Top 15 Best Mattress To Keep You Cool Uk: Review And Comparison 2021

After a hard day's work, you need a sweet bedtime to unwind your mind and release the strain, or you need a nice mattress but also durable. Choosing the best mattress to keep you cool uk is the  solution for you to have a wonderful nightdream.

It is certainly harsh to buy the best  mattress to keep you cool uk for the first time or you are looking for another beautiful mattress to keep you cool uk. Then, you have to take into account carefully the quality, colour, size, brand, price, memory foam, other features… Before making the buying decision, but it unsettles you to find the best mattress to keep you cool uk. Don't worry too much!!! This below post will suggest for you top 21 best mattress to keep you cool uk that you should not miss.

Best Mattress To Keep You Cool UK Comparison 2020

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Top Best Mattress To Keep You Cool UK Reviews 2021

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This mattress is proud of the construction from high-qualified complete materials, so it owns a fantastic junction of contouring pressure reduction, cooling bounce, as well as supportive core.

Thanks to the cover of the product, the mattress has a beautiful white and grey aesthetics. It is made of a polyester combination which is smooth and soft. It offers a warm sleeping area because it stretches to the expansion of the users.

The thickness cover is extremely better than something you find on standard memory foam beds because it won't wear out as soon as its memory foam product begins to sag.

The core of the Leesa mattress owns 15 cm dense polyfoam, so it offers the strength, structure, as well as durability for this bed. It can patronage the sleepers of any size and weights. You will be interested in its cornerstone which is able to sleep on any platforms.

The Leena bed doesn't fastly eliminate all pressure points when you choose the side sleep, because it needs time to get acquainted before providing the breathable comfort for sleepers at night’s sleep.


  • It owns a cooling, polyester cover
  • Construction of high-qualified materials
  • Improved structure and durability back up people of all sizes and weights
  • The seamless edge creates the optimum comfort
  • Creates a premium sleeping sensation through a high-qualified foam construction


  • The product feels certain for all side sleepers
  • The product needs time to complete expand

[amazon box="B07FXCL8RG" ]

The product from Otty can impact on your life, because it is able to add addendum enjoyable to your night sleep based on the pocket capsules technique of the product. Its springs could back up your body as well as certainly that there is no transfer, so the product is convenient when you sleep with someone who has a habit like moving too much on the bed.

Another benefit of the product does not cause hypoallergenic and prevent it from accumulating allergens and causing your uncomfortable feeling. It is antibacterial, because it can destroy bacteria and suppresses their development and their reproduce ability in your mattress. Thanks to this, you can have a sleep night in a safety environment.

To supply you the breezing feeling which you are in search of, the Otty 2000 Pocket Foam Cooling Mattress can react to spontaneous body heat during the night as well as regulates it to stop overheating. Besides that based on the breathable materials, this product is equipped with airflow circulation which is improved to ensure that heat isn't trapped but it will be permitted to dissipate supplying you a nice surface to have a sweet dream.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antibacterial
  • Reduce motion transfer
  • A 10-year warranty


  • Not suitable for people have a not good back

[amazon box="B07DRM44HM" ]

The Emma bed has a layer of convenient Airgocell-foam that has over 50% more cooling air inside than standard foam permitting for more cooling air space in order to enable air flow to give you a breathable sleeping climate.

The bed also offers excellent pressure reduction to the joints as well as is created to be durable and strong which brings you a long-lasting bed.

The remainder of the part is a grey 3D-mesh which permits the nice air circulation as well as is certain, so the Emma mattress is not slippage around your bed when you are sleeping on it. There is nothing that is more annoying than the mattress slipping down its frame and the pillows falling into your gap, so you can consider this mattress to keep you cool uk.


  • The memory foam suits to human body
  • Good for people have back and side habit
  • A 100 nights trial


  • Careful when using on some platforms
  • Needs some supplement edge

[amazon box="B00KD8PVX0" ]

It is an orthopedic bed, the mattress has a design of 2000 spring coils. Every spring is individually wrapped in order to define the motion because every spring independently moves.

