Top 10 Best Ceiling Paint UK Reviews And Comparisons 2024

Ceiling paint arrives in an assortment of definitions and completions. There is a wide scope of paints to browse from elastic, oil-based, matte, and lustrous items. Be that as it may, with so numerous ceiling paint items to browse, how would you pick the best one? What’s more, what qualities and rules would it be advisable for you to consider to choose the best ceiling paint UK? 

Ceiling paint should have great consistency for simple application. Then, at that point assess the climate. Painting the front room ceiling may not be suitable in the kitchen or restroom. 

For example, if we see the moisture-resistant qualities present in bathroom paint, we begin to understand why different colors are used for other parts of the house. For this reason, people want to know about the best ceiling paints in the UK to get the right paint for their ceilings.

Most people love white ceilings and choose white or off-white tones to color their ceilings as it makes the room look more open and bright, but with time, people are experimenting with darker colors. The ceiling paint color darker than the wall color brings warmth to the room, and the ceiling paint color matches the wall paint color to make the room more spacious.

Tracking down the right ceiling paint can frequently be befuddling, yet we’re here to help. Our group of specialists has tried and evaluated the most mainstream ceiling coatings in the UK. Our top picks beneath all function admirably in any climate and convey enduring outcomes. Look at them!

Best Ceiling Paint UK Comparison 2024

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Top 10 Best Ceiling Paint UK Reviews 2024

Zinsser ZN7380002C1 Ceiling Pro 5-In-1

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Zinsser Ceiling Pro is a 5-in-1 recipe for fillings and coatings, it likewise covers obstinate stains and scaffolds microcracks, giving an immaculate completion each utilization. Ideal for any climate, the item comes in just one tone, however, its flexibility pays off. 

Utilizing advancement innovation, this ceiling paint holds fast to any surface and accompanies an underlying biocide that secures the covering against contagious corruption. As such, the form will not trouble you, and the compound delays the existence of the paint. 

These benefits are joined with the item’s water-based detailing. This paint has a low substance of unstable natural mixtures and is protected to use in encased and ineffectively ventilated spaces. The low scent makes the item ideal for use in any climate, including rooms, while a 1-hour repaint time diminishes in general application time. 

Other fascinating highlights are the stain sealer and non-yellowing finish. This water-based item is not difficult to apply with a paintbrush, roller or sprayer and dries hard in only four hours. 

With a space of ​​​​up to 10m²/liter, Zinsser Ceiling is accessible in just one tone. Notwithstanding, the extraordinary properties of this item and its solidness on dividers make it the favored ceiling paint on the lookout.


  • Water-based
  • Drying fast
  • No needs to use primer


  • Only one color

Dulux Trade Diamond Matt

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Dulux Trade Diamond Matt is one of the most popular commercial paints. Formulated for walls and ceilings, this product comes in two colors and covers up to 16m²/litre. Available in 10L tanks, the water-based emulsion offers excellent value for money.

The Diamond Matt formula includes stain-resistant technology that makes it easy to clean over time without the need for re-polishing. This makes the emulsion perfectly suitable for high-traffic areas such as hallways and stairs, as well as for children’s rooms.

Ideal for application without primer on previously painted walls, the product adheres well and lasts for years without peeling or flaking.

Ready to be repainted in 4 to 6 hours, Dulux Diamond is easy to apply with a brush or roller. The diluted product is even compatible with airless and HVLP sprays, and the excellent viscosity allows for clean, drip-free application to ceilings. Primer is not always required, but paint adheres better to primed ceiling surfaces.

You should apply a thin coat of paint for new plaster and apply two coats of paint straight from the bath. The product also has better coverage on the primed surface if the base color is significantly darker.


  • Easy-to-apply
  • No needs to use primer
  • Easy to clean
  • Durability


  • Need more than two coats 

Dulux Once Matt Emulsion Paint For Walls And Ceilings

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Generally speaking, we picked Dulux Once Emulsion as the best ceiling paint, and a ton of our dynamic came from the way that it scored well in the entirety of our classes. 

Matte paint is appropriate for any inside divider and ceiling including parlors, foyers, rooms, and even restrooms. 

The thickness of the coat implies you’ve ensured an incredible completion after only one coat, and this is the place where Once’s emulsion truly sparkles. Painting ceilings is somewhat of a task, particularly for the less experienced, so taking care of business in a solitary coat will save a ton of time and bother. 

As far as to paint thickness, you’ll likewise get an additional advantage – it guarantees the paint doesn’t dribble during application. 

