Reebok Zjet 460 Bluetooth Treadmill Reviews: Informative Knowledge For You

This article is a detailed review of the Reebok Zjet 460 Bluetooth Treadmill, which is a useful appliance for you to do daily exercise at home. You will definitely get what you pay for with this product. Even though this model has an expensive price, it goes beyond my expectations. Therefore, we wrote a review about the Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill based on my experience to bring you all pros and cons, and especially its striking features. 

The treadmill device is one of the best machines to help you exercise every day to boost your health. You can be able to enhance both your mental and physical health after a long hard-working time thanks to this product. 

The following content will give you a clear idea of the Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill that you are planning to purchase. Let’s get started and it would be helpful for you with my reviews. 

Important Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Reebok Bluetooth Treadmill

Plan A Budget

There is a wide range of available choices in the market for a Reebok bluetooth treadmill, which comes in different shapes and prices. The price would vary ranging from $500 to more than $2000. Therefore, it will be better if you plan a budget for your desired bluetooth treadmill. The Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill comes at a high price, however, all features you require are in it. 

If you need a treadmill for a regular walk or small jog, then a $500 machine is perfect for you. It is suggested for joggers and runners to come with an $800 to $1000 treadmill machine. 

On the other hand, runners who require a quality frame and powerful motor should look into a $1500 treadmill. However, if you wish for a more steady and smooth workout experience with lots of useful features, treadmills for more than $2000 would be ideal. 


In recent years, almost all treadmills provide compatibility with bluetooth. The trait allows you to link your appliance to every workout app to check your statistics. Several manufacturers offer their apps for exercise. Nevertheless, most permit you to use free workout apps through your smartphone or any technology device. 

Heart Rate Examine

Electric treadmills usually are equipped with a handle heart rate monitor and of course Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill has. Modern electric treadmills have compatibility in telemetry or wireless heart rate. You can wear a chest-belt heart rate checking tool with a wireless compatibility version. This will assist you to keep track of your heart rate while exercising. 


It will rely on the treadmill models and brands you purchase to know how much coverage you will get. Here are some best treadmill warranties you can look for:

  • Frame: 10-year warranty. The frames of a treadmill are normally made of steel, and almost all of them are heavy-duty, therefore, the manufacturer would offer lifetime coverage.
  • Motor: 10-year warranty. Treadmills costing more than $1000 are usually featured with high-quality motors, offering coverage of lifetime.
  • Parts: up to the 2-year warranty. A standard parts guarantee of a $1000-$1500 bluetooth treadmill is approximately 3 years. Several brands can give you up to 5 years. 
  • Electronics: occasionally, the electronics warranty is doubtful in treadmill commercial ads. There are several brands that offer electronics in their warranties, whereas, some do not. A new model is quite expensive, so ensure you check how the electronics are covered before purchasing.

Safety Features

A vital safety characteristic is safety-key, which must be reserved for older or weak users. The Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill has the safety key which is linked to the treadmill console via a string at the end, and the other end attached to the consumer’s body.

It aims to offer the user an emergency stop. Therefore, when you are exercising, the key is connected to your body by a string. In case you slip, the key will get off and the treadmill is automatically turned off. It is highly suggested for beginners. 

Overview Of Reebok Zjet 460 Bluetooth Treadmill Machine

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The Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill is a special machine. It possesses all the traits you would require from a Reebok model, with a wider range of programs, inclines, easy setup and a lot more. This model has built-in bluetooth which can connect to the Reebok fitness app, which is a good way for you to keep track of your progress and reach your fitness goals. 

The model is featured with a motor of 2.5HP. The motor is organized to assist all types of severe workout sessions without any problem. It can reach a max speed of 20kph with 15-level electronic inclines. 

Features a console panel in 5.75’’ LCD. It is user-friendly and offers all the needed information at each step. Including time, speed, heart rate, distance and pulse rate are displayed. The levels of incline support to make the workout more effective and progress. 

This Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill has a heart rate monitor feature, which is a great way for every heart patient to work out to improve health and yet maintains a close examination on their heart rate. Thanks to the integrated hand pulse sensors, the heart rates of users will be displayed and easy to read on the screen.


  • Safe and easy to set up
  • Effortless soft-drop folding mechanism
  • Easily connect with a mobile tool
  • Featured a strong motor of 2.5HP
  • Max speed of 20kph with 15-level electronic inclines
  • On/off cushioning
  • Heart rate monitor included


  • Quite expensive
  • Fairly delicate safety-key
  • Heavy machine with 79kg

Detailed Features Of The Reebok Zjet 460 Bluetooth Treadmill Reviews

The Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill is an excellent machine for both beginners and long-time users to exercise every day at home. I write my experience through this Reebok zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill reviews article to bring you all the benefits and drawbacks of its characteristics. Then you can be based on that before buying the Reebok Zjet 460 model.

Programs (4/5)

This Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill features 31 distinctive programs, which are all effortlessly found on the console. The console is an LCD display, which is extremely simple to see and read, as well as access to a wide choice of programs. The programs are very varied with things such as target time for body fat and speed interval. 

I experienced some and felt really great about doing my daily exercising routine, particularly as several programs meant I was concentrated on a special area of running. All programs are excellent for beginners who may not know what part to focus on so that they can find easy and effective programs to exercise with. On the contrary, advanced runners can run with their normal workout. 

Console and App (4/5)

As the console is an LCD display, it is easy to see and use. Besides, you also feel effortless to push buttons to change speed, volume and incline. The display offers you live workout statistics and heart rate, therefore, you can monitor and adjust your running to ensure safety for the heart.