All pocket springs are able to contour to your body because it has the fabric wrapping. It will form your shape, and provide general comfort due to the large number of the spring coils.

The mattress has so convenient air channels. The feature comes with every spring coil to make sure that the bed dissipates heat to the outside, so you will have a cooling sleep. Although some people complained that the mattress traps heat in hot conditions, this just happens in some areas where the heat is a problematic problem.


  • Fire retardant
  • Suitable to many types of mattress bases
  • Moderate support feeling
  • Natural materials include lamb’s wool, organic cotton, and luxury silk
  • Handmade and suitable to the UK standard
  • Air vents improve breathability
  • Hand-stitched side contour extra strength and support


  • It asks for flipping to wear it evenly

[amazon box="B008B6RFVW" ]

This silentnight mattress gets an affordable premium when you consider. Looking forward to being awed by expertise as well as craftsmanship who acquainted with the manufacturing of Rest Assured bed.

The mattress is proud of having a clear and breathable polyester cover. The product has a velvety touch sensation which offers you comfort when you lie down on it. The polyester material offers it the breezing and temperature adjustment properties, because it is renowned to tweak the heat of you.

The cover has excellent self-cleaning functions because it can stop the production of mould as well as dust mites. The cover is a barrier to superficial elements, so it keeps clean through the long time.


  • 2000 pocket memory foam
  • Excellent for bedsteads as well as divans
  • Air vents create ventilation
  • A average feel for firmer and cushioning support
  • The body moulded foam disperses the weight of body


  • Careful when using on some platforms
  • Needs some supplement edge

[amazon box="B07KP9VCNP" ]

Thanks to an ultra-soft feeling, the mattress promotes your stimulating life as well as reduces your pain. The Inofia Keep Cooling Memory Foam mattress with breezing gel can prevent dust mites as well as the hypoallergenic.

Moreover, it will not enable moisture to appear inside and it has a modern adjoining mesh increasing the breathability for you. And if you do not want to come up with any annoying smells, this is why you need the cooling mattress.

You should spot that the Inofia Keep Cooling Memory Foam mattress has plenty of multiple layers, and the high-qualified quilting knit layer is an extremely soft side which you have a comfortable night sleep.

Moreover, the memory foam is open-cell which will dissipate the temperature, in combination with the transition foam will eliminate the pressure. In contrast, the premium steel pocket conforms to the layer which surrounds your body figure, and a double durability foam layer to switch weight coincidentally.

The remaining one is a mesh fabric layer which is made of polyester. It can make sure that heat does not reach your body.


  • Anti-dust mite
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100 nights trial
  • A 10-year guarantee
  • The mattress is able to prevent the symptoms of allergies from happening


  • The product will begin damaging through time

[amazon box="B019DRUTTC" ]

The Eve Mattress can help your life simpler because it ranks as one of the most breathable beds.

The cover is 1cm, which is made of complete polyester fabric. The dorlastan combinated cover is downright breathable. It tweaks the bed’s temperature which is suitable for consumers on hot summer nights. That polyester material is naturally fire resistant, so it is unnecessary to use added chemicals.

The Memory Foam Layer will support, reduce pressure, and be a breezing layer. It's approximately 3 cm and made of polyurethane foam material. Besides it is equipped to provide optimal support for users. With open cell design, it is a useful way for breezing sleep. The foam layer is extremely breathable to make sure that you can wake up with no sneezes.

The revolutionary Layer is approximately 3 cm which uses over 30 times more fresh-aring foam than normal foam. It can dissipate heat quickly and eliminate any hot air at night. You also can sleep on the Eva mattress in tropical zones because the increased air permits the mattress to be breathable.


