How To Decide On The Best Guitar VST: The All-Important Features List For Guitarists

Guitarists, do you want to know the best guitar VST? If you’re a guitarist looking for the best guitar VST, then this article is perfect for you. We’ll show you what features are essential and how to find them in your favorite software. You can also use our list as a guide when shopping around for new gear. With this in mind, below is a list of must-have features for any guitar VST.

Guitarists have specific needs when it comes to finding the best guitar VST. Nowadays, though there are many contenders on the market, you should consider your personal preferences before choosing one that best suits you. There are also certain factors you should consider when making your decision. These factors are listed below, so take note of them before choosing one software over another.

Whether it’s an amp simulator or a virtual instrument library, we’ve got all of the information that will help make your decision easier! Check out our list below and get ready to rock on stage with confidence. You’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve with a little bit of sound software. Let’s check out the must-have features that you should always look for in a guitar VST.

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Best Guitar Vst Reviews 2024

Native Instruments Komplete 12 Software Suite

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Most DAWs offer a production suite in the form of pre-installed software. Native Instruments Komplete 12 Software Suite is an excellent example of what you can get when buying a DAW. This virtual instrument library is jam-packed with all of the essentials for guitarists. With Komplete 12, you can get your hands on over 50 GB worth of sound effects via Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig 5 Pro.

With more than 50 premium instruments and effects, including Kontakt 6, Discovery Series: the Middle East, and TRK-01 (that’s just naming a few), you can be assured of getting all the sounds you’ll ever need out of one production suite. This thing is huge! An entire 170 GB worth of NI’s best plugins and sounds! At this price point, Komplete 12 is a no-brainer.

You’ll also get 10 Expansions in one go. These expansions are pretty cool. Each of them is packed with loops and samples that can be used to form beats you can play around with. All this without breaking a sweat means you don’t need to spend hours looking for the right sound. One of the most important factors to consider when getting a production suite is how well it integrates with your current workflow.

You don’t want to spend more time installing or setting up this thing than actually producing music, right? NI’s very own Komplete 12 is designed for seamless integration with your DAW. It comes bundled with some of their most popular plugins, which you can use in your DAW right out of the box. And if there’s something you don’t like about it, upgrading to a different plugin is only a few clicks away!


– The sounds are great, and there’s plenty of options to choose from!

– The pre-installed plugins integrate well with most DAWs.

– This production offers a massive library of sounds.


– You have to install it. This can take a long time if you don’t know what you’re doing, so check this guide by Native Instruments for help.

– It costs pretty expensive, considering most production suites are only about one hundred dollars more than that price range.

Eventide Blackhole Reverb Pedal

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The Eventide Blackhole Reverb Pedal is a pedal meant to provide you with the best reverberation. It comes complete with expression input and both mono-to-stereo and stereo-to-stereo outputs. The software can be used to edit all aspects of the sound from the time it’s been recorded as well as the drum sounds you’ve been working on.

The Eventide Blackhole Reverb Pedal is a guitar pedal that’s going to enable you to have the perfect reverb sounds for your music, regardless of whether you’re a professional musician or a beginner. It comes with various controls that let you experiment with the sound you like, enabling you to create something that sounds perfect for your music.

The Eventide Blackhole Reverb Pedal is a reverb pedal complete with an auxiliary input and can be used for recording purposes and live performances. The Eventide Blackhole Reverb Pedal comes with software that enables you to edit the guitar effects easily.

The auxiliary input of the Eventide Blackhole Reverb Pedal means that you never have to say goodbye to your favorite tracks ever again.


– Professional musicians and beginner guitar players both seem to enjoy this pedal.


– No cons for this product have been found at the time of writing.

GEWA E-guitar VGS RoadCruiser VST-100 Classix 3-Tone Sunburst

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The GEWA E-guitar VGS RoadCruiser VST-100 Classix 3-Tone Sunburst has several features that make it a good purchase for someone looking for this product. The pedal has four tone shaping knobs that can be customized to meet the person’s needs. It also includes nine preset distortion effects that give you great control over how your sound will come out.

The GEWA E-guitar has excellent features that make it a good buy. An additional booster is built with three booster types: volume control, noise gate, and compressor. The pedal can be customized for each presets that you have saved in the ToneCloud. We are big fans of the GEWA distortion, but this pedal does not have an amp simulation.

We will buy this if you are looking for a great pedal to create your effect with this. It is easy to use and has two buttons that can be customized to your needs. The price is affordable, and we recommend it to any guitar player looking for different sounds.


