Top 15 Caberg Helmets Review That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2024

We know that when you scroll into our article, you may want to buy a new helmet for yourself. There are many options for you in the market; therefore, you will feel tired and give up right away. In that time, you see our Caberg helmets review and decide to take a look. 

This brand can give you what you’re looking for, a high-quality yet affordable helmet. Moreover, safety is one of the most crucial factors that the brand focuses on; therefore, the helmet offers an excellent safety range compared to any premium brand. 

Also, they offer a wide variety of helmet types, which we will describe later in this article. Therefore, you will get to choose many fashionable options. In the end, you get only one head, and you should find something that suits your preferences and needs. 
We know that not many Internet sources talk about choosing the right helmet generally and a Caberg helmet specifically. Knowing your concern, we’ve included the top 15 reviews and a buying guide for your future purchases. 

Best Caberg Helmets Review & Comparison 2024

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Top 15 Best Caberg Helmets Review 2024

Caberg Unisex’s DUKE II Motorcycle Helmet

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If you want to find a high-quality modular helmet, this could be the one for you!

The revolutionary dual visor technological system on the Duke II enables you to always ride with the correct light setting. Thus optimum safety owing to an incorporated sun shield that is simple to maneuver.

The sunlight visor is anti-scratch, while the outside visor, due to the dual-pin lock lens, is not only non-scratch but also fog-resistant. 

Two wide, easy-to-use impellers on the chin shield and the cap top provide excellent inner air circulation through various internal channels. 

The interior is fully detachable and easy to wash, with bright back inlays and absorbent and hypoallergenic fibers for optimal refreshment and sanitation.

Inside, you’ll find the up-to-date Just Speak communications network, which enables you to talk not only with your smartphone and your companion but also with a Global Positioning System and other devices.


  • Simple design
  • The interior is detachable and easily washable
  • High-quality visor technological system 
  • Unique Bluetooth connection


  • Relatively expensive to some people

Caberg Freeride Jet Helmet

[amazon box=”B019HMHTP0″ ]

If you want to find a lightweight jet helmet, this could be the one for you!

The Caberg Freeride Open-Face Motorbike Helmet is a scooter-specialized lid with a light three-composite structure and a minimalistic form that fits comfortably beneath tight seating.

It can be used either with provided long transparent face shield or Caberg antique glasses, sold separately. The inner, which is constructed of breathable materials and leather embellishments, is detachable and washable.

In particular, the Freeride comes with the Bluetooth Just Speak S communications network pre-installed. Overall, this is a terrific small helmet with a lot of personality and design that will add some flair to your equipment.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Low-profile
  • Mesh fabrics make it breathable
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Rain protection rims prevent rain from streaming down your neck. 


  • None. Customer satisfaction is high. 

Caberg Ghost Rusty Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

[amazon box=”B077MNHDF2″ ]

If you want to find a classical-style helmet, this could be the one for you!

This Jet is provided not only with a goggle-shaped face shield that sticks to the face due to a foam design with the inside bottom part of the face shield. 

And with a user-friendly shield protects the face from cold winters, from eating too many midges in the summer. Opening and closing the visor with one hand is straightforward and intuitive due to a magnetic tilting mechanism.

This distinguishes this helmet from other open-face helmets available with a typical goggle, shield, and rubber strap rings. The inner, which is composed of porous textiles, is detachable and easy to clean.

The craftsmanship is evident in the finish of the sophisticated components and elements, all handcrafted in Italy, like the five screws on the rims, the metal-air distribution on the neck strap, and the leather inlays. 

Because of the area behind the detachable lining to accommodate the speakers, this helmet can also be connected with the Caberg Bluetooth communications network Just Speak S. 

Aside from the usual mild smoked finish, you can personalize your helmet.


  • Brilliant lid
  • Fits well
  • The visor is simple to open and close
  • Sophisticated craft
  • Convenient Bluetooth connectivity


  • None. Customer satisfaction is high.

CABERG Riviera V3 Helmet

[amazon box=”B019ZJ0UJM” ]

If you want to find a helmet with a simple design, this could be the one for you!

This helmet features a Polycarbonate outer shell; you should know that it will be easy to form and affordable. Therefore, that’s why you see this helmet at a reasonable price, rather than other helmets.

