The Searching Is Over: Come And Check Out Top 10 Best Food For Bulldogs UK

Pets are our best friends but giving them super duper good care is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to food, there are so many choices which confuse us a lot. Bulldogs are common in the UK due to their cute appearance and friendly personality. Taking good care of them does take lots of effort because bulldogs get sick quite easily and some of the diseases are severe. Therefore, we have to start from the food which they will consume daily and that is also the reason why I am giving you top choices of best food for bulldogs UK. 

As a student, having two English bulldogs is quite overwhelming but it also gives me an opportunity to learn more about looking after these beautiful friends. I believe that my 5 years of raising bulldogs experience is persuasive enough; thus, making this review more valid. Now, let us get started! 

Best Food For Bulldogs UK Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Best Food For Bulldogs UK Reviews 2024

Maltbys’ Stores 1904 Limited 12kg Royal Canin BULLDOG ADULT 

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Royal Canin is specifically made for grown bulldogs from eight to twenty four months, completely suitable for almost all kinds of dogs. 

The food contains a huge amount of good nutrients which help dogs grow hair, nails and improve their health such as fiber, protein and numerous beneficial vitamins. Speaking of protein, the L -carnitine will help your dear friends develop muscle but still remains fit and healthy. 

Royal Canin is a very high quality brand and one of the best sellers world wide. English bulldogs will definitely benefit a lot from the food if you choose the brand to feed them. 


  • Suitable for dogs of ages
  • Contains many beneficial nutrients 
  • Huge package
  • Great volume


  • A little bit dry 

Lily’s Kitchen Duck, Salmon & Venison Natural Grain Free Complete Adult Dry Dog Food (7 kg)

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I remember my mother’s dog, Zoe, used to have bad allergies. My mom was so worried that she went online and people recommended Lily’s Kitchen to her. Here was the feedback. 

Zoe gradually recovered from her allergies and now is a very happy dog. The food does not include wheat, corn, potatoes and especially chicken as it is originally made from trouts. 

Being made from trouts means the food contains plentiful omegas and vitamins which are good for bulldogs. 

Furthermore, Lily’s Kitchen is also good for the sensitive digestive system. Try this if your friends are having problems with their digestive system.


  • 100% made from trouts
  • Prevent allergies
  • Rich in nutrients 


  • Not suitable for some certain dogs

Eukanuba Puppy/Junior Dog Food with Lamb and Rice, 12 kg

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I think a high quality product with some new flavour will satisfy even the strictest customer, ladies and gentlemen, Eukanuba. 

As far as I know, Eukanaba does really well in improving muscles and brings enough nutrients and vitamins and minerals to enhance skin and fur just only by providing natural ìngredients. 

Furthermore, the brand focuses more on the food sensitivity of dogs to minimize the allergy possibility to the lowest. 

The ingredients come from the USA, Europre and Australia so I am sure that the quality is qualified enough.


  • Turkey flavour
  • Prevent food allergy
  • High quality 
  • Rich in nutrient


  • Quite expensive 

Harringtons Complete Grain Free Hypoallergenic Chicken & Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food 15kg

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If you are looking for food that supports digestive health then Harringtons is not a bad choice at all. 

It is said to have a great amount of fiber which is prebiotic in the food. The fiber makes the process of digestion smoother and effective while providing enough moistness to your dog’s skin. 

Furthermore, vitamin E and Omega 6 provide an abundance of advanced substances to nurture the hair which eventually helps your dog grow a shiny coat. 

The product is made in the UK through a strict inspection so you can believe in the quality. 


  • Safe for your dogs
  • Rich in essential nutrients
  • Support digestive system


Burgess Sensitive Dry Dog Food Lamb, 12.5 kg (Packaging May Vary)

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I must say that Burgess has enough advantages for your dogs to benefit from. 

First of all, the food contains almost all of the necessary nutrients for bulldogs including good acids such as Omega 3 and 6, essential proteins, and standard vitamins. 

