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Finding your best metolius rock rings 3? We have evaluated 139763 reviews through many products. Here are our top-ranked, best-selling and best rated metolius rock rings 3.

Bestseller No. 1
Metolius Rock Rings 3D - AW22 - One
  • Independent Units - Allows free rotation of joints to reduce injury.
  • Fine grained Texture - Skin friendly.
  • CAD/CAM master for perfect symmetry.
  • Dimensions - 7.25" x 5.75" x 2.5" / 184 mm x 146 mm x 57 mm.
  • Weight (Set of 2) - 1.9 kg.
Bestseller No. 2
Metolius Rock Rings 3D
  • Rock Rings 3d
  • 76
Bestseller No. 3
2 Rolls - SPORTTAPE Finger Tape Zinc Oxide Tape - White - 1.25cm x 10m | for Jiu Jitsu, Bouldering, Rock Climbing, BJJ, Crossfit, Rowing, Climbing & Golf | (1 Pack of 2 Rolls)
  • 🥋 JIU JITSU FINGER TAPE - The 1.25cm width is perfect for taping & strapping fingers and thumbs when grappling or weightlifting. Used predominantly within Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and other martial arts as a finger protection tape, our Zinc Oxide tapes are designed for elite sport.
  • 🧗 ROCK CLIMBING TAPE - Used to protect the fingers when rock climbing, our 0.5 inch climbing finger tape places the strength emphasis onto your wrists rather than your finger grip by restricting the flexion in your finger, meaning less fatigue and a better climb.
  • 👌 HAND TEARABLE PACK OF 2 - Our 1.25cm Zinc Oxide Finger Tape can be ripped by hand for fast applications. It is also LATEX FREE and made from organic cotton so there's no worry over allergic reactions. ⚠️ Our rolls are shipped as 1 x PACK OF 2.
  • 🏌️ Golf Finger Tape - Commonly used by golfers and in rowing to protect athletes' fingers and hands from blisters caused by holding a club or oar. Our Zinc Oxide Tape is lightweight and thin, so doesn't restrict your feel against whatever you're holding.
  • 💯ATHLETIC TAPE - Our 1.25cm Zinc Oxide Tape is perfect for sports tape strapping in all sports - from boxing to cricket and crossfit. Our 100% performance Guarantee promises that we won't let you down.
Bestseller No. 4
Metolius Wood Rock Ring - AW22
  • Independent Suspension - Allows free rotation of joints to reduce injury.
  • Super light and compact.
  • Can be hung anywhere.
  • Edges Depth - 38 mm(1.49") 20 mm (0.78") 15 mm (0.59").
  • Weight - 0.45 kg.
Bestseller No. 5
Nature Care Triple Rung Gym Ring Rock Climbing Hangboard | 32mm thick | 32mm jug, 26mm, 16mm & 10mm holds | Finger Strength Training Device & Pull Up Bar | by MUSCLE MOUNTAIN®
  • 32mm thick Cross Grain Birch Plywood for superior strength and rigidity
  • Hangboard 26mm, 16mm & 10mm deep edges.
  • 3 pull up sections; 50% Standard round gym ring, 25% rounded flat edge, 25% ergonomically rounded and curved jug for comfort
Bestseller No. 6
MoKo Hand Grip Strengthener, 3 Pack Finger Exerciser & Hand Grip Ring Muscle Power Training Rubber Ring Exerciser Gym Expander for Muscle Pain Relief and Therapy, Colorful
  • TOP MATERIAL: Made of high-quality and environment-friendly silicone materials. It is strong enough to support more squeeze and weight. It features a high flexibilty and durability.
  • AMAZING BENEFIT: Works as a hand grip strengthener for increasing strength and range of movement. Excellent for conditioning the extensor muscles of the hands. Great for preventing hand fatigue, arthritis, strain, and early signs of carpal tunnel.
  • STRESS RELIEF: Sooth and cool your stress by stretching as long as you can. Focus on the tension building in your muscles until they start to fatigue and then feel the relief as you release and let it all go.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Perfect for piano and guitar players, golfers and rock climbing enthusiasts who need Stress Reduction, Rehabilitation, Stroke Recovery, Muscle Memory, Finger and Grip Strength.
  • PORTABLE: Lightweight and easy to carry, you can exercise anytime, anywhere. While walking, traveling (car, airplane, bus), in office, school, watching TV or any place you want to exercise.