Moreover, it offers a double visor; one is the transparent visor. Like its name, the visor will be delicate and refined, allowing maximum light to get through your visor and specifically most suitable for low-light, dark environments. 

Moreover, the smoked visor will provide maximum protection from the sunlight, which will never hurt your eyes. Generally, one visor will help you easily transport in the sunlight, and one will be appropriate in the dark. Cool, right?

Also, these two visors are anti-scratch, you will never have to experience the annoying feeling when you see all these scratches, but there’s nothing you can do. And there’s also a micrometric buckle. 


  • Right size
  • User-friendly sun protection
  • Overall worth for the money
  • Looks amazing


  • The interior of the helmet may dissolve because of the sweat. 

Caberg Duke Ii Hivizion Yellow Helmet

[amazon box=”B06XJ3C56W” ]

Another helmet we want to introduce to you, here’s it!

Due to its athletic and distinctive appearance, it is intriguing, comfy, and firmly engaging. The helmet can be sealed and released thanks to the double homologation (P/J). 

Thermoplastic material is used to create the most high-quality helmet. 

It contains a single-handed modular helmet, including the front half secured in an open position; it may also be folded up and used as a jet helmet, homologated as an integrated jet helmet (P/J).

Generally, it features a rain-resistant design, dual non-turbulent neck security, detachable Windstopper, anti-scratch face shield with a pin lock, built-in sun visor, easy and rapid visor replacement, face shield and head circulation,


  • Great-quality helmet
  • Great visor and pin lock feature
  • Outstanding neon yellow color


  • Relatively expensive to some people

Motorcycle Caberg Duke II Smart Helmet Black

[amazon box=”B01N8VZRIL” ]

If you want to find a helmet with various color options, this could be the one for you!

The Caberg Duke II basic modular motorbike helmet is an excellent alternative for motorcyclists seeking security and wellbeing on the road. 

Sophisticated current technologies and a compelling appearance guarantee that your journey is enjoyable year-round, despite the weather. 

You can deliberately combat visor fogging with a pin lock compatible face shield and maintain optimal visibility and brightness at any time. Available in various colors to complement any motorist’s outfit, bicycle, and individual preferences!


  • Lightweight yet solid
  • Blocks out wind and noise and keep the cold air out of the eyes well
  • Breathable
  • Convenient Bluetooth system
  • Various color options


  • The side lock sometimes gets stuck. 

Caberg Droid Blaze Flip-Up Helmet

[amazon box=”B01MY8WHTQ” ]

Here’s another helmet we want to introduce to you today!

This helmet is an individual-handed operating modular helmet. When the front half is released, it locks into position. Because of the foldable front, the helmet can be used as a jet helmet.

The pin lock is included in the scratch-resistant face shield. Changing the visor is now quicker and more efficient.


  • Looks cool 
  • Worth for the price
  • Changing visor is quick and convenient
  • Versatile, can shift the helmet into the jet helmet
  • Detachable and washable interior
  • High-quality materials


  • None. Customer satisfaction is high. 

CABERG Uptown Jet Helmet

[amazon box=”B01DAKN3KU” ]

Here’s another helmet we want to show you today!

Shell is made of thermoplastic with two different sizes, which are transparent and smoked. The transparent visor will help you ride safely in the evening, while the smoked visor will be better when directly exposing to the sunlight. 

There is a buckle with micrometer measurements. Internal airflow has been improved.  Other features include disposable and machine washable rain protection seals for rain protection to prevent water from streaming down your neck.  

Finally, on the side, Just Speak S is available for the Bluetooth system.


  • Comfortable, perfectly snug fit
  • Well-packaged
  • Disposable and washable 
  • High-quality rain protection seal, keeping you away from inconvenience


  • None. Customer satisfaction is high. 

CaberG Jacket Helmet

[amazon box=”B077MG5LMW” ]

We think that you should put this helmet into your list of considerations!

This helmet features polycarbonate as an excellent-quality material, which will make your excellent helmet quality but relatively heavy to some people.

There is a built-in sun face shield with a transparent, scratch-resistant, pin lock-prepared visor. Interior elements include a detachable, comfortable, and easy-to-wash inner liner shape.

