La Sportiva Skwama Review 2024: Push Your Limits With These Stunning Shoes

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to rise above in the crowded mountaineering boot market, but still, La Sportiva Skwama is one of a kind. These sneakers’ flexibility and sensitivity make them suitable for the hilly slopes encountered on sport approaches and obstacles. This Skwama is indeed designed on a broader wheelbase than many of the sporty models, giving them extra comfy. So feel free to read our La Sportiva Skwama review to find out whether these shoes are built for you or not.

We properly tested La Sportiva’s latest slipper and were surprised by how nicely it performed, particularly on steep slopes and splotchy cruxes.

We’ve subdivided these Skwama’s quality, delicacy as well as comfort, sturdiness and build, fit and sizing, and more below. Read on our review on the best mountain climbing shoes and view how it compares to the others.

Things To Consider Before Buying La Sportiva Skwama

These Skwama shoes stay true to their La Sportiva reputation, delivering the kind of greater durability that their company produces. 

These sticky, very soft sneakers are ideal for running loops around the fitness center or obtaining a grip on brief outside walks. Assume to be walking on those tiny grains on something like a twenty-pitch like you would with just about any soft footwear; you’ll need shoes much stiffer than these.

When examined in contrast with alternative brands, Skwama’s pointed-toe structure makes it somewhat more difficult to fit more rubber into the slot. If you somehow intend on doing a variety of pocketed climbings on sandstone and/or limestone, a rather more lopsided pair of shoes might well be preferable.

When buying new sneakers for the very first time, stretch is often a worry, and also these Skwama would most likely spread more than just normal La Sportiva professional designs. Frankly, we find these to be ideal for gymnasium climbing, where you keep your shoes on for longer times. 

When sizing properly, We recommend that most individuals allow for a 1⁄2 scale of stretch. But one thing that has been a concern for us would be that while putting strong heel straps on small edges, that’s when the shoes become less solid. This was, nevertheless, unusual in our opinion.

If you’re a professional runner, you’re likely to toss your sneakers out rather than have them repaired. Mountaineering boots may be resoled for less money and are also better for the environment. Sadly, the broken heel cannot be reproduced during the resoling procedure, therefore these shoes would not feel nearly the same after changing the sole. As a result, the shoe is somewhat stiffer generally.

These La Sportiva Skwama are designed to be light, but when you’re an average mountain climber, you might prefer something with more help. These Skwama put a lot of strain on your foot muscles compared to other tougher options. Your Skwama can enable you to push your limits as you progress, notably as the slope steepens and requires greater effort.

La Sportiva Skwama Overview

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These La Sportiva Skwama are indeed professional climbing and mountaineering shoes with a degree of softness uncommon in rather delicate shoes. These Skwama were created by La Sportiva and are versatile to all sorts of mountaineering, but it shines on vertical and sloping difficult routes with edging, toe and heel hooks, as well as smearing. For climbers looking for all-around professional performance instead of just normal performance, these are perhaps their best adaptable shoes.

With a sole Velcro strap for simple on/off, an extra lightweight midsole, and even a glove-like feel, these Skwama is indeed a terrific contribution to the mentioned La Sportiva collection. These shoes worked really well on climbs as these do on high rocks as well as sport routes, according to our testing. 

The S-vacuum-like heel’s closure ensures a perfect fit and no wasted space. We’ve found several reviews stating that the style was originally rather restrictive for multi-pitch mountaineering, but following a fifteen-pitch recess, we were able to use them on extended expeditions considering we removed the heels at rappels.

These La Sportiva Skwama shoes are our favorite because of their delicacy, flexibility, plus climbing prowess. While they’re not the best, these sneakers do outperform several tougher versions. They’re great for all kinds of rocky hobnobbing thanks to their moderate midsole, and also the unfilled leather guarantees they’re incredibly comfortable but don’t smell like a fake sneaker.

La Sportiva Skwama: Features And Benefits


Because of the P3 fixed base, these shoes have a good edge, yet their delicacy restricts their highest potential level. These do not really edge along with the previous La Sportiva sneakers with “no edge” tech, which most reviewers favored for balancing on tiny edges in flat straight slopes. 

These Skwama’s broad, somewhat asymmetrical form puts the knee cap in the ideal position for feeling subtle edges and toeing in firmly with accuracy, but because the midsole is flexible for bending and spreading, you won’t be feeling as much stability on foot speed climbs like when you’re with stronger shoes.

Climbing Cracks

To our point of view, Skwama’s tiny shape plus broad midfoot offered a crack mountaineering superpower.

The slow speed fitting toward the front of their feet is excellent for sliding into smaller spaces. The customers were indeed able to squeeze their toes inside crack-less places and use these as strongholds because of the smoothness of the shoes.

Their single velcro clasp is high on the top of the sneakers, and therefore it won’t bother you or become a nuisance when you’re doing uncomfortable cracks. While flying up off-widths and staircases is possible, you might probably choose to wear stockings or choose shoes with ankle safety. Thin fissures which are harder to set up your feet are sometimes too narrow.

Thankfully, these Skwama could still edge on stone surfaces with jibs.

Hilly Slopes

The La Sportiva Skwama’s delicacy allows users to tell when you’re tied into nooks or prepared to use your feet on hilly slopes.