With the inclusion of around 11 m²/L joined with solid spreading capacity, you can without much of a stretch cover various rooms with only one tin and there is a wide range of light conceals to browse.

Dulux Once Matt Emulsion paint has a splendid unadulterated white tone with a limit of 5 liters. This paint is ideal for dividers and ceilings and requires only one coat for brilliant inclusion, making it the best ceiling paint. Its drying time is likewise very short, requiring just around 4 hours to dry, accelerating your paintwork. 

Paint gives you a delightful matte completion and comes in eight distinct tones. It comes in intense shadings and some nonpartisan tones, giving you a lot to browse. Another element of the paint is that it has a low smell, so it is not difficult to utilize inside ceiling paint. 

Dulux Once Matt Emulsion is a thick ceiling paint, extraordinarily intended to give you an impeccable completion after only one coat. It additionally has an exceptionally speedy drying quality, making it an ideal completion for your insides. 

With our surveys of the absolute best and confided in-ceiling paints in the UK, we trust they help you track down the right paint for your home.


  • Variety of colors
  • Long-lasting paint
  • Quick-drying


  • Thick creamy texture

Dulux 500000 Easycare Kitchen Matt Emulsion Paint For Walls And Ceilings

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Are you searching for the paint to conceal oil and food sprinkles in the kitchen? Then, at that point, Dulux Easycare paint is appropriate for you. The matte completion of this paint doesn’t mirror a large part of the light in your kitchen, while the smooth completion of this paint gives your kitchen dividers a really dazzling look. 

This paint secures you against everyday kitchen messes and oil by utilizing a spotless fabric you can make your kitchen dividers and cupboards perfect and clean. Contrasted and regular paints, this paint gives multiple times the strength. 

You can patch up your dividers and cupboards with 30 bolder, nonpartisan tones. This paint is made explicitly for kitchens, yet you can likewise apply it on roofs and other home dividers. As far as moderateness, it’s value for the money. It’s astonishing how inventively you can paint a little kitchen with simply a metal can. 

With a liter of its paint, it gives you 13 m² inclusion while it arrives in a 2.5L tin. This paint offers you a simple application choice. You can undoubtedly apply it with a paintbrush or roller. One coat is sufficient for wonderful flawlessness; notwithstanding, on the off chance that you need more than one coat, you can just sit tight for five hours prior to applying a subsequent coat.

This is helpful as it will not feature the inescapable splatters of food or oil in the kitchen. When cleaned, it will resemble new again and won’t blur even in the wake of scouring. This alternative has a more extended drying time per layer of roughly 5 hours, permitting it to bond and set all the more successfully.


  • Variety of colors (30 shades)
  • Easy-to-apply
  • Reasonable price


  • Thick texture

Johnstone’s 303967

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Johnstone’s is a brand known for quality paints at moderate costs, and one that stands apart from the entirety of this is their Matt Emulsion. This inside divider and ceiling paint shading arrives in a wide choice of neutrals and sensational shades, with Brilliant white being the most famous. 

Flaunting a non-yellowing equation, this water-based paint is ideal for use in any climate because of its restoring properties. Residue and messes can be effortlessly eliminated from dry surfaces with a moist material and gentle cleanser, the item holds its quality for a long time. 

Matte completions are additionally mainstream. This cutting-edge decision adds complexity to any home climate and mixes well in both conventional or present-day homes. 

Consistency is on the slim side, which means lower covering power. On a positive note, it additionally implies a fast and simple application, by brush or roller. The item is likewise viable with customary paint sprayers, making the application more straightforward. 

Something we would have preferred is an accommodation bundle. Matt Emulsion Brilliant White offered uniquely in 2.5L tubs can’t coordinate with the measure of adaptability the opposition offers.


  • Variety of colors
  • Drying quickly
  • Easy-to-clean


  • It needs more than two coats

Dryzone Anti Mould Paint 1L Brilliant White

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Breaks from water lines can cause clamminess and form in your home. Dryzone hostile to shape paint is exceptionally formed to oppose dark form and dampness. This paint comes in magnolia and white and can even oppose tireless buildup. This paint can be viewed as the best paint for restroom roofs in the UK because of these characteristics. 

This paint is an incredible decision for homes with dampness issues. It dries rapidly, and whenever it’s seared, you’ll get a launderable and simple to-clean completion. Paint appears to be a smidgen more costly than other ceiling paints, however, from its Mold Protection perspective, it appears to be awesome. 

