Top 19 Best Powerlifting Belt Of 2021 – Protecting Your Only Back

Belts are especially necessary in heavy lifting like squats and deadlifts since you don’t want your back to be injured and need months for recovery. Hence, you decide to make some investment in it, but still wonder what is the reliable product that you can rely on. Don’t worry since we selected 19 best powerlifting belts of 2021 for you to give the best product.

Here we give you various types of powerlifters’ belts to have the greatest purchase ever. Keep reading to learn more about our recommendation!

Best Powerlifting Belt Comparison 2021

Best Powerlifting Belt For Durability
Best Powerlifting Belt For Comfort
Best  Powerlifting Belt For Snug Fit
Best Powerlifting Belt For One-Prong Buckle
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Top 19 Best Powerlifting Belt Reviews 2021

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First, we have to say that the belt looks very stylish with the black and red colors. The Ader Leather belt has a uniform 0.375’’ thickness and 4’’ width. That said, it will give you great support even during your heaviest lifts.

Much more, you can use this powerlifting belt for any other exercises besides heavy lifting since the suede lining provides you added comfort.

It’s not hard to open as well as close the belt with the double-prong buckle and the single loot. Plus, the double-prong buckle works better in distributing pressure evenly, so it has less probability to break in the midsection than single-prong ones.

You just need less than a minute to put it on and have a comfortable position. This is a durable belt, and it will last a lifetime if you use it appropriately.

Similar to most leather belts, the Ader belt is stiff and requires time to break in, but that is what it takes for great support.

On the downside, the buttons may pop off after using for a period of time.


  • Stylish-looking belt
  • Suede lining for comfort and security
  • Great support
  • Increase powerlifting strength


  • Buttons may pop off

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If you are looking for a powerlifting belt that possesses excellent features, the Steel Sweat weightlifting belt must be a great option.

While the cowhide leather outside ensures durability, a suede lining inside prevents slippage without sacrificing comfort.

One of the things that made us decide to include this product in our list of the top 19 best powerlifting belt 2020 is its function of security. It has a single-prong buckle which is easier to use than those featuring double prong buckles. 

You also feel more comfortable around your hips using a belt with the single prong since it permits some flexibility on the edge. 

Much more, don’t worry if your investment will last long or not because the Steel Sweat features double-stitched nylon stitching, which sets it apart from its counterpart. Plus, this product is IPF-compliant, which means you can use it in professional competitions.

However, you may find it hard to break this belt in, which often happens with leather belts. 


  • Cowhide leather and double-stitched nylon stitching ensure durability
  • Suede ling interior offers snug fit and comfort
  • Security
  • Single prong buckle adds comfort


  • It may be hard to break-in

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Made from 13-mm thick authentic leather and covered with fine suede, the Iron Bull Strength Powerlifting Belt offers a non-slip surface.

Plus, you can adjust the belt easily thanks to a sturdy steel lever, which will satisfy your preference level of tightness.

Features include double stitching and two screws which make it durable and customizable, respectively.

This powerlifting belt is great due to its compliance with USPA & IPL; you can use it right out of the box.

With the thickness and height are 13mm and 4’’, the Iron Bull Strength powerlifting belt ensures stability during your lifts.

However, some customers found that the screws holding the buckle get loose easily.


  • 13-mm thick leather and high-quality suede covering offers a non-slip surface
  • Adjustable thanks to steel lever
  • Double stitching allows durability
  • Adjustable with two screws
  • Stable


  • Screws that hold the buckle may get loose easily

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The Stoic is the classic leather powerlifting belt that features 4’’ width and constant assistant for your entire core. Made from full grain heavy duty leather, this powerlifting belt ensures that it will last you for years to come.

Much more, the metal single prong buckle which is held on by two rivets appears to be very sturdy and easy to latch and unlatch.

Stoic ensures the suede lining inside has a minimal thickness (1.2mm), which allows you to see every spot of the leather and accepts that the leather material has a great quality.

Made from 4’’ width, this best powerlifting belt is competition safe for USPAL, IPF, AAU, and other powerlifting associations. 10mm thickness offers you extra support.

Hence, if you are into squats and deadlifts and keeping your back healthy, then this is the belt for you.
It may take you a couple of weeks to break the belt in since Stoic has high-quality leather.

The only downfall is that its sizing is wrong for some people. A few users commented that the products they got were smaller than what they expected.