Bestseller No. 7
Rip Your Grip Range Diablo Climbing Holds Fingerboard Hangboard Mini climbing Obstacle Calisthenic Training
  • A single sheet (of Birch Hardwood Ply that will last a lifetime. Can be mounted directly to a wall or hung in 2 positions
  • A functional grip train tool that can be taken and used anywhere.
  • It has 3 depths off four finger edge, 20mm, 26mm and 31mm and 1 single finger hole if your strong enough. The holes can be used for 4, 3, 2 or 1 finger.
  • Dimensions – 200 x 130 x 35mm (exactly)
  • About VALHALLA FITNESS: We develop and produce environmentally friendly, sports equipment from natural, durable materials. Only the best hardwood is used. 100% Made in Britain using locally sourced materials.
SaleBestseller No. 8
3 Rolls - SPORTTAPE Wrist & Finger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping - 2.5cm x 10m - Boxing Tape, Hand & Wrist Wrap, Athletic Tape for Rugby, Football, Gymnastics
  • 🥋 BJJ FINGER TAPE - The 2.5cm width is perfect for taping & strapping fingers and thumbs when grappling or weightlifting. Used predominately within Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and other martial arts to buddy tape fingers, our Zinc Oxide tape is designed for elite sport.
  • 🥊 BOXING TAPE - Used to protect the wrist and hands when boxing, our 2.5cm boxing tape is designed for strength and durability. It peels off the roll easily and takes a lot of force to break. Perfect as boxing hand wraps and used by some of the UK's best boxers.
  • 👌 HAND TEARABLE - Our 2.5cm Zinc Oxide Finger Tape can be torn by hand for fast applications. It is also LATEX FREE and made from organic cotton so there's no worry over allergic reactions. It feels soft and strong on the hand, and won't let you down.
  • 💪 STRONG ADHESION SPORTS TAPE - Our Zinc Oxide tapes have an incredibly high tensile strength and glue, meaning you won't have to re-apply halfway through a match or sparring session.
  • 💯 PODIATRY TAPE - The 2.5cm width Zinc Oxide Tape is popular with podiatrists and first aiders as a plantar fasciitis tape. The rigid tape sticks around the back of the heel, creating a thicker pad of skin under the foot. Protecting and cushioning the plantar.
Bestseller No. 9
Anstore Finger Tape 1.5 cm X 13.7 m Climbing Tape White Sports Tape Jiu Jitsu Tape Sport Tape For Climbing Weight Training Volleyball Handball, Preventing Sprains Strains, 3 Rolls
  • Anstore climbing tape protects your fingers from overload and prevents sports injuries during outdoor climbing as well as in the climbing hall. Specification: 1.5cm x 13.7m.
  • Features: Strong viscosity; Good wear resistance; Low temperature resistance. Due to the strong acrylic adhesive, our finger tapes hold, despite the effects of chalk and sweat.
  • High Quality Materials: latex-free and 100% cotton fingertape. The finger tape is easy to tear off and can be removed from your skin without leaving any residue after climbing and bouldering.
  • Applicable Scenes: climbing, martial arts, weight training, volleyball, handball, soccer, tennis, fitness, sports protection accessories, musical instruments.
  • Note: This finger band should be kept in a dry, clean room and is not suitable for contact with toxic and dangerous substances.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Psychi Zinc Oxide Sports Strapping Finger Tape For Rock Climbing Boxing Gymnastics Physio - White (2.5cm)
  • ★ INJURY PREVENTION - Psychi Zinc Oxide Sports tape is the perfect strapping tape for muscle and tendon protection and sports injury prevention. Especially useful for gripping and grappling sports such as Rock Climbing, Weightlifting, BJJ, Jiu Jitsu, Gymnastics, Bouldering and Crossfit.
  • ★ VARYING WIDTHS - All tapes are 10m long with a variety of widths available, 1.25cm, 2.5cm, 4.8cm. This makes out sports tape functional for many different uses, such as finger protection for RUGBY, BOXING or MARTIAL ARTS, Blister protection for GOLF, Tendon injury support for CROSSFIT or GYMNASTICS, and covering finger and hand injuries when ROCK CLIMBING or BOULDERING.
  • ★ HANDY PROTECTIVE TIN - Our also tape comes in a handy tin, keeping the tape clean and giving a much longer-lasting strong adhesive than other brands.
  • ★ LATEX FREE COTTON: Psychi finger tape is all 100% latex-free and made with cotton. This makes it easy to tear into the right length and just stretchy enough to provide stable protection and support.

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