Second of all, it is said that the food helps your beloved friends improve their immune system and support a better digestive system. 

Last but not least, the volume of the bag is a lot so it is also very economical.


  • Rich in fatty acids. 
  • Good for healthy immune system improvement.


  • A little plain in terms of odor. 

IAMS for Vitality Small/Medium Breed Adult Dry Dog Food with Fresh Chicken, 12 kg

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According to many pet lovers, IAMS is well-known for its natural ingredients which are really good for dogs. 

In detail, the food is made from fresh chickens which are rich in protein; therefore, bring your dogs a better chance in improving muscles. 

Additionally, there are also sweet potatoes and peas which provide your dogs with enough energy for a day. Furthermore, their vision and skin also benefit from Omega 3 and 6, resulting in shiny and healthy fur and skin.


  • Has antioxidant nutrients. 
  • Made from natural ingredients. 
  • Rich in proteins and omegas.


  • None.

Burgess Puppy Rich in British Chicken Complete Food 12.5kg

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Burgess Puppy Rich is also another choice for high quality dry food to feed your bulldogs. Let us see what it has to offer. 

The most impressive thing is that the brand has DHA extracted from fish oil in their dry dog food. This nutrient is very beneficial in nourishing your best friend’s brain and super advantageous in developing vision. 

The food is also rich in protein and it has real chicken as well. Protein ensures the muscle growth of your dogs. 


  • DHA extraction 
  • High level of protein
  • Beautiful package


  • Not suitable for all kinds of dogs 

HiLife it’s only natural – Wet Dog Food – The Luxury Sauce Collection

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Dry food is not the only source of protein that your bulldogs can take advantage of because wet food is also rich in this nutrient. HiLife is definitely one of the best brands who is a pioneer in this area. 

The brand includes real salmon in the food which brings up to thirty two percent of protein. With this level of protein, your dogs surely improve their skeletons, joints and of course, muscles.

Moreover, the food contains natural ingredients which help the immune system, fix some certain health issues and bring an overall wellness to your best friends. 


  • Made in the USA
  • High quality ingredients


  • Flavour remains not so long

Crave Dry Dog Food with Turkey & Chicken – High Protein & Grain-Free – 1 kg (Pack of 3)

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A special thing about Crave is that the food does not have artificial colours and preservatives which means you do not have to worry that your dogs may be infected by chemicals. 

The second advantage is that it has a reasonable amount of ingredients that only provide enough energy for the dogs without making them overweight. 

Last but not least, the components that make the food are carefully chosen and grown in reliable sites. 


  • High quality ingredients 
  • Reasonable rate of nutrient


Pooch & Mutt – Complete Food For Dogs – 100% Natural Ingredients Including Turkey And Sweet Potato (Grain Free), Weight 2kg

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Pooch and Mutt is considered to be one of the most high quality dog foods which has a low price in England. Furthermore, the ingredient picks are considered to be high quality enough and super dog-friendly. 

To begin with, the ingredient which accounts for most of the portion is chicken that is farm-raised. There are no industrial ingredients, no chemicals allowed. Thus, you can be quite pleased when feeding your dogs this one. 

Next, the food contains every vitamin and mineral that a normal dog needs. In terms of taste and smell, according to many loyal customers of the brand, their dogs love it.


  • Good taste and smell
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Natural ingredients
  • Cheap


  • Some ingredients might be allergic to some dogs

I Am Going To Share Buying Tips Of Best Food For Bulldogs Uk So Continue To Read

Make sure that you have check the nutritional ensurement 

Buying dog food is not simple as our canine friends are different from us, they cannot consume certain substances or high levels of specific nutrients. Therefore, you have to check for guarantees from reliable organizations such as Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) to ensure that the ingredients and nutrition are perfectly balanced. 

It really does not matter whether the main ingredients are chicken, trout, meat or beef. You should be concerned about whether your dogs can eat those ingredients or not. By doing this, you could prevent your canine friends from being heart-attacked, suffering from digestive problems or even deadly allergies. 

