Top 15 Best Vacuum Cleaner Under £150 – Review and Comparison 2021

Owning a vacuum cleaner is a fairly challenging job these days, and this is even more difficult for homeowners who cannot afford for the high-quality but considerably expensive vacuum cleaners. Once you read our review, you will not have to search for those vacuum cleaners that have a high price anymore, as we will offer you a list of top 15 best vacuum cleaner under £150, this list is conducted based on many research and surveys and it will not let you down!

Knowing that the demand in seeking and using the vacuum cleaners with the under £150 price is increasing, after many investigations, we have found the top 15 best vacuum cleaners under £150 that can meet all the needs of the homeowners.

No matter if you're the one who wants to start a new experience with an under £150 vacuum cleaner or need to change a new one, don't miss out all of these vacuum cleaners below because as soon as you buy it, it's a purchase that you won't regret.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Under £150 Comparison 2020

best vacuum cleaner under £150
best vacuum cleaner under £150
best vacuum cleaner under £150
best vacuum cleaner under £150
best vacuum cleaner under £150
Best Vacuum Cleaner for All-Rounder Cleaning
Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair
Best Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction
Best Vacuum Cleaner for Long-lasting Runtime
Best Vacuum Cleaner for Deep Cleaning

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Top Best Vacuum Cleaner Under £150 Reviews 2020

[amazon box="B078KKHT2Q" ]

This is a vacuum manufactured by a reputable company that has already produced more than 10 million appliances and many of them are still being used. Henry HVR's significant features, including its enlarged 10 m cable length, large dirt space and internal space for accessories, make it easy for you to clean. Nothing can overcome HVR 160-11, if you want to clean car interior spaces, carpets, or hard flooring.

HVR allows you to clean for a long time as it has a dirt capacity of 6 liters, which is five times larger than some other vacuums. Inventive HepaFlo bags actually lock all the particles inside, allowing you to empty the dirt without making any chaos or pouring dust back into the area.

The vacuum cleaner is strong at 7.5 kg, but the overall weight of it is long-lasting. This machine is designed to last. It's inexpensive, but it does not look cheap or worthless. If used with the directions provided, the HVR could last over more than two decades.


  • Huge dust capacity
  • Long Ranges
  • Excellent cleaning operation


  • Heavy

[amazon box="B08CZMVGKH" ]

Among many mechanical vacuum cleaners, the brand new, most versatile and quality model is the INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.  It offers amazingly strong steady 25KPa suction in Maximum function, which is perfect for picking up pet hair, tiny particles, debris,... from carpet, wooden floors, tile floor, curtains, walls, desk, car seat. And it is also easy and elegant to carry and charge.

In particular, the vacuum embraces a removable 7-cell rechargeable battery, providing an entire-house cleaning with a wide volume. The charger is reversible, you can also instantly take it out to recharge. And the display screen will indicate how much battery capacity you have left, and the battery display indicates the rate of battery.

In addition, the overall weight is approximately 2.3 kg. You can take it wherever you like, from the room you finished cleaning to the other room, downstairs to upstairs.


  • Strong steady suction
  • 7-cell battery
  • Lightweight


  • Hard-to-release dust cup

[amazon box="B07TGWS8LP" ]

The Vax UCSUSHV1 Air Lift is an outstanding lane upright machine that offers affordable prices, particularly if you have pets.

There is a fixed structure in most uprights, which is one of the causes they are less flexible than cylinders. The Vax, on the other hand, helps you to separate the dust cartridge from the floorhead so that stairs and other above-floor places can be cleaned better.

Moreover, Vax has continuously enhanced the functionality and efficiency of the Air Lift. A 1.65 metre adjustable hose, multi-cyclonic systems to avoid suction failure. Thanks to the motorized design, it's also easy to maneuver. The inclusion of an adjustable suction lever is a benefit, as it is often difficult with some vacuum cleaners on carpets.

It is a bagless vacuum as well. This is not exactly a downside, but for people with asthma, the messy emptying method makes it unsuitable.


