and was therefore properly preserved, demonstrating the seller’s expertise. The size is determined by the circumference of the helmet. Very pleased.


  • Fastener with a quick release.
  • Anti-scratch sun visor included in.
  • The inner lining is removable.
  • Sturdy


  • None

Motorbike Crash Modular Helmet ECE Approved

[amazon box=”B088K2KMZ6″ ]

I’ve only used it once, so it’s tough to provide a more thorough evaluation. The comfort level was adequate. I’m a little, but this looked larger than my other helmet. It has an adjustable chin strap and a fast release, which I’m not sure is a good thing because the smallest touch released it, but it kept on during my ride. Because it lacks a pin lock, it misted up on a cold day, however opening the visor fixed that. 

It was great to have the chin piece rise up since it allowed me to easily fit spectacles. There is some wind noise, but it is not excessive. My considerably more costly Shoei helmet, although being adjusted, still allows wind into the helmet, causing my eyes to wet. This helmet didn’t do that, so there’s another plus.

I was looking for a dual visor helmet and am glad I discovered this one. The matt black finish is excellent and complements the piece well. The helmet is packaged in a nice cotton drawstring bag. The wind noise is tolerable, and the vents let in enough air when you’re moving; they also work nicely in the rain.

I believe the certification allows you to bike with the helmet closed, but it’s really convenient to have the opening option, which I use frequently. For the price, this is an excellent helmet that is both comfortable and durable.


  • Simple switch for quickly changing the sun visor.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • It is not necessary to use any tools to remove or install the transparent visor.


  • Too small

Zorax Matt Black L

[amazon box=”B08PF8GF31″ ]

Great helmet with a great pop-down visor. This helmet is actually rather good, and the absence of the front portion makes it much better. I purchased this as a stopgap after returning to the bike after a lengthy hiatus. I’ll buy a full-face lid as well, but I wanted something quick so I could ride the gleaming new wheels. The aim is to utilize this open-faced lid for errands around town. 

I didn’t anticipate much for the price, but I was pleasantly pleased. The visor folds down well. The fit is excellent. I have a 58cm head diameter and chose medium, which fits well. Tight enough not to blow about, but not so tight that it squeezes my brain out of my nose. Even though I’ve only driven about town, the wind doesn’t appear to get under the visor.

The fit was great, and the helmet was comfy straight away. It was hit by hail and rain on its maiden journey, but there was no water entry. I’ve never had the opportunity to test the drop-down sun visor while riding, but it appears to be functional. and haven’t gone on a faster run yet. So far, I’m really happy.


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Removable & cleanable
  • Comfortable clasp release strap with an adjustable buckle


  • Sun visor doesn’t come low

Westt Cross Motorbike Helmet – Motocross Helmet

[amazon box=”B07HKLY89Q” ]

On my scrambler motorcycle, I wear this helmet. A nice blend of a motocross helmet and a useful visor. I bought this helmet when it was on sale; it’s extremely comfortable, and the visors are excellent for the price; you can’t go wrong. Given the price, the helmet represents excellent value. 

Well-packaged and delivered on time. Excellent value for money. It’s a little lighter than I imagined, but it still has a fantastic appearance and design. I didn’t expect the quality that it is for the price. I wasn’t sure about purchasing a medium, but I went with it. The fit is perfect.

In chilly weather, the visor fogs up quite rapidly. That’s inconvenient because I ordered the helmet to be used in inclement weather. I prefer to bike with the half-bowl in dry weather.

The visor slightly affects the vision. Although not yet dangerous, it is nonetheless unappealing. The chin strap is constantly loosening. Furthermore, I had to adjust it to the smallest amount, and it is still a bit too far. The helmet itself is not overly large, and it fits snugly. As a result, it is not due to the size chosen.


  • Good fit
  • Good features
  • Fantastic helmet


  • Costly

JDC Motorcycle Helmet Full Face

[amazon box=”B07J2GTBML” ]

I am extremely happy with the quality of this helmet, and for the price, I believe it represents excellent value. I bought the gloss black medium. I was concerned that it would be too tiny at first, but after a few hours of usage, I discovered that it is really comfortable. So yet, the air vents have only been used in the summer, but they appear to perform well and complement the overall design.

