[Updated 2023] What Are The Best Marcy Onyx Geneva Rowing Machine And How To Choose Them?

A variety of Marcy onyx geneva rowing machines have the capability of burning calories and full-body workout. For 30 minutes, you can enjoy high tension cardio exercise as well as any other kind that’s fit for people at any age, fitness level, or favors. A high-quality Marcy onyx geneva rowing machine not only serves as a complement pre pre-existing routine but also a prime weekly exercise. 

The below review lists the 15 best Marcy onyx geneva rowing machine in 2023 which will be a great help for you. There are numerous sizes, thousands of dissimilar styles, colors, benefits as well as disadvantages that will provide you with a deep understanding before you decide to buy one.

Best Marcy Onyx Geneva Rowing Machine Comparison 2023

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Top 15 Best Marcy Onyx Geneva Rowing Machine Reviews 2023

Concept 2 Indoor Rower

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The machine is indoor paddling which is a viable full-body and low-sway exercise. The configuration limits commotion while expanding a smooth feel. It requires an impression of around a 200kg limit and a 5-year outline guarantee. Including around 36 cm seat stature, ergonomic handle, flexible footstools, and nickel-plated chain. 

Also, the model incorporates LCDs, giving you precise and equivalent information for each column. It also easily isolates into two pieces for capacity and caster wheels make it portable. 

Nevertheless, it fostered a couple of dark imprints on the sprinter where the seat rollers come into contact. The item works consummately yet I’m a little stressed over the drawn-out possibilities if it’s previously showing wear. 


  • 5-year outline guarantee
  • ergonomic handle
  • LCDs


  • dark imprints on the sprinter

SNODE Water Rowing Machine 

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The water rowing machine is uncommonly planned to advance toward the certifiable stroke on water, making your rowing experience even more authentic and testing makes a smooth and steady rowing experience with each stroke. The impediment level of the home rowing machine relies upon the water limit and rowing speed. Notwithstanding how fast you decide to push, you can do fiery exercises by changing your rowing repeat to achieve needed exercise results. 

The huge LCD console shows time, calories, strokes, spam, distance. The supportive breadth mode shows your progression to help you in after the entirety of your wellbeing destinations. The extra tablet/phone holder can make your rowing exercise practice not depleting anymore. Shrewd people planning at home constrained by free FitShow App for iOS and Android devices.SNODE rower rowing machine gives outrageous concentrate yet low-influence whole-body cardio workout. 

The epic arrangement mulls over a full-body, feasible exercise for each critical muscle pack – including back, legs, arms, abs, and glutes. Rowing is furthermore commonly known to help in chipping away at cardiovascular prosperity and burning through calories. It is like manner incorporates foam covered handlebars and adaptable foot lashes for prevalent handle and constancy. The indoor rower rowing machine is fundamentally upkeep-free. 

Steel Main Frame makes the rowing machine intense and tough, with a max weight limit of up to 331LBS. A moderate impression with worked-in wheels considers basic coming in/out of your space for beneficial storage.No matter if you need to use this rower machine indoor or outside, the helpful arrangement can satisfy all your needs. Built-in transportation wheels for straightforward convey ability. Simply inclination and divert out for use or limit, no necessity for genuinely troublesome work or muscle strain. Regardless, through events, the lashes on the pedals can be torture as they will in every day come free, and the seat and handle could be to some degree more prominent.


  • water resistance rowing experience
  • large LCD monitor & app control
  • sturdy & durable frame
  • space saver equipment


  • not durable

Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-706

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The machine’s strong steel outline consolidates both plan and execution. It’s a progression through a plan that allows you to get on and off the bicycle without any problem. The offset pedals adjust to your foot’s work to guarantee predominant acceleration. The item measurements are 57″ x 24″ x 42″ and the weight limit is 300 lbs which suit clients between – 10 to 99 years. Additionally, there is no electrical association required, just beginning to accelerate. 

