Top 15 Best Bathroom Speakers In 2021: Let Shine In Your Private Show

There is not no one who can judge the bathroom singer. In fact, most of us sang at least once while cleaning. Since people invented showers and bathtubs, ordinary bath singers were born. Anyone can act as if he or she was James Arthur or Katty Perry while showering.

However, some may consider the quality of sound from smartphones does not fit for their live show. As the sound was too low or faded due to showers’ loud sound over the head, they desirably sought the best bathroom speakers to fulfill their dream as a nascent superstar. 

After comparing between hundred bathroom speakers, we formed a list of some best products for you to consider buying due to their excellent features, reasonable price, and durability. 

Best Bathroom Speakers Comparison 2021

Ultimate Ears Megablast JBL Charge 3  Portable Bose SoundLink Micro JBL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Tribit XSound Go
Best Bathroom Speakers For Overall Best Bathroom Speakers For Shower Singing Best Bathroom Speakers For Flexibility Best Bathroom Speakers For Durability And Performance Best Bathroom Speakers For Cost Saving

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Top 15 Best Bathroom Speakers Reviews 2021

Ultimate Ears Megablast

[amazon box=”B075XV74YT” ]

Ultimate Ears had made the UE Megablast the peak of waterproof speakers’ series. With such an enormous size, the Megablast can be rambunctious and serve you 20 hours long at a medium loudness.

The bass sound is definitely more robust and more affluent than its brothers, and this is the speaker for anybody who wants to blare their music at a party. However, for people who want to save some cash, you may consider the other UE speakers as they cost less and produce harmonious sound . Still, this Megablast is not an inadequate choice if you aspire a special companion.


  • Voice control feature, make things much easier
  • Continuously play music for a long time


  • Slightly high price

JBL Charge 3

[amazon box=”B07HGHH72T” ]

The JBL Charge 3 brands are probably the best bathroom speakers for people who fancy the excellent sound in the shower. The selling point of this speaker is sound amplification in the bathroom. Before deciding to obtain the newer speaker model, it should be noted that the remarkable difference between Charge 3 and Charge 4 models is the JBL Connect+ unity.

When we talk about JBL’s Bluetooth speakers, the fabric offering a waterproof rating is considered the most since people search for the bathroom speakers. It would not be recommended, but you can eventually submerge the speaker in the bathtub. There is also a USB output for you to charge your low-battery. We advise you to load your speaker carefully and avoid overcharging since it would mar the battery.

This JBL Charge also has passive bass radiators to produce a profound sound. The small stand design can be located on a flat surface in the bathroom for the overflowing sound. This feature turns the Charge 3 into the top bathroom speakers.


  • Nice sound, perfect for singing in the bathtub
  • Sound amplification
  • USB output for you to charge your device
  • Small stand design


  • Have to be charged regularly


[amazon box=”B0748N1BZD” ]

The Portable Bose SoundLink Micro is made by the better-known audio brands Bose. Besides being a water-proofing speaker with notably proper implementation, this SoundLink Micro is very durable. It is exclusively useless to try to tear the resilient silicone strap of these bathroom speakers. While decreasing the speaker’s exposure, the external silicone also acts as a safe landing method when you accidentally drop it on the floor.

However, battery life is relatively inefficient – around 4 hours. The Portable Speaker also boasts built-in playback controls so that you can turn it up or down without reaching another device. Generally, The Portable Bose SoundLink Micro comes first in the list of best shower speakers, which costs only around 100.


  • Cost-saving
  • Carry with ease
  • Durable


  • Need to be charged frequently


[amazon box=”B01MSYQWNY” ]

This decent Bluetooth speaker with the new cable-cutting sound surely charms you. The JBL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker boasts phone-mortifying sounds that can help you create the best shower show.

It only cost around 120; you can afford this majestic speaker. This speaker can entertain private parties, lie by the bank, or partake in a traditional British festival. 

Most importantly, this model offers a so-so sound which, in our perspective, is enjoyable. There are also large buttons serving as handy instant controls. These big, plastic buttons help you access the speaker without touching your phone. 