  • Durable due to high-quality leather and hardware material
  • Extra support thanks to 10mm thickness
  • Competition safe design
  • Single prong buckle


  • Size is wrong for some

[amazon box="B000ALCLQ0" ]

If you are looking for a powerlifting belt made out of flexible material that ensures your comfort, there really is one option and that is the Schiek 3004 belt.

Fully constructed from neoprene, a versatile material that is used to make both soft and firm items like gloves and hoses, the Schiek belt not only offers adequate firmness requiring in powerlifting but its softness also allows you to perform any other activity comfortably.

It is very simple to tighten this powerlifting belt. If you are fed up with prong buckles and levers, this belt definitely is your favorite since it is closed by the velcro pads. Latching and unlatching is no longer complicated.

However, it will not lose easily at the midsection because the second neoprene belt sitting on top of the main one locks with another velcro after securing the first velcro.

The contour of the belt following the convexity of ribs and hips allows you to walk and bend easily while still being supported.

The only grief is that the Schiek hasn’t been a competition approve belt yet, but it is a great choice for everyday use in gyms.


  • One-way velcro for wearing easily
  • Flexible material and contour ensure your comfort
  • Steel buckle and a slide bar for easy adjustment
  • Good price


  • Not powerlifting competition safe

[amazon box="B07RTM9DB4" ]

Unlike other products on the market, this model of the Iron Bull Strength comes in 7 different colors, namely, full black color, army green, light blue, as well as grey, pink, purple, and red. Its variety of colors will offer you more options than conventional black and brown ones.

Much more, this best powerlifting belt has excellent quality. It features a 10mm thickness which is optimal for getting heavy lifters all the possible support that they need during heavy squats and deadlifts.

Because on the suede across the back, there is the embroidery of the Iron Bull logo, no uncertainty is needed at the gym.

The various sizing allows you to find your desired belt size. Plus, it is designed with 10 rows of holes that help you with customizing the double-prong and having a snug fit.

On the downside, you may encounter purchasing a belt that contains some amounts of rust.


  • 7 unique colors
  • 10mm thickness offers maximum support for heavy liftings
  • Various sizing
  • 10 rows of holes for suitable fit


  • Product may be covered in some amounts of rust

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If you are on the lookout for the amazing powerlifting belt with a reasonable price, then the Jayefo belt may be the best for you.

Though this might not be the first choice of professional or serious lifters, it functions well for beginners.

This best powerlifting belt offers an adequate stiffness, which gives you the support that you need without digging into your hips and sides.

Much more, the manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty, so don’t worry if the belt is damaged to a permissible level.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good value given the price
  • Very stiff for added support


  • May not be the good choice for heavy lifters

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The Profitness Workout Belt is a great choice for both beginners and advanced powerlifters. Similar to the majority of powerlifting belts, the Profitness belt supports your lower back while preventing injuries from happening during powerlifting exercises.

Constructed by heavy duty leather and double-prong steel buckle, the belt ensures to fit you snugly and not to slip at the mid section. Also, the design will help you with building your core and back after using it for a long time.

Though the belt is an ideal choice for powerlifting, it also works well for weightlifting and Crossfit. Hence, you don’t need to purchase another belt for other types of activities.

However, some customers complained that it would not be great for very heavy lifting.


  • Not slipping or riding up during exercises
  • Good for both beginners and professionals
  • Help build muscles


  • Not thick enough for powerlifting belt

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Being Crossfit Game’s official hand grip sponsor, we don’t need to mention the quality of Bear Komplex powerlifting belt’s manufacturer.

While this best powerlifting belt is a little bit wider than other products on the market, it’s a great choice for your WOD and other powerlifting exercise.

As for aesthetics, the product is completely similar to the image. Also, it is super sturdy that it can give you great support for your back when doing deadlifts and squats with slightly stiff yet a nice cushion.

The claim that this belt is built to last of the manufacturer seems to be true. The quality velcro is very durable and hooks well. However, remember to have appropriate care, and it will hold up just nice. Like the velcro, the metal roller will not wear away fast.

More impressive, this belt takes you no break in time, which often happens with other powerlifting belts, and fits you perfectly.

Like many powerlifting belt, the Bear KompleX belt still has an issue with sizing. Some users found that they should have ordered the smaller size or the larger size.


  • Product looks like the photo
  • Giving excellent back support yet comfortable
  • Durable velcro and metal roller
  • No break in time
  • Being approved by Top Athlete


  • Sizing issue

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If you are looking for the great quality powerlifting belt on the market, the ProFitness workout belt must be one of the best options on the market.

One of the great benefits of this belt is that it doesn’t take your time to break in, which means you can use it immediately after purchasing.