The visor functioning is excellent, and hopefully, the opening settings will remain stable over time. The mechanisms of the visor adjustment are visible, which is uncommon in more costly helmets, but this, in my opinion, does not distract from the helmet’s overall good looks.

The delivery timing was fantastic. This helmet comes highly recommended by me.

For the price, this is almost the ideal helmet. Visor’s releasing method is fantastic. At one point while riding, I couldn’t tell if it was up or down. It’s a great technique to remove all of the liners from poppers so you can wash them. That leads me to the sole drawback. Not fatal, but vexing. The chemical odor is actually pretty strong. I have no idea what the material is, but it has a really unpleasant odor. I removed the liner and washed what I could get to, and it improved, but I’ll let it air for a while before using it regularly.


  • Clear visor
  • Removable and washable


  • Nothing

Zorax ZOR-819 Matt Black L

[amazon box=”B08XXLP3J9″ ]

The helmet arrived on schedule. was purchased for my husband, the sizing chart was spot on, and he was planning to buy the next one. Size up from what he measured, but he’s pleased he didn’t since it fit exactly and was extremely comfy.

Penny said he would suggest it and that it demonstrates that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a decent helmet. Came quickly, the price range was reasonable, and the quality is excellent. I will buy from this vendor and brand again. 

I initially sought a refund since I believed they delivered me the wrong one because it wasn’t colored, but that was simply me being impatient and taking it out of the package without first inspecting it. It’s really comfy and stylish, which is an added benefit.


  • Removable and breathable cushioning
  • optimum ease of use
  • The visor is clear and anti-scratch.


  • Not durable at the back

Zorax Matt Black/Silver M

[amazon box=”B08PF7LX62″ ]

After thinking it was too tiny, I purchased a Medium after measuring my head. It was snug at first, but as I wore it more gradually, it began to mold to my head, so it no longer felt too snug. I was also not accustomed to wearing a helmet, especially one of this weight; a bicycle helmet is heavier, so the head needed to get used to wearing the weight as well. 

It comes with a helmet pouch. Inner shade visor, as shown in the first photo, and a clear outer visor; if you’ve ever driven in the dark, you’ll know that nightlife insects tend to slap you in the face. It’s as if you’ve been hit with a stone. It arrived in a double package. A brown box on the outside.

If you choose, you can spend hundreds of pounds on a motorbike helmet. However, you should change them on a regular basis, especially if it’s had a bump or two while being kept. As a result, a reasonably priced helmet that provides adequate protection and costs a fifth of the price of brand-name equivalents is possibly safer. Nice helmet, good fit, and simple installation of the intercom. Highly recommended.


  • It is simple to remove and clean.
  • The strap has a comfortable cushion.
  • A pleasant ride


  • Not comfortable

Motorbike Vespa Jet Helmet ECE

[amazon box=”B07Z7HWR5V” ]

I was looking for a summer helmet with a visor and a sunshade. It fits the bill nicely, and there’s enough room for my glasses, which don’t fog up. There is plenty of air movement. I wear earplugs for noise suppression, which I always do. Very pleased and would suggest summer usage. 

I felt at ease in this helmet, although it was a little big for me, which was my own mistake for going up a size while I was in between sizes. Very relaxing. I’m planning to order again, but this time in a smaller size. I bought this after growing a beard and my flip lid wasn’t working so well. I don’t typically buy a helmet online, so I was pleasantly surprised that it fits well and that I would certainly suggest it.

The helmet arrived quickly, in the color matte black, in the proper size according to the size chart, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and with a retractable sun visor that is extremely helpful.


  • The helmet fits well
  • It’s pleasant and comfy 
  • The visors are easy to operate even with gloves on.


  • White color

G-MAC Glide Evo Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet

[amazon box=”B07P8RTC4Y” ]

I wasn’t expecting much from this helmet, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s light and comfortable, and it’s not too noisy. I also have a Shoei and a HJC helmet, and it’s quieter than the Shoei. The lock mechanism is very good, and I’ve been using it daily for two months. The only issue, if I’m being picky, is that in heavy rain, it gets in from the top.