For your information, the chin, the back, and the top of the head are all ventilated. Micrometric ratcheting fastener is a fastener type—wind protector on the chin and visor that may be removed without equipment.


  • High-quality materials
  • The built-in sun face shield will protect your face parts, specifically the eyes.
  • Removable and washable liner shape 
  • The convenient ventilation system in the chin, back, top of the head
  • You can detach the visor.


  • Relatively heavy to some people

Caberg Duke II Super Legend Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet

[amazon box=”B082ZNY2K9″ ]

Duke is the outcome of Caberg’s practice as the very first Italian business to manufacture modular helmets. 

Duke has double homologation P/J, enabling you to drive with the chin protection open while maintaining safety owing to the P/J button on the helmet’s left side.

When this button is in the “J” configuration, the chin protection is blocked in the wholly open field, preventing the chin shield from closing accidentally. The new Duke weight is only 1550 g+/-50 grams, mainly because of the lowered helmet dimensions.


  • Looks flawlessly
  • A high-impact ABS shell will keep you safe.
  • The convenient quick-release visor system
  • Internal air circulation makes you feel comfortable.
  • Amazing rain protection rims


  • None

Helmet Caberg Levo White Metal

[amazon box=”B01N5PZG3T” ]

The external shell is constructed of Fibers composition or entirely of carbon fiber in the Levo Carbon variant. The two outside shell sizes enable a precise match between the helmet size and the motorist’s size.

Levo, the dual P/J Certification, distinguishes it. With open chin protection, both the ECE regulation inspections for integral helmets (P) and those in jet format (J) have passed. 

The ventilator consists of two forward valves and two rear extractors that provide excellent relaxation even under the harshest conditions through the ducts in the inner shell.

The broad visor, which guarantees an equivalent front openness of the view at 82 degrees, is one of Levo’s unique features. 

The pin locks maximum visibility, the free-of-fog lens is also included, a built-in sun face shield, dual-visor technology, and easy maneuverability even when wearing gloves. 

The interior comprises the best textiles with excellent ventilation and sterilized processes and is detachable and washable.


  • High-quality materials
  • Include many unique features
  • Offers right size
  • High visibility and maneuverability level
  • Detachable interior


  • None

Caberg Drift Evo Carbon Motorcycle Helmet

[amazon box=”B077KJ6N42″ ]

The most significant update is the external shell, which is available in two sizes from XS to XXL, and which, when combined with a revised inner liner shape, provides the ideal mix of convenience and form.

The back spoiler improves aerodynamics at incredible speeds, decreases disturbance, and offers the helmet a dynamic and powerful appearance. 

In terms of the inner liner shape, the cheek cushions have been altered to provide a better fit; a different size can be changed and installed to get a correctly customized fit. 

The fast-release face shield mechanism on the Drift Evo enables visor self-customization to ensure that the visor and glass beading is in close touch. 

It will not be essential to physically control the face shield mechanism with a dual spring action to prevent water and air ingress.


  • Perfect fit
  • High-quality interior
  • Lightweight
  • Carefully packed when arriving


  • None

Caberg Riviera V4 Elite Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

[amazon box=”B08R7BHDCC” ]

Shells are made of high-impact ABS and come in three sizes and optimal morphological optimization. It features a transparent primary face shield and smoked sunshade visor. Congratulations, you will receive a dual visor technology. 

The primary visor will include the non-scratch feature. You can detach the visor with equipment. Fun, right? There is a micrometer retractable clasp as a fastening system.

Rims for rain prevention will keep you not too inconvenient when facing rain or light situations. Fully detachable and washable cheek cushions will keep your helmet in great shape by removing and washing the cheek cushions.

The helmet is compatible with the Just Speak Evo Bluetooth communication network as well as other alternative systems. Finally, it is certified by ECE 22.05, which is the minimum safety requirement throughout Europe.


  • High-quality shell material
  • Looks amazing
  • Affordable
  • The washable cheek cushions maintain your helmet in top conditions.
  • Convenient Bluetooth connection


  • None

Caberg Flyon Bakari Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

[amazon box=”B082ZPRNX7″ ]

The Flyon is a revolutionary new Caberg open-face motorcycle helmet designed for everyday metropolitan and added-urban riding. 