The phenomenal exhibition of Dryzone Anti-Mold Emulsion is because of the current covering innovation and defensive characteristics of the paint. A painted surface can be effectively cleaned and accompanies dampness-safe property in it.


  • Drying quickly
  • Water-resistant


  • Expensive

CROWN Matt Emulsion Paint

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Are you searching for prudent kitchen paint? Then, at that point, nothing will beat this emulsion matt crown on the rundown. Non-poisonous quality, simple application, and great inclusion will extend your kitchen creativity. This paint gives you a drying season of 2 hours, while the repaint season of this paint is 4 hours. 

Its thin consistency requires numerous layers of paint to accomplish a 14 m²/L completion. The non-intelligent matte completion conceals all the messiness in your kitchen and makes the surface clean. Yours gets more splendid. Alongside kitchen application, you can utilize this paint on a wide range of dividers, including new drywall. 

The water-based recipe makes it simple to apply, however it gives you a proper completion in the den and nursery regions. Using it with a paintbrush and roller is simple work. It is provided in a 7.5L tin while its crate measurements are 5.6 x 4.4 x 2.4 cm. Dry opportunity to the touch is two hours, while reapplication time is four hours. 

This paint is uncommonly formed for use in the kitchen with a splendid unadulterated white you can illuminate your kitchen, however, it comes up short on the properties of opposing stains, dampness, and oil.


  • Water-based
  • Easy-to-apply


  • It needs more than two coats

Dulux Matt Paint

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In case you’re searching for flexibility, Dulux Matt Paint could be your #1 partner. Accessible in an assortment of impartial and emotional shadings, this item is formed for dividers and roofs, is not difficult to apply with an assortment of apparatuses, and dries to accomplish a smooth matte completion that conceals minor flaws. divider. 

Harder to clean than other ceiling paints yet versatile to the requirements of any space, this velvety emulsion dries in two hours and can be repainted in only four hours, contingent upon temperature and dampness. 

Splendid tones are not difficult to blend and match and they all dry into a cutting-edge level surface. Contemporary shades supplement the inside and most tones are ideal for use on the roof. Chromalock innovation additionally keeps tones splendid for more by making an imperceptible defensive obstruction. 

We like the immense decision with regards to picking amounts. Dulux Matt is accessible in 3L, 5L, 6L, and 7L tubs, giving the capacity to buy the necessary amount. Comprehensively talking, the item has inclusion up to 13m²/liter and as a rule, requires two coats for complete inclusion. In situations where a huge shading change is required, multiple layers of paint might be required.


  • Good coverage
  • Creamy texture


  • Hard-to-clean
  • It needs more than two coats

Polycell Crack-Free Ceilings

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Polycell Crack-Free Ce Ceiling is a simple to utilize ceiling paint planned to reestablish broke roofs back to like new. The emulsion adjusts to the surface with an adaptable recipe, filling in little holes and covering minor defects for faultless outcomes. 

Accessible in 2.5 and 5L tubs, the item is not difficult to apply. One coat is normally enough to accomplish great inclusion and the item dries in around 3 hours, contingent upon conditions. Inconsistent with sprayers, Polycell is not difficult to apply with a paintbrush or roller. 

We like the equation to apply an adaptable coat to the ceiling to keep breaks from returning. Smooth, dependable outcomes forestall stains and are hard to clean while the item is reasonable for use on uncovered or recently painted dividers. 

With regards to decision, the item comes in just one tone yet comes in two completions. The matte completion is reasonable for an assortment of conditions from living regions to resting regions. For high-thickness and high-traffic regions, we feel a silk finish is best. 

With a low substance of unpredictable natural mixtures, the paint is additionally protected to use in shut conditions. It has a low scent, making it reasonable for rooms and youngsters’ rooms. As far as inclusion, Polycell covers a space of ​​up to 17m²/liter.


  • Good coverage
  • Smooth finish


  • Only one color

Leyland Trade Contract Matt

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Leyland Trade Contract Matt is a top-notch emulsion appropriate for ceilings and dividers. The consistency makes it simple to apply with a brush or roller – while the weakened equation is viable with most brands of sprayers. 

Emulsion coatings are accessible in limits up to 14m lít/liter and are accessible in two tones: conventional white and contemporary magnolia. The two tones pair well in any inside plan and both are reasonable for use on roofs. 

Something else we like is the full-body matte completion that helps cover minor surface defects. Ideal for use on exposed and recently painted dividers, the item follows better when applied over preliminary. Brilliant inclusion guarantees ideal outcomes with only two coats. 