A fantastic helmet that is unquestionably good value for money. It’s light, comfy, and well-ventilated. The ratchet buckle makes it simple to put on and take off, and the flip-up and down function is as simple to use. The integrated sun visor is a fantastic extra feature, especially when the sun is low in the sky early in the morning. 

At high speeds, it appears to have a lot of wind noise, but the clear visor is an excellent water-tight and air fit with the helmet. The only issue is that the chin weather guard is thin and difficult to keep a good fit to the chin guard.


  • Light comfortable
  • Not too noisy


  • Details are complicated

Shox Sniper Evo Caliber Motorcycle Helmet

[amazon box=”B07T245JZ2″ ]

The comfort of this helmet is recommended for a beginner rider like me; it is fashionable enough to appear nice and is not as noisy while riding on a bumpy road; it does fog up quite a bit when riding at 10-30mph with the visor down, but I just leave a tiny crack. 

I wholeheartedly endorse this. It was really quick, and I am quite pleased with the outcome. Great-looking lid, extremely comfy, and filled with features. Lightweight but robust, it helps to keep the weight of the helmet down while keeping you safe.

The liner is completely detachable. The liner is completely detachable, allowing you to keep your helmet clean and fresh. Provides a secure fit that is quick and simple to open and shut, as well as an adjustable fit for the rider.


  • Looks great and fits perfectly
  • Comfortable


  • Weak helmet

MOTO Helmets® H44

[amazon box=”B01B281K5W” ]

This helmet was a great fit, and the chin strap is really sturdy and comfy. The visor is sturdy and won’t come down until I pull it down, but it’s not overly stiff. The helmet itself is really comfy, and the padding is fantastic! I am a cochlear implant user, which means I have a cochlear implant in my ear, and this helmet was so comfy to wear around my ear that I couldn’t believe how fortunate I was to get it correctly the first time! 

I have a lot of trouble with helmets that are either too tight or too loose for the cochlear. This was a great fit for the head and a little too loose for the cochlear. It arrived on schedule. It appears to be extremely comfy. The size chart was correct, and the helmet looks to be of similar quality to the more costly helmets I’ve had. The visor is quite functional, however, it might need a touch more length, which is a small complaint. Very pleased with the helmet and would suggest it for the price.

A great style at an affordable price. The disadvantages of purchasing helmets online are that, while the size diameter is correct, my head is not a perfect circle, so it is not a perfect fit, and the interior padding is very thin, so your head is more or less in contact with the impact-absorbing material, which is hard and unyielding, just like the material inside a cycle helmet. With extra comfort padding, this would easily be a five-star rating.


  • Noise reduction
  • Very relaxing


  • Small size

 LS2 helmet moto of562 Airflow Condor

[amazon box=”B01N3LQCFP” ]

Correct fit but also laced; the head slides inside since the lower half is not properly formed. It is a cheap helmet, the slits at the top do not appear to be waterproof, and in the event of rain, water might enter the helmet since the entrance fins are oriented forward, and the closure is not watertight but acceptable for the price of the helmet. 

The helmet came on time and in its original manufacturer packing. The shell’s material appears to be of high quality, and the staining appears to be long-lasting. The visor is protective and does not distort the vision noticeably. The cushioning is soft and gives room for the ears.

It fits a little broad, so I recommend ordering a size smaller than normal. For the rest, it’s a cheap helmet that’s fantastic for the money paid and also looks well. I placed the intercom on it, and it’s really convenient.


  • Washable
  • Treatment resistance


  • Easy to break

Leopard LEO-813 Full Face Motorbike Helmet

[amazon box=”B07CZ8HM8D” ]

I’m actually quite pleased with this; I had excellent reason to choose a less expensive helmet, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I was expecting it to feel heavy when riding, but it doesn’t. After a few years, the fit is excellent.

The only drawback for me is that I believe the lighter color on the front near the visor detracts from the overall look. It would have been much nicer if the black and green had been consistent throughout. I’d imagine that if you’re drawn to this, you probably own a Kawasaki, so the consistency is always good, but the light gray color they choose really destroys the impression for me.

I really enjoy this helmet. It has a good fit once on, is a little tight while pulling over the head, but it comes off easily. I would purchase it again.



