Top 17 Best Shock Pump On The Market

People who ride mountain bikes or motorbikes with full suspension know how important it is to have a good shock pump. In order for the bike’s shocks to work properly, this is a necessary component. Choosing a high-quality shock pump makes fine-tuning the suspension on your mountain bike a snap. Many different models are available on the market, with some pumps functioning better than others or giving additional features, making it difficult to choose the best shock pump.

A wide variety of pumps are available in the market, offering clients a wide range of options. How about analog or digital, a minimum emergency pump or a workshop edition, the inexpensive basic product or the premium model? Some basic needs are efficiency, ease of use and accuracy. Any mountain bike’s performance is determined by its suspension. Fork and rear shock air pressure should be adjusted to optimize control and performance. Mistakes will lead to endless war, no matter where you are. As well as meeting these requirements, the winner in this competition must also offer a decent pack size and stay cheap. 

To clarify which shock pumps are worth the cost, this article might be of use. You won’t find any faulty items on our list since we’ve excluded them. The best shock pumps must be precise and durable, as well as user-friendly and fairly priced, to make this list. You may increase your bike’s suspension with the flowing shock pumps, whether you’re a seasoned mountain biker or a motorcyclist.

This gadget is important for any mountain cyclist on the road. We evaluated 17 models of various sizes and price ranges to help you pick the finest all-rounder for your needs and budget.

Best Shock Pump Comparison 2024

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Top 17 Best Shock Pump Reviews 2024

 RockShox High-Pressure Fork

[amazon box=”B00D0SFMJS” ]

The very little space at the damper valve in the picture, the small silver cap, directly to the left of the red adjusting wheel was not a problem either. The elongated connection nipple of the pump is relatively slim and can be rotated freely. in principle like a union nut.

And as for the pressure loss when removing the pump. I’ve seen this question with different pump models. It’s not like filling a car tire. It can happen that some air escapes from the tire when the pump is removed. Here I had the impression that the damper valve was already closed and only the compressed air between the valve and the pump piston had relaxed.

Otherwise, the pump is of high quality and leaves a robust impression. The price is a bit higher than some other models, but the pump makes double the pressure and it is really easy to adjust the damper with the part.

All in all, a top buy recommendation from me. Use the pump to inflate my RockShox. I need just under PSI for this. The pumping itself is super easy. The connection can be opened easily and is absolutely secure. With the small black button, you can also let out the air in targeted pushes if necessary.

The display is not so easy to read or it looks very squashed. I’m not sure whether the pressure can really be set 100% precisely here. Okay for my purpose, some people may need it more precisely. A digital display would be more suitable here.


  • Easy to use
  • Quality build
  • Small and light


  • A paper bag without protection

Lezyne mini pump digital shock drive

[amazon box=”B01JKA3GLU” ]

In the past, I’ve used a few Lezyne products, and this one will be added to my collection.

On/off pressure release directions are easy to follow and there is a switch to switch between pressure and bars. Exceptional size with a threaded connector that also threads into a pump handle to guarantee that the gadget is shielded from the elements.

Even if you don’t alter your air volume very much, it may add up when you have a few bikes and varied trail conditions to contend with. This will be very useful to me. Worked pretty well. The numerals are large enough to see, and I wanted a digital gauge because I find dial gauges difficult to read. I’ve always been impressed with the build quality of this brand, and this one fits nicely in a small bag if you take one with you.

If there’s one thing I don’t like about this gauge, it’s that it’s a bit more cumbersome to screw the end onto the valve, which I suggest if you don’t require a digital gauge. The pump has a bit of play, which does not affect the function but is worth mentioning for the price. It still works and it fits in every backpack so that you can adjust the chassis on every tour.

However, the head utilized to make a stroke is unpleasant to use. Had to wear gloves in the end, although the digital readout is easy to understand. Recommended for its lightness that allows you to carry it in a backpack for an outing for several days. You should improve the accuracy and use a higher capacity and more universal button cell.