Plenty of color options to choose from utterly fit the specific personality, party vibe, or living room furnishings.


  • Nominated as the best bathtub speakers for cost-saving
  • Bright colors for selection
  • Portable device


  • Medium battery life


[amazon box=”B07KXN8G6D” ]

If a product is too low in price, it is usually not worth buying. However, in the particular case of Tribit XSound Go, you may change your perception due to this speaker’s superb sound. Having purchased the Tribit XSound – one of the best bathroom speakers in the low-end market, you can fill a medium-sized room with loud and high-quality sound. However, when it was turned to the highest volume, a little distortion in the sound seems to emerge.

Indeed, the Tribit XSound Go is a good deal as you rarely find a speaker that sounds terrific with such a reasonable price. The speaker has a powerful 2600mah battery to play music and songs for up to 20 hours or longer continuously.

Plus, the Tribit XSound Go is designed to be water-resistant and dustproof, and you do not have to think twice about bringing it to the beach or your bathroom.

Although the defective design may not suit your taste, it is not a thing when you heard the melodic sound of this very speaker.


  • Expansive
  • Last for a long time at medium volume
  • Can be used up to 20+ hours


  • Take a lot of time to charge
  • Agreeable sound

JBL Clip 3

[amazon box=”B07CVQDQMG” ]

Possessing the clip that can attach the speaker to almost anything, this speaker is intentionally named JBL Clip 3. While taking a shower, you can either place it on the counter or put it onto a cabinet using the convenient clip. This waterproof device can also endure any sprinkle of water.

Despite being a relatively tiny proportion, it can project a considerably loud sound. We would recommend this speaker for people who love podcasts and audiobooks. Not stopping at that, it also controls incoming calls well through a system of a built-in mic and a speakerphone.

Possessing such a long-lasted battery helps the speaker function 10 hours without any interruption.

The carabiner clip is proved to be more beneficial in a picnic or moving situation.


  • High-quality sound
  • Waterproof


  • Small


[amazon box=”B07BHP4W36″ ]

Anker manufacturer is renowned for its excellent electronic accessories and powerful chargers. However, the waterproof speaker, the Soundcore Flare, gains a competitive edge by being one of the best bathtub speakers with excellent features while remaining relatively affordable. 

This Anker Speaker grants us high-grade sound, a waterproof feature, and user-friendly practice for a small price. 

However, it has some distinguished drawbacks. Many buyers denounced the gimmick LED light even though it’s unquestionably enjoyable and can be maimed completely. It is not untrue to say that other bathroom speakers might perform better. The question is, “Are you ready to spend much money on them?”


  • Affordable speaker
  • Great sound despite being relatively small


  • Relatively short battery life

Tribit StormBox Shower Speaker

[amazon box=”B086BS83P7″ ]

It’s challenging to find the best bathroom speakers that merge with your home decor, knapsack, or individual taste. With such a handy size, this waterproof Tribit StormBox also has an advantageous rubberized strap so that you can stick it on a bike handlebar while you exercise in the morning or pair two identical speakers to get stereo sound. 

Prepare to be amazed by the bass sound delivered by the Tribit StormBox. Usually, a relatively small speaker is insufficient for bass clout. However, the Tribbett performs surprisingly well. Many buyers favor its sound as well as those of more oversized speakers.

In such cases that the budget to spend is around 50, the Tribit is a brilliant option to consider. As it fits perfectly in a narrow compartment in your backpack, this speaker would be a great companion during hiking or sight-seeing. Ultimately, the Bluetooth Speaker Tribit StormBox series are the  bathroom devices sold at such a reasonable price.


  • Harmonic sound
  • Stout bass
  • USB charger


  • Scarce battery

Jam Hang Up Shower Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon box=”B079PHKJHR” ]

Besides being a standard waterproof product, Jam Hang Up Shower Bluetooth Speaker is regarded as one of the most wanted speakers. This speaker is affordable and can be attached to the bathroom wall. With the market price around $20, it advertises related appearance as its fellow speaker but having a fanciful design and a wide range of colors for you to pick.