  • Good for pet hair
  • Cylinder lifts away


  • Short hose

[amazon box="B08C7P84BG" ]

Vistefly VX is the vacuum cleaner with the special feature is super strong suction. The powerful servo motors offer incredibly strong 23000PA suction to quickly gather debris and dust particles on hard surfaces and soft furnishings. The 3 different suction settings and specific brush heads can be easily adjusted to ensure that even tiny dust is properly cleaned at a difficult-to-reach zone.

In addition, more dust and debris can be stored in the particularly big 1.2 litre dust container. The light structure is perfect for cleaning from ceilings to floors. To satisfy your every requirement, it can conveniently be adapted into a handheld vacuum cleaner. Moreover, all the dirt and bacteria can be removed with a 5-stage adequately-sealed cyclone filtering device like strong HEPA.


  • Powerful suction
  • Large dust capacity


  • Very stiff to pull apart

[amazon box="B07N4GTX16" ]

Hoover H-Lift 700 is a vacuum cleaner that can be used on your floors as an upright, then turned into a lift-out rotor for cleaning the stairs or a wheeled handle for deep, efficient cleaning to reach underneath the furniture.The small supercharger brush is a convenient item with spinning bristles to clean any hair left on your pillows or couch by your cat or dog.

This vacuum cleaner has 3-in-1 function with excellent A rated dust picking on hard surfaces and soft furnishings, A rated clean energy and A+ rated for power performance.

The attachments are 2-in-1 cleaning brush and crevasses tool, long crevasses tool and long-range extension pipe above cleaning process, stairs and sidestepping boards.


  • Excellent suction
  • 3-in-1 function
  • Can be transformed to a lift-out rotor


  • Noisy
  • Heavy

[amazon box="B081C5FG8F" ]

M12 Electric Mop is a machine that contains a roller-cleaning, water-removing and storage, to prevent having your hands dirty or a vacuum cleaner dirty. This machine gives you an efficient cleaning process with 600 rpm high rotation speed, superior quality microfiber bearings defend your floor from damage, prepared with a 300ml dowsing water tank, any bleach and smooth can be doused as necessary.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner M12 weighs just 5.51 kg, incredibly simple to hoover without flexing, simple construction removes the reassembly inconvenience. Effortless to clean your house with automatic pull ahead while sweeping. Also, the battery guarantees 35 to 40 minutes of operating time between charging.

With the assurance of 2 years and lifetime customer care, you can contact the company whenever the machine has troubles.


  • Large water tank capacity
  • Long-lasting run time


  • Water spray does not work well

[amazon box="B00GUGO9M8" ]

You should consider the Kärcher WD3P Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner if you are seeking an ideal commercial wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It is a perfect item to carry out difficult jobs with ease, such as workshop spills and gravel.

There are a lot of features in this awesome bagless machine that will make your cleaning job simpler. The carrying handle is mechanically built so that, without much trouble, you can move the unit.

Including a locking mechanism, there is also a special refill filter that can be quickly pulled and moved. It is made using a steel substance that ensures the product's longevity. The ability of the dust is 17 liters, which gives you ample dust capacity.


  • Long handle to enhance working posture.
  • Crafted using high quality steel.


  • Short hose

[amazon box="B00LZZ3G5U" ]

The weight of the Gtech Multi MK2 is 1.6 kg, so it is not hard to bring around. A soft touch grip is available for you to keep it securely. The bin is translucent so that the dust filling can be seen. Manufacturers have also installed LED lights in the front so that the dark places can be cleaned easily.

There is a whole variety of accessories for your use, including a crevice tool, an energy brush head, an extensible pipe, a dusting brush and an extension cord. The most important of all is the power brush, since it can be used to clean staircases, soft furnishings and other materials. It gathers up dirt particles and other stranded waste easily.

A single four hour battery will give you a 20 minute run time. If you need to use the machine for quick cleaning, you need a charge of at least one hour. You have to remove it from the base to charge the battery separately.


  • Stylish cordless
  • LED lights for dark corners
  • Plenty of onboard storage attachments


  • Poor suction on carpets

[amazon box="B00TQSOI6O" ]

Morphy Richards 732005 is one of the best vacuum cleaner under £150 in our recommended list that can clean perfectly all the dust and dirt from many types of surfaces.

