Test Your Limits And Set Yourself New Goals With The Best Cross Trainers For Home Use

Cross trainers for home use are beneficial to exercise devices, especially when used for families. It is fussy about the practitioner and brings the training effect to all subjects in the family. The best cross trainers for home use will be a useful tool for those who want to exercise and improve their health but do not have much time to go to the gym.

Choosing the best value cross trainer seems like a simple thing, but with the best home cross trainer UK market in terms of manufacturers, items, and price, it is not easy. After researching and investigating, Little Simz Co has created a list of the top 15 best cross trainers for home use to make your selection easier.

Best Cross Trainers For Home Use Comparison 2020

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Top 15 Best Cross Trainers For Home Use: Comparison & Reviews 2020

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Sportstech is one of the topmost famous brands in the field of training equipment manufacturing. We cannot ignore the Sportstech LCX800 Premium Cross Trainer in the top best cross trainers for home use. With a luxurious futuristic design, excellent product quality brings convenience and trust to users.

Sleek, eye-catching with the chassis using thick, high-grade stainless steel sprayed with electrostatic paint so it has a good bearing capacity, anti-shock so it is very durable.

It adopts the integration of many advanced technologies to bring convenience to users. Its models are equipped with a 7-inch smart display, allowing users to easily track and control exercise parameters such as distance, speed, heart rate, time, or calorie count.
The resistance button acts as a normal bicycle brake, slow down, or stop when you want to end the exercise. The steel spring-loaded fork near the base is used to limit strong vibrations, bear the practitioner's weight and weight, and safely dampen.

Solid pillars make strong support for the frame and withstand the user load up to 120kg. Flywheel weighing up to 24kg ensures good rotation speed, smoothness, and smoothness during exercise. Not to mention that the 100% rubber strap is durable, sure to help the car operate smoothly without creating noise from the surrounding.

The machine has integrated 12 pre-installed programs for you to feel no longer bored. It's compatible with Bluetooth, USB, apps, and heart rate belts, making it a cross trainer offering unlimited possibilities for a creative workout.


  • Connectivity for different programs
  • Smooth belt and flywheel
  • A large screen displays full parameters
  • Variety in settings


  • Large

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The top brands that make up the diverse collection of cross trainers that cannot be ignored are Branx Fitness. A brand specializing in the production of high-end multi-purpose exercise bicycles, continuous creativity has helped the brand become increasingly successful.

The Branx Fitness Magnetic 'X-Fit' Cross Trainer is sophisticated and luxurious. A-frame design that can withstand up to a maximum of 135kg payload ensures a sense of safety in every workout.

High features such as anti-slip pedals or smart display, capable of practicing running, Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging port are fully equipped in just one compact device.


  • The software can connect to many devices
  • Hardware details for security and ease of use
  • 16 different resistance settings


  • The mobile controls are a bit gimmicky
  • Assembling this product is quite tricky

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Bluefin Fitness is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of health care products in the market with outstanding products such as treadmills, abdominals, massage machines, and cross trainers.

Bluefin Fitness CURV 3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer is rated for stable quality and quite a long lifespan. The machine has a sturdy metal frame design with good impact resistance and can hold 120kg. It has a compact and portable design.

It combines with advanced technology and integrates many different training regimes to maximize your daily workout. Plus, you can use the built-in Kinomap App for your mobile phone or tablet then connect via Bluetooth to track and analyze your workouts. The highlight of the Bluefin Fitness CURV 3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer is a smart screen capable of displaying the distance, speed, time, calories burned, and heart rate of the user.


  • Compact size
  • Smooth, smooth operation
  • Connect with its app


  • Reduced resistance levels

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First of all, we would like to confirm that using the Sportstech CX2 Cross Trainer for home cycling will give you a lot of benefits. Sportstech CX2 Cross Trainer does not need electricity and has a full-body movement to maintain the body effectively. The cycling movements work on all parts of the body to help you achieve maximum efficiency and quickly get a toned body.