There is a silicone panel on the rear to cover a sticky pad. It can be used to stick the speaker onto the flat area adequately. Once you located it on the bathroom wall, it hardly fell to the ground. Plus, we find it simple to clean this speaker, so you do not have to mind spending hours keeping it dust-free.

However, it also has some drawbacks. The buttons are considerably hard to press, which caused a wave of customer complaints. If a person wants to push these buttons, much force is required.

Nevertheless, the Hang Up Shower Bluetooth Speaker boasts the micro-USB cable to charge the device. Chiefly, if you wish to invest less than 20 on a device, then the Jam Hang Up is rather one of the best bathroom speakers for you.


  • Waterproof product
  • Affordable
  • Cleaning with ease
  • Micro-USB cable


  • The speaker’s buttons are considerably hard to press

Sony SRS-XB01

[amazon box=”B07GTBRSCY” ]

Being the most miniature in the list of the best shower speakers, the Sony SRS-XB01 is minute enough to fit in a backpack pouch. The device is also designed to be water-resistant and has a belt to hang it on anything. 

Moreover, when you get a call from your friend, feel free to use the built-in microphone to answer that call without touching your smartphone. Do you love a specific color for your device? This product has a vast amount of colors for you to decide.

As an average small speaker, the sound of this speaker is not uniquely intense. Also, the bass sound is not as good as other speakers. Its battery is claimed to last up to six hours, which is fair for an affordable speaker.


  • Handy
  • Has a mic


  • Poor bass sound

    Average battery

UE Wonderboom 2

[amazon box=”B07W6HSC9X” ]

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is a trusted waterproof speaker. Therefore, it is unnecessary to worry about such cases as your speaker accidentally jumping into the pool during an outdoor party. 

Moreover, it can magically float when you put it in the bathtub, making The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 one of the best bathroom speakers. One of its selling points is the front, prominent signs to help you gain control over the speaker’s volume.

There is also a relatively small-scale, flexible coil if buyers want to fasten them on a specialized hook. The UE Wonderboom 2 has two drivers and two passive radiators to surge the water movement while you are showering. The feature “outdoor boost” increases the speaker’s output, which allows it to surpass the sound from the shower.

Ultimate Ears manufacturer also develops a free online app so that you can smoothly function the Wonderboom speaker. With this useful app, you can enjoy authentic stereo sound with a pair of these speakers. This feature perfectly suits for entertaining big parties in the backyard.


  • Waterproof
  • Best for overall
  • Floatable
  • Useful app 


  • Poor Bluetooth connection

Boom Swimmer DUO

[amazon box=”B015XIKU8K” ]

Maybe, you aren’t interested in buying the bathroom speaker, which is best for the sound. You have to try the speaker that can be placed anywhere for your convenience – the Boom Swimmer Duo. This speaker is the most flexible speaker on the market. The flexibility makes the goods the best shower speakers that suit individual taste.

With the IPX7, this speaker is believed to be waterproof. Moreover, you can flexibly choose the suction cup to stick on the side or the flexible tail to hang onto almost anything.

This speaker is surprisingly loud despite its modest size. It should be marked that there is some treble deformity at higher volumes; do not try to maximize the volume, and you would be fine.

This beast can function eight-hour-long, so you do not have to charge it regularly. The Boom Swimmer Duo also has playback controls so you can adjust the volume with ease without touching your phone with wet hands.


  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Waterproof and dust-free
  • Playback switches, really easy to access


  • Treble malformation at higher volumes

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon box=”B07W7K2QLR” ]

The UE Boom 3 is assuredly one of the best bathtub speakers that are worth immediate purchasing. One of its scoring points is that the speaker can reach high frequency and not twist when you maximize the volume. 

It is so airy that you can bear it while moving and surprisingly durable to plummet in your backpack with any protection. 

Besides being a waterproof speaker, it also has an unusual layer to keep it from being covered by dust. You can use the one-touch mix button to select your desired playlists without picking up the phone.


  • Stylish design for younger people, the best birthday gift
  • Advanced sound
  • Coming with many features


  • Need to be charged regularly

Fugoo Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon box=”B01MYLH86K” ]

We consider the Fugoo Go as an ideal outdoor device that has to appear at any pool party, beach trip, and so on. However, this small, light speaker also can be used by bathroom vocalists. Having such excellent sound, we suggest bringing this device into the bathroom to make your shower a whole.

