Top 15 Best Cricket Helmets Reviews 2024: Best Choice For You

Among the most critical items in any cricketer’s luggage is the best cricket helmets. Any batter, fielder, or dumb argument who wears the proper helmet will have a far lower probability of suffering a major head injury. 

Having the proper safety gear may be the difference between an enjoyable day and a severe accident in any activity. Whenever it relates to cricket, a sport in which players strike the ball with bats, a helmet is a must-have piece of equipment since it shields your brain from injury if you are impacted by the ball.

A cricket helmet is comparable to the baseball cap worn by ballplayers. It features a casing that absorbs any blows and covers the tops, behind and part of the head. A front screen on certain helmets shields the wearer’s head.

As a result, when buying a helmet, a cricketer must take additional measures. The right helmet must fit properly and adhere to cricket safety regulations. We’ve chosen and reviewed the top cricket helmets in this post.

Best Cricket Helmets Comparison 2024

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Top 15 Best Cricket Helmets Reviews 2024

Masuri E Line Titanium Cricket Helmet

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Our best selection is the Masuri E-Line Titanium Cricket Helmet. When it comes to vision, convenience, and most crucially, safety, we believe this top-of-the-line helmet is clearly superior to the competition.

The unique retinal grille system, which is meant to provide a bowler better face protection and maximize the spectrum of sight, is the armor’s real selling point. The front is composed of titanium, which is highly robust while yet being somewhat lighter than conventional. The screen is non-adjustable and completely bolted in position, as per English international cricket rules.

The helmet has a robust and durable classically styled crown. Rapid blades have little opportunity of entering the gap since the space between the top and the screen is so short.

We all concurred that the helmet is extremely well aired, with air slots on the back and the front of the helmets that let the face breathe throughout extended hours on the squares.

It comes with comfy right accessories and a segment clasp, just like any other decent cricket helmet. Within the helmet, there is ‘Top players,’ which are a mix of graduated polyurethane foam meant to cushion any blow. The pads provide both safety and a tight and pleasant fit.

The adhesive is attached to the interior cushioning, which may be changed with extra matched cushioning included in the package.

The helmet is meticulously completed, right down with the last stitching. The logo is embroidered on the rear of the helmet. Furthermore, the helmet is available in a range of colors, including dark, blues, greens, and burgundy, which is ideal if you want to match your club colors.

Helmets are by far the most popular in international cricket, and this helmet demonstrates why. The helmet exudes sophistication and comes equipped with everything an experienced player requires. Elevate your self-assurance to a new level.


  • The screen is quite durable.
  • Sweat-wicking fabric
  • The structure is made from plastic.


  • The clarity may be improved.

Masuri Os2 Test Titanium Cricket Helmet

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It is among the most well-known types of cricket helmets. This helmet is made of a robust industrial material that is quite trustworthy and does not wear or break over time.

Excellent exterior and interior casings are part of the high architecture. The exterior shell is composed of polyethylene, which can withstand any pressure. The interior layer, on either extreme, is comprised of molded polyurethane that provides excellent shock absorption while also supporting the hard layer.

The absorbent characteristic of the inside fabric of this helmet makes it perfect for soaking sweat and preventing focus loss when playing cricket.

The numerous holes keep the interior of the helmet fresh and allow the athlete to breathe easily. The humiliation caused by perspiration is reduced because of the excellent air conditioning system.

This helmet’s visor and straps offer additional protection and are strong enough to sustain the entire construction. The contoured head protects the hearing while still being incredibly comfy. This has included in useful when somebody is seeking amazing benefits at a reasonable price.


  • The screen is quite durable.
  • Sweat-wicking fabric
  • The structure is made from plastic.
  • Additional help with the headband.
  • The building is strong and long-lasting.


  • With regular usage, the belt loosens.
  • A little on the pricey side.

Masuri T Line (Original Series Mk ll Test) Steel Cricket Helmet

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This helmet may be used by everyone who enjoys playing cricket, whether they are men or women. It is ideal for novices since it is constructed of elevated materials that protect the entire face. A filled-to-brim helmet with a shield is included with the package.