This best powerlifting belt is ideal for heavy lifting since it was designed to offer even pressure distribution in every part of the strap.

Made out of a double-prong enclosure, completely authentic leather, and doubled reinforced stitching, the Profitness powerlifting belt ensures durability.

The belt also features a comfortable suede lining and a character that gives enough assistance while doing heavy lifts like deadlift and Pendlay rows. You definitely won’t feel disappointed about your performance wearing this belt on.

While this belt has great quality and increases your training intensity, be careful on the rivets inside the strap. There are some negative reviews complaining that the rivets are easy to get loose after consistent use.


  • No need time to break in
  • Equal pressure distribution in every part of the belt
  • Extra reinforcement for security


  • Rivets might get loose after frequent usage

[amazon box="B01N3OB8QJ" ]

This RDX powerlifting belt is well made and provides full support when training. Having two standard colors: black and brown, both belts are embroidered with the letters of the logo: “RDX.” Hence, all lifters around you will know who you represent.

The belt also offers a very good fit for your size range. Furthermore, multiple sizes from S to XL give you more choices for even a better fit.

Much more, it has oil-tanned and excellent build quality leather, which prevents it from cracking and breaking, and suede covers the exterior and interior liner. Therefore, this belt makes users feel comfortable yet supportive.

Due to its durability, it has been the reliable product for heavy lifting like deadlifts and squats exercise, which made the USPA and IPL approve the quality for powerlifting.

The lever system is an amazing thing of this belt. Instead of double or single prong buckle, this belt is designed with lever which makes it can’t be simpler for you to latch as well as unlatch the belt. That’s why we pick it as one product in our list of 19 best powerlifting belts in the UK 2021.

This belt not only has reasonable price, but it also pleases the eye and functions very well.

On the downside, the warranty is just 90 days, which makes it hard for you to ask for help after that quite short time.


  • Very good fit
  • Durable material for great support and comfort
  • Lever closure system
  • USPA and IPL approved


  • 90 days warranty

[amazon box="B07DFLX2DX" ]

The Element 26 Weightlifting belt with a wide range of colors is a great option for both men and women doing heavy lifting.

The belt has been designed with standard width of 4 inches, complete premium nylon, and great self-locking system ensures that the belt is suitable for powerlifting, distributes equal force throughout the belt, and offers you easy adjustment without sacrificing its security.

Being totally approved by the USAW and CrossFit competitions, you can use it right immediately for competitions.

This powerlifting belt is constructed to never disappoint you, even during your very heavy lifts.

Different from other belts, the velcro is not for the closure but for stabilizing the tail of the strap while the self-locking mechanism prevents the belt from getting loose, breaking, or opening when training.

The Element 26 Weightlifting belt comes in 5 possible sizes for a lot of people to have good fit. Plus, the manufacturer offers you lifetime warranty, which shows the company’s confidence on the quality of their product.

However, some customers had difficulties in tightening and losing this belt.


  • Ideal width for powerlifting
  • Comes in 5 sizes and 4 colors
  • Stabilized thanks to great self-locking lever
  • USAW and CrossFit competitions apporoved


  • It’s may hard to tighten and loose the belt

[amazon box="B00074H7SC" ]

Being constructed by Harbinger, this belt is 5’’ wide, and its support strap is 2 inches smaller. Also, tightly knit cell foam keeps your muscles warm, and the Terracot lining ensures your comfort when in use.

The Harbinger belt is heavy duty and safe thanks to the abrasion-resistant fabric and the flame lamination.

With this belt, putting on and taking off can never be simpler. You don’t need to worry that the velcro will lose under intense pressure since it is durable enough to provide you both comfort and support to the lumbar region. Hence, it can help you with increasing your performance.

You will not be disappointed about the fit when you buy the right size, so don’t forget to look at the sizing chart carefully. The manufacturer carries 4 sizes from Small to 2 extra large, which provides you even the better size.

You will have a 90 days warranty of the product, so use it as soon as possible since you will be supported in that limited time in case it has any issue.

However, there is a gripe that it may not hold up power as well as other leather belts. But in general, this belt has nice value for the price.


  • Keep your muscles warm
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Velcro closure
  • Help increase your performance


  • Not very strong

[amazon box="B01N29U7A2" ]

This Dark Iron Fitness Belt is great for doing squats and deadlifts. Advertised as build to last, this belt is indeed durable from the buckle to the leather while still providing you soft and flexible feelings.