  • Small
  • Light 
  • Pretty and effective


  • Receipt not working

 Fox Forx Hi Pressure Shock Suspension Pump

[amazon box=”B0056ZRYPI” ]

Unquestionably a well-made and robust shock pump Simple to install by removing the stanchion cap and screwing the hose onto the stanchion. When attaching or removing the pump from the fork, there is no loss of air, allowing you to run the correct pressure for your riding style at all times.

It’s possible to make extremely tiny modifications to the pump, which is perfect for operating within a narrow tolerance range There’s a little button on the side of the pump that lets you get rid of excess air, so you don’t even have to remove the hose to do it.

Size-wise, it fits nicely in my camelback along with my other cycling gear, and because it weighs so little, it’s barely noticeable that I’m wearing it. That is the greatest pump I’ve ever used. It’s very trustworthy, and I adore the way it feels when the chamber in the pump has been drained into the tyre. A nice surprise was the pump’s relatively affordable pricing. This pump has been a godsend for someone who enjoys riding on a variety of terrains. When it comes to maintaining and setting up motorcycles, I’ve always had a knack for it. This pump has become a vital part of my arsenal.


  • Great shock pump
  • Convenient swivel head
  • Durable stainless


  • No valve

 LEZYNE Shock Drive Bicycle Hand Pump

[amazon box=”B01JKA0RH6″ ]

It’s not like I didn’t expect more for the money, but I did, especially from lezyne. A highly unstable slider makes it difficult to pump at greater pressure because it needs to be perfectly straight all the time. It feels as though half the seals are missing or something. Except for greater pressure, I will continue to use the cheap Halfords one that came with it. The shock pump is excellent. 

Everything is great. Some people may have problems with its size, but I got it for my kitbag since it was a perfect size. Quickly adjusted my full-bouncer to make it more comfortable. 

When I check the pressure in my forks every week, I use this pump. You can adjust the gauge with reasonable accuracy because it is graded in 10 psi increments. The zero-loss fitting is excellent, and the rest of the tool is of excellent quality. When the shock pump is used for the first time, it begins to leak air from the pump housing where the black tube meets the gold cap under the air pressure gauge. In my situation, the pump barely lasted for one usage.


  • Great solid 
  • Reliable shock pump
  • Very wobbly


  • Poorly made

Raleigh RMJ509 Shock Pump

[amazon box=”B00486G5HE” ]

This is an excellent pump at a wonderful price. Very good quality.

Lightweight and small, making it perfect for carrying in a backpack or purse.

Easy to use and quick to pump up with. A convenient button to release air is also included for fine tuning if you put in too much air. When attaching and withdrawing the swivel head, there is no loss of pressure.

The gauge is tiny and the increments are close together, which makes a fine adjustment to within 2 psi more difficult. However, when you include in the cost of the product this isn’t much of an issue, and a digital version would be more cost-effective.

Intuitive and helpful product. The pressure release button and the twisting joints are very useful. Three times only. No air leaks and it does the job quickly and efficiently. Fits snugly to the tyre. This is a high-quality pump that performs nicely. Have no need for directions. It’s very straightforward. I was willing to pay a bit extra for this. Thank goodness I didn’t.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Pumps up quickly
  • No loss of pressure


  • None

Beto Unisex’s Dual Function 2 in 1 Shock

[amazon box=”B072DZTF6B” ]

Well-designed and simple to use. With its easy-to-read display, this shock pump is capable of maintaining suspension pressure even at the top, when it’s at its most extreme. Then you’ll have the right arrangement in no time. Suitable for bicycles and inflatable objects, this is a nice small pump made of aluminum. 

However, some of the pieces are plasticky. As well as having a gauge to measure pressure, it also includes many different types of nozzles that may be used with various objects. Keep it on your bike and you can quickly attach it to the frame, or use it at home to inflate footballs and basketballs!