  • Nice fit
  • Affordable


  • Hot when wearing

MAMAO Motorcycle Bluetooth helmet

[amazon box=”B08DR62DB1″ ]

The helmet was fantastic. The inner fabric is of high quality and well-cushioned for a pleasant ride. It also has built-in sunglasses and a shield, making it ideal for rides in bright sunlight. Bluetooth audio sounds fantastic. It’s also lightweight and not too heavy, which contributes to comfort while riding. 

Overall, a really nice product that I would strongly suggest to anyone just starting out in the motorcycle world. Everything was just as stated. Arrived a bit sooner than expected. Fits perfectly. Everything appears to be in fine working order, and the audio quality is actually rather nice; I was pleasantly pleased. The mechanisms are completely operational, and more lenses are available.

The helmet fits well, just as I had anticipated. Fitting the blue tooth was a touch tricky but not too difficult. It took me a while to discover the catch for opening the front flip. Very pleased with the product.


  • Good Safe Helmet
  • Fantastic Price


  • Radio poor


[amazon box=”B006VZXMR6″ ]

A fantastic helmet. The sizing was accurate. I’m a medium, as measured for a prior more costly but inferior helmet, and this fits just as snugly. The product is inexpensive and hence necessary, yet the materials and couplings appear to be of high quality. I’d say it’s of high quality.

I prefer the jet helmet to the full-face helmet. I did, however, buy two of these helmets for cooler days. The product is inexpensive and hence necessary, yet the materials and couplings appear to be of high quality. I’d say it has a good quality/price ratio. 

Great for the price, however, it marks easily and is quite noisy at high speeds; purchase a black pinlock visor for it and it becomes a good helmet.


  • Fairly heavy
  • Great for the price


  • Noisy at high speeds

Caliber Motorcycle Helmet

[amazon box=”B07T2473BD” ]

The Shox Sniper Evo helmet was created to build on the success of the original sniper while improving in key areas. With a fully detachable liner and a Max Vision Pinlock compatible visor, this is really a helmet for all riders. Lightweight but robust, it helps to keep the weight of the helmet down while keeping you safe. The liner is completely detachable, allowing you to keep your helmet clean and fresh. 

Provides a secure fit that is quick and simple to open and shut, as well as an adjustable fit for the rider. Visor means your visor is heating up again if you use the matching pin lock insert.

The conveniently accessible vents are intended to provide optimum airflow where it is most required. With integrated exhaust vents, the rear is meant to aid in aerodynamics.


  • The liner is completely detachable.
  • Dual ventilation is available.
  • Chin Curtain is detachable.


  • Heated

AGV Orbyt Solid Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

[amazon box=”B07KMCTZ55″ ]

Because it provides more space for your ears, it is ideal for those who wear spectacles. The slide-down shades are fantastic. It is and appears a little large due to the shading system, but it is otherwise great. The helmet is excellent; it is comfy even when worn all day. I really appreciate the sun cover since it is extremely excellent value for money and of high quality. 

Helmet well studied in every detail, comfortable the wheel to lower the polarized visor that, unlike other helmets, falls completely in its seat without protruding by a millimeter, good the air intake that really circulates air in the helmet even if, in the position it is, it is heavily penalized if you travel with a raised visor.

This, on the other hand, does not suffer from absolutely any air and the slides without causing vibrations, the visor, which is extremely protective, is of great quality in terms of reflections and transparency, as is the tiny polarized visor.

Well-balanced soundproofing is also satisfactory, as it allows you to suppress noises without being restricting. I am really pleased with my helmet, which represents excellent value for money.


  • Very protective
  • Dynamic aircraft


  • Not good looking

 AGV Compact ST Solid Flip Up Helmet

[amazon box=”B01M4QWV8F” ]

Shalimar with antibacterial protection, moisture-wicking, and skin comfort treatments. It appears to be a bit hefty, but it is a flip. The helmet has a lot of cushioning and is extremely comfortable. The only issue is that the chin guard comes off every time you put the helmet on, but that is the only drawback. I’ve just been out twice, but I’m impressed. 