It is constructed with a sturdy steel frame, a durable structure that feels solid in use. With the high-load pedal, people with a large weight need not worry when using this product.

Intuitive, multi-function display compatible with the app, with Bluetooth function displaying during exercise parameters such as distance, velocity, time, calories, heart rate to monitor your health and wellness to adjust the intensity of the exercise.

The Sportstech CX2 Cross Trainer's movement system is tranquil and doesn't make any noise while you practice. Moreover, you can easily adjust the lightweight level, so it is suitable for all users.

Although its price is also quite high, in return, it has the above highlights that make it worthy of being on the list of Top best cross trainers for home use.


  • Self-created drive
  • No electricity needed
  • Motivational applications on the dashboard


  • The possible impact of light exercise on dashboard apps

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Sportstech Crosstrainer CX640 is solidly designed, extremely quiet. The car's mainframe is made of thick, high-strength steel, coated with durable electrostatic paint and anti-rust. The movement and pedal protection box is made of extremely durable PVC.

The stationary grip and cycling tempo handle are covered with soft leather foam. The fixed handle incorporates an accurate heart rate sensor. This cross trainer features a 16-level lightweight adjustment. Resistance is different, so you can choose the model that suits you. You can also connect the machine to the KINOMAP application for more exercises.

This screen displays parameters such as distance, velocity, time, heart rate, and calories burned during exercise. It employs a 24 kg flywheel system and belts for quiet movement, low noise, and long maintenance.


  • There is a 16-speed computer-controlled magnetic brake system
  • Bluetooth connectivity and compatible with Kinomap application
  • Smooth and silent running
  • Heart rate monitoring feature on the handle


  • None

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Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer owns a sturdy, luxurious design that brings beauty to your home space. It has 12 preset automatic programs to choose from and 24 levels of manual resistance. It is compatible with the Kinomap app, so you can follow thousands of training videos from all over the world and take part in online training classes.

With the integration of a smart display, multi-level adjustment frame, this is a good cross trainer you should consider. The display clearly shows parameters such as time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate. Besides, this cross trainer can withstand bodyweight loads up to 120kg.


  • Multiple resistance levels
  • Can be used with application
  • There is a tablet stand
  • Quiet operation


  • The learning curve
  • Quite heavy

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CHRISTOPEIT SPORT with the best value cross trainer is popular in the market. Success does not reduce CHRISTOPEIT SPORT's efforts to innovate, enhance, and change to meet your needs.

CHRISTOPEIT SPORT Unisex's CX4 Cross Trainer can withstand loads up to 150 kg. It features a sturdy stainless steel premium frame for safety and comfort while exercising. It is also equipped with a rubber cushion with extremely durable rubber material, helping to resist shock during exercise and help create more friction and anti-slip. The pedal has small tendons to increase friction, avoiding slippage when exercising at high speed.

This cross trainer is also equipped with an LCD screen to display exercise parameters such as time, speed, distance, heart rate measurement, and help you distribute more reasonably during exercise. It is equipped with a variety of specialized exercises.


  • Quick assembly
  • Stability
  • Adjusting the motor resistance, so the rotation is very harmonious.
  • The programs are classified in a sophisticated manner and are easily adapted.


  • If you ride the bike a little harder, the trainer will get a little twisted
  • Noise

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Limepeaks - LMP-1001 Cross Trainer features a compact design with seats and handles. Soft seats keep you comfortable with long hours of practice. With an intelligent design with multiple keyholes on the body to increase or decrease the height flexibility. The handle measures calories, and heart rate sensor using the "Mode" button and displays the data on the multifunction LCD screen.

Limepeaks - LMP-1001 Cross Trainer is constructed of a sturdy steel frame, capable of withstanding high forces, good bearing pedals, and convenient water tank holder. In particular, this cross trainer can be rolled up for easy storage, saving your floor space. Products with such functions and outstanding design but with extremely affordable prices are beautiful to users when choosing the best cross trainers for home use.