Leyland Trade likewise accompanies a 1-year maker’s guarantee and it has exceptional roof obstruction. Likewise, the launderable equation makes it simple to eliminate stains and stains on the off chance that you choose to utilize the two dividers and roofs.

Leyland Trade Contract Matt is an excellent paint that functions admirably for the two roofs and dividers. The paint has an exceptionally thick consistency and is not difficult to apply. It gives a smooth and perfect matte completion that covers all defects on different surfaces, and the paint inclusion is additionally brilliant. Emulsion paint has two tones: customary white and magnolia; both of these shadings are appropriate for roofs. 

You will not get paint and prep coating in one, yet this item gives you a lot of sturdier outcomes while applying a preliminary with simply the two coats required for an ideal completion. With a large number of the above characteristics, it is not difficult to say that this paint is the best ceiling paint UK. To paint the roof, you can paint effectively with a brush or paint roller.


  • Easy-to-clean
  • Cover of 140m2
  • Ideal for new work


  • Long drying time
  • It needs to use with primer

How To Choosing Best Ceiling Paint UK For Your Home

As of late, numerous strange items have shown up. Presently you can without much of a stretch discover writing slate (or white) paint and attractive paint to transform a smooth surface into a release board. The shading range has been immensely improved and you’ll see them all introduced in a rich shading histogram with reminiscent names…or not.

It’s dependent upon you to detect the distinction between Sahara and Sun Dune! Concerning the completion, matte paint is an awful decision for surfaces that are probably going to be utilized constantly. As far as support, all paints are launderable however to changing degrees.

Discharges of VOCs and remember that appropriate arrangement is a fundamental beginning stage for an outcome that lives up to your desires. For best outcomes, outfit yourself with create apparatuses (plate, rollers, tuckers, canvases, and so forth)

Paint makers produce particular paints for explicit applications around your home. For instance, outside divider paint is weatherproof and strong, yet you wouldn’t have any desire to paint your inside dividers inside your home with those. So underneath are the helpful data we bring to you so you can pick the best ceiling paint UK for you…


Lighter tones are the most ideal decision with regards to ceiling paint tones. Whites, creams, and beiges function admirably to make a room look bigger and more extensive while additionally giving great reflections to build the measure of light in the room normally. 

All things considered, you don’t simply need to stay with these shadings. Hazier shades have the contrary impact on whites and function admirably, causing a space to feel cozier, particularly if your room has higher-than-ordinary roofs. 

You likewise need to remember that inside finishing patterns are continually changing, particularly with the coming of online media sharing. Painting your roof more obscure and afterward altering your perspective methods you’ll have to invest more exertion next energy.

Type of room

You will need to pick your best ceiling paint tone contingent upon the space or room of the house that you will paint. Various conditions present various difficulties, particularly with regards to restrooms and kitchens. 

As a matter of fact, kitchens and washrooms ought to consistently utilize a particular paint. For instance, utilizing a standard emulsion in your restroom may work, yet you’ll expand your odds of shape development since it’s not exactly as great at repulsing water.


Ceiling paint likewise has particular details. Since you’re painting inside, probably the most significant concern is picking paint that is low in unpredictable natural synthetic compounds (VOCs). 

VOCs are what give the room a paint-like scent as it dries. VOCs can likewise remain airborne for a few days after the paint dries. 

Another fundamental property of ceiling paint is its consistency. Producers remember non-trickle innovation for the paint to keep paint from dribbling from the roof during and in the wake of painting. 

Most ceiling paints likewise have a material that permits you to wash the roof outside without harming the paint. 

The consistency of roof paint is additionally ideal for covering blemishes and stains on your roof. 

Continuously paint your jacket utilizing the right paint for the sort of roof you are painting. Rollers are reasonable for level roofs, while popcorn roofs require the utilization of a splash firearm spout.

Conclusion: Top 5 Picks Of Best Ceiling Paint UK 

Picking the best ceiling paint UK for your application is vital on the off chance that you need the best completion for your paintwork. Every roof paint in this audit has novel qualities for various applications. 

Analyze the item data in this audit with your roof painting needs and use it to settle on an educated purchasing choice. 

Beginning from the right foot is vital when painting your roof. In the event that you pick some unacceptable paint tone for the work, you are burning through your time and cash and you should begin once again. 

In the event that you don’t have any talented abilities, consider employing a project worker to accomplish the work for you and stay away from the problem related to painting your roof.

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