It’s not noisy, and even though it’s hefty, I don’t mind because I’ve been riding with modular since the beginning and am accustomed to it. Fit wonderfully, and the speaker holes worked flawlessly 

In comparison to lower-priced modular helmets, quality is instantly apparent from the minute you take it up. Unfortunately, it is not as light as its bigger sibling AGV sport modular, which is typically three times the price. Although this helmet is recommended as a second helmet for occasional pillion passengers, I would look elsewhere for long-term use. Overall, it’s a comfortable and functional helmet. I can wear it for hours without getting tired of it.


  • Great helmet.
  • Well built.
  • Comfortable and versatile.


  • It is not secure

ARMOR Helmets AV-84 Open Face Helmet

[amazon box=”B00OWQPQEI” ]

It’s my first motorcycle helmet, so I’ve only worn it a few times. I’ve found it to be quite comfy to wear. I appreciate that the visor can be swapped out with a transparent one that can be purchased separately. The dark one will be ideal for the summer. The only complaint I have is that the chin strap cushion does not move. 

I’ve always used full-face helmets, but I experimented with an open-face helmet for warmer ‘cruising’ days. Fantastic experience: lightweight, effective visor, and a comfortable fit. Just a little disappointed in the lining; I assumed it was leather-like as well. I really like the color and style since it fits properly and is light.

The helmet is incredibly light, comfortable to wear, and conforms to the most recent requirements. The craftsmanship appears to be of great quality. The visor lock may easily be untwisted with your hands; no tools or money are required. By the way, unlike many other helmets in this price range, it is composed of metal rather than plastic. The visor’s aerodynamics might be enhanced.


  • Low weight
  • Comfort noticeably


  • No tools

Leopard LEO-601 Open Face Motorbike

[amazon box=”B07KC46PW7″ ]

It’s not a bad helmet. It fits nicely and is comfy. I enjoy how the sun visor fits over my goggles. It has a retractable drop-down sun visor.

ABS of excellent grade, EPS of great density. The liner is removable and washable. Adjustable and practical chin strap buckle release strap with a soft sponge chin-protection pad. Includes a helmet bag.

To clean, the entire liner may be removed. The inside lining is composed of the fiber cloth, which has good moisture absorption and breathability and may help avoid odors. The chin strap and head circumference are also adjustable, allowing it to accommodate most head sizes.


  • Cheap and cheerful


  • Visor is small

Buying Guide Spada Helmets Review

Spada Helmets Review

The most crucial component of safety and comfort in selecting a Spada helmet that fits properly. If you choose a crash helmet that is too snug, it will hurt more than you think. Purchasing one that is too loose will reduce the amount of protection you receive and increase the amount of noise you hear.

The easiest solution is to take an approximate measurement of your head and then test on the helmet you desire before purchasing. Large dealers and exhibitions like Motorcycle Live can be beneficial in this regard.

Measure the circumference of your head just above your eyes to obtain an estimate of your size. Use this to limit down your size options, but bear in mind that the form of various helmets will also play a role.

If you use glasses, ensure sure they fit well with your helmet. Some brands include cut-outs for spectacle arms, while others may provide an issue. Take your time when trying on each motorcycle helmet and pay close attention to if there are any pressure areas. You should feel tight and secure, with even pressure around your skull. You shouldn’t be able to turn your head or nod considerably if you hold the helmet motionless.

Manufacturers supplying additional outer shell sizes contributes to some of the expense of more costly helmets. This means you’ll receive a better fit and more appropriate inner cushioning.

Otherwise, a smaller size helmet will have the same exterior shell as a bigger one but will be filled with significantly more padding. As a result, you’ll appear to have a large head, and the helmet will get considerably looser as the padding wears. This is one instance where going to a store is the best option. Most stores will not allow you to return a helmet once you’ve left the store since they can’t detect whether any damage has happened.

Conclusion The Best Spada Helmets 

The Spada Helmet is a low-cost flip-front if it fits you. Unfortunately, the unusual size, inadequate ventilation, and leaking visor will restrict its attractiveness to a wide range of people. If you do go on to buy a Spada Reveal, we’d appreciate it if you could come back here and leave us a comment with your thoughts; it would greatly assist future consumers when they’re looking for cycling gear.

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