The lightweight design of Morphy Richards 732005 makes it easy to bring around and use. It's wireless, so you can clean without thinking about the electrical outlet. The vacuum is portable, so you won't have any trouble storing it. In addition, the dust cartridge is removable and easy to clean. Conclude, the company has taken your satisfaction into account and managed to make it simpler for you.

With a variety of attachments always supplied with the hoover, it is simple to use on a wide range of materials and tiles. This vacuum operates on any surface or substance and provides the wanted performance.


  • Strong suction
  • Medically fit for those with allergies
  • Includes all equipment and attachments
  • Lightweight
  • Easy-cleaning filter


  • Needs to be periodically emptied

[amazon box="B007574IKY" ]

Another best vacuum cleaners for domestic use - The Draper 1378 The Draper is sturdy enough to withstand almost anything you can aim at it, regardless of whether you need to clean your workshop, sheds or garage.

A wide 20 liter stainless steel tank, a 1.5 meter air control system pipe, a robust 1250W motor and three expansion tubes are highlights of the Draper 13785. A carpet brush, plastic and fabric filters, furniture attachment and Draper's standard warranty also include the model.

The Draper Draper 13785 is an exceptional vacuum cleaner at a very fair price. It has a wide capacity of 20 litres, and has been welcomed favorably by users. It's also a versatile vacuum that, without getting destroyed, can handle anything from plaster to stain chips.


  • Large 20 litre capacity
  • Strong suction


  • Short-lasting use of time

[amazon box="B075NY565J" ]

The Hoover Freedom FD22BCPET provides you with 25 minutes of runtime and also all the necessary accessories. With no power cable restriction, you can easily clean all sorts of surfaces, underneath furniture, and overhead areas.

With a weight of 2.3 kg, this vacuum cleaner will make your cleaning process easier. You can run, use and move it around the house easily without harming your back. This vacuum has a fast cleaning trigger mode and a constant pattern that keeps it running till the button is pressed afterwards. This function protects your fingers from discomfort and pain when you finish the cleaning process.

It has a motor brush to remove and pick all sorts of animal hair or particles from upholstery and soft furnishings. Spinning bristles of this pet motor brush will reach deep into the cleaning zone to eliminate all the pet hair and give you a shiny, cleaner surface.

With cyclonic segregation, the machine eliminates debris from the air so that the filters do not have to be washed often.


  • Flexible
  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • Great for pet hair
  • Ongoing Mode


  • Small dust capacity

[amazon box="B015FEY5OM" ]

The Vax U85-AS-Pe Air Stretch, designed for large home owners, is a full-size vacuum for outstanding scope. You can clean the house without modifying the power plug with the supplied detachable wand, length hose, elastic hose and lengthy power cord. 

The vacuum blends perfectly into your budget and brings you the ideal cleaning performance, with a versatile 800W engine, 1.5-litre dirt range, HEPA filters and quintuple power levels.

It has a back three-way kit consisting of a medium sharp blade, a cleaning brush and a tool for carpeting. An extra toolbox consisting of a hard surface tool, a moderate tool, a wool and dirt particles tool and a furniture tool is also available.

Once you hold it, Air Stretch is a big upright that brings you a solid feeling. It is not small and light, and it just pivots up or down its body and head. Interestingly, side to side motions do not occur. Without causing too much noise, though, it cleans well.


  • A substantial number of accessories
  • Turbo software is included.
  • Outstanding on stairs and rough floors


  • Not steerable
  • Basic floor head

[amazon box="B01NBIQEU1" ]

Hoover TE71/EN21 Enigma is a vacuum cleaner that contains a powerful motor, power rating Class A and many other advanced functions to provide you with highest level cleaning efficiency.  Extremely big dust capacity, power control option and a flexible design contribute to its value.

A cleaning brush, furniture hose, and crevice tool are supplied. When you have to clean various furniture and fabrics, all these attachments become helpful. All three devices are incorporated into the central unit rather smartly. To let you know that its 3.2-litre bag needs replacement, it also has an indicative flash.

A spinning brush designed especially for pet hair attached with the vacuum. All the pet hair placing the furnishings appliances, carpets and floors will be cleaned up by its motion. Depending on the cleaning zone or surface, you can change the telescopic extension pipes. If you have to clean over the head spots, such as walls, windows or fans, that performs effectively.