A joined cord is specially designed to stiffen or release the slack. It is straightforward to wrap it around a showerhead, and remember to remove it after your private show is finished. 

Alongside the speaker is the battery, which can last eight hours or more. The speaker also can be kept under water a meter for approximately 30 minutes.


  • Waterproofing speaker
  • It has a battery that lasts long


  • Agreeable sound

JBL Boombox 2

[amazon box=”B083X38G5M” ]

The JBL Boombox was a delightful astonishment since it is a monstrous waterproof device that is loud enough to satisfy great crowds. Being comparatively heavy, this JBL is not the thing to carry around without using your strength. In return, its firm structure helps you satisfy any pool party or New Year celebration.

We would not advertise the Boombox speakers as the best shower speakers for the home because of those listed reasons. You can find a similar sound that takes up less money, but if you intend to host pool parties or something like that, then this one unquestionably suits you best


  • Hand-mic ready to be used
  • High-quality sound


  • Limited battery life

Complete Purchasing Guide: To Help You Select The Best Bathroom Speakers

 best bathroom speakersWhen sorting out the best bathroom speakers to put into the list, we consider many things, such as waterproofing features, user-friendly experience, and the amount of money it cost. 


It is the most critical factor that we need to pay attention to. It is impossible to take a non-waterproof speaker into a bathroom- a place full of water, mist. There is nothing to be sure that the device would not be dropped and exposed to the water. As a result, you have to spend a lot of money on getting the speaker fixed. When you drop electronic equipment into the water, it appears to be a potential risk of shocking or even death.

Therefore, it would be wise to purchase some of the best speakers with waterproofing features. We also remind you that there is a fundamental difference between a waterproof device and a water-resistant speaker. Some buyers cannot distinguish those two almost identical types. As a result, they accidentally keep the water-resistant speaker in the water too long and end up damaging it. 

User-friendly Experience

You may wonder why the UE Wonderboom – a glorious little bathroom speaker can not knock out the UE Roll 2 in the previous list?

It is because the UE Roll 2 has an elastic cord that is used to hook it up in the bathroom. The Wonderboom also boasts an adjustable ring, but it is not comfortable to use this ring.

Others like JBL Charge 3 do not have a cord or ring, but they can be placed anywhere thanks to the bottom surface.


If you are finding a speaker to use in the shower, we guarantee that you do not have to pay a great amount of cash to get the best waterproof speakers. You can still get a primary, well-functioned speaker that has pleasant sound and bass.

However, suppose you can invest more money; there are many premium bathroom speakers that have many features such as voice control, online apps, and so on.x

 best bathroom speakers

We would like to mention the voice control feature of the luxury line of bathroom speakers. Usually, it is called the smart speaker which helps you control the device by your own voice. From playing or pausing an audio to turn up or down the volume, this feature also aids the search of songs or music. As there are many voice recognition programs in the marketplace, we would recommend Google Assistant due to its compatibility, speedy search and affordable price.

FAQs About Best Bathroom Speakers: Help You Remove The Uncertainty

Can Indoor Speakers Be Used On Outdoor Activity? 

It particularly depends on the type of speaker you possess: whether a waterproof or a non-waterproof one, the good or poor Bluetooth connection, and so on. Normally, you can carry your wireless speakers anywhere. 

If you can keep the speaker in the connection zone of  the source device – Iphone, Macbook, or other types, then suit yourself, it is obvious that the speaker will function properly in this case. There are many indoor speakers that are not designed to be waterproof or water-resistant though. 

We would highly recommend our readers to purchase speakers which are durable and waterproof so that they can be used outside of the house.

Best Bathroom Speakers Usually Have How Much Wattage?

Well, we would recommend 5W speakers for a small camping outdoor or family gatherings, but you may need something better than that to entertain a large group of people on festivals or special occasions. For this particular purpose, 10W speakers would be an ideal choice for you. The higher wattage offers the boost in volume and exceptional quality of the sound the speaker projects.

