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Mountain bike pegs have become an important component of today’s BMX bikes for street racers. They mount towards the front or back axle of the bicycle and allow you to scrape on ledges or rails. Studs are primarily divided into two categories, the first one being plastic. Rubber pegs have Nylon casings that glide easily across a variety of surfaces. 

The innermost layer of these pins is still made of metal, including some manufacturers using Diecast cores and others using lower-weight Aluminium centers. Plastic Rollers are a wonderful alternative in any case if you wouldn’t want to go to a place and discover your pegs are not really suitable for the ground. 

Since they are made of plastic, they will wear out with time. Thus we provide replacement covers so you may change them as needed. Some Rubber Pegs even include an extra sleeve right out of the box! So, if you are intending to get a mountain bike peg, this is a review of mountain bike pegs to help users better understand and then have better choices.

Mountain Bike Pegs Review

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These BMX mountain bike pegs are somewhat different from most of the other alternatives on the marketplace currently in that they do have 100 percent aluminum composite materials with a plastic exterior protective barrier. 

The aluminum building material inside offers incredibly strong efficiency and effectiveness, while the plastic resin exterior guarantees users would be able to fly across most providers by making a slog move. 

Very elevated pegs intended for BMX as well as street style contests, or just trying to knock around with these sorts of courses as well as having fun, this same aluminum building material inside does provide extremely powerful performance and reliability, while the plastic resin exterior ensures you would be able to fly across most providers after doing a slog move. 

Those pegs are far more robust than plastic alternatives, and they also look much better. The motherboard tray installation is indeed a huge plus for individuals who wish to hot-swap the cleats on and off the bicycle as needed.

  • Pros
    • Super light
    • Very durable and functional
    • Affordable price
    • Nice design
    • Easy to install
    • Longer use
    • Awesome colors
  • Cons
    • If you’re going to be grinding tough places a lot, order extra sleeves.
    • More of a seafoam green

Some Important Features And Benefits Of Mountain Bike Pegs

The material utilized, as well as the length, width, and spindle size, all play a role in selecting a hook for the back of your bike. You can discover pins made of Chromoly iron for a lower price, while some feature aluminum construction for durability and a lighter design for balance.

On the other hand, it’s available in nylon or polyester, which provides a slicker area for smoother grinding. For sturdiness, both will still contain an alloy inlay. The bulk of pegs fit 14 millimeters axles used on the park or street bikes, rather than the 38-inch shaft used on race bikes.

If you’d like to do some acrobatics with the racing gear, you may get it with an adapter to suit a 38-inch screen. The height is another consideration, with 4-inch variants accessible, while longer ones up to 4.4-inches are also available. Finally, there’s the diameter, which is usually 1.5 inches but can be as little as a narrow lightweight peg.

Is it possible to buy stunt pegs for your mountain bike?

How can you install pegs on even a mountain carbon bike in the very first place while looking at bicycle screws? Before you can address the point, you must first determine what you are using the pins for, as they are not found on all bikes. It adds unnecessary bulk to the structure, creating another hurdle to overcome. 

The peg can be found connected to either the rear driveshaft and the front tire. The most common application is to execute performances or stunts on BMX or motocross motorcycles. The acrobatic peg is used for a variety of airborne feats, including double peg grinders and front wheelies. 

Then you’re wondering if you’re doing tricks on your mountain bike. Many motorcyclists now believe that the hook can be useful. But continue reading to find out whether they can ride any bicycle. The peg provides a location for a cyclist’s feet and body to rest over the center of the cylinder. When you use your legs, you have a more solid surface.

On the other hand, riding a racing bike provides more control over your movements. With the hubs in this position, riding on one tire would be easier, and you’d have an initial position to rotate or spin your bike. Acrobat pegs are used on BMX bikes and are used to grind across a surface such as a cement bench, rail, or curb to maintain the rider upright.

How many types of bike pegs?

Melodic hardcore pegs are the second choice, and they, too, exist in 2 varieties. Most pegs used to be Chromoly Steel, which was long-lasting and ideal for use inside or at the local park. Lastly, Alloy Pegs are designed to be extremely light and ideal for indoor playground riders who are using their pegs mostly for booths. Due to the soft quality of the steel, Alloy Rollers do not glide as well. 

Finally, pegs are available in a range of lengths, which are usually set in inches. The majority of them are between 4″ and 4.75″ in height. Perhaps the only consideration is the Wheel Size pins you’ll require. Pegs may be made in the same sizes as BMX axles, which are 10mm (3/8″) or 14mm. To avoid producing two distinct sizes, most mountain bike stunt pegs are now offered in 14 millimeters with 10 millimeters adapters. 

Pegs are usually sold individually. Therefore if you purchase one, you’ll receive just that. Nevertheless, some manufacturers still sell them in pairs. To explain, each peg’s “Specification” will state whether it is supplied in couples or singles. 


Whereas the majority of bicycle racing bike pegs get a free-spinning construction on the shafts, several feature a locked and stiff structure that reduces the chance of slippage during stunts. Furthermore, the structure is capable of supporting the weight.

Latex or surface coatings are available, depending on the sort of grip required, while some have flatter bottoms that give the finest shoe traction. The breadth, on the other hand, largely depends on your demands and the required space to position the feet, such as while doing acrobatics. Almost all of the time, the rider prefers metal because they do a lot of grinding stunts.