It additionally accompanies a manual attractive obstruction system with 23 projects and 24 degrees of opposition that recreate the impact of trekking in various landscapes. The machine is intended to give sufficient space to the legs, this bicycle flaunts a flexible cushioned seat to oblige most clients. This minimized exercise bicycle accompanies a useful LCD with a LED backdrop illumination that allows you to screen distance voyaged, current speed, and heartbeat rate while monitoring time slipped by time and calories copied. Be that as it may, guidelines are said to not clear.


  • sturdy steel frame
  • counterbalanced strapped pedals
  • no electrical connection required
  • manual magnetic resistance 


  • instructions are not necessarily clear

sportplus Rowing Machine

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It can handle the max client weight of 150 kg. The machine has safety ensured according to EN ISO 20957-1, EN 957-7. The top-notch is an aluminum track and foldable. The machine is quite attractive, slowing with link activity and approx. There is a flywheel mass of around 9 kg and a paddling seat made of PU material. 

However, the foot holders rock a bit, notwithstanding being in a bad way as close as possible. This causes a slight thumping commotion while doing extraordinary paddling. 


  • max client weight of 150 kg
  • safety ensured according to EN ISO 20957-1, EN 957-7
  • flywheel


  • foot holders rock a bit

V-fit Artemis III Deluxe Air Rower

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There is an aluminum rail with fixed cartridge seat orientation and a quality ergonomically etched paddling seat. Many additional levels of extra resistance and height customizable LCD readout. The max suggested a client weight limit of 115kg. 

Nevertheless, the foot holders are a little uncomfortable and the positioning isn’t awesome. Also, there is a long bar for reach and that l with longer legs would find trouble.


  • aluminum rail
  • quality ergonomically etched paddling seat
  • Lcd


  • foot holders are a little uncomfortable

Bluefin Fitness BLADE Home Gym Foldable Rowing Machine

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The rower is viable with the Kinomap wellness application – including a great many preparing recordings from around the world, instructing and instructional courses, and organized exercises. There is an LCD that measures time, calories, and strokes each moment. Propel yourself considerably more and work towards focusing to accomplish your exercise objectives. 

Numerous degrees of pressure control for all grades of individual exercise. Pick the level to suit you and increment the strain after some time as your paddling wellness improves. A belt that simulates normal paddling movement. Feel the stomach practice and medical advantages of paddling on the water, without the sprinkle. 

It features an ideal 10° slope that offers added opposition without compromising the recuperation stage and ergonomic hold handlebars, against slip secure foot pedals and a cushioned padded seat give additional solace to your home wellness rower exercise. 

The only thing that customers can whine about is that they can’t get it to associate its Bluetooth to an application for following activities like Kinomap. Their telephone sees the rower however it just will not interface.


  • Connect Kinoapp
  • LCD
  • Different degrees


  • Can’t associate Bluetooth

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine

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This Dripex paddling machine utilizes a strong aluminum flywheel and slide rail just as no-contact attractive protection from keeping your exercise as peaceful as could be expected. The calm, attractive pressure framework gives a smoother, more agreeable exercise without influencing others while being used. Keep it hidden and calm. 

Indoor paddling is a brilliant low-sway choice for working on cardiovascular wellness and strong perseverance. Simultaneously, Dripex furnishes simple transportation with worked-in wheels in the front stabilizer and saves space by putting away it upstanding against a divider. 

This attractive paddling machine offers every one of the necessities for an extreme paddling exercise in the solace of your own home, while the different degrees of obstruction means you can browse a scope of exercise alternatives, from simple to testing. 

This conservative isn’t just set apart by its outstanding assembling creates yet additionally ergonomic plan exhaustively. The multi-practical LCD show offers measurements to keep tabs on your development as you line. Larger than average non-slip pedals keep your feet safely set up, while a formed froth cushioned seat offers the greatest solace. 