– Tonal control

– Additional booster with three options


– No amp simulation

GEWA E-guitar VGS RoadCruiser VST-110 Classix 3-Tone Sunburst

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The GEWA E-guitar VGS RoadCruiser VST-110 Classix 3-Tone Sunburst is perfect for creative producers, sound designers, and enthusiasts looking to get the most out of their productions. The bundle includes three of Waves’ major compressors: the CLA-76 compressor, the CLA-2A compressor, and the CLA-3A tube limiter. All three models are highly versatile and can be tailored to suit any type of production.

Whether you’re looking to add warmth or give depth to your vocal performance or bring out punch in a snare drum hit, these compressors will do the trick. The 76 has a warm sound that’s perfect for vocals, while the 2A is more neutral sounding with lots of punch, making it great for drums and bass. The 3A is brilliant on vocals and adds a warm, round sound to any track.

These compressors are involved in some of your favorite songs and will give you the quality that has made Waves an industry standard for more than two decades.


– Full dynamics

– Smooth transients

– High SPL handling without distortion


– No compressor plugins included

– No presets included

– Semi-modular design

IK Multimedia AmpliTube All-in Bundle guitar software

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This IK Multimedia AmpliTube All-in Bundle guitar software is a comprehensive and in-depth guitar gear and effects collection. It enables the virtual guitarist to create their guitar sound with just a few clicks on the mouse. Additional tweaking and modification are possible, too, with the knobs and sliders provided with the software.

This is an excellent product for beginners who want to learn how to play guitar. It allows them to develop their skills without having to purchase any additional equipment or instruments. The software can also be used to improve the skills of those who already know how to play.

Beginners can learn how to tune their guitar, and those more experienced will know what sound they want before buying any equipment. This IK Multimedia AmpliTube All-in Bundle guitar software is a fantastic product for all musicians and music enthusiasts.


– It can be used without purchasing any additional equipment or instruments

– Beginner-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation


– Some people may find it too complicated for a simple practice tool

– The sounds may be too basic for users who have been playing for a while and are accustomed to more advanced equipment

– It does not feature MIDI capabilities which would make it even more versatile

Best Guitar Vst Benefits

best guitar vst

Aspiring guitarists of all levels are always looking for the best way to improve their skills. One of the most popular methods is using a VST (virtual studio technology) program. This type of software has an incredible range of features, making it possible to get high-quality sounds without having to spend hundreds or even thousands on equipment.

And with so many different programs available, there’s bound to be one that suits your needs and budget perfectly! For some people, the idea of playing guitar can be intimidating. It’s not just a matter of picking up an instrument and strumming away; there are technical skills involved that might seem daunting to someone who doesn’t play often.

The good news is that Guitar VSTs (Virtual Studio Technology) make it possible for you to get started with this amazing skill without having to spend years learning the intricacies of the guitar before you can produce any music worth listening to. Here are some reasons why Guitar Vst is an excellent choice:

Guitarists have been using guitars and amplifiers since they were invented in 1887. Still, until recently, no one had come up with a way for amateurs like us to plug into a computer and use it as a tool to practice, experiment and record. The first Guitar VST was created by an Estonian band called WinAmp back in 1997, but it wasn’t until 2003 that the technology took off.

If you want to record your music and don’t have any money for recording equipment, Guitar VSTs are the perfect solution. Not only do they offer high-quality sounds, but you can also save up to 36 different tracks at once! And now, this invaluable invention can be found on virtually every the computer running Windows or Mac operating systems!

The entire process is straightforward – just plug in your guitar, click on Record and start letting loose. You’ll be amazed by the pure, unaltered sound of your guitar coming out of your computer speakers! The first Guitar Vst was introduced to the public in 1998. Soon after this, there was an explosion of different versions on the market. If you aren’t careful, it can be challenging to choose which program is right for you.

This is why you should look at reviews online to see what features various programs have and which of them are most popular with people who own them! In conclusion, Guitar Vst can be an excellent way to learn the guitar without having to spend all your time on technical skills.

Not only that, but if you want to try recording your music or writing and composing your compositions, these software packages make it possible for you to experiment with absolutely no upfront costs. Guitar VST is an incredible program that can be used in various ways and isn’t just limited to sounding great.

The VST that’s available on the market is perfect for those who want to experiment and practice, as well as those who want to record their music. Many musicians think they have to spend hundreds or even thousands on equipment before they can get started with recording or practicing. In some ways, this is true – you can’t use a computer to record your songs!

But the best part of Guitar Vst is that it’s very affordable and can be used right away without any steep learning curve.