You should consider byproducts and grains 

Byproducts are not bad as they are ground chicken, meat, fish or whatever is in the main ingredient which include organs and bones. These are considered to be a rich source of nutrients and they are even more beneficial than regular meats. 

Humans may have some allergies to grains but dogs rarely do although there still are some cases. Grains or other vegetables provide much fiber which enhance the digestive system of your pals.

If you are not sure which ingredient may be allergic to your dear friends, you can ask vets for better advice. 

Do not get fooled by the price 

Buying food for your bulldogs is not all about the words “premium” and “high end” but it is the quality that should be greatly considered. Food is the thing that we and our dogs consume; therefore, we should have a good look at the nutritional table to see which product is the best. Remember price is affected by the economy and the brand’s reputation, it does not indicate the quality. 

It is okay if your dogs go veggies

Canines are different from felines as they are able to survive consuming only vegetables. However, if you decide to change all of the menu to vegetarian food then you have to consult with the vets carefully in order to maintain the balance of your pals’ energy per meal. 

You can choose either wet or dry food 

In terms of convenience, dry food is more advantageous as it is easier to clean up and store. On the other hand, if your pals have trouble chewing then wet food could be an ideal choice. It depends on the purposes, consider well and choose the one that benefits your dogs the most. 

Do not let your friends overeat 

Many of us are busy people so we usually prefer leaving food in our friends’ bowl all day to dividing meals. Nevertheless, this action could lead to the fact that our pals may be overeat and it could result in several diseases such as heart disease, obesity, etc. For the best advice, we should only feed them once in the morning and once when we return home from work. It is okay to have more suppers if they are still hungry. 

FAQ Time! What Do You Want To Know About The Best Food For Bulldogs UK? 

How much food do bulldogs UK need? 

When determining the amount of food to give an English Bulldog, it is critical to use the rate of calories, not the quantity. Various formulations and brands employ different components which results in calorie counts that differ.

The canines usually need approximately 1,145 calories a day to maintain good health. However, you should consider the age of your pals to check for suitable calorie rates. In this case, the aforementioned number is reasonable for an adult dog. Dogs that are dynamic or work a lot will need extra calories to restore those lost over the day. A dog will require around 1,300 calories at the high end of the scale. The additional calories will help to avoid nutritional shortages and other health problems. It also aids in the maintenance of a healthy weight.

If the dog loves to chill around most of the time, it will not require as much energy. This also applies to older dogs. They will require around 937 calories each day. This reduction in calorie intake guarantees that the dog will not acquire weight. Weight growth is a significant problem that afflicts the breed. Overweight is a real problem and can lead to a variety of health issues.

When is a good time to feed bulldogs UK?

Lots of dog owners give their dogs all of the food at once, it is critical to divide a dog’s food demand over a few distinct meals.

The meal should be divided into small portions to ensure that they get the recommended number of calories each day. The canines are well-known for their voracious appetite. They will consume until they are full. This phenomenon will likely cause overweightness and bloating. 

Bloating is extremely hazardous to bulldogs UK. It can potentially be deadly in rare circumstances. Dogs should consume many little meals in a day to reduce bloating and excessive gas.

The proper portion should ideally be divided into four smaller ones. The least repetition of meals should be twice a day.

What are common problems that bulldogs UK have?


These sluggish pups gain weight quickly. They have little energy and rarely engage in physical activity.

Owners must be proactive in order to keep the pals’s same weight through physical activities and serious dietary control.

The dogs need a sufficient amount of energy for their exercise level, as well as food that is low in harmful carbs.

As owners, we should carefully and cautiously check on our pals’ weight in order to stop the weight gain because those pups have a tough time shedding their heaviness. 

Hip dysplasia

Bulldogs UK are well-known for their distinctive appearance. They have an extreme low to the floor muscular physique. The majority of their bodily weight is concentrated around their stomach. This weight allocation and bone shape puts a lot of strain on the hip joints.