  • Exercise bike function is adequate
  • Build quality is excellent
  • Comfortable saddle and handlebars


  • Exercise bike performance is not as good as a proper exercise bike

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The top 15 best cross trainers for home use is the Christopeit-sport Cs5 Cross Trainer. With a compact design incorporating advanced features, you will practice the best. The pedal part of this cross trainer can be adjusted 3 times in length and is cast in monolithic high-grade steel, so you are completely assured of good impact resistance. It has a good bearing capacity, and the frame's surface is specially painted to help maintain the freshness of the product after use.

Besides, the LCD screen is brilliant to help you easily adjust the intensity of exercise accordingly, integrating many exercises that increase the body's endurance. This cross trainer can withstand loads up to 150kg. Therefore, the product can be used for all ages and is highly appreciated for its quality by many people, providing desirable training effects.


  • Easy to use
  • Assembly is easy if you take the time to read the instructions carefully
  • Show quite enough
    Withstands loads up to 150kg


  • Slightly noisy

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With its compact and sophisticated design, you can place the JLL CT300 Cross Trainer anywhere in your home. It is made of high-quality steel that affirms the safety and durability of the car. Combining the most advanced features to help you experience great exercise minutes.

JLL CT300 Cross Trainer is equipped with a rubber cushion with extremely durable rubber material, resisting shock during training and creating friction and anti-slip. The pedal has small tendons to increase friction, avoiding slippage when exercising at high speed.

This bike is also equipped with an LCD screen to display exercise parameters such as time, speed, distance, and heart rate measurement to help you distribute more reasonable strength during exercise. Finally, the vehicle is equipped with a variety of specialized exercises. With the affordable price and special features above, the JLL CT300 Cross Trainer deserves to be on the list of the top best cross trainers for home use.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Comfortable steering wheel and pedals
  • Change resistance quickly


  • The flywheel on the lighter side
  • Heavy
  • The maximum user weight is only 100Kg

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Dripex Cross Trainer has a stainless steel frame, so it has a good bearing capacity to withstand 120kg. The saddle is designed to be quite large using a thick cushion, which can be easily adjusted depending on each person's height. The BG CY-S300 fitness bike is equipped with a monitor for measuring heart rate, distance, and training time.

According to our assessment of the Dripex Cross Trainer, the product is sleek, dynamic, and features a modern heart rate sensor in the handle to help users know their heart rate. The roof is also integrated with a movable wheel section, which is very convenient and highly aesthetic.

Therefore, when placing the car indoors, it creates a feeling of luxury without fear of occupying an area of space. This will be a worthwhile product for you to experience when choosing the best cross trainers for home use.


  • Options for different positions and handlebars for session tuning
  • The heavy-duty frame is thick and stable
  • 16 resistance levels


  • The console and data could be a lot better

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Sunny Health & Fitness Unisex SF-E3804 Cross Trainer is designed with a stainless steel frame that is sturdy and has good resistance, and the surface of the frame is specially painted to help maintain the new product after using time.

Plus, it features a simple LCD that records speed, time, speed, distance, and calories. More specifically, this cross trainer can withstand loads up to 130kg. You can easily adjust the appropriate intensity of exercise and integrate many exercises to increase the body's endurance. Therefore, the product can be used for all ages and is highly appreciated by many people for its quality, providing desirable training effects.


  • Sturdy structure
  • Small stride
  • Adjustable stabilizer
  • Transport wheel on the front sole
  • Includes a tablet stand
  • Quiet operation


  • There is no backlight on the LCD screen
  • Calorie reading is not too accurate

[amazon box="B07V5NFHVN" ]

XS Sports CT700 Magnetic Deluxe Cross Trainer owns a modern, luxurious, and compelling design. Below is a wheel system to help you more conveniently in moving or storing if not in use.