To sum up, the best guitar Vst’s benefits include:

• Gives a high-quality sound without equipment

• There is one for everybody at all skill levels and budgets

• Can work with your favorite computer-based programs

• Practice, experiment, compose music with ease

• Can be used by musicians of all skill levels

• Available for download on most computing devices – Windows and Mac

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Guitar Vst

best guitar vst

There are many factors you will want to consider when choosing the best guitar VST. A good guitar VST should be compatible with your computer, produce high-quality sound, and have a large library of sounds. Some less tangible qualities make for an excellent guitar VST, including ease of use and customer service.

This part will go over all these considerations in more detail so you can find the perfect match for your needs.

Computer Compatibility

If you are unsure whether your computer can be compatible with a guitar VST, check if it has a USB port. If it does, then you should have no problems getting the VST working on your computer. However, some computers which do not have USB ports may still work with guitar VSTs. If your computer has a FireWire port, it is probably compatible with guitar VSTs.

You can usually find this information in the manual for your guitar VST. The latest model Mac computers will work with guitar VSTs, but you may need to pay extra money to get certain ones running on them.

Sound Quality

When choosing a guitar VST, sound quality is the most important thing. This will depend on your personal preferences; some people like a more realistic sound while others prefer something that sounds completely different from an actual guitar. If you are looking for a more natural sound, you should consider getting one of the ones with samples recorded directly from an acoustic guitar.

However, many guitar VSTs create unique and exciting sounds by using digital effects and filters to transform the sound of a guitar in real-time. If you want an expansive library of different sounds, you will probably want one with distortion pedals, pitch shifters, or reverb.

Library Of Sounds

The most important part of choosing the perfect guitar VST for you is considering how many sounds it has. Most new guitar VSTs have hundreds of different sounds available, including strumming patterns or specific tunings. If you are looking to make your music with the guitar VST, having an extensive library will give you options for what kind of sound you want.

However, if you are looking to play along with songs using your guitar VST, it will be more important for the library to include the specific sounds you need. For example, if you are trying to find a song with a piano accompaniment that is slow and sad, you will want an expansive library of different pianos.

However, if you are trying to find a song with three chords and a simple strumming pattern, you will not need an expansive library of different sounds.

Ease Of Use

best guitar vst

Another essential quality for choosing the best guitar VST is how easy it will be to learn how to use it. Spending thousands of dollars on something that turns out to be frustrating and challenging to use is a big waste of money. If you are new to using guitar VSTs, then you should choose one that caters to beginners.

Most beginner guitar VSTs have graphic representations that show how the strings on your guitar correspond to different notes. This will make it easier for you to start playing right away. It is also essential to choose a guitar VST compatible with your operating system or run on your computer. If you are not sure whether something will run on your computer, check the manual.

Customer Service

Finally, when choosing the best guitar VST for you, it is essential to consider customer service. Guitar VSTs are not cheap, so getting one that comes with good customer service is critical. This way, if you have any problems using the guitar VST or are having trouble getting it to run on your computer, you will be able to get help immediately.

FAQs About Best Guitar Vst

best guitar vst

– How can I avoid getting “bitten” by a bad guitar Vst?

You can avoid getting bitten by a bad guitar VST by reading reviews and feedback online before buying it.

– What makes a guitar VST sound realistic?

A guitar VST will sound more realistic if programmed accurately and the sounds recorded from an actual guitar.

– Can I use a guitar VST to create my sound?

A guitar VST can be used to create your sounds by combining the different effects supplied with the program.

– How do I know which Guitar VST I should buy?

The best way to know which Guitar VST you should buy is to test play as many as possible and go with the one that feels and sounds the best to you.

– How can I use guitar VST?

Guitar VSTs can be used in many different ways. They can be used to create custom sounds, or they can be used to replace the sound of an acoustic guitar when performing live.


Keeping in mind the various factors that make a guitar VST easy or difficult to use, it’s essential to consider these qualities when choosing one for yourself and when shopping for someone else. A beginner might want more instructional aids and a library of different sounds, whereas an experienced musician will be more interested in how realistic it is.

Regardless of what type of player you are, we hope this article has helped you choose your perfect guitar VST! In the end, the best guitar VST for you will depend on what you are looking for. Whether you need a headphone-ready program or want one that is easy to use, there is something out there for everybody.

By reading reviews and feedback from other users, you can find a guitar VST that would suit your needs perfectly. You can even find guitar VSTs that are compatible with your existing equipment to make playing easier. Whatever you do, don’t rush into buying a product without considering all of the options available to you first.

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