It’s excellent for newcomers since it features a chinstrap in the style of a face cup that protects the mouth as well. It features a fantastic circulation system to keep your face clean and allows you to breathe easily.

The glass in this helmet, unlike most others, doesn’t really obstruct the player’s view. It gives a clean line of vision and is simple to look through.

The technique makes use of a grill that totally surrounds the head and safeguards them from being struck. Despite the fact that the material chosen is robust and resilient, it is quite light. Because of the lightness, that’s a much better alternative because it does not fatigue the player when worn for lengthy periods of time.


  • Compact.
  • There is a lot of it.
  • Excellent ventilation system.
  • The strap around the neck.


  • The clarity may be improved.
  • Costly.

Masuri Unisex’s OS2 Test Steel Cricket Helmet, Maroon, Medium

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The remarkable characteristics of this helmet have captivated the minds of too many. They look more elegant and beautiful, and the quality is excellent.

The exterior is made from plastic, which makes it robust and resilient

When it comes to circulation, the helmet’s unique circulation technology and construction keep it cool and moist. The athletes will experience less humidity when donning this helmet as a result of this function.

The screen adds an added layer of defense.

The polyester band is another plus because it has a quick-release feature.

It instantly locks in place and keeps the helmet in place.

Even with its very strong construction, it’s quite light. The inside, on the other extreme, is extremely impact-resistant and absorbed perspiration, allowing you to focus on your game.


  • Compact.
  • Enduring.
  • Nylon bands of excellent quality.
  • Robust and powerful.
  • Upholstery that absorbs perspiration.


  • The fitting on the forehead isn’t quite right.
  • Consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the situation.

Gunn and Moore Neon Geo Cricket Helmet

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The Helmet offers excellent value for money in our opinion. GM isn’t renowned for its helmets, but it appears like they’re upping their game with this interesting 2021 possibility.

When we first got our fingers on this helmet, we were astounded by the high quality of raw product utilized in its construction. The material used to wrap the helmet has a high-quality feel to it, and the sewing is nice and tidy. You might place this in the same category as the elevated Masuris just by looking at the workmanship. A robust steel screen is included with the helmet. The windshield has a geometric shape, according to GM, which has been scientifically shown to be the best for shock absorbent.

The gap between the summit and the grille is narrow enough to prevent the ball from penetrating and reduce the risk of the ball striking the head. Whenever it comes to vision, we experienced no difficulties and all concurred that the helmet provided a clean line of vision in all facial orientations. The visor is non-adjustable, as is the case with most helmets nowadays, to guarantee that the helmet meets British safety regulations.

2 holes sit on the front of the helmet, keeping the head cool over lengthy durations at the wicket. We enjoy how the valves are not wrapped in cloth like those of rivals and are openly exposed to the atmosphere.

An extra vent has been added to the back of the helmet, allowing for even more airflow.

An EVA foam liner coats the inside, enhancing convenience and absorbing the force of any impacts. We found the helmet to be quite pleasant to wear. The helmet isn’t lightweight by any measures, but that’s to be anticipated with a metal mesh construction – we thought it was about typical for a central midfield cricket helmet. 

We can’t think of a helmet that gives a better bang for the buck than this one, which costs approximately £50. This helmet is jam-packed with cutting-edge innovation, and we appreciate how GM is keeping it affordable for the rest of us. We guarantee that this helmet would not fail you.


  • The screen is quite durable.
  • Sweat-wicking fabric
  • The structure is made from plastic.


  • The clarity may be improved.


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Over the decades, the Atomic was a very successful mid-range cricket helmet. Gray-Nicholls’ famous helmet, which covers the face from all directions, has been given a “360” twist for 2020. Whether you’re looking for a customizable helmet at a reasonable price, this might be a good choice.

The amazing engineering of the initial Atomic form has been preserved by Gray-Nicolls, but also with the addition of a 360 grille. The screen stretches to the backside of the helmet, providing extra head coverage. Other designing and manufacturing snippet stem protectors to replace this region, helping this helmet stand out among the competition.

The chrome bumpers are fixed and cannot be adjusted, ensuring that the distance between the screen and the summit remains constant.