This is a tad overpriced in my opinion since I’ve never paid more than a few pounds before for a pump. The pump has an aluminum body and is quite sturdy. With a large barometer on one end, the tube includes Presta- and Schrader-valve connections.

As it turned out, the pump bracket was wedged between the frame and bottle cage. To hold it in place a strong elastic band fits onto the bracket. If I were to leave my bike someplace, I wouldn’t leave it attached to the frame because it might be easily stolen.

The first time I used it was to replace an inner tube with a split near the valve base. Although the tire did not appear to be inflating when it was first attached, once the device was attached the tire was swiftly inflated. There is no sign of low pressure on the gauge, yet the tyre has been completely filled ever since.

The work was done well. I’d take this on a long ride with an inner tube repair kit and have no concerns about it.


  • Well built 
  • Different nozzles to fit into various items
  • Easy to use
  • Pressures very well


  • Gauge not essential

Topeak Race Rocket HP Mini Pump

[amazon box=”B004GLDYI4″ ]

Pump with plenty of power! It’s my second time. In order to avoid the hassle of swapping pumps between bikes, I purchased a second one. Both Presta and Schrader valves include a pump that may be activated simply by unscrewing the component that attaches to the valve. When it comes to Topeak, you know you’re getting a high-quality product. The pricing is also quite cheap considering the quality of the product.

After a moment of initial bewilderment to understand how to fix the pump to the valve, with a few strokes the tire was already starting to be quite hard (tested with a completely deflated chamber, as post puncture). with about fifty pump strokes I reached about 4 bar, insisting (it gets a little harder when you reach these pressures, but you don’t need to be a bodybuilder to keep pumping) it will be possible to bring the chamber to pressures of 5-6 bar, the necessary at least to go home without puncturing again. 

I don’t think you can reach the 11 bars mentioned in the description, but in any case, they are of no use to anyone. Once you have finished inflating, care must be taken to unscrew the pump from the valve: it must be done very slowly or there is a risk of deflating the valve again. In short, it will never replace a foot pump from home, but to take it with you in case of unforeseen circumstances it seems valid to me. Expensive but does his job.


  • Great size and efficiency
  • Compact pump
  • Installation is simple and unobtrusive


  • A bit tighter

Zefal Z Shock Aluminium Shock Pump

[amazon box=”B004AHM85E” ]

This high-pressure pump is perfect for bike shock absorbers. It is a quality product that should last a lifetime. It is accurate. To know what pressure the shock absorber has when putting the pump on, it must be screwed into the valve until the end, making a little more force, taking into account that when this operation is carried out, the air that comes out of the shock absorber to fill the rubber of the pump, takes the pressure off the damper, and does not mean that the pump or damper is leaking.

Excellent pump to inflate the suspension of the bike, valid for both MTB Front and Full. It is made with good materials, solid and with an excellent ability to put in a lot of air every time it inflates. The price could perhaps and no more, also because the pressure gauge rotates at the same time as the attack, so after all, you could have done better but that’s okay and probably the price pays itself in the long term given the quality.

Excellent pump to inflate the shock absorbers of any MTB since it reaches very high pressures. The deflation system is excellent because it is very sensitive and is also comfortable because the pressure gauge and the rubber tube can be rotated 360 degrees and are independent of each other. I hope I was helpful.


  • Pump for air springs
  • Easily losing no pressure


  • Air pipe bubbled

Topeak Micro Rocket CB Mini Pump

[amazon box=”B004BUG4AU” ]

This was purchased to be used on a road cycle. As light as compact as possible. My mountain bike already has a Topeak small pump so I knew the quality would be high.

This pump is excellent for the job. It’s really light and compact! It’s hidden behind a bottle cage, so you don’t even realize it’s there. With its carbon exterior and chrome ring in the center, it has a highly professional appearance. 