It’s a strong decision for amateurs hoping to begin with home paddling exercises, not just contributing an available method to work out, particularly at home.


  • aluminum flywheel
  • multi-practical LCD
  • working on cardiovascular wellness


  • no disadvantages

JLL® R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine

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The machine ensures safety through CE and EN957 Standard Safety Compliant. There is an LCD screen showing: calorie, time (mins: secs), total count/min (mins: secs), and distance (km). It can handle the most extreme user weight is 100kg. It includes many degrees of resistance by magnetic.

An advanced belt driving framework gives fast commitment to an amazing preparing result. The inbuilt wheels permit this thing to be effortlessly moved. However, the customer’s lone issue with it is that the seat is somewhat uproarious, as he/she got it as a calmer elective this is somewhat disillusioning. 


  • LCD
  • CE and EN957 Standard Safety Compliant
  • The most extreme user weight is 100kg


  • The seat is somewhat uproarious

Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower and Gym 

[amazon box=”B002EEP21C” ]

A free educational DVD is incorporated to assist you with getting acclimated and gotten comfortable with your new rower. You’ll be a genius before you know it. Furthermore, the inherent exercise center is ideal for muscle conditioning and can be utilized to fortify the arms, chest, shoulders, lats, and abs. This rower guarantees you get an adaptable complete body exercise with each use.

There is an underlying PC that screens and shows calories consumed, check, absolute tally, sweep, and time to permit you to effectively monitor your advancement and make your excursion all the more seriously fulfilling. The machine is effectively foldable, this is ideal for the individuals who are restricted on free space inside their homes.

There are 3 strain lines on the rower which can be set to low, medium, or high opposition. The huge turning footplates have velcro ties to keep your feet easily and immovably planted set up all through your workout.

Nevertheless, the bungee harmonies which make the opposition isn’t extraordinary and you just have 3 levels (3 harmonies and you can pick the number of are appended). None of them offer high resistance.


  • free educational DVD
  • complete body exercise
  • foldable


  • bungee harmonies which make the opposition aren’t extraordinary

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205

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There is a cushioned seat with padded handlebars preventing slip offers to the back. The goal is to focus on numerous muscle bunches such as back, arms, or leg legs. The machine is water-powered with more than 10 different degrees to adjust. Also, it includes an LCD that shows: time, calories, and so on. 

A huge slip footplate with flexible lashes for secure balance while working out. On the drawback, some people said that the presentation LCD doesn’t have all the earmarks of being functioning admirably by any means.


  • padded handlebars preventing slip
  • focus on numerous muscle bunches
  • 10 different degrees to adjust
  • LCD


  • LCD doesn’t work well

Sunny Health Rowing Machine 

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It can be suited for the most extreme client weighing more than 200 pounds. There is a huge LCD console showing time and calories. Enormous enemy of slip foot pedals with flexible foot ties. Flexible rope obstruction with many different degrees of movable strain. 

Curiously large calculated seat with preventing slipping handles for ideal solace. However, the only region that customers saw that was not perfect is that it sits excessively near the floor so that you might want the seat to be higher up.


  • Suit client weighing more than 200 pounds
  • LCD 
  • Slip foot pedals
  • Rop


  • Sits excessively near the floor

Marcy Foldable 8-Level Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

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This machine has many opposition settings to recreate the impact of actual paddling. It comes with a strain handle that permits you to turn the obstruction down or up to alter your preparation from simple to serious, as per your wellness needs. The foot lashes are movable. Its tough pedals highlight a wide space that can oblige all feet sizes, while the customizable lashes make the specific fit for your feet work for prevalent balance. 

Across the board exercise station: with the ME-1018RE, you can prepare your upper and lower body at the same time. This stuff is extraordinary for fortifying distinctive muscle gatherings and expanding cardiovascular perseverance while chiseling your middle and appendages. 

Foldable and simple to move: this attractive rower flaunts a minimal design when unfurled. Its helpful Transport wheels empower you to advantageously move the stuff starting with one room then onto the next. 