This powerlifting belt is one of the most reasonable products on our list. It provides more than you can expect given the price.

Top-grain cowhide leather gives you great firmness and amazing lumbar support.

If you want the entire gym to know who you represent, the Dark Iron belt will satisfy you with its stylish Spartan helmet logo in front of the belt. Also, the belt comes in back and red color which makes it pleases the eye.

What’s more interesting is that the manufacturer offers you a lifetime replacement for the product, which can save you some money in case there is any product failure.

This is a powerlifting belt with uniform 4-inch width. With the weight of 1.5 pounds, it is really lightweight, so you will not be uncomfortable with this belt on. You can hand wash it with solely a cloth, and maintaining it is not a difficult task. Plus, it comes in five sizes for a good fit.

5mm thickness is the great concern about this belt. With this thickness, advanced lifters may find it is not enough for supporting them while training. On top of that, the dye has a tendency to run, so be careful when washing it with other clothes.

All in all, The Dark Iron belt is a great belt for beginners or gym workouts. For those who prepare for a powerlifting competition, this may not be a good option for you since it may not cut around and above 400lbs exercises.


  • Attractive belt
  • Ideal with for support
  • Good price
  • Durable due to heavy duty leather


  • Not thick enough for heavy lifting
  • The dye may run

[amazon box="B01N5PB7CZ" ]

This DMoose Dip Belt with chain will give you additional weight to your waist, which makes it great for you if you are advanced lifters. Much more, this belt will offers you support during a wide range of exercises, such as pull ups, powerlifting, bodybuilding workouts, and many more.

Feature includes 36-inch durable chain, it doesn’t reduce the flexibility of your movement thanks to its feasibility. Constructed with neoprene, it avoids your waist from being sweaty.

Plus, you don’t need to worry that the belt stitching will be worn off or torn quickly because this powerlifting belt has double stitching. What’s more interesting is that this company provides you lifetime warranty, so no anxiety is needed for replacement and refund.

However, some reviewers felt disappointed with the chain since it may not be heavy duty, and the hook of it may be rusted. But you have a lifetime warranty, so why not give it a try.


  • Extra weight for increasing strength
  • Great support for a wide range of exercises
  • Maintain flexibility of the body movement
  • Double stitching for durability
  • Lifetime warranty


  • May have a couple of issues with the chain

[amazon box="B07GWVFLCN" ]

Though the Hemori is designed for weightlifting, it can also be used for powerlifting. If you don’t believe in us, there was a study showed that Hemori weightlifting belt can help you grow your powerlifting weight by approximately 12% thanks to its effectiveness of firming the core.

Made of complete cowhide leather, there is a very low risk that this powerlifting belt will be damaged even when you squat or do deadlifts on the heavier side.

Much more, it offers you greater flexibility without digging into your hips and sides thanks to the tapering of the leather belt.

No matter if you are beginners or professional powerlifters, the Hemori belt is a great option for you.

This product has almost no negative reviews; the only gripe is that the padding is too thick for few users, so it is challenging to have a snug fit.


  • Increase weight in exercises by around 12%
  • Durable belt for heavy powerlifting
  • Having greater mobility by tapering off
  • Constructed of complete cowhide leather


  • Very thick padding

[amazon box="B011PZ1FC0" ]

Our list of top 19 best powerlifting belts won’t be complete without the Inzer lever belt, one of the most well-known belts in the powerlifting belt industry.

This belt provides you most of the things you need. It is designed with 10 mm thickness and authentic leather material, which makes it resists completely to break, stretch, and ripe during even the toughest lifts. This also means that it will increase your performance.

Much more, the suede makes you feel smooth without sacrificing its capability to stabilize on your waist when your skin is sweaty.

Also, the belt ensures its durability and sturdiness due to the corrosive-resistant nylon; it will hold up to a lot of punishment.

However, some customers feel bad with the buckle since it has sharp edges.


  • 10mm thickness
  • High-quality leather material
  • Feel comfortable thanks to the suede lining
  • Durable and sturdy thanks to corrosive-resistant nylon


  • Buckle may have sharp edges

[amazon box="B01BLHCMJW" ]

If you are on the lookout for a lever powerlifting belt, the FlexzFitness belt is what you shouldn’t overlook.

The heavy duty lever allows you to put on, take off, and adjust it easily. Plus, if the lever has any issue, you don’t need to get worried since the manufacturer offers you lifetime warranty, which means they will replace it for you without taking any money.

Made from genuine leather, this powerlifting belt is very stiff which is ideal for back support. The black suede lining interior for added comfort and preventing the belt from sliding during your lifts.