Because of the excellent quality of the materials used and the significant characteristics of this jet crash helmet, you may ride greater distances on moderate and great-powered motorbikes without switching to a full-face or modular helmet.

The Flyon delivers the best matching balance between the shell size and the motorist’s head, with fiber composition for the outside shells offered in two sizes.


  • High-quality yet affordable helmet
  • Glasses seating offers optimal comfort for people wearing eyeglasses.
  • The convenient wireless communication system
  • Passes the minimum safety requirements test


  • None

Caberg Men’s Jet Freeride Old White Motorcycle Helmet

[amazon box=”B07L3WGXLQ” ]

Finally, here’s our final product!

It also comes in a carbon variant with a casing composed entirely of visible carbon fiber. The compact shell size allows for a little above 800 grams, making it one of the lightest available.

Also, it can be readily stored in even the tiniest saddle. 

Freeride may be readily outfitted with the included lengthy and clear visor, which is helpful in the colder months and on journeys out through the door, or with vintage glasses, which can purchase separately for riders who want a more casual style.

The inside is detachable and washable, featuring ventilated textiles and leather. Freeride may be equipped with an innovative Bluetooth communicator due to the areas available for speakers under the detachable interior.


  • Lightweight
  • Classical style
  • The detachable and washable inside offers you excellent hygiene.
  • Available in various colors


  • None

Buying Guide: How To Pick Caberg Helmets Review In 2021

After reading our reviews, have you found any helmet that you are interested in it? We bet that most answers are no. If the answer is yes, we think that you are the lucky person. Congratulations! 

You may ask yourself many questions, such as: “How can I distinguish this helmet from this helmet?” or “Which criteria do I need to focus on when deciding to buy Caberg helmets?” or “Why do all these helmets look so similar to each other, they’re so confusing.”

caberg helmets review

We were like you in the past; those questions that the ones we’ve been asking ourselves and trying to find the answer to them. Luckily, after hours of learning and researching, we can finally obtain valuable information on choosing the right helmet and want to share it today. 

Firstly, we want to introduce you to Caberg since we know that not all of you know about this brand, and some of you may simply click on this article. 

What Is Caberg?

This brand was founded in 1974 at Bergamo, a Northern Milan city of Italy, a Lombardy region. You may ask us: “Why is Caberg? Is there any hidden message after this name?”

Well, during our research, we’ve discovered that this name is shortened for Caschi di Bergamo, also known as helmets from Bergamo. We were also surprised when we found out this name’s meaning; however, it may be because we didn’t learn Italian. 

Also, this brand offers some unique selling points, such as the first Italian helmet manufacturers offering flip-up helmets and the second worldwide one. 

The reason why Caberg is favored is mainly because of the belief in potentiality for the touring market. 

And thanks to the combination between looks and functionality, the focus on production, management, and testing, these helmets provide you with the highest safety range with comfort. 

Because of this vision, Caberg is now available in most European countries. Fortunately, they also grow to other countries outside Europe like Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, and other South American countries. 

If you are outside Europe, make sure that you check their websites to see if they are available in your countries. If not, you may have to ship from other countries. 

Now, you may have some basic information about Caberg, their history, developments, how they differentiate from other helmets in the market. Until this point, you may ask yourself that which product will be available to you. Therefore, let’s see what we’ve got. 

What’s Available In Caberg?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, this brand specializes in producing smart helmets, specializing in combining looks and functionality. Therefore, it will have helmets for everyone, from everyday riders, scooters riders to professional ones. 

And we’ve mentioned previously, one of the features that characterize Caberg from others is the production of flip-up helmets. Their modular helmets are of excellent quality while maintaining at a reasonable price. 

And thanks to having a wide range of development and knowledge of flip-up helmet production, the brand now can offer many excellent-quality products and satisfy many customers. 

In general, not only limited to the flip-up helmets, but the Caberg also provides you with full-face, modular, open-face, and children’s helmets. Also, there are various prices, which means it can fit almost everyone’s budget. 

We will assume that all of you know the necessity of helmets in your daily life. It will serve you in your daily transportation, occasional road trips, group riding. We know it’s fun to have riding companions to feel the atmosphere around and improve the experience. 