There is a holder located at the top to keep your phone. So your phone will be kept upright and is simple to access when you are running. Some models do not have a holder to hold your phone, which can be a little bit annoying if you wish to hear some music or anything else. 

There is something I really liked about the Reebok bluetooth treadmill is that I can look back on my previous runs and see my progress. This is especially excellent if you are training for a marathon festival, as you can keep track of your running and continue to practice to reach your goals. 

Delivery and Set-Up (3.5/5)

The weight of the Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill is 79kgs, which is really heavier compared to other machines. This would be a disadvantage and annoying thing for some users. However, the heavy weight points out that the machine is extremely stable, even though moving it can be difficult as it is in a bulky shape. The appliance is self-assembled, which can put you off, particularly since it is quite heavy. 

Nonetheless, the instructions are obvious and clear, it also comes with all needed tools making it fairly straightforward to set up and assemble. Although it features wheels to assist move it, I will suggest calling someone else to help. 

The model is foldable so that it will not take up too much of your storage space when not being in use. 

Initial Cost (3.5/5)

The Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill on the market, however, there are some discounts that would clearly help lower the price for you. Although it is on a high price side, this does not mean all materials are made of high quality and the appliance overall appeared and felt strong. 

The model ought to last for a long time, so it will make it more worthy investment than a cheap product. If you are seeking a permanent and reliable model to use, this Reebok 460 is worth investing in. 

Speed and Motor (5/5)

A really excellent thing about this Reebok treadmill is its top-high speed. The max speed it can reach is 20km. If you are an advanced runner who loves to go as fast as possible, or if you are training or just working on your pace, this treadmill model can offer it for you. 

The motor is much higher compared to most models with its 2.5HP at the highest output. This permits more versatility in your workouts and things you seek for in a treadmill. 

If you are a beginner at using treadmill machines, this video will be helpful for you:

Some Alternative Options

The Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill is a good selection if you are a newbie on running with a machine. With my Reebok 460 reviews above, you may still be confused by a lot of things to consider before purchasing. Although this Reebok model is worth investing in, I will advise you of some other different treadmill models, so you can compare. Let’s follow and discover some interesting alternatives.

Reebok Jet 100 Series Bluetooth Treadmill

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This Jet 100 bluetooth treadmill is featured with a 2.0HP motor and a height of 16kph with 12-incline levels computerized. The individual air movement string system equipped inside the working deck diminishes the opportunities of your feet over some air-filled boxes for a more comfortable velocity and time. 

Reebok created an inclusive may provide up to 24 distinctive exercise programs from an average walk on a rough incline to ensure your purpose and motivation. To support you in reaching your exercise goal, place your smartphone in the built-in loudspeakers and enlarge your preferred paths. 

This Jet 100 has a working surface of about 130 by 45cm, which is indeed checked to ensure the load of a total of 110kg for runners. There are some similar Reebok bluetooth treadmill models you can refer to.

Different points:


  • Affordable price, cheaper than Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill
  • A rigid degree of ensuring the structure, motor, and elements
  • Automatically installed the protection stop
  • Bear a huge weight of 110kg
  • 24 distinctive programs


  • Featured a smaller 1.5HP energy 
  • Basic and simple elements

Branx Fitness Foldable Treadmill

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If you are seeking an efficient and committed cardio workout at home, then this Elite Runner Pro is suitable for you. Although its price is quite high, it definitely offers you the best outcomes you wish for. 

It is designed in a foldable structure so it may not take up much of your storage space. You can effortlessly fold it up when not being used. The model is one of the greatest treadmills you can buy at home to practice and enhance your health. 

Thanks to its brilliant and instinctive structure, you can simply control the treadmill to reach your exercising goal. It helps to challenge and push you to your desired running goal. You can take a look at the top best knee support for running if you love running every day.


  • Foldable design for easy and convenient storing
  • 24 different programs
  • Built-in speakers and bluetooth compatibility
  • High limitations of weight
  • Featured a fan to cool the machine down speedily when it overheats
  • Smart and instinctive structure


  • Fairly high price
  • Heavier and bulkier than Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill

Nero PRO Treadmill Electric Motorized

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Another great model that is as good as the Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill I recommend for you. If your budget is average, this product would be suitable for you. It features various useful traits that you require in one amazing and reliable treadmill model. 

If you are seeking a great at-home workout, then go for this treadmill. You can select among 0 to 10 km/h speeds and heat up your body and start your running exercise. Its body is firm, stable and durable, which can bear much pressure. Besides, the model has a foldable structure, so you can fold it up and store it conveniently when not in use.

If you are going to have a climbing session, this treadmill is perfect to help you practice. Besides, you may need to buy ideal climbing shoes for you before going to climb. Here are some climbing shoes for wide feet you can look for if your feet are big.

Distinctive points:


  • 10km/h speeds
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Possesses 3 changeable levels of inclination 
  • 12 different programs
  • LED display screen that indicates time, distance, calories burnt and speed
  • Slim and compact design
  • Easy to set up and fold up


  • Does not provide a high-top speed

Sum Up

The Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill is a brilliant choice for both price and function. Although its price is high, it offers you everything you require in a model. Believe me and give it a try, then you may be impressed with its useful and functional features.

With my Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill reviews, I hope you get an obvious idea of how it works, the pros and cons of this model. Although it has some drawbacks, they are not a bigger matter than the advantages it provides you. Thanks to its strong design and powerful motor, you can easily use and quickly practice to reach your running goals. Hope my Reebok 460 reviews bring you a relaxed time for your search and if you find that useful, tell me your thoughts about my article. You can click here if you want to buy a climbers kit to prepare for your climb journey after practicing enough with this Reebok Zjet 460 bluetooth treadmill.

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