An attractive cap covers the air opening, preventing debris from entering. In addition, when you’re riding, the handle of the pump clicks into place to prevent it from opening while you’re on the road. It uses the same mounting system as my second Topeak pump, which is beneath the bottle cage.

Excellent for carrying on a bike, as it fits in a back jersey pocket or tool bag strap. As long as you have the tubeless tyres installed properly, though, it can pump high enough pressure for road or mountain bikes but I have managed to do this after a few attempts. This is a great pump and I highly suggest it. Perfect for my topeak tiny aero wedge saddlebag, but let’s hope it doesn’t become too used to this little pump.


  • Bracket fits well
  • Easy to carry on the bike.
  • Emergency pump


  • Nothing

GIYO High Pressure Shock Pump

[amazon box=”B07R6QPZ1N” ]

There were a lot of options when it came to choosing my first suspension pump. Giyo was recommended to me by several people, and it hasn’t let me down thus far. I like the fact that it’s small and firmly made. The lockout lever prevents air loss while disconnecting. Simple to operate. Despite its simplicity, the gauge is easy to read and understand. A nice detail that the tubing clamps into the pump’s main body. I’ll let you know if the pump fails after lengthy usage, but thus far there haven’t been any complaints.

This is an excellent small pump that is easy to use and compact enough to carry in your haversack when riding. It blasted my suspension on my mountain bike to 200 psi and left my rear shocker firm with no drooping.

This is a great pump for your suspension shocks. In the end, I chose this particular pump since it’s of excellent quality. In order to avoid cross-threading, you must align the connection. Before disconnecting, make sure the pump is depressurized. Otherwise, it would be difficult to remove the connector. It’s solid and easy to operate. As a result of the trigger, there is no air loss when pulling it off, unlike with cheaper ones.


  • No loss of air
  • High pressure pump.
  • Well constructed.


  • None

 Shock Pump Diy Life Front Fork Pump with Gauge

[amazon box=”B08T5RW6DC” ]

Material: Excellent-quality aircraft aluminum alloy with high sealing capacity Pumping will be easier pivot inflation connection pipe and air nozzle that can be turned freely. With an aluminum alloy lever body, our pumps are extremely durable and reliable. No air leakage, good sealing effect, and long service life It’s easy to tote about. On a bicycle or in a backpack, it may be used. The rubber hose on the pump head is scratch-resistant, pleasant, and long-lasting.

For all hydraulic shock absorbers, including wheelchairs and medical wheelchairs. Only the Schrader mountain bike may utilize it to strike a bicycle tire. A wonderful companion for your bike. Let me know if you have any questions about this. Let us know if you have any questions so we can help.


  • Good size.
  • Lightweigh


  • Gauge was wildly out

New Beto SP-006 AG Tyre & Shock CNC

[amazon box=”B01N6YU6GU” ]

Without being able to comment on its durability I will say that at first, you see a quality pump, when you have it in your hands you like it. The performance is good, both with wheels and suspensions. On this, I have to say, in relation to a comment from a buyer who said that the pump was leaking air through the button, that this is so, it is how it works. In the volume position to inflate wheels the pump puts all the air, it takes in.

In the high-pressure position for suspensions, the pump only puts a small amount of the air it takes in, the rest is thrown through the button as this user said, otherwise, you could not put air at such pressure in the shock absorber or with a powerlifter arm.

As negative points, I will say that the clock does not give much precision. I do not mean if it measures badly or well, which I think it measures quite well, I mean that since it is such a small manometer you cannot draw a very precise scale on it, but hey, it is to carry on the bike just in case, at home I have a more precise one.

Another negative point is that although it has support to mount it where the water bottle, and this grips the outer tube very well, the inner tube is looser, moving a lot in broken terrain. Maybe a blockage in the pump to fix both tubes would be fine. I carry it in a backpack so I don’t care.