Since there are various purposes for using helmets, we will move to the critical part in this article: factors to consider when deciding to buy a motorcycle helmet in general and a Caberg helmet in specific. 

But first, we think it is best to tell you some motorcycle helmet’s anatomies, which will give you a complete insight into what contains in a helmet. 

caberg helmets review

Some Motorcycle’s Anatomies

Outer Shell

The name describes precisely its functions, right? It’s the colored part you see from outside of your helmet. Its function is to protect your head from impacts and prevent the infiltration of outer objects, such as rocks, etc. 

Impact-Absorbing Liner

For your information, the outer shell’s inside is the impact-absorbing liner; the primary material is the EPS foam, also known as Expanded Polystyrene foam. What makes this material unique is the effective insulator. And it can form into various shapes. 

The primary function of this part is to absorb and re-channel the energy during the impact. In other words, it safeguards the energy from transferring into our heads. Some models may include a double-density layer. 

Comfort Layer

This part is the one that allows you to rest your head while you’re wearing the helmet. According to our research, this part usually covers the foam where the cells interconnect, covering in a cloth material, making you evaporate sweat and feel calm. 

For your information, you can remove it for cleaning purposes and change it into another liner shape to fit with various head shapes. 

Chin Strap

The chin strap, also known as the retention system, is the system keeping your helmet secure below your chin. It is usually made from woven fabric with two D-shaped metal rings to attach the strap. 

caberg helmets review

The strap’s material is usually the same as the comfort liner as it will stay on your skin; therefore, it needs to evaporate your sweat and makes you feel comfortable. 

Ventilation System

We will talk a lot about the ventilation system down here in the helmet type, which will assist you in keeping your heads cool and wicking away sweat. You will find this system in a full-face or open-face helmet. 

You may have the option to open and close the ventilation system. During summer, it’s best to open the system, while you should close the system in the winter. 

Generally, you should find the helmet with an adjustable ventilation system, giving you the best comfort. 

Face Shield

We will use the word “visor” more; therefore, don’t feel worried if you may not understand in the first place. 

This part will keep you safe from any debris, dust, and extreme conditions that may hurt some features in your face, specifically the eyes. You can remove it to clean or replace it with another face shield. 

Also, they will arrive with various colors and tints, depending on your environment. Make sure to keep your visor clean while going into a low-light environment. 

Cheek Pads

This part will stay on your cheeks, giving you added comfort and protection for your face, keeping your helmet in place. Luckily, you can remove it for cleaning and customize it to match various head shapes. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Caberg Helmet 

Firstly, we think the most vital aspect you need to consider is choosing the helmet types. During our research, we’ve seen that the Caberg produces three helmets types: modular, full-face, and jet helmets.

We want to give you a little information before going into this section. As research on the Internet, you cannot see the jet options. However, you should know that it is a type of open-face helmet. Therefore, we will talk about it. 

caberg helmets review

Every helmet type has its benefits and drawbacks, so we should list its purpose, its best use, and when you shouldn’t use every kind. Only in this way can you take full advantage of your helmet and use it entirely to your needs. 

Helmet Type

This helmet offers complete coverage for your head and neck. In our perspective, this helmet type will provide you with the highest safety level of all kinds we will mention down here. It will protect you from all potentially dangerous situations. 

Full-face Helmet
Full-face Helmet’s Design and Features

With this full-face helmet, one point that we love the most is the chin protection bar, which lacks in many helmet types. 

You should know that the most likely cause of the tragic accident is because the chin doesn’t have any protection. Therefore, this helmet type will offer protection to all your jaw and chin. 

Also, you may think this helmet type is not ventilated; it increases the helmet visor fogging; therefore, you may sweat a lot. However, thanks to the ventilation system, the air you breathing out is no longer trapped in the helmet and creates a mist inside. 

And you should know that if it hadn’t been for the ventilation system, this condition could worsen in the winter. Therefore, in the winter, you can close the system to decrease the airflow. 

Recently, some innovative features have been included in the helmet, such as Bluetooth connection, increased-perceptibility structure, and self-adjusted visor to other conditions, such as direct exposure to sunlight. 

caberg helmets review
Advantages and Disadvantages

Like we’ve said before, this helmet type is a practical option for all-type riders. The only point you should remember is that this helmet type varies depending on the ride type you’re about to go. 

