Top 17 Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100: Some Best Options For You 2024

Cycling, being a popular and appreciated pastime, performs an excellent way of managing you energetically and encouraging you to enjoy working out. The pleasure you derive from venturing out into the world on your vehicle is immeasurable. Nothing compares to the sensation of nice summer air on your face when you cycle down the slope. Then, finding the best road bike helmet under 100 to go along with you is necessary.

When riding a bike, protection is also a major consideration. Accidents are unavoidable, especially in a society where transportation is growing at an accelerating rate. And you would want to do everything you can to prevent such situations. You have arrived at the right spot today, as we’ve decided to present you with several of the best helmets available online.

Anyway, choosing one of these road bike helmets can be challenging for some people as they do not know clearly about the market. Our article will help you to choose the best one that is suitable for their budget and their purposes. Besides, we will give you some advice you need to notice before buying any helmets. Let’s go through it now!

Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100 Comparison 2024

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Top 17 Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100 Reviews 2024

SUNRIMOON Adult Bike Helmet Cycling Helmets Mountain & Road Bicycle Helmets

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If you are trying to find a helmet to cycle on the mountain, this SUNRIMOON Adult Bike Helmet Cycling Helmets is an ideal product for you. The magnetic eyeglasses on the removable motorcycle helmet can be detached in moments, allowing you to avoid sunlight, dust, and breeze impact. 

The road bike helmet’s detachable Sun Visor is ideal for keeping the sunlight from your eyes, as well as rain and cheap trees. This helmet is suitable for both mountain and road biking. Take your downhill bicycle helmets and get ready to have a great time!

This bicycle helmet comes with a USB rechargeable and the LED light that has 9 lighting settings to enable riders next to you to detect your heading, making night bicycling easier. The backlight is also water-resistant, so it may be utilized even if it has been submerged in water.

Moreover, this helmet also brings a comfortable and convenient experience for users with 18 air ducts removable smooth cushion on the inside, extremely lightweight bicycling helmet draws colder air in at the front and sends it via a plane network to prevent overheating, specific designs for older person bike helmets and riding This Helmet will make you feel better and safer while protecting your face from all angles.

This adult cycle helmet comes in a normal design of 22.44-24.41 inches and is fitted with an easy-to-use dial mechanism and side belts that allow it to fit a variety of places especially and is ideal for both males and females.

The Sunrimoon helmet was created with the older user in mind. The material is made of durable and reliable PC, EPS cushion, which assists in absorbing shock and protects the head in the event of a collision. Your head is well-protected thanks to the full shell covering.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Goggle and visor that can be removable
  • Come with USB cable and light that are rechargeable
  • Suitable for different sizes because the side traps can be adjustable
  • Lightweight and waterproof


  • Many options for color

EASTINEAR Cycle Helmet Adult Bike Helmet

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With densely packed EPS fabric and a sturdy PC exterior, the EASTINEAR road bike helmet delivers outstanding prevention and better performance impact absorbing. The fluorescent strapping and material will increase overall safety and comfort.

Our customers may benefit from removable sunglasses that defend them from not just harsh sunlight and brightness, but also breeze and soil. Eyewear cyclists may enjoy their rides even more thanks to the superb protection provided by the sunglasses shield.

EASTINEAR bike helmet has a strong backlight with three illumination settings: continuous light mode, flashing mode, and tour mode, which may assist users to become considerably more visible inside the darkness and alert vehicles and buses behind them to stay a good distance.

Moreover, it is designed with 8 air vents that are symmetrical and refined and may efficiently guide circulation across the head for optimum air circulation and heat distraction. Consumers will not experience any pressure or enjoyment with this ultra lightweight helmet. 

The EASTINEAR cycling helmet has a multifunctional regulating mechanism that allows users to simply change the size not just over and around but the circumference of the head as well. The feasible option and dimensional adjustability ensure that the helmet remains in place and keeps the head in the proper position.