  • Quiet vacuum
  • Hygienic


  • Built quality

[amazon box="B00JXKNBFY" ]

A strong wet and dry vacuum that can hoover up almost everything from glasses to fluid spills is the Einhell TE-VC 1930 SA. In conjunction with power tools, such as a raffle or miter tool, it could also be used as a dirt extractor.

The stainless steel structure, which is ideal for use in harsh conditions, is one of the biggest strengths of the Einhell TE-VC 1930 SA. This has a volume of 30 litres and also has a drain button.

It is a strong vacuum as well. This can be a challenge on carpets though, as the head doesn't always move smoothly, but for most activities, the suction is perfect. For labs, the dust actuator is also a helpful function.

The Einhell TE-VC 1930 SA is a good choice for you if you need a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that's ideal for working places. It has a strong engine of 1500W, a large capacity of 30 litres and a robust build. If you just want to clean short-pile floorboards, this is possibly not the model, but it is ideal for heavy using.


  • Bracket for accessories.
  • Large 30 litre capacity.


  • Plastic and flimsy tools

[amazon box="B071DP3VGD" ]

The Morphy Richards Supervac 734000 can be utilized as an upright handle or a flexible sticking cleaner to clean over-the-head places.  Upright cleaning is suitable for wooden floors, surfaces of all types and tile floors. 

Handheld serves well for cleaning equipment, staircases, doors and upholstery appliances. The vacuum cleaner has an electric brush tool that turns once driven, so it's easy to deal with pet hair and helps to give you a shiny surface.

You may not have to bend over at all when sweeping beneath the couch, bed or any other furnishings. This vacuum  has a back saving mode that deforms the low areas and cleans them without causing your body any discomfort. At 4.3 kg, the super vac 734000 is also portable, so it will not be a challenge to move it around the house as well as upstairs.


  • Cleans well on hard floors or carpets
  • Swiveling the head helps you to quickly reach the corners
  • Back saver mode for quick under-furniture cleaning
  • Long pipe to enter elevated areas
  • On-the-handle controls for easy access


  • Heavy mode for handhelds
  • Turbo mode produces noise in the

Basic Factors You Need To Consider To Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaner Under £150

best vacuum cleaner under £150

Besides seeking and buying a vacuum cleaner with the price that you can afford, you also need to understand certain basic variables of a good vacuum cleaner in order to make a good decision. Not every vacuum cleaner can meet the all requirements of the consumers, but at least with the information you have about vacuum cleaners, like their necessary features, you will be more able to choose a good vacuum cleaner that is suitable for your home.

Below are the key features that you need to keep in mind when buying the best vacuum cleaner under £150,  read it carefully and do not miss out as it will help you a lot!

Suction Power

best vacuum cleaner under £150

To be honest, the probability is very high that most vacuum cleaners under £150 are air power. Thus, try  to get a vacuum cleaner with strong suction. When extracting dust from crevasses and other dust spaces, the suction can come in very handy.

You can also get a versatile suction vacuum cleaner. You can clean surfaces like carpeting as well as hardwood surfaces without discomfort with this versatile suction. On the whole, suction is the core of these products, therefore it should be strong and versatile.


best vacuum cleaner under £150

Usually, the larger the capacity, the less frequently you need to clear it. Both bagged or bagless, vacuum power is calculated in litres. Seek for below 2 litres if you're on the lookout for a cordless or upright and wouldn't want to be on regular trips to the bin.


best vacuum cleaner under £150

Choose a weighted model that you can handle easily. If you have to bring your cleaner up and down stairs, or if you have back issues or a disability, this is extremely important. If you have several floors to sweep, then it would be easier to get to different rooms on different levels with a lighter vacuum.


best vacuum cleaner under £150

Sections of the home, such as walls and kitchen cabinets, curtains/drapes, upholstery, bed frames and plenty more, often require daily cleaning. You'll need a vacuum with a wide variety of equipment if you decide to buy a single vacuum cleaner all over the building. Among other things you need to attach, look for cavity tools, upholstery tools, hose attachment, dusting brush and extension wand. Via specialized pet instruments, some vacuums can remove pet hair effectively.


best vacuum cleaner under £150

Before buying it, listen to the sound of your chosen cleaner in the store. All cleaners are loud, but some have a heavy noise that is super troublesome to many people. This must be taken into account whether you normally do your cleaning in the early morning or at night. Although certain vacuums are still not fully quiet, the amount of noise and headache that comes from vacuuming would be significantly reduced, and those are those that should be picked.