  • Tweaks to body positions
  • Can lay on all platforms of mattress
  • Tested for annoying substances to make sure clean airflow
  • Luxury stiff and hypoallergenic fabric cover
  • The breezing cover more convenient foam than standard foam


  • It is suitable for warm sleepers than breeze sleepers

[amazon box="B01M8PH04K" ]

The huge benefit is that it can not cause hypoallergenic symptoms. You suffer some allergies which can be harsh when having the unsuitable mattress can cause your symptoms, but this product with cooling features can make sure that it can relieve them. Thanks to no toxic substances being used, the cover can prevent allergens from penetrating, so it ensures a healthy and clean sleep.

If you would like a cooling mattress, the Silentnight Cool Gel Rolled Mattress from Silentnight is an ideal option. The product is designed with an active react technology which you probably find very convenient. It makes a full bounce-back sensation and it makes the motion transfer more easier within the night.

The breezing mattress is combined with gel to prevent the warming up as well as has the quilted airflow surface. The overheating will not be a problem, because you will get the breezing sensation you are looking forward to from this kind of mattress.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Very breathable
  • Equipped with pressure relief points


  • Won't maintain the long lasting quality

[amazon box="B07N884KPT" ]

Would you like to enjoy the fresh cooling on summer nights? You can consider the Naturalex ExtraFresh Cooling Mattress. The mattress is designed with gel microcapsules in the summer, which run to retain your body fresh, comfortable and stop excessive sweating. And what is even better regarding the mattress with breezing attributes which has a double side and has a winter side as well as a summer one.

This summer side can certainly keep you fresh based on the Airtex3D fabric which delivers you enough breathability and not permitting moisture inside. Moreover, this winter side is made from hypoallergenic material and does not have toxic substances.

The great thing is that customers can feel weightless when they lie on the cooling mattress because it is extremely soft and your sleep can not be disturbed. Although it is soft and has moderate high-density foam to back up your back as well as prevent some potential pains.


  • Very fresh and supportive
  • Has two sides which is convenient with every season
  • Made of safety materials


  • May not completely expand

[amazon box="B07NHZQ485" ]

The mattress is a mattress to keep you cool uk of breezing mattress provided that you deem to buy a memory foam mattress. Of late, the memory foam is not as breezing as more raw ingredients but it experiences a lengthy way as well as can still enable you to enjoy a comfortable sleep when you want to sleep on a warmer level.

It has a top breathable Airgocell foam layer having approximately 50% more airflow inside than natural foam permitting for air space to air flow bringing you a very comfortable feeling.

It also brings a very pressure relief for your joints as well as is generated to be extremely durable and strong letting you have a long-lasting mattress as well as incredible value for your money.

Its cover is divided into two parts, the top part is created of an imperative climate fibre which tweaks humidity, which suits your sweat at night. Moreover, it is soft and elasticated for a fantastic feeling when you go to bed.

The remainder of the part is a grey 3D-mesh which permits the nice air circulation as well as is certain, so the Emma mattress is not slippage around your bed when you are sleeping on it. There is nothing that is more annoying than the mattress slipping down its frame and the pillows falling into your gap, so you can consider this mattress to keep you cool.


  • Good for people have back and side habit
  • The unique breathable memory gel foam
  • 100-year guarantee


  • None

[amazon box="B076PPCH9K" ]

The construction of Simba mattress concludes five premium layers. Its construction is designed to promote you to gain the quality of time for bed which you have been desiring for all years.

The Simba bed is made of 100% polyester to complete the cover. Besides the foam isn't integrated into to complete it, so it creates the breathable feeling. It is an exceptional option if you set your bedroom on the top floor of the house.

Its cover stretches to expansion of the pressure relief. This creates a benefit because the product bounces back the original shape.

The sensation of this Simba bed is one thing that creates cool sleepers. The memory foam is designed as a third layer, it causes the hard to trap temperature.

Almost the temperature dissipates at thin cover and latex foam as well as micro coils as soon as it works to memory foam. It isn't surprising when people are enamored with this bed for hot summer's night.