  • Reliable and stable preservation
  • Magnetic goggle
  • 3 settings with LED lightings
  • Lightweight and excellent with 8 air vents
  • Adjust the size of side straps 
  • Removable padding


  • Less expensive

Shinmax Bike Helmet/Cycle Helmet with Safety LED Light

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The next product in this list of the best road bike helmet under 100 is this Shinmax Bike Helmet. In an emergency, an increased foreign pc container with better technology will undoubtedly increase safe performance and may even protect your life. The electronically attached visor offers comprehensive safety glasses from the sun and wind, and it’s simple to lift up or detach with one hand as needed.

This helmet has turn indicators on the back that assist those behind you understand your heading. With three illumination settings – constant, slow flashing, and rapid flashing – the led warning light on the rear of the helmet will ensure you are noticeable and protected from oncoming vehicles.

Sizes that can be adjusted: a suitable system for adjusting the diameter of the head. The modification strap is nicely built and works flawlessly. It has a chin pillow, each clasp heat exchanger, and shoulder belts that can be adjusted to fit your needs. If there are any quality issues or dissatisfaction for whatever reason, all of our clients may receive the warranty right away. You have nothing to lose by giving it a go.


  • Increase the safety and save your lives
  • Removable visor
  • Comes with LED lights and 3 lightings modes
  • Adjust the size of helmet


  • Only half-year warranty

Victgoal Bike Helmet for Men Women Cycle Helmets

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The VICTGOAL adult bike helmet is composed of high-quality EPS padding and compact PC frames. The increased PC exterior combined with EPS padding helps to reduce air pressure, and the excellent innovation will undoubtedly increase safety performance. The smooth padding can reduce the stress generated by external collision. Individuals will feel better and safer if they use our bike helmets.

The bicycle helmet’s 28 flexible vents are well-designed in terms of mechanics and appearance. The vents may circulate air around the head and keep you cool. A more pleasant user experience is ensured with soft inside padding, chin buckles, and cushions.

This cycling helmet features removable magnetic goggles with three metal rings that not only defend your face from air and dust but also prevent harmful UV rays. It also won’t get in the way of you utilizing your own sunglasses.

Our bicycle helmet has three flashing settings for the backlights. The constant, slow flashing, and fast flashing settings of the LED rear light make you safe and visible when night cycling. It will make it easier for cyclists behind you to see your orientation, and the helmet rear light will last for a long time.

Wearing an extremely light-weighted road bike helmet will not make you feel too weighty. The inside cushions are very smooth and comfy, and they can be replaced for cleaning. A decent cycling helmet will keep you safe, relaxed, and comfortable. Our bike helmet is available in adult men’s and women’s sizes, with head dimensions ranging from 22.44 to 24.8 inches.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Strong protection and high-quality safety
  • 28 vents on the bicycle helmets
  • 3 flashing modes LED light
  • Comfortable and relaxed experience for people


  • Not adjustable straps for users

PHZ Cycle Helmet, Lightweight Bicycle Helmet, Adjustable Mountain & Road Bike Helmets

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This PHZ cycle helmet is also the best road bike helmet under 100 that you should buy for yourself. Imported EPS cushion highly durable combination incredible components, the stiffness of the helmet is 0.7 mm, protects the head well, sturdy and robust PC material will undoubtedly increase safety performance.

There are three illumination settings on this bicycling helmet. It is also designed with the Led Battery charger Headlight bulb for night cycling safety, which is constantly available, speed flashing, slow flashing will assist those behind you detect your heading easily.

This PHZ road bike helmet is suited for road, trekking, mountain, and other types of cycling. This product usually complies with CPSC bikes and CE.EN1078 safety requirements. This helmet is particularly intended for older people, both males and female riders.

Thanks to the aircraft’s performance, the PHZ cycle helmet has 23 combined airflow vents to minimize head heat and barrier. The bicycle helmet is also equipped with flexible vents to create a high or low compression zone, allowing air to flow freely from the outside and corners inside. The removable visor effectively shields the sun, allowing you to ride even on hot days.

Side to side adjustments has been added to the updated form of the director, allowing for more versatile modification performance. This senior helmet is adaptable to different head sizes thanks to the easy-to-use dial mechanism and side belts. You can also adjust the one-touch strap mechanism with the chin pad.