The exterior casing of the helmet is highly durable, minimizing the impact of any errant balls. In addition, the helmet is equipped with a superb air conditioning system that will struggle to keep you comfortable in any weather.

Companies are gradually shifting away from changeable headgear in favor of non-adjustable models since evidence suggests that this provides the greatest fitting. In the year 2020, this helmet will be one of the few with an adjustable lever. When adjusted to the right position, the meter made it very easy to alter the height and helped to a tight fit.

This is an excellent helmet to explore if you’re looking for something different that won’t break the bank. For the novice to the advanced cricketer, we suggest this helmet.


  • The screen is quite durable.
  • Sweat-wicking fabric
  • The structure is made from plastic.


  • The clarity may be improved.

Masuri C Line (Legacy) Junior Cricket Helmet

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This helmet has unique characteristics and features. It is enjoyed by many pros as well as beginners. This helmet has a reputation for outperforming predictions.

It has a one-barrel protective system and is therefore quite inexpensive.

The helmet features an attractive appearance and excellent functionality.

The helmet’s screen is composed of elevated metal and so offers great security.

The stubble beard protects the neck, and the head, jawline, and hearing are well secured from any blows thanks to the hearing suspension.

It complies with all British safety regulations.


  • Security from one bullet.
  • Diffuser made of steel.
  • The layout is beautiful.
  • Powerful and long-lasting.


  • The performance may be improved.

Masuri C LINE PLUS Helmet STEEL Grille

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If you’re new to cricket or have a limited budget, we recommend the Masuri C-Line Steel as an entry-level choice that we believe provides excellent value. Because this helmet was created particularly for club cricket, we believe it is an excellent match for any professional footballer.

During our evaluation, we discovered that this helmet is quite compact. This is owing to the upper’s lightness, which would be owing to the one cylinder protective mechanism. A metal screen is installed on the helmet. The visor, like other Masuri designs, is quasi, guaranteeing that batsmen use the helmet as Masuri intended.

The front of the helmet has a conventional reinforcement pinnacle that reduces the likelihood of any face hits.

The helmet was really comfy for us. On the interior of the helmet, there are detachable swapped straps that may be exchanged for a more secure fit. We also believe that being able to withdraw these bands following gaming would speed up the processing.

When donning this helmet, the constructed holes provide great circulation. There is no material protecting the helmet exterior, unlike the greater Masuri models, thus there really is nothing between the valves and the clean air. On hot summer days, we discovered that this maintained our heads quite cool.

To summarize, if you play professional cricket, this helmet offers everything you could want. We believe you are receiving an exceptionally high degree of security for under £50 which will genuinely stand up to scrutiny.


  • The screen is quite durable.
  • Sweat-wicking fabric
  • The structure is made from plastic.


  • The clarity may be improved.

Shrey Masterclass Air 2.0 Steel Cricket Helmet – Navy

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The Helmet is the smallest helmet on the sale and meets the most recent British safety requirements. The mass is indeed the reason this helmet is the first choice of any specialist. We found this helmet to be far lightweight than any of the others we tried.

A robust titanium visor connected to the helmet was also another element we appreciated. We thought the cage provided excellent coverage and that it stretched beautifully to protect extra regions like the jawline. No errant balls will be able to fit along through the gap between the screen and the helmet tip. Whenever it comes to vision, we had no problems.

The front of the helmet is shaped in such a way that it curves downwards, somewhat increasing the area of protection for the necks. This is a one-of-a-kind feature that we’ve never seen on any other helmet.

The soft cushioning on the interior of the helmet was a big plus for us. We found the fitting to be a little tight with the standard cushioning that came with the helmet. Added cushioning is provided by Shrey, which may be used to strengthen or relax the fitting.

The airflow and general finish are two areas where we expect in seeing potential updates. A batter might keep somewhat cooler by installing extra air outlets. The general quality of the helmet might be improved.

Despite the fact that this helmet is at the top of the industry in terms of cost, we believe it provides a good return on investment. It seems there are more costly titanium helmets on the marketplace, but Shrey also includes head protection and a helmet case that other manufacturers just don’t. This is the helmet to have in your travel bag if you want the cheapest helmet in the sport.