This paddling machine has a super useful PC LCD that allows you to monitor time passed, complete tally, and calories copied. The screen folds both in reverse and forwards to allow you effectively to store the rower. Nevertheless, the foot holder isn’t extremely amazing and makes a tick click commotion when you move. 


  • strain handle
  • foot lashes are movable
  • customizable lashes


  • the foot holder isn’t extremely amazing

V-fit Tornado Air Rower

[amazon box=”B001NP3OD6″ ]

The machine can handle the most extreme client weight is 115 kg. It has a club-style and speeds proportionate air opposition chain drive rower with inclined, wide reach at column bar. A turning and oversize PVC footplates with two-position mount and movable velcro style footstraps. A formed seat with bearing mounted upper and lower seat guide rollers. There are three screens and six practice screen 

However, as numerous commentators have expressed, it won’t immeasurably further develop your stroke procedure either on the water or during indoor paddling contests. Fundamentally you won’t have front stops, the footplates turn with your stroke position, and relying upon your tallness, you may not have barriers with enough chain left to move along your chest while shaking back. 


  • handle the most extreme client weight is 115 kg
  • oversize PVC footplates
  • three-screen 
  • six practice screen


  • won’t have front stops

Marcy Foldable Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

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The Marcy Rowing Machine has eight preset levels with obstruction kob that can be altered to coordinate with your exercise plan and level paying little heed to the target. The machine will help you increment your cardiovascular perseverance and foster an obvious upper and lower body through cardio exercise. This paddling machine is designed to be ergonomic with easy-to-use parts that are useful, effective, and open put in the pedals with slip obstruction guaranteeing well-being and comfort, and foot lashes to oblige various feet sizes. 

It likewise incorporates column handles which are shrouded in the froth to forestall slipping and a froth seat cushion to keep you open during exercise. What’s more, there is a multi-point screen that can create advances and in reverse. On the off chance that you need to store the machine, it includes a foldable plan with a fast delivery pin, foldable screen, and transport wheels. Nonetheless, for certain shoppers, the directions would be irritating and difficult to comprehend.


  • Eigh preset levels
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cardio workout
  • Multi-angle monitor
  • Compact and foldable


  • The instructions 

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike NS-716R

[amazon box=”B00IVF9WL4″ ]

This prostrate bike incorporates an adjustable seat that can fit a wide extent of individual customers. Save your legs at a pleasing length for the best results. It goes with both covered handlebars of standard estimations. A solid hold tight the bike will permit you to profit however much as could be expected from every movement meeting. 

The Marcy Recumbent Bike is furnished with an LCD PC screen that tracks your speed, distance, time, and calories duplicated, all at the scramble of a button. The alluring wheel is maintained by an 8-preset pressing factor change handle that licenses you to change your activity level in a snap. This offers a smooth pedal tendency for an impeccable journeying experience. Similarly, the machine’s beneficial vehicle wheels license you to move the equipment around successfully without lifting it. In any case, the hindrance is said to not go high.


  • fully adjustable seat
  • foam-covered handlebars
  • LCD computer screen
  • 8-preset tension-adjustment knob


  • the resistance

Buying Guide The Best Marcy Onyx Geneva Rowing Machine

Step 1 – Check whether you have space for a machine

An average paddling machine has a comparable impression to an adoration seat couch. Utilize this as a kind of perspective when sorting out your activity space. 

Pressure-driven cylinder machines for the most part have the littlest impression. Water and air obstruction machines have the biggest. Every audit records every rower by ( Length x Width x Height ). When you decide how much space you have, you can sort by length 

Step 2 – Look at your budget 

Sorting out the amount you need to spend on a rower will help tight down the number of various models to browse because many distinctive paddling machines reach in cost from around 90$ to more than $3500! Like essentially anything you purchase, the higher the business value, the higher the quality. Remember that while deciding your spending plan. 