  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Rechargeable LED light with 3 lighting settings
  • Suitable for all types of road
  • Come with a ventilation system
  • Can be adjustable for different performance
  • Removable visor


  • Can be expensive

LIVLOV Adult Bike Helmet 56-62CM with Visor, 18 Vents

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Adult and kid cyclists will benefit from the LIVLOV bike helmet. From the inside of the helmet, the EPS increased padding material and the outer tough PC shell are firmly integrated without spaces, allowing it to effectively absorb air pressure and provide full protection and barrier to the cyclist’s head during an accident.

There are 18 vents placed in for optimal airflow. It can improve airflow within the helmet and enable air to pass through, allowing for ideal temperature control in the head and keeping the biker cool. This road bike helmet is available in a standard size and comes with an easy-to-use dial mechanism and side straps that allow you to quickly secure and modify the helmet’s fit to your head.

The head diameter ranges from 56 to 62 cm, which is sufficient for most cyclists. It has a removable sun visor that may shield your eyes from the sunlight, rain, and muck. It is detachable and simple to use. For further convenience and perspiration control, the inside pad is soft, detachable, and high-performance.

This bicycle helmet comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day pleasure so that you can take it back to LIVLOV or contact them through email if you have any problems. This bicycle helmet set is a preferable alternative to increase your convenience and protection if you enjoy cycling trips or other leisure adventures.


  • Super protection and safety 
  • 18 vents for higher ventilation
  • Come in a standard size and can be adjustable
  • Lightweight and detachable sun visor
  • Support users with warranty and return if it is necessary


  • Only one year warranty

HardnutZ Helmets Stealth Hi Vis Road Cycle Bike MTB

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When it comes to the best road bike helmet under 100, this HardnutZ Helmets Stealth Hi-Vis Road Cycle Bike MTB is an ideal product that you should buy. This helmet is also known as a ‘hidden action,’ which consists of 19 boards of strategically positioned colored reflective material that provide 360-degree sight. They are color-coded to suit the color scheme of that section of the helmet, making them nearly invisible in the daytime but extremely visible under traffic lights or automobile spotlights.

Besides, it features some technical characteristics including 19 boards of colored reflective material on the technical helmet. The exterior of this helmet is the PC shell with adverse effect interior EPS, compact and is suitable for every construction sleek, dynamic road design. 

Thanks to the construction of 19 vents, it provides 360-degree air to make your head refreshing. Dial-fit adjustment to provide an appropriate and the pleasant fit, detachable visor chin strap is easy to adjust. Padding that may be removed and washed one size fits heads measuring from 54 to 61cms in length. 

You can believe in the quality of this helmet as it has been checked and assured with a bicycle carefully before being sold on the market.


  • To guarantee a good and comfortable fit, use the dial-fit adjuster.
  • CE EN-1078 has been checked and assured.
  • 19 boards of colored reflective material
  • Padding is removable and washable, and the visor is also removable.
  • Road style that is sleek and aerodynamic.


  • A bit expensive 

AWE AWESpeed™ FREE 5 YEAR CRASH REPLACEMENT* In Mould Adult Mens Road Racing Cycling Helmet

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This AWE AWESpeed™ Road Bike Helmet is suitable for adults and comes with a head size ranging from 55 to 58 cm. A unisize adjustment headlock system at the helmet’s bottom makes it easy to customize the helmet to your specifications. This is also on a sliding that can be adjusted up and down to get the most perfect experience. 

The size of the side belts may be adjusted to your preference. For optimum cooling, there are a whopping 32 air vents, which includes 8 rear. The design fuses the polycarbonate outer shell with the helmet’s absorptive EPS cushion inner core, resulting in an incredibly strong and durable helmet. Liner made of dual-density EPS.

Incredible low-weight materials with 266g, making it virtually unnoticeable when cycling. Meets European CE EN 1078:2012+A1:2012 helmet safety requirements as well as the considerably stricter CPSC helmet safety rules in the United States to guarantee maximum safety! This helmet’s dynamic and sleek design sets it apart from other helmets on the market.