[amazon box=”B07ZHJP2LL” ]

It provides potential security as well as a high level of comfort. The item has a really appealing classic style that makes many people want to get their fingers on it. Not only is it built off a lot of concentration and power, but it’s also constructed of ABS plastic.

The jacket has comfortable cotton inside that absorbed perspiration and provides additional support. Even though the screen is quasi, it does not cause any visual disruption. The exterior shell is extremely durable, and the inside foam liner produced with EPS technologies is an added bonus.

It’s stunning and sweat-proof. The ventilation system is exceptional and maintains the helmet fresh.

The stubble beard is foam cushioned for pleasure and protection, and it is customizable to provide a perfect fit as needed. It meets all of the safety requirements in the United Kingdom.


  • Looks vintage.
  • Liner made of polyurethane.
  • Durability is strong and long-lasting.
  • Excellent air vents.
  • Covering made of EPS.


  • A little on the pricey side.
  • The helmet is extremely cumbersome.

Masuri Os2 Test Steel Cricket Helmet

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Masuri is a well-known manufacturer of the greatest cricket helmets in the world, producing excellent helmets with unique characteristics. It’s the ideal combination of elegance and security. This helmet comes in four distinct color options. The style is straightforward but distinctive.

The helmet is composed of high-quality, long-lasting materials. Also after years of usage, it continues to perform admirably. Although it is made of robust and sturdy material, it is not substantial; in contrast, it is quite light and comfortable. This characteristic allows it to be worn for long periods of time without tiring the shoulders or brain.

The air ducts enable air to circulate freely within the helmet, keeping it clean and comfortable.

It prevents odors by absorbing all perspiration and keeping it fresh.


  • It’s a one-of-a-kind item that will last a future
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Every UK security standard is met.
  • Compact.
  • Upholstery that absorbs perspiration


  • The clarity may be improved.
  • Costly.

SS Cricket Gutsy Cricket Helmet

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It is a high-quality helmet with the most advanced features. This has a simple idea yet gives off a sophisticated vibe. It’s composed of hardened steel for long-term use and security. The venting mechanisms on this helmet perform on an average level, evenly dispersing air in all areas. The bracelet is constructed of nylon and has a fast-release mechanism.

The strength and durability are critical for keeping the helmet in position, and this one reduces the pleasure to a minimum. This cricket helmet is suitable for people with a head circumference of 55-56centimeters. The head guard, which could be changed and relocated according to demand, is another wonderful element of this helmet.


  • Allow for flexibility
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Straps are made of nylon.
  • The cooling system is excellent.


  • The clarity may be improved.
  • The helmet is extremely cumbersome.

Gray-Nicolls Elite Junior Cricket Helmet

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This helmet is well with its toughness. It has an attractive color scheme and style. It’s a fantastic comprehensive helmet that protects all of the face’s sensitive regions.

The helmet’s surface is composed of a long-lasting substance that will last for years.

The helmet’s inside liner is there to guarantee a fantastic maximum comfort and to collect perspiration.

A metal shield is connected to the helmet and does an excellent job of shielding the head from accidents. The cushioned that are incorporated with the helmet safeguard not only the face as well as the temples. This helmet is a knockout in terms of fit, and it comes in three various sizes to accommodate everyone.

This helmet provides excellent comfort and durability.

Despite its robust construction, this helmet is incredibly light, allowing the player to easily wear it during the game.


  • Engineered to last.
  • Expandable.
  • Ear protection.
  • Compact.
  • It’s an excellent match.


  • The clarity may be improved.
  • Costly.

Gray-Nicolls Elite Junior Cricket Helmet

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Whenever it comes to making elevated helmets, the greatest is no exception. The most noticeable characteristic is the structure, which is made of polyethylene and is designed to withstand all types of accidents. The inside, on the other extreme, is no less impressive, with molded aerogels and excellent shock absorption.

The exterior layer is tough and capable. It’s critical to have an air circulation mechanism in your helmet to keep your head cool within, and this helmet performs an excellent job of dumping waste heat and air outdoors.

The helmet is made of a comfortable sweat-wicking fabric that not only maintains the interior of the helmet clean but also resists bacterial development.


  • Compact.
  • It’s shockproof.
  • Upholstery that absorbs perspiration.