Generally, it can protect you from different kinds of weather, even the extreme ones. More importantly, you don’t need to wear eyeglasses since some helmet types contain tinted visors. 

However, there are still some drawbacks. Since it will cover your whole head, it will prevent you from hearing traffic noises and your colleagues during your trip riding together. 

Moreover, you may feel stifled and hot, especially during hot summers, because of the airflow limitation to your face. Although it still has a ventilation system inside, you still find it hard to breathe. 

Jet Helmets

As we’ve said before, this type is a subset of the open-face helmet kind. For your information, the jet helmet is more like a classical type. Therefore, we will talk about the open-face helmet; the classic is simply a style, a design. 

You may see them a lot outside; it only covers your head’s top and back, only exposing your face. Moreover, this helmet will feature a chin protection bar lack, which may decrease the safety of your riders. 

Jet Helmet’s Design and Feature

This helmet type still offers optimal coverage to your head compared to the full-face helmet. Furthermore, you may feel the jet helmet may be more lightweight than the full-face because of the lack of chin protection; however, we think it’s not too much. 

caberg helmets review

Due to the lack of a visor, you may need to purchase the part separately to protect your face from extreme weather, especially your eyes from sunlight. In another way, some brands also include partial or complete visors. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

One obvious advantage is that it can be more comfortable for you during your ride trip. You can freely talk to your companions and hear them more clearly. You can see a broad view range, no need to worry about blind spots. 

And you can listen to what’s on the streets, the sirens, the horns, which is more suitable for heavy traffics than the full-face one. Like we’ve said before, it will be more lightweight and causes less fatigue than the full-face helmet. 

However, the most noticeable advantage is that it won’t give you optimal protection due to the lack of chin protection. Previously, the chin injury takes into account a vast number of serious accidents. Therefore, you can’t fully protect your face. 

Also, you will need to use your sunglasses and face masks instead of having your visors covered your whole face. With some of you, it may cause convenience, such as itching on your face. 

And during the long trips, it may not be the ideal choice for you since the noise and winds may negatively affect you. 

Modular Helmets

Although we may say it too much, we need to emphasize that this helmet type is the best-seller, must-have helmet for this brand. This helmet kind is a combination between the full-face and the open-face helmet. 

caberg helmets review

Therefore, you still have the chin protection, yet you can flip up the visor to reveal your face if you have to. 

Modular Helmet’s Features and Design

This helmet contains the same material as the full-face ones. It also includes an internal visor for eye protection against the sunlight, besides the primary visor. Cool, right? 

It will be less safe than the full-face helmet because of the hinge features; however, it will be lighter. In contrast, it will be much safer than the open-face one due to the chin protection. 

And it will include some up-to-date technology features, such as Bluetooth connection, the double-visor system, and fogging-resistant in the central visor system. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like we’ve mentioned previously, this helmet will offer you much safety level while still giving you enough freedom to feel the atmosphere outside or talk to your friends while riding. 

However, the disadvantage is the hinge and the locking. The two-part structure may allow more winds through the crack, making the internal structure noisier than the full-face. And the lock sometimes gets broken. 


In this material section, we will talk about the outer shell material. There will be four options for you: Fiberglass composition, Carbon, Polycarbonate, and Carbon Fiber composition. 

Firstly, Polycarbonate offers simple formation and affordability. However, it’s not the most robust material because it doesn’t scrape perfectly; therefore, the helmet using this material will be heavy, which some of you will not like. 

This material will be much more robust with the Fiberglass composition, yet your helmet will be lighter than the Polycarbonate ones. However, it will be harder to make; therefore, leading to the higher cost. 

Another drawback is that it will likely be cracked when facing impact. It means that the helmet transfers the energy well, which is good. However, you will have to re-buy the helmets. 

caberg helmets review

Next, we talk about the Carbon Fiber composition; we see this material as an excellent combination of strength and price. It offers a robust, durable material with high scrape resistance yet still maintains a good weight. 

Finally, Carbon helmets it is the up-to-date helmet technology today. Therefore, it introduces robust outer shells that will be long-lasting and close to being unable to destroy. However, the high price will be the factor you need to consider. 