  • uitable size of the head for adults
  • 32 air vents for ventilation
  • Lightweight and strong material
  • Fashionable looking design


  • Expensive

SPORT24 Lightweight Bike Cycle Helmet Road Bike Cycling Safety Helmet

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This SPORT24 Lightweight Bike Cycle Helmet Road Bike Cycling Safety Helmet is also the best road bike helmet under 100 that receives much positive feedback from users. The head is protected from harmful impact forces in the case of accident by a mixture of tough polycarbonate exterior and thick EPS inner part. 

For protection, it is certified and checked carefully with CE EN1078 so that you can use it for a long journey on the mountain or any kind of road. The ventilation channels enable air to flow and drain perspiration while riding, keeping you cool and comfortable.

With a weight of 190g, the helmet is lightweight enough to wear when cycling yet robust enough to safeguard you. The chin strap is cushioned to prevent pain from the buckles and is available to suit your head. Using the adjustment wheel, the circumference may be changed between 58 and 61 cm, ensuring a snug and secure fit for cyclists.


  • Sturdy, durable and safe
  • Come with air vent to hold your head refreshing while you are cycling
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable with the chin trap
  • Suitable size for all people


  • Expensive

Nocihcass Adult Bike Helmet Lightweight Cycle Bicycle Helmets

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This cycling helmet is made specifically for adult and youth riders. It helps absorb shock and secure the head throughout an accident by using sturdy and resilient PVC and EPS padding.

The bike helmet’s 16 vents ventilation design enables the current to flow through and keeps your head cool. The light, flexible material is quite comfortable to wear. The rider’s head will not be burdened by the 320g extremely lightweight helmet when riding.

Adult bicycle helmets are available in a variety of sizes. The head circumference and side belts may both be adjusted. This bicycle helmet is suitable for both women and men with a head size of 21.26 to 24 Inches, which are 56 to 61cm respectively. The quick-release clasp makes putting on and taking off your helmet a breeze.

It has a removable sun visor to shield your eyes from the sun, rain, and muck. When you no longer require it, just delete it. The inside cushioning at the top absorbs perspiration and aids in maintaining optimal relaxation. The cushions are detachable, so you can wash them before your next ride to ensure a clean and convenient ride.

Riding, hiking, skiing, skateboarding, roller skating and other activities are all possible. Our cycling helmet is an excellent option for you. They are relaxing and secure. If you are unhappy with our helmet for any purpose, please contact our Nochicass staff as soon as possible and we will address the issue within 24 hours.


  • Durable and strong material
  • Lightweight and breathable with 16 air vents 
  • Head size can be adjustable 
  • Quick release buckle
  • Removable sun visor
  • Suitable for all kinds of cycling


  • Not attractive design 

MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet Mountain Road Cycling Helmet

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This MockFire Helmet is the best road bike helmet under 100 that is perfect for adults. When bicycling outdoors, the goggles may be removed to shield your face from the sunlight, breeze, rainfall, and dust. It also fits over your sunglasses and face without touching, and you can turn it upside down to keep it out of sight if required.

There’s a built-in backlight with five different illumination modes. It can give sufficient vision and aid in the clear identification of your position in the dark, as well as guiding the traveling path. If you enjoy riding at night, this bicycle helmet might be a nice companion. To utilize the light for the first time, swiftly double the button to turn it on.

This adult bike helmet was created with the adult rider in mind. The material is made of strong and long-lasting PC and EPS foam, which absorbs shock and protects the head safely after an accident. Inner quality cushioning that can be removed to reduce impact and excess sweat when riding, as well as comfy nylon belts and a smooth chin pad.

Insects are kept away from your head thanks to the bug netting. On summer holiday rides, the bike helmet’s 24 huge air vents provide excellent ventilation to hold your head cool. Head circumference 22.44-24.41inch is acceptable so that adults, men, and women can all wear bicycle helmet.


  • Useful and intelligent design
  • Detachable magnetic goggles
  • Maintain safety for users with LED rear light
  • Tough and durable
  • Higher ventilation with 24 air vents


  • Expensive

Bbb Cycling Dune 2.0 Road and Mountain Helmet

[amazon box=”B08QZGCG6P” ]

Another best road bike helmet under 100 that we want to introduce to you is this Bbb Cycling Dune 2.0 Road and Mountain Helmet. This updated BBB Cycling helmet features a detachable backlight mounting and a new back adjustable fit system.

