Kanga Trampoline Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money? [Buying Guide 2021]

On the market, there are countless models of trampolines with very high prices. That’s why buying a trampoline is a significant investment. That’s why you have to be even more careful when choosing. Kanga brand is currently one of the most searched products. Searching for Kanga trampoline reviews is your way to ensure product quality.

This article will help you answer questions about the quality, size, safety, strengths, and weaknesses of the Kanga trampoline. And on top of that, we’ll help you assess whether it’s right for your needs. Otherwise, the alternative products in the article are also great options for you to consider.

Let’s start the article!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Trampoline

In this part of our kanga trampoline reviews, we decompose the various factors to help you determine which one is best for you.


Whenever you focus on specific jump types, choose the dimensions you require. Trampolines can range in size from 36 inches up to 15 feet or over. Consider how several individuals will be using the jump and the ages. You should perhaps consider if you intend to be using your leap for recreation, fitness, or sometimes both.


kanga trampoline reviews
Kanga Trampoline Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money? [Buying Guide 2021] 4

When looking for the most incredible jump in the British, security is of the utmost importance. Whether you slip over the side, land awkwardly, or contact a basic structure when falling, there is a substantial risk of harm. As a result, you must use caution when supervising children and follow all safety precautions.

To make things safer, all trampolines ought to have net fences, and the top jump models will also have elevated security measures. An inner cage is perhaps the best option. This ensures that the customer is safe from the jump’s shocks and structure if they fall at the trampoline’s border.

Another type is known as an outer cage. As the term suggests, this encircles the bounce at its outer edge, including the springy and structure. External ones are also preferable to nothing, but the consumer must be cautious not to fall on the borders, where you may be injured.


When selecting a jump, ensure the framework and supporting limbs are constructed of galvanized steel. Admittedly, these components are essential for the jump’s security and stability. Thus they must be sturdy and of excellent standard.

The greatest outdoor trampolines will feature galvanized steel structures, which will not rust or sag in rainy conditions.

The framework should also be extensively cushioned, especially using weather-resistant components. This adds an extra layer of protection against shocks and accidents while using it.


How long will the components on the bounce you’re thinking about last? Inexpensive components might just save yoủ budget in the short term, but you should change your trampoline’s netting, springy, or mattress at least yearly. Think about spending a little more now, whether it guarantees your trampoline’s components will last for decades. Suggest: Companies who believe in the durability of their trampolines frequently provide a free extended warranty.

Kanga Trampoline Reviews

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Kanga is easily up there along with the finest when it comes to bouncing brands. I want them for many purposes, but the truth that they are well-known and have a plethora of excellent feedback on the web certainly helps my kanga trampoline reviews!

The trampolines are available in various dimensions, ranging from 6feet high to 12feet high (with 8feet high and 10feet high bouncy castles in between!) Therefore, no issue what your needs are, there is bound to be a dimension that will work for you. Since you can go too far, 10feet high is my recommended height that can last all the reason until your adolescent years. 6feet high is usually plenty for one kid. Still, it may be overgrown rapidly, and I frequently see so many customers lamenting having such a tiny version — thus, this also relies on the available area.

Materials Of Superior Grade

The Kanga trampoline is built of UV-resistant PE fibers, which implies that it will not deteriorate if left out throughout the sun for an extended period. The structure is composed of high-quality steel material, ensuring that it can last for an extended period. Ramps are an expense that, while you get a low-cost one, you’ll like to endure an extended period.

Protective Equipment

There is a lot of protective equipment supplied.

Protection has been one of our must-have jumping accessories since it prevents kids from accessing too near to the trampoline’s border and slipping off. The Kanga trampoline includes a security net as default, eliminating the need to purchase an additional one, which exceeds the price or may cause you to reconsider buying it.

Ground pegs are also supplied, which We believe are a must-have, mainly as your children grow older or bigger. It is preferable always to have these from the beginning to avoid any motion in the bounce that could result in serious injury.

As you’ve seen, this bouncing model includes everything you need for something like a single price. You don’t have to bother about taking on additional devices, which raises the cost; what you can see is really what you receive. This is a massive bonus for us! You have the safety cage, the staircase, the anchor package, as well as a covering, which is lovely for maintaining it looking nice and enduring a lot longer!

Ultimately, if you’re searching for a high-quality trampoline that will be shipped straight to your house and is simple to assemble, the Kanga Trampoline is an attractive choice. It’s also a fantastic budget alternative, so if finances allow, you will just get plenty for your buck with this.

See more installation and practical experience of kanga trampoline 12ft

Alternative Products For Kanga Trampoline

Zupapa 15 14 12 10 8ft Outdoor Trampoline

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The Zupapa trampoline is available in three dimensions: 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft. Whenever you purchase a Zupapa bounce, you receive all you require. The trampoline, jumping safety cushion, jump staircase, jumping perimeter net, bouncy castle rain canopy, plus T-hook for setup are all included in your order. This is one of the most extraordinary trampoline prices available in this kanga trampoline reviews, with it all packed, and it is suited for more than 300 pounds. This jump has received a lot of positive feedback from customers who had pondered purchasing an elevated trampoline but were ultimately delighted with this choice and managed to spend less cash.