  • The memory foam suits to human body
  • Fully polyester cover creates the stretchy and responsive
  • Coils assists excel in the bounce
  • Blend the latex foam and conical springs
  • Minimise motion transfer
  • Fits on any mattress bases


  • Needs the patience while waiting for its complete expand

[amazon box="B01I3EINR6" ]

The external thing which you can spot about this bed is the beautiful aesthetics. The product has two tones that are outstanding with a clean white for top layers, as well as the blue bottom.

It has an impressive which it owns a zipper so you will clean it easily to maintain it in good condition. It is hypoallergenic to promote your sleep on a fresh superficial on the comfortable poly-spandex combination.

The Vitex Memory Foam Layer is equipped as unique memory foam. This Memory Foam is much more responsive than standard memory foam and ensures that you will not have all pressure and hot spots when it penetrates your body. The Vitex also offers incredible pressure relief as well as fantastic support owing based on its ability in order to stabilize pressure.


  • Gel layer can pull away temperature downward
  • Viscose/poly/spandex combinated cover is extremely thin to drop the level of superficial temperatures
  • The memory foam is extremely responsive
  • Thicker than regular 10-inch beds
  • The cover is antimicrobial as well as allergen-resistant


  • The cover has on-the-spot clean function
  • The new bed smell is annoying to some people

[amazon box="B01M8QEJSV" ]

The Casper mattress is made of fully polyester, the cover directly contacts our body. Thanks to the soften and snaps back to pull and stretch in your night's sleep. Besides that it won't ruffle up or lose the original shape.

The Open Cell Top Layer is the convenient layer. It has 3.7 cm memory foam. Besides, the product has open cells which can dissipate heat. It operates to tweak the temperature, so it can prevent the sweaty nights. As it is extremely responsive, you will get the contouring sensation which hugs your curves's body.

The section operates as the transition part. It bonds between the soft and tough sides thanks to a firm sensation, so this layer can support to balance the highest and last layers.


  • Minimise motion transfer
  • Good for people because it don't have chemical
  • Fully polyester cover has stretch and soft resistant
  • Four layers foam offers the breezing feature of latex foam as well as the supportiveness's memory foam
  • The thick last cornerstone is extremely firm to offer the durability


  • Spend time before getting up the full size
  • Goes with a weighty package

[amazon box="B007H4G0MY" ]

The viscoelastic foam can resist the gathering of bugs, dust mites, and dust. Besides that, it is designed with the closed-cell memory foam preventing the superficial elements from approaching the inside layers. This remains clean and makes it appealing to everyone who is annoyed with morning allergies which were brought about due to sleeping on a dirty mattress.

The cover of the product is quilted, washable, and removable. It is designed with a top of soft surface in order to deliver a smooth zone where our body directly contacts our bed. The product also has some firm edges to make sure that it remains in the bed in a good figure.

You don’t have to flip the bed after using it for some year. The memory foam can come back to the first form as soon as it is not used, so the Hypnia mattress can rotate it even worse.


  • Distinctive layering gives away sweat
  • Keep the perfect body alignment of neck and spine offering the pain reduction to pain muscles
  • Provides comfort sensation for body sizes and weights
  • Hypoallergenic as well as resistant to bug, dust mites so offering a safe and clean environment
  • Patented cool, washable and soft cover drop overheating


  • It has to be used in sections with slight temperatures

[amazon box="B01I3EINSU" ]

The bed is extremely excellent. It is manufactured in the UK and could supply a fantastic sleeping experience. The product which brings the softness feels like marshmallows, because it has a breezing mattress topper which is made from gel memory foam. The pressure will be invalid, because of its softness.