The Dune MIPS helmet is equipped with a brain protection device on the inside. MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is a patented design that makes riding safer.

The Dune MIPS helmet suits every cycling trip with its removable visor, whether it’s mountain riding or track cycling, dry weather or downpours. The Dune helmet will also hold your head relaxing. The foam and cushioning are designed to allow for maximum circulation through 14 air vents.


  • Versatile and durable
  • Brain protection
  • 14 air vents can hold your head relaxing


  • Expensive

Mountain Bike Helmet for Adult Men Women,MTB Cycle Helmet

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This Mountain Bike Helmet for Adult Men Women,MTB Cycle Helmet is also the best choice for most people with tight budgets and who want to buy a bicycle helmet. Better shock absorption in a fall is ensured by a durable in-mold structure and a shock-absorbent inner shell intended for your safety.

More convenient and attractive with a rechargeable backlight with 9 illumination settings. Assist other riders in following you in recognizing your direction and improving security. To remain cool and dry, several vents circulate airflow over your head. For full-head ventilation, the vent on the top of the riding helmet may assist drive air via the ventilation matrix. Even on the warmest days, it’s cool and comfy. 

The bicycle helmet’s large, detachable Sun Visor is ideal for keeping the sunlight out of your eyes, as well as rainfall and small branches. Cushioning is breathable and soft, plus it’s detachable and easy to clean. This helmet is suitable for both mountaineering and road biking.

The scale fitting system allows riders to change their height and diameter with one hand, allowing them to secure and modify their helmet fit. It’s made of a lightweight cloth that’s both comfortable and effective to wear. There is no pressure to wear for a long period.


  • Great protection and safety with the USB light
  • Large air vents for better ventilation
  • Sun visor and detachable padding
  • Easy to use and adjust


  • Big sun visor

Kuyou Adults Cycling Helmet

[amazon box=”B08P2KYHF2″ ]

If you are looking for the best road bike helmet under 100 for adults, this Kuyou Adults Cycling Helmet is a product that you should buy for yourself. With sturdy and resilient PVC & PC, EPS padding, it efficiently absorbs impact energy to reduce the danger of head injuries in an accident. It also weighs just 270g, making it easy to wear.

Our bicycle helmet is composed of flexible material with a ventilated inner pad for a comfortable fit. The use of a specific modernized and airing design allows air to pass through the road bike helmet, providing a refreshing and pleasant ride.

Kuyou’s cycling helmet has a double fit changeable design with a removable wheel at the rear and an adaptable belt to accommodate a variety of head dimensions from 58 to 60 cm. The fast buckle puts on and takes off your helmet considerably easier.

The bicycle helmet has a removable sun visor that keeps your eyes away from the sun, rain, and muck. When you no longer require it, just delete it. The inside cushioning absorbs perspiration and aids in maintaining optimal comfort. The pads are detachable, so you can wash them before your next ride to ensure a clean and comfortable ride.


  • Durable and tough material
  • Breathable with 20 air vents
  • Can adjust the size of the head
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Removable sun visor and liner


  • The Sun visor is a bit small

uwyelect Bike Helmet

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Helmet for cyclists Its reinforcing effect is greater than typical helmets, which contributes to absorb shock and protect the head when riding, thanks to high-quality EPS imported from the United States and sturdier PC shell materials, as well as sophisticated integrated manufacturing technology.

This adult riding helmet’s normal size is 54cm to 62cm, with a convenient dial mechanism and side belts that allow this nutshell helmet to be adjusted to different style sizes and is suited for both males and females.

Bicycle helmets with LED lights can assist those following you in determining your direction. The LED security light is situated on the rear of the helmet and has three illumination modes: steady, fast flashing and slow flashing; the LED light will keep other traffic out of your night riding.


  • Lightweight and higher safety
  • LED light for night cycling
  • Adjustable size of head
  • 18 holes for ventilation and removable visor


  • Not attractive design

BiGosh Bike Helmet Cycle Helmet

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The BiGosh bike helmet is the best road bike helmet and is developed specifically for adult and kid riders. The head is restrained less by lightweight integrally molded EPS padding that is molded immediately to an exterior hard shell. 