The frame can withstand a maximum load of 110kg thanks to the sturdy stainless steel material, which is resistant to force, effectively resistant to shock, and safe for the practitioner's health. With 8 new resistance levels will give you more exercise options to help you not feel bored while exercising.

Besides, the product also has a built-in odometer to measure time and exercise efficiency. Products with such functions and outstanding design but with extremely affordable prices are beautiful to users when choosing the best fitness bike at home.

This cross trainer possesses many versatile exercises that support intensive training in many different body areas to help the practitioner get the best out of training with quick results. The machine works quietly without making noise. For that reason, it is also worthwhile to trust users to choose the same choice when choosing the best cross trainers for home use.


  • It has a tablet holder
  • Affordable
  • It saves space in the home


  • Tricky to assemble

[amazon box="B002R8CPRY" ]

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Magnetic Cross Trainer is considered one of the best cross trainers for home use in the price range because it is constructed with a sturdy steel frame, durable structure, and creating a sense of stability when used. With the high-impact pedal, those with a large weight should not worry about using this cross-trainer.

Besides, it is equipped with wheels for convenient mobility. It has a sharp LCD that clearly displays the distance, time, speed, and calories consumed during exercise.


  • Quiet operation
  • 2 sets of handlebars
  • Compact design
  • Quiet and reliable resistance
  • A heart rate monitor


  • It cannot be used by anyone weighing more than 100kg

[amazon box="B07JGS1XYP" ]

Sportstech Store Mini Exercise Cross Trainer DFX100 is exceptionally compact, so it will not take up much space in your home, so you can easily arrange it in many places indoors.

It is designed to reduce noise effectively. The pedal's bottom has a silencer and a shockproof plate so you can work with peace of mind without making noise, disturbing people around you, just silence, and walking.

The body of the machine is made of high-quality high-tensile steel with extremely high durability. Besides, to avoid putting pressure on the knee joint, Sportstech ankle has carefully studied the product's training angles.

This cross trainer is equipped with an intelligent LCD screen that can record and display step count and training time. The entire training process is closely monitored, providing accurate data convenient for you to track during your training clearly. From there, choose the right model for your own body.


  • 5kg flywheel weight allows smooth movement
  • The height is adjustable
  • The app offers tracking options and has an integrated display
  • Horizontal instead of vertical movement eliminates the need for table height


  • The battery needs to be charged after use
  • Heavy

Buying Guides: Tips To Buy The Best Cross Trainers For Home Use

ClubSeriesPlus RecumbentBike inRoom3 1000x1000 1

Below we will give you the important criteria for selecting the best cross trainers for home use so that you can refer to them and make it easier to choose.


Based on the design, cross trainers for home use are often divided into two categories:

A cross trainer does not have a saddle.

As the name suggests, the design of this product line does not have a seat. The pedals are quite wide so that you can put the soles of your feet on. It is important that you can only stand during the entire exercise. If you are young, want to train to tone the body, lose weight, and lose belly fat, you should choose this cross trainer. With this product, you will have to move more when you exercise, and almost all body parts contribute to your exercise.

elliptical workouts celebrities

A cross trainer has a saddle.

The machine has a saddle design, the pedal also has a wide area, and flexibility is also highly appreciated. Therefore, when practicing, you can sit or stand, depending on your needs. The cross trainer has a firm saddle on the thighs and buttocks, so it is very suitable for the middle-aged, the elderly, or those who need to exercise to rehabilitate. Especially those who have problems with Osteoarthritis, cardiology, and obesity should practice with this cross trainer.
It’s fine to choose whichever type you choose, but a cross trainer with a saddle will suit someone with a weaker health condition.

Practice Needs

Depending on your training needs, you choose the appropriate cross trainer. Specifically:

Use a cross trainer to practice weight loss.

If you want to buy the best cross trainers for home use to serve your needs to lose weight and keep fit, you should choose solid products, have a strong resistance level for the best calories burned.