Well, we would recommend 5W speakers for a small camping outdoor or family gatherings, but you may need something better than that to entertain a large group of people on festivals or special occasions. For this particular purpose, 10W speakers would be an ideal choice for you. The higher wattage offers the boost in volume and exceptional quality of the sound the speaker projects.

How Many Speakers Do I Have To Buy To Move My Backyard? 

We find it challenging to offer a suit design or proposal as there are many types of backyards with different sizes and structures. It primarily relies on the device’s volume and the place or position you locate the speaker. If you want to cover most of the spots around your field or yard, it would be wise to purchase the adequate amount of devices.

Comparison Between The JBL Charge 3 and Charge 4?

We think the sole significant distinction between a Charge 3 speaker and the Charge 4 genre is the connection method each of them offer to buyers. We use a microUSB port to charge or connect the JBL 3, while the Charge 4 broast an advanced USB-C to make connection stable and faster than the older version. 

Besides this change, it is really difficult to tell them apart. Both of them have the advanced sound quality, identical waterproof rating. Why pay an extra money on the feature which is not really important when you can save a lot of money and have the brilliant JBL Charge 3 – one of the best waterproof speakers with such a wonderful sound?

What Can Tell Waterproof And Water-resistant Speakers Apart?

It is not rare for people to be confused between a waterproof speaker and a water-resistant one. We should note that these words are not synonymous. They may have a similar meaning but are distinctive to some degree.If you are going to purchase the best waterproof speakers, which are waterproof devices, pay attention to that significant IP rating. Manufacturers categorize water resistance gadgets by this index. Take a closer look at the IP mark, and you can detect that it is often followed by two digits.

Take the most common IP67 as a specific example. This combination tells us that the device can be submerged in water for around 30 minutes. We love those IP67 as they are exceptional waterproofing devices that ideally suit outdoor usage.

Between these two, we prefer the waterproof one, which carries an IP67 rating. In other words, this kind of speaker can hover in the water for half an hour.

Meanwhile, the water-resistant speaker could only endure a single splash or two. So, It would be rather unwise to throw this type of speaker in the pool carelessly.

However, it should be remarked that the waterproofing feature is not the sole thing we consider when pulling out the list of best bathroom speakers. We are seeking bathroom speakers, which have agreeable sound quality, price, and feature set.


What’s The Most Trustworthy Way To Use A Bathroom Speaker Securely?

It is advised that you should buy a waterproof device and when you want to change tracks in the shower, using the buttons on the speaker. By doing this, there is no concern about dropping the phone on the solid ground. We also have some updates for you: it seems like manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, and Apple are applying the most advanced nano-coating shield to their devices. Check them out!

For people who do not know how to connect a speaker to a phone, we have collected a short video to demonstrate it. We hope that you will find the best speakers and enjoy the clip.

Conclusion: Our Top 5 Picks Of The Best Bathroom Speakers

Whenever buying anything, from foods, clothes, equipment and so on, we also have to take into consideration a lot of things from the price, features, durability, and others. We want to help you zone out some of the best bathroom speakers which are affordable, durable and waterproof. As many people had hastily given a lot of money on atrocious bathroom speakers, which is a totally wasteful source to spend your money, we carefully constructed a shopping list of our recommended products for you to select.

Hopefully you find this information applicable and successfully purchase some of the mentioned speakers since they possess many competitive edges and are all high-quality items. Each of them are attentively selected to suit individual usage and the surrounding area. It should be marked that some of the products are comparably low-priced but they still function as basic speakers while premium ones offer better sound and many incredible features.


Best Bathroom Speakers For Overall

[amazon box=”B075XV74YT” ]


Best Bathroom Speakers For Shower Singing

[amazon box=”B07HGHH72T” ]


Best Bathroom Speakers For Flexibility

[amazon box=”B0748N1BZD” ]


Best Bathroom Speakers For Durability And Performance

[amazon box=”B01MSYQWNY” ]


Best Bathroom Speakers For Cost Saving

[amazon box=”B07KXN8G6D” ]

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Best Bathroom Speakers at the comment box below!

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