Inside the helmet, thicker multi-density EPS foam absorbs impact energy efficiency to reduce the danger of head injuries in an accident, and the expanded rear form ensures full protection for the cranial area of the head that allows you to enjoy a pleasurable riding experience.

The inside cushion of our bike helmets is waterproof and breathable and has 20 big vents. They’re the light, breathable helmets that, in certain circumstances, not only ventilate effectively but also improve cooling by channeling ventilation through the helmet or above your head, compared to carrying no helmet at all. On lengthy summer shredding days, channel air via the helmet for evaporative cooling.


  • Safety and comfortable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Accessories like a sun visor and adjustable head system


  • Fewer choices of color

PHZ Cycle Helmet, Lightweight Bicycle Helmet

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This PHZ Cycle Helmet comes with a tough and strong material for longer use. There are three illumination settings on this cycling helmet. Led Battery-powered light for night riding safety including always available, fast flashing, slow flashing that will assist those behind you detect your heading easily.

This road bike helmet is particularly developed for adults, including male and female riders, and is appropriate for city, street, electricity, adventure, race, or mountain bike riding. It is also tested with many bicycles and equipment for safety requirements.


  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Rechargeable LED light with 3 lighting settings
  • Suitable for all types of road
  • Come with a ventilation system
  • Can be adjustable for different performance
  • Removable visor


  • Expensive

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100

So many helmets for cyclists on the market that can make you confused when you have to buy one of them to use. To choose the best one for yourself, you need to know some outstanding features that your helmet should have. And in this article, we will show you some factors that you need to notice before buying them.

best road bike helmet under 100


The weight of helmets varies significantly, with some helmets being significantly heavier than others. While this isn’t generally visible while riding, you may discover that a lightweight helmet is more enjoyable.

This can be a factor that a professional cyclist would be concerned about, but it’s probably not as essential to recreational riders. As usual, some road bike helmets should have the ideal weight from 180 to 200g. 


This is a critical feature of helmets because impact absorptions must be offered by most people. And this is made possible by the helmet’s covering. Make sure you get a tough helmet that can withstand a lot of abuse.


Air circulation is critical for pleasure when riding, especially on hot days. Although inner channeling assists to force air over your head, more outlets are preferable for cooling. However, the contemporary trend toward aero helmets works in the other direction, as a flatter profile allows for greater airflow across the helmet.

So think about how essential aerodynamics and quick riding are to you. More vents are preferable if you merely want the optimum airflow, but if you want to travel quicker, you might want to seek a more enclosed design. For mountain and flat rounds, there will be more pros when you choose a higher ventilation helmet.

Adjustable System

best road bike helmet under 100

The fit system with one hand adjusts height and circumference size by rotating the rear knob. By doing so, you can modify the size of helmet that is appropriate for the head size, greatly improving the ease of use and riding safety. It has an adaptable belt and a fast buckle that makes putting on and taking off your helmet considerably easier.


A bicycle helmet with a sun visor is necessary for all-mountain bikers. This bike helmet’s strengthened sun visor is intended to go nicely with it. It has a removable sun visor that may shield your eyes from the sun, rain, and muck. You can get rid of it if you don’t need it. Another feature is that we have one chain locking connection cable locks 5-digit code, which protects your helmet from theft or loss and may also be used as a bike lock.

Fit And Padding

best road bike helmet under 100

The most difficult aspect of any helmet is finding the right fit. Because everyone’s skull is distinctive, it’ll always be difficult to put it into a box with defined dimensions.

All helmets have some head size and height adjustments, and cushioning and hair assist cushion any tight places. However, no helmet will suit everyone exactly, so the best tip for ensuring comfort is to check before you purchase.

You can watch this video to know more about how to wear a helmet properly:

Conclusion: The Top 5 Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100

Nowadays, we explored a few of the top alternatives in the category of best road bike helmet under 100. Some of them were overpriced, but they were also of excellent quality. The ventilation and construction quality of all the helmets were excellent. 

Internal cushioning is essential for comfort, and most of these helmet producers took this into consideration while designing these models. There were several color variations available, as well as various approaches to fitting.

Here are the top 5 best products:

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