Helmet Safety Ratings 

When researching Caberg’s website, you may see the term ECE22.05. You may ask yourself, what is this? Well, these are the helmet safety level requirements for motorcycle helmets in Europe. 

For your information, the ECE is an abbreviation of Economic Commission for Europe. To ensure the standard for safety in traffics in Europe, they have developed guideline 22 to determine the minimum safety levels for helmets sold in Europe. 

You should only buy a helmet that complies with this safety requirement. However, the protection level among helmets is different; at least the manufacturers should reach the minimum protection requirements before enhancing the safety levels. 

Luckily, the Caberg passes this requirement; therefore, you may buy this helmet without hesitation. 


It’s best to choose the right-sized helmet for you to protect your safety. However, many of you may not be familiar with this process, including the measurement. Therefore, we will give you a guideline based on our experience. 

Firstly, find out your head shape. People’s heads will fall into these three categories: round oval, long oval, and intermediate oval. To correctly determine, you should flatten down your hair and ask a friend to take a picture of your head from the top. 

Next, find your helmet size. You should ask your friend to measure the circumference of your head using a soft measuring tape. The measurement will take place from your eyebrows to the back of your head, including the largest part. 

And now, you will compare your results to the manufacturers’ size chart to find your size. The Caberg size is available from XS (Extra small) to XXL (Double extra large), and the associated measurement in number. 

You should try on the helmet before buying. The helmet’s eye port should be just on top of your brows, and it should sit straight on your head. 

caberg helmets review

A correctly sized motorcycle helmet will be challenging to put on first, but it will gradually soften as it gets broken in. 

If your fingers easily integrate between your head and the helmet, or if the helmet slips, you’ll probably require a smaller measurement. With no pressure areas, the helmet should suit snugly around your face and head. 

Finally, the cheek cushions can then be altered for a suitable fit if needed. That’s it! That’s our way of choosing the correct-sized helmet to keep you safe. 

Comfort Features

We see many comfort features during our research, such as Bluetooth connectivity, the extra visor, and so much more. However, on the Caberg website, we see that this brand offers a Bluetooth connection and an anti-scratch visor. 

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, you can talk to your friends while riding. This feature is crucial when you wear a full-face helmet, and it’s almost impossible to speak or hear other people. 

And the anti-scratch visor, you can protect yourself from facing dangerous situations when going into whatever environment, especially in the low-light environment. 

Helmet Weight

The helmet’s weight ranges from 1400 to 1800 grams. One tip for choosing the right helmet weight for yourself is ensuring that the weight distribution is equal between your heads and shoulders. 

Otherwise, you may deal with a neck strain, which is most uncomfortable. And we think that among three helmet types, generally, no helmet type will make your head relaxed; they are still heavy, and that’s why they can protect you from injuries. 

caberg helmets review


The helmet price will be available in various price ranges. You may feel overwhelmed when seeing all these price tags, and you may want to give up. However, you don’t have to worry too much!

You have to plan your budget and determine how much money you are willing to spend on a motorcycle helmet. Then, follow your budget and buy the suitable one for you. 

Remember to plan your budget in price range, not only a specific price. This activity will help you choose a product more quickly because you just can’t simply choose a helmet with your strictly budgeted cost. 

And try to find a high-quality helmet yet affordable helmet, do not go for a too-cheap motorcycle helmet. You will waste more money to re-buy a new one within a short period. 

If you are a first-time buyer, this video could be a great help to you:

Conclusions: Top 5 Caberg Helmets Review In 2021

Have you found for yourself a suitable helmet? If the answer is yes, we are happy that we contribute to helping you in your buying process. We want to thank you for not giving up on finding the most suitable helmet for you. 

If the answer is no, it’s okay. We only think that you need more time than other people, and it is normal. Just keep researching and reading; eventually, you will find for yourself the right one. 

Right now, if you are in a hurry, we have concluded the top 5 Caberg helmets review, the product that we think that suits best for most of you:

[amazon table=”3067″]

Sadly, we’ve come to the end of our article. Thank you for staying with us through the end of it. It’s time to say goodbye and see you in our following reviews!

Good luck with your research!

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