  • 2 in 1 Shock 
  • Tyre pump
  • Functionality


  • Not connect to the valves

Beto Precision Mountain Bike Suspension Fork

[amazon box=”B00TX61AL0″ ]

Purchased to use on motorbike suspension, and have been pleasantly impressed by the quality of the product purchased. Good value for money with quick delivery. No difficulties whatsoever, and the pressure gauge is quite accurate compared to other pumps. Rockshox recon pump works great and has a psi gauge on the pump for precise pressure readings. Very nice product at a great price.

Although it hasn’t been used yet as a gift, the product appears to be precisely what I was searching for and was delivered on time.

You may adjust the pressure by pressing a bleeder button. The external hose can be swiveled for easy pumping. Most cyclists utilize Beto pumps under a variety of well-known brand names. Easily pump or reach rear shock valves with this swivel-able hose.


  • Accurate 
  • Pumps up to advertised pressure 
  • No problem.


  • Not high end shocks

Beto SP-002AGN Alloy Bike Shock Pump

[amazon box=”B00B5EG74I” ]

Despite the fact that it’s still early in the game, this pump appears to be working as advertised so far! Well packed and easy to remove from the original container. With the shock pump, it’s extremely simple to connect the air valves. It’s true that when you remove the shock pump, some air escapes, but that’s normal. That’s exactly what my old Specialized pump did.

In the case that you over-inflate your shocks, it includes a helpful tiny air release button. If you haven’t used a shock pump before then you should know about this. The pump is neither large nor little. In terms of weight and quality, it meets my expectations.

Most folks will only utilize shock pumps a number of times. For the most part, we set our shocks depending on our weight and don’t change them until we’re ready to hit the trails again. This product is perfect for them. After a few months of use, I’ll update this review and add a fifth star if it has held up.

There won’t be a 5lb micro-adjustment like in prior evaluations. That again, I doubt any analog gauge at these pressures could be that precise, let alone accurate, in its reading. Well-designed and high-quality, this product is a great buy.


  • Easy to connect to air valves
  • Handy little air release button


  • Not to knock the bleed button

 Beto Shock Pump – Silver

[amazon box=”B009EQKGZK” ]

A recent delivery of my air fork. Worried about using this with the fork because my prior fork was a coil spring. Fortunately, I was proven wrong! It was easy to set up and this pump is great for putting air in the forks. An air fork may be deflated using a little red button on the handle and a pressure gauge on the handle. If you’re looking for a shock pump for your forks, I’d recommend this one. The air shocks make it easy to operate.

I installed a new rear shock in my mountain bike. First I had it inflated in the bike shop. After the winter I had a slight loss of pressure and had to pump up again, so I went back to the bike shop. In between I changed my mind about the hardness, my body weight changed and in the end the bike shop closed. So I had to have my own pump.

When buying cheap, you always think about whether it really has to be, whether you buy more expensive. This purchase was perfect. The pump is not one, but it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

The pump is screwed on in two stages. first, the outer ring is connected airtight. Then the inner bolt is screwed in, which finally opens the damper valve. The damper valve is only opened when the pump is already connected airtight. So really only minimal air is lost and you can set the pressure precisely.

The pump has a button to deflate. This means that when the pump is attached, i.e. when the pressure is displayed on the pressure gauge, air can also be released. So you can, depending on your needs, build up or release air until you have set the desired pressure.

The removal is done in the opposite direction. The bolt is unscrewed so that the damper valve is closed. The pump can then be removed without further pressure loss occurring.


  • Precise and easy to use
  • Excellent for putting air in the forks


  • Out of the release valve

 VeloChampion Frame Mounted Alloy 7 Mini Bike Pump

[amazon box=”B002CIAFJO” ]

As promised, the item arrived in perfect condition and the included instructions were very clear and detailed. You can inflate two tires entirely in less than two minutes, and the seal appears to be excellent. Although it comes with a clip to connect it to your bike, I believe it is tiny enough to fit in my daypack without poking into my back or taking up extra room.