  • The fitting on the forehead isn’t quite right.
  • A little on the pricey side.

Gunn & Moore Children’s Purist Geo Ii Helmet Cricket

[amazon box=”B077TWXGJH” ]

Whenever it refers to cricket helmets for security, it was one of a type. It’s worth purchasing because of its unique quality and engineering.

This helmet is well-liked by professionals all around the world. It provides a secure fit and a pleasant fit. Although there aren’t many color schemes options for this helmet, it’s still rather attractive. It has a screen connected to it that is made of sturdy material and completely protects the operator.

Whenever it comes to security and convenience, ventilation and cushioning are also important.

The relevant requirements are excellent ventilation and prevent excessive perspiration, while the inside is sufficiently cushioned to ensure a comfortable fitting..


  • The screen is quite durable.
  • Sweat-wicking fabric
  • The structure is made from plastic.


  • The clarity may be improved.

How To Choose Best Cricket Helmets

Best Cricket Helmets
Top 15 Best Cricket Helmets Reviews [year]: Best Choice For You 3


A cricket helmet is made up of several different fabrics that buffer stress and shield your head from contact if a ball hits you in the brain. To assist in dispersing the pressure over a broader area, the outside layers are often constructed of structural applications, whereas the inside sections are built of soft, surprise cushion.

The main components make up the outer casing:


It is a material that can be molded and absorbs a lot of pressure. It’s also compact and inexpensive, but it isn’t as sturdy or long-lasting as other helmet fabrics.


This material is more robust and insulating than ABS polyamide, but it is also noticeably bigger, rendering the helmet less pleasant to use. Fiberglass headgear is also more costly than steel helmets.

Carbon-based fibers

This material is as tough and long-lasting as glass, yet it is lighter. It’s widely regarded as an effective material for a cricket helmet because it uses a combination of ABS plastic and fiberglass. However, it is much more costly than the other elements.

You have several options for the screen, which is the part of the cricket helmet that shields your face:


Because it is both cheap and robust, this appears to be the best grille material. Some louvers are constructed of harder high-temperature steel material.

Carbon-based fibers

Grilles constructed of this durable, lighter weight may be seen on some cricket helmets.


This metal has a greater tensile load-bearing capacity than other materials, making it as powerful as carbon fiber but lightweight. Because the helmet does not exert the same or more pressure on the shoulders, it is considerably more pleasant. A helmet with a titanium visor, on the other hand, will cost more.


It’s just as important to get the correct dimensions as it is to get a cricket helmet constructed of high-quality components. The helmet should be tight enough even to deflect impact efficiently, and several cricket helmets are customizable so you can obtain the perfect fit.

The helmet may sit securely on the face for an appropriate fit. When donning the helmet, you must not be capable of moving it in any manner. However, the helmet will not be so restrictive that it causes discomfort. The accessory must be taut all across the face, not beneath it, to hold the helmet in position.

The majority of cricket helmet manufacturers measure their helmets based on the diameter of the skull. To discover the appropriate dimensions helmet for you, measure the diameter of your head in centimeters directly below your temples.


Is it necessary for me to use a helmet while practicing cricket?

Helmets are required in almost all cricket competitions, especially for people below the age of 18. However, the International Cricket Council (ICC) does not need helmets for global games. However, every country has its own culture of rules.

What is the best way of cleaning my cricket helmet?

Uninstall the grille before you begin washing. Cleaning the shells and lining using a hand towel and a weak combination of mild commercial cleaning detergent and alcohol. Use a cotton ball soaked in the soapy water combination to get into small places like ducts or connectors. When your helmet is fresh, wash it completely before hanging it to rest in the sunlight. It’s also a great idea to use a disinfecting solution on the inside of the helmets.

What is the difference between men’s hats and women’s hats?

Because there is no distinction, virtually all designs are androgynous. Ladies, on the other hand, have shorter skulls and so demand a lesser diameter.

Our Top 5 Picks Of Best Cricket Helmets

All the best cricket helmets we review are the products with the highest rating and are most trusted by many people.

I hope you enjoyed our review of the best cricket helmets

We hope you will choose the right device after reading our review.

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