Buy a cross trainer for the elderly to improve health.

elliptical workouts celebrities

For the elderly, you should choose models with a low height. The saddle can be adjusted up and down when using. It will help people strengthen their muscles, improve their health for the better.


Next, you need to pay attention to the features you want on your cross trainer. Of course, the more features, the higher the price, but that doesn't mean you can't choose the best cross trainers for home use you want.

In addition to the basic functions, the cross trainers are equipped with many other functions to assist the practitioner, such as adjusting the handle's height, saddle to match the practitioner's height—practice level adjustment mode.

Precor EFX 222 Female

Some high-end cross trainers are also equipped with an adjustment mode of up to 8 training levels to help you no longer feel bored while training.

Intensity Adjustment: Helps you train more intensely as your fitness level increases, providing constant challenges during workouts.

The display screen is usually LED or LCD. This is the place that will show the practitioner parameters such as distance, time, speed, heart rate, and calories that have been consumed during exercise too slowly. There is a more effective exercise and control regime.

Load Bearing Capacity

In addition to the above factors, load capacity is also an issue you should consider before choosing your best cross trainer for home use. Its bearing capacity will help you to know whether this product is suitable for the needs of your whole family or not.

cross trainer

If using for overweight and obese people, you should choose cars with large payload and vice versa. If you have a balanced body, the products with a smaller payload should be preferred.

Force Braking Mode (Resistance)

Brake line:

This type has the belt. Friction on the flywheel creates braking force. It has a light load capacity, and it is almost impossible to adjust the load level. Its biggest advantage is its cost savings; the simpler the structure, the lower the price. The downside is that the belts must be replaced regularly, and the noise is loud due to friction. This line is suitable for those who want to practice light, improve the state of inactivity.

Magnet Type: Suitable for light workouts

This line generates braking force using permanent magnet attraction, which applies to very affordable, upright bicycles that almost anyone can own. There is a type that requires a power charger or not when buying. You should pay attention to this issue.

Best Foldable Exercise Bike

The magnet's advantage is that the operation is tranquil; the flywheel does not contact each other. The downside is the short use time (about 30 minutes), the ability to load lightly. The product is only suitable for improving their passive condition, not for heavy exercises.

Electromagnetic Type: Suitable for weight loss mode

Electromagnetic type is the next improvement of permanent magnets. The manufacturer uses electromagnetic magnets to brake force. The range of a braking force is wider than permanent magnets, so the time to use the joint (about 100 minutes). If you want to lose weight, but this type is the most suitable.

The product is also popular in many gyms.

Friction type: Suitable for heavy workouts

Friction type is the method of braking commonly used in cross trainers. The brake calipers in contact with the momentum create a strong braking force, allowing long service life. The device operates very quietly, can be used continuously without worrying about the surrounding environment. Those who want to practice hard should prioritize buying this type.


home cross trainer 1

The space to place the cross trainer for home use is also an issue that we need to consider because with apartments with not spacious space, how to choose the style to suit the space because if you buy a cross trainer will make your space cramped and may not be able to fit properly.

If your space is not too large, do not buy a large cross trainer even if you can buy it. It is best to measure how much space the machine is located to choose the best cross trainer for home use.

The Bottom Line: My Pick For The Best Cross Trainers For Home Use

Now you are up to date on our top 15 best cross trainers for home use. We have pointed out the pros and cons of each cross trainer. We believe that you will make a suitable choice for your own. After comparing things, we choose the best value cross trainer to suit your requirements. So here is our pick:


Best Overall

[amazon box="B07STFRY7J" ]


Best Commercial gym standard

[amazon box="B07HKQ12FC" ]


Best for portability

[amazon box="B07JGS1XYP" ]


Best FOr the family

[amazon box="B07BZG2HYB" ]


Best value

[amazon box="B07BZWSHMR" ]

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best cross trainers for home use at the comment box below!

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