The product is not like a firm mattress which generates strain when you lay on it, you will feel downright comfortable when you sink into the GhostBed Queen Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

The first layers of foams offer the breezing feeling. This is a 3 - high-qualified GoshFlex Foam, which will comfort your body as well as help your skin breath. The base layer of the product is one which supports durability and comfort. Besides that, the support is the layer which reduces pressure. The breezing mattress pad is placed on a surface to feel convenient


  • Feel extremely comfortable
  • Vacuum-sealed
  • Release pressure


  • The size has limitation

Complete Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Mattress To Keep You Cool UK

After a hard day's work, or an exhausting day, the best thing you always expect is a pretty and comfortable sleep. Although the designs, types, colors, and features and each kind also have its distinctive advantages, we will figure the most important elements to take into account when purchasing the best mattress to keep you cool uk.

bedjet cooling system

Cooling Mattress Materials

There are some mattress materials which have breezing characteristics:

Coils and Springs

This material used to back up the foundation of the best mattress as well as are often made out of durable steel. Thanks to the positioned way, the coils and springs create too much open space inside the product, so they are good for letting air to penetrate through outside the structure in combination with acting as a breezing advantage for layers above.

Advanced Memory Foam

Many producers have devoted time as well as conduct research to promote advanced kinds of memory foams which have much air to flow inside and will keep less heat. This type of foam often has a handful of little holes which are made to promote the airflow. They could also include gel-infused beads which can enable it to provide cooling advantages too.

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Gel-infused Foam

Many kinds of foam layers could be combined with gel in order to let you promote breezing while you go to bed. Besides that, gel foam layer is extremely likewise to traditional kinds of foam, hence it is equipped to stop motion transfer, pressure points as well as absorb a plenty of body heat. In other words, the gel foam layer is created to help bring the cooler for you than other kinds of materials.


Cotton layer is an ideal option because its material is extremely smooth, comfortable, soft, and breathable. Besides that its fabric can absorb moisture while you sweat. The material will dissipate the temperature because the cotton can bring you the fresh as well as cooler feeling when you sleep at night.

Advanced Polyfoam

The foam also is called open cell poly foam. This is often equipped with small cells and air bubbles inside. The air bubbles in combination with cells could be used to reduce the heat keeped in this mattress and promote breathability.

best mattress to keep you cool

Materials Have Trap Heat

There are some options of materials which keep more heat compared with the others:

Basic Polyfoam

The basic polyfoam is made of polyurethane. It is usually used to support the foundation of a mattress. The polyfoam is typically used to offer a comfort layer. Although this kind of one is not equipped to conform to the figure of your body like the simple memory other, it also backs up the trap heat inside the mattress.

Classic Memory Foam

Almose the basic kinds of memory foams are made of polyurethane, so the foam is equipped to supply a hugging feeling when you go to bed. It will conform to the body's figure due to the material of this foam being renowned for retaining heat. The feature is pretty convenient in colder weather, but some folks that tend to consent hotter while they are sleeping probably feel uncomfortable.

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There are some different kinds of latex having distinguishing features and benefits. The natural latex is made of the sap's rubber tree. Although this material can be breezer than the others as polyfoam, it can also retain addendum heat. Another kind is Talalay latex trapping less heat than the other one. Moreover, you also deem synthetic latex being renowned for keeping heat as well as having less airflow inside than the other kinds of materials.

If you are a first-time buyer, this video is useful for you to select the best mattress to keep you cool UK:

Our Top 5 Picks Of The Best Mattress To Keep You Cool UK

But now, with many kinds of products on the market, it unsettles you to distinguish and select the quality one. With the Buying Guide above, we are expecting you to look for the best mattress to keep you cook uk for yourself.

Based on our experiences, we’ve picked our top 5 best mattress to recommend for you.


Best mattress for Memory Foam

[amazon box="B01M8PH04K" ]


Best Hypoallergenic resist mattress

[amazon box="B01HS66R0U" ]


Best cooling memory foam mattress 

[amazon box="B07DRM44HM" ]


Best Organic Mattress

[amazon box="B00KD8PVX0" ]


Best Pocket Sprung

[amazon box="B008B6RFVW" ]

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best mattress to keep you cool uk at the comment box below!

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