Top 10 Best Climbing Ascenders Reviews Comparison

Finding your best climbing ascenders? We have evaluated 246385 reviews through many products. Here are our top-ranked, best-selling and best rated climbing ascenders.

Bestseller No. 1
NewDoar For Rock Climbing Equipment Hand Ascender Tree Arborist Rappelling Gear Equipment Rope Clamp for 8~12MM Rope
  • [Safty Guarantee]: CE 1019-435 EN 567:2013 ensures its security.Hand ascender you can trust.Weight limited:140kg/ 308Ib,Breaking strength8.5KN.Tension:4KN,for 8~12MM Rope.
  • [Light Weight Ascender]:The aluminum alloy frame is light yet durable,Weighs only 0.52 lbs (237g)
  • [Great Grip]: Comfortable rubber handle adds the friction and protects climber's hand.
  • [Solid Stainless Steel Cam]: Made of stainless steel, rustproof and anticorrosion, can handle most situation and service for long.
  • [Multiple Holes]: For connecting carabiners and webbings. 2 hole attachments in both upper and lower side of ascender to let operator put to great use.
Bestseller No. 2
Alomejor Climbing Ascender Climbing Stop Descender Rope Rescue Equipment for Rock Climbing Outdoor
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】Hot forging al - mg alloy is characterized by high strength, it is light weight and easy to carry.
  • 【HIGH FRICTION】There are small lines on the stop wheel surface, which increases the friction and makes it easier to operate the rope in use.
  • 【GROOVES EMIT HEAT】There are grooves in the friction wheel, the rope will generate high temperature when falling, the grooves can emit heat, can reduce the loss of the rope.
  • 【HOLD THE HANDLE】The stop shaft is connected with the handle to control the descending speed through the strength of the handle. In case of panic, hold the handle tightly to stop in the air.
  • 【RUBBER SLEEVE】Rubber sleeve is added to the handle, which makes it more comfortable and easy to operate.
SaleBestseller No. 3
POHOVE Rope Ascender Climbing Tree Arborist Rope Grab Climbing Hand Ascender Fall Arrest Protection Belay Device Self-Locking Rope Grip Clamp for Outdoor Climbing(Blue)
  • Material: Made of hot forged aluminium-magnesium alloy, it has the characteristics of high strength, light weight and easy to carry.
  • Bearing Capacity: Max bearing capacity is 100kg.Working for 8-13mm rope.
  • Side Plate Design: Movable side plate design allows quick loading and unloading on any section of the rope.
  • Block Piece Design: The block piece is mainly used to stick the rope with the block piece to grab the rope and stop the slip.
  • Application: Reliable for outdoor tree climbing, single rope climbing and so on.
Bestseller No. 4
ANCLLO Hand Ascender Rock Climbing Tree Arborist Rappelling Gear Equipment Rope Clamp for 8 12MM Rope-Orange
  • Hand ascender you can trust.Weight limited:140kg/ 308Ib,Breaking strength8.5KN.Tension:4KN, for 8~12MM Rope.
  • The aluminum alloy frame is light yet durable,Weighs only 239g.
  • Comfortable rubber handle adds the friction and protects climber's hand.
  • Made of metal, rust and corrosion resistant, can handle most of the situation and provide services for a long time.
  • For connecting the safety buckle and the safety belt. Both sides of the raise and lower have 2 hole attachments to make the operator fully use of it.
Bestseller No. 5
Bnineteenteam Foot Ascender, Left/Right Foot Ascender, Climbing Quick-Step Foot Ascender Riser for Climbing Mountaineering (for Right Foot), Tree Climbing Gear
  • GOOD MATERIAL: The foot ascender is made of aluminum magnesium alloy which is not only lightweight but portable. Compare with other material, it’s much durable and it can also resist to corrosion.
  • IT'S UP TO YOU: For right or for left foot, you can buy one according to your own needs.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: The foot ascender is a good cooperation with hand ascender or chest ascender, use regulating buckle design, can adjust the size when using.
  • COMPACT SHAPE AND DURABILITY: The compact shape and durability of its attachment strap allows it to remain constantly attached to the foot.
  • FEATURE: The foot ascender for tree climbing is designed to make rope ascents more efficient and less tiring.
Bestseller No. 6
MAGT Foot Ascender Sling Sling Foot Loop Ascender Webbing Sling Climbing Ascender For Outdoor Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Expedition, Caving, Rescue Aerial Work
  • Precautions: Rescue, climb, climb, wall line,warning: The ppe (personal protective equipment) is not suitable for the use of the flat-belt ladder.