  • Select the appropriate dimension for your kids and your garden. Since you can fit into and purchase the bigger size, We highly recommend going for it.
  • It is certified for more than 300 lbs.
  • It includes a staircase as well as rain protection.
  • The price is less than $500.


  • Net can indeed be challenging to set up.

ZERO GRAVITY 6ft/8ft/10ft/12ft/14ft Ultima 4 High Spec Trampoline 

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This jump by Zero Gravity is our strong frontrunner if you’re searching for a high-quality jump with a cage that will deliver hours of intense enjoyment.

Because the net is inside, your kids will not be wounded if they fall on the framework while enjoying. The net container already has a one-of-a-kind quick-release method that enables you to fold it when needed effortlessly. This fold-away jump is ideal for protecting the trampoline from the outdoors and preventing mischievous kids from playing unaccompanied.

This bounce is also quite durable. It includes a weldless structure for better strength, and the vital safety cushioning is wrapped in PVC to prevent factors such as sun fading.


  • Offer in a variety of sizes.
  • The unique weldless frame design provides a strong structure.
  • Sturdy safety cushioning with a PVC coating
  • Net with a rapid release mechanism for security.
  • EN71 certification guarantees performance and toughness.


  • It can take some time to assemble.
  • Directions could be more specific.
  • Additional tools than those supplied for setup are required.

Upper Bounce – Large Rectangle Trampoline

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If you’re seeking the most excellent rectangular bounce in the British, this design might be perfect for you. Because of its vast dimension and design, it is an optimal option for more prominent families or ambitious gymnastics.

Thanks to its upper flexible pole enclosing mechanism, the security net is incredibly sturdy and will keep it in place. The rods are also cushioned, making this trampoline perfect for youngsters of various ages. Nevertheless, because there is no staircase provided, young kids may challenge to get onto the jump without assistance.

Because of its heavily loaded, powder-coated metal structure, this outdoor jump is built to last. The polypropylene bounce mat is reinforced with eight lines of embroidery to prevent wear and tear. Even though the jump is promoted as simple to construct and dismantle, the basic setup is somewhat challenging. This is primarily due to directions that lack essential parts.


  • Arrangement of top flexible pole covers
  • Additional durability is provided by the use of heavily loaded stainless samples.
  • The bounce mat’s eight-row braiding reduces wear and tear.
  • Rectangle design with plenty of space
  • Padding for safety control poles


  • Some setup stages are left out of the directions.
  • In actuality, gathering necessitates the participation of two persons.
  • There is no staircase or rain protection supplied.

In addition to the trampoline, can you fully experience other outdoor activities with the kids, like camping? Don’t miss the indispensable camping table and chairs with every trip.

FAQs: Kanga Trampoline Reviews

How Many Children Can Ride On The Trampoline At The Same Time?

Like all trampolines, they always encourage only one kid to jump at a moment. However, we understand that this is not always the reality.

If you allow upwards of one kid to jump on the trampoline simultaneously, we’ve got comments that the trampoline can assist two kids. However, ensure that the maximum trampoline weight is not surpassed even though there is plenty of room to bounce outside – this will vary with the size of the Kanga bouncy castle you bought.

Allowing teenagers to jump with more minor children is not recommended. The power a teenager may generate on the trampoline will be unsteady for a kid, causing them to struggle to obtain balance.

What Is The Age Requirement For Trampoline Usages?

Whereas the producer does not specify an age requirement, we have received instances from kanga trampoline reviews of kids as young as 4 years old using the trampoline. Please make sure that every trampoline use is accompanied by a monitoring adult. When it comes to trampoline use, security is our top priority.

Could The Kanga Trampoline Foldable Or  Be Disassembled For Moving?

kanga trampoline reviews
Kanga Trampoline Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money? [Buying Guide 2021] 5

Of obviously, the trampoline can be disassembled and reassembled. Just make sure you save all of the components and directions for reassembling the bounce at your new place. Without all of the features, the trampoline rebuild may be unsteady or inappropriate. Put everything connected, and then all the bolts and connectors are within easy reach.

Could I Set Up The Kanga Trampoline On a Slanted Surface?

We recommend that all trampolines be positioned on a smooth surface, free of trash or objects that might cause injury to the jump or the kids utilizing the trampoline. We recommend placing the bounce on a flat grass area and using the attachment kit to maintain it stable and sturdy. A trampoline ought not to be set up on gravel roads, rocks, or cement.

Conclusion: Kanga Trampoline Reviews

All in all, kanga is a good quality trampoline for under $500. Best of all, its dimensions suit every need from single players to large families. Of course, there will be higher quality alternatives in the kanga trampoline reviews, but that means more expensive. So which product to choose is up to you. I hope this article helps you!

Besides, do not forget to exercise during this epidemic season. Besides outdoor activities, why not buy an indoor spin bike?

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