Bagged or Bagless vacuum cleaner

best vacuum cleaner under £150

The benefit of bagless vacuums is that you don't have to think about removing the bags. On the other side, there is a risk of re-dispersing some of the dust and allergens when emptying bagless vacuums. When your vacuum becomes full, bagged vacuum cleaners cause you to change the bag, which means you'll need to buy extra bags as replacements. If you inadvertently vacuum up anything that you need to remove from the cup, bagless options can be useful. This choice also saves you money when buying extra containers, but you will need to empty the container occasionally and refill the filters.


If you have a tiny apartment, you need to look for something in a versatile structure so that you can conveniently handle it anywhere in the apartment. Therefore,  a handheld or a cylinder vacuum cleaner might be suitable for your apartment.

To know more relevant factors about vacuum cleaners in order to make a good choice, here is a helpful instructional video for you:  

Frequently Asked Questions

For £150 or less, can I truly get a good vacuum?

Sure, to choose the best vacuum under £150 you just have to have the accurate advice so that you could indeed own a vacuum cleaner with outstanding cleaning productivity and also have important items, strong suction as well as other alternatives.

Do Under £150 Vacuum Cleaners Show Incredible Innovation?

Essentially, technology is progressing at a fast speed and each day the outdated tech is becoming affordable. It is not yet feasible to get a revolutionary device such as a robotics vacuum that sells for lower than  £150.

best vacuum cleaner under £150

Do I have to be careful when buying vacuums that are under  £150?

Actually you need to be careful, the usual problem is the possibility of being cut down on the vacuum's hoses and bristles when purchasing a machine under £150.  Especially in comparison to the higher priced options, it is necessary to pay attention to the producer's directions so that you can find the best vacuum cleaner under £150.

Under £150, there are countless excellent vacuums, and we listed 15 of them as the best vacuum cleaners based on our research. The best way to pick a vacuum cleaner is to consider your choices, but based on the vacuums that we have recommended, we believe that you can choose the best vacuum cleaner under £150 for your own.

Below are 5 best vacuum cleaners £150 that we believe are the best ones and suitable for your home due to their excellent functions.

Our Top 5 Pick Of The Best Vacuum Cleaner Under £150


Best Vacuum Cleaner for All-Rounder Cleaning

[amazon box="B078KKHT2Q" ]


Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet hair

[amazon box="B08CZMVGKH" ]


Best Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction

[amazon box="B07TGWS8LP" ]


Best Vacuum Cleaner for Long-lasting runtime

[amazon box="B08C7P84BG" ]


Best Vacuum Cleaner for Deep cleaning

[amazon box="B07N4GTX16" ]

Best Vacuum Cleaner for All-Round Cleaning, nothing can overcome HVR 160-11, if you want to clean car interior spaces, carpets, or hard flooring. Its special feature is allowing you to clean for a long time as it has a dirt capacity of 6 liters, which is five times larger than some other vacuums.

INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is the best vacuum for pet hair. This vacuum offers amazingly strong steady 25KPa suction in maximum function, which is perfect for picking up pet hair, tiny particles, debris.

Vax UCSUSHV1 Air Lift is the vacuum cleaner that is the most powerful suction in this list. It has enhanced the functionality and efficiency of the Air Lift. A 1.65 metre adjustable hose, multi-cyclonic systems to avoid suction failure. 

Vistefly VX is the best vacuum cleaner for long-lasting run time as it can last 50 minutes which can be able to provide you a long-lasting cleaning performance.

Lastly, the Hoover H-Lift 700. It is the best vacuum cleaner under £150 for deep cleaning as it has a 3-in-1 function with excellent A rated dust picking on hard surfaces and soft furnishings, A rated clean energy and A+ rated for power performance. 

Are you ready to find the best vacuum cleaner under £150 for your own home? Don't hesitate! Let's give yourself a chance to experience these vacuum cleaners! We hope that you can successfully find the best vacuum cleaner for your home.

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best vacuum cleaner under £150 at the comment box below!

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