These shoes bend your feet and toes in a powerful position for optimal energy transmission, as indicated in edging ability. On sloping ground, the dip also aids in pulling your body inward. These Skwama shoes weren’t our first choice for steep, sporty nook pulls, but they were fantastic on higher slopes or rocky mud fests.


Just the mega soft variants created expressly for competitive climbing outperform these Skwama as among the most delicate sneakers throughout this season’s lineup.

We’ve read reviews that expressed the love for these Skwama on rock climbing, where they experienced tough sliding, edging, as well as a little crack leaping together on a similar route. One reviewer even stated that they’ve moved from their favorite Shoes to these comfortable sneakers and then were finally able to complete a long contest.

These sneakers have excellent spreading sensitivity while yet providing considerable edging force. We like sneakers with some more stability for rocky climbs since they perform a great job of leveraging tiny features whenever the ground is too rough or slick to smear.


Several users experienced soreness below their feet immediately, where the heel presses further to keep the sneakers’ slope, reduce dead space, plus drive their toes towards the front.

This soreness disappeared just after break-in time as these shoes adapted to our toes – or perhaps we just grew along well. Because of their leather top, a few users seem to drop down a 1⁄2 size from their normal Sportiva size in order to account for flexibility.

We could state that although the flexibility was minor after several months of use, these La Sportiva Skwama do actually feel comfortable enough even for smaller multi-pitches without getting overly strained or sloppy.

Design And Durability

Considering that now these Skwama were indeed built to optimize sensitivity and also have a somewhat lighter build than that of a robust shoe, they withstood the 5 months of usage remarkably great. 

Their Velcro strap seems to be more durable, and thus the mountaineering technique has indeed worked to keep the toe from hurting. Because of the wide piece of rubber from over toe as well as the lack of strings & Velcro mostly in the front, We believe these shoes would be highly resistant to jamming.

These Skwama are constructed using Sportiva’s S-Heel & P3 technology. Perhaps one of the company’s latest inventions, the S-Heel, seems to be undoubtedly the most recognizable from other shoes on the marketplace.

Slippers’ soft construction has traditionally hampered heel-hooking ability, for the inside half of such sole bending and folding under force. To offset these rotating pressures, the S-Heel incorporates a more solid piece of plastic inside the heel.

The P3 technology from Sportiva, on the contrary, is meant to keep the form of the shoes all throughout their lifespan, and it does succeed.  From our view, these pairs of shoes are somewhat still declining as they were coming outside the box, even after years of continuous use.

Size And Shape

We consider these Skwama as performance sneakers. During this time, there was also a major rise in comfort. The solitary Velcro closing mechanism helped stiffen the rubber at your ankle, however, the size was by far the most important factor. To put it another way, unless You had enlarged the shoes, We doubt the strap would have adjusted much.

Other Similar Products

  • La Sportiva Futura:

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  • Scarpa Instinct VS:

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  • La Sportiva Solution:

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La Sportiva’s original Futura would be the right move to explore. These Futura seem to be leather sneakers with Velcro fasteners that are created on the very same basis as that of the Skwama. The base of these Futura are coated with 3 millimeters of XS Grip 2 latex instead of 4 millimeters, and also the footbed would only be located in the user’s toe. Considering these distinctions, these Future shoes are indeed smoother, better flexible shoes than with the Skwama, and plus these perform on both splotchy and high overhanging climbing. The Futura, on the other hand, is equipped with the No Edge feature, which, despite the title, allows it to edge better than Sportiva Skwama. However, we prefer these Skwama’s S-Heel with a wide toe rubber pad for heel and toe hooking.

These Scarpa Instinct VS are rubber-material sneakers designed to grab and tug over rocky slopes. Scarpa, on the other hand, purposefully built these shoes with more sturdiness and less decline than many of their sort, giving it an excellent edging mate. Their Vibram XS Edge padding is used at the very front of Instinct VS, which is more robust, less flexible, as well as somewhat less slippery. Overall, these Scarpa are indeed a terrific all-rounder that excels in a wide range of conditions. They really are truly a question of taste when it comes to the rough terrain that these Skwama are made for. Do choose these Skwama if you prefer delicate, flexible sneakers.

Many rock climbers and mountain hikers consider La Sportiva Skwama to be a must-have, yet there’s no lack of competitors within this field. The Solution, which is a member of La Sportiva’s official lineup, is maybe their gravest enemy. Sportiva Skwama and Sportiva Solution are indeed shoes featuring Velcro fasteners and huge rubber pads on the toe and heel for gripping on slick surfaces. Whilst Solution’s slightly stronger structure allows it to function better on cliffs and small edges, these Skwama’s revolutionary S-Heel design plus smoother, more compact construction offer them the major benefit on sloping ground. The Skwama is also made on the broader side of the spectrum and that will stretch far more than Solution, giving it a more comfy sneaker generally. The Solution gets the nod for steep cliff climbing, but the Skwama gets the nod for almost anything tougher.

Key Takeaways From Our La Sportiva Skwama Review

We’ve seen these shoes used by professionals, and our La Sportiva Skwama review shows that these shoes are really getting more and more popular for a good cause. They’re more affordable than other pricey mountaineering boots, they climb very well in styles, plus they wouldn’t harm our toes.

We eagerly like to take them for rock climbing and afterward utilize them for desert sand experiences. These adaptable sneakers are a wonderful asset to any climber’s footwear collection.

If you still have a hard time considering La Sportiva Skwama as your best taste, here’s a video that could help you visualize these stunning shoes better:

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