The hips are not correctly positioned in this situation. It causes discomfort and a visible change in the dog walks. Glucosamine could help with the issue. The substance helps to maintain the joints health by strengthening them.

There are plenty of dog diets containing natural glucosamine, whereas others are specially developed to fight hip dysplasia. It is a wise decision to look through the supplement’s components list.

Optical problems

It is not unusual for the canines to have vision problems. Dogs’ vision might begin to deteriorate at a young age. If this is the case, they may go blind in the end. Beta-carotene assists in preventing optical problems. It is known to improve the eyes when consumed on a regular basis.

It can be found in orange veggies like carrots. Owners may assist actively combat impaired vision by selecting a diet that has beta-carotene components.

Gas excessive and bloating 

Gas is an unpleasant consequence of a variety of meals. Bulldogs UK are vulnerable to gas. While it may appear to be a minor inconvenience, the bloating caused by gas can be fatal.

This swelling, known as stomach torsion, exerts oppression on internal organs and blood vessels. As a result, breathing becomes challenging and blood circulation is compromised.

Dogs can encounter death in just a few hours. Fortunately, this may be prevented by feeding the dog several little meals in a day rather than a huge meal.

What are essential nutrients?


Proteins are the building blocks of any dog meal. Canines are omnivores by nature and require flesh at a basic level. Proteins provide amino acids that these pals cannot acquire from other sources.

These amino acids aid in the correct functioning of the organism. A lack of this nutrient in a dog’s meal will result in many health issues such as the failure of organs or weakness. A high protein content is also advised.

When it comes to canine food, the origin of the nutrient is as essential as the amount. Because animal flesh contains a great amount of protein, the greatest source is usually natural meat. Hence, the choices vary from beef, pork to fish depending on your pals’ taste. 


Deciding the proper source of carbs for bulldogs in the UK is critical. Carbohydrates contribute to the generation of energy. They are typically a less expensive component to use in a food’s composition.

As a result, several brands incorporate a lot of carbs to reduce production cost. 

Sadly, heavy carbohydrate intake is detrimental to the canines. Low-quality carbohydrates should be strictly supervised due to their proclivity to cause weight gain.

Simple carbohydrates, such as maize, will lead the dog to gain weight. Instead, seek for formulations that incorporate slow-burning options. These carbohydrates will offer adequate fuel for energy production while keeping weight under control. Some examples are sweet potatoes, brown rice, barley, etc. 


Most canine diets are high in fat. Nonetheless, it is never a bad idea to inspect the origin to see if the fat is suitable for your pals. Fat is an essential component of every diet of bulldogs UK. They include fatty acids that aid in the maintenance of a healthy, glossy coat.

The meals should have a low fat content. Excessive consumption will result in an increase of weight. The source of protein is the finest source of fat. Nevertheless, some manufacturers include extra fat in the recipe to maximize the benefits of certain kinds of omegas. You can look for this nutrient in animal fat, fish oil. 

Minerals and vitamins

These two exist in a wide range of natural foods such as fruits or veggies. They are essential to a canine’s general heathiness and aid in the regulation of the body’s processes.

Natural organic food must be balanced with meats to be the safest. A diet consisting solely of organic foods will be detrimental.

To create a healthy mix of vitamins and minerals, dog food producers use a variety of different sources. Because no one fruit or vegetable has all of them, a variety is employed to create a perfect balance of essentials.

Check for the way to make best food for bulldogs uk now:


Before we come to the end, I would like to recommend my top 5 best food for bulldogs UK

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There we go, that is a wrap of my review of best food for bulldogs UK and I hope you all like it. Dogs are our best friends; therefore, we should take good care of them. Deciding which food is suitable for them is hard but we can do it if we really want to. Besides canines, we should treat all animals equally and if we pet any of them, we should love them as much as possible. Goodbye for now and see you later in my next posts! 

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