Adhering to your spending financial plan is likewise similarly significant because it keeps you from overspending on a model you “out of nowhere” went gaga for because it has the “best in class innovation”. 

Step 3 – the purpose of using The Rowing Machine

All indoor paddling machines are prepared for home use, yet not all indoor paddling machines are fit to be utilized economically in rec centers, gyms, and boat storage. 

If you plan to utilize the rower for rigorously home use, any unit you pick will be fine. Notwithstanding, if you intend to utilize it monetarily, make a point to pick a machine that is business-grade and works for hefty use. 

Additionally consider the number of individuals who will utilize the rower. If you have a group of 5 who will push frequently, then, at that point, you might need to settle on a semi-business paddling machine. 

Step 4 – Figure Out The Different Resistance Types 

Paddling machines have four unique opposition types. Air, pressure-driven cylinder, attractive, and water (likewise air/attractive blend rowers). 

Each type has its arrangement of qualities alongside benefits and impediments. Thinking about the diverse opposition types gives you an essential comprehension of how paddling machines work. Likewise, realizing which type you incline toward will help you tighten down your inquiry. 

Step 5 – Start Reading Reviews 

When you arrive at this progression, you may have an overall thought of what paddling machine you’re keen on purchasing. You ought to have an overall thought of an opposition type and value range. 

The following stage is to peruse paddling machine audits to discover which model is best for you dependent on your inclinations. When understanding surveys, discover explicit insights regarding the machine you’re exploring. 

Tips To Buy The Best Marcy Onyx Geneva Rowing Machine

If you’re looking for a low-influence way to deal with getting a staggering cardio workout, look no farther than the best marcy onyx geneva rowing machine. Indoor rowing has filled in reputation as store wellbeing classes dependent on the machine have jumped up. Others that do configuration have started to join quick blasts of work on the rower as a part of the overall exercise. 

When searching for a rowing machine for your home, find a model that meets your prerequisites. While rowing machines can use different sorts of obstacles—water, air, and magnets are commonly ordinary—there’s not one kind of resistance that is better contrasted with another. It is the same for various features, like the sort of subtleties the machine can track and whether or not it has a significant intrinsic show. What justifies spending more money will depend upon how you plan to use the machine.

Noise Level 

Commotion level is vital if you’re utilizing a paddling machine in an open space where others will be, or in case you live in a condominium.

Easy To Maintain 

A machine that has various distinct parts can be not difficult to change since you’d simply need to supersede the one broken part. A device with more tangled parts may be fixed professionally. Another thing to recall: You’ll need to revise the water in a water rower at times, which you don’t have to do with a rowing machine based on a fan.

Size And Ease To Store 

Rowers can take up a lot of floor space, so you’ll have to guarantee it’s easy to store far eliminated when you’re not using it. Ideally, a rower can either be taken care of vertically or cover, says Yuen.

Explicit Features 

As well as assessing the above by and large highlights, remember the accompanying exhortation as you assess explicit highlights.

Agreeable seat: When you’re utilizing the paddling machine, you’ll be sitting similarly situated for an all-inclusive timeframe. So you need to ensure the seat is agreeable and accommodates your body well. Additionally, you need the seat to be a suitable separation starting from the earliest stage. 

Customizable foot lashes: When you utilize a paddling machine, you’ll put your feet on two separate cushions and afterward tie them set up. You need to ensure the ties are customizable enough so your feet will fit in them cozily. This is particularly critical to check on the off chance that you have bigger or more modest feet, Yuen says. 

Resistance options: There are two or three different kinds of obstacles you can pursue. Water or air resistance will overall be the best decisions for a smooth experience and most noteworthy check decisions. Similarly, some rowing machines don’t have adjustable blocks, and they will just change contingent upon how hard you pull; others have unequivocal resistance levels you can set and change all through your activity. If you have undeniable planning goals, that sort of precision can be valuable.