Also, this belt can be used in competition since it features 10mm thickness, which meets USAPL and IPF standards.

The FlexzFitness is designed with 10mm thickness and 4 inches width; these numbers are ideal for a powerlifter’s belt. Hence, it may affect your body movement if you are a weightlifter. Remember to purchase a belt that is constructed for your goal.

On the downside, the buckle is not very heavy duty and has a tendency to break after several months of using.

However, the company is trying to fix this problem and providing customers with free replacements for any broken buckle.


  • Excellent build quality leather
  • Great support
  • USAPL and IPF approved
  • Velcro lining prevents belt sliding


  • Poorly made buckle

[amazon box="B07SYKDH5N" ]

Although formed in 2017, the manufacturer understands the criteria that make a belt a great powerlifting belt, which means Dominion Strength has constructed great belts for both male and female powerlifters.

Unlike other products, the size of the belt is particularly suited for women. Most powerlifter’s belts are uniform 4-inch width, but this belt is 1 inch smaller. This small difference is significant since the average height of women tends to be lower than that of men; belts with 4-inch width may hinder their mobility, and make them feel uncomfortable.

This best powerlifting belt is designed with a lot of features that make it competition safe. For example, the 10mm thickness will offer you great support for your back, and its construction is outstanding.

The only gripe is that this belt comes in just 2 sizes, which is hard for users to get the good fit.


  • Single prong buckle
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Competition safe
  • Suede lining inside for added comfort and safety


  • Comes in 2 sizes

Things You Should Consider Before Buying The Best Powerlifting Belt

Now that you have 19 best powerlifting belts to choose from; however, it’s not the end of the road. To have a great purchase, you would rather know the standards that every powerlifting belt should meet.


This is a very important factor of an excellent powerlifting belt; you should choose a belt made out of heavy duty material for a lifetime use. There are several kinds of materials that are favorites in the powerlifting world: neoprene, leather, and nylon. These materials work well in holding up to heavy weight.


best powerlifting belt

Closure has a tight relationship with your comfort since it not only affects the adjustment but it also impacts on the fit. There are three popular types of powerlifting belt: buckle, lever, and velcro. There are double prong buckles and single prong buckles.

Generally, people tend to prefer a single prong buckle since it will distribute the even force throughout the belt. However, there are still people who love double prong buckles for its great support. Lever and velcro are the great choices for adjusting easily as well as putting on and taking off without much effort.


Thickness is another significant factor which decides if the belt is an ideal powerlifting belt or not. Normally, the required thickness for a competition safe powerlifting belt is between 10mm and 13mm. With this thickness, your back will have a great support. However, there are thinner belts that have a lot of great functions; they just cannot be used for competition.


You should also consider width because it will decide which area of your back will have support. Every kind of support requires different width; therefore, you should choose this factor based on your goal. That said, the widest belt may not give you the greatest support, and it may not be the best choice for you. Actually, the support your back gets might not be changed critically, but your mobility will be hindered if you own a very wide belt.

best powerlifting belt


Stitching will not have a direct impact on your powerlifting belt. Nonetheless, it affects the durability of your belt. If you want the best powerlifting belt that can be used for a long time under heavy weight, we highly recommend double sided stitching.


Best powerlifting belts often have two types of shapes: tapered and straight. Width is what makes these types of belts different. Tapered belts have a different width in the midsection and back, while straight belt has the similar width throughout the belt.

We strongly advise you to watch this great video to use your powerlifting belt properly and make it offers you a strong back support.

Our Top 5 Pick Of The Best Powerlifting Belt

Now that you know the factors that a good powerlifting belt should have. Let’s choose a desired one for you from our top picks.


Best Powerlifting Belt for Durability

[amazon box="B00JFLKLEA" ]


Best Powerlifting Belt for Comfort

[amazon box="B07FTMCKSB" ]


Best Powerlifting Belt FOR Snug Fit

[amazon box="B072C4SLV9" ]


Best Powerlifting Belt FOR One-Prong Buckle

[amazon box="B01NAATEKW" ]


Best Powerlifting Belt For Velcro System

[amazon box="B000ALCLQ0" ]

Choosing the suitable powerlifting belt is quite tough because it has to fit you beside meeting the standards of the belt for heavy lifting.

The price for a durable belt may be a bit pricey, but that’s what it takes for a high-quality product. Also, investment on your back is never too much since you just have one spine. 

We hope you can choose your desired belt after reading our 19 best powerlifting belts.

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