  • Applicable situation:Sling foot loop is used to climb up the difficult rock face directly at the belay point, or climb up a small distance on the eaves topography.
  • Can do climbing rope: Hand-hold risers can also be used for rope climbing.
  • Reliable and durable:Climbing foot padel has high tensile strength, low friction, light and anti abrasive.
  • We promise:The pedal sling is 100% new and high quality.
Bestseller No. 7
Fafeims Outdoor Adjustable Climbing Sling Ascenders Foot Ascender Loop Footloop Rising Device for Rescue Rappelling
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】Climbing foot up loop is widely used in rescue, climbing, rappelling, wall line, but PPE (personal protective equipment) is not suitable for flat strap ladder use.Climbing Belt is ideal for mountaineering, climbing, carving, tree arborist, rescue or other outdoor activities.
  • 【FUNCTION】The ascending footing sling can go up the difficult rock face directly at the belay point, or go up a small distance in the eave topography.Climbing Sling is very versatile.
  • 【EASY TO USE】The climbing pedal belt can be easily and quickly adjusted to the length of the foot hoop. Manual lifts can also be used to climb ropes.Climbing sling is very convenient to use.
  • 【HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH】The sling riser is made of high quality polyester fiber material, which has high tensile strength, low friction, lightweight and anti-abrasive.Ascender sling is safe to use.
  • 【LOW FRICTION】The climbing pedal has high tensile strength, low friction, light weight and wear resistance.Ascender sling's excellent workmanship makes it possible to use it to bring you a better experience.
Bestseller No. 8
Climbing Ascender Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Fall Arrest Safty Gear Rock Climbing Mountaineering Equipment (Orange)
  • HIGH QUALITY: This climbing ascender is made of high quality aeronautical aluminum materials, this climbing ascender riser is rather strong, lightweight and durable.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: When rising, the small ring should be kept on top, the cusp and shoulder strap connected, which can easily drive the human body upward.
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE: The thorns design with automatic mud discharging trenches make it has enough grip on frozen or muddy ropes.
  • ONE HAND OPERATE: The handle inside is equipped with high elastic spring, which make it possible to operate with one hand.
  • SCOPE OF APPLICATION: It is suitable for rope diameter 8mm-13mm, which is able to perform well in practical use.
Bestseller No. 9
Alomejor Climbing Rope Grab Self-braking Stop Descender Ascender Climbing Gear Rope 11-12.5mm for Climbing Exploring Rappelling(black)
  • 【STOP TOOTH】 This climbing rope grab is also designed with a stop tooth. Its main purpose is to hold rope and to support a stop rope.
  • 【ADJUSTING PIECE】Because the diameter of the safety wire rope used may be different, the wire rope grab needs to be adjusted to the appropriate size to make it better.
  • 【CONNECTING HOLE】 This climbing rope grab is designed with a connection hole to connect to the main lock, which is then used to connect to the harness or rope.
  • 【STOP PIECE】 This climbing rope grab has built-in stops that are used to grip the rope and prevent it from falling.
  • 【 FALL PROTECTION】The power zipper of the equipment can effectively reduce the impact of falling, can firmly grasp the safety rope, with the fall protection function.
Bestseller No. 10
Alomejor Climbing Foot Ascender Riser Right Foot Ascender with Adjust Buckle For Rock Climbing Mountaineering Equipment
  • 【ANTI FALLING OFF HOLE】The climbing foot strap anti-slip hole is hooked on the lock to prevent the riser from being accidentally used and the rope falling off. Safe to use.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE BUCKLE】The foot ascender used buckle is adjusted to make the product more secure, and the size can be adjusted at will. Fit for most people.
  • 【SUIT RANGE】The climbing foot ascender alloy steel rivet riser rivet adopts alloy steel and is firm and rust-free. Applicable rope 8-13mm, maximum load 100kg.
  • 【QUALITY PETALS】The adjustable foot loop pedals adopts high-strength polyester material, safe and secure, slidable and easy to use.
  • 【HOT FORGED ALUMINUM-MAGNESIUM ALLOY】Made of hot forged aluminum-magnesium alloy with excellent quality, light weight, convenient carrying and other excellent quality.

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