Dashboard details: All paddling machines will have an ergometer, a device that uses energy. A few models may simply show nuts and bolts details like meters and force. In case you’re more up to date to paddling, fundamental details, and an easy-to-use dashboard or screen might be the main, says Langhans. Then again, a dashboard with additional inside and out following alternatives and information might be better for individuals hoping to get a strategic advantage or enhance explicit paddling objectives. 

Accessible additional items: As the wellness business pushes increasingly more toward computerization, a ton of organizations are putting more in giving all the more cutting edge highlights like greater screens or screens. For instance, a few rowers sell extra connections that permit you to have a full screen to stream exercises. A large portion of the greater tech highlights will be additional items to the rower, asking the organization ahead of time what they offer if that is critical to you. 

Underlying screen situating: Some paddling machines accompany a bigger inherent presentation screen so you can stream exercises directly on the machine. On the off chance that you go for one of these alternatives, ensure the screen is at eye level so you can agreeable watch it while you line without stressing your neck or compromising structure.

Sharp features: While not essential to do a cardio workout, these may be basic to you. Pre-altered activities, online limits, Bluetooth headphone affiliation, Wi-Fi affiliation, and the ability to coordinate with pariah applications or a heartbeat screen, are out and out incorporated that can further develop the rowing experience and maybe basic to various customers.

The way to utilize the machine for the most extreme advantage is in legitimate planning and procedure. While the vast majority think the quicker you go, the more powerful your exercise, this isn’t the situation with the rower. With this machine, it is about control and force. In case you’re speeding along, odds are your procedure is off. A compelling exercise will look moderate and amazing and you completely draw in your leg muscles and capitalize on each stroke. 

Paddling machines have various settings that permit you to increment or decline protection to make it simpler or more hard to push. Regularly, on an air rower, there will be a dial numbered from 1 to 10, with 1 being the most minimal obstruction and 10 being the most noteworthy. At the point when you change the setting, it builds the opposition you’re neutralizing. In case you’re utilizing a water rower, there will not be a setting as the obstruction changes depending upon how quick or moderate you’re paddling. 

You’ll have the option to produce more force (and forestall wounds and strains) by keeping a great stance. Loosen up your shoulders, fix your back and keep your center locked in. In all honesty, there’s a justification for the lashes. The key is to ensure the bundle of your foot is pushed facing the foot cushion stage, with the lash across the most extensive piece of your foot. This will ensure your feet and lower legs as you slide to and fro. 

A stroke should look something like this: Beginning with your knees bowed, and your base by your heels, your arms ought to be broadened and holding the handle. Roll your feet so you are pushing with your entire foot and expand your legs, sliding your base back and pulling the handle toward your chest. At the point when your legs are completely expanded, lean your middle back barely enough to feel your abs locked in. Twist your knees and present your body to the beginning position. You should expect to keep your strokes smooth and steady, covering the full distance of the line. This takes practice so move slowly and it will come after some time. Force with your legs 

Individuals will in general think that paddling is about your arms, however, this isn’t the situation. Your legs ought to control your development as they produce energy for the arms to complete the stroke. Consider your line 60% legs, 20% center, and 20% arms. Zero in on your time or distance 

In a paddling exercise, you can go for time or for distance to perceive how quickly you can complete your meters or perceive how far you can go in a set measure of time. In case you’re doing a speed exercise, you can have a go at paddling for 500 meters, which takes around 1:45 to 2:45 minutes, and afterward, rest briefly before rehashing. In case you’re going for distance, center around going far enough to assemble perseverance. For instance, you could have a go at rehashing time-spanning meters followed by 2 to 5 minutes of recuperation. 


Buying a wonderful Marcy onyx geneva rowing machine that works the best for you is neither hard. There are plenty of things about Marcy onyx geneva rowing machines that you can figure out. Understand about the Marcy onyx geneva rowing machine and identify ones that meet your requirements. Before concluding, here are the final thing:

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