The pegs are colored or unpainted, and they are tailored to meet the demands of the user. As a result, fashion isn’t always at the top of the priority list. The peg is optional since it is not pre-installed on all motorbikes, including motocross bicycles.

Whenever it comes to sensation and effectiveness when executing feats, having the ability to pick the nut would be beneficial. Pegs are not included in the BMX major steps for racing since they would be worthless in a race and it would add weight to the frame, slowing you down. As a result, this will not help you faster on the racetrack and will slow you down. If you really want to use your bike for stunts, though, you should invest in some pins similar to the performance pins. 

Stunt On a Longboard, pins is a common sight. Can you, however, put pedals on a bike? That’s not a tough question to answer. What’s to stop you? Every bike does have a frame, which is composed of steel or an iron alloy. Therefore, on both ends, connect the iron or metal cylinders to the wheels. It makes no difference whether you wish to join two or four pegs. However, there seems to be an unsettling issue that affects everyone’s choice to add pegs to their mountain bike.


Whereas some lower-cost pegs are constructed of die-cast iron for capacity and good cost, the bulk is composed of an aluminum alloy that balances durability and lightness. Many contemporary pegs also come with a strong, long-lasting nylon or polyester sleeve, that most riders prefer since it provides a slicker area for longer, finer grinds. 

These pins will almost always include metal inserts for added strength, and additional sleeves may be purchased if the originals wear out. Wedge wax, which arrives in a soap-like block and it can be applied into both pegs & rails/ledge surfaces to prevent corrosion for longer grinds, is another option.

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Our Suggestions For Other Mountain Bike Stunt Pegs

Aside from the goods mentioned above, there are other sorts of mountain bike pegs to choose from in the market. Here are some additional ideas that may fit your needs for a high-quality cheek rest.

Helaryfreemear Bike Pegs

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These BMX-style pins are obviously meant for BMX races and objectives, and they also work well as a pair of seat pegs either mounted upfront or even on the back wheel. They connect to either 3/8 inch axles fast and easily. 

But they perform best when mounted on tires with a diameter of at least 26 inches. According to several reports, anything shorter than that not only looks bulky, but it could also mess off the equilibrium of your bicycle.

When comparing the black versus silver variants of those pegs, the smaller model is somewhat broader, significantly higher, and offers just a little more surface space for those who will be cycling with guests or would like to ensure they have enough room to reach BMX targets.

  • Pros
    • Steel construction
    • Heavy duty
    • Nice look
    • Easy to install
    • Easy to use
    • High quality and durability
  • Cons
    • The true length is not as expected.
    • Big ripper

Dokpav 2PCS Universal Bike Pegs

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Those top-quality steel alternatives are perfect if you’re searching for low-cost bike pegs that will substantially increase the usefulness of your bike (particularly Street as well as BMX type bikes). These pegs have unique hereditary factors that provide added peace and protection for anyone sitting on them as the bike is in motion. 

They easily fit into ANY 3/8 inch wheel. They aren’t additional at 100 and 10 meters in thickness, although they are broad enough to support a second person and travel through most Motocross or street type courses without feeling like you’re about to slip off a goal. 

Those pegs are far more robust than plastic alternatives, and they also look a lot better. The motherboard tray installation is a huge plus for individuals who wish to hot-swap their pegs up and down their bicycle as needed.

  • Pros
    • High performance
    • High quality
    • Easy to assemble
    • Heavy duty
    • Knurled and grooved
  • Cons
    • Low price and warranty

Lidi Per Pack of 2 Bike Pegs

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Lidi Per clearly knows BMX type bicycles better than others because the pins they put into production here are rather unique. These are commonly considered as the greatest peg choice for anyone who does peg grinding on a Bicycle design or street type track, with an incredible surface (but now with bracing for the essential grip).

These pins are composed of strong, long-lasting aluminum tubing with a window dress that will endure the passage of time. This can fit every bicycle with such a 3/8 inch wheel and could be installed without the use of any tools while delivering the safe and sustainable fit you want when riding a BMX track.

Those pedals are knurled all around for increased grip and durability, making them more suited for individuals who wish to transport passengers on their bicycle rather than slip or grind through Motocross or street circuit obstacles. 

  • Pros
    • Very sturdy
    • Nice design
    • Easy to install
    • User-friendly
    • Heavy duty
  • Cons
    • Sold as a set
    • Low price
    • Short longevity


So can you decide which mountain bike pegs you would buy? As you’ve seen, some MTB riders believe that pegs are unnecessary. It is true to some degree, yet it is still doable and may function well for everyone. Nevertheless, you can now order them online with such a design thinking of using a variety of bikes, including a road bike and well-suited style. But on the other hand, you must choose one that is compatible with your riding and axles.

The most important thing to know is that, in comparison to a pushbike, the Motocross has a stronger frame that can carry a rider. Because the chassis is strong but not identical to that of a racing bike, the MTB is better suited to off-road racing than to transporting passengers.

If you do opt to add mountain bike pegs to your bicycle, they will just be used to relax your feet and therefore will not be designed to support the body’s weight or another person’s cargo. What you want to do with your bike determines whether or not you should utilize stunt pegs. By the way, if you’re interested in having a mountain bike, check out this article for a better choice. 

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