In addition to being delivered a few days ahead of schedule, the pump was in great operating condition and well-packaged.

Another Velo Champion pump in my collection, this is my second. Lightweight and easy to operate. Without difficulty, he was able to achieve his goal. Fortunately, the valve clamp works effectively and can be released with little effort on your part. As it is used, the handle and the body of the pump might squeeze the skin on your fingertips. That said, if you keep this in mind, no blood blisters will form. As a hand pump, it will weary your arm around halfway through pumping, but that’s to be expected.


  • Robust and durable
  • Easy to fit


  • Hand pump will tire

Shock Pump Diy Life Mini Bike Pump

[amazon box=”B07Y4JVC8S” ]

Compared to my former pump, which was made by a well-known brand, this one is considerably easier to operate. With my previous tyre pump, I used to pump up my flat tyre till it felt the same hard as my other tyre. They’re at 90 pounds each. It was 55 lb. of pressure when I got home, so I measured it again when I got back to my house. As soon as I come home, I notice the new one has a 75 lb pressure. It would be easy to put in more, but I stop when it feels the same as the old.

The pump is excellent, and I’m pleased to have it. I had a problem with a defective needle, so I contacted the vendor. There was a partial reimbursement, which was much more than a needle cost, provided by the vendor as a solution to my problem.

As a result, there is no leakage of pumped air when it is attached to the valve. Since the pump is so tiny, the air is not lost around a rubber seal, as with conventional pumps.

The pump is mounted on one side of the frame due to the installation method. May be useful if you want to attach a pump to the same holes as a water bottle? To be honest, I’d rather have the choice of a line-up option.


  • Very supportive
  • Screw on fitting


  • Firm tires.
  • No gauge

Buying Guide Best Shock Pump

Knowing how unpleasant it may be when you’re dealing with a low-quality pump is a given. Suddenly, it feels as though the pump is about to burst.

Suspension fork and shock pumps must be built of robust materials such as aluminum due to the high pressures utilized in the suspension fork and shock. Aluminum is a lightweight, reliable, and long-lasting material. As a result, you can buy any of the shock pumps on the list above.

But it is a better choice for mechanics in a workshop since it needs fewer strokes to get the desired pressure. Buying a shock pump without a gauge is the way to go if you need a portable one.


Most enthusiastic mountain bikers carry a shock pump with them at all times. Hence, it’s vital that it’s compact.

Also, because the instrument will be used frequently, you want to be sure that it is sturdy. An aluminum alloy pump combines strength, durability, and lightness in one.

Measuring Precision

As a matter of thumb, the gauge’s accuracy decreases as the gauge’s size decreases. Because of its small size, a small gauge is difficult to read. As a second point, internal systems lack accuracy since they are likely very simple.

Digitized versions are more accurate and reliable, but they require a battery to function properly. It will also cost more and weigh more. Analog is straightforward in usage, however, it isn’t accurate when it comes to measurement reading, on the other hand, but it’s cheaper and lighter.

What you need to know is that a digital or analog pump gauge that is exact and precise will cost you a bit more money.

Conclusion Top 5 Best Shock Pump

These reviews will give you a good sense of what’s ideal for your mountain bike based on the information provided above. Because of its cheap pricing and outstanding features that are easy to use, I like the Pro bike tool shock pump.

Because it comes in both digital and analog versions Shock Pump is a close second. Both versions have been praised for their long-term durability and reliability. As a sport, mountain biking is physically and mentally demanding, and it pushes the bike to the maximum. Bikes are only as good as their shock absorbers and suspensions because uneven terrain, hard rock surfaces, and altitudes will put them to the test.

The correct sort of shock pump is a must-have while riding a mountain bike. In addition to the 17 mountain bike shock pumps on the list, I feel it is necessary to emphasize the ones